What Do You Bring To A Bachelorette Party On The Weekend?

The Ultimate Packing List

Packing for a long weekend might feel like preparing for a cross-country move, and if you're anything like us here at Modern MOH, you always appear to forget something. As such, we have compiled a list of bachelorette party packing requirements to ensure that you don't get stuck paying an overweight baggage tax (or borrowing from your fellow bridesmaids all weekend).Are you searching for the great service to spice up your hens? Then  Magic Men is the answer. Whatever your destination, from the sands of a tropical beach to the mountains of a northern latitude, we've got you covered with everything you need for a fun and relaxing girls' trip.


  • Tanks and tees for the bachelorette party
  • Little black dress (fancy) 
  • Jumpsuit or Romper
  • Shirt or swing dresses (casual)
  • Leggings or Yoga pants
  • Sweater or jacket
  • Comfy top or tee
  • Socks
  • Jeans or shorts 
  • Pyjamas/Sleepwear
  • Tank top or blouse
  • Bathing suit
  • Cover-up
  • Underwears and bra


  • Sunglasses
  • Jewellery (earrings, necklace, bracelets)
  • Crossbody/purse/clutch
  • Baseball cap/Sun hat/Floppy hat/
  • Beanie/Scarf/Gloves
  • Headbands/Hair ties
  • Belt


  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Body spray/perfume and Deodorant
  • Conditioner and shampoo (if not provided)
  • Soap/Body wash (if not provided)
  • Comb or Hairbrush
  • Curling iron/wand and Hair straightener
  • Dry shampoo or any other hair products
  • Moisturiser or Face Wash 
  • Makeup and brushes/blending sponges
  • Makeup remover
  • Razor and tweezers
  • Q-tips and cotton balls
  • Tampons/Pads


  • Device/Phone charger
  • AirPods/Headphones
  • Portable speaker
  • Kindle/iPad (for the flight)
  • Documents:
  • Driver’s licence/ID
  • Passport (if travelling internationally)
  • Debit or credit card
  • Cash (if preferred)
  • Any tickets/confirmation documents (flights/shows/games/etc.)


  • Wedges or heels
  • Slip-on (e.g. Vans or Toms) 
  • Sandals or flip-flops
  • Boots or booties


  • Glasses/Contact Lenses
  • Towel and Beach bag
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Any medication(s)

Bachelorette necessities:

  • Drinking games
  • Survival kits
  • Decorations

A final reminder: in this instance, less is more. Don't bring twenty outfits since you'll waste too much time every day trying to decide what to wear. If you can narrow your options down to just one or two, you can save yourself a lot of time in the morning.

Planning A Bachelorette Party: Things I Wish I Knew

Avoid Party Fouls With These 13 Unexpected Bachelorette Party Planning Suggestions

Prepared to throw a raging bach & boujee bachelorette party. Undoubtedly, you are. Organising the details of a bachelorette weekend is essential to making sure everyone has a good time. There are a lot of little things that are crucial to throwing a successful beach party, but they're easy to overlook. Your closest buddy and We are going on a weekend trip, so We thought it would be helpful if We made a list of the less obvious things that we almost forgot to bring. Keep these suggestions in mind, and organising your bachelorette party will be a breeze.

Don't Forget About Pre-Game Party Supplies Like Cups And Straws

The bachelorette party isn't complete without a few bottles of your favourite rosé or mocktail. While you probably won't forget the booze, forgetting the bottle opener or party glasses would be a major buzzkill (pun intended). You should bring any party supplies you'll need for a girls' night in or a pregame at your hotel or Airbnb, as they may not provide them. Alcohol, mixers, straws, and ice are also required party supplies in addition to the cute party cups. Don’t know where to look for hens ideas? Check out our packages for ladies night at Magic Men.

Bring Party Decor Supplies Such As Scissors And Tape.

You're not the kind of person who would forget about the holiday decorations. But the hardware required to suspend the decorations from the ceiling is easy to forget. If you want to avoid running out to the store once you are there to pick up supplies to secure the decorations, remember to bring along some scissors, tape, and string.

Make A Minimum Of Two And A Maximum Of Three Mood-Based Playlists.

We expect you to compile a playlist, but we advise you to do so in multiples. Given a choice, you can gauge the bride's mood and select an appropriate set of songs to play at her reception. Put together a soothing playlist for the females to listen to on the drive or flight, and send it to them through text message. Create a nostalgic party playlist to listen to while you set up decorations, play games, dine, and socialise. Bring the party vibes full circle with a third pregame playlist. This is our favourite party playlist, and if you don't have time to compose your own, this is the next best thing for relaxing and cruising.

