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Albert Park

Nature & Parks

Address: Albert Park, Port Phillip, Victoria 3206, Australia

Phone:+61 3 9695 9000

Lived here for 24 years

And still loving the village-like life-style and friendly faces of the locals. It is a delight to walk to all the local shops while bumping into the neighbours and other friendly faces in stead of having to drive and find a parking spot. Loving it.

Safe and clean

Even if you have to travel to this park it's one of the best in Melbourne. Safe and clean but also very beutiful.

Minutes from Melbourne CBD

Great place to unwind with nice walking and bike paths grasses fields and swings for children. Road traffic kept to 40kph.

A Good Walk

Albert Park provides a great path to either cycle or walk around. It is about 5km around the lake and provides a flat track in a lovely environment. There are many places to sit if you need or to have a picnic if you're organised.


Queen Victoria Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

Phone: 9658 9658

Shady, lawns and floral clock

The Gardens are a pleasant place for a walk in most weathers. I like to drop in on the floral clock to see what is in flower, but it is also cool in the hot weather, with lawns to sit on (handy for picnics) and shade to enjoy.

Nice place to take a walk

The Queen Victoria Gardens are nice to go for a walk though or even see if there is an event on at MPavilion.

Big Park

Another big park in the center of town, impressive that the city has supported so many green spaces and the people use them.

Nice for a morning run

Next to the Botanical gardens, nice park, cool for a jog. Some war memorials for Australians fallen in wars.


Albert Park Lake

Nature & Parks, Bodies of Water

Address: 3 km south of the Melbourne CBD, Albert Park, Port Phillip, Victoria 3206, Australia


Great day for the GP

Albert Park - great place for the Grand Prix,easy to get to, nice sense of freedom, good vantage points along the track, prices not too crazy - one of the better places to see the GP. Trams make getting around a breeze, as does the rail system..

Clean and beautiful

The F1 host park is just amazing I mean the lake is visible from F1 stands. The view was very stunning.

Wonderful venue for Grand Prix

Attended the 24th running of the Australia Grand Prix (998th ever Grand Prix) in Melbourne. What a great place to set up the track around a large lake. Accommodating over a 100,000 people was done very efficiently.


Most of all parks in Melbourne are stunning, they are all clean, peaceful, contemplative, there are many people practicing any kind of sports. I just love them.



Fawkner Park

Nature & Parks

Address24-88 Commercial Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

Phone+61 3 9658 9658

Absolutely for everyone

We did a family BBQ breakfast birthday celebration adjacent to the children's play area and everyone loved our morning. The kids did not draw breath and the air was clear, the park adorable and the Melbourne skyline still in view. Well worth your time. Dog friendly.

Big Suburban Park

This very large park is located in a pleasant suburban area and offers all sorts of recreational opportunities. Nicely landscaped.

Big, beautiful park close to Alfred hospital

I work in the area and come here solo but would recommend for families and couples as there is plenty of space. Some good playgrounds plus large fields and leafy trees. Good paths with an approx 4km round trip if you are looking for a good walk / run.

One of best parks of Melbourne

One of best parks in and around Melbourne for sports and leasuire. Situated just over toorak road has facilities for all types of sports. Have a great oval for cricket or footy depending on the season.
Just the walk to work from South yarra to St Kilda road through this park is amazing. The night is filled with possums. Need to be careful while walking alone beyond midnight through here as the possums trend to come very near.


Alma Park

Nature & Parks

Address: Dandenong Road, St Kilda, Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9209 6777

Birthday picnic in the park

Love love love the Hank Marvin food vans here on a Saturday! Great food, nice people and relaxing atmosphere.. bring a ball for the kids and you can spend hours doing things. I'd highly recommend for families with kids up to about 9 or 10 years old. The flying fox is a hit with my adult children as well as the littlies..


The park is fun, specially for kids as there is a play area. It’s easily accessible and really nice to just take a stroll if you’re nearby or have kids

Very Pretty Park

A very pretty park in this middle class suburb by the beach. The locals love this spot and use it. Very pleasant.

Beautiful park

Well-kept park with lots of footpaths and beautiful plants. Great spot to get out of the hustle and bustle around that area. Would recommend for a picnic or just a nice stroll.


Victoria Gardens

Nature & Parks

Address: High Street, Prahran, Stonnington, Victoria, Australia

Phone: +61 421 658 911

Nice spot except for the dog poo!!!

Staying close by & was very happy to find some green space to kick the footy and enjoy the garden! Sadly the dog owners aren’t diligent collectors of their doggie poo.. kinda spoiled the vibe. I do note the off leash area is currently closed for regeneration... still wouldn’t hurt to be a good neighbor. Nevertheless, a lovely green space with beautiful trees and plenty of seating

A very pretty and interesting inner suburban public garden

You wouldn't guess what is through the gates in High Street Prahran until you walk through them. A brilliant park with some nice statues and a very pleasant place for a walk on a nice day

Great Park - especially for dog lovers

A great garden park, in total larger than the size of a football field, broken into several zones. The main sunken oval area is off-lead for dogs and many local dogs gather here with there owners - especially late afternoon. A great park to chill out in if you have dogs, or kids or friends. No BBQ facilities but great for a picnic.

Dog exercising

This old park has large trees with shade and seating, a large area where dogs can be exercised, and an enclosed playground. There is even some sculpture on display. There is one small area that might be suitable for picnics near the South entrance, but no picnic tables or BBQs as you might find in other parks.


St Vincent Gardens

Fun & Games, Nature & Parks, Gardens, Playgrounds

Address: Albert Park VIC 3206, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9209 6777

Beautiful Park in the best street in Melbourne.

A beautiful park between St Vincent's Place North and South. Worth taking a walk on the outside to see the parade of 1880's boom architecture. Within the park is a bowling green, tennis courts, lawns,toilets, shade trees and a good children's playground at the western end. The #1 tram to South Melbourne Beach cuts through the middle on Montague St.

