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Best Wedding Photo Location Melbourne Hotel Windsor

A Melbourne landmark and the only surviving grand Victorian era hotel, the Hotel Windsor stands near Parliament House, the Treasury, and looks over the beautiful Gordon Reserve. A significant heritage site, the Hotel Windsor is a benchmark of high Victorian architecture. An amalgamation of architectural styles, the Hotel Windsor has a distinct skyline thanks to it’s twin mansard roofed towers built in the Second Empire style, a façade created in a broadly Renaissance revivalist style, and a beautiful stone sculpture over the main entrance, consisting of male and female figures known as “Peace and Plenty” elegantly reclined over the English and Australian Coat of Arms. Notable for it’s typically Victorian combination of multiple architecture styles and it’s ornate façade, the Hotel Windsor is one of Melbourne’s most beloved heritage buildings.

Significant not only for it’s stunning architecture, the hotel holds a priceless historical value. It is the place where the Constitution of Australia was drafted in 1898, has seen the banning of alcohol — and it’s subsequent reinstatement — during the Temperance Movement, and has watched the luminaries of Australia’s political and social milieu move through it’s doors.

Just over on the opposite side of Spring Street, Melbourne couples can enjoy the classic styled Gordon Reserve, graced by the beautiful, Stanford Fountain - please visit these pages for more images and stories of the intruiging history of these Melbourne landmarks.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect wedding reception centre in Melbourne, look no further than Vogue Ballroom! This elegant and exciting Melbourne wedding venue and reception centre has located in the south-east suburbs of Burwood East, a mere 20 minutes from the city center.

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