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Royal Arcade Wedding Photo Location Melbourne Victoria

Royal Arcade Melbourne Wedding Photo Locations

Best Wedding Photo Location Royal Arcade

There are few words which can describe the feeling and olde-style charm captured in the Royal Arcade. Since 1869, the arcade has acted as a hub between Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall, Little Collins Street and Elizabeth Street. Today the Royal Arcade houses some of the most well-known and beautiful shops in Melbourne. At 335 Bourke Street Mall this stunning walkway is Australia’s oldest arcade, a must for wedding day photography. If you plan to be around the Little Collins Street end on the day then Vogue Ballroom highly recommends this location for old world charm, a refined colour palette and true elegance.

In 1868, a competition was held for the design of the arcade and was won by Charles Webb; a 19thcentury architect from Suffolk England, whose other works include the South Melbourne Town Hall and The Winsdor Hotel. Construction of the arcade began in June 1869 and upon completion in May, 1870, was officially opened by Lord Mayor Charles Amess. In 1902 the decision was made to link the arcade to Elizabeth street, an annex was added, allowing for the opening of further business and providing an exciting throughway between Elizabeth street and the arcade. In 2002 the aging Royal Arcade was carefully refurbished. Included in the maintenance was an extensive reworking of the skylight work , allowing for a more consistent inflow of natural light. Making it an ideal passageway for simply gorgeous wedding day shots, where soft natural light, glistening reflections and vibrant tones are hard to avoid. After so many years the Royal Arcade still remains, largely unchanged and beautiful in its Renaissance Revival style. Much can be said in words, but you wont know until you experience it for yourself! The Royal Arcade is a significant Victorian era building and is a part of the Victorian Heritage Register. 

One of the many stunning details of the arcade is Gaunt’s Clock, which is flanked by a grand pair of statues– the mythical figures Gog and Magog. Since the clock was unveiled in 1892, these two giant statues have struck their chimes every hour on the hour. The resounding sound can be heard all throughout the arcade. What a spectacular detail to add a unique flourish to your once in a lifetime day. 

As you and your wedding party stroll along the black and white Edwardian style tiled floor, past luxurious shop fronts, and under the sparkling light from the full length glass ceiling of the arcade the photographs at Serendipity will expertly capture a selection of aesthetically gorgeous shots. In this retreat from the hustle and bustle atmosphere of the city streets, you will almost feel like you’ve stepped back in time, as the arcade simply overflows with timeless elegance. Adding a distinctive and chic style to all photos.

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