Lovely gardens

Really pretty gardens with plenty of seating. Lovely to visit with a picnic at lunch time. Not far from Albert Park shops.

Streetscape is impressive

The gardens are pleasant, with a bowling green, public toilets, shady spots, lawns, old trees and a playground. However, the old mansions that surround it are well worth a look, too.

This is the park you want to visit!

Forget the famnous park with the big lake. This much smaller park has much more soul and is a lovely little park to visit.


Birrarung Marr

Nature & Parks

Address: Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9658 9658


I love walking along this promenade in the centre of Melbourne by the Yarra river ,you can just enjoy the views and greenery ,stop at the nearby cafes ,watch the boats and rowers on the river ,people watch ,visit the famous sporting museum at the MCG stadium ,just relax have a picnic take your dog for a stroll,enjoy the outdoors, your near public transport to get here, just enjoy

Beautiful Site

This is a gorgeous site on the river with some lovely outdoor sculpture, including some indigenous art. I recommend a short guided tour.

A great park on the banks of the Yarra

This is yet another great park on the banks of the Yarra River. Melbourne does a great job of utilising and providing green space for everyone. It also highlights the Yarra River. Good facilities and well maintained paths as well as some unusual sculptures makes this park great for a stroll or a sit down and watch the world go by

A lovely little park.

This is a lovely little park, located just next to the river. The park features an odd looking sculpture and some musical bells.


Parliament Gardens

Nature & Parks

Address: 489/531 Albert St, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia


Small, but lovely, picturesque garden

Despite its very small, modest size, the garden boasts of many interesting flowers that are well maintained. You can also get a nice view of St.Patrick's Cathedral as the backdrop.
The gardens are just outside the free-tram zone, so you can easily get there at no cost. While not exactly "spectacular", it is still worth a drop in, if you happen to be in the area, but not a place I would say a "must-go" lest you be duly disappointed! haha!

Bonus garden

The area where the Parliament Gardens are located is one of the more interesting areas of Melbourne The gardens themselves are worth a look if passing by. If you take the City Loop just hop off at Parliament Station and follow signs

Nice Water Feature

A lovely water feature in this small city park, plus this great sculpture in this picture. The park is near our apartment so I have spent time here. Tranquil.

Lovey small public garden for a picnic.

The Parliament Gardens is directly opposite the beautiful Princess Theatre. The unique fountain is beautiful.


Windsor Siding

Nature & Parks

Address: Union Street, Windsor, Stonnington, Victoria, Australia


Too much graffiti but otherwise good

Since I last visited, the pleasant gravel path has been replaced by ugly mass concrete.

This has encouraged hoons who buy liquor from the 24 hour Railway Hotel to use the park.

Apart from too much graffiti - it isn't 'street art' by any means - the park has some pleasant spaces and nice native trees that attract birds like noisy miners.

There is a public BBQ.

Buried History

Before this was a park, it was a railway siding, and before that it was a railway line to St Kilda. If you look at the shapes of the roads and the ages of the buildings, you can get an idea of where it went. That said, this is a great little park with something for everyone. There are undercover BBQs and seating, a basketball court, junior train-themed playgrounds, lots of grass, a public toilet, and humpy cycling course. Much fun.

If you like Graffiti... probably better than the city laneways

If you're in to the street art scene, I actually reckon that this area is more exciting than the laneways in the city. There is a huge area plastered in street art here. Some really creative stuff. Look out for the festival in the summer with food from Mr Miyage and a few of the other restaurants in the area.

An ever changing gallery

Around the corner from a cornucopia of cafes (try saying that quickly!) Windsor siding is home to many of Windsors greatest urban artists. Using many of the utalitarian walls of the local storage centre as their canvas the rapdily changing paintings are worth revisiting regularly. Paired with a stroll down Artists Lane, Windsor siding is also features a recently rejuvenated reserve with space to stretch out, trees and benches to relax under and plenty of people to observe!


Elwood Park

Nature & Parks

Address: Union Street, Windsor, Stonnington, Victoria, Australia


Too much graffiti but otherwise good

Since I last visited, the pleasant gravel path has been replaced by ugly mass concrete.

This has encouraged hoons who buy liquor from the 24 hour Railway Hotel to use the park.

Apart from too much graffiti - it isn't 'street art' by any means - the park has some pleasant spaces and nice native trees that attract birds like noisy miners.

There is a public BBQ.

Buried History

Before this was a park, it was a railway siding, and before that it was a railway line to St Kilda. If you look at the shapes of the roads and the ages of the buildings, you can get an idea of where it went. That said, this is a great little park with something for everyone. There are undercover BBQs and seating, a basketball court, junior train-themed playgrounds, lots of grass, a public toilet, and humpy cycling course. Much fun.

If you like Graffiti... probably better than the city laneways

If you're in to the street art scene, I actually reckon that this area is more exciting than the laneways in the city. There is a huge area plastered in street art here. Some really creative stuff. Look out for the festival in the summer with food from Mr Miyage and a few of the other restaurants in the area.

An ever changing gallery

Around the corner from a cornucopia of cafes (try saying that quickly!) Windsor siding is home to many of Windsors greatest urban artists. Using many of the utalitarian walls of the local storage centre as their canvas the rapdily changing paintings are worth revisiting regularly. Paired with a stroll down Artists Lane, Windsor siding is also features a recently rejuvenated reserve with space to stretch out, trees and benches to relax under and plenty of people to observe!


Greenmeadows Gardens

Fun & Games, Nature & Parks, Sights & Landmarks, Scenic Walking Areas, Gardens, Playgrounds

Address: Green St, St Kilda East, Port Phillip, Victoria 3183, Australia

Phone: 9524 3333

Everyone passes through

In the early morning, it seems that everyone passes through here on their way to work, the shops, or school. With the springtime flowers out and the trees in flower, the streets are a pretty sight. The Council workers are hard at work keeping it all nice. The park even has an offleash dog area.

