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Reel Love: Wedding Videography & Why It Matters

Over the years, couples have ditched filming their wedding using a home cam recorder and opted for hiring a professional. Nuptials are spending more money than ever before to ensure that they have the whole wedding, including highlights of the day professionally filmed. We spoke to Peter from PK Video Productions regarding the benefits of hiring a videographer, and he had a lot of valuable things to say:

Why should a couple use a videographer instead of filming themselves?

When it comes to capturing the day, some brides opt to have family members film the day as it’s less expense.

But what does a wedding video represent?

It captures one of the most important days in a bride and groom’s life. The memories are priceless and its something that family members can watch for generations to come.

Its not like a photo that captures that one moment in time. You capture the real moments that the bride and groom often miss as so much is going on throughout the entire event.

By having a professional film your day, you will have all those special moments captured and relived. By having a family member volunteer is great but you risk having important moments and memories left out and something produced that may be heartbreaking and regretful for years to come.

You want to look back on this day with no regrets.

What are the benefits of using a professional videographer?

You have all the right moments captured, correctly edited and professionally produced.

Your not concerned that you will miss anything as you have hired  professional to do his job.

What other services can a videographer provide to a couple? Pre-Wedding video etc?

A videographer may also provide their services to capture the wedding proposal, the couples engagement party, pre-wedding shoot at the couples favourite location and night shots after the wedding reception finishes or any other location.

What would you recommend to a couple when they are looking for a suitable video company?

The most important thing a couple needs to do is meet the videographer.  The couple needs to feel comfortable with the person they will have capture one of the most important days in their lives. If there is any hesitation at all then maybe the desired videographer may not be the right fit.

The videographer needs to be a right fit as this person will be with you for the entire duration of your day.

Dont be afraid to ask questions – the more questions you ask the more you will be informed and have an understanding if this person is right for you.

Speak to friends and family and for recommendations on videographers they have used.

Ask why they chose the company and what was exceptional about this company that they did not find with others.

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