Increase The Volume With A Bluetooth Speaker And Charger.

The only thing worse than not bringing a speaker is having one die in the middle of the "Single Ladies" chorus. If you want to avoid committing a major party foul, don't forget to bring a speaker and a charger so that you may blast the bride's favourite music throughout the hotel or Airbnb. You put in a lot of time and effort into those playlists.

Make A Short List Of The Best Bars And Restaurants.

On a bachelorette vacation, the worst thing that can be uttered is "what should we do?" It's better not to leave finding great local eateries and nightlife until the last minute. There will always be those occasions when your well laid plans fall through, whether it's because of full bars, high cover charges, invitation-only parties, or a sudden shift in your disposition. In addition to the places where you have booked reservations, it is a good idea to do some advance study and compile a list of other potential dining and drinking establishments. Remember to write down the hours of operation and any promotional events you may like to attend. In this way, you won't have to worry about missing out on any celebrations or happy hours, and you can keep the party going even if anything unexpected happens.

Take Group Photos With Your Phone By Bringing A Tripod

If you don't take good pictures of your weekend excursion, you'll be sad (and maybe hungover, too) when you look back on it. To take some memorable pictures that the bride may keep forever, a polaroid camera could be a great addition to the wedding. Before heading out on the town, grab a group shot by bringing along a tripod, if you or anyone in your party has one. In that case, check out this fantastic iPhone-friendly option.

Find A Lot Of Presents For The Bride, And Don't Forget The Wrapping Paper!

Remember to bring the bride-to-lingerie be's to the shower this weekend before you get too caught up in celebrating the bride. Wrap it up and have it ready for her when she arrives by bringing a bag and some tissue with you. Also, she'd look great in a sash, a veil, and a crazy bride straw.

Create A Detailed Grocery Shopping List

There's a good chance you'll need to visit the supermarket as soon as you come into town if you intend to prepare any meals at home. Although it may seem like common sense, it's important to take the time to develop a list before the party of all the food, drink, and other necessities you'll need. You can't have a party without the necessary cups, plates, and straws. Then you can save time you could spend running by not wandering the store. If you're anxious about getting the job done on time, you can always have Shipt bring you the necessities while you decorate. If you are concerned that the AirBNB you are staying in will lack the utensils you will need to make your meals, you should bring them with you.

Prepare With Downtime Games

There will always be some downtime, no matter how well you plan. When you know what to expect, you can spend the time with games. In addition to the entertaining options available in our online store, you can also find apps like Heads Up in the app store to keep on your phone for those times when you have to wait a while in a restaurant or for your Uber to come.

Install Must-Have Apps

The smooth operation of your weekend depends on having the correct apps. Make sure everyone in your group has Splitwise downloaded so you can easily split the cost of dinner and drinks. You should also get the apps for your airline, ridesharing services, restaurant reservations, and navigation.

Select A Method Of Squad Communication

Make sure everyone going on the vacation is added to a group text message if you haven't already. A group messaging tool like GroupMe could be useful if at least one member of the group owns an Android device. The group text is the best place to disseminate trip-related details to the entire group at once, where they will remain accessible until departure day.

The whole gang will be taking pictures all weekend, and everyone will love having fast access to everyone else's pictures. It's also convenient because you won't have to send a photo by text message or airdrop every five seconds. Make a group "picture sharing" album and have everyone add to it before you go. The bride can slowly amass memories (or potential extortion material) throughout the course of the weekend.

Send Out Critical Reminders 48 Hours Before The Trip Begins.

In the same vein, make sure that everyone in your group is aware of the trip's specifics at least 48 hours before it begins. Here are some things to include:

  • Hotel or Airbnb address
  • Arrival and departure dates and times
  • Wifi information
  • Parking information
  • Must-have packing items
  • Summary of the weekend itinerary

An adorable bachelorette party invitation that fits your theme is a great way to spread the word about the plans for the big weekend.

Bring A Hangover Remedy Kit.

Your bachelorette party will undoubtedly be interrupted by your worst nightmare: the hangover. Prepare yourself with hangover remedies that will have you feeling normal by brunch time. Make sure you have some Advil, Tylenol, Gatorade, water bottles, makeup wipes, and crackers on hand in case of a bottle flu outbreak. The weekend is going to be a lot of fun, so make sure you pack your party clothes and an upbeat attitude. If you follow us advice, you won't forget nearly as much as We did.

What Should You Bring To A Bachelorette Party?

