Why We Love Wedding Flowers at Our Venue

Why We Love Wedding Flowers at Our Venue

Wedding flowers are more than choosing the perfect bridal bouquet. Flowers in your home, church and of course venue create an opulent environment that injects a true essence of visual beauty, as well as an aromatic delight.

Here is a selection of some elegantly styled and visually stunning flowers at our Melbourne Venue:

The Wedding of Chrisi and Alistair

IMG_3560  IMG_942612765688_10153424140418857_1739021782_o  943953_813954472065121_3456073769020405313_n


One of our most recent weddings which was styled beautifully by Levian Events. Flowers were placed in a long crystal vase on guest tables. The bridal table was blooming with metres of florals. The scent was truly beautiful, and on arrival all of their guests were amazed by the unique styling.

The Wedding of Slavica & George 

12741874_810214555772446_2536231753611010345_n  IMG_9369


A touch of pink entwined with elegant posies – Slavica and George’s wedding was blooming with beauty.

The Wedding of Yu & Wei 

Photography by Will Chao Photography
Photography by Will Chao Photography

Dazzling with purple floral work, our venue was truly lit up with these beautiful arrangements for Yui and Wei’s wedding.

The Wedding of Sofia & Yunus 

12400466_792680500859185_5341047942223198423_n 12549036_792680494192519_7795350712208614340_n

A classic and timeless approach. Our room was filled with the scent of fresh roses delicately arranged. It was truly a beautiful sight, one that had their guests truly amazed.

The Wedding of Chris and Finah

Photography by Will Chao Photography
photo 1
Photography by Will Chao Photography

Something old mixed with new. A timeless touch of Baby’s breath with fresh peonies. It was truly such a beautiful arrangement.


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