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Five Beautiful Wedding Songs for Your First Dance

The first dance of a newlywed couple is a moment they cherish forever. It is an unforgettable, passionate embrace that solidifies the love and longing that the husband and wife have for one another, and shows the guests just how much devotion they have for each other (as if the guests didn’t already know!). Whilst it is one of the most joyous moments of the wedding, occasionally it just so happens that although a couple share pretty much everything in common with one another, they don’t always agree on musical tastes.

Of course, this is fine, not every relationship has to born out of a mutual affection for the Red Hots. Therefore, we here at Vogue Ballroom have put together a collection of beautiful wedding songs that a couple can find a mutual love for, and one they would love to play for that special first dance.

  1. Ed Sheeran, “Thinking Out Loud” – With a beautifully sweet melody and lyrics that reflect the endless devotion that the husband and wife have for each other, Ed Sheeran’s chart topping hit Thinking Out Loud is perfect for a slow and emotional dance between newlyweds. There won’t be a guest with a dry eye in the place.
  2. Al Green, “Let’s Stay Together” – A classic with a soulful groove, Al Green’s R&B hit from 1971 is a perfect mood starter and great for a first dance. Loving, sensual lyricism combined with a funky groove, what could be better for starting your marriage off on the right foot?
  3. John Legend, “All of Me” – Another tearjerker, this beautiful song by artist John Legend will have your parents weeping over their pan roasted lamb with spice crust. With its devoted, loving lyrics that promise dedication and love even through harder times, “All of Me” is a real winner for that evocative first dance.
  4. Queen, “You’re My Best Friend” – Who doesn’t love this absolute classic by one of the world’s best ever bands? So much charm, life, and love in this particular track, and makes for an uplifting and vibe-creating first dance song. Your loved ones will be clapping along and have to keep themselves off the floor, as this is a winner not only for the happy couple, but for the wedding as a whole.
  5. Etta James, “At Last” – History’s most romantic song? Quite possibly. If you’ve ever watched a film where a guy comically sees the girl he is about to fall in love with enter the room and he fails to avert his gaze from her, this is the song that plays, you know the one. It also makes for the perfect first dance song, great for embracing and holding one Moving softly, swaying gently, it’s magical.

We love our weddings at Vogue Ballroom, and as you can tell by the above list it’s pretty obvious. We’d love to hear what song you want played at your wedding, whether or not it’s from the above list. Give us a call on (03) 9802 2477 so we can chat about your wedding’s music, and give you a bit of info about our elegant reception hall, located in Melbourne’s inner eastern suburbs.

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