30+ Best Branding Agencies Melbourne (2024)

Branding activities are vital for your business because people will view your business how you portray it. With proper branding, your business can drive new businesses and increase brand awareness to a great extent.

Branding agencies provide best-in-class research, identity services and strategies that the digital marketing firm or the in-house marketing team won’t be able to provide. Branding agencies offer unique and proven areas of expertise distinct from marketing.

Do you want your business to grow? Do you need help with developing a brand? If the answer is yes, then this blog post is for you. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best branding agencies in Melbourne has to offer and what they can do for your company.

Ultimate List of the Best Branding Agencies in Melbourne

Hunter - Best Branding Agency Melbourne

Creative Agency Melbourne


We are Hunter. Creative branding agency for entrepreneurs, challenger brands & agents of change.

We help simplify, humanise & connect the next generation of consumer-facing brands for the modern world.

You. This

Since Hunter began in 2010, we’ve helped create over a billion dollars worth of value for our clients. This has included start-ups, scale-ups, and of course, those bigger brands in need of a reboot. Our purpose is to help you change your brand for the better.

A world of disruption

We live in a world of disruption. Everything is changing, and big brands have the most to lose. With business models driven solely by the creation of shareholder wealth, they were built for a world that no longer exists. Creation of social or environmental wealth is an uncomfortable subject for them.

Cost cutting, not innovation

Instead of growth through innovation or reinvention, we see greater veracity of restructures, mergers and acquisitions in an attempt to not only stay relevant but to cut costs in order to return unattainable year-on-year profits to shareholders.

Cheaper, not necessarily better

We’re also noticing the bigger shifts in retail, where the race to the bottom is killing competition, reducing brand owner margins and screwing suppliers out of a living. This model is unsustainable, it’s broken, and something has to give.

Start up. Scale up. Reboot

Whilst this might sound like apocalyptic doom and gloom, we believe it’s a super exciting time for entrepreneurs, challenger brands and agents of change to start-up, scale up and reboot their brands for the better. Now, more than ever before, it’s easier to start and scale a business to stratospheric heights.


Our model is built on immersion, collaboration and iteration. Starting with our strategic planning process, we’re keen to understand your world. How and why it’s changing, what winning looks like, what losing looks like and finally, what’s stopping you from moving forward.


If you’ve had a chance to look at our work, then you’ll hopefully notice a thing or two on how we treat our client’s branding. We’d probably use words like ‘human’, ‘considered’, and ‘modern’ to describe the way we do things. Nice words aside, the one truth that runs through every brand is the fact that they should be built from a unique, humanised strategic position. Without this, it’s just window dressing.


We take branding seriously. For us, it’s more than a logo, colour palette, typography, illustrations, images, packaging or websites. If our brand work doesn’t show empathy and respect for the people’s lives it wants to participate in… then we’ve failed.

Change is never easy but always possible.

If you’re ready for change or would like to know more about how we might be able to start up, scale up or reboot your brand for the better, then reach out via the bot.

Liquorice - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


03 9088 3556

We craft beautiful, smart and hard-working design, digital and marketing solutions that help brands and businesses grow.

Sound research equals sound strategy.

Strategy is the scaffolding upon which we can build our big ideas, making sure the outcome is both beautiful and highly effective in achieving your goals.

Diving deep with research and workshops.

Research and workshops enable us to engage with you and your stakeholders, audiences and user groups to uncover design opportunities. Learning everything we can about your business also helps us ensure projects are delivered on budget and on time, every time.

Need a team of specialists, made just for you? You’ve come to the right place.

Liquorice is home to marketing and advertising specialists, strategists, designers, animators, art directors, developers, copywriters, project and event managers. A custom team is assembled for each project to ensure we provide the right mix of skills and experience.

Our premium client service more closely resembles a consultancy than a supplier.

By dedicating an account manager to you over the long term, we constantly find big and small ways to make your life a little easier.

Always offering the best possible solution.

We are continuously improving our services and technological capabilities, so you can be confident that our recommendations are always closely aligned with your needs.

We’ve been designing great experiences for over 10 years, and we’re as committed and passionate as the day we started.

Many hands make great work.

Since starting Liquorice in 2008, our CEO, Scott, has assembled a company of wonderfully aligned experts whose knowledge spans design, strategy and digital. Ten years and going strong.

In 2019, we announced our official partnership with global creative agency Iris. This partnership gives us the power to offer our clients a host of new services, delivering them with the care, skill and personal service we’re known for.

Big ideas, crafted with care.

Having a shared purpose of great experiences for our clients, our audiences, and our teams really underpins the culture here at Liquorice. We work hard and play nice. Interested in reading more about culture in the workplace?

Courtney Kim Studio - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


03 7036 6887


Courtney Kim Studio turns your ideas into reality through the creation of meaningful brands, authentic relationships, and sincere stories. We work with designers from all around the world to adopt and create designs that are truly local through a mix of global perspectives.

Our list of services include:


Our brand strategy defines the world that connects your business to your ideal audience. To do this, we look at where you’re coming from and where you want to go so that we can offer the right brand solutions to achieve your specific goals. The brand strategy defines your value to how much extra people will pay or how often they choose and purchase your brand over the alternatives.


A well-designed brand becomes an important asset to the success and longevity of any business. We specialise in identity design that effortlessly tells your brands story and keeps you memorable.


With thousands of new products being revealed every day, your brand and packaging must stand out and tell your ideal customer, “This is the one for you”. The best way to do that is with your packaging design. 

We understand how overwhelming liaising with overseas suppliers and maintaining quality can be. Over the years, we’ve forged strong relationships with suppliers from Australia, South Korea, and China, ensuring the most efficient process for our clients.


Combining strategic branding with real-time data insights, we create websites and online stores that build awareness, find the right traffic, and convert leads to sales.

We use in-depth research and real customer data to design eCommerce strategies that are economical and insightful.

With a strong belief in the power of branding, I established my boutique design agency in 2009 to connect people through emotive storytelling. A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships. They come together to influence the hearts and minds of your audience, change the world, build a legacy and start a movement – and I want to be there with you on this journey.

I design brands based on these important rules:

  • Focus on remarkable brand stories.
  • Use emotive branding to connect with people.
  • Build platforms that drive action.
  • Create features that are worth talking about.
  • Design assets that allow for scalability.

I blend art and business to push the boundaries of delivering meaningful work and experiences for consumers. Learn more about the services I provide and how Courtney Kim Studio can turn your ideas into reality.


Branding Agencies FAQs

These agencies are extremely specialised in the services which they offer. Their primary focus is to help create, develop, maintain and improve brands.

Creative design and communication may also fall under their overarching banner, but their main focus will be on brand strategy by either developing or refreshing brands.

A branding agency will support your brand by developing an understanding of your business, clarifying your goals and objectives and communicating this in the right way to the right audience.

This information will help provide a strategy to grow your brand and provide you with the right toolkit to embed your brand purpose, values, promises, positioning, and identity into your organisation.

A branding agency can be many things to many people. They can be your strategist, your creative, your design team. But overall, the role of a branding agency is to create, plan, manage, and measure your branding strategy.

It is about them becoming an additional “department” within your organisation. They have to know and understand everything about you. They have to get under the skin of your organisation and find out what really makes you tick.

What are your objectives, values, promises, how do you communicate with your target audiences and your employees?

They also need to understand your market, your competitors. What are their brands doing, are they stronger, do they work, how your brand stand/look alongside the competition and the market.

There are a number of areas in which a branding agency specialising; here are some examples:

  • Research & analytics
  • Naming
  • Brand architecture and portfolio
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand identity
  • Design of the brand visual identity (includes logo design)
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand strategy & management
  • Brand communications
  • Brand experiences
  • Internal branding
  • Rebranding
  • Packaging design

It is these specialised areas that set them apart from your day to day design and advertising agencies.  

They have explored your brand and looked to develop your name and business, not just a particular advert at a particular time. 