Bachelorette Party

Make sure you have everything you need for your bachelorette party by packing smart. The essentials for a well-stocked bachelorette party are listed below. The bachelorette weekend requires a packing list just like any other getaway. The specific items you'll need for your bachelorette party's theme and location may not be included on this list, but you can be assured that you'll have the essentials covered. Get ready for the Instagram likes: these are the essentials for a bachelorette party. We have an exclusive range of hens party services to spice up your girls’ night out at Magic Men.


Your dress choices for the bachelorette party will be heavily influenced by your destination and the party's theme, if one is being used. However, we have compiled a list of essentials that will complement any party attire.

  • Bridal Attire: Only the bride needs to read this! If you want to stand out from the rest of the bridesmaids, pack at least two dresses that are predominantly white. Pack a white swimsuit for your trip to the beach. Taking a trip to the mountains? A soft, white sweater will do the trick. If you can't, try slipping into a cute white dress or romper. Request that no one in your wedding party wear white so that you can all stand out.
  • Get Appropriately Dressed: What you wear is, of course, determined by factors such as the weather, the season, and the event's theme. Prepare your bridal party for the weekend's events by making sure they have appropriate attire. To put it simply, you won't bring the same wardrobe to a spa weekend as you would to a weekend in Las Vegas. Plan early and have everything you need on hand.
  • Dressing for a Night Out: If you're the type of person who loves to plan ahead, talk to your group about the weekend's plans. To ensure that everyone in the wedding party looks cohesive, pick a single night during the weekend to have everyone dress the same. If you're going out on a white-tie night, for instance, suggest that everyone wear black instead. Preparation in advance will also allow you to get matching tees or bathing suits created.


Since this is a party, it warrants appropriate decorations. In most cases, the MOH (or whoever is in charge of planning the bachelorette party) is also in charge of decorating the hotel room, Airbnb, or other lodgings with appropriate party decorations. We provide a wide variety of options for bachelorette party decorations in our Wedding Shop.

  • In the room: Banners, balloons, and themed (or funny) wall hangings should all make their way into your weekend bag.
  • Spruce up a night out on the town without breaking the bank by decorating your table with some simple seasonal vignettes. Get to the restaurant early so you can sprinkle confetti on the table. Having a cake? Find a fitting cake topper and put it on top. And tie a sash around the chair the bride-to-be will be sitting in.
  • Make Your Own Cups: Be sure the bridesmaids all bring their own reusable cups to the bachelorette party. Use personalised shot glasses or tumblers to cut down on waste. They're great for the celebration, and even better as party favours for guests to take home.
  • Koozies with a Theme: Similarly, bespoke koozies are a functional way to inject some style and theme into your weekend get-togethers.

Food & Drink

Don't forget to plan for the group's needs in terms of food and drink, even if you have dinners, brunches, or meal outings planned for the weekend.

  • Snacks: Stock up on freezer dinners, fruit, and simple snacks (like chips) so that you may eat late into the night and still have something to eat the morning after.
  • Cocktail Mixers: Because consuming alcoholic beverages in shot glasses or on the rocks always leads to disaster. Experiment with making your own unique drinks for the event.
  • Alcohol: Spending all your money on beverages at bars can add up quickly, so consider having a few drinks at your hotel instead. Mix it up with some liquor, beer, and wine, and don't forget to nosh as you imbibe.

Party Favours & Gifts

A good excuse to throw a party and shower the guests with customised party favours is always appreciated.

  • The Belt: A bride or member of the bridal party needs a distinguishing sash to let on who they are and what they are doing on that special day.
  • Morning Cure: When the bachelorette party decides to go out for the night, the morning after may often be a struggle. The next morning, you should have a cure bag ready. Include typical remedies like band-aids, mints, and under-eye patches in addition to Advil, water, electrolyte tablets, or Gatorade, a granola bar, and a bottle of water.
  • Shirts: In the same way that hats provide a great photo chance during a bachelor party, bespoke shirts do as well.
  • Beautifying Presents: Beauty presents like face masks, nail polish, or other makeup are fantastic, practical favours for a bachelorette party, especially if that's the theme of the festivities. Get ready for a night out by treating yourself to a spa day at home, or bring a gift that will help your party guests forget about their tired eyes the day after.
  • Hats: Gift your crew a high-quality, colour-coordinated accessory that they may continue to use even after the weekend is over, such baseball caps or floppy sun hats.

Games & Activities

Bachelorette party games are a great way to keep the good times rolling. They can also serve as a fun method to break the ice or kill some time.

