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20 Fun Activities & Games around Melbourne


Rush Escape Game

Fun & Games, Room Escape Games

Address: 160 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9972 8021


Loved our first experience

I surprised my husband for his birthday and took him to the Bond room. This was our first experience at an escape room and we thoroughly enjoyed it -even if we weren’t that good. We didn’t know what to expect and what to do. Took a while for us to figure things out but it certainly was fun. The staff member was great, friendly and very cryptic with his hints. Now that we have gone one we will come back with our 7 year old. Loved it.

Great fun. Will be going back

I am relatively new to escape rooms but it waa clear to me that this was quality. The atmosphere in the two rooms we completed was awesome and the puzzles were challenging. We got through both rooms with just a few minutes to spare (a few hints certainly helped). The staff are friendly and did a great job switching in to character when offering clues etc. I walked in with my 10 year old son expecting to do one room, we are now looking to book our third and bringing my 8 year old.

Highly recommended for all.

Awesome games, Awesome Staff

I have been to escape rooms before, but this one was proper! The rooms were great and the staff were even better. Have told my friends, will be returning! Thanks very much

Bond and Clumunji Room

Loved our time doing this! We did it for a team building activity with work and had heaps of fun. The staff were great, and the time flew by trying to escape. The rooms were set up so well 🙂


Escape Room Melbourne (ERM)

Fun & Games, Room Escape Games

Address: 9 Lee St | 12-18 Yarra Street, South Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria 3031, Australia

Phone: +61 455 661 777


Mine Hunt Escape

The place itself was easy to find. The mine hunt room was simple yet challenging. Could maybe have done with some more 'atmosphere'. Halfway through our room we could hear another group enter for their booking and chatting in the waiting area. Was rather off-putting and broke the atmosphere of the room a little.

Without giving anything away - the puzzle to obtain the small key in the first room could be modified slightly to allow for those of us with larger limbs, as for a moment there I thought I was stuck 🙂


We did Kellar’s Magic Emporium and loved it. Not an exceedingly hard room but some brilliant and creative puzzles. The ‘aha!’ moment was very satisfying for some of the cleverer puzzles. Fabulous staff with very good clues when needed, nudging us without giving the answer.

South Melbourne Venue

We played Keller’s Magic Emporium at the South Melbourne Venue. Make sure you go to the correct address as the website can get quite confusing with locations and address’s (Flemington, South and the Oakleigh rooms)
The venue is built in a shed with curtains. Feels a little temporary.
The rooms have the floor of the shed with some walls/curtains built up. Some of the puzzles were cool however the venue/foyer/bathrooms were a little bit of a let down.

Amazing and fantastic

My friends and I did the mine one - so much fun. The rooms were well set up and a good variety of puzzles. We managed to finished relatively quickly and didn't need to use any hints. The props were all great as well. Such an entertaining experience, would definitely love to do another one here.

Highly recommend!



Viri VR

Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres

Address: 555 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9080 5745


Outstanding Dad and Daughter Time!

For my 11 year old daughter who loves Minecraft this was by far the highlight of our recent trip to Melbourne. We were so impressed with the first experience we returned for another day. There were heaps of games options and the staff were excellent with their service. They really help the VR impaired parent get started.

We mostly played multi player options so we could be “together virtually”. Time absolutely flies by I have no doubt my daughter will never forget these experiences

Best day out

We had the best morning ever so many laughs and great staff willing to help and assist. Looking forward to coming back again.

Review collected in partnership with this attraction
Viri VR is a hit for young and old

My 13 year old son and his friend had a great time here. In fact, I had to extend their 50 minute session because they were refusing to leave! Great job, Viri!

Entertainment for the whole family

Great place for multi player experience. Viri VR has a variety of games which suits every age. Highly recommended


The Astor Theatre

Fun & Games, Concerts & Shows, Theatres, Movie Theatres

Address: 1 Chapel St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9510 1414


Newly Renovated - Looks Great!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Astor has been renovated, and looks great! Having said that, it's not been over-restored, so some things haven't changed. For example, it still has the original seats, which were built when people were smaller and shorter.
Don't get me wrong: personally I would rather go to the Astor for a movie than anywhere else. But you go there for the whole experience, not for comfy chairs or best range of snacks (the beers are good though!)

Melbourne is lucky

Only wish I could give the Astor more than five stars. Stunning theatre and a good mix of movies to enjoy.

Art Deco gorgeousness

If only The Astor Theatre was my local, however it’s well worth a trip to attend. Each time I fall in love all over again with the faded sumptuous Art Deco glamour, warm welcome and community vibe. The Astor proved to be the perfect venue for The Bikes of Wrath through Demand Films. Queueing up for Maltesers was never so much fun. Move into the theatre early if you are choosy about your seats and opt for front and centre downstairs or the dress circle. Take note that you need to consider parking but go early and grab the opportunity to promenade along the always fascinating Chapel Street.

The Silver Screen

Wanting a place out of the modern sun - Come to the Astor to escape. This magnificent gem of the past will transport you back into the a time when life was simpler with a splash of old school glamour. Popcorn included.




Fun & Games, Sports Complexes

Address: Olympic Blvd, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9286 1600


Fantastic sports stadium

Was there to watch Melbourne rebels rugby mach on Friday. I was disappointed that we lost however the stadium was amazing. What a wonderful venue. Every thing about it was nothing but excellent. Friendly staff too.

Catering spoiled my Rugby experience

I've been coming to Aami Park at least 9 times a year since 2011, it is the best stadium in Melbourne by far. The Catering was first provided by Spotless and now O'briens who haven't improved things at all. When I go to watch the Rugby i like to have a few beers and a pie or two, typical footy food, I'm old school. Every time i go to the food outlet the pie slot is empty, so is the sausage rolls and hotdogs however there is an abundance of burgers and similar food. I asked the person behind the counter if they had any pies and they said yes they have some in the oven, I asked as a matter of interest how many and they said 10. I explained that it was half time in 12 minutes and 10 wasn't going to be enough to service at least 2000 people . I came out again at half time to watch who long the pies lasted and they were gone in less than a minute, however no more pies were heated and customers were forced to but burgers which they didn't really want. I later found out from an employee that O'briens does this because the margins are greater on food like burgers so limit the sale of what customers really want.
So much for choice

Great venue for a game

Saw two Rugby games here recently. Great layout - no bad seats. Only concern was the long lineups for a beverage. Perhaps a few more servers would have been in order.

Rugby Meal

We follow Melbourne Storm Rugby League team and always grab a bite at the game. There is a bar/food next to the Storm shop which has really good food far better than what you can buy inside. Pizzaz, Fish and chips etc Great atmosphere berfore the game big screens showing most sports.Even if you dont follow Rugby go anyway to expereince the theartre that goes with each game fireworks sometimes things for the kids always fun.



Woodbury Escape Rooms - Melbourne

Fun & Games, Room Escape Games

Address: 259 Park St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia

Phone: +61 3 8529 9538



I’ve done a lot of escape rooms and this was my second time doing it here. It was TERRIBLE this time... the lady didn’t even let us finish after the time went or didn’t show us how to do it like they do other escape rooms. If you want to do a room go to RUSH escape rooms Melbourne they are much better

Birthday Blast

My son went for his 16th birthday. He had a blast. Staff were friendly and approachable. Pro's: clever riddles Con's: none

Great first Escape room experience

With our plans quashed by rain, we decided to try an Escape room. We chose a low difficulty and low fear factor room in Kidd Island to ease ourselves into the concept which was a good move. The staff member was very friendly, very kind to us as newbies and after we'd escaped, talked to us about other possible solutions to the physical puzzles so we'd have ideas for next time. We really enjoyed the experience and will try other Escape rooms in the future.

A tricky conundrum...but heaps of fun!

This was our first experience with an Escape Room, and it was excellent. Pyper looked after us extremely well, and made the experience even better. We didn't quite get to the end of Leaper, and as we were just visiting Melbourne, we'll have to come back in try to crack it on our next visit down South!! Thanks to the Woodbury team.



Escape Hunt Melbourne

Fun & Games, Room Escape Games

Address: 3/190 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9600 1086


First escape room experience!

My wife and I tried our first escape room! It was a little tricky at the start but after we found some clues and solved some puzzles things started to flow smoothly. Next time i will take my reading glassess as a dark room small torch and bad eyes made things even more challenging. Overall had a great time!!

Fun hour!

Booked via internet for time/date and paid in full. Arrived at allocated time and taken to room. Lots of fun, a good adventure and made you think harder than usual trying to figure out all the puzzles and riddles to achieve goals. Thoroughly enjoyed - some extra time allowed by our host to get through it! Would go again. Same cost as in other cities.

Must do activity

What a way to spend a couple of hours. Awesome fun. Such friendly and helpful staff especially for us first timers. Very much enjoyed and recommended.

Exciting day out

Excellent place to go for a co69f hours of fun. The staff were lovely and really helpful for a couple of people in their first Escape room, and even gave us a little extra time to figure it all out!!! Thanks for a great day.


Dialogue in the Dark

Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres

Address: 29 _ 31 Star Crescent | Level 1, The District Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria 3008, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 411 881


A Unique Experience

At first, my partner was reluctant to join after learning that we’d be in total darkness during this tour but she conquered her fear and we got on a private tour instead of joining another group at a later time. This experience was an eye-opener for both of us. It was also nice to have a little chat at the end of the tour with our guide. And yes, I also have to mention that my partner thoroughly enjoyed the experience and so if you are just like her, afraid of the dark, I’ll say don’t let that stop you. It’s not scary, I promise

A unique experience

Being fully sighted I had no conception of what it is to be blind. We were guided around for an hour in total darkness by a blind person. A week later I am still thinking of the experience and the hundreds of things that I take for granted every day because I have sight. I recommend this experience to everyone from 8 to 80. Excuse the pun but it really is an eye opener.

The best day of my life

dialogue in the dark was an excellent way to show people what it is to be blind. Cassie took my group me and our group teacher around and make sure we knew where everything was.


The guide Catherine made us feel very welcomed . Took us through and talking to make sure that we knew where she was and we followed her voice. I cant express how good she was. Totally the best. Three cheers to her. I felt all the emotions excitement scary daunting and relief. I felt all the senses smell hearing and touch. It gave a sense of how it must feel for a person always in darkness. So thankyou to all the staff.


The Mystery Rooms Melbourne

Fun & Games, Sights & Landmarks, Missions, Mysterious Sites, Room Escape Games

Address: 303 Napier St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

Phone: +61 420 566 128



These escape rooms are excellent! Having done other escape rooms in other countries this is the best we have done yet. Absolutely brilliant form the moment you go inside to leaving. The staff are fabulous and are in character from the moment you arrive. The actual room(we did the Tomb Raider) was awesome, great puzzles and being in all the sand just added to the experience. Highly recommend to anyone!

Solid story lines

A worthwhile activity and recommended for those that enjoy a challenge. Focus and teamwork is essential here and the rooms are all unique in their way - yet geared to move you along to solve the ultimate challenge, the snow queen's mystery.


Good Family Activity

Had this as a Christmas gift with family. Had never thought of doing one before but was fun. Did the medieval rooms and staff were great and helpful. Thank goodness we had teenagers to work through puzzles although I didn’t do much as they bounced from one puzzle to the next while I was still figuring them out. Would certainly consider going back to try other rooms.
Highly recommend.

