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The Best Wedding Shoot Locations in Melbourne

Ahh, weekend walks through the beautiful City of Melbourne. From South Yarra through to Carlton, there is a chance that at the end of the week, you will see a happy couple taking a lovely collection of shots in one of our numerous locations that are perfect doing just that: taking wedding shots. Melbourne is an aesthetically stunning city, with gorgeous gardens giving way to ornate colonial buildings, lovely beaches with rustic piers, and even innovative architecture that is sleek and contemporary.

Read on to find out Vogue Ballroom’s list of our favourite wedding shoot locations.

  1. Parliament House – When all the squabbles and rigmarole of the politicians subside for the weekend, Parliament House becomes a place for newlyweds to express their devotion to one another through becoming a stunning place to take wedding photos. At any given time of day, you will be lucky to walk past and see a happy couple taking photos on the steps of the 100-and-something year old building, and it is easy to see why. The building exudes grace and style, and is perfect for a show of opulence on the special day.
  2. Hoisier Lane – For a couple who wants to hold their photoshoot in a more grungy and alternative location, nowhere beats the street art-straddled walls of Hoisier Lane. The street is famous world over for its stunning pieces covering the duration of the lane, and this makes for a unique and appealing photoshoot destination. It can be tough to get parking, so make sure you plan ahead when deciding to hold your wedding photos in this cool and different location.
  3. Melbourne’s Beaches – Melbourne is home to many great beaches which make for the perfect place to take wedding shots. The beach is a simple and charming location, and with additional aspects like piers and beach boxes lining our coast, they really make for a great photoshoot. On a sunny day, these locations are almost unmatched in Melbourne, and they are great spots to shoot during the summer months.

Of course, each couple is going to have their own subjective opinion as to where their shoot should take place, but these are just a few of the favourites here at Vogue Ballroom. We would love to hear yours, and we love to discuss all things wedding-related, so feel free to give us a call and we can chat about your wedding day as a whole, and fill you in on some of the awesome elements of our stunning reception venue.

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