Meadows in the mist

Wonderful little garden within St Kilda East - This hidden gem is a magic delight woven within some of the Melbourne's loveliest streets you could ever imagine.

Playground and old trees

There is a large playground and many seats under shady old trees in these large gardens. It is a quiet place and has public toilets as well. Dog exercising is allowed before 9am.


O'Donnell Gardens

Nature & Parks

Address: St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia


Home For The Homeless

A patch of grass with a non functioning fountain placed in its center commemorating St Kilda's centenary, it now appears to have become a home for the homeless. Unattractive in many ways, it is not a place to put on your "Must See" list (unless you have a penchant to be a Social Worker).

Love this park to enjoy our take out fish and chips

After walking through the Sunday market, we get some take away and sit in the park to eat it. It’s next to Luna Park so you get a lot of amusement park background sounds

A great spot to rest

O'Donnell Gardens are next to Luna Park, not far from the Beach, and right at the start of the Acland Street Cake Strip. You might need a rest between activities and the Art Deco water feature is worth a look while planning the night.

Home For The Homeless

A patch of grass with a non functioning fountain placed in its center commemorating St Kilda's centenary, it now appears to have become a home for the homeless. Unattractive in many ways, it is not a place to put on your "Must See" list (unless you have a penchant to be a Social Worker).


Argo Reserve

Nature & Parks, Fun & Games, Playgrounds

Address: 83 Argo St, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia


Argo park yourself

Unfortunately parking is a bit of a hassle because this is a lovely little park with plenty of shade and areas to picnic. Apart from playground it has zero facilities eg toilets. Still one of my favourites in area

A Small Patch Of Green In Argo Street

This is a small park in Argo Street which is an interesting small street in South Yarra with some interesting old houses some more modern and some not so good.It is fairly basic and standard but better than no park.

Nice playground

Argo Reserve has old trees, some seating and a nice playground. Other facilities are not present,so it is just a basic park, like its neighbour (without a name) a short distance away


Caulfield Park

Nature & Parks

Address: 280 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North VIC 3162, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9524 3333

Much more to it - Go East

I had explored the Western end of the park, around Hawthorn Road, and thought that I knew it. Today I went to the Eastern end, so far away, and saw a different park. Here were playing fields, public toilets, still more playgrounds, and exercise equipment.

Excellent park with three playgrounds and heaps of exercise stations

This is a fantastic playground within Caulfield Park (this is the playground directly on Balaclava Rd), which boasts two other good playgrounds suitable for kids of all ages, and shaded areas as well, plus a toilet right nearby. Excellent play equipment, as per the photos. Popular with joggers.

Green space

Pleasant retreat from suburbia. Walking paths. Sporting ovals. Fitness circuit. Playground areas. Central lake with ducks and geese

An Excellent Suburban Park

I have to attend a doctor's appointment in Hawthorn Road, once a month and following my appointment I always go for a walk in this beautiful park.

It's much bigger than first impressions and it has a lake with ornamental bridges, a war memorial, a rotunda and plenty of seats to sit on and enjoy the surrounding scenery.


The Conservatory

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: 230 Wellington Parade, Melbourne, Victoria 3002, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9658 9658

A small, but worthwhile quick stop

Entry is free into the Conservatory which is located within the Fitzroy Gardens.

Although being only small in Glass House standards, it is filled with a range of interesting Begonias, Epiphytes, Ferns, and Palms among other plants.

It’s worth a quick look while visiting the other, many points of interest that are also located in the Gardens.

Small but wonderful

Another reason why the Fitzroy Gardens are a must see. Beautiful display of plants near the Landsdowne Rd entry of gardens. Check out the Diana and hounds sculpture at the south entrance while you are there

Morning trip

Beautiful conservatory in the middle of the Fitzroy gardens worth a visit if you love flowers you will love this place

Special Memories

This place holds a special place in my heart having been married here many years ago, so it was lovely to go back and have a quick wander again.

The current display of purple shaded cinereis and cyclamens was spectacular and is due to change at the end of this month so I will be going back soon to check out the next display (apparently they change 5 times a year).

Entry is free and whilst it is only a 10 minute activity it is well worth a visit, especially if you combine it with a stroll around the Fitzroy Gardens.


Rockley Gardens

Nature & Parks

Address: South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

Phone: +61 3 8290 1333

Playground and old trees

The Rockley Gardens have an enclosed playground, some seating, and many old trees. They even claim public toilets, although I used the ones in the public library over Toorak Road when their location was not obvious to me.

Sunny interlude

Rockley Gardens are well situated on the outskirts of busy Chapel Street and Toorak Road. Great play equipment for young children and plenty of green grass and bench seats to read or lay a picnic blanket. Good takeaway restaurants all round it. A favorite with locals and tourists. Always clean and rubbish free

Not A Great Park But A Piece Of Green On Toorak Road

As Melbourne parks go it is not that special but it is a piece of green on a busy road like Toorak Road and a way to escape the activity on the street

Good place to take a break

Rockley Gardens is in Toorak, an area that is both densely populated and very expensive. Toorak has been Melbourne's mist exclusive suburb for many years. The garden beds are well tended, as are the lawns. The park has toilets and wash basins, and also a water fountain. A concrete path accommodates those taking a short-cut from Toorak Road to Rockley Road. On the opposite corner is a children's playground with a jungle gym.


Studley Park Boathouse

Nature & Parks, Sights & Landmarks, Points of Interest & Landmarks

Address: 1 Boathouse Rd, Kew VIC 3101, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9853 1828

Nature & Parks, Sights & Landmarks, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Lunch in the cafe

Lunch in the cafe was good. We enjoyed the salmon special and the beef burgers. We were disappointed to be given a table inside considering we had booked a couple of weeks before. Turns out you need to request this at the time of booking! The staff attending us appeared slightly disinterested in our party.
I will go back one day as we may have just had a one off disappointing experience.

Back in time!