  • Image Booth: Get creative and build your own photo booth using a low-cost background and some readily available online photo accessories. Give the future Mrs. Gift the bride a Polaroid camera and some film. Pick up a photo album and spend the weekend filling it with pictures from the photo booth.
  • If you're going to be travelling a significant distance for your bachelorette party, there are a few practical considerations you should keep in mind.
  • Card Games & Board Games: To pass the time during the day or on casual evenings, pack a set of cards or a fun adult-themed game.
  • Passports: If you're going to be travelling from country to country over the course of the weekend, don't forget to bring your access information and copies of your tickets.
  • Detailed Itineraries & Confirmations: If there is a problem with wifi or cell coverage, the hosts of the bachelorette party or the maid of honour should have a printed itinerary of the lodgings and any planned activities.

The bachelorette celebrations of different people have varied themes and traditions. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should serve as a helpful reminder as you and your bridal party get ready for the big weekend. Be careful to review packing strategies in advance and distribute the message in a group conversation to ensure that no one leaves behind necessary items.


Everything you'll need to avoid having to pay a fee because your suitcase is too heavy. Everything you need for a carefree girls' getaway is right here, from sun hats to sandals. A couple bottles of your favourite rosé or mocktail are necessary for a proper bachelorette party. If you're planning on having a girls' night in or pregame at your hotel or Airbnb, don't forget to bring all of the necessary party items! You'll also need alcohol, mixers, straws, and disposable cups for your get-together.

Planning the best local restaurants and nightlife in advance will save time and stress on a bachelorette trip. Bring a tripod so you may use your phone to snap group photos. Don't forget the gift wrap and wrapping paper when you're wrapping up all those presents for the bride. Splitwise makes it easy to divide the bill for dinner and beverages among party members. You should also have airline, rideshare, restaurant reservation, and navigation apps on your phone.

Prior to departing, have everyone contribute to a shared photo album. Just like any other vacation, the bachelorette weekend calls for a packing list. Important Reminders should be sent out 48 hours before the trip is scheduled to begin. Don't forget to throw along a white bikini for your beach vacation. For a trek in the mountains, a cosy white sweater will do.

Prepare for late-night hunger by stocking up on frozen meals, fruit, and easy snacks. Try your hand at mixing up some special cocktails just for this occasion. If you want to avoid a hangover the day after a party, prepare a "cure bag." A fantastic approach to keep the celebration going strong at a bachelorette bash is with games and activities. Use your imagination to construct your own photo booth from a cheap backdrop and some photo props you found online. Bring along some cards or board games to keep you entertained during downtime.

