wedding at Rippon Lea estate

Best 20 Gardens for Wedding Photographs around Melbourne


Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: Birdwood Ave, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9252 2300

Wonderful venue

For a wedding..... Went to friends wedding on a short trip to Melbourne. What an incredibly beautiful setting. Wonderful gardens, with the skyscraper city backdrop. Wonderful...

Amazing views

Visited the garden with friends for a couple of times, it's a great place to relax and enjoy a nice talk with a friend.

Always wonderful

We took the chance to catch up with family, sunny day and the gardens as always were perfect. Attended the childrens garden for the first time ever, what a great spot to take smaller members of the family for an explore!

Relax from city life ... imagine...

Many visitors come to Melbourne to wander the laneways and sample the treats and boutique shopping. Many come for the sports events and cultural events, some if they spend the time head to the 'Tan' the Royal Botanical Gardens - a calm retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city - a space to walk, meditate and just be... take a picnic, bring your dog, wander through the easily accessible paths or head off down to one of the fern gulleys. Or if you are feeling particularly energetic - bring your running shoes and jog around the multiple jogging paths... a treat - right near the heart of Melbourne... just imagine...


St Kilda Botanical Gardens

Nature & Parks, Sights & Landmarks, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Gardens

Address: 11 Herbert St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9209 6777

A respite from the rest of St Kilda

A lovely park to escape the grunge and grime of the rest of St. Kilda.

Unfortunate that the backpackers utilize the restrooms and the sinks for full body showers and washing of plates and utensils. Perhaps directions to the nearby beach and the benefits of saltwater to the skin could be plastered throughout the restrooms for their benefit and ours!!

Well maintained gardens

Lovely stroll around the gardens, plenty to see with a vast array of trees & roses & various ferns in the greenhouse, little haven, worth a visit if in the area, loved the solar powered rain man on the pin with his umbrella ☂️.

A respite from the rest of St Kilda

A lovely park to escape the grunge and grime of the rest of St. Kilda.

Unfortunate that the backpackers utilize the restrooms and the sinks for full body showers and washing of plates and utensils. Perhaps directions to the nearby beach and the benefits of saltwater to the skin could be plastered throughout the restrooms for their benefit and ours!!

Lovely space

Lovely gardens, with a good collection of fauna. We were privileged to observe a wedding in grounds, which was very special.


Fitzroy Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9658 9658

One Park, but many Points of Interest

The Fitzroy Gardens are one of the most historic parks in Melbourne and it’s location, within just a short few minutes’ walk west from the CBD, makes this an ideal visit.

Grab a “Discover Fitzroy Gardens” pamphlet from one of the various Visitor Info Centres in the City, or even the one located at the southern end of the park itself.

It will help you navigate the many criss-crossing paths throughout and easily locate the many points of interests to see.

Some of the interesting stops include; Captain Cook’s Cottage, the historic Fairy Tree, the Model Tudor Village, as well as several fountains and the manicured gardens throughout.

So much to see

Beautiful gardens in the heart of the city & great to meander through, so many vantage points including James Cooks house and close to the war memorial so easy to see more than attraction in close proximity, it’s hard to believe there are so many beautiful spaces & parts to visit in this cast city. Was gutted not to see any possums but even at twilight when we returned they were no where to be seen, little blighters! Lol

A beautiful place to run!!

Sooo close to the city so a great place to run at lunchtime! beautiful for a romantic stroll too and how about a picnic! I looove this park and run in it / through it, whenever I am in Melbourne!


I have been here many times in the past and is my ‘go to place’ to reconnect with nature. There are a number of quiet places to sit in nature with water features and many large trees. What forethought from Melbourne’s early planners to retain this as a beautiful garden space so close to the central business district. There are many paths to wander and soak it all up!


Veg Out Community Gardens St Kilda

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: cnr Shakespeare Grove & Chaucer Street, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Loved the Gardens

I love that these community gardens have a sandpit plus a coffee cafe .....suits all ages. Loved the chooks and the birds too ......a very organized communiyt garden . Congrats St. Kilda !!

