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What is gobo lighting for weddings?

A “Gobo” is a small stencilled circular disc and used in lighting fixtures to create a projected image or pattern.

The term Gobo is short for “Go Between Optics”, describing the location where it needs to be positioned in the light path of a lighting fixture. While Gobos are not a new technology, they are still being used on events the world over. In today’s event market, they have taken on a more creative role as technology advances allow for more detailed and impressive shapes to be created.

Gobo’s come in two main types; steel and glass. Steel gobos are very basic, generally have a short life span and are typically described as “black and white”. Glass gobos are more detailed, generally have a long life span and are typically described as “coloured”. There is an emerging third type of Gobo, which is designed specifically for LED fixtures and is made from plastic.

Gobo’s come in many different diameters, ranging from approx 20mm through to approx 150mm. The fixture dictates the diameter of a gobo, so it is very important to ensure you know what accessory the Gobo needs to be used prior to manufacturing. If used in a static fixture, the projected image will be stationary; however, if installed in an intelligent fixture, the image can be moved anywhere around the event space.

Event lighting doesn’t just have to be a column or circle of light. The skilled designers and technicians at The Lighting & Sound Co can customise the output of some lighting fixtures to project a pattern of light. This element is often referred to as a “gobo,” though it’s also called a template, light pattern, or texture. Gobos can be created from nearly any design, and most flat surfaces are a great place to display a gobo.

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Monogram Gobos

Perhaps our most popular gobo service is a custom wedding gobo, often including a monogram. These designs can be chosen from our catalogue of custom layouts and fonts or provided from client artwork. A typical wedding gobo might have the bride and groom’s names in a stylised font, and the wedding date.

Pattern Gobos

A common corporate event service, but also seen at many high-end weddings, is a pattern or design displayed on the walls or ceilings around the venue. The design might be a scenic element or an abstract projection that creates texture on the wall.

Logo Gobos

Many events need to display the logo of the event sponsor(s) or the company holding the event. A custom logo Gobo makes it easy to project the logo. Most corporate events need a logo flanking the stage, or at the building entrance.

Aerial Gobos

Most concert lighting will include a haze or other atmospheric effect, which allows the beams of light to show up in the air. We can slot a pattern into the light path, and consequently, make fantastic aerial effects possible. Our powerful, moving head fixtures have numerous pattern choices that, when combined with prisms and rotation available from the fixture, can take a show to the next level.

Wedding light trends reflect edge and cool ideas, with geometric shapes and minimalist accessories that are predicted to take next year by storm. We’re sharing the best wedding trends from Projected Image to ensure your celebration is unrivalled, along with plenty of ideas to complement your wedding theme.

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Gobo Lights for your Wedding Theme

We’ve got a huge range of wedding gobo lights for your reception themes, and have rounded up the pick of our favourites:


The clean, simple and crisp look is the number one wedding trend. Light accessories and decorations, along with vast open spaces, will dominate the wedding scene next year. The key to the minimalistic look is to pay special attention to the finer details, including your lighting. One of our top event lighting tips with this wedding theme is to make a statement. Gobo lights are ideal for this, especially the monogram gobo. If you are hosting your wedding reception in a clear, open space – project your names and wedding date on the wall. The lighting is still in keeping with your theme but provides an extra layer to your wedding – transforming your venue. We have a vast range of monogram gobo lighting for the job for you to peruse and gain inspiration.


Metallic details have already proven popular, and we predict it will be one of the biggest 2018 wedding trends. Be on the lookout for copper and gold details for your accessories and table decor, perhaps even feature the trend on your ‘naked’ wedding cake. Metallic light trends are also thought to be huge. You could hang multiple light fixtures at your reception – all different heights for additional effect – along with brass fittings for lighting. Custom gobos, especially custom text gobos, work well with this theme, giving you complete control of the design. You could stick to the classic monogram projection, or upload your artwork to pair with your wedding reception decor.


This wedding theme trend will focus on natural colours, muted lights and taking things back to basics. Polished details and intricate pieces will be the focus of this wedding trend, with receptions moving outdoors to celebrate nature. Brass accessories and garlands of flowers will work well with this wedding trend. As for the lighting trend to complement this theme, you could also take your gobo lighting outside. Outdoor gobo projectors are perfectly capable of projecting images in daylight; you just need to find a shaded area for the best image quality. A marquee is a great space for an LED gobo projector, while still enhancing the peaceful and tranquil wedding theme you have chosen.


While wedding trends are predominantly natural and minimalist, a pop of colour is still considered one of the greatest event lighting tips. Colour lighting doesn’t have to be intimidating, as there are plenty of opportunities for sophisticated gobo lights adding colour to your reception. Colour LED lights can be as elegant as monochrome lighting. You could use colour LED lights to highlight certain areas of your wedding reception, such as the bar. Stick to darker colours for a more romantic wedding theme, or even use an outdoor gobo projector to highlight the entrance to your venue.

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Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding, and now it’s your chance. On your wedding day, you deserve the right royal treatment, and there’s no better way to do so than by projecting an image of falling stars. Achieving a fairytale wedding theme is easier than you might think, with the addition of a wedding gobo and, subsequently, the forest sky or firework gobos on the walls, ceiling or even the dance floor for your first dance. 