Fun times with friends

We did the ned Kelly room!
Very well thought out! Very entertaining! Deffinetly made you think! One of the better escape rooms we have done across Melbourne! Everything is themed and staff are very friendly! Well run venue! Deffinetly going back to complete the other room



Crown Casino

Fun & Games, Casinos & Gambling

Address: 8 Whiteman St, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9292 8888


One of the better entertainment complexes in Melbourne

Crown Casino is located in the Southbank precinct of Melbourne. Very close to rail & tram transport, the CBD, Convention Centre and is adjacent to the Yarra River. The complex has 3 separate Hotels from luxury to mid-range standard. There is also a game centre, cinema complex, multiple restaurants & cafes of various standards and multiple night clubs.
While it’s not as good as the casino complexes in Las Vegas, it is one of the better set-ups in Australia.

Best entertainment in Melbourne

The crown casino has 3 hotels and none of them is cheap but the place is amazing, you can find all kinds of food, a cinema, different bars and nightclubs

Great Night Out

Great Night Out, lots of amazing restaurants, plenty of things to see and do even if your not in to having a gamble!

Great Food options available

They have a large range of restaurants inside with a range of daily specials.
I ended up with a large steak & a pot (otherwise known as a middy) of beer and my wife had the steak & a glass of wine. The steak was served with salad, onion rings & chips, all for just $15 (Thursday night special in their pub).
Also if you join (free) you'll get some free vouchers to use to buy chips on the gambling tables.



IMAX Melbourne Museum

Fun & Games, Movie Theatres

Address: Melbourne Museum Precinct, Rathdowne St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9663 5454

Kids loved 3D

We saw Pandas in 3D. The kids really enjoyed this experience from a regular movie. It is more expensive than the regaular cinema. Our documentary only went for 45 minutes but still cost $40 for 3 people. Still IMAX is a great place to visit. Parking can also be expensive so pre book for cheaper rates

Great way to see feature movies

IMAX Melbourne is located right next to the Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum making it a good option if you are a tourist and want a break

Fun experience

I saw the Turtle odyssey today with my 4 year old daughter. The documentary was about the life of a turtle, from hatching to laying her own eggs. It ran for 45mins and kept my daughter interested for the whole time and was very interesting for me. My daughter loved the novelty of the glasses and kept trying to touch the fish! The only thing is that it was quiet loud for her and she got a little bit scared/overwhelmed at times, but she was fine

Comfortable seats and a good show

This is a standard IMAX installation. The sound was excellent and screen was huge. The shows are good and the seating is comfortable. We were there when there were few people and it was very confusing where to turn in our tickets. We ended up turning them in at the concession stand.


LXM Escape Room

Fun & Games, Room Escape Games

Address: 179 Park St, South Melbourne VIC 3205,

Phone: +61 424 670 690


Great room.

We've done a number of rooms before and to compare LXM we'd have to say excellence isn't far away if not already. The friendly staff were great and helpful when needed and provided well worded hints and nothing more to spoil it.
The puzzles were challenging and required you to think logically and sometimes abstractly. The only critical point I could make is some of them didn't 'flow' as well as some others, leading to some unnecessary confusion.
That aside, this is how great rooms are done. Very worth it.

The worst customer experience i've ever received

The first puzzle is to try and get any customer service at all;
They dont pick up their calls, they dont return their calls, they dont reply to their emails, and their vouchers do not work on their website.

Once you've unlocked those mysteries, you can move onto the easier task of solving watson's kidnapper

Great first escape room experience

The staff were friendly and explained well how to play the game! Really enjoyed it and would recommend it for first timers!

First time visitor

A great hour out with friends. Frustrating but exhilarating. For a first timer I now know that you need to think outside the square, just wish there was a little more time for first timers, but understand that would blow the timings out. Will have to go back to the same room to make sure we get out alive this time. Loved it.


Adventure Rooms Melbourne

Fun & Games, Room Escape Games

Address: 306 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9650 0423



my boyfriend and I have done over 15 escape rooms and are always seeking out for more.
all of these rooms are by far the best ones we have yet to find.
Props are very well themed and well placed
Rooms are challenging but if you get stuck staff are right there to give you clues when you need them and only then. They don’t force you through the rooms and give them to you only when they see you need them.
Staff are incredibly helpful and friendly
Puzzles were great fun and often gave you that satisfying ‘aha’ moment. 10/10 would definitely recommend
I wish there were more we could do !!!

Great fun

We went for a friend's birthday, the five of us had great a lot of fun doing the mad scientist room and we escaped with 20mins to spare. The puzzles were challenging and kept you on your toes but the laughter and friendship bonding was the best part.
The game hosts were very friendly and I am looking forward to trying out the other two rooms. Loved it.

We Escaped.

We (3) completed the gaol break and black queen on the same night, with escaping to freedom from both with 15 minutes to spare in both. The laughter trying to solve puzzles was so much fun!

We broke out of gaol!!

My husband and I had previously done one escape room in Spain and absolutely loved it! Another couple travelling with us hadn't heard of them before and came along with us toe the Adventure Rooms. We did the gaol room, as we'd just visited the Old Melbourne Gaol so we thought it'd be quite fitting. We all escaped with just under 2 mins to go! It was so exciting, we had a blast and we're definitely keen to participate as a group of 4 in the Cairns escape rooms when we're next there! I'd definitely recommend this Adventure Rooms to anyone!!



Palace Cinema Como

Fun & Games, Movie Theatres

Address: Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9827 7533


Great place to enjoy a movie

A treat in itself to go to the cinema, super comfortable chairs, gorgeous rich arty decor, great films (great quality international and mainstream films)and nice food you can eat inside the cinema. Great for special film festivals.

Comfort while watching the movie

For us it’s a very convenient cinema venue to attend.
There’s always a good selection of movies and if you’re interested in International film festivals, there are plenty to select from.
The venue interior is dated and needs a refurbishment as well as in some of cinema interiors.
The cinema seats are comfortable, screen visibility is good and the sound is perfect.

Great place to enjoy the movies

On line booking is very easy and we bypass the pesky queue with our electronic ticket on our phone. Seats are clean and very comfortable and it is nice to be able to grab a glass of wine to take in with you. Palace Como supports film festivals and we have accessed the Scandinavian Film Festival there several times. They tend to have a good selection of movies. access from Sth Yarra Train Station just a few hundred metres away saves on parking and makes getting there a breeze given the frequency of trains. There is an excellent Japaneses Restaurant just across the road and all in all, it makes for a very pleasant evening/afternoon

Always has a great choice of films and wonderful seats.

This is our local cinema and so we visit often and love the ease and comfort of a good cinema and seats. My main complaint is the expensive wine by the glass.we are used to buying wine in europe at reasonable prices but not so at the Palace cinemas.



TRAPT Bar & Escape Rooms

Fun & Games, Room Escape Games

Address: 377 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9077 7941

Loved it!

It was a fun night out. The themed cocktails are a nice touch and while the room was tricky and we needed some help it was exciting trying out and guessing the clues in the rooms. I've been a few times, and twice we've actually gotten through the whole room!

Great Room, Friendly Staff

We had a group of 6 visit TRAPT Bar and Escape Rooms.
The staff are brilliant, fun and interactive for each game, however can also make a cocktail and help with board games.
The foyer is a great vibe to hang out and the room clue structure and puzzles all make sense and add up.
We played Alchemy, Prohibition and Oz.
Oz is definitely for experienced players as the clue progression is all over the room (each clue could be for any lock in the room and there is a lot.)
Every clue has logic and makes sense though which is great.
If you are in Melbourne, TRAPT is a must do on any trip.
They also have a new room opening soon that I will be back for.

Awesome Escape Room! Loved it!

My friends and myself loved all the rooms at trapt! We came to melbourne literally to do escape rooms, and booked two rooms initially at trapt (Alchemy and Espionage). Wow! They were super fun, engaging and challenging. Plus having the room themed cocktails afterwards is super cool. Once completed both, we decided to book the third room Prohibition, to which the amazing staff offered us a disocunt for doing 3 rooms in one day. The staff at this place are fantastic people. They were super attentive and are a credit to the business. We ended up doing the wizard of oz room as well before our trip ended and the theming of this room is insane! Be warned though- this room is not for rookies! Such challenging and fun puzzles! Prohibition and alchemy are more suited towards beginners and small groups. Trapt is a must visit 🙂

Loved it all

TRAPT was an absolutely awesome experience, the rooms were a lot of fun to go through with Oz being a personal favourite with great themeing and challenge.
The staff were great with a brilliant atmosphere to the entire place.
In the end we did all the rooms and loved the entire experience.


Bird's Basement

Fun & Games, Concerts & Shows, Nightlife, Comedy Clubs, Jazz Clubs & Bars

Address: 11 Singers Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 225 299


The place to be to hear live jazz

I went to Bird's basement for the first time and had a fabulous experience!

Location: at the edge of Melbourne's CBD at the corner of Latrobe and William streets, in a somewhat rundown building. Entrance via Singer's Lane.

The room: Capacity of about 160 in a fairly small space, used efficiently .It literally is in the basement of a high-rise building. Every seat is a good one, with clear views of a very large stage. There is a seating plan on their website.

The staff: Very friendly and helpful.

The food: Although I did not eat dinner, there is a comprehensive menu Prices are a bit on the expensive side.

The music: The range of acts that play there is fabulous. I was there to see Lionel Cole in early March. He is the nephew of Nat King Cole. Cover charges depend on your seat! Generally in the range of $30 to $40.

Other notes of interest: You can book online. Highly advisable. Your first booking entitles you to a $20 discount - what an excellent idea!!!
There is also a rewards points system earning discounts on future shows. Another excellent idea.
Shows start at a reasonably early 7:45 for us old folk.

All - in -all one of my greatest live music experiences, and I've been to a lot of places in a lot of towns. A+

Great muso's but a disconcerting 'ambience'

'Cosy' is not a word that I would use to describe the Basement....clinical perhaps! Service was good, I guess, but I went to hear, and see, some world class jazz performers, so not an issue. The video screens are a great idea and added to the interest. What I find very odd, for a jazz gig, is the concentration of diners so close to the stage and the 'listeners' in the background! I had a conversation with another 'listener' who felt the same. Maybe we're just odd? Not sure if I will go back....the music will decide I guess.

Cosy basement good place for a jazz gig

We went to Bird's Basement for a jazz-blues gig. It's a tight fit, but the sound is good. Instead of Freddy Cole we had Lionel Cole, son of Freddy,and nephew of Nat KIng Cole. It was a jazz-blues compliation. Food is available; there are two bars, drinks are reasonably priced. Lionel Cole is a showman, he performs in a kilt. Bird's Basement is in Singers Lane, which runs off La Trobe St, near the corner of William St. Tickets are not exorbitantly priced, the cost appears to vary according to who is playing.

Food with jazz

Great food served, great music, can be cramped if you are seated at the wrong table.Parking is available next to the federal police station.


Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre

Fun & Games, Sports Complexes

Address: 30 Aughtie Dr, Melbourne VIC 3206, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9926 1555


Wish we’d come here before.

Decided to try an open air pool as the weather has been so great in Melbourne this Easter holiday. Looked online and saw that the Aquatic centre was recommended. Took a while to get through the traffic as trains are currently not running but it was worth it.
Arrived about 6pm and tried the wave pool, 25m indoor pool and the 50m outdoor pool. We were so impressed. It was cheap to get in with a family Discount. At one point we were the only ones in the wave pool. The lane swimming was a bit busier but nothing was an issue. Pools were clean. Changing rooms and showers were clean. Lockers are available with credit card only and easy to use. Staff were super friendly and helpful too.
Can’t believe we’ve not been before. We’ll definitely come back in our next trip to Melbourne.
Car park is free for first hour and then $5.20Aus for every hour after that.