Content Summary

  1. The Complete List of Items to Bring For those of us here at Modern MOH, packing for a long weekend might feel like we're moving across the country, and we always seem to forget something.
  2. So, if you're looking for a solution, look no farther than Magic Men.
  3. We have everything you need for a wonderful and stress-free girls' getaway, whether you're headed to the sands of a tropical beach or the mountains of a northern latitude.
  4. If you're planning a girls' night in or pregame at your hotel or Airbnb, you might want to bring your own party supplies in case they don't have any.
  5. Aside from the adorable party cups, you'll also need alcohol, mixers, straws, and ice for your party drinks.
  6. Please bring any necessary party decorations, including tape and scissors.
  7. You are not the type to overlook putting up the holiday decor.
  8. Make a playlist of your favourite throwback tunes to enjoy as you prepare for the party, play games, eat, and mingle with your guests.
  9. Listen to a third pregame playlist to bring the party atmosphere full circle.
  10. In order to avoid committing a huge party foul, remember to pack a speaker and a charger so that you may play the bride's favourite music throughout the hotel or Airbnb.
  11. Good restaurants and exciting nightlife in the area shouldn't be sought out at the last minute.
  12. Even if you have reservations at a few restaurants, it's still a good idea to do some research ahead of time and prepare a list of other possible dining and drinking venues.
  13. Gather the gang and snap some photos on your phone using the provided tripod.
  14. You will regret (and likely be hungover from) your weekend trip if you didn't take any decent photos.
  15. A polaroid camera would be perfect for the wedding because it allows guests to snap instantaneous photos that the bride may keep as a keepsake.
  16. If you or anyone in your group has a tripod, take a group photo before heading out on the town.
  17. Get Lots of Gifts for the Bride, and don't forget the Wrapping Paper!
  18. Don't let yourself get too wrapped up in celebrating the bride this weekend that you forget to bring the bride-to-lingerie-to be's the shower.
  19. Prepare it for her arrival by bringing a bag and some tissue paper and wrapping it up.
  20. Make A Comprehensive Food Purchasing List
  21. Make sure you have everything you need for the party, including food, drinks, and decorations, by making a list ahead of time.
  22. Relaxation Time Games for Preparation
  23. No matter how meticulous your preparations are, there will inevitably be some downtime.
  24. When you've got a good idea of what to expect, you can pass the time playing games.
  25. Put in Essential Software
  26. Have the right apps so that your weekend runs smoothly.
  27. Pick A Means Of Group Talking
  28. If you haven't already done so, add all of the vacation-goers to a group text message.
  29. Prior to departing, have everyone contribute to a shared photo album.
  30. Important reminders should be sent out 48 hours before the trip is scheduled to begin.
  31. In a similar vein, make sure all group members have all the necessary trip information at least two days before departure.
  32. Don't forget the hangover cures!
  33. Sober up in time for brunch by stocking up on hangover cures.
  34. Bring your best party attire and a positive outlook because this weekend is going to be fantastic!
  35. Below you'll find a list of must-haves for throwing a memorable bachelorette party.
  36. Just like any other vacation, the bachelorette weekend calls for a packing list.
  37. Not everything on this list may be necessary depending on the theme and location of your bachelorette party, but you can rest easy knowing that you have everything you need.
  38. The following are must-haves for every bachelorette party, and will guarantee you lots of likes on Instagram.
  39. Make sure the bridal party is dressed appropriately for the weekend's events.
  40. Start early and make sure you have everything you need.
  41. Attire for a Party: If you're the organised sort, it's time to start discussing what you'll be doing this weekend.
  42. Pick one night during the weekend and have the wedding party dress uniformly to ensure a unified look.
  43. Typically, the maid of honour (or whoever is in charge of planning the bachelorette party) is also in responsible of decorating the hotel room, Airbnb, or other lodgings with party decorations.
  44. Do It Yourself Cups: For the sake of the environment, have each bridesmaid bring a reusable cup to use at the bachelorette party.
  45. For late-night munching and a healthy breakfast the next day, stock up on freezer meals, fruit, and easy snacks (like chips).
  46. Try your hand at mixing up some special cocktails just for this occasion.
  47. Beverages can add up quickly, so if you don't want to go broke on your trip, it would be best to have a couple drinks at the hotel rather than at a bar.
  48. Favors and gifts for a party
  49. It's always welcomed when there's a reason to celebrate with friends and family and hand out personalised party favours.
  50. Prescription for the Morning: Sometimes, the morning after a bachelorette party may be a real challenge.
  51. You need to have a cure bag prepared before early the following day.
  52. Gifts that enhance the recipient's appearance, such as a face mask, nail polish, or other makeup, are wonderful, useful favours for a bachelorette party, especially if that is the focus of the celebrations.
  53. Prep for a night out by having a spa day at home, or bring a present to a party that will make your friends forget about their sore eyes the next day.
  54. Various Recreational Games Games are a fun way to keep the party going at a bachelorette bash.
  55. Gift the bride-to-be with a Polaroid camera and some film.
  56. Take home some memories from the photo booth by purchasing an album and spending the weekend filling it with images.
  57. You should think about a few logistical details if your bachelorette party involves a long journey.
  58. Games of Skill and Chance: Bring a deck of cards or an entertaining adult-themed game to help pass the time throughout the day or on relaxed evenings.
  59. If you plan to hop from nation to country over the course of the weekend, don't leave home without your passport and any necessary visas, passport photos, and ticket copies.
  60. Each person's bachelorette party is unique, down to the smallest detail.

FAQs About Bachelorette Party

The organisation of do-it-yourself bachelorette parties is easier than ever, and it will probably take only a few trips to the craft store to pull together a party that the bride-to-be will like. A simple search on the internet will produce several results on ideas for themes, decorations, and other ways to make the experience memorable and enjoyable.

Even though we have spent a lot of time discussing itineraries for bachelorette parties at exotic destinations, you should still consider making a plan for a simple bachelorette party that lasts only one night. After all, guests at a party might appreciate being given advance notice of the activities that will be taking place.

Not surprisingly, it's also usual for the bride to wear white at the bachelorette party, so do everyone a solid and leave your white-on-white outfits at home, says Janik (unless the bride specifically wants it) (unless the bride specifically requests it). On the other hand, a little black dress is the ideal fashion choice.

The bride's maid of honour traditionally plans a bachelorette party, a small number of bridesmaids, or a small group of close friends, but there are no set rules here! It is entirely acceptable if the bride wishes to take care of the planning herself.

Whether the beach party is a beach celebration or the bride is headed somewhere tropical for the honeymoon, a personalised sun hat is a present idea that is both useful and original to consider giving for a bachelorette party. This hat is available in three colours: white, blush, and tan; thus, choose the shade that goes with their personality the most (or bride swimsuit ). They won't waste time lying around in this beauty.

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