Former Lawn Bowls Club

The 100 year old former City of St Kilda Lawn Bowls Club as taken over by St Kilda's Jewish migrants for decade or so but then they moved to Caulfield and abandoned the club, including many improvements. It a derelict for a few years and the greens overgrown with weeds. Later this Crown Land was converted into Veg Out to grow plants and crops. Some of the plots are well maintained but others produce little.


Loved walking around this community garden. It is basically an allotment, but the people maintaining their areas have made this quirky and put lots of effort into making this a lovely and relaxing space

Giant Sunflowers!

Found this quirky community garden by accident. Hopped off tram on my first visit to St Kilda and kept walking, turned corner into suburban street and then...sunflowers! Wrought iron! Statues! Sculptures! Painted timber! Brightly coloured letter boxes! Vegies! Sheds! Butterflies! All quite surreal with the backdrop of Luna Park. If you just want to wander amongst lovingly tended plants and flowers, this is the place. Delightful. All you need is 10 mins!


Queen Victoria Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

Phone: 9658 9658

Shady, lawns and floral clock

The Gardens are a pleasant place for a walk in most weathers. I like to drop in on the floral clock to see what is in flower, but it is also cool in the hot weather, with lawns to sit on (handy for picnics) and shade to enjoy.

Nice place to take a walk

The Queen Victoria Gardens are nice to go for a walk though or even see if there is an event on at MPavilion.

Big Park

Another big park in the center of town, impressive that the city has supported so many green spaces and the people use them.

Nice for a morning run

Next to the Botanical gardens, nice park, cool for a jog. Some war memorials for Australians fallen in wars.


Rippon Lea Estate

Nature & Parks, Sights & Landmarks, Gardens, Historic Sites

Address: 192 Hotham St, Elsternwick VIC 3185, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9523 6095

Wonderful house and garden

Rippon Lea is a grand old house with a large and splendid garden. The National Trust volunteers were excellent, particularly Helen who conducted our tour of the house. The tour is highly recommended, and a meander around the garden is a must.

Beautiful way to escape the madness for an hour of so........

Get lost in time and grandure at Rippon Lea Estate. Visit the gardens with a picnic lunch or sit by the old pool aand chill. The City and madness outside the gates - you in beautiful surroundings. Great for Events too !

#1 posh place outting

I was surprised. The size and how beautiful the gardens where. Guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. Perfect way to spend a posh Sunday afternoon.

Terrific Teddy's!

We went to the Teddy Bears' Picnic at Rippon Lea today and it was brilliant! There was so much to see and do. Our highlights were all the children's activities - Punch & Judy, native animals, craft, carnival rides and the teddy bear parade. We even spotted Spider-Man in the fernery!
The only thing I'd change would be the weather. Was around 34 and sun all day which wasn't ideal but great excuse to buy ice creams!

Family tickets were $45 but as we are National Trust members meant we had free entry. Speaking to one of the lovely volunteers today, she let me know that their Easter event day coming up is another family friendly event that is also free for members. We will definitely be back for that.
We love Rippon Lea and really enjoy spending our time there.


King's Domain Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: Alexandra Ave, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9658 9658

Food for the soul

At the size of just about 20 American Football Fields, this lovely park could be all things to all people ... if it wanted to (but it does not). Enjoy it for what it is: a respite from urbanization and a place to breathe deeply.

Grass this green is a sensory delight. The surrounding tall glass modern buildings only make the contrast all the more evident. Australia has a philosophy best defined as 8-8-8 (work, sleep, and recreation all in proportion).

Parks are a big part of that game plan; Public gardens are plentiful, free, and mostly within a somewhat close range to make this recreating part of their lives a distinct possibiity.

Part of the Kings Domain encompasses the War Memorial and Remembrance Gardens, etc. One of our favorite parts of he park was the depiction of two WW I soldiers in a scupture entitled "The Driver and the Wipers Memorial." Wipers is the anglicized pronunciation of Ypres (Belgium) as opposed to those things we have on our car's windshield.