Great day for kids

It had waterslide, diving pool, wave pool, outdoor pool, big pool, good cafe, nice staff. I found it a little slippery underfoot and had to walk very carefully in parts. The people of south melbourne and Albert Park are spoilt with this facility.

Good facilities

Personally, it's too big for it's own good. It does have modern facilities but it gets really loud inside.

Worst booking system.

Hate their online booking system. Have to pay in advance at least 7 days ahead. If for some reason you cannot attend, it is hard to reschedule to other time slot. Never work properly.



St Kilda Adventure Playground

Fun & Games, Nature & Parks, Playgrounds

Address: Neptune St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9209 6348


Neighbourhood gem takes on a fresh meaning with this nugget!

Great community playground with kitchen and BBQ facilities - private seated area can be booked for parties too! Lots of variety of play for kids up to upper primary.

Awesome hidden playground

This adventure playground had great reviews and I thought I should check it out with my family.I really love it and its clean, lots of equipment for young and older kids.My kids are 3 and 5 years of age and they had so much fun, and mum and dad can relax.The only thing is you need to plan your day due too opening times during the week is from 3pm-5 and weekends is from 10am-4pm

Awesome playground

Plenty for kids from 1-13 to do. Loved the almost secret space we discovered with flying fox and timed trampoline it was a great way to spend an afternoon with the family.

Fun for the Kids

My 6 year old Grand Daughter enjoyed her 1-1/2 hours at the Adventure Playground last weekend. Lots of great things to climb on, and swing off or jump on!! There were a lot of families there - parents chatted whilst kids played. A really nice atmosphere. Thoroughly recommend this free Playground if you are coming to Melbourne for a couple of days and are at a loss as to where to take the children.


St Kilda Adventure Playground

Fun & Games, Nature & Parks, Playgrounds

Address: Neptune St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9209 6348


Neighbourhood gem takes on a fresh meaning with this nugget!

Great community playground with kitchen and BBQ facilities - private seated area can be booked for parties too! Lots of variety of play for kids up to upper primary.

Awesome hidden playground

This adventure playground had great reviews and I thought I should check it out with my family.I really love it and its clean, lots of equipment for young and older kids.My kids are 3 and 5 years of age and they had so much fun, and mum and dad can relax.The only thing is you need to plan your day due too opening times during the week is from 3pm-5 and weekends is from 10am-4pm

Awesome playground

Plenty for kids from 1-13 to do. Loved the almost secret space we discovered with flying fox and timed trampoline it was a great way to spend an afternoon with the family.

Fun for the Kids

My 6 year old Grand Daughter enjoyed her 1-1/2 hours at the Adventure Playground last weekend. Lots of great things to climb on, and swing off or jump on!! There were a lot of families there - parents chatted whilst kids played. A really nice atmosphere. Thoroughly recommend this free Playground if you are coming to Melbourne for a couple of days and are at a loss as to where to take the children.


Moonlight Cinema

Fun & Games, Movie Theatres

Address: Birdwood Avenue | Central Lawn, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria 3141, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9373 6000


Lovely experience $$$

Absolutely love an outdoor cinema in the summer and Moonlight does it well! The screen is at the bottom of the hill so even if you’re at the back you have a great view! Pretty expensive though. Where I’m from GA to outdoor movies is free and you only pay for the premium packages.

Chill vibes, fun experience - use Group On for discounts

A fun activity for a night out - definitely use Group On for discount tickets.

Look up the movies beforehand and buy a ticket to whatever takes your fancy.

Make sure you bundle up - bring a rug and blanket and jumpers and snacks, as it can be chilly in Melbourne overnight and you don’t want to spend the whole movie freezing. There are blankets and bean bags available for hire but if you can bring your own, do so.

The doors open from 7pm in summer for an 8.45pm movie - arriving at 8.15pm got us seats on the far side about halfway down, the whole main part of the lawn was filled from top to bottom. So probably worth arriving a bit earlier. Also, the speakers do get turned up but it can be quieter the further away you are.

Also- don’t be fooled by the botanic gardens! They’re huge, and we got off the tram at one end and had to walk 30 minutes to the other!

Overall a nice activity for friends, for a date night, for a family night, or just a fun way to experience a movie out alone!

More like Thousands of Stars.

Have to say this was a special night and one I would gladly do again. Not too expensive and a really enjoyable night. I liked the simplicity of taking all our own stuff. Make sure to take a waterproof picnic blanket as the grass got damp in the evening and it really protected us. Take blankets too coz it can get a bit chilly. Personally I would stay away from the Bean bags as they looked crusty and not washed for a very long time. Coupled to the fact that we watched them unload them out the back of a truck and thrown straight onto the ground and dragged along said ground. Try to get there early to get a prime spot as a line starts half an hour before they open the gates.

Beautiful Night

We had a beautiful evening in ‘Gold Grass’ where the bean beds were included along with waiter service. This was a gift, we really enjoyed it and I’d take my teenage sons next time. The setting is very relaxing. Due to ‘total fire ban’ they had a reduced menu with nothing fried. This was. No big deal, we enjoyed pizza and nachos. It was BYO food and drink if preferred. We took a blanket, which was needed, even though it was a very hot day. The evening was delightful, cool breeze and good food with a movie. Lovely staff. Very clean bean beds. Highly recommended.


St Vincent Gardens

Nature & Parks, Fun & Games, Gardens, Playgrounds

Address: Albert Park VIC 3206, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9209 6777


Lovely gardens

Really pretty gardens with plenty of seating. Lovely to visit with a picnic at lunch time. Not far from Albert Park shops.

Beautiful Park in the best street in Melbourne.

A beautiful park between St Vincent's Place North and South. Worth taking a walk on the outside to see the parade of 1880's boom architecture. Within the park is a bowling green, tennis courts, lawns,toilets, shade trees and a good children's playground at the western end. The #1 tram to South Melbourne Beach cuts through the middle on Montague St.

Streetscape is impressive

The gardens are pleasant, with a bowling green, public toilets, shady spots, lawns, old trees and a playground. However, the old mansions that surround it are well worth a look, too.

This is the park you want to visit!

Forget the famnous park with the big lake. This much smaller park has much more soul and is a lovely little park to visit.



Playtime Crown

Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres

Address: Crown Entertainment Complex, 8 Whiteman St, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 421 567


Something for all ages

Great place for a couple of hours of family entertainment (or however much your budget allows). The money side of things is easy to facilitate (buy a card and away you swipe) and bonuses thrown in (bought a $35 for $50 of game value). Games that younger children can play as well as games for the teens (and adult children!). The youngest child enjoyed spending her bonus tickets on a few lollies when we were done too.

Quality games zone

Playtime has completed a refurbishment since last being here and it is a far better, brighter and safer experience.

Like most arcades, there is a huge range of games for all ages and skill levels. New and big, most games are around the $2 mark but there are a few more expensive games which offer bigger prizes or greater experiences (eg VR and Simulators).

If you have a couple of kids, go for the $35 card which gives you and extra $15 on top and will last a while.

Cards accumulate tickets to redeem in their gift shop. You need to spend a bit to get anything of real value.

Highly recommended place if you are in the Crown/Southbank precinct.

Parents be kids inside also...

A couple of hours to fill before a sporting event and a couple of teens to try and occupy their time!

Playtime did all that. Very simple to get cards to play with lots of games to go around without having to wait!

Laser tag topped it off but beware that single games can not be purchased... thanks to Jasmyn on staff that saw common sense to make the game more inclusive and enjoyable for all of us.

Good old fashion fun

Went to playtime with the wife we are 33 & 29 but really enjoyed a night out playing @ playtime

Spent $50 and that got us 1.5hrs of games then a tub of lollies to take home with our points exchange

Clean place, good fun

Would definitely recommend



Xcapade Escape Rooms

Fun & Games, Room Escape Games

Address: 15A Railway Pl, Fairfield VIC 3078, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9410 9870


Xcapade Fairfield Escape Rooms

I bought a voucher for 4 people as a Birthday gift and we had alot of fun. The puzzles are harder than you think and we needed some help but we worked out how to escape in the end. I would highly recommend this place, the room and props are great and it was definitely a challenge.

XCapade escape room

Fantastic and challenging. Not too easy, not too hard. Great and friendly customer service. Recommend to all serious escape room lovers


Following our first trip to Xcapade, we vowed to come back for the next room in the series of three. We were not disappointed and had a great time. We got out with 3 seconds to spare, and only a few clues along the way. I would recommend the escape rooms and will be booking the next one asap!

Such fun!

We have had such a good time playing this game! Well done Benson you are very talented! Lots of thinking and lots of fun!



O'Brien Icehouse

Fun & Games, Sports Complexes

Address: Ground/105 Pearl River Rd, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 756 699


Love Skating

My Kids love skating there. Great place and like the spectator get free hot drink! Great service too..

one of the best places to visit in Melbourne

one of the best places to visit in Melbourne - visited with kids - great fun for kids and adults both. could be bit busier in Summer, but that might be because we went on a weekend.

Unsupportive rink.

The venue is great. The coaches and staff are not. I'm an adult skater struggling to find support at this rink. It's fine if you're a kid, as soon as you're an adult, all interest in getting you to skate disappears.

Pretty lame for a rink that was originally founded to be inclusive. Drop the discrimination, skating is for everyone.

Ice Skating Fun

O'Brien Arena is a fantastic venue for all ice skating abilities. Nice warm cafe seating area for those not skating, good food menu. Very clean facilities! A real winner and lots of fun for all ages and abilities



Bounce Inc Trampoline Park Glen Iris

Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres

Address: 2 Weir St, Glen Iris VIC 3146, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 000 540


Lots of fun

Lots of trampolines with different bounce levels to suit everyone. Love the free bounce area. Friendly staff

Beware Renovations ...

Was a bit disappointing as it's school hols and the ninja course is closed for renovations - yet no mention of this when booking online. Also we booked a good $20 deal for 2 hours (a free easter egg) - at least one hour of that time the dodge ball was closed due to parties having that area, if we had not booked 2 hours then the boys would have missed out on it.

Having said that - the boys (ages ranging from 9-12) had fun but there isn't much to do for their age group with the dodgeball and ninja course being closed. They ended up taking long breaks and it was a bit of a waste of money in the end. We would have rethought our plans had we known.

Bounce used to be the place to go ... maybe our children are nearing the age of wanting to do something different.


On my spring break I went to bounce. I am giving you 3 reasons why you should go to
Bounce. Firstly the free jump is so fun you could jump how ever you want. Secondly the big bag is so soft when you jump. Finally the dodge ball area is amazing instead of hard flooring it’s trampolines. In conclusion I highly suggest you to go to Bounce. You’ll appreciate it !

Fit for kids of all ages.

A brilliant way to entertain your kids and promote physical activity. Trampolines and climbing. Great cafe for the adults. Party rooms make for a fun venue to host children’s birthday parties. Friendly staff offers a welcoming atmosphere for kids and accompanying adults.



Comedy Theatre

Concerts & Shows, Nightlife, Fun & Games, Comedy Clubs

Address: 240 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9299 9990


Exiting the theatre

Really weird how they would let you leave by the nearest exist, so people could get out quickly. Everyone had to leave by all going to the left side and exiting through one door. Made it slow and annoying.

Central Venue With Wide Appeal....

Great central venue with no stairs for ground floor seats from the foyer.. Comfortable seats and adjoining bar and ice cream available.. ... Easy to walk from central Melbourne .. Could hear all very well and was generally impressed with the ambiance of the theater.. Enjoyed the play we saw there..