Everything has been considered, from the colours uses in logos to the tone of voice used throughout communications.

Businesses who are looking to improve the way they are perceived. We also work with new businesses to build a brand from scratch.

A branding firm is for anyone who wants to control and convey their perception.

Rebrands are a unique opportunity to take something well-worn but are not working anymore and revolutionise it.

This process requires a solid strategy. We don’t want to lose the brand awareness you’ve established. But we know what we create will be more in line with current trends. It’s amazing to see how clients and customers will give an old business with a new brand a new chance.

Creating a new brand is a different story. There’s substantial strategy required here, too. We’ve got to help you figure out who you are, who you’re trying to reach and determine the best way to do that.

Building a new brand and handing it over to our clients so that they can follow their dreams is such an honour.

People love stories. They want to hear your origins, your challenges, your successes. It’s how people relate to you. And to have a great brand, you need to start with the story of your company. 

The reason Apple has obtained a cult-like following of their brand is not that they make reliable computers. It’s because of their story. Apple started a revolution against the establishment by creating something in their garage that everyone told them was impossible. They used that story to build a brand by asking people to do what they did, “Think Different.” 

By knowing and relating to their story, Apple made everyone who purchased their product feel as if they were unique from everyone else. That brand equity lives on today, even though the original product they created is long gone.

When you look at your company's brand, do you feel it tells the true story of who you are? Do you feel passionate about it? Do you want to come to work every day and make it into something great? Do your employees have pride in working for your company? Do your customers love your brand so much they come back time and time again, even though you might not be the best, fastest or cheapest in the market? 

If not, you have not fully discovered the power of having a great brand—and that, my party friends, is what a branding agency does. Cheers.

Traffic - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


3 8320 5709

We are Traffic.

An integrated brand communications agency focused on making brands more formidable and profitable through our internationally recognised Traffic Brand Process.

Traffic is a full-service creative agency.


Traffic has built an enviable reputation for developing branding and positioning strategies to achieve differentiation and increase market share, ROI and shareholder value.

The Traffic’ total capabilities’ infrastructure comprises in-house competencies that traverse the full spectrum of communications – strategy planning, creativity, production and implementation – all based in one seamless customer-driven framework.

The benefits of the Traffic infrastructure model includes faster and better decisions, seamlessly integrated messaging/imagery, effective project management and cost control, all managed by one dedicated team. If time and money are important to you, we can help you save on both.

Design & Creative.

A branding design bestows credibility and attracts instant attention of a company as it acts as the outward face of the entire organisation. Our brand identity design studio creates, transforms and revitalises corporate and brand identities, and our brand transformation specialists conduct comprehensive audits to make sure the positioning of your brand is best aligned with the purpose and goals of your business.

So whether you are a new business in need of a completely new brand or an existing business that needs a serious brand identity strategy shakeup, we have the experience, expertise, drive and ingenuity to make your ambition a reality.

Is your brand having an identity crisis?


An identity crisis can kill the performance of people. It’s the same for brands. Often the warning signs are there. Market share slips. Discounting begins. Margins are eroded. Customers disappear. But many companies and brands choose to ignore them.

Brand health, like personal health, requires specialist attention. At Traffic, we know the many symptoms of ailing brands and can quickly restore them back to being agile, vibrant and engaging performer.

The Traffic Brand Process is an award-winning brand transformation and creation process that consistently rejuvenates and reinvents brands for enhanced ROI and shareholder value.

This was the driving force behind Traffic, recently becoming Australia’s most awarded brand agency by DrivenXDesign in both Sydney and Melbourne.

So, eliminate risk. Activate your brand transformation with Traffic before it is too late!

About Us

We are Traffic, globally focused communications, brand transformation and property marketing agency designing experiences that move people.

Traffic consistently achieves remarkable results for clients seeking brand and brand transformation because we know how to unlock the secrets of competitive advantage using the Traffic Brand Process. We create bold strategies delivered on a fully integrated communications platform backed with organisational backbone and cultural commitment. Our key strength is the commercial savvy within the Traffic DNA and mindset. This creates the passion and energy that drives us to accomplish things that have never been done before. Our clients win incremental ROI through higher performance, and their work is recognised internationally. We are incredibly proud of our many achievements, sometimes against exceptional odds.

We are a full-service brand design agency specialising in brand creation and transformation backed by our design, advertising, strategic planning, direct response, digital, data analytics, creative and branded content divisions. Our strength lies in making brands healthier and wealthier and our ability to help brands find and tap into new energy. The energy that fuels growth powers big ideas and breathes new life into the relationship between the brand and consumers. Global brands like Goodyear to LendLease, Iron Mountain to local brands like Jellis Craig, we’ve created new momentum for brands across myriad industries.

Elephant in the Boardroom - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


03 7018 7629

Melbourne’s Leading Web Development & Design Agency

We’re solving business problems with innovative digital solutions. Get your competitive advantage today!

Create a first good impression with your audience with a professionally designed and optimised website that showcases your authenticity as a brand.

Re-imagine interactions between your business and your customers.

Compelling Website Design

UX Design for All Users

Our websites are designed to provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. We don’t simply take care of the web development and web hosting aspect, but more than that, we take the time to truly understand your business and your target audience. Our user-centred approach puts the spotlight on your business branding and business objectives, with your users in mind.

Responsive Web Development

Website Design for Business Growth

We are committed to helping businesses deliver the right user experience on any device. We build responsive website designs that make your website adjust to any screen or resolution to ensure you get the optimum reach on your website across all devices. Be accessible anytime, anywhere and reach everyone in your target audience with a responsive website design that generates traffic, potential leads, and conversion.

Our Digital Story.

We launched Elephant in the Boardroom with the dream to make a compelling website design, intuitive mobile applications, creative marketing and powerful technology accessible to everyone. We live it, we breathe it. Day in and day out. It’s in our DNA. Sharing your brand’s story through technology is what we live for. Paramount to us and one of our core business pillars is to deliver an exceptional customer experience to both our clients and their customers alike. We believe that technology and design can make the world a better place. Through innovation and creativity, we will transform the way people do business. Our vision is to use technology to re-imagine interactions between business and consumers.

We do this through building pixel-perfect, visually engaging, but powerful websites, apps, software and creative marketing campaigns. One thing that continues to amaze us is seeing and hearing the unique stories behind every single one of our client’s brand, story and businesses. No matter who you are or what your story is, we hope that we can help you achieve your goals. We’re not only connecting businesses with their customers but helping them build lasting relationships. We’d love to hear your story and to help you share it with the world through technology.


Yoke - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


3 9020 8709

We create for business growth.

Yoke is an independent brand growth practice based in Collingwood. Since 2006, we’ve helped grow brands and businesses across a range of verticals, including property, construction, arts and culture, and professional services.

As strategic thinkers across a range of disciplines, we apply design thinking and evidence-based approaches to projects that demand creative business growth solutions.

We are thinkers who can ‘do’, resulting in creative business strategies and executions that take organisations to their next level of growth.

To deliver work that goes above and beyond, we bring specialists, experts, and craftspeople together.

Our range of expertise helps us approach each project, brief, campaign, or output with clarity and confidence. We communicate without barriers or hierarchy and get to the heart of the problem – whether it’s a rebrand, launch campaign, digital strategy or anything in between.

For us, delivering quality and value matters. That’s why our client partners see us as an ally.

Studio Brave - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


03 9671 3969

Building brands of influence.

We are a branding and design studio based in Melbourne. For over 18 years, Studio Brave has helped businesses transform and grow.

Our determination to differentiate combines passion with purpose.


We specialise in brand strategy, identity design, brand communication, and digital design and development.

We consciously work across a diverse range of sectors – spanning arts and culture, corporate, property, hospitality and retail. We work for organisations, but design for people.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming Generation
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Campaign
  • Brand Communication
  • Art Direction
  • Website Design & Development
  • Signage and Environmental

Work with us

Starting a new project or want to collaborate with us?