It has been a long time since I took my kids down to the Studley Park Boathouse and the amazing part is that time stood still for the past 15 years. The give away are the current cars in the car park. The park offers ample car parking and being right on the Yarra river provide direct access for the wooden rowing boats you can hire. There is an old style over the counter café and a restaurant offering indoor and verandah seating with excellent shading. The restaurant offers a good cross section of meals at reasonable pricing.

Great spot and very peaceful considering you are only a few kms away from Melbourne City.

Lovely place for a Summer Outing

Great place to visit after going for a walk on some of the great walking trails. Inside and outside tables. A good range of dishes with something for everyone. Quite quick service with an emphasis on environmental products. Lovely setting by the river.

Love it

Ok so I went here for my 16th birthday with about 16 people. We didn't book ahead or anything so I was a little worried but they easily fitted us in on a few beautiful outdoor tables. We all had scones with cream and jam which were gorgeous and I had a iced chocolate with almond milk which is amazing cause they had such good options for people with dietary requirements. We were also able to rent three boats and go for a row down the river which was so pretty and they held our tables for us while we were out. All in all we had a beautiful day and I loved the whole experience. Would recommend.


Citizen Park

Nature & Parks

Address: | Cnr Church St & Highett St, Richmond, Yarra, Victoria 3121, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9205 5555

Dog heaven

This is a popular location for sporting teams (who have preference to the oval for training and games), dog lovers and families with a great playground and bbq area.

Large oval and great little playground.

Great place to take the grandchildren. There is a large oval to run round on and in excellent playground with swings and slides that is great for preschoolers and can be used by toddlers under supervision and

Best dog park

Love this place .... great for dogs (when not in use for Sports) and a good playground. Lovely ambience.

Lovely local.

I really like this little park. The oval is well loved - and it looks that way - but that doesn't matter. It's a great and safe place for the dogs to run off-leash although an occasional pooh patrol to catch those who don't clean up after their pets (before and after business hours, in my experience) might be worth considering. I had initially heard pretty ordinary feedback about the park but was pleasantly surprised.


Commonwealth Reserve Williamstown

Nature & Parks

Address: 181A Nelson Pl, Williamstown VIC 3016, Australia.

Phone: +61 3 9932 1000

Looking for a town all the vibe restaurants food sight seeing and atmosphere

Great weekend spot for all the family with great views great food and all the atmosphere of a Portside town close to the heart of Melbourne CBD just over the westgate bridge in Melbourne’s west

Big Green Space

A very large open space for the enjoyment of all. Nice to see that park land is preserved right in the middle of the city.

It Has It All But Still Average

It has a great location in Nelson Place and with Gem Pier and the water it could be so much better.The trees are large, it has toilets and a Visitor Information Center and access to the water and the historic buildings along Nelson Place that is looking tacky.
It is however one of the better areas of green in Willainsti=own that has many ssmall parks many worse maintained than this one.

Perfect place for a picnic

Get off the ferry, wander up to one of the fish and chip places and enjoy a picnic in the park. Plenty of great facilities as well as a fantastic view over the water and the HMAS Castlemaine.



Nature & Parks

Address: Harbour Esplanade, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


A bit disappointing to be honest

We took a wander down here on our last visit to Melbourne and probably wouldn't bother to come again. Whilst it is pleasant enough to wander a lot of the shops were closed and it just gave the impression that it was a bit of a white elephant to be honest. It's just bit out of the way for my liking and there are a lot better places tom spend time in my opinion. A bit disappointing.

Modern Harbour Development

I haven't seen a lot of this area... A few years ago I did a cruise from here for New Years Eve... but what I love is the cleanliness of the place.

We arrived there on a quiet mid week night to go on the Observation Wheel ... and I noticed there are some great eateries in the area . It's one of the newer areas of Melbourne ( comparatively speaking) and it's worth that saunter to see what's on offer.

Our Uber driver drove us through the area after being on the wheel and it's a really lovely area... we returned the following night, quite by accident when my sister took a wrong turn in the city ... but what a place to drive through.

I still remember how this area looked before this was all created... it's quite a testament to the people who had the concept to begin with.

Business trip to Docklands office

Great area with fantastic views down the river. A fresh walk to the office after breakfast and some great coffee cafes for a pick me upon the morning on the way to work. Central with good hotels overlooking city and waterfront.

Attractive new re-development to make a mixed residential and commerical space

This is a really nicely done re-development to add green space and sculptures to mixed residential and commercial buildings. Lots of restaurants around the harbor, there were people out walking with kids and dogs in the evening, very nice. Adding in quite a number of sculptures really gives nice character to the many small green spaces. The Etihad Stadium must draw in crowds on a regular basis.


Barkly Gardens

Fun & Games, Nature & Parks, Gardens, Playgrounds

Address: Coppin Street and, Mary St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9205 5555


Very pleasant park that caters for kids and dogs

We live a couple kilometres from this park and occasionally head there as the kids really enjoy the playground. Previously we used to live a lot closer and we used to head there most days. I really like how the park is tucked away in a smaller street but is only a couple hundred metres from Swan St, and it has so much space for kids and dogs to run around and play. And now that the playground has been updated, it is even better.

Beautiful and secluded park

Barkly GardensIs one of Richmond's hidden gems. There is a large area for people to run their dogs and for kids to play. The playground has recently been upgraded and is preschool schoolchildren with a sandpit and feeling challenging climbing frame. There are also barbecue facilities which large groups often use.

Afternoon Stroll

Gorgeous walk through the gardens on a Sunday afternoon. A lovely way to spend time with friends and family.

Lovely park to enjoy the autumn weather

Well looked after. Walking paths great condition. Play are looks well thought out. Good area for dogs to exercise.