Seniors Moment

Dont know what all the fuss is about the seats - found them perfectly ok in the dress circle beside an aisle with no-one in front. The Senior Moments show though was a pretty average comedy with some very un-pc gags. Not recommended.


My teenage daughter and I saw Green Day The Musical and although the show was amazing and the viewing was great (we sat front row dress circle), I can't bring myself to buy tickets to see another show at the Comedy Theatre. The seats were just so darn uncomfortable. Very lumpy, hard and old. I won't be going back to this theatre until there is a seat refurbishment. Such a shame.


Orz Escape

Fun & Games, Room Escape Games

Address: 3/180 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9650 5023

Secret Invitation and

Vibe of the room wasn’t great. Puzzle creativity was ok- very traditional type room. We only had one room too which was a let down. Was hoping for something more complex for a 5% success rate room. They did give us 5 extra min to complete the room and we finished it with a group of 6. Staff could be a little more friendly too.

Played endless dream a few months before that and it was ok. Was quite a simple room for our group of 5 (finished it under 30 min) and there weren’t many puzzles either.
It’s a reasonable room for first timers as it’s not too complex, but would love to see more innovative ideas and a modern spin added on some of the rooms as opposed to all traditional type puzzles

Endless Dreams

My first escape room, it has good storyline, props and was challenging. I enjoyed it with the family.

dodgy business

the props were faulty & not set properly for the game to have a continuous flow.

when the host came into the room to assist with the props, she appeared shocked they weren't working and said it was because of the time; & pressed a button to move to next stage. When questioned about further steps on a prop, it hadn't been 're-set' (ie. water was in glass casing to reveal a card); & further more, a torch was required to view final steps, however, the battery was flat on the torch; again she appeared shocked, left the room & came back with a different torch! she ignored my question when i asked about the torch and final stage, just repeating the time had passed.

i have done several 'escape rooms' in the past & the staff were in those facilities were very professional. However not in this case.

poorly run business

they refused to refund but offered for us to come back for free

Average escape room

Have completed a few escape rooms. Got a coupon on Groupon which was good savings on normal costs to do an escape room. Did the vanished carnival room. Room is well thought out for a budget escape room. Some of the props are worn which made it hard to read clues and complete puzzles. Staff were patient, friendly and helped when needed. Location is central and walking distance from Bourke Street Mall. Would of rated higher if puzzles were maintained and not worn out.


Flemington Racecourse

Fun & Games, Casinos & Gambling, Horse Tracks

Address: 448 Epsom Rd, Flemington VIC 3031, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 727 575


Underwhelmed by Makybe Diva Marquee 2018

My husband and I cruised with P & O down to Melbourne 2018, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Thought we would tick off our bucket list, so we paid extra for two tickets to the Melbourne Cup to attend the Makybe Diva Marquee, approx. $1,000 per ticket/each. Admittedly the weather was atrocious, rain bucketed down. We made our way to the course by bus which was supplied by P & O, it transported us from the cruise ship to the racecourse, where we had to get out in the middle of a car park, having to then walk 300m to any cover, NO DROP OFF TO AN UNDERCOVER AREA, to help protect our expensive shoes, clothes or hats if you were wearing one, so we had to battle our way in whilst walking on hard plastic walkways with holes in the design, where a number of woman ruined their shoes when their stiletto heels fell into the holes. Then once inside, no clear direction to the lawn area where the Marquee was set up, turned out it was up a 3 sets of steep concrete stairs, NO ESCALATORS OR LIFT!, once upstairs, had to walk across the soaked lawn on a temporary rickety boardwalk. Once inside, it was a very large marquee, which was noisy and nowhere near as lux as we expected. The much advertised "pamper station" was pathetic, people who arrived before us, had become drenched during a heavy downpour on the way in, were told not enough power points for them to be able to dry the lady's hair, ladies sat at our table with wet dripping hair and clothes. When the hors d'oeuvre trays came out, the outer tables got all the food, or "gutsed" all the food, would be a better statement, the waiters only once or twice came into our table or had any food left to offer us, where we had been place in a middle table. The 3 course meal was just "ok". When my husband asked for a Corona beer he was informed, sorry you can only have the cheaper beers "in your package" The toilets were a disgrace, temporary toilets, like those which would be provided at a football match or music concert, not exactly the place you want to go to, when wearing expensive clothes. Others at our table, were upset and felt ripped off also. Lucky if we got $300 value each, paid $1,000 each to be uncomfortable all day. Also the lawn is at one end of the grandstands and even if you went back outside, no one had a clear view of the track from the narrow frontage of our lawned section fronting the track and no one, unless very fit and young, would traverse those stairs more than once! Then to finish the day, I ruined my shoes, going back down the narrow concrete stairs by barking and chipping my shoe heels badly. The marquee was nothing more than a glorified bar for younger people and as far as older people were concerned, and we were all older at our table of 12, we felt we were not catered for or considered at all. We saw younger people intoxicated and what appeared to be them filling their own glasses with wine from the waiters trolleys, as they probably felt ripped off also and thought had better get some value out of this debacle! Our recommedation: DON'T BOTHER WITH ANY OF THIS. Have now done Flemington, and never again, the way it is talked up, our local racecourse/s in Brisbane are much more civilised.

Great place for a rave

I went to Paradigm music festival and despite the rain the music was great and the venue held its capacity well

Fun fair

Went for a fair that happened at racecourse last year (2018)..I cannot remember the name.. It was widely spread and had quite a bit of activities going on ...

First Rate Racecourse and Facilities

Visited the racecourse for the Million Dollar Mile. The track is beautifully kept and easy to get to by train from Southern Cross Station. Dining and betting facilities outstanding and easy to use.


Cat Cafe Melbourne

Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres

Address: 30 Guildford Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9642 8540


Sleepy cats

I love the cat cafe for everything they have done for the rescue kittens. It’s a beautiful safe haven for them and they are very well looked after. It is however a bit boring cause the cats are just sleeping all the time so you don’t get to play with them often. I think they are so used to seeing people that they don’t even move an eyelash when a person comes in for pats. I will still give them 4 stars because we need more shelters like this in Melbourne for animals.

Fellix heaven

I f you are a cat-o-lover, then you should have this place ticked. They have around 11 babes which are absolutely stunning and ready to melt you down in no time. Just know more about individual cats from the staff as some may previously be prone to abuse or may be irritant to over petting. The staff is super friendly and always help us with the "ways to pet" and provide us with useful gadgets to pet. The time passes in a blink. Fair warning "extremely cute and heart melting".


Love love loved it. Had afternoon tea and an hour and a half with the kitties. Staff were great and I enjoyed the coffee and food. Will definitely be back.

I Love Cats...

I visited here at midday and the majority of cats were sleeping as it was an hour before lunch.

They were all so cute though as a bunch of them wandered around accepting brief pats. I can imagine they get fed up of people and having phones in their faces though. I could tell a few of them tolerate it.

The cafe is set over two floors serving hot and cold drinks and cakes/brownies/tray bakes/cookies.

These cats will never be lap cats as far as I can see, only spending an hour there will not convince any of them that you're actually best friends.
They are super cute though, all rescue cats so some can be a little shy or defensive at first, a gentle touch and quiet voice is essential.

There are tablet screens displaying cats up for adoption from The Lost Dogs Home Melbourne. If I lived in Melbourne, I would have easily adopted a bunch and given them a safe and friendly home they deserve!




The Comics Lounge

Concerts & Shows, Nightlife, Fun & Games, Comedy Clubs

Address: 26 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9348 9488


Good venue. Good comedy

This place can accommodate quite a few people. It offers meals as well as the show. The comics are from all around the world and there was plenty of laughter. Great.

Bucket list ticked

The night was reasonably entertaining. The MC was my favourite! The lounge was a weird set up. Long tables longwise from the stage, meaning you were twisting to watch the acts. Good cocktails. We walked fro Southern Cross station.

WOW !!

I have always wanted to go to a Comedy Club as I always like a good laugh. On the other hand, my wife was more ho hum about the idea BUT I believe she was converted on the night. Have not heard her laugh sooooo much but in saying that I do wish comedians didn't feel that they needed to use the 'F' bomb sooooooooo much. We also bought tickets which included dinner and while we had a limited choice of the menu (which was unknown to us when we ordered the tickets on line) the food was terrific. We ordered salt n pepper calamari (shared), gnocchi lamb ragu, chicken bocconcini and chocolate volcano cake (shared) and we both loved it. Was a wonderful night and we both (I mean both) enjoyed it immensely. If in Melbourne again we will definitely go there and enjoy another laughter filled night with food food . . . . . . . Hughesy, Limho and Tommy Little - you were all amazing.

Good fun

Came here one night for comedy night and my friend and I had a great night. The food was very good. MC was fantastic, I think he was my highlight!


Skinners Adventure Playground

Nature & Parks, Fun & Games, Playgrounds

Address: 211A Dorcas St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9209 6352

Bring your kids!

I would encourage anyone with kids to come to the playground. It's a little rough around the edges but safe and better than most playgrounds.

gritty but nice playground

originally designed for the locals who live in commisson housing its now very popular as an old school non sanitisied playground unlike a lot of OHS safe newer playgrounds. It has lots of little nooks and crannies that allow kids to use imagination. It also has chooks and vegie patch.
TIP: can be closed if being used by locals. call ahead. fully staffed. junk food free zone

My 2 daughters love this plave but I find it a bit run down and dirty.

wouldn't rush here the adventure play ground in St. Kilda is so much better. This one needs a working bee and a freshen up

Mad Max movie set for kids.

Looks post apocalyptic but great fun for kids up to age of 12. Live chickens included. Similar to St Kilda Adventure Playground but twice the size. Parents are clueless to rules though.


Holey Moley Golf Club Melbourne

Fun & Games, Mini Golf

Address: 590 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 727 833



This place is much more interesting than your average mini golf place. The staff are really friendly and up for a chat and laugh which felt very welcoming. The cocktails are delicious and the bar will even make something of your own if you ask.

Fun Activity

We enjoyed Holey Moley for an 18th birthday.
The course is fun and Inventive with hilarious pop culture references and puns.
There is a good selection of drinks at the two bars and the staff were all very friendly and helpful.
I would suggest eating somewhere before/after as food options are very limited.
The course can also get a little crowded at times especially if you're in a large group like we were. Overall we had a good experience though.

Team bonfong

Great place for a drink and getting to know your work mates Highly recommend it! Great service and very friendly staff

Good fun!

This was a fun evening out but you must book it in advance if you don't want to miss out! It was quite expensive but well worth it. Drinks are a fair price for the area. A cocktail, beer and 2 shots for £20. This place is a good laugh for all ages.


Cork and Canvas

Fun & Games, Classes & Workshops, Paint & Pottery Studios

Address: 106 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Phone: +61 499 007 234


Great ifea

We had a work function here. Brought our own alcohol, had pizza delivered and everything else provided. You get the fridge, glasses, canvas and paint and an instructor.
It was a lot of fun and the 2 hours flew by. Great music is played but it does get a bit hot in there so ask for the air con!

Great fun!

Such a fun night, the ladies (Jenny, Maya and we can’t remember-sorry!) are so helpful and offer very clear instructions. Facilities and materials very good. Lovely to take a painting back with us too! Will definitely be going again 😀👩🏼‍🎨

Creative Fun

This was quite an enjoyable 3 hours, no pressure.....just fun. You are guided through steps to achieve your final masterpiece, but allowed your own flair and complete artistic freedom. BYO drinks and food.....the event is what you make of it

Hens night.