Ennoblir - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


0457 056 756

We create, design, develop, and build products, websites, platforms, projects that your customers love. 

Our Brand Experience

We have a 9-year proven track record working with teams to design & deliver innovative campaigns, garnish lasting business partnerships and launching companies internationally.

Our Parisian bread & butter

From research & design to deployment,

we’re equipped to undertake complex automated challenges.

Ecommerce Platform Design

‍We use a combination of tools to create web platforms that generate revenue.

Journey Mapping & Strategy

Our team conduct hypothesis testing & design users journey maps to ensure you are meeting your goals.

Email Marketing & Automations

From platform onboarding, chatbots, automated appointments, EDMs, and more. Our specialists design automated workflows for unloading your labour.

Content Creation

Strategising SEO written and visual content to best help your brand convert.

Social Media

Creating & managing social media channels to influence your audience for conversion.

Design & UX

Designing the storytelling, mapping out the dream experience for your customers’ journey.

Event Management

Creating & managing memorable & viral entertainment.

Data Driven Decision

Using data to guide decision-makers into creating successful campaigns.

PR & Reputation

Placing your brand as the “next big thing”.

Over the last decade

We’ve worked with local artisans to global fashion brands designing & building unique projects like yours.

Exceeding Expectations

Each bespoke campaign receives two complementary services.

Advanced Strategy

Our first consultation isn’t just a “get to know” or proposal opportunity. We’ll review your business, audit your marketing and find a tailored solution for your needs.

Delivery Reporting

Our delivery process ensures your satisfaction and comprehension. We provide reporting & training, so you and your team feel comfortable about the results.

Hero - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


03 9993 9338


Our businesses offer sophisticated creative marketing and technology services, but working with HERO could not be simpler. Our clients enjoy single-source management of their complete marketing needs, with a single HERO point of contact integrating a collective of best-in-class marketing communications specialists, from digital, data, design and technology, to media, public relations and content. We make every brand the hero of its own marketing success.


HERO is a post-COVID business model born out of the challenges of the pandemic. When the crisis hit, we made sure our clients weren’t. As an independent business unencumbered by traditional agency legacy issues or structures, we were able to seamlessly transition to a virtual national model. Utilising cloud-based technology and platforms to maintain seamless business delivery. We call this Borderless Creativity.


Creativity is the ultimate competitive advantage. And the most powerful driver of marketing effectiveness. HERO brings together the only agencies in Australia to be recognised with both the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Creative Effectiveness and as the most awarded in the world. And with Borderless Creativity, our national award-winning talent is available to every brand and client, no matter where they may be based.



Our national group is able to rapidly integrate a complete marketing-services offering that is diverse, creatively inspired and seamless.

The only agency in Australia ever to have been named the world’s most awarded and to have won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Creative Effectiveness and the Grand Prix for Media.

Our clients enjoy single-source leadership of their complete marketing needs, with a single HERO point of contact integrating our network of best-in-class marketing communications specialists. Our national award-winning talent is available to every brand and client, no matter where they may be based. It’s the perfect solution for clients who need a single-service model.

Blitzm Design - Best Branding Agency Melbourne



Create better experiences

Websites. Apps. User experience. Prototypes. Development. Marketing strategy.

We’re a digital design agency in Melbourne, Australia.

Our proven process starts with getting to know who your users are and what their goals are.


End-to-end website and app design, marketing and communications strategy, branding, printed and online reports, development, and custom software solutions.

Transform your website design

We provide website design services for many Australian industries, including education, trade, government, not-for-profit, health, retail, finance, and technology.

We are full service, from idea to launch

Brand strategy

Developing a strong brand strategy is important to ensure you define your company’s unique services and position your brand for future growth.

At Blitzm Design, we design and develop your overall brand strategy, so your brand can communicate the right message to the right audience. We have extensive experience working with a host of Australian brands and have developed a ‘discovery phase workshop’, which takes an in-depth look at the key elements of your business that will guide future decisions and set your business up for long term success.

User testing

Through user testing, our team can gain valuable, accurate insights into your brand’s product or service, which can then be tailored to best suit your customer’s needs and expectations.

Blitzm Design carries out both online and in-person user testing, which can then help to resolve any functionality and usability issue. It can also provide unbiased insights into how your users interact with your website and can highlight your website’s strengths and weaknesses.

Responsive design

A responsive design ensures your website is optimised to work on a multitude of devices.

Blitzm Design creates responsive websites that adapt to all devices. We ensure that your website provides the best user experience possible, performs well and responds to your users specific needs. Audiences are increasingly using mobile and tablet devices in addition to desktops and laptops, so responsive design is critical for good website performance.


We create websites that are accessible, readable and engaging for all users on all devices.

We design to the WCAG 2.0 Standards, ensuring that your website is accessible for as many people as possible. Accessibility is a cornerstone of our design process. In addition to creating a good website experience for all users, accessible designs improve SEO and will encourage desired user behaviours.

Website performance

Blitzm Design creates bespoke websites and specialises in services that are scalable and secure. Using WordPress, high-performing CMS and custom solutions, we can transform and modernise your user experience.

Blitzm Design has partnered with Blitzm Systems, a team of talented software developers who specialise in mobile app and website development. This combined expertise allows us to craft exceptional design and development experiences under one roof!

User-friendly CMS

A CMS platform is software that allows you to easily manage and update your website so that it can evolve and grow with your audience.

Blitzm Design work with WordPress, which offers the freedom and flexibility to build engaging websites that connect with your customers. With its user-friendly back-end functionality, you can easily modify and update your website; without the technical know-how! Blitzm Design also offers training once your custom website is complete, ensuring you can update your website with ease saving you time and money.


Scalability and responsiveness is key to good website design as a successful website needs to seamlessly and efficiently accommodate growth. We design with scalability in mind ensuring it is compatible across all browsers and applications. We also ensure ease of management and create websites that are easy to update and maintain so when your business grows, your website can grow with it and won’t get left behind.


Blitzm Design is a digital agency in Melbourne – we’re the design arm of Blitzm Systems. 

Our full team of 20+ staff cover a wide range of capabilities, including; design, branding, user experience (UX), marketing strategy, technical, project management, and consulting. This combined expertise allows us to offer everything —from branding and website design to custom software engineering— under the same roof.

We’re experienced working across a variety of industries, including; education, medical, data centres, government, infrastructure and technology. 

Blitzm Design is headed up by Jenna Farrell and Ben McKeown, Blitzm Systems by James O’Brien and Ewen Cameron.

Cyclone - Best Branding Agency Melbourne

Creative Agency Melbourne


03 9645 0483


We help commercial organisations uncover their greater purpose so they can grow a thriving brand community grounded in meaningful connection.


It takes a broad range of capabilities to build a brand community. Our approach to every challenge is never one size fits all. Instead, we work closely with your marketing team to structure a tailored solution that’s made to measure and designed to deliver.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Agile Campaign Planning
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Content Strategy Media
  • Planning & Buying


  • UX & User JourneyMapping
  • WebDevelopment
  • Dynamic & Programmatic Ads
  • HTML5 & Rich Media
  • Digital Screen Design


  • Concept Development
  • Brand Development
  • Campaign Ideation
  • Art Direction & Copywriting
  • Messaging Framework


  • TVC, Video & Animation
  • Digital & Web
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Print & OOH


  • Content Audit, Strategy & Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Optimisation & Reporting


  • Project Management
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Campaign Implementation
  • Financial Management
  • Performance Reporting


Our approach to every creative challenge is underpinned by the belief that the community at the heart of our communication has an incredibly powerful voice that needs to be heard. We believe brands that see the world through a community lens are able to foster a greater sense of belonging, connection, loyalty and trust.

It is this belief that guides our strategic and creative thinking, bringing people together, sharing impactful stories to drive action and influence behaviour.



Use globally-led, locally relevant research & data to inform unique brand community insights.