The Driver holds a horse crop, bridles, and he wears spurs and the characteristic "Brody" steel helmet. Called a "salad bowl" by the Germans, or a dishpan hat by the allies, it was the first time combatants went into modern warfare with protective helmets.

His complement is an infantryman (The "Wiper") on the other side of the monument; he holds a standard military issue rifle with a fixed bayonet. and his expression speaks volumes. A German spiked helmet (first designed in the 1800's) lies at his feet. Powerful symbolism there. Both of these moving pieces are recasts of ones from originals in the U.K.

The Kings Domain park is spectacular in every way and in every respect.


I don't know how they manage to keep these gardens so green and flowery in such a dry climate, but they are gorgeous and huge. Big flower gardens, big trees, large lawns.

Shady and green

It's been a long summer and yet Melbourne's Kings Domain park has shady trees with plenty of flowering plants and lush green grass where you can enjoy being out of the sun.Plenty of pathways to explore the Shrine, the views of Melbourne and the various historic statues. Free parking available after 12:30 on a Saturday

So much here

There is much to see here, with a number of memorials, lawns, gardens, and a fountain. There is the statue of Australia's first Governor General, the Victorian Mounted Rifles Memorial, the Weary Dunlop Memorial, and the Police Memorial. It is easy walking and there are shady areas, as well as lawns to rest on.


Catani Gardens

Outdoor Activities, Nature & Parks, Biking Trails, Gardens, Beaches

Address: St Kilda West VIC 3182, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9209 6777

Great public space

This space is very well laid out with good walking paths. It appears very safe and clean and green even in summer.

Local bayside park

This park is a great place to have a picnic next to the beach at the bayside end of Fitzroy street, also hosts many public events well worth a visit

Park by the Bay

A very pretty city park along the waterfront, a very pleasant place to be in warm weather. it was a little too hot when we were there, so we lasted only a short while, but it was very pretty.

Summer Attraction

Medium sized park with exotic mature trees although unfortunately a few were blown over on a storm about 10 years ago and have not been replaced. I live nearby and visit the park regularly. In 2018 the original Carlo Catani designed rockery wall on the seaward side was restored. The walls purpose is to prevent any storm surge from St Kilda Harbour. The problem with vagrants camping in the part on the seawall side persists which leads to litter and rubbish. However most of the gardens is vagrant free.


Royal Exhibition Building

Sights & Landmarks, Nature & Parks, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Gardens, Architectural Buildings Beaches

Address: 9 Nicholson St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Phone: +61 3 8341 7777

Absolutely stunning !!!

Really worthwhile to see - if you get a chance to get inside you'll be more than rewarded. We attended the Melb International Flower and Garden Show and were stunned to see how large it is inside. The best part were the painted domes up above. Can't praise it enough.

have been coming here for years

this historic building has been in use as an exhibition centre for over a century spanning 3 centuries used for anything from garden show to hot rods and even a 10 day band expo back in the late 1970s

Well worth a walk

We were staying at Carlton so it was a lovely walk to the Exhibition Building which is stunning. There is a good explanation of the history of the building which gives insight into an era long past. It's well worth a walk to see this amazing building.

Melbourne Garden Shpw

This was and excellent garden show and a truly beautiful building to accommodate the inside section. The grounds were delightful and exhibits top class.


Treasury Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: 2-18, 2-18 Spring St, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9658 9658

Green Beauty Of Melbourne's Parks And Gardens

Melbourne has great garden assets and this is one on the edge of the city with more to see that one might expect. Of all the times I have walked through these gardens the JFK Memorial was just another pond with ducks. In additional to this Japans inspired garden are there are large tree-lined walkways and expanses of pleasant lawn and a few statues to bring history into reflection.All on the edge of the city.

Very Beautiful

This park is truly beautiful with the fully-grown and manicured landscaping. Right next to the CBD the gardens provide an oasis and a getaway.

.great GARDENS

IWe were amazed at the size and variety in these gardens - lakes, statues, plants, etc so close to the city.