Herring Island Park

Nature & Parks, Nature & Wildlife Areas, National Parks, Islands

Address: Alexandra Ave, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

Phone: +61 131963


What a great little discovery

While staying in south Yarra the hotel staff suggested an interesting walk along the Yarra river to Herring Island. And what a surprise it was. First of all I caught a punt with a ferryman to the island which only took 3 minutes or so. The island has some interesting and impressive permanent sculptures in the sculpture park. And Currently there is an excellent sculpture exhibition on at the Island art gallery. It’s well worth a trip to the island to see the exhibition from the Association of Sculptors of Victoria.
The island itself is not large and you don’t need to spend a lot of time here. There are a few walking pathway to follow and explore the island and it’s surprising to find such a little bit of bush right smack in the middle if the city. The exhibition and punt boat service only run for a limited time. (to the 22nd of April and only on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays ,I think it would be best to check the dates.)

Melbourne,s Hidden Treasure.

I recently visited Herring Island with The Maroondah Bush Walking Club.
What a delightful experience it turned out to be.
I had never visited the island before and would encourage people to visit.
We walked along The Yarra river from Flinders Street Station, caught a ride across the river on the punt which was driven by a friendly Parks Victoria employee.
On reaching the island we walked around it viewing the sculptures and enjoying the woodland atmosphere.
The Contemporary Art Society of Victoria hold art exhibitions on the island and they are very welcoming. We enjoyed looking at all the exhibits.
Whilst we were having our lunch their president Robert Lee regaled us with a short history of the island which was very interesting.
All in all an enjoyable time was had by all and I thoroughly recommend a visit there.

great way to spend a day

we also with visit this place in our own kayaks so have no idea about other complaints regarding punt. we absolutely adore this place with its great artworks. live having BBQs and pretending we aren't in the city.

Massive fail Parks Victoria

After seeing this place advertised for the Summer Arts Festival and wanting to go for some time, we headed here for a picnic on Australia Day. What a mistake. The punt is meant to run from 11-5 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from January to April. We were silly enough to believe this! After waiting half an hour with no sign of the punt, I rang Parks Victoria only to get someone to tell me that they can't get onto the Ranger and don't know what's happening. He then came back and said that the punt had broken down and didn't know when it would be operating again. I suggested that they might want to tell people as there were 30 people waiting and done were already on the island and couldn't get off and was told "what do you expect me to do? There's only three of us in Bourke street." As a suggestion, how about ringing the cafe and asking them to tell us? That would be a win for everyone - the cafe gets customers, we get coffee and Parks Victoria don't look so incompetent. I will not be wasting my time again.


Westgate Park

Nature & Parks, Nature & Wildlife Areas

Address: 4 Wharf Rd, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

Phone: +61 131963


Pink lake is worth a look

Walked from Melbourne city to the Westgate bridge and the nearby park and lake on Good Friday . Long walk but interesting pink lake. Worth a look if you can get transport.
Looks pink but smells brown.
Lots of people there and car parking looked limited . Public toilets were closed .

Lake is in the pink

The Saltwater Lake turns a deep pink, especailly towards the end of summer. A friend in Taiwan said the Pink Lakes is famous, so I thought I'd better see it. Indeed, it is worth seeing, it's a shade of pink unlike any other, almost crimson.. The pink colour is all to do with salt and algae. Take a look at the Freshwater Lake too; it has black swans, ibis, egrets, pelicans, ducks and many other varieties of water birds. The tracks are easy to follow. You are almost in the shadow of Westgate Bridge, only around 10 minutes from the city. By the way, dogs are allowed, on leach only.

Scenic Cycling Stop

For cyclist riding around the Port Melbourne area of Station and Princes Piers, Beacon Cove Sandridge Beach and Lookout, this Westgate park i'n the shadow' of the Westgate Bridge is a spectacular rest stop. A salt lake presenting bright pink hues sure to impress
Great views to Melbourne skyline and to the west bank of the Yarra
Unfortunately the toilet facilities are not available so cyclist should consider a a cafe Port Melbourne or Southbank for coffee
A must see attraction for local and tourist alike

Whirlwind visit

I took a chance and visited this place during my short layover in Melbourne. Not knowing if the lake would be pink or not. Some said no some said yes. I just went for it and luckily it was pink. Though a visitor commented that it is still pink it is not as bright as normal. But I was happy with the level of pink I saw, better than no pink!

I took public transport here and back to the airport and it was very easy, completed the return journey and had walk around the lake all in under 2.5 hours!


Dame Nellie Melba Memorial Park

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: Coppin Street, Richmond, Yarra, Victoria 3121, Australia


Garden of most famous Opera singer in the world

The photo is of the sweetest sculpture in Dame Nellie Melba's garden at Coldstream where there is an excellent modern restaurant. Take the garden tour because you hear the best stories about Nellie who would have been an incredible Australian without singing a note.

Pretty park, few facilities

The rose beds, lawn, and shady seats are pleasant, but apart from a water tap there is little else. No BBQs, no picnic tables, no playground and no toilets.

Garden of most famous Opera singer in the world

The photo is of the sweetest sculpture in Dame Nellie Melba's garden at Coldstream where there is an excellent modern restaurant. Take the garden tour because you hear the best stories about Nellie who would have been an incredible Australian without singing a note.

Not bad, but there are better options nearby

A cute little park, and I'm sure a handy location for locals to sit and reflect, however if you've got a canine companion, there are far superior dog friendly parks not so far away.

At least there is a dog poo bag dispenser here as well


Toorak Park

Nature & Parks

Address: 590 Orrong Rd, Armadale VIC 3143, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 133 015


Lived there for 6 months.

Found 460 apartments a bit much. But great location, close to Toorak Station, some great places to eat nearby like Amaila, Toorak Tractor, Toorak Cellars, and more.

Suburban footy gem

One of the better sporting grounds in suburban Melbourne. Home to Prahran (formerly in VFA/VFL) and Old Xavier in the VAFA which is one of the best footy leagues in Victoria. TIP: limited parking on Fulton St. try parking around Orrong Romanis Reserve

Sport and Walking

Toorak Park is a major sporting facility in the City of Stonnington. The grounds are open to the public and people walk their dogs or just sit in shady places.


