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Wedding Accessories for Him

On your wedding day, you want to embody the image of the suave gentleman groom. You’ve picked out your suit, but now you need a few more finishing touches to top off the look. Here are a selection of accessories that will get you looking ready for the big day with so little effort.


A three-piece suit is the epitome of gentlemanly style and charm. For that old-worldly sophisticated look, choose a navy or brown suit with a matching waistcoat.


The brogue is a timeless addition. Pair your three-piece suit with a pair of brown leather brogues for a match made in heaven! 

Pocket Handkerchief

If you’re all for attention to detail, opt for a silk pocket handkerchief. If you’re feeling bold and brave, choose a splash of vibrant colour. 

Bow Tie or Tie

A bow tie presents the perfect look for a vintage, country or folksy wedding. There are so many colours and patterns out there these days, you’ll be sure to find one that suits you. If a bow tie isn’t your bag, you can always go for the classic tie. Choose a skinny patterned tie as a statement piece. 

Cigar Case

A cigar case is a classic touch and a fun tradition to uphold. Hand around a few cigars before the wedding as a bonding gesture with the groomsmen. 


Having a comb handy in your pocket is an excellent way to stay looking sharp. You want to be a well-groomed groom! 


A belt is an essential item for any formal occasion. Choose a sleek leather belt to uphold your debonair look, with an understated buckle so as not to detract from the rest of the ensemble. 

Pocket watch

If you happen to sport that waistcoat, a gold or silver pocket watch can provide an extra special detail. 

Cuff Links

A set of well-made, classy cuff links will offer a glitzy twist on your outfit. Whether you want something old-fashioned or with a modern flair, there’s so many different styles out there to choose from.


Keeping your favourite cologne on hand is a handy idea for if you need to fresh up throughout the day, especially after you’ve been dancing to all those wedding tunes!

You can only start planning that outfit after you’ve chosen the venue. At Vogue Ballroom, we offer a spectacular venue for your special day. Get in touch to organise a viewing today!

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