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With it’s innovative architecture, RMIT is a world renowned leader in the Melbourne architecture scene. It’s striking buildings, drawing from various aesthetics, stand proudly out against a background of tame CBD architecture. RMIT’s fresh approach to architecture sets it apart from tradition, and demonstrates it’s attitude of innovation and experimentation.

RMIT’s Textile Facility, with it’s façade of western red cedar, is a stunning example of RMIT’s eclectic approach to architecture. Built by H2O Architects, it was inspired by the woven fabric designs of it’s student inhabitants. The weathered wood cladding creates an individual appearance that changes with varying light conditions, and was built as an experimental production between the builder, architect, and sub-contractor. The delightfully tactile façade evokes the physicality of cloth and weaving, reflecting the essence of the building’s purpose.

Storey Hall, designed by RMIT alumni and adjunct professors Ian McDougall and Howard Raggatt, of Ashton Raggatt McDougall Architecture, is a significant presence in the identity of RMIT. Designed to echo the classical arches of the original building, Storey Hall represents a contemporary interpretation of the historical façade of Swanston Street. The interlocking geometric face of Storey Hall, with it’s varying shades of green, references the Irish roots and Working Man’s College of days gone by, as well as expression RMIT’s commitment to the future through sustainability and a dedication to technological innovation and precision.

Designed by Peter Corrigan, of Edmond and Corrigan Pty Ltd (Design Architects), Building 8 is one of RMIT’s most notable structures. The building, while part of a larger whole, delights in an almost whimsical creation of various fragments of design ideas. Drawing inspiration from Melbourne’s architectural heritage, especially Walter Burley Griffin and the Block Arcade, and expressing itself as a city, rather than simply one building, Building 8 has achieved a nationally recognisable “Melbourne” aesthetic. It’s colours, patterns, and textures create a stunning example of architectural variety that is nonetheless beautifully coherent.

Building 22, arguably RMIT’s most iconic structure, is another design by Ian McDougall and Howard Raggatt of Ashton Raggat McDougall Architecture. The integration of the bright green “clouds” with the heritage colours of the original red brick building creates a showcase for RMIT’s fearless attitude towards experimentation. The “green brain” sits next to Storey Hall, and the two complementing green structures, with their combination of soft and harsh lines, are a focal area of Melbourne’s CBD.

Building 94, which accommodates RMIT TAFE’s School of Design, it’s Library, and various other associated facilities, is a homage to the Brutalist aesthetic. It’s deliberately stark and unrefined design, which though simple is not lacking a sort of savage grace, demonstrates RMIT’s willingness to experiment with a variety of architectural styles. Designed by Allan Powell Pty Ltd with Pels Innes Nielson Kosloff, Building 94 is an unpretentious example of design striking in it’s apparent simplicity, with the unexpected addition of the bright turquoise tiling that reflects a surprisingly playful element.

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