Stunning gardens so close to the city

These gardens have a lot to offer. We are blessed to live in a city that values green space. In the gardens you’ll find seats, fountains. Wasted taps, beautiful grass, awesome trees (someone has great foresight) and access to both the City and the MCG.
Not uncommon to see politicians being it reviewed here as it’s next to Parliament House. In summer his place is packed with weddings and brides/grooms getting their photos taken. Quite entertaining.
Parking is good in Lansdowne Street. Wheelchair friendly. Kid friendly. Ideal for picnics. Food shops about a five minute walk away.


Flagstaff Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: 309-311 William St, West Melbourne VIC 3003, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9658 9658


A beautiful oasis in the middle of the city near the Queen Victoria Markets. Always filled with city workers enjoying the sun on a warm day, joggers and locals practicing tai Chi under the beautiful big tree. In the early days of Melbourne settlement the Flagstaff Hill was the highest point in the city and they would keep an eye out for ships entering the harbour - good luck seeing the harbour today!

City Park

One of many city parks around, this one very close to the CBD. Nice to have so much green space in a busy city.

Getting Lit with the Possums

Great place to get gacked under ‘the big tree’. Friendly possums who lick up liquid waste, with bins located near by for Fruity Lexia goon boxes and your dignity. Good for networking, can find any taste to satiate your cooking.

Famous for its view of the bay

Flagstaff Gardens offer Melbourne's highest natural viewpoint. The Gardens look out over Port Phillip Bay. In the old days, when a ship was sighted entering the port, the flag was raised. Thus, it is called Flagstaff Gardens. The Gardens are near the legal precinct and are popular with city workers letting off steam at lunchtime. The Gardens have some flower beds, and also a bowling green. The Gardens are not far from the Victoria Market. Probably the best way to get there is via the Flagstaff Station on the City Loop, .or you can get a tram.


Carlton Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: 1-111 Carlton St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9658 9658

Outside the City Museum

We loved the museum so we went several times and enjoyed the gardens on our way to and fro. Beautiful landscaping, great condition. Next to the CBD.

Carlton Gardens

Once again Trip Advisor has the wrong desitination as it is in Carlton, a part of Melbourne but not Melbourne CBD. It is wellworthwhile a visit and has the Royal Exhibition Buildings and the Museum. It can be easily reached bu the City Circle Tram

Nice park

Take a walk in this large park, picnic, read a good book, simply relax. To discover when you're near the place.

Beautiful walk

Always enjoy this part of town. A great walk through the area and the gardens never disappoint. Would recommend taking a stroll.


St Vincent Gardens

Nature & Parks, Fun & Games, Gardens, Playgrounds

Address: 1-111 Carlton St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Beautiful Park in the best street in Melbourne.

A beautiful park between St Vincent's Place North and South. Worth taking a walk on the outside to see the parade of 1880's boom architecture. Within the park is a bowling green, tennis courts, lawns,toilets, shade trees and a good children's playground at the western end. The #1 tram to South Melbourne Beach cuts through the middle on Montague St.

Lovely gardens

Really pretty gardens with plenty of seating. Lovely to visit with a picnic at lunch time. Not far from Albert Park shops.

Streetscape is impressive

The gardens are pleasant, with a bowling green, public toilets, shady spots, lawns, old trees and a playground. However, the old mansions that surround it are well worth a look, too.

This is the park you want to visit!

Forget the famnous park with the big lake. This much smaller park has much more soul and is a lovely little park to visit


Williamstown Botanic Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: Giffard St & Osborne Street, Williamstown VIC 3016, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9932 1000

Beautiful and tranquil

We visited the botanical gardens just after a long drive to Melbourne and it was a lovely place for us to unwind and enjoy the tranquility of the gardens. There’s a beautiful boab tree there too!

Lovely walk

lovely walk Took walk through the gardens while visiting. Well worth a visit if you are in the area. Highly recommended. Date of experience: March 2019 Williamstown Botanic Gardens 158 reviews Williamstown, Australia

Historic But Basic

It was established in 1860 and is one of the oldest Botanical Gardnes in Victoria and has some interesting features including gates, a statue and a small lake. It has some interesting and unique trees but it is not at its full potential and one might expect funding is the issue. Pity as it has a a great location and potential.

