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Social media in your wedding: how much is too much?

Social media can be expected to play a large role in weddings these days. When we live in a world where every special moment is documented instantaneously, from your vegan poke bowl instagramed before the end of your lunch break to a live documentation of a music concert on a snap chat story, it’s hard to avoid the expectation.

But how much is too much on your wedding day? Should you have a hashtag to promote sharing your special day with the world? Or do you wish it to remain private and live in the moment? Is waiting for the professional photos to be printed a thing of the past when the first photo of you and your partner as a married couple is already on your friend’s Instagram account before the first dance has commenced? We take a look and the pro’s and cons of using social media at a wedding so you can decide for yourself.

The hashtag

Many couples now opt to create a hashtag for their wedding, so anyone who takes a photo during their special day uses this in their social media post. An advantage of this is that as a hashtag aggregates all photos with the same hash tag together, this is an easy way for you to see all the photos your friends have taken on your special day in one hit and keep any you like for yourself. A disadvantage is that guest could go rogue and post an unflattering photo of you on your special day and publish for all the world to see!

The photo booth

Having just a regular photo booth at a wedding can be fun but couples are taking it one step further now with the inclusion of social media. Snapping a photo, hash tagging with the delegated tag and then having it print out at the wedding for the guest to take home is a new kind of bespoke wedding memento.

The geo filter

Creating a geo-filter for your special day can be a nice touch for the social media savvy couple. This is a filter that guests can use on their snapchat that is bespoke to your event- a perfect way for them to take a snap and let everyone know they are at your wedding!

A negative of having too much social media involvement at your wedding is that people can get wrapped up in it- you don’t want all your guests glued to their phones. A balance is probably a good idea, so you are enabling them to document your day in some way but also encouraging them to live in the moment and enjoy the event.

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