What a great idea! We did not know what to expect but at the end of the experience I actually painted a tree- see attached photo - it looks ok. The instructor is there all the way and it's such a great way to get or work friends together and do something different.


Escape The Vault

Fun & Games, Room Escape Games

Address: 1/376 Swan St, Richmond, Yarra, Victoria 3121, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9080 8049



THANK YOU for a fantastic experience Escape The Vault! It was our first time, my stepdaughter who is 13 suggested it & we did it as a family last weekend. We decided to go straight for the hard vault, the library as i honestly believed it wasn't going to be that was! The staff were lovely & helpful & they even put out nibbles & drinks for us which was not expected. The library experience was amazing, definitely hard, if it wasn't for my stepdaughter i think we'd still be there! It was a great bonding experience & we all can't wait to do more! Did we get ourselves out on was that hard! THANK YOU again, Anthea, Peter & Kelly xx

Perfect for scouts

We took a scout pack there.. they and the leaders loved it. Imaginative, great staff and really good challengers..

Really good fun

We did this as part of a work team building exercise & booked 2 rooms (the vault & the library). I was part of the library and we had to find the treasure, really good fun. We had 7 people in our group and it was probably a bit much , not because of the space but because there are too many leaders - which is the point i guess.
The clues are not as straight forward as you think but it was great that the Hostess checked in with us every 10 minutes and helped us out without giving it away.
I really enjoyed it and would definitely return. The pre snacks were a good win.

A little disappointing

After reading all the fantastic reviews I gotta admit myself, my husband and mother in law were a little disappointed with this place. The staff seem really nice, it’s a nice touch that they have cans of soft drink set out for you with small packets of chips to snack out before you start your game.
We did Office Raid that was stated as the “harder” room, the puzzles were okay but it wasn’t anything we hadn’t really seen before. The issues we had were that clues were given before we even asked, I’m not talking about after 15 minutes of standing around, I mean at one point we only just walked into the next room and got a clue, we ended up asking them not to give us clues until we ask as it was a little annoying. Another issue we had was that a puzzle was broken (my biggest pet peeve at escape rooms). Due to this we spent 20 minutes not progressing as we had a key but couldn’t figure out where it went even though we found the lock box we didn’t know it was for it as the lock was completely busted and inside the actual box.
Lastly there was a puzzle that just seemed illogical and had no rhyme or reason. We understand they wanted this to be the harder room, but there was no clue or explanation as to why this puzzle was as complicated as it was. I enjoy a hard puzzle, but it also has to have a cipher or way to figure it out, this was so difficult that when the staff was explaining it to us they had to read off a sheet. If a puzzle is so complicated your staff even don’t understand to do it how is anyone else?
So part of me wants to try one of their other rooms, but the other part doesn’t. All in all I’ve been to better escape rooms.


Lost Australia Station

Fun & Games, Room Escape Games

Address: 199 Grattan St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Phone: +61 3 8354 8610


Aokigahara escape room

Went to escape room with 6 people total and it was pretty interesting. It wasn't a scary escape room but success rate did make sense. Although scheduled for 75 minutes, it took us 3 hours (180 minutes) to complete the escape room. The vendor was nice and also called us in advance that the escape room was difficult. Worth doing but definitely shouldn't be the first escape room to try.

Great entertainment for all. Very friendly staff.

Excellent realistic rooms, great puzzles to solve. Heaps of fun to be had for all. Thanks again for the fun experience.

Excellent experience

Played 3 (1 medium level and 2 harder levels) rooms so far and all escaped in time! Definitely coming back for other rooms. All puzzles were cleverly designed and clues were actually quite easy to follow. The only thing I would point out was sometimes it's hard to know whether we've done it correctly and notice that something has opened. I think 3-4 people would be ideal for one game.
Overall the experience was awesome and staffs were really friendly and helpful!


5 boys aged 12 all said this was the best escape room they have done mainly because the challenge included 3 rooms to pass through. The service was more than helpful and friendly.


Village Cinemas

Fun & Games, Movie TheatresFun & Games, Movie Theatres

Address: 8 Whiteman Street | Shop 50, Crown Casino Complex, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9278 6666


Contact Village cinema what a joke

We were given gold class vouchers for Christmas when I made a booking with them the first time I didn’t get confirmation of the booking so I sent an email as there is no way you can actually speak to anyone on the phone, we turned up to Village Werribee a 30 min drive to find our booking wasn’t made, I asked if we could book with her then and there for the following Saturday and was told no as the program times won’t be out until the following Monday, I have again tried to book on line and it keeps telling me my card details are incorrect, I had the correct details and sufficient funds to cover the $6.50 booking fee, Customer service shocking no one answers your emails you can’t speak to anyone on the phone and we have to drive 45 km to the nearest gold class to book, they need to have a number you can at least contact them for incidents like this, shame on village.

Contact Village cinema what a joke

We were given gold class vouchers for Christmas when I made a booking with them the first time I didn’t get confirmation of the booking so I sent an email as there is no way you can actually speak to anyone on the phone, we turned up to Village Werribee a 30 min drive to find our booking wasn’t made, I asked if we could book with her then and there for the following Saturday and was told no as the program times won’t be out until the following Monday, I have again tried to book on line and it keeps telling me my card details are incorrect, I had the correct details and sufficient funds to cover the $6.50 booking fee, Customer service shocking no one answers your emails you can’t speak to anyone on the phone and we have to drive 45 km to the nearest gold class to book, they need to have a number you can at least contact them for incidents like this, shame on village.

Gold Class is the best.

First time at Gold Class and what an experience. Chairs were so comfy and being able to recline was a dream. Loved having our own personal waiter. The fact that there isn't a massive amount of chairs makes the experience even more intimate which was great,

Very comfortable seating.

Always enjoy coming here.The seating is so comfortable.Easy to move around. Screen is easy to see.Lots of choice in the snack bar and a variety of movies.



Classic Cinemas Elsternwick

Fun & Games, Movie Theatres

Address: 9 Gordon St, Elsternwick VIC 3185, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9524 7900


Cool cinema

Best popcorn out of all cinemas I’ve been to, the rocky road ice cream is amazing. The seats aren’t very comfortable and the screens aren’t very big but they have a nice eccentric feel. I will definitely go back here and would recommend it for something different

Great Cinema

Took in 2 Movies in our stay last Weekend. We had a great choice of movie and saw Green Book and Mumbai Hotel. The seating was very comfy and staff very helpful. Very nice experience and recommend to anyone


This Classic Cinema has got the LOT!! Fantastic Big Screens, beautiful seating, has had a recent makeover, adding more screens. They have 10 huge screens.
They have a great range of movies. Great food and drinks on offer, they have a selection of Boutique Wines, and Craft Beers, their coffee is to die for !! Family friendly, close to Elsternwick Station, worth a visit, you won't be disappointed. Staff, very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to my next visit.

One of the best cinemas in Melbourne

The Classic cinema is absolutely fantastic. It’s located in a beautiful and iconic building in Elsternwick (just near the train station) and it’s surrounded by great places to eat and or drink before (or after) your movie. It’s an independent cinema and they show a really great selection of independent films. There are plenty of movie sessions each day to choose from and they manage to keep showing each movie for a while yet each week they seem to add a new film to the screenings available. The interior of the building is really lovely and the bar snacks and drinks are really great and too notch products. They have the best gourmet Choc tops there too. The cinema rooms themselves vary in size - there are some fairly small theatres and some very sizable ones - depending on how popular the film is - they are all great though. Excellent screens, sound and seating. Probably my personal number 1 cinema in Melbourne and it happens to be my local so that makes it even more appealing. Love this place and love being a member so I always get well priced tickets.


Cinema Nova

Nightlife, Fun & Games, Bars & Clubs, Movie Theatres

Address: 380 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9347 5331


Melbourne's best movie house

Great movie house in a fantastic location, nestled in a small court on iconic Lygon Street. Good size with a large range of movies, and designed in a way that you feel you are going to a quality local movie house rather than the generic (sterile) feel you get going to the major chains.

We love movies from all over the world and Nova really makes it feel like a special night/day out.

Great movie house

We were in Melbourne on the hottest day in 9 years. So we went to the movies at this movie house. Very comfortable seats, good popcorn and treats. The area it's in is fun to explore also. Many shops and restaurants. Would go there again for sure!

Last minute decision

I have often found that Cinema Nova is still showing movies that have finished in the local cinema. This was the case with our last minute decision to see a movie that had been at the cinema for a couple of months and no longer available locally. It was well worth the trip for us on a Monday afternoon as it was discounted tickets for all sessions. We were able to book our tickets online and as it was allocated seating we were not in a rush. We had time after arriving at the complex to have a glass of wine at the Nova bar which we could also take into the cinema if we wished. Our seats were great and it was an enjoyable experience. We will certainly visit again. Also, attending Cinema Nova entitles you to 2-hours free parking in the underground parking with evidence of your attendance at Cinema Nova movies on your day of parking.

Great position

A wonderful Arthouse movie theatre. There is 16 theatres. You can enjoy in - cinema dining. The theatres have good comfortable seating. There is a car park at the back , where you can get a two hour deduction from your parking fee, when your movie ticket is presented.



Pinball Paradise

Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres

Address: 1/213 Franklin St, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9326 8324


Best $50 ever spent

We came down from Sydney for the weekend and happened upon this place late at night, so much fun and very affordable. Honestly have never finished a night like this and cannot get enough of it. The service was amazing (the guy in the glasses behind the bar was a champion). Would gladly recommend this place to anyone who asks what to do in Melbourne! We had such an awesome time it made us forget to check our phones !!

Little gem

We stumbled across this place when heading back from an evening at the market. The service was great and the pinball machines were really cool. Go check it out

A few of my favourite things

What an amazing place. Great venue. Reliving some childhood memories with some of the selection of Pinball Games. Finding the hidden room is a great touch. Could easily spend many nights there. Bar staff on at the time was super friendly. Thoroughly recommended..

Pinball, Beers and Cocktails

Whether you are after some wicked coctails or some beer and pinball this is an awesome place. Most pinball machines in a bar I've ever seen with a mix of classics and new machines.


The Last Laugh Comedy Club

Concerts & Shows, Fun & Games, Nightlife, Comedy Clubs

Address: 188 Collins St | Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9650 1977


Comedy Night

Booked tickets to see a comedy show here to see Dave McNeil and ended up having another guest comedian Dave Hughes. Awesome night and really affordable. Just a little cramped but otherwise great evening

Night of laughter

Great place to visit with a verity of acts, very funny comedians good host and vibrant atmosphere all around

Ana T.H "Lovely Night"

We had an amazing night, the comedians were pretty funny, haven't laugh so much in years! the staff is very friendly and the food was quite good. We have been there twice and both times have had a really good time. highly recommended if you want to spend a nice relaxing night away from the everyday stress and with comedians that know how to read people and make sure everyone has a good time.

Great laugh at excellent price

The atmosphere is very enjoyable, staff are very friendly and the acts are always hilarious. Food is okay for the cost but it is majority worth it just for the great acts


Hardrock Climbing

Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres

Address: 4/8 Franklin St, Greensborough, Banyule, Victoria 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9631 5300


Best time

Had the best experience, great variety of rock walls for beginners and expert. Easy to find and easy to catch public transport, price are very reasonable.

Bang for your buck at Hardrock!

Friendly staff, energetic atmosphere and really good quality! Stayed here for 2 and 1/2 hours and had a blast! We really got our money’s worth at Hardrock and would definitely recommend! Fingers and arms sore now though.