Develop thought provoking creative solutions grounded in strategic truth that inspire belonging


Execute agile campaign frameworks to drive measurable community impact & influence


It takes the right people to build a community around a brand. Our people are people-people who share a like-minded passion for collaboration, connection and creativity.

Fenton Stephens - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


(03) 9928 5009

Be Realistic. Expect Miracles.

Our mission is to find a brand’s truth and enliven it through creativity and connection.

To understand the role of data + technology in influencing the interaction between brand and people.

To create experiences that fuel a conversation, welcome customers into the dialogue and actively seek out their contribution.

To be committed in our role as brand architects and remember that miracles don’t happen by chance.

How we work. 

Like most advertising agencies, we’re in the hero-making business. Unlike most, though, we’re only interested in making heroes of our clients, not ourselves.

We start by working with our clients to set the bar realistically high. Then we ruthlessly pursue creative ideas that will get results, in other words: Miraculous thinking, measured against co-created expectations.

Bright Owl Marketing - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


1300 720 846

Bright Owl Marketing is passionate about creating multi-dimensional marketing experiences and lead generation activities that are fresh and exciting. Our senior marketing consultants each have over 20 years of experience, and we can confidently say that no matter what stage of business you’re at, we have a marketing solution that can help you every step of the way.


Marketing Consulting Services

Bright Owl Marketing is a leading marketing consulting services firm based in Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong and Brisbane. We help transform small to medium-sized businesses by boosting their leads, sales and profits.

We have experienced marketing consultants that are members of the Australian Marketing Institute and come with a minimum of 20 years of marketing experience, working with brands such as Avalon Airport, Crown and Jetstar, Monash University and the helloworld Travel Agencies, to name a few. We have also lived and breathed both traditional and digital forms of marketing for many years – and are very good at it too! We take the stress out of the equation by helping you with:

Marketing Strategy & Management:

  • Developing Marketing Plans and strategy
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Communications strategy: PR, social media, advertising, digital
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Public relations & community engagement strategy
  • Brand audits and strategy
  • Stakeholder liaison & presentation


  • Copywriting for: advertising, web, press, social media, blogs, e-newsletters.
  • Social media content planning and execution.


  • Graphic design & illustration
  • Photography
  • Videography


  • Events
  • Trade-shows
  • Sponsorships

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Team work-shops
  • Social media training
  • One on one phone and face-to-face sessions
  • Cheat sheets and marketing hacks.
  • Marketing plan hand-over and team training.

Our outsourced marketing solutions are also highly affordable and also deliver real results to the businesses and companies we work with. It is our clear understanding of marketing strategy, creative, brand, lead generation, public relations, and sales and marketing automation that really makes a difference. We never apply a cookie-cutter approach to any marketing strategy. Every business is uniquely different, and we treat business owners with the respect they deserve.

Whether you need a marketing resource to accelerate your business growth or a more strategic approach aligned to your business outcomes, Bright Owl Marketing is well-known for implementing data-driven marketing campaigns that deliver results for our clients. Please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call to talk about some of the campaigns we’ve worked on in the past and see if we can help your business. There is no obligation for you to pay for any of our services.

We also specialise in branding, graphic design, web design, search engine optimisation, social media, lead generation, and direct marketing expertise – Bright Owl Marketing is the number one results-orientated marketing company in Australia.

Get started today!

Contact us today to find out how your business can benefit by using Bright Owl Marketing consulting services.

One of our friendly marketing consultants will ask questions about your business, industry, target audience and current marketing activities to see if our services are a good fit.


We offer a strategic approach to your brand, website, social media, Google search, PR and even lead generation. We’ll even coordinate multiple programs at the same time and develop a new marketing strategy that goes above, through or below the line. We’ll do it all!

Truly Deeply - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


03 9693 0009

We help businesses to launch, grow and stand out in their market. We drive sales growth, attract new customers and increase margins.

To understand your brand challenges, we also need to understand your business objectives and ambition. We take this understanding and combine it with our robust methodology to craft a strategic branding approach to reach your business objectives.


Creating design solutions that are both aesthetically beautiful and strategic.

  • Brandmark and identity design
  • Brand refresh
  • Visual language development

Building on the strategy and insights, we bring the brand to life with a rich and distinctive identity system that considers all the brand touchpoints and generally includes a brandmark, visual language and imagery.

Much more than a logo, to truly engage your audience, we create a powerful visual identity system that builds a unique brand world that your audiences want to be part of.

About Us

Deep thinkers, creative executors and brand activators ready to build your brand.

We’re brand professionals with a unique combination of business smarts, strategic thinking and creative passion for building beautifully crafted brands. 

Design for business sake

We believe that design should have a strategic foundation underpinned by your business and brand strategy. Brands that are beautifully crafted have a powerful strategic intent.

Our team = your team

There is a ‘we minded’ approach to everything we do. We always remember that we’re working with you to build your brand, our approach is collaborative and inclusive.

Ogilvy - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


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At Ogilvy, we believe the best competitive advantage our clients can have over their competitors has strong brands. That’s why Ogilvy’s philosophy is to ‘Make Brands Matter’. It’s at the forefront of everything we do for our clients and drives every decision we make. When does a brand ‘matter’? When it anticipates the needs of its consumers, and/or it matters in culture.

Brand Opportunity  

Identifying the best space for a brand to achieve its objectives via the Brand Ambition Star – a proprietary Ogilvy’ discovery’ process, which involves Competitive Analysis, Audience Mapping, Brand and Company Exploration, and Social Trends Tracking.

Brand Invention  

As custodians of the brands we work on, we take leadership on the development and guardianship of the brand, including Name, Purpose, Positioning, Narrative, Architecture, Tone-of-Voice, Values, Personality and Behaviours, along with the Customer Value Proposition.

Brand Experience  

Lastly - but most importantly - we ensure sure that our client’s brands come to life where it really matters: not in a presentation slide but in-market. That’s why we’re also skilled experts in Go-to-Market Strategy, Choice Architecture, Communications Strategy, Channel Planning, Consumer Journey Mapping, and Brand Tracking/Measurement.

The Business Landscape has changed forever

To best understand Ogilvy Australia, it is important to know: We are not an advertising agency. We’ve evolved into something quite different. We used to be an ad agency, and we are immensely proud of the advertising we have created over the last 50 years in Australia. We have made work that has shaped culture and changed behaviour on behalf of some of Australia’s most loved brands.

This is what we have always done, and it is what we always intend to do. But because the world is very different now, how we do, it has changed fundamentally. Once, brands were powerful, and consumers grateful.

Now, it’s the other way around.

Brands used to be made by marketing. Now they are built for purpose. Brands used to have consumers. Now, they have users. Brands used to say. Now, they need to do.

The landscape consumers live in has changed, so we’ve adapted to better serve the needs of them and our clients.

That means the inputs in our process are shaped by being business-minded, customer-obsessed, data-inspired, technologically astute and culturally aware.

We create bespoke teams for each project rather than using a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We are engineered to collaborate, connecting our specialists in a truly integrated way.

So, we aren’t an advertising agency. Well, not by the dictionary definition anyway. We are a fully integrated creative network.

Your Creative - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


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We are Your Creative agency. A Melbourne-based multidisciplinary team focused on design, strategy and technology to create impact for brands and people.

Everything we do is led by big ideas, all created, crafted and coded in our Melbourne studio. Our fluid creative structure allows us to tackle any project, no matter how big or small.

Put simply, we:

Design, create and code with purpose. Create unique brand identities that stand out. Develop responsive digital products centred on user experience. Win awards for our thought-provoking marketing campaigns, on occasion, partner with great ideas to build apps.