Lovely, but small green space

This is a small botanical gardens within walking distance of the Williamstown shopping district and foreshore. It's a pleasant green space with a water feature and some interesting specimen trees, including an avenue of tall palm trees and some big old fig trees. Don't come here expecting anything too amazing. It's simply a good place for a stroll or a picnic.


Como House and Gardens

Sights & Landmarks, Nature & Parks, Historic Sites, Gardens

Address: Williams Rd & Lechlade Ave, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9656 9889

Vintage Clothing Sale

Great opportunity to hunt down a really nice vintage bargain as well as visit a beautiful example of a Melbourne historic home. There are gorgeous gardens to sit and relax in, take photos and get a meal or just a coffee.

Carols at Como

Went to the free Christmas Carols at Como Park. It was absolutely beautiful. Everyone had brought picnics/alcohol and were enjoying a lovely evening together listening to carols. There were food trucks there too and you could also buy candles so that it was lit by candlelight when it got dark. Song booklets were available to song along too. The fireworks at the end of the night were amazing! Would definitely recommend a Christmas visit.

Great place

It’s amazing building and garden. We enjoyed the visit in the area. You don’t need a lot of time for the visit over there

Como House

Como House is a National Trust property, easily reachable by No 58 tram from William Street [Melbourne CBD].


Melbourne Zoo

Outdoor Activities, Nature & Parks, Zoos & Aquariums, Gardens

Address: Outdoor Activities, Nature & Parks, Zoos & Aquariums, Gardens

Phone: +61 1300 966 784

Excellent day out and affordable

After a recent visit to taronga zoo we were hesitant about visiting another zoo, but we were so glad we did. Melbourne is well layed out and you are closer to the animals. The c gardens are lovely to stroll around and parking is affordable. We have visited a few zoo's but this was our favourite.


I'm amazed. Last visit here was just a normal zoo. Now it's completely different. Open large areas for different regions. Makes for a great day out. A large underwater area for seals and more. African planes. Jungles with elephants. Leemas from Madagascar. It goes on. Kids will love it as it's now more fun then zoos of old.

Good day out

Loved the zoo. Well set out and planned you don’t backtrack at all. Good that there are more than one place to get something to eat though would be expensive for families. You got to see most of the animals

Always a favourite

Easy access car & public transport. Great place for picnic meeting friends. Dino Park Good. Best is orang-utans & gorillas.


Alexandra Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: 3 Boathouse Dr, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9658 9658

BBQ's, seats, trees, the river = perfect

Ok it was a weekday and i know it gets really busy on weekends but it really was a great venue to have a bbq'd steak and show off Melbourne to our visitors as a constant stream of boats, bike riders, walkers and joggers streamed past.The trees provided the shade and the breeze off the water was cooling.

Decent gardens next to the river.

These are lovely decent gardens, located just next to the Yarra river. We took a 30-minute stroll through the gardens and felt we've done everything which can be done there.

A Pleasant Garden For Relaxation

This small garden is beautiful and pleasant for people to relax. It has great choice of botanical plants and a small pond that attracts water birds and ducks. Excellent place for the nearby residents to relax here.

nice walk next to the river

This is next to the Yarra River and a few minutes' walk from Flinders Station. I've cycled thru here years back so it was nice to have a stroll again today on a cool winter afternoon.
There is a good view of the Melbourne buildings, benches where one can relax or hang out. The lawn was well maintained.
It's near the Olympic areas and right across Queen Victoria Gardens.


Grattan Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: Prahran VIC 3181, Australia

Now with traffic calming

The Gardens have been enhanced at Greville Street with road treatments and seating and some beautiful overhead lights in the shape of fuschias. The effect is quite attractive and slows the traffic down.

Take the children

Grattan Gardens is a great little park the take the children to play on the equipment or ride there bike in the busy area of Prahran. Looks like it has been upgraded recently.