8 year old, 18 year old and 50year old, loved it.

Pretty easy to find, not far from NMIT and Audi in the city, or just follow swanston st till the end. We went late morning during the week, so there were not too many people. The staff were very helpful and polite in welcoming us and gave us our training, so we knew how to put the ropes on and off. All the walls have a difficulty rating at the bottom of the wall, so it's quite easy to assess which walls are suitable for your level. They also have a walls for people by themselves, which also tried, which allows you to climb and abseil down in safety. Cost: $16 for my 8 year old daughter, $30 for Adults which includes shoe hire and all else, for the whole day. We were there for three hours...and had a workout and a blast. Recommend to wear comfortable sports clothes

Male bonding

Had been once before years ago, returned with friends while in Oz on holiday. Staff were friendly enough and very helpful/ patient while we got the knack for the safety knots. Will always recommend for its facilities location and self belaying walls


Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N

Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres

Address: Swanston St & Flinders St | Federation Square, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia


Must. Do. !!!!!

This activity/museum was absolutely amazing. It was a complete immersive experience into an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D-like training facility complete with actual props from the movies themselves in glass cases. Many interactive experiences as well and epic photo opportunities. Would describe them all, but wouldn't want to spoil something so amazing. We are all huge Marvel fans and this was the highlight of our trip. As soon as I caught a glimpse of the "A" logo while riding by in a tram, I knew I had to go there, and it was definitely worth it. Wonderfully detailed captions (in case you forgot some things and don't do regular reruns of the movies) everywhere too to explain. Don't need to be Marvel-obsessed to enjoy this experience, the captions do a great job of explaining stuff. Suitable and fun for all ages.

Marvel movies

Great day out.
The premise behind the activity is that you are heading through an Avengers training facility and on arrival you are briefed on the task at hand.
Full of information & movie props. Also includes a lot or science information.
Quite a number of interactive exhibits.
Very well done.
Staff are in character during the whole experience although most inly have knowledge of the movies & not the tv shows. Although if you see Agent White on the front door he will happily discuss Agents of Shield.

Awesome for Marvel fans

We really enjoyed ourselves here. Huge marvel fans. Interactive. My 4 year old daughter had just as much fun as us. Highlight of our Melbourne trip.

Superb experience

If you are a huge fan of Marvel fan, this is THE place to go see in the city! The experience is so much fun and any age group can enjoy.


Barkly Gardens

Fun & Games, Nature & Parks, Gardens, Playgrounds

Address: Coppin Street and, Mary St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9205 5555


Good park for the inner city livers

There has been some recent renos so the toilets are good and generally the place is looking good. There are picnic table, barbeques, shelter and a water fountain. Dogs are welcome here on and off lead. Playground is pretty good as well. Wheelchair friendly. Kid friendly. Pram/stroller accessible. Reasonable parking.

Very pleasant park that caters for kids and dogs

We live a couple kilometres from this park and occasionally head there as the kids really enjoy the playground. Previously we used to live a lot closer and we used to head there most days. I really like how the park is tucked away in a smaller street but is only a couple hundred metres from Swan St, and it has so much space for kids and dogs to run around and play. And now that the playground has been updated, it is even better.

Beautiful and secluded park

Barkly GardensIs one of Richmond's hidden gems. There is a large area for people to run their dogs and for kids to play. The playground has recently been upgraded and is preschool schoolchildren with a sandpit and feeling challenging climbing frame. There are also barbecue facilities which large groups often use.

Afternoon Stroll

Gorgeous walk through the gardens on a Sunday afternoon. A lovely way to spend time with friends and family.


Village Cinemas Gold Class

Fun & Games, Movie Theatres

Address: Jam Factory, 1st Floor, 500 Chapel St, Melbourne, Victoria South Yarra, 3141, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 555 400


Movie Date

I have been going to the Village Cinemas at the Jam Factory for almost 20years! In that time the centre itself (Jam Factory) has changed so much.. what once was a vibrant hub of cafes, restaurants & people, now resembles a ghost town. However one thing that never disappoints is a trip the movies! Village Cinemas are always so clean and comfortable, the staff are friendly, the pricing is affordable and it remains my cinema of choice! You just check out the Gold Class and Premium V facilities.

Amazing and well worth it!

The best way to take your loved one out and enjoy a decent movie in comfort and decadence. Seating was great, food and drinks are amazing!

Great movie, poor quality of food

My boyfriend and I watched Bohemian Rapsody at Crown Gold Class Cinemas. We were greeted upon entry and were escorted to our seats. The staff were polite however service was rather slow. If I could advise one thing about gold class - don’t bother ordering food/beverages. The mushroom, haloumi and spinach sounded mouth watering on the menu but when I took that first bite, it reminded me of something from my high school canteen. $24 effing dollars for 6 pieces between the 2 of us. Don’t get my started on the pulled pork burger with horseradish. I don’t mind a bit of horseradish but this was overpowering. The Buns were stale and at that moment, I wish we had stopped by hungry jacks as the burgers would have been way better. We also ordered shoestring fries which were probably the best thing out of the order.
Half way through the movie, it felt like someone had turned the thermostat to Antartica mode. Not sure if I was getting goosebumps from Freddie Mercury’s voice or that it was -100 degrees celcius in there. Would recommend bringing a blanket if you don’t want to freeze your butt off.
Luckily we used ticket vouchers as I would never pay for gold class. Ever. Seats are great, food is shyt.

Village Gold Class Southland

Visited Gold Class at Southland with my partner. During the movie we ordered two drinks that came to a total of $15. I gave the waiter $50 and he gave me $5 change but this was not evident until the lights came on at the end of the movie. I looked at the receipt and it said the I had given him $20. We complained to the manager and he tallied the till which was correct. The waiter had pocketed my $50 and put a $20 of his through the till. Clever as the customer is always wrong. The manager personally vouched for the staff member saying that he was a friend and he came from a good family. He manager said that he took offence to our accusation. I didn’t care about the $30 he stole but I wanted them to be aware that they have a theif working with them. Unfortunately emails to Village go unanswered.



Hoyts Melbourne Central Cinemas

Fun & Games, Movie Theatres

Address: Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, Swanston St &, La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 357 357



I went here to watch Aquaman with my friends. The area is not too crowded. The display and sound are excellent and the seat is very comfortable

Love it

We love the screen , the cleanliness, and since it's in a mall, easy to find plenty of options to.have food. Since we are Optus service users we get a special discount.

Easy to find, although we missed where to buy tickets on a lower floor!

Easy to get tickets once you know how and where. I stood in line for about 5 minutes, but the line moved quickly. Cinema room small and intimate but the sound was way too loud. My husband and I put earbuds in our ears to dim the sound. Other than that, clean and comfortable. Convenient toilets.

Nice Decor

We went to watch Bohemian Rhapsody in the Hoyts LUX section. We were greeted by a waitress and ordered drinks and a snack of hot chips. We also ordered drinks for the start of the movie. I couldn't help wondering about the uniforms the staff wore. They were decked out in horrible aprons and appeared to be wearing their own clothes underneath. I would have thought that a luxury cinema would deck their staff out in smarter gear. Anyway the movie was excellent and our reclining seats were comfy, our drinks arrived at the right time and they gave us free popcorn. Beware the step from the bar area it was lighted up but not obviously as a step. A few more female toilets wouldn't go astray as there was a long queue before the movie.


Strike Melbourne Central

Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres, Bowling Alleys

Address: Shop 305, Level 3/211 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 787 453


Staff are amazing

Great deals, amazing staff, fun times would 100000% recommend

Escape rooms-
Although the escape rooms there are not my favourite as I feel like they rush you through it, the story line, props and staff definitely make them worth a try

Always good music playing and really sets the vibe for a great time

Laser Tag-
Good layout and great fun

Good fun

A fun placeto to visit if your in the city. It's a great spot with a bunch of friends. They have a good bar.

Good game of bowling

I loved bowling when I was a kid and loved doing it as an adult. Cool spot on the CBD, great little bar and lots of fun! I also thought at $15 per game including shoe hire was very reasonably priced. You can also do lazer tag and escape rooms at this location.

Escape Room - Shutdown

My group of four attempted the Escape Room - 'Shutdown' on 27/03. This was our first time doing an escape room and we stumbled upon it on a lazy afternoon.

It was great fun! The room contained elements of horror as well as some tricky puzzles. Unfortunately we did not complete the room, however made it to the last puzzle.

Two escape rooms are available, I would recommend 'Shutdown' to anyone looking to fill in some time!

Price was $34 pp/ 4 pax


Simulator World

Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres

Address: 10 Star Circus | Harbour Town, Melbourne, Victoria 3008, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9642 3203


Cool fun!

I took my 12 year old here for a birthday treat and he raced against his uncle on the F1 simulator. They both had a awesome time and the staff were helpful and friendly.
We just turned up but there is only a small amount of simulators so might be a good idea to book in busy times.

Amazing Formula One and V8 supercar simulators

What a find! This place is a hidden gem. They have full motion Formula One simulators and I also tried GT3 cars on their smaller simulators. They have a nice little bar to have few drinks with your mates as well.

Pretty Cool...

The Machines are Cool, the Staff was very helpful......just don't pick the Hardest Track/s (Bathurst) just because it is local to you - Listen to their advice on tracks to do! Not cheap...but good Fun to kill a bit of time on a rainy afternoon.

Great place for Office Party

We had our office party here last last year and this is an amazing place for any function. Ample space, enough entertainment to keep everyone busy, besides the motion and F1 cars there is a pool table and karaoke with a big screen playing the latest music. Price is reasonable and everyone's feedback of the night was positive. The staff are excellent and helped me with every detail. The location is easy to get to being right opposite harbour town with a tram stop right out the front. Recommend this place for any function and would definitely come back.


Deep Space

Fun & Games, Room Escape Games

Address: 52 Moreland Rd, Brunswick, Moreland, Victoria 3056, Australia

Phone: +61 481 045 310



Had an absolute blast! It felt like an immersive video game crossed with a science fiction drama. There were some heart-racing moments! And also some great puzzles and opportunities to strengthen teamwork within the group.
Was super impressed with the AI character interaction and the clever sensors in the room that allow the AI to effectively communicate with us. The team member who welcomed us to the room and oversaw our experience was incredible friendly and enthusiastic.
Definitely recommend this adventure for those looking for something more than an ordinary escape room!
We made it out alive 😉

Excape room and narrative story rolled into one

Totally interactive escape room that is crossed with a narrative story, What you do changes the outcome of your experience so has multiple endings. We had a great time solving puzzles, finding props, and trying to work out how to survive. The AI was great to interact with. Caleb was fantastic as a guide. We did this activity as a family of 4 and it was a great bonding experience.

Best escape room I have ever visited

Like it says in the details it isn't your normal escape room it's much more of a narative story with multiple endings and an amazing story that played out with us as the two main charecters where every decision matters

Full on immersive experience

There were two of us who showed up to the 10:30pm session for our first escape room experience ... super intense, didn’t know what to expect, but Ash was super lovely and probably was the only one in the space that found it hilarious we were freakin out. Crazy experience kinda traumatised .. Didn’t win, but almost !!
Keen to try the more chilled room next time 😛



Fun & Games, Room Escape Games

Address: 38 - 40 Eaton Mall | Level 1, Oakleigh, Victoria 3166, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9912 8162

Great fun

What an amazing set up! Beautifully decorated with lots of details. A good brain work out! We enjoyed every minute. Very friendly host. We raccomanded strait away to family and friends! Can’t wait to go again for the other challenges.

So much fun!