  • Brand strategy & positioning
  • Brand tone & messaging
  • Naming & taglines
  • Employee brand & engagement
  • Brand guidelines


  • Campaign planning
  • Brand rollout
  • Production
  • Communication strategy
  • Motion graphics
  • Videography/Photography
  • Content creation


  • User Experience & Research
  • UX & Web Design
  • Mobile & Tablet Design
  • Website Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • App Development

Who we are

Founded in 2015 by a hacker, a hustler and a hipster. We build and design really clever moments and products. In just over 5 years, we’ve grown threefold, won numerous design awards and become the go-to creative for some of the world’s most prominent brands. 

Our impact.

We constantly analyse our environmental, social and community impact to look for ways to be better humans. 

Working with people.

Inspired by each other’s diverse cultural, professional backgrounds, each project is driven by proven effective collaboration.

Caramel - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


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Our creativity drives brands to succeed.

By channelling design to deliver tangible business results, our clients grow, develop and profit.

Creative thinking powers the way we craft brand strategies, build meaningful stories, develop business ideas and deliver customer experiences to engage with people in measurable ways.

Caramel Brand.

We create and rejuvenate brands, delivering real value through intelligent design.

Brand always starts with an idea.

We know that great brands need to resonate long after they’re launched, particularly when a legacy may be there for a lifetime. That’s why every brand we build is based on strategy with substance, not subjectivity. Through compelling visuals and engaging language, we use creativity as the most powerful tool in the craft of lasting brand identities that shape memorable businesses.

Caramel Brand services include; naming, identity, brand guidelines, tone of voice, printed collateral, environmental and outdoor, display suites and wayfinding.

Caramel Strategy.

We get to the heart of a brand’s potential and, through expertise and objectivity, we work with brands and their guardians to uncover, explore, rebuild and realign that potential.

We connect brands with humans.

Through curiosity, understanding and empathy, we apply scenario-based, human-driven design thinking to solve business problems and expose opportunities. Our approach is people first, and by placing humans, the end customer, at the centre of everything we do, we drive to create real engagement.

Discovery comes from questioning the status quo, challenging the rules and pushing creative boundaries. Leaving assumptions to the side, we ask targeted questions to gain deep, insightful understandings. We believe honest conversations drive better creative output, as you can’t strike gold without digging first.

The collective experience of our people drives our established track record since 2005 of independent creative thinking with commercial impact and results.

We encourage conversation directly between our clients and creatives, collectively putting our heads together to share the challenges and the rewards. Our experienced project management team are the conduit in the delivery of high-end creative and strategic depth for effective outcomes that underpin our clients’ success.

Supported by our Founder and Principal, Aaron Lee, we operate with a flat, inclusive business structure and share diverse yet complementary skill sets that cover the fields of brand strategy, strategic communications, graphic design, digital design and development, photography, videography, animation, copywriting and project management.

By All Means - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


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By All Means is a Creative Company determined to create wonderful, intelligent and, above all, inspiring things. We believe this is the best way to affect the behavioural and attitudinal change that brands, businesses and causes need most.

How do we inspire?

Being determined to inspire is one thing, pulling it off is another thing altogether.

We do it by interrogating the root of the problem (first alongside our clients and then alongside our colleagues) and the outlying reasons that surround it – which sounds pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how little of it actually gets done.

We spend a lot of time arguing (nicely) among ourselves, working out what the problem actually is, and doggedly uncovering an original point of entry. Then, once we’ve found the way in, we work even harder to find the way out – by any and all means at our disposal.

‘Inspiration perspiration’, you might call it.

We are a creatively led, strategically minded, full-service agency that is:

Why are we so hellbent on inspiration?

Because we believe it’s the only way to truly move people.

Sure, you can cajole, but in the end, if you force people into submission through bluntness or repetition, will they feel rewarded? Will they respect you? Will they enjoy the experience of your brand, business, product or cause?

No. No, they won’t. They’ll resent you for it and avoid you in future.

But if you can INSPIRE people into action, you’re making an invitation, not a demand. You’re granting them the chance to make a decision.

And, ultimately, you’re more human. And humans like humans who are human.

Shall we give it a try together?

Means of inspiration:

– Creativity (through all media and all space and all time)

– Strategy & Research

– Art Direction & Copywriting

– Branding & Design

– Print Production

– Digital & Social

– Experience & Activation

– Film & Content

– Thinkin’ & Inventin’

– Media Strategy & Buying.

Mustard Creative Agency - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


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An obsessive and consistent focus on the effectiveness of our work has enabled us to build rich, long-lasting relationships and grow our business through the most persuasive channel: word of mouth recommendation. A considered strategic approach underpins the services delivered across our creative, digital and content teams. We’re proud of our independence, open and collaborative in our approach and truly passionate about our craft.


We’ve built our teams, structured our studio and developed our processes to support a broad, full-service creative offering. It’s an offering that’s purpose-built for the fast-paced, omni-channel environment our clients compete within.

It’s not uncommon to find brand designers working side by side with back end developers or packaging designers working in tandem with social media analysts. Ensuring insights and information flow freely and quickly across our teams enables us to deliver quickly and efficiently across a full spectrum of creative services.


Instead, our talented creative team translate purposeful insights into powerful communication. We craft work that cuts through connects and shapes attitudes and behaviour – across a broad range of contextual environments.

Embedding strategic and planning expertise within our creative teams ensures our work is commercially astute and delivers against clearly defined objectives.



We continually strive to foster an open and engaging culture as an expression of our values. This enables our talented team to deliver exceptional client experiences every day. Ongoing investment in our Bigger Than Mustard and Learning Be Cool initiatives enables the team to pursue their passions and develop both personally and professionally.

Icon Agency - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


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Hello, we’re Icon.

A strategic creative communications, PR and digital agency.

One team.

Driven by possibility.

Icon’s multidisciplinary team works at the intersection of the web, creative, PR and communications. We are 60+ individuals from across Australia and the globe, driven by shared values of purpose and possibility.

Founded in 2002, our model is adapted to the disruptive forces reshaping modern marketing and communications: the declining influence of paid media, direct-to-consumer brand marketing; the rise of eCommerce; and the experience economy.

Icon Creative

Insight. Passion. Empathy.

We make brands matter through the creative application of deep human insights and connected


In today’s experience economy, people embrace brands that reflect their beliefs and aspirations. By understanding this new landscape, Icon helps clients connect with audiences in the moments and places that matter.

We call this connected creativity a channel agnostic model and creative approach for our times.

Creative services

Creative thinking and the Pursuit of Possibility is our agency’s mantra. It fuels our passion for innovation, collaboration and projects with a social cause. Work with us if you’re looking for ways to differentiate your brand, service or campaign.

Icon Digital

Functional. Beautiful. Human.

Full-service digital for transforming customer experiences

Great digital service design lies at the intersection of technology, empathy and usability.

With a deep belief in user-centred design and a passion for open-source platforms, we craft digital experiences that are impossible to ignore and easy to use.

Choose us when you’re ready to transform your government, B2B or direct to consumer website or digital service.

Digital services

Our user researchers, UX specialists, designers, developers and writers work side-by-side to launch category-defining digital services. You can engage with us to deliver a single service or fully developed platform.

With vision and collective action, anything is possible.

Today, people expect more from the brands they buy and the services they rely on. They want businesses that stand for something, organisations with purpose. We know this because we live it.

Our team view the world with optimism and curiosity, seeking possibility in everything we do. Our belief system, the Pursuit of Possibility, is about asking ‘what if’ and creating ‘what could be’ through the application of creativity, empathy and data.

Show & Tell - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


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We know Graphic Design is key.

Let us help you tell your story

Anything from a simple business card update to an overall website refresh, our team is bursting with ideas on how we can build your brand. Let us help you connect with your audience today.

Our Services

Graphic Design

  • Logomark Design
  • Document Templates
  • Style Guides
  • Advertising
  • Printed Stationery
  • Signage
  • Annual Reports
  • Email Templates

Web Design

  • Custom Website Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Responsive solutions
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • E-commerce
  • E-newsletters
  • WordPress & Shopify
  • Web Hosting

Social Media

  • Social Media Graphics
  • Scheduling
  • Content Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Monthly Content Creation
  • Advertising Campaigns


  • Interiors & Architecture
  • Aerial & Specialty
  • Portraiture
  • Product Styling & Studio
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Workplace & Venue

Building strong brands

We’re here to find out what’s at the heart of your story and to help you tell it.