A patch of Green

A cute little park with a wandering path and a few very large trees. Located a block behind the shopping strip - a pretty patch of green. Great spot for very young children to stretch their legs and ride their bikes and scooters.

Pretty small gardens but the kids play area is decent

Given that Fawkner Park is only 10mins walk from here, it's probably not the greatest park you'll ever go to. But if you have kids and are going shopping at the Coles or Woolworths nearby, then it's a good place to take them as a treat afterwards. The kids play areas are good. Just don't go too early in the morning on the weekend as it seems to be the unofficial after party hangout spot for late night revellers from Circus and Revolver!


Greenmeadows Gardens

Sights & Landmarks, Fun & Games, Nature & Parks, Scenic Walking Areas, Gardens, Playgrounds

Address: Storage Shed, 1 Green St, St Kilda East VIC 3183, Australia

Phone: 9524 3333

Meadows in the mist

Wonderful little garden within St Kilda East - This hidden gem is a magic delight woven within some of the Melbourne's loveliest streets you could ever imagine.

Everyone passes through

In the early morning, it seems that everyone passes through here on their way to work, the shops, or school. With the springtime flowers out and the trees in flower, the streets are a pretty sight. The Council workers are hard at work keeping it all nice. The park even has an offleash dog area.

Playground and old trees

There is a large playground and many seats under shady old trees in these large gardens. It is a quiet place and has public toilets as well. Dog exercising is allowed before 9am


The Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden

Nature & Parks, Gardens
Lovely Natural Playspace

What a magical little spot in the Botanic Gardens! It’s not very large, but there are several different areas of discovery within the garden. My toddlers especially loved splashing in the little creek and exploring the bamboo “forest.” I wish I would’ve packed a picnic lunch so we could have spent more time here—plenty of people had blankets and snacks. Definitely worth a visit if you are looking for something low-key (and free!) to do with young children in Melbourne!

Great Fun

What a lovely well laid our garden with lots of different sections for the children to explore. Loads of surprises to be found and investigated - and delight them.
A great place to explore and learn
There's small areas where one can picnic.
And it's all free of charge

A bit of fun in the sun

We took the kids for a stroll around they had fun exploring and hiding holes. Lots to climb and play. And a eater play bit for a hot day. All enclosed so no fear of them getting out. Toilets are close bumy as well.


The Conservatory

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address:: 230 Wellington Parade, Melbourne, Victoria 3002, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9658 9658

A small, but worthwhile quick stop

Entry is free into the Conservatory which is located within the Fitzroy Gardens.

Although being only small in Glass House standards, it is filled with a range of interesting Begonias, Epiphytes, Ferns, and Palms among other plants.

It’s worth a quick look while visiting the other, many points of interest that are also located in the Gardens.

Closed for maintenance

Looked beautiful from outside and peeping through the glass doors with a lovely fountain but unfortunately it is closed for repairs and maintenance at the moment.

Small but wonderful

Another reason why the Fitzroy Gardens are a must see. Beautiful display of plants near the Landsdowne Rd entry of gardens. Check out the Diana and hounds sculpture at the south entrance while you are there

Special Memories

This place holds a special place in my heart having been married here many years ago, so it was lovely to go back and have a quick wander again.

The current display of purple shaded cinereis and cyclamens was spectacular and is due to change at the end of this month so I will be going back soon to check out the next display (apparently they change 5 times a year).

Entry is free and whilst it is only a 10 minute activity it is well worth a visit, especially if you combine it with a stroll around the Fitzroy Gardens.


Melbourne's Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: Throughout the City, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Really nice gardens to walk around - we visitted the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, therefore were lucky enough to see inside the Royal Exhibition Building - very worthwhile. Absolutely stunning inside - painted murals on the high archways above - an absolute must see!