We had a great time in the burlesque room. Great puzzles and fun surprise elements. I’ll be going back to do the other rooms for sure.

Hard but excellent

We are pretty new to escape roooms so don’t have a lot of experience in the kinds of puzzles we might encounter. We didn’t do well at all but had a fabulous time doing Burlesque and will definitely be back

Shock and awe

the hairs on my forehead were standing taller than the Empire State Building the entire time. A great thrilling experience I could not trade for the world. Succumbing to the shock and awe that is the escape room. 10/10 would recommend! jokes it was so bad lol


Lido Cinemas

Fun & Games, Movie Theatres

Address: 675 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia

Phone: +61 3 8658 0000


Great Cinema

Love this cinema. It is intimate, comfortable with a great selection of art house films. Love the feeling of the 1950s cafe with a yummy selection of food and drink.

Very dissapointing service

come for a movie on a nice friday night, as soon as we walked up to get our tickets she straight away said to throw our food from our bags. mid movie the same lady stands in front of the screen and starts lecturing us about trust and their ‘policy’ about food in the cinema and demands to take it off us. we give her our food and after the movie come downstairs to get it back only to discover that she had put it in the freezer and therefor completely ruined our dinners. i would not like to be treated like a child, and would not reccoment lido to anyone. overall rude workers and terrible service

More than a cinema

So much more personality than a chain cinema and great selection of movies make this one of my go to cinemas in the eastern suburbs. Lots of great dining options nearby as well.

Movie night

Great night out at the Lido cinemas. The staff are always friendly and happy to help. Good range of drinks and food available at the cinema and also so many great places to eat in Glenferrie rd before or after your movie.





Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres

Address: 305 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

Phone: +61 3 8595 1333


Fun for all ages!

We recently took our 84 year old Mum to vArcade for a Mother's Day experience with a difference. They adjusted the program for her when she couldn't understand what to do in some of the sections and kindly provided her with a seat so she didn't have to stand for the 45-50 minutes. We all loved our experience. It was great fun and very different. The staff member we dealt with was lovely and very helpful (going above and beyond). I would highly recommend this centre to anyone.

Really good fun

I have never experienced VR and am not into gaming so I was surprised to enjoy this so much. We did the experience package and laughed and chatted through the microphone/headphones the whole way through. Will def be back for the thrillseeker!!

Great Experience.

Had a great time, good way to experience new technology and be introduced into the VR gaming world. Will definitely do again.

Kids had an absolute ball playing Rick and Morty

My two kids and two nephews had a ball playing Rick and Morty here. As only four people could play at a time the staff allowed my sister and I to watch them play on the screens - it was hilarious. We could see what they were doing and what they were seeing.

Well worth the time and money my kids talked about it continuously for the next few hours.

Nice location upstairs inside the Brunswick street bookshop meant that we could look at the books when we arrived early.



VR Plus

Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres

Address: 272 Lygon St | Level 1, Melbourne, Victoria 3053, Australia

Phone: +61 421 259 999


Fun for a special occasion!

This is a great activity to do with kids (or even leave them at home):) There are lots of choices of games to play, both single and multiplayer and the service is quick and efficient. The headsets are comfortable- even though it gets a bit sweaty after a while depending on how active your game is!
Staff is great and very patient if you are first timers and they stay close throughout the game so if you need help they are right there.I have been both times with my family and we always have the best time.

Soooo much fun.

Always wanted to try and it was amazing. We had so much fun, the time went by so quick. We could've stayed for hours. Booked on - line the day before. Friendly staff and very helpful as we've never done it before so didn't know what we were doing. Lol. Daughter and i will be doing it again for sure. At 48 yr old, Never to old to have some fun.

The kids loved it

Took the kids to VR Plus. Easy to book online. Parking was a bit of a pain because it’s Carlton. I used a local car park so I didn’t have to worry about parking fines.
The kids had a great time but lots of stops and starts. At one stage my son had to be moved because the equipment wasn’t working properly.
The staff member was working hard. He was on his own and running from booth to booth. He was friendly and good humoured though. Very knowledgeable.
At $45 per hour per participant, it’s not cheap but they did have fun. They want to return.


Good setup, lots of games, friendly staff. Had a minor hardware issue, staff fixed without hassle and provided extra play time. Would recommend.



Rivoli Village Cinemas

Fun & Games, Movie Theatres

Address: 200 Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn East VIC 3123, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 555 400


Not So Gold Anymore

We booked ($6.50 to do so) to see a gold class movie at Village Rivoli on 25/2/19
On ordering one item on the menu was unavailable.
We asked for the food to come 1) drink straight away
2) All other orders 30 minutes in.
My order came as soon as the film started, part of my order was onion rings. They must have let them sit for a few minutes as the rings on top were cold on one half and hot on the other.
The drink that was meant to come straight away was the wrong drink that came 15 mins into the movie.
Then they came and said there was no lamb for the lamb Greek lamb wedges, so he ordered the burger which he found very tasty.
Gold glass (in the cinema) is starting to look tired and all the sets look like they need a good clean.

Nice environment for films

Rivoli offers an Art Deco vibe and a rooftop bar for pre-movie drinks. Part of a large chain, so refreshments exhorbitantly priced - BYO icecream cone and water.

Gold class is shabby

Have been to gold class at the rivoli twice the week , disappointing on both occasions.

Saw the mule in gold class cinema 5 and was seated in a broken seat that didn’t recline.
Advised the staff member upon delivering food and beverage ( we moved up one spot as the cinema was quiet ) only to be told next time you move tell me ,she did not seem very interested in why we moved .5/2/19

Retuned this evening to cinema 4 gold class tonight 7/2/19 to see green book ,in the arm of the seat where you lift up to put your bag away was a revolting damp / mouldy smell that lingered for close to 1 hour once opened briefly I quickly closed this and left my bag on the floor .

Upon leaving I reported my disappointment to the staff at the gold class desk who seemed not that interested my 2 poor experiences in the same week .
I remember when gold class was a high end experience, much like a first class flight , there used to be attention to detail and a care factor that made it a special experience, now it feels no different to general admission.
Not sure I would bother with the expense again .
A real shame for a local like me .

Beer and a Movie

I recently attended a preview screening of Green Book at the Rivoli and it was a great night out. Love the art deco surrounds and my husband was pretty chuffed that you can have a beer or wine while taking in a flick. Parking is a bit of an issue in Camberwell at times but we found a spot not that far away. Amazing movie at a wonderful historic venue!


Hopetoun Gardens

Nature & Parks, Fun & Games, Gardens, Playgrounds

Address: Victoria Street, Elsternwick, Glen Eira, Victoria, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9524 3333


An historic park well maintained, with events

A nice smallish municipal park. The cannon from WW1, have been there for 100 nyears so have many of the trees.
Musical events are staged from time to time, and there is a children's playground. and historic rotunda.
I have been been visiting this park all my 70 odd years and found it to be safe and peaceful, just on the Glenhuntly Road tramline and has on street parking on three sides.
A delightful place to wander if you aresingle, a young family or a couple

Historic trees

Like all gardens started over 120 years ago, there are old trees and cannons. Hopetoun Gardens is a pleasant place, with flowers, a good playground, rotunda, shady seats and public toilets.

Hopetoun Gardens

This is a wonderful space for a picnic and for children to discover the plants which are well labeled. fun play area as well!

Walking the dog 🐶

Hopetoun Gardens is a great park for walking the dog.
Many dog owners congregate there.
At first you get to know each other by the name of the dog.
e. g. "there's Chloe,
the little Maltese x poodle or
that's Bam bam, the Schnauzer "
Eventually you'll learn their owners names.
Dog owners are a very friendly bunch and love to talk about their dogs.
So if your feeling lonely find yourself a dog and go meet some dogs and make some new friends too.


North Road Reserve

Fun & Games, Nature & Parks, Playgrounds

Address: Brighton VIC 3186, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9599 4444


UpGrade Finished!

The upgrade to the childrens playground is now finished, making it a really fun place for young children. The nearby North Point Cafe is worth a visit as well.

Lovely walks and fun for children

You can walk either way from this reserve and my grandchildren loved the play area. Apparently the concil have plans to upgrade the equipment as well so should be even better.

A beach location that has it all

The end of North Rd. is a lovely spot for an afternoon. It has a great playground for the kids, a very nice restaurant and beach walks in both directions. It is also a great viewing spot for new year's eve fireworks.

Playground, Cafe, and Bay Views

This location has a fenced childrens playground, with sun awnings so the kids can play without being about to wander off, or get too much sun.The Council is going to upgrade the playground shortly, so presumably will be out of action for a while, There is a toilet block close by, and the North Road Point Cafe only meters away. Great view across the bay towards the city skyline.


Harleston Park

Nature & Parks, Fun & Games, Playgrounds

Address: 47 Allison Rd, Elsternwick VIC 3185, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9524 3333


It has it all

What a great park. It has a hill for climbing and a lot of playground equipment for the kids. There are also bench seats in the sun and in the shade. Picnic tables and BBQs come with shelter for when you need it. Finally there are public toilets and gardens.

seize the moment

This is my local park, and it's provided hours of play and activity to 2 generations of my family. Perfect for parties (there's a gazebo and barbecue and heaps of picnic tables in both shade and sun). The long slide is famous around these parts. Just be aware, the current configuration of play equipment is soon to be entirely upgraded so if you want your next generation to experience the activities you knew so well, you'd better get cracking!

Lovely neighbourhood Park with lots of equipment for children to play on

This is a lovely park area with many pieces of play equipment for children to while away an afternoon at play. The park gets quite busy on the weekends with families

Family friendly local park

Harleston Park in Elsternwick is situate between Allison Road and Seymour Street. It is a quiet family friendly park. BBQ facilities, play area for children and a giant slide.



Royal Park

Fun & Games, Nature & Parks, Playgrounds

Address: Gatehouse St | Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria 3052, Australia

kite flying

Great open park for flying a kite on a windy day!
Park is huge- near the RCH and the zoo...lots of open spaces to relax and enjoy... take a picnic, a footy or even the kids bikes to ride around. Serviced by trams nearby. Looking a bit dry at the moment- but where in Victoria isn't!

Great surprise

We picked this place because we just had a few hours to rest before taking the next plane. We expected a kind of noise place but it was amazing. Excellent service, food, very clean and quiet. Highly recommended

Parkland in the City

Royal Park located in North Melbourne close to the Children's Hospital. Largest parkland area in Melbourne. Large grassland areas for walking the dog or kicking a football. Includes a kids Nature Playground a Billabong, tennis courts and playing oval.

Springtime walks

I passed the Woody Meadow (near Royal Park station) again today to see how much things had grown after the recent rain. Much is in flower and the new growth is a lighter colour. It is a pleasant walk along the Capital City Trail, which is lit in the evenings.


TunzaFun Harbour Town Docklands

Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres

Address: Harbour Town L 1 37 Star Cres | Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria 3008, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9670 7575


Saturday Fun.

Was quite small, however that didn’t stop my family and I (all teenagers) to have such a fun time at TunzaFun!

Kids had a great time 🙂

We went to Docklands on the way back from the city as the kids really wanted to go to TunzaFun. We ended up getting a $25 deal where you get unlimited turns on the yellow machines, 10 turns of red machines, 3 turns of purple machines and then one ride of the movie roller coaster ride. I think we were there for a good few hours so I thought it was great value. The kids really enjoyed it. The staff were friendly and helpful. Next time we're at Docklands again, I'm sure we'll end up back there with the kids.

Great staff, small arcade, excellent simulator ride

Visited with my 8yo son out of local school holidays and had plenty of time to explore.