Chromatix - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


03 9912 6408


Be seen as the obvious 1st choice.

Web design is more than just looking good! We create high engaging custom websites that make your phone ring. After all, your website is your ultimate sales tool & best credibility check for confidence. Flexing our 3 key strengths of web design, web development & data analysis, our conversion UI/UX specialists blend our deep understanding of human behaviour “pre-suasion” psychology with technology to visually communicate the true value you bring to your customers. 


Work only with specialists

You would never go to your GP for heart surgery, in the same way you would never get your most important online assets, your website, developed by a generalist marketing, SEO or creative agency. That’s why we’ve handpicked our web design Melbourne family to be top-notch web designers, web developers, conversion specialists, business analysts, API integrators, project managers and digital strategists - we’re true web purists. Everything from simple websites to full business operational solutions.

With our in-house 13 full-time Melbourne staff, 11 years of insights and 70+ awards & recognitions since 2009, we’re confident our specialist digital knowledge and conversion framework can significantly reduce your marketing wastage and maximise your online web design and development engagement results. 

Web design & development that inspires confidence

Whether you’re a one-man-band business or a multi-national, your website’s 1st impression is everything. Unlike your business card, your website carries the customers’ expectations on service and quality. If you don’t inspire confidence in seconds, your clients won’t engage with you. Our job’s simple – capture your client’s attention and direct them to take action quickly – now that’s true marketing efficiency.

Full digital data strategies that make web sense

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! A proper site needs proper analysis from start to finish. We start by understanding your business problems, taking the learnings from the past with advanced developments for the future, and blending them into a single solution that goes beyond simple UX journeys. We draw on strong human psychology application techniques that have proven to work across the board. Let us step you through your website potential and guide you on web improvements and new & unique out of the box development solutions.

Improve business efficiency via web api integrations

If you’re doing the same mundane task, again and again, you’re simply wasting business profits. Web automation allows you to maximise time now and innovate for the future. Anything from linking internal systems through API integrations or creating new website tools and systems for your office, the team at Chromatix have a plethora of examples of digital solutions we’ve already created. From adding value to your sales process, increasing operational manpower and visibility, to speeding up and augmenting staff capabilities, we make custom digital systems and tools to make your life easy and cost-effective!


11 years of web results

Chromatix opened its doors in 2009 and is now a multi-award winning Melbourne based web design & conversion agency that specialises in creating eye-catching websites that make your phone ring!

The real magic behind this specialist web agency

Question – how is it even possible that any single web agency can claim to be the master of every digital marketing solution under the sun?

Tackling everything from websites to branding, Google search to social media, Adwords to videography, why not throw in hosting and graphics design for good measure…all under the one roof? 

It didn’t make sense to us, or our clients for that matter, and having been burnt by the same mediocre experiences in the past, our fearless leader and founder, Irwin, created Chromatix (meaning the science of colours) to form 1 rock-solid process in 1 critical area of web and be world-class at it.

After 2 decades of intense web agency experience and experimentation, combined with his love for human behaviour and persuasion psychology as an illusionist for 21 years (ask him about the trick that saved the business btw), he created a unique web conversion framework that blends engaging design, technical development and real-time data. With the whole team on board, the heart was to create an agency that mastered conversion-focused website design and development like no other. 

We’ve even taken it 1 step further by creating our own advanced human psychology conversion principles & digital user behaviour techniques into our web mastery which has significantly amplified our skillset in online user engagement and ‘client attraction for action’ methodologies.

It’s a bold move, but we believe that’s what a true specialist agency is and what clients really deserve.

Our Melbourne team of 14 full-time web designers and website developers are totally geared to excel in this single key area. After all, why would you risk your website, and ultimately your whole business’s 1st impression and financial success, with a generalist agency that specialises in multiple areas? It’s like getting your accountant to be your hairdresser as well.

And with the full power of partnering top digital marketing agencies whom we have handpicked and selected to closely work with us, it only makes sense that you get the full combined specialist effect that, it’s no wonder, our clients have proven higher engagement, technically stronger and great conversion results.

With 70+ web awards in the last 11 years under our belt, we always believe the proof is in the pudding – so why not see for yourself. 

Curious to see what a real web specialist looks like?

Let’s catch up for a cuppa (and a magic trick if you like).

Soul+wolf - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


03 9682 8009

We’re Soul+Wolf. A trusted and award-winning digital agency founded in Melbourne, Australia.

We provide creative & strategic digital services to grow & scale businesses.

UX + UI Design





This is literally the goal of every project we undertake.

Without question, design is how something looks. But it’s also the way it works and feels. Ultimately, this is the difference between UI and UX design. Furthermore, the type of design that we do isn’t always something that you can see or touch. Often, it’s to solve a business problem, create efficiency or improve communication.

No matter your industry or the problem you’re trying to solve, we put people first with everything that we do. And by doing so, we elevate brands by designing and developing digital products that are optimised for engagement, conversion and management.

We won’t disappear for weeks and come back with something shiny that you won’t understand. You’ll be part of the entire process.

Put people first and understand your customers. Everything else will design itself.

To help fuel your design strategy, read our Best Payment Gateways in Australia and The 6 Best eCommerce Platforms in Australia articles today.

Brand Development

Evoke emotions.


So, firstly, let’s try and answer a commonly asked question. Like, what is branding?

Is it your logo? Tagline? Colours? Icons? Fonts? Is it how you answer the phone? Or send emails? All of the above? More?

The answer is quite simple, but it’s also complex. Your brand is the emotion or emotions that people experience when they think about you. And creating emotions is hard work...

This is where it all starts. Your brand should be unique, tell the right stories and create the right connections.

We create brands that evoke emotions. Brands that are digital-first but also firmly placed in the real world where your customers live.

Celebrating +10 years

By now, you know we are Soul+Wolf. A full-service digital agency. We provide creative & strategic digital services to grow & scale businesses. But what you probably don’t know is that it has taken over a decade to build this agency.

We’ve spent over ten years honing our craft and helping our clients grow and scale their digital assets, which are beautiful, performant and always easy to use.

In all likelihood, you’ve probably already seen and liked our work.

No pitching. No tenders.

Aside from the fact that a pitch or tender is a terrible way to start a working relationship, it’s an incredible waste of everyone’s time - including yours.

We’re about people and relationships. And the best relationships we have are built on close collaboration.

A pitch is the opposite of this.

If you want good work, ask a bunch of agencies to pitch for it. If you want great work, then we need to be friends. Because being friends means we’ll be close. And by being close, we can collaborate and get the best from each other.


If we’ve learned anything from the last 10 years, it’s that collaboration is key.

You know your business, and we know digital. We’re in this together, and your success is all that matters.

Our unique delivery framework not only fosters close collaboration but enables us to deliver complex projects with unparalleled quality and efficiency.

Our team

Experienced and passionate, we’re a group of people with cross-functional skills in design, web development and digital marketing.

Not too big, and not too small. Our team is perfectly formed to design, build and market digital projects that meet and exceed expectations—every time.

Great people are literally the cornerstone of our success.

Liquid - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


03 9329 3883

Refresh and Grow

If your brand no longer connects with your customers, it’s time for an overhaul. Liquid helps you define and reshape your brand for a changing environment.

Define and reshape your brand

Brand positioning

Define your brand to accurately reflect your business.

Brand direction

Develop a strategic and creative direction to guide your brand.

Brand overhaul

Overhaul your brand to meet current and future objectives.


Start with one of the following options, or we can customise one that’s right for you.

Brand positioning

Define your brand to reflect your business and attract the right customer.

Brand direction

Develop a strategic and creative direction to guide your brand.