Domain Gardens Melbourne

Superb Gardens, great coffee shop in middle plenty of seats scattered around. 10 minute walk to city

Victoria: the Garden State

Victoria doesn't have the title 'The Garden State' for nothing! Stunning gardens all around the CBD and outer areas. Love that the city has green spaces throughout, particularly on the fringes....check out The Botanical gardens, Fitzroy Gardens and Carlton gardens for starters. The floral clock is cute and on the way to the Botanical gardens/ Shrine etc. Great spaces to have a relaxing stroll or to have your lunch!

A peaceful place on the side of the Yara

We spent a couple of hours viewing the statues and plants in the gardens. It was a great place to escape the bustle of the City and yet it was only a short walk away.


Dame Nellie Melba Memorial Park

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: Coppin Street, Richmond, Yarra, Victoria 3121, Australia

Garden of most famous Opera singer in the world

The photo is of the sweetest sculpture in Dame Nellie Melba's garden at Coldstream where there is an excellent modern restaurant. Take the garden tour because you hear the best stories about Nellie who would have been an incredible Australian without singing a note.

Not bad, but there are better options nearby

A cute little park, and I'm sure a handy location for locals to sit and reflect, however if you've got a canine companion, there are far superior dog friendly parks not so far away.

At least there is a dog poo bag dispenser here as well

'Local hangout'

This is a wonderful little park, which during the summer many of the locals catch up in. It's well maintained and a very pleasant spot to sit in the grass and relax on a sunny day. The road is a little busy but never-the-less quite nice.

Celebrating a Richmond super-star

Dame Nellie Melba is said to be the world's first super-star. This celebrated grand diva was the toast of the operatic world at the turn of the 20th century. She was a Richmond native, as this park attests.The park is neat and well kept, as are all the City of Yarra parks.


Barkly Gardens

Fun & Games, Nature & Parks, Gardens, Playgrounds

Address: Throughout the City, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Really nice gardens to walk around - we visitted the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, therefore were lucky enough to see inside the Royal Exhibition Building - very worthwhile. Absolutely stunning inside - painted murals on the high archways above - an absolute must see!

Domain Gardens Melbourne

Superb Gardens, great coffee shop in middle plenty of seats scattered around. 10 minute walk to city

Victoria: the Garden State

Victoria doesn't have the title 'The Garden State' for nothing! Stunning gardens all around the CBD and outer areas. Love that the city has green spaces throughout, particularly on the fringes....check out The Botanical gardens, Fitzroy Gardens and Carlton gardens for starters. The floral clock is cute and on the way to the Botanical gardens/ Shrine etc. Great spaces to have a relaxing stroll or to have your lunch!

A peaceful place on the side of the Yara

We spent a couple of hours viewing the statues and plants in the gardens. It was a great place to escape the bustle of the City and yet it was only a short walk away.


Tianjin Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: 201 Spring St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

On top of Parliament Station

It is an unusual place for a small garden, but the design with a peppercorn tree, water feature, and lion statues is quite pleasant in the bustle of the big city.


This is a small but pretty Chinese garden in the city. Nothing special. Not a tourist attraction. If you have time and closeby you can go for a walk .

Nice little garden

Very tiny garden opposite the lovely parliament gardens. Features some great Chinese sculptures and lovely landscaping. Has a great little kids area as well

Tiny Chinese garden

This small public space lacks grass.

It is above the underground Parliament railway station.

It is a Chinese garden in honour of Melbourne's 30 year sister city relationship with Tianjin, mainland communist China, an opportunity for local government officials such as City of Melbourne councillors to go on a free, presumably business class, 10 hour flight for little reason.

There is some seating and a bit of shade.

This pocket space leads on, further down Little Bourke Street, to Chinatown.


Burnley Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: 500 Yarra Blvd, Burnley VIC 3121, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9035 6800

Historic Gardens

Do not confuse the Burnley Gardens with the Burnley Park on the other side of Swan Street. The old Horticultural College has a wonderful set of gardens, with old trees and a great variety of plants. Part is formal gardens laid out neatly and the rest is a bit like wilderness to get you lost. Not to worry, there are maps and a formal walking route to follow through the grounds

Ruined By Dogs

Not a bad park which is full of dogs both on and off leash with all the attendant issues. Most dog owners are ok but the minority spoil it for the others. Playground and basketball area excellent.

