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Wedding Accessories for Her

As well as the traditional “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, there are plenty more ways to add accessories and personal touches to your bridal ensemble.

An embroidered handkerchief

Have a friend embroider a dainty handkerchief with a supportive or funny message for you to be surprised by on the day. Having a handkerchief on hand is also a great idea, for if you get teary during those special vows! Plus, it can be a wonderful keepsake from the day.


Here’s a fun one! If you’re planning on doing a garter toss, you can make your own garter with your bridesmaids before the wedding. Make two; one to keep as a memory of the day and one to do the toss. 

A dreamy hair wreath

This is another one that can made with the bridesmaids before the wedding, and used as chic accessories for the day. Each bridesmaid can make her own wreath to reflect her own personality, or you can go to a florist and let each person pick out some flowers to create a natural adornment. 


If you’re going for a classic look, a veil is a timeless option. There are so many different types to choose from – long, cropped, lace, tulle, embellished with appliqued flowers or beads – the possibilities are endless! 

A charm bracelet

Get a beautiful gold or silver link bracelet for the day as a good luck charm, and choose a charm for each bridesmaid. Then, get matching ones for the whole crew! 


If you want to go for the dreamy, vintage or old-fashioned vibes, choose a pair of cropped lace gloves for the coy blushing bride look. 

Clutch or clasped handbag

You’re going to need something to carry that lipstick, makeup or perfume for those touch ups throughout the day. Choose an elegant handbag to keep all those little items safe and at hand.

Special earrings or necklace

If you’re looking to fill that “something old” or “something borrowed” aspect, ask a grandmother, aunt or family friend to lend you a pair of family heirloom earrings or a sentimental necklace. 


If you’re seeking to channel the royal look of Grace Kelly marrying the Prince of Monaco in 1956, you can pair an elegant headdress along with a veil, or even a tiara.

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