Golden Square Bicentennial Park

Nature & Parks

Address: Madden Grove, Burnley VIC 3121, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9205 5555


Good Park, Shame About the Dogs

Small park in Burnley which has a nice safe playground and a huge old tree that a local family has decorated with gnomes and similar figures. Also has a free bbq area and a larger off leash section. Unfortunately this sometimes leads to users stepping into "surprise" droppings due to unsupervised canines.

Nicely laid out

This park has much to offer from an adventure playground to shelter, BBQs, picnic tables, and the like. There is plenty of grass for the children to run around on.

fairy tree park

Pretty park near burnley train station and across from a great cafe. Huge open grassed area and a good playground. The highlight though is the huge fairy tree.


Ron Barassi Snr Park

Nature & Parks

Address: Docklands Dr, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia

Phone: +61 131852


Great Toilet Stop

Great toilet stop as we rode past on a recent cycling excursion around Port Melbourne / Docklands. Kiddies playground looked impressive (no time for us to play) Great views to the city

Nice time

Lovely blue sky breezy sunny day.
All had a good nice fun time.
Toilets comfortably clean.
Using the toy but large actual digger was fun with the water involved.
A nice tribute to a champion in Ron Barrassi’s father. ‘ interesting learning about him!
Something to eat picnic style at the concrete seating and in the shade of the over- way. .
And it’s nice being near the salt water yarra River outlet_
We were there just after midday; and parked for the few hours, Lovely_ in the adjacent car-park, seeking out the 3 hr parks.
Eventually visiting urban alley and parking for just 10$.
Malcolm and Karen and co from S A..

Average amenity

Attended an outdoors work activity here. Located behind Docklands and almost under the Bolte Bridge but no traffic noise. Reasonable access and plenty of car parking. No real protection from the weather. Grassed areas good. Average amenity!

“Great fun”

My grandson loves this park, keeps him occupied for ages. Lots to do, great slide, digger, water features, big sandy area. Parking nearby.


Point Gellibrand Heritage Park

Nature & Parks, Sights & Landmarks, Historic Sites

Address: Williamstown VIC 3016, Australia

Phone: +61 131963


Great place to have a look at some of the historical aspects of Williamstown

It’s a quiet, family friendly place thats great to stop off and have a look at some of the history of our country, the time ball and lighthouse is quite beautiful and very interesting.

Big Park

A very big park on the sea/Bay with views of the water and some park oriented sports area. Used by the local people.

Historically Significant Area But Not Well Maintained Or Presented

It was probably the site of Victoria's first settlement and had significance with its lighthouses and time ball and defence facility but it is now a rather barren and poorly presented area with the time ball on a path of grass.There is a walkeway around to the Jawbone area behind the old Rifle Range which is worth doing but the Herirage Park needs a lot more attention.Sadly over the years it has never been any different.

Park and history

Nice drop-by going to the bay trail. If you are a descendant to one of the earliest immigrants here, this could make a really special place.


Yarra Bend Park

Nature & Parks

Address: Fairfield VIC 3078, Australia

Phone: +61 131963


Nice Park - fix the bbq's

We took visitors to the park because it is next to the Yarra, has undercover seating, free bbq's and it's fun to cross the bridge and rent a row boat. Unfortunately after we unpacked the car and set up the table we found that the bbq's are out of order. Regular visitors may know you can take your own but we had to pack up and go elsewhere. A sign at the entrance would have helped.

Super Area with a Whole Lot Going for It

Yarra Bend Park is a splendid place for a tranquil stroll along the banks of the Yarra River.
Lovely walks, excellent picnic spots, play grounds for children and a number of public BBQs.
Fairfield Boathouse and Studley Park Boathouse bookend your exploration and both sites offer opportunities for coffee and casual outdoor dining. Rowing boats can be hired at either venue.
Dight's Falls with its fish ladder is interesting and when the river is running high is pretty impressive.
Yarra Bend Public Golf Course is very scenic and clubs can be hired at the Club House. Food and drinks are also available there, as well as Mini Golf.
In summary, Yarra Bend park offers casual strolling, active recreation, picnics and a choice of dining options.
Well worth a visit - this is an outstanding green space right on the edge of the city of Melbourne. Walking distance from Clifton Hill railway station.

One of the most secluded parks in Melbourne right on the river

Can't beat this for time lying down on a rug on nice thick grass right at the river edge. One of Melbourne's best kept secrets this area and easily accessible by car.

One of the best parks in Melbourne

What makes Yarra Bend park so unique is the many walking trails that “snakes” with the river. It’s easy to navigate and you can walk as long/short as you want. We started our walk opposite Studley Park Boathouse and followed the trail towards Fairfield Park Boathouse - it takes you next to the river, past the flying foxes and back through some lovely scenery. Pretty amazing for a park that is in the midst of the city.


Edinburgh gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address: Alfred Cres, Fitzroy North VIC 3068, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9205 5555

beautiful vibrant inner city park

Edinburgh gardens has a great village atmosphere. Its a bustling inner city public space with basketball courts, skate bowl, dog park, childrens playgrounds, bbq's, and footy ovals. Its a busy park especially in summer it seems to attract big groups of young people who love to hang out all day drinking, eating and playing games.

Great green space

Perfect green oasis on a so busy Fitzroy neighbourhood, where due to the size of the houses it’s not common to find a lot of green spaces.

Inner city green.

Great park in fitzroy, I first came here as a kid and thats a long time ago. Walking, cycling, laying on the grass, tennis and basketball courts. Plenty of action or just relax. People walking their dogs, great space for kids. Football and cricket oval and the fitzroy bowls club. Wuthering heights celebration in July! Fantastic to relax and enjoy the scenery before doing whats next!

