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Best Wedding Photo Location Melbourne Billilla Mansion Brighton

Billilla Mansion is a classic example of turn-of-the-century Victorian architecture. At Vogue Ballroom we’re always happy to work in such a beautiful location which retains such significance to local history.

Billilla Mansion is one of Vogue Ballroom’s  favourite Bayside locations, close enough to the city and many of Melbourne’s favourite reception churches and favourite reception centres. Given gorgeous grounds and a wonderful historic building Billilla ticks all the boxes for a multi purpose one stop shop wedding location photography venue in the South East, that has both garden and mansion and  cover — Billilla also works as a garden ceremony venue too, with just enough wet weather back up cover for a small wedding of up to 80 guests in the summer.

In essence, Billilla is perfect for couples who appreciate fine historical qualities and striking architecture, the final touch being the fairytale setting of the extensive gardens.

Billilla Mansion is situated on Halifax Street in Brighton, being in close proximity to both the CBD and Brighton’s stunning selection of piers and beaches renders this property an ideal place for a wedding ceremony or location photography.

Billilla Mansion, one of Victoria’s most significant residential buildings, was built by Ballarat gold miner Robert Wright in 1878 according to Jacobean architectural style. Wright had arrived from Scotland in 1852, the after success in the goldfields  his family’s perserverance and success culminated in the building of the mansion.

Alas high construction costs and a slump after the Gold Rush sent Wright into bankruptcy, meaning the the estate was required to be sold. The new owner was one William Weatherley, who purchased the property on January 9th 1888; the fates were with Billilla that day as the change of hands has made the beautiful mansion so picturesque and sought after as a wedding photography location!

Weatherly had arrived in Australia in 1860, where he wisely invested initial shares of the newly formed Broken Hill Proprietary (today known as BHP) By 1888 Weatherly’s BHP shares were worth a respectable four hundred and ten pounds — quite a sum in the 19th century! Financial success allowed Weatherley to buy the mansion, which he Christened Billilla.

The Weatherleys renovated and extended in the Art Nouveau style, evident in the curved entrance with its carved columns, and elaborate ceiling gumtree motifs.  The property remained in the Weatherley family until 1972, when Brighton City Council purchased Billilla in 1972 to ensure preservation of the site’s historic significance.

Billilla continues to be an exceptional place for celebrations, events and, of course, wedding day photography. Presently leased from the Brighton Council Billilla’s grounds are open to the public throughout the year. Ensuring the very best views, vistas and seasonal fauna which ever time of year your wedding is held. At Serendipity Photography we really appreciate the gorgeous gardens which provide lots of inspiring backdrops for romance, and the presence of evergreens — Billilla is pretty much an all season garden. The long curved driveway is of particular note, as well as the large number of big shady trees with drooping foliage, perfect for vignettes. We like the white picket fence and the imposing wrought iron gates at both entrances on Halifax street.

The extensive garden surrounding the mansion is very important factor when considering Billilla as a photographic location. The garden’s design draws inspiration from classic Victorian style, and its abundance of unique features and picturesque details means that from every angle, Billilla provides a breathtaking setting for exceptional wedding day photography.

The charming water fountain, carved iron gate and sweetly scented rose garden, make romantic backdrops for intimate portraits of the bride and groom, whilst the winding paths and grand trees allow striking compositions for large bridal party shots.

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