Great place for your dog to run

Burnley Gardens is in the general area of Yarra Boulevard, which runs around the Yarra River. The park is a dog-off-leash area. It has a BBQ area, seating and playground. Nearby is a basketball court. Just remember to pick anything you -- or your dog -- may leave.. Access is through Park Gv.. The circus area is also nearby. Sadly, circuses are not as popular as they once were.

one of the best gardens in melbourne

I lived in richmond for 5 years and I never knew this tranquil amazing garden was right nearby. absolutely amazing spot that I had all too my self on a sunday morning


Hopetoun Gardens

Fun & Games, Nature & Parks, Gardens, Playgrounds

Address: Victoria Street, Elsternwick, Glen Eira, Victoria, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9524 3333

An historic park well maintained, with events

A nice smallish municipal park. The cannon from WW1, have been there for 100 nyears so have many of the trees.
Musical events are staged from time to time, and there is a children's playground. and historic rotunda.
I have been been visiting this park all my 70 odd years and found it to be safe and peaceful, just on the Glenhuntly Road tramline and has on street parking on three sides.
A delightful place to wander if you aresingle, a young family or a couple.

Historic trees

Like all gardens started over 120 years ago, there are old trees and cannons. Hopetoun Gardens is a pleasant place, with flowers, a good playground, rotunda, shady seats and public toilets.

Hopetoun Gardens

This is a wonderful space for a picnic and for children to discover the plants which are well labeled. fun play area as well!

Nice little park to chill out if you are exploring the surrounding area and Glen Huntly road shop

Usually nice and quiet and in a great little area, close to public transport and shops so it is easy to get to and grab a snack or drink from the local shops not to far away. There is a bandstand area there, so there is some shelter if you get caught by rain.


Edinburgh gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: Alfred Cres, Fitzroy North VIC 3068, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9205 5555

beautiful vibrant inner city park

Edinburgh gardens has a great village atmosphere. Its a bustling inner city public space with basketball courts, skate bowl, dog park, childrens playgrounds, bbq's, and footy ovals. Its a busy park especially in summer it seems to attract big groups of young people who love to hang out all day drinking, eating and playing games.

Great green space

Perfect green oasis on a so busy Fitzroy neighbourhood, where due to the size of the houses it’s not common to find a lot of green spaces.

Inner city green.

Great park in fitzroy, I first came here as a kid and thats a long time ago. Walking, cycling, laying on the grass, tennis and basketball courts. Plenty of action or just relax. People walking their dogs, great space for kids. Football and cricket oval and the fitzroy bowls club. Wuthering heights celebration in July! Fantastic to relax and enjoy the scenery before doing whats next!

Beating Heart of Fitzroy North

A place for lovers - of tennis, dogs, footy, skating, roses, grassy lawns, kids playgrounds, chillaxing and people watching. Truly the heart of this wonderful suburb. ❤️


Queen Victoria Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

These are very beautifully presented and kept gardens

Every visit to Bendigo should include a walk through these well kept and preserved gardens. The are so conveniently placed right in the heart of the city .There are some interesting visitor sites so very close by - such as the statue of Queen Victoria of course the Alexandra Fountain , the Post Office , the Famous old Shamrock hotel and the fortnightly farmers market to be explored and enjoyed. In Spring there are a great quantity of flowers to admire ,


Well kept and good location, peaceful to walk around, you can see the fountain well which is near the gates

Queen Victoria Twice Her Normal Size On A 5 M Pedestal

This is an impressive sratue of Queen Victoria who reigned asQueen of England from 1837 to 1901 when she died. This statue in Victoria Park on the corner of View Street and Pall Mall was erected two years after her death in April 1903 by the citizens of Bendigo. Pleasant gardens and nice part of Bendigo.

A bit of peace adjacent to a CBD

Its rare that you find a peaceful garden adjacent to a CBD, whilst you can hear the traffic rumble, the vision is lovely

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