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Wedding Culture from Around the World

At Vogue Ballroom, we love weddings. One of the main things that really enhances our enjoyment of this most special of traditions is the varying cultures we get to experience when providing our reception service. We host weddings for people of all walks of life, and in the process get to experience some of the traditions and values they bring to their loved ones’ special day. Because we have such a love for weddings and their unique customs, we thought we would share with you a couple of the ceremonial traditions we have had the pleasure of experiencing.

India – where weddings last for days 

Weddings in India comprise of a series of ceremonies and traditions that take place over the course of multiple days – they are a big deal. During the pre-wedding ceremonies, an engagement ceremony is held where the husband and wife to be exchange rings and the families exchange presents and treats. A Mehendi ceremony is then held at the home of the bride where she traditionally has her wrists, palms, arms, feet, and legs decorated with colourful Mehendi designs. On the big day the new couple exchange flower garlands and show that the bride has approved the groom as her husband – it’s basically one big party!

The Symbolism of the Jewish wedding 

We love the unique symbolism behind Jewish weddings. To begin with, weddings are not able to be held on religious holidays including the Sabbath. Jewish wedding invitations will also invite the guests to come and dance at the ceremony, as opposed to request a gracing of presence from the guests. The bride and groom stand under a Chuppa, which is a shelter to protect them from evil spirits, and stomp glass wrapped in cloth. This symbolises life’s combination of happy and sad times, as well as of the destruction of the Holy Temple. 

Jamaican weddings – a communal affair 

For a Jamaican wedding, the whole community gets together to help out and celebrate. The bride then appears in her wedding gown in front of the town and if they find she is not quite up to shape they cheekily mock her. It might sound harsh, but it’s just a part of the fun. There is an abundance of food and dancing at the reception, usually held in a booth specially created for the big day, it’s just a really joyous occasion all round.

Contact us to find out more 

These are just a few of the customs and ceremonies from weddings held throughout the world. If you know of another interesting custom, feel free to send it through to us on our contact page. Or, if you would like to discuss holding your own wedding reception at Vogue Ballroom, give us a call on (03) 9802 2477, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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