Docklands Wedding Photo Location Melbourne

Docklands Melbourne Wedding Photo Locations

Best Wedding Photo Location Docklands

The newly redeveloped Docklands is located in the heart of Melbourne, at the western edge of the central business district, it comprises the area from Spencer Street to the east and the Bolte Bridge to the west, Footscray Road to the north and Lorimer Street to the south. Docklands comprises the waterways of Victoria Harbour, encompassing over 3 kilometres of Yarra River frontage. Similar in size to Melbourne’s CBD, with around 200 hectares of land and water to call its own, the Docklands offer an exciting and varied selection of locations suitable for stunning wedding day photos. With ample parking, impressive public art and on site churches, the Docklands are a unique and exciting option to host you wedding day celebrations.

At Serendipity we love the romantically windswept tones, sparkling water ways, parklands, and of course the abundance elegant dining and celebratory venues available in the precinct.

Docklands Stadium (first known as Colonial Stadium) was built in 1996 as a centrepiece to kick-start developer interest in Docklands as a viable renewal area. Urban renewal began in earnest 2000 with several independent privately developed areas overseen by VicUrban, an agency of theState Government of Victoria. The brief for the master plan was for wide open water promenades and road boulevards with contributions of landscaping and public art commissions to be made by each developer and construction was to adhere to strict milestones. VicUrban promotes its vision of Docklands as being a major tourist attraction and projected over 20 million visitors a year and a future (2015) residential population of over 20,000. This is really the place to be for vibrant, contemporary wedding day celebrations — there is just so much variety!

The striking architecture of Webb Bridge provides a unique backdrop for intimate wedding day portraits, the arched steel ceiling a complex yet wonderful network of organic lines and elegant steel. As far as hotels go you simply can’t go past the elegance of the Grand Mecure. Boasting stunning panoramas of the striking CBD and the beautiful Port Phillip bay it is one of Melbourne’s more glamourous venues (a luxurious option for the wedding night perhaps?)

The proximity of Docklands to Melbourne’s CBD (a short stroll or limo ride) which boasts abundant churches, reception centres and alternative locations, make Docklands a central and attractive place for your wedding day celebrations, suitable for a picturesque detour after the ceremony, or as the base for your entire day.

Docklands is divided into precincts, each with its own distinct character and mix of residential, retail and commercial activities. This approach ensures that Docklands develops as a vibrant and diverse community, while enhancing its attraction as a local and visitor destination. Serendipity love the elegant selection of reception venues on offer at the Docklands including Berth, and the suite of locations making up Atlantic Group (V); Sketch, Peninsula and Maia.

Docklands offers plenty of open spaces, both intimate and large, for people living, visiting or working in the area to relax and unwind, whether it’s on the water, by the water’s edge or strolling through parks with interesting public sculptures. This modern open space, featuring barbecue areas and creative playgrounds, complement the more traditional parks and gardens to the north and east of Melbourne’s CBD.

Docklands houses plenty of diverse areas and details to provide a myriad of photographic angles and backdrops. From the lush parkland of Victoria Green, the sparkling water of the ‘blue park’ Victoria Harbour (these tranquil wetlands are a key landscaping feature providing a home to local birdlife), to the striking architecture of Webb Bridge the Docklands.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect wedding reception centre in Melbourne, look no further than Vogue Ballroom! This elegant and exciting Melbourne wedding venue and reception centre has located in the south-east suburbs of Burwood East, a mere 20 minutes from the city center.

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