Brand overhaul

Overhaul your brand to meet current and future business objectives.


Services to help grow your brand and accelerate your strategy.

Who we are

The liquid is a brand agency specialising in creating powerful new brands and refreshing existing brands.

For 25 years, we’ve been bringing storytelling, strategy and innovative visual design together to devise approaches specific to each client’s situation. Liquid can help you empower your marketing and move your business forward.

Liquid People

There’s nothing more important than having the right people. Our team are brand specialists, highly skilled in helping leaders build successful brands.

Our team members bring skills in brand marketing, visual design, online brand strategy and communications to our agency. What all Liquid people have in common is a flair for the creative and a mind for strategy.

Intesols - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


(03) 9553 2825

Intesols specialises in providing effective digital solutions for your business. Our team of experts have intelligent solutions for all those digital areas of your business that you either don’t understand or simply don’t want to. We assist over 450 businesses and brands in Australia with their creative, management and technology issues, so our expertise is tested and proven. By building partnerships with our clients and other agencies, we create the best outcomes. Our goal is to provide intelligent and customised digital solutions. Whether it’s a web design, mobile apps, e-catalogue, an e-commerce store or online marketing, we have some of the best talents at our disposal.

Website Design

Intesols has a dream team of award-winning graphic designers in Melbourne that cater to businesses of all types across various industries. If you’re looking to add a professional and fresh look to your organisation’s website, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of designers keep in mind the organisation’s target audience, market trends and business objectives. With an emphasis on providing ROI, our strategies revolve around creating a call to actions that capture customer data.

This is accomplished by analysing client’s services and/or products offerings, their existing corporate image and brand, customer feedback and preferences, as well as taking design surveys during mock-ups and prototypes.

The Process We Follow

1. Analysis

The key to the successful design implementation of a website is a detailed analysis. Conducting this analysis helps us to most effectively display professional branding and create the best user experience. We analyse the market competitors relevant to the business, client requirements, audience preferences based on our vast research, marketing and branding concepts, all adhering to the rules of conducting business in Australia.

2. Prototype

In this stage, we create a sample layout based on the requirements collected to be further approved by our client. Once approved, we move to the design phase and furnish the actual design of the site.

3. Web Design

Based on the approved prototype and additional preferences provided by the client, we create the final design layout. All the aforementioned marketing and branding themes are taken into consideration. All the feedback, minor changes and suggestions are then encompassed in the final design.

4. Implementation

During this stage, the graphical design layout is converted into table less web pages (HTML) with the help of the latest HTML development practice, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Development tools are used to make the website design and navigational structure functional.

We ensure that the final implementation of the website is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible. Images on the website are optimised, which reduces loading time, ensuring that customers don’t wait too long for pages to load.

5. Testing

Testing is done throughout various stages of project development to produce a comprehensive and high-quality website. Testing involves the use of specialised browser testing tools, assessing download speed from different geographical locations, checking of broken links and a thorough check for any minor errors.

Intesols designs websites that are professional, easy to browse while increasing the amount of time users spend on your website by fully engaging them.

6. Going Livez

Intesols designs websites that look very professional, easy to browse, and will increase the amount of time users spend on your website.

Our Vision

To assist every business to achieve sustainable growth with the help of intelligent online solutions.

Our Mission

Provide result oriented quality services and form lifetime relationships with our customers, suppliers and team members.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Fulfilment
  • Transparency

Cultural Statement

Intesols creates a transparent and empowering work environment where leadership and growth are inevitable. We are dedicated to our team’s careers and helping them achieve a work-life balance. We understand that teams and individuals excel when encouraged and guided, challenged and rewarded. Our objective is to develop each team member’s confidence, expand their skills and encourage them to succeed and enjoy work and life.

i4design - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


0414 403 141

Graphic Design | Print | Email Marketing | Web Design

Tracey Wylie


i4design started in 2000 with a vision to provide products and services that will add value to our client’s operations and bottom line. As a creative studio, we offer a wide range of professional services to help give your business the visual edge it deserves.

We can create your new visual identity or build on your existing style. Whether you need a single item or a whole range of products, we can cater for all your print and web needs.

Tracey has a creative approach to design, offering practical but unique solutions. She brings a new dimension to every project. Being a designer for 28 years, Tracey understands and respects that the clients’ bottom line is important and strives to supply a professional outcome.

Whether at home or work, Tracey is a perfectionist; her eye for detail is evident, she listens to and understands what the client requires, and she offers the right creative solution.

Cheryl O’Dwyer


Cheryl’s passion is people and positive outcomes. Her organisational skills and attention to detail, whilst focusing on customer service, will ensure your project is on track from start to finish. Cheryl is friendly, approachable and committed to providing you with good ol’ fashioned customer service - your needs are important to us.

OMG Creative - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


03 9654 0531

For businesses that could be doing better.

OMG! Creative is an agency built to help Australian businesses thrive.

How we do it

We craft skilful narratives to nurture customers.

We are an agency designed to help Australian businesses thrive. We provide the latest content marketing strategy and creativity powered by digital targeting technology to provide awareness and customers for Australian businesses, regardless of size.

We use the most efficient brand strategy powered by outbound and inbound marketing techniques (lead generation, nurturing and creating customer advocates) because Australian businesses deserve a more effective communications mix to grow and compete.

What we do

We inspire. We build. We create.

Here’s a list of stuff we do to get your business on track for success. It’s pretty much a full suite of communications, advertising, marketing and digital services. Whether you’re a giant in your field or just finding your way, we can help.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Rollout
  • Graphic Design
  • Web design
  • UX design
  • Front and Back-end Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Promotional Material
  • TV Production
  • Radio Production
  • Print Production
  • Video Scripting and Production
  • Digital Design
  • Direct Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Photography

Not sure who to turn to? We’ll make sure your enquiry gets to the right OMGer. Leave us a message and your details, and we’ll get back to you with magic sparkles at the ready if you’d like to join the OMG! 

RaraPR - Best Branding Agency Melbourne


0488 520 519

raraPR is a boutique creative PR, digital marketing and branding agency in Melbourne, Australia. We exist to cultivate businesses doing good for the world. Through sustainable PR, valuable social media content, and thoughtful brand strategy, we share stories and elevate brands. We consult and coach. Style. Sustainability, Substance.


Going beyond the expectations of a typical agency

When a brand has a strong brand identity behind it, it’s required to spend less on marketing and advertising over time to generate and maintain positive brand awareness. Each identity or design asset we create is a powerful statement about what the brand stands for and how it’s different to its competitors. From logo and brand asset design to point-of-sale and supporting printed and digital assets. We help businesses burn bright by arming them with a design that supports their business in the right way, which can be leveraged by way of PR.

Our exceptionally talented design team are able to design everything from print collateral, packaging design, company reports, brochures, HR handbooks, case studies and, of course, style guides. With our PR project management powers layered for the cherry on top, it’s a combined effort for a next-level result.

Brand Identity

With beautiful branding, a business won’t need to spend as much on marketing and advertising to be seen and remembered. Consideration to brand ethos and execution should be integrated with every single layer of a business, from the space it operates from right down to the email signatures and tea bags offered in meetings. There is a difference between a business and a brand. A brand sets expectation, reliability and creates memories that become stories and combine to contribute to a consumer’s decision to choose a product or service over another. To become a brand starts with a thoughtfully produced and holistically considered brand identity.

Graphic Design

Good design is good business. Our exceptionally talented design team is able to design everything from business cards, wayfinding signage, placemaking, stationery, print media advertising, window decals, web media advertising, signage design, brochures, magazines, self-published books, magazines, merchandise, packaging, point of sale assets and all forms of marketing collateral that help to shape culture and life through design.

Art Direction

When a brand has a strong design behind it, it’s required to spend less on marketing and advertising over time to generate and maintain brand awareness. We help businesses continue to burn bright by arming them with a design that supports their business in the right way for as long as that brand shall exist.

