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The Top Five Wedding Dress Styles for 2022

Here it is for the beautiful brides the world over, your definitive guide to the styles and cuts that will be taking weddings by storm in 2017. Whilst it goes without saying the bride will be turning heads on their special day, choosing a style of dress that suits your body shape and personal character will have your loved ones in awe at the beauty and glamour you exude on the day. Vogue Ballroom has devised a list of the dress that are going to be capturing the attention of wedding guests throughout the world in 2017.

Read on to find out which dress designs are going to be stealing the show this year.

Timeless elegance: the flared skirt 

Whilst in recent years’ women have opted for energy and flamboyance for their choice of dress, we believe that in 2017 classic grace and elegance is going to make a big resurgence. Therefore, the flared skirt is tipped to be first on the list for many bridal designs this year. Running straight until just below the hips where the skirt begins to flare, this particular style exudes a grace and glamour of some of history’s most respected starlets. Think Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

Bold and beautiful: the mermaid skirt 

A woman should be allowed to show off her beautiful curves on her wedding day. After all, its 2017, and it’s their wedding day. For a bride who is proud of what she has to offer (as all brides should be!) the mermaid skirt is a sexy yet charming design, perfect for a girl who is happy with her body and wants to show it off.

Sleeves and style go hand in hand 

We love every bride we have here in a dress with sleeves. There is something about lace sleeves extending from the neck that radiates effortless style and beauty. When done correctly, having lace sleeves extending from the neck down creates a seamless aura of class that makes every bride look absolutely picturesque.

The back is back 

Another style where lace really displays style and glamour is the dress with a lace back. Having a lace back extending from the lower back up to the shoulder line looks stunning, and when well-designed is perfect for any bride. It creates a graceful highlight of your back and will direct attention to where you want it to.

Something a bit different: the boxy shape 

A style that is not always tried but definitely will leave your guests in wondrous awe is the effortlessly chic and stylish boxy shape wedding dress. This style has no waistline, and is a somewhat loose-flowing design from the shoulders to the feet. Unique and charming, this dress is a perfect reflection of any bride’s personal character.

As you can see, at Vogue Ballroom, we love our brides. We especially love seeing them in a dress that they love and couldn’t be happier wearing. Our team of wedding stylists love to discuss all things wedding-related, not just the dress, so feel free to get in contact with us if you would like to have a chat about how our wedding receptions reflect the beauty of the bride, and their groom, on their special day.

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