Beating Heart of Fitzroy North

A place for lovers - of tennis, dogs, footy, skating, roses, grassy lawns, kids playgrounds, chillaxing and people watching. Truly the heart of this wonderful suburb. ❤️


Elsternwick Park

Nature & Parks

Address: Bent Ave | corner of Bent Ave and New St, Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Phone: 9599 4444


love this park for many reasons. the two playgrounds are amazing (especially one near skate bowl). the fenced off lake is great to walk around. the dogs running around off leash not so much. thank god the main playground is fenced off. the lake is stunning especially when it's covered in mist/fog.

TIP: park on Bent Ave. this gives you easy access to main playground and lake

Gathered with a few hundred like minded GPS app loving people for Australia Day! This is a great park with great facilities. We used one of the shelters and the barbeques, next to the playground. All the families had a great time. Hope to be here for another Munzee event in the future!

While I stayed in Melbourne I came here every day to walk the dogs & honestly I love it.
There's always something going on; sports groups, friends, families, people with dogs, people without dogs, kids playing.
A highlight is that it is pedestrian only.
There are plenty of trees around the periphery, there are smaller garden areas, pathways, skate park area, kids playgrounds, public toilets & loads of green space.
The birdlife is amazing & fascinating to watch what they're up to.
It is a dog park with an off lead area & despite the fact that there are bins & poo bags available unfortunately not everyone picks up their dog's poo but considering the volume of people & dogs using the park it's pretty good.
It is well maintained by the local council, lawns cut regularly & trees & gardens cared for.
My only criticism is that the rubbish bins in the main area are not emptied frequently enough



St James Park

Nature & Parks

Address: 3 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, Boroondara, Victoria 3122, Australia


Wide open spaces

Lovely place to walk during my lunch hour. Our office often congregates there - to walk up to the Bowling Club for our quarterly staff meeting. In December we all assembled in a Christmas tree pattern on the grass dressed in red/white/green and had a drone take a video of us for our company Christmas email! Useful public toilet much frequented by taxi drivers.

Hospital escape

Spending time in the Epworth Hospital St James Park is only a two minute walk away. As a recent lower leg amputee and confined to a wheelchair it is a great place to escape for that much needed fresh air!
Some of the paths are quite steep and have a cross fall that makes it difficult to go in a straight line but with someone helping it’s okay.
The tree lined paths offer plenty of shade and there are ample benches to sit and take in the views.
For the younger ones there is quite a well equipped playground that is well maintained and clean. For those with an interest in history the monument to those that fought in the Korean War is a place to visit.
Overall a pleasant atmosphere and definitely a park that we will walk around many more times!

Walking park

Great walking path meandering around this park. Hilly so beware. Close to lots of cafes for a coffee hit afterwards. Lovely trees and restful view. Recommend

Nice little park in the middle of Hawthorn

Located on Burwood Road, this is a lovely small park that most people who drive by don't even take a look at. It's full of large trees and plenty of greenery. There is a playground on the Wood Street end which the kids adore and the parents who can get a break and chat with grown ups.
Note that you can only park in either Wood Street or Denham Street.
Disabled friendly. Kid friendly. Toilets available.


Royal Park

Nature & Parks, Fun & Games, Playgrounds

Address: Gatehouse St | Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria 3052, Australia


kite flying

Great open park for flying a kite on a windy day!
Park is huge- near the RCH and the zoo...lots of open spaces to relax and enjoy... take a picnic, a footy or even the kids bikes to ride around. Serviced by trams nearby. Looking a bit dry at the moment- but where in Victoria isn't!

Great surprise

We picked this place because we just had a few hours to rest before taking the next plane. We expected a kind of noise place but it was amazing. Excellent service, food, very clean and quiet. Highly recommended

Parkland in the City

Royal Park located in North Melbourne close to the Children's Hospital. Largest parkland area in Melbourne. Large grassland areas for walking the dog or kicking a football. Includes a kids Nature Playground a Billabong, tennis courts and playing oval.

Springtime walks

I passed the Woody Meadow (near Royal Park station) again today to see how much things had grown after the recent rain. Much is in flower and the new growth is a lighter colour. It is a pleasant walk along the Capital City Trail, which is lit in the evenings.


O'Connell Reserve

Nature & Parks, Outdoor Activities, Jogging Paths & Tracks

Address: 653-659 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9205 5555


Green after the rain

The park is very green and pleasant with its lawns and rotundas for shelter. There are stairs or a windy path down to the Capital City Trail and the Yarra River, where you can walk or cycle for quite some distance

Green after the rain

The park is very green and pleasant with its lawns and rotundas for shelter. There are stairs or a windy path down to the Capital City Trail and the Yarra River, where you can walk or cycle for quite some distance

A pleasant little park

From busy Bridge Road there is a transition through O'Connell Reserve down to the Yarra River, From here there is a cycle/foot path that can take you many kilometres up and down the river. In the path itself there are a couple of gazebos if you need to get cover, some seats to rest on, while the extensive grasslands give the kids somewhere safe to run. There are also some drinking fountains if you need to top up your water bottle.

Take a stroll by the Yarra River

O'Connell Reserve is by the Yarra River. It's a perfect spot to take a break. You can take an easy walk from the Amora Hotel to the park. The O'Connell Reserve is at the foot of Hawthorn Bridge,which marks the border between Struggletown, that is, Richmond, and tony Hawthorn. The grass is green and the park is, as usual, well kept, thanks to the City of Yarra. The O'Connell Reserve is on the Riverwalk to central Melbourne, which is about 8 kms away.


John E. Morley Reserve

Nature & Parks

Address: Corner Ferguson Street and the Strand, Williamstown, Hobsons Bay, Victoria, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9932 1000


ll Reserve At The Start Of Ferguson Street

The small park runs from Ferguson Street to the Willaimstown Sailing Club and has some interesting old relics but its most significant feature is the view across Hobson's Bay to Melbourne.A walk down Ferguson Street Pier is also worthwhile as is the White House opposite the centre of the park on the Strand.

Interesting history

After a visit to the info centre, we also walked further up to this reserve, with beautiful old cannons and well kept grounds. A good place to enjoy some more greenery next to the bay.