Games are clean and well maintained. We bought a $20 card that got us $24 in credit.

Has Balladium which is $12 for two people, where you get to shoot foam balls out of air canons at targets, or each other, for about ten minutes in a backlit room.

The best attraction was the XD theatre which is a 3D screen with moving chairs. $8 per ride, four different "tracks". The best one is the canyon coaster.

We will return.

Great way to spend a couple of hours with young kids

$20 bucks kept our young fella in games for an hour and trying hard to win tickets for a prize. Another $24 got the family on the 4d simulator ride which was great but made me feel quite ill. Good clean fun


That VR Joint

Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres

Address: 450 Smith St, Fitzroy, Yarra, Victoria 3066, Australia

Phone: +(61)4358000014


great place

Ebony has done a great job with electronic sign in ,and up dated the counter area.Also wonderful idea bringing in the old school atari and nintendedo for the oldies waiting for the kids.

Didn't want to leave

Excellent facility, great staff and heaps of fun. There were lots of games to choose from and excellent equipment. Really good value

Good first visit

My 2 kids aged 10 & 7 wanted to try this place out. 10 yo loved it but 7 yo required a lot of help from staff as she couldn't work out what robot was instructing jer to do

Good place for an hour adventure testing various VR games. I loved it

The place was nice spacious and clean and the guy who looked after the place was super friendly and helpful explained thoroughly all the games and gave lots of tips and was able to select games of interest I would recommend it. see you all there 🙂


The Break Room

Fun & Games, Game & Entertainment Centres

Address: 29 Budd St, Collingwood, Yarra, Victoria 3066, Australia


Overall, a really different and fun one-off activity

Okay so I'm not going to lie, this was super fun, who wouldn't enjoy smashing a few things?!

Though, for me the crate of breakables went fast. Of course the extra crate is available, but at another $30! I mean, the whole thing is already pricey for an experience that goes by very quickly.

Now, I understand this is probably for safety reasons, but I felt this detracted from my experience, and it was the feeling of having no privacy when smashing in the room as they have a viewing window at the back of the room (which is fine), but they also have one right on the side where the employee can see you. A little privacy to get angry/vent/cry would of been quite nice.

Overall, a really different and fun one-off activity.

Extremely Fun

Such a great time! Was easy to book a session for 3 of us online, all the staff were super helpful, professional and fun on the day, and it was easy to find. The smashing of things itself was awesome, loved having the tunes pumping. Highly recommend this activity, and getting extra crates to smash as well as thinking about your playlist beforehand!

So much fun!

We had the BEST time here! The smashing itself was obviously AWESOME but also the staff were really friendly and seemed just as excited as us! Exactly the kind of atmosphere you want when you’re about to do something that would usually get you in lots of trouble! Any nerves just disappear. You’re able to choose what music plays (I recommend something by FIDLAR) and the safety gear is all in great condition. Definitely going to recommend it to everyone who will listen, would give it more than 5 stars if I could!

For A Smashing Good Time....

The Break Room is a unique venue that allows you to let out all of your frustrations with a baseball bat and breakables!

Your ticket gets you time in the room and a crate full of breakables - glass wear, plates, mugs and whatever the owner has on hand (my last visit there were some vinyl records!). You are also allowed to bring in some of your own items if you want! I opted to bring some garden gnomes and a heap of glitter.

The owner Ed is a great, laid back guy and a pleasure to deal with!

This is an awesome experience if you're looking for something a little different. I've been a few times and even gave gift vouchers to friends at Christmas time!!


Gahan Reserve

Nature & Parks, Fun & Games, Playgrounds

Address: 118 Park St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9205 5205


Gahan Reserve in Abbotsford.

This is an area for children to run around and let off some steam after being inside for some hours. The fresh air does wonders for them and they are much better behaved after being active outdoors.

Lovely inner city park

Nice parkland that is surrounded by old houses and has the railway viaduct with it as well. The grounds are nice and green with space to toss a ball and play. The playground equipment is simple but useful. This is a dog off-leash park so expect that pooches may come and sniff you. Please pick up your dog poo. There is a barbeque, picnic tables and water fountain.
Entry to the Collingwood Railway Station is nearby.
Wheelchair friendly. Stroller / pram friendly. Reasonable parking but watch out for those parking inspectors.

Beautiful park

Almost enclosed by old houses and the railway viaduct, the park is filled with a mix of grass, flowering plants, play equipment, palm trees, and BBQ/picnic facilities.

Good park where space is short

Gahan Park is in Park Street, Abbotsford. The inner city is short on space, so this park is welcome. Gahan Park is an off-leash area, so your pooch can go for a run. The park also has a BBQ area with tables and seating, with a drinking fountain. There is a playground for your ankle-biters. As usual, the City of Yarra does a first-class job of maintaining the park.


Morang Reserve

Nature & Parks, Fun & Games, Playgrounds

Address: 70 Morang Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia


What a playground

Kids drag their parents along here because it has such a great playground. Along with good walking tracks, open spaces and large trees to have some respite from the heat, it's worth while visiting.
You'll often see families having picnics here.
Wheelchair friendly. Kid friendly Pretty good parking.

Playground, shade and seating

There are walking tracks, much grassland, and a big playground here. It is a great place for a picnic or just to sit on a hot evening in Summer. The Wurundjeri Garden is close by as well.

This park could be amazing

It is unfortunate the local Boroondara council have been so prolonged in their post soil testing and fencing off the rock face of this park. The fencing has been in place for at least 8 months and the contained area, which was frequented by local children as an adventure and exploration area, has been left to become overgrown and an eyesore. The council has failed to provide regular communication and consultation with local residence re future changes to this area. Signs that have been placed on the fencing have no date of issue. The playground is limited and suits children under 8yrs. This park could be amazing if planned and maintained.

Good not great

Not a the best park in area but it's still worth a visit for a picnic. Probably the worst parking I've seen at a park anywhere in Melbourne. The wurundjeri garden on the other side of glan Avon rd is worth a look and a good spot to see local flora


Cork and Canvas

Classes & Workshops, Fun & Games, Paint & Pottery Studios

Address: 106 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Phone: +61 499 007 234


Fabulous Fun!

We are a mature couple who got given this night as a gift and we absolutely loved it!! So much fun but also so much learnt! The brilliant Erika stepped us through our Picasso portraits of each other and Zizan helped us on the floor! Cannot recommend this night of fun highly enough! Do it!

So much fun!

I've never painted in my life but you don't have to know how to paint to enjoy this. The instructor was super friendly and helpful and the three hours just flew by. Highly recommend.

Something different for a girls' night out

Cork and Canvas is a great idea for a girls' night out. You supply the wine, and the venue supplies acrylic paint and canvases. Experienced painters will guide your artistic endeavors. For a hens' night, why not have a life class?.In other words. a naked male as a model? Judging from the paintings I saw, Margaret Preston's place as the iconic Australian female painter is not under threat but it's a lot of fun just having a go. Cork and Canvas is just down from Moonee Ponds junction, easily accessible by car, tram or train. It's a nice, bright studio.

Paint your pet!

Ive been going to classes for 3 years and this is my first painting a pawtrait. I placed pressure on myself to paint my Furry child purrrfect. The team and Cork and Canvas pre drew the outline fron a picture I sent them, then gave me tips and advice along the way, and this is the Pawesome result. Im really impressed, now to find a photo for the next class. thank you C&C


Cork and Canvas

Classes & Workshops, Fun & Games, Paint & Pottery Studios

Address: 106 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Phone: +61 499 007 234


Fabulous Fun!

We are a mature couple who got given this night as a gift and we absolutely loved it!! So much fun but also so much learnt! The brilliant Erika stepped us through our Picasso portraits of each other and Zizan helped us on the floor! Cannot recommend this night of fun highly enough! Do it!

So much fun!

I've never painted in my life but you don't have to know how to paint to enjoy this. The instructor was super friendly and helpful and the three hours just flew by. Highly recommend.

Something different for a girls' night out

Cork and Canvas is a great idea for a girls' night out. You supply the wine, and the venue supplies acrylic paint and canvases. Experienced painters will guide your artistic endeavors. For a hens' night, why not have a life class?.In other words. a naked male as a model? Judging from the paintings I saw, Margaret Preston's place as the iconic Australian female painter is not under threat but it's a lot of fun just having a go. Cork and Canvas is just down from Moonee Ponds junction, easily accessible by car, tram or train. It's a nice, bright studio.

Paint your pet!

Ive been going to classes for 3 years and this is my first painting a pawtrait. I placed pressure on myself to paint my Furry child purrrfect. The team and Cork and Canvas pre drew the outline fron a picture I sent them, then gave me tips and advice along the way, and this is the Pawesome result. Im really impressed, now to find a photo for the next class. thank you C&C


Central Gardens

Nature & Parks, Fun & Games, Playgrounds

Address: 32 Henry St, Hawthorn, Boroondara, Victoria 3122, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9278 4444

Rocket Park!

Attended a large family celebration here. Central location. Plenty of nearby car parking, Well maintained garden and lawn areas. Good facilities including toilets, picnic tables, bbqs and playground with rocket ship feature. Rocket Park!

Scented pleasure

Rocket Park is so close to home that I sometimes underrate it as just a conduit to Glenferrie Rd. But you should take the time to enjoy the plantings and magnificent trees. There is something blooming and fragrant 12 months of the year. Enjoy young families playing on the excellent equipment and ethnic groups picnicking year round.

A family favourite

Central Gardens (or Rocket Park as it is known) is great for kids of all ages. The playgrounds are well kept and the grassed areas are fine to kick a footy (well, not too far). Popular with local Swinburne students, the BBQs can sometimes be hard to get but it's always a good natured crowd. We've held birthdays here, and sometimes just get fish & chips from Pelican to eat in the park.

Rocket Ship ready for launch

This is a great park with so many things. The playground has a 3 storey rocket ship for the kids to climb on, quite scary for me. There are old trees and interesting plants. The lawns are extensive, there is seating, picnic tables and BBQs, and there are public toilets. It is all well maintained, too.


Sir Robert Menzies Reserve

Nature & Parks, Fun & Games, Playgrounds

Address: Malvern VIC 3144, Australia


A nice locals park

This is a nice little park to walk the dogs, and have a run around with the kids. It has a fenced kids play area that is quite good with swings and a climbing frame.

Dogs off leash

This large park has a big oval that allows dogs off leash and a fenced playground. I thought I was in luck finding public toilets, but on a weekday morning I found them locked.There are some seats in shade and in sun, but no real shelter from the elements.

Nothing special compared to other parks in area

Lot of potential in a great location. The playground is ok but nothing compared to other playgrounds in area. The huge grass areas and the walking track are great..

Multi-use parkland

For years I'd driven past this park and had the impression that it was an attractive bit of open space but long and narrow. Wrong. When I visited the park with a friend who was investigating finding accommodation in one of the boundary streets I discovered it is much larger and more user-friendly than I'd realised. There is a children's playground with swings, climbing and a slide, wisely set well back from busy Toorak Rd. There is a sports ground: cricket in summer, football in winter. Off-leash dog-walking is allowed. There are public toilets. And there are boundary trees, open lawns, and a few bench seats. The reserve is pretty much level, being situated on relatively high ground before the land falls away down to Gardiners Creek. All in all, a valuable community facility serving the surrounding residential streets.
Sir Robert Menzies was a significant Australian politician whose electorate took in Malvern East, Kew etc. He lived in Haverbrack Ave, Malvern.
The reserve is under the control of the City of Stonnington local government.

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