There’s no denying the rustic wedding theme is hugely popular. With the rise of outdoor weddings, trees and foliage inspired wedding gobos have experienced an almighty surge. Providing the quirky and Instagram-style forest feel, the gobos are perfect for a woodland setting. You can choose from the likes of falling leaves, huge trees, flowers, bunches of beautiful roses and much more. You can project your desired wedding gobo image in a rustic-style marquee, or even outdoors – the possibilities are endless. 

Classic Romance 

Classic romance is one of the most elegant wedding themes due to its simplicity and sophistication. This wedding reception theme typically involves a neutral colour scheme, candles and lush blooms of white roses. Put that together with a projected monogram wedding gobo of your name in huge letters, spread across the venue, or even your new titles as Bride and Groom, with the date of your wedding – and you’ve got yourself a wedding reception decoration that transforms your classic romance theme. You could also use the wedding monogram gobos for a vintage theme; the spectacular fonts of the gobos are perfectly in keeping with your retro reception. 


Your day (wedding reception theme) at the carnival just got a whole load better. Step up the entertainment with a circus-inspired wedding reception, filled to the brim with party games, sweet stalls, light-up letters and, of course, a kissing photo booth. Speaking of the decorations, your wedding light ideas should be front and centre. Enter, the carnival/celebration wedding gobo. There are balloons, jugglers and even an interval curtain to project at your reception, transporting your guests back to those memories of the funfair.


You don’t have to travel far and wide for your big day, as you can bring these locations to you. Tour the world from the comfort and glamour of your wedding reception, with an appearance from Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, New York skyline and even Rome. The landscapes and architectural gobo templates are a wonderful addition to any wedding reception, pairing well with your decorations, such as world maps, exotic flowers and huge centrepieces. 


Christmas is creeping upon us and, as the holidays do, so do the Christmas-inspired weddings. The fake snow, white decorations, trees and feel of winter in the air provide an awe-inspiring backdrop to your big day. But we can go one further, with a festive wedding gobo. Forget about hiring fake snow and project images of snowflakes around the venue, or even Christmas trees. 

You can speak to one of our team regarding a gobo for your chosen wedding theme. Alternatively, you can opt for a custom wedding gobo, uploading your artwork for your special day. 

Creative ways to use gobo lighting at your wedding

The right lighting can set the mood throughout your special day, create memorable moments, and subtly draw guests’ attention to the next important event. Lighting, however, can go far beyond strings of tiny white lights and hanging lanterns. Gobos can be used to project custom images onto almost any surface.

Here are five creative ways to light up your wedding using custom or catalogue gobo design that will enhance the venue, highlight each special moment, and create an atmosphere that reflects the couple’s unique style:

Light up the dance floor – Draw wedding guests out on the dance floor with fun, eye-catching lighting. The right lighting rig and a few well-placed motion projectors can throw patterns and coloured light across the floor, attracting even the shyest guest to dance.

Decorate the dining area – Using custom wedding gobos to illuminate the dining area can be a great alternative to expensive floral arrangements and other decorations. With customisable patterns, a couple can easily incorporate their theme into the lighting and ensure their guests are eating in style.

Transform a room – Use large washes of patterns across the walls and/or ceiling of your venue to complement your chosen theme. Try a wave-like pattern for an ocean wedding or delicate leaves and the silhouettes of trees for something more rustic. You can even feel like you’re dancing under the stars by lighting up the ceiling with a projected starry night. Just make sure for this type of projection that you work with a lighting professional – patterns projected across larger areas require multiple projectors and lighting expertise.

Put your monogram in lights – This classic way to use wedding gobos never goes out of style. Project the bride & groom’s initials in a custom or catalogue font above the main entrance or on the floor of the reception hall. You can also use the projection as a way to draw guests’ attention to a certain part of the room, such as the wall above the wedding cake.

Highlight the grand exit – Make sure no one misses the bride and groom’s exit by putting them in the spotlight. A few special effects lights and the right images can turn the closing of the reception into a memorable fanfare.

The Belle Bridal Gobo Review:

When it comes to your special day its only natural to want something that will set your wedding apart from others, many couples often desire something that offers a unique touch to their very personal day, and we think we’ve found just what you’re looking for.

Projected image has brought this possibility to life with their Gobo and Gobo Projectors. These projectors offer not only beautiful patterns but also personalised images. These striking projections can be used both inside your venue and even in the grounds with both indoor and outdoor projectors available. They also offer smaller designs for the more intimate weddings still trying to find a signature style. Plus, the LED bulb lasts 50,000 hours, ensuring it will be the last man standing at your reception.

If you attended our Wedding Wonder Show at the Stadium of Light, you might have seen our logo projected onto our amazing catwalk and around various walls at the venue. This was a customised Gobo monogram that sits inside of the projectors, which provided a crisp image and certainly did not go unnoticed by our hundreds of brides.

With more than 90 designs, we think this could be the perfect finishing touch to any wedding. Looking for a unique touch, then this could be the missing element you’ve been searching for!

A gobo is an effective alternative to banners and signage on corporate events, providing something visually different for the audience to absorb. They can also be used to create patterns, imagery and shapes to support the event theme. 

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