Digital Design

No business is complete without a purpose-designed digital presence, be it a website, online advertising or social media assets. We design, build and place digital content for our clients that are measurable and effective. We collaborate with you to produce meaningful digital resources that raise awareness, accelerate word-of-mouth marketing and ultimately produce real and measurable ROI.

Website Design

A website is the cornerstone of a business’ online presence – serving as a conduit between the business in actual reality and virtual reality. Ensuring that your website is working as one of your best employees requires a strategic approach to web development where both design and development are singing the same song and executed for an excellent and seamless user experience. We’re proud-PR-tech-geeks and love saving our clients from website misadventures that can easily be avoided from the outset. It’s important to choose a platform that can not only support your start but position your brand well and support your growth.

About raraPR

raraPR is above all the sum of people who together help build brands and share stories. We are present in our determination to make a positive difference to the world by representing individuals and businesses that are doing good. We are an extension of the personal stories within us, those that we exist for and those within you that need to be heard. Progressive, dedicated, creative and flexible.

Our Vision

The thing is, PR is an infinite function for as long as a business is operating. But traditionally, outsourced PR is not sustainable. We’re working hard to change this.

Our vision is simple really – sustainable and accessible, world-class PR for ethical and conscious businesses at any stage of their journey.

We hope that through PR mentorship and management dedicated to uplifting the brilliance of businesses with sustainable PR that the wellbeing of those working in PR and our planet will improve.

Our vision is a place where together we feel energised by our contribution to helping businesses that are doing good for the world. Our vision is a special place where we take care of each other and our clients.

We call all of these things The Kind PR Movement.

Our Why

raraPR is a boutique PR, digital marketing and branding agency in Melbourne, Australia. We exist to cultivate businesses with like-minded folk so that we can help them make their mark on the world. We’re devoted to elevating brands and sharing stories for creative businesses. We consult and coach.

We Believe

We believe that everyone is now a media company and that PR is not a choice but a defining investment into future-proofing your business. We believe a brand’s ability to grow is in direct relation to the quality of their copywriting, branding, design, website, social media marketing – this is all PR.

We’re advocates for working smarter and scaling options so that PR is an available resource to any business at any stage of their journey. 

Our Team

raraPR is a collective of people who are dedicated to helping clients reach the peak of their powers with thoughtful and sustainable PR strategies.

We thrive on collaborating with creative talent who consider the value that they bring and the impact of their business on the world.

We’re not just public relations consultants; we are branding, digital and social media strategists.

raraPR is a progressive team of communicators who work with legendary clients to deliver meaningful, conscious and ethical public relations to help our clients reach the community that needs them most. We are the creators of content and the builders of brands.

Our Approach

We have a very simple approach. Deliver work that’s clever, innovative, creative and meaningful.

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If It’s Digital, We Do It™

We are your digital lifeline. Over 20+ years, we’ve delivered over half a million hours for our clients. We’ve seen and solved everything online, often first in Australia; UX Design, Branding, Websites, eCommerce, Software Development, Mobile Apps, Social Media, PPC, SEO, Digital Marketing and Strategy that gets you real-world results. We aren’t distracted by buzzwords, just commercial outcomes for our clients.

We get to the point fast, and we don’t waste time. Call on us to get the answers and results YOU want.

Go on, test us.

Digital Design Agency Services

A digital design agency today must do 3 key things. First, everything has to look beautiful. Design is one of the key ingredients to success as it ties all of your brand awareness together. If it looks below par, every impression of your design has a lower chance of success. Second, you have to keep ahead of the online trends, how things land on every platform matters, think Facebook’s 20% algorithm or how small a social thumbnail appears on mobile. Third, consistency and extending into your style guide. The look and feel of your digital design absolutely must have a character your audience can point at and know it is your own.

Increased competition means that online, website and digital design is not merely limited to ‘the right look’. The challenge includes technical optimisation, compatibility and the all-important ability to engage more and inspire your visitors. Every little bump helps.

Leading Digital Design Agency

We are a digital design agency with ample experience in designing everything from old-school print media (yes, we still do a little bit of this), websites, e-stores, mobile apps and software. With full social integration, multi-device and multi-environment portfolio.

We have perfected the balance between the essential elements of digital design – form and function. A good design is a foundation to achieve higher conversions because it boosts visits, amplifies retention rates and makes the product friendlier for search engines. As a seasoned web design and development company, we thrive amid competition and exceed the changing demands and evolving nature of the web. We make you stand out, from micro-viral posts to amplifying conversions on national advertising campaigns.

Our methodology is minimal, #MobileFirst for cut-through, Desktop UX for expanding functionality. Get in touch to see more of our work specific to your industry. In over 20 years, we’ve seen and worked at the forefront of every industry and category.

Design SEO

Side note for those looking for how Visual Design connects to SEO principles. Technology growth hacking plays an ever-important role in optimising for success. Creative services we are working on and pages we are putting together are part of this mix, and it is central to our thinking on how one principle is connected to another in digital marketing and technology; An example is for our SEO benefit, the SEO Keywords will be expanding on for Creative Design. These are the background words we’ll be careful to add to filenames when uploading into an SEO optimised site, why? Because every opportunity matters, and you should leave no stone unturned.

There are plenty more, of course, as SEO is not exhaustive… but for now, we have to tick those off and build them in 🙂

We don’t use a sales team, we rely on our 20+ years at the forefront of digital, and we love to share our knowledge.

To find out about our services, click and item above. For advice, tips, tricks and case studies, check out our advice blog. We’ve been bridging technology and marketing for over 20 years and confidently share commercial advice before we quote. If it’s digital, we do it.

A Brief History

AndMine’s digital heritage is unique. Under the banner Flux Engineering, we were a small software development company in the mid-1990s that went on to international credibility and partnerships delivering projects both locally and abroad with Global clients including MC Saatchi, MG Cars, Toni&Guy, Commonwealth Bank and now many many more. In August 2009, the well-established Flux Engineering was absorbed by the newly formed AndMine.com, transforming our boutique Melbourne software company into a full service Australian digital agency.

The company’s principal philosophies are a fusion of robust technology solutions, strong aesthetic communication and above all, commercial strategy. Our number one and primary objective; real-world results. To achieve this, we defined the 4 Pillars of Digital Success, a model that has been taught at universities, published in various marketing books and refined over hundreds of client projects. While the platform complexity and communications have changed rapidly, the iterative approach to commercialisation still holds true today. The 4 pillars remain part of the team’s and our client’s macro competitive advantage.

The AndMine team comprises talented, solution-driven experts who maximise online and offline strategies for organisations. Aware and invested in our clients’ goals, we establish clear paths for future proofing adaptability and measurement for real-world results. Yes, that means lots of aggregation and digital reports to validate our success, but fundamentally it understands the subtle trends in the market and how persuasive marketing ensures positive outcomes before the first swipe or click.

In 2013 we rebranded over a period of 6 months, working with the Australian Government under Enterprise Connect, re-defining the core beliefs, structure and capabilities. The geeks who built AndMine and won clients on back-end capabilities and statistics drew in brilliant creative advertisers and marketers to round out our full-service digital agency. Almost a decade later, we remain at the forefront of online with a team of over 40 across offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Asia.

There are many agencies out there claiming to be experts, but truly If It’s Digital, We Do It™; Over 20+ years, we’ve delivered over half a million hours for our clients – We’ve seen and solved everything online, often first in Australia. We aren’t distracted by buzzwords, just commercial outcomes. We get to the point fast, and we don’t waste time.

We understand this is about connecting and exciting people, as much as it is best practice with leading-edge technology. And not to put too light a point on it, we are a service organisation above all else. Yes, we love sharing our knowledge and pushing our clients to know more, even if we cut ourselves out of work down the track (there is always more to do). We love even more, though, learning what makes our client’s businesses and organisations tick, so we can get the answers and results THEY (YOU) want.

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