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Best Wedding Photo Location Hosier Lane Melbourne

Renowned for being Melbourne’s most celebrated laneway for street art, Hosier Lane is the perfect place to visit to capture your forever cherished wedding photos. Located in the heart of Melbourne, this street art laneway is famous among tourists for its vibrant colours, edgy graffiti, stencils, and art installations. And, with street and graffiti artists adding to the walls as you watch, Hosier Lane is an experience like no other.

For those wanting classic wedding photography, perhaps Hosier Lane isn’t for you. However, if you desire contemporary photos that capture the true essence of what makes Melbourne great, then Hosier Lane is the ideal place to create unique and artistic wedding photography.

If you were thinking of visiting Hosier Lane for your wedding photography, keep in mind that the laneway is relatively small and is often filled with people admiring the street art, so your photos may include members of the public in the background.

This is such a well known photo spot! It’s ever-changing artwork provides fresh backdrops for photo shoots so you could return there again and again. It’s a busy photo spot so try to get there when others aren’t! Middle of the working day would be the most ideal time if you have that time to spare, then it would be very early on weekend mornings. This lane way is ever changing – the artwork there is never the same for even a day. Make sure you visit more often and snap away.

To consider with lighting, because it is a laneway, the best light you will get will be any time of the day apart from sunrise, sunset (it’s very dark at both these times) or when the light is directly above the laneway (harsh shadows are cast on your subjects face).

Fashion shoots are regularly conducted here. It’s a popular place for engagement shoots and is desired by some bride and grooms. This is definitely a place to take photos at if you are a tourist!

Some tips for styling for this location - Almost anything goes for Hosier Lane! The artwork is so colourful here that you can dress in lots of colour to blend in or you can choose to stand out in a colour-block outfit.

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