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Creative wedding favours

An old wedding tradition that has stood the tests of time is providing your guests with wedding favours- a commemorative gift for your guests to keep remembering your special day and the fun they had at your wedding! Also known as bonbonniere, traditionally these were generally sweets or almond lollies in a little bag that each guest took home. But stepping into the 21st century, couples are getting way more creative and breaching the norms with new fun ideas!

Let love grow

Succulents or cute littler terrariums with each of the guest’s names printed on an attached tag is a creative wedding favour idea. This will be a useful gift as they can incorporate it into their décor when they return home and will always think of you! 

Let there be light

A candle is a nice idea for a wedding favour that your guests are bound to use. Symbolising the light and warmth that your love brings into the world, what could be more sentimental? 

Keep it personal

Personalising your wedding favours can be a nice touch. A jar of bespoke candy with your names or initials imprinted on them in a cute mason jar is a popular idea.  Simple but personal, it’s a nice gesture and guaranteed to be something everyone will love.

Message in a bottle

Especially suited to a beach wedding, this can be a unique creative touch and something you can make yourself. Simply buy small bottles and fill with sand, sea salts and a stick of rosemary or some shells with a note inside that says the person’s name of a message that commemorates your special day.

Whatever you decide, consider how much you would like to spend on the favours and how many guests you are going to have. If you are having a smaller wedding, making personalised favours yourself that have intricate detail may be a good option- but if you have a large wedding you might not want to make 200 of them! Think about what you can realistically take on. If you are having a larger wedding, the bespoke candy you can order direct from a supplier may be a better option, and also less expensive to purchase in bulk.

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