The John E Morley reserve has a toilet block to its North (just next to Burgoyne Reserve) and some wonderful old English cannons, from about 150 years ago I think. There is also a war memorial on the Strand a short distance away.

Gren Strip Along The Strand

The park is essentially the green strip between the Strand and the water of Hobsons bay which provides a pleasant place to walk along the strand with great view of the city across the bay.



Pridmore Park

Nature & Parks

Address: Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9278 4444


Great Park

Nice for a river walk, a stretch of the dogs legs or for reading a book under a shady tree. The park has a few swingset parks, and is directly connected to both Kew and Hawthorn Bridge. An excellent route for a jogging loop from either the Richmond or Hawthorn side.

Wide open spaces in Hawthorn

This park runs along the eastern side of the Yarra River and you can access from a number of different streets. TIP: I like to park in Yarra Park Reserve at the Hawthorn Bridge end. There is a great walking track which is also used by cyclists - so beware. Plenty of seating around. Playground is a hit with the kiddies.
Note that there is an off leash area for dogs here. Please keep your dogs under control.
Wheelchair friendly. Kid friendly.
A must visit when in Hawthorn.

another yarra gem

Along the Yarra River on either side in this part of Melbourne are some great parks. This is one of them. TIP: park at Yarra Park reserve at Hawthorn Bridge or at end of Mason St

Yarra Trail

Pridmore Park runs along the East side of the Yarra River at Hawthorn and is accessible from a number of streets. It has a well formed cycle/pedestrian trail, with seating, a playground, an off leash dog area, and there is even a drinking fountain. You can think you are far away as you walk through the bushland along the river.



Gahan Reserve

Fun & Games, Nature & Parks, Playgrounds

Address: 118 Park St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9205 5205


Lovely inner city park

Nice parkland that is surrounded by old houses and has the railway viaduct with it as well. The grounds are nice and green with space to toss a ball and play. The playground equipment is simple but useful. This is a dog off-leash park so expect that pooches may come and sniff you. Please pick up your dog poo. There is a barbeque, picnic tables and water fountain.
Entry to the Collingwood Railway Station is nearby.
Wheelchair friendly. Stroller / pram friendly. Reasonable parking but watch out for those parking inspectors.

Beautiful park

Almost enclosed by old houses and the railway viaduct, the park is filled with a mix of grass, flowering plants, play equipment, palm trees, and BBQ/picnic facilities.

Good park where space is short

Gahan Park is in Park Street, Abbotsford. The inner city is short on space, so this park is welcome. Gahan Park is an off-leash area, so your pooch can go for a run. The park also has a BBQ area with tables and seating, with a drinking fountain. There is a playground for your ankle-biters. As usual, the City of Yarra does a first-class job of maintaining the park.


This park is a community asset in an inner suburb which is bounded by transport lines and has many quite small, old houses on small allotments. It's rather like the squares and fenced-in private parks in older cities in that it provides a place in which locals can sit outdoors, kids can play and small dogs can be exercised.
On an afternoon visit after shopping in Gipps Street I saw several young fathers supervising their pre-school aged children. The park was working well for them: the children could climb in the playground, or pedal on the broad smooth pathways, or rock in the boat (the Waverider), or play in the sand within the fenced grounds of the childcare centre.
For other park users facilities are minimal: there are lawns (warmed by unobstructed sunlight), a few bench seats, and a couple of handsome palm trees. However sporting facilities are not far away.
An entrance to Collingwood railway station is close by.


Newport Lakes Reserve

Nature & Parks, Nature & Wildlife Areas

Address: Newport VIC 3015, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9932 1000


Bushy reserve in middle of suburbia

Newport Lakes Reserve is a remnant of native bushland in the middle of Altona. It makes a very pleasant walk, and the lakes are very picturesque. It's a great place for a ramble. It's open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (9:00 pm in daylight saving time). The only practical approach by car is via Lakes Drive, running off Mason St. Parking is available. Visitors are requested not to feed the birds. A Ranger is on duty at all times. By the way, several signs say prominently "No Dogs" and "Watch Out for Snakes." It's a big park, paths can be followed by visitors, but the gate out at the top of the park is hard to find.

Beautiful native Park and lake

A abundance of native trees & & shrubs & grasses to make you feel your in a country region. This beautiful spot is in Newport only 8 km from the cbd. Great location for a picnic or a walk. Not dogs aren't allowed in the park.

Great off leash dog walking area with Arboretum!

Beautifully landscaped area reclaimed from a bluestone quarry. Lots of walking trails and grassed areas with heaps of trees forming the Arboretum. Love the fact that dogs can run free (off-leash) too.

Very peaceful

I had a morning here watching birds. Very quiet and peaceful with lots to see. Easy to access from the train. Bring your binoculars. This little gem is free access.


Landcox Park

Nature & Parks

Address: Mavis Ave, Brighton East VIC 3187, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9599 4444


Enough space for everyone to enjoy

First visit to Landcox Park as part of work stuff and couldn't believe how convenient everything were. Parking was not an issue, small play area provided and a lovely coffee shop just across the road. A few hours spent that went too quick to realise.


Lovely park, plenty of space with a lake. Not the most epic childrens play area, but so nice to be amongst the old pine and gum trees.

My playground

A very large park ,with a lake in the center , ducks and yabbies and a lovely playground for children, have a football field and a running trail alongside, changing rooms and toilets and other amenities surrounded by very old and tall trees ,a place to do a lot o very little , but a place to relax and recharge the batteries

Pond Life

The park has many features. There is a large pond with ducks, a rose garden, extensive lawns, public toilets. It is peaceful and enjoyable for children and adults.


CERES Community Environment Park

Nature & Parks

Address: Stewart St & Roberts St, Roberts St, Brunswick East VIC 3057, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9389 0100



A paradise in the city - a range of gardens and other delights. The nursery staff are knowledgeable and caring. A wonderful way to see how your own backyard could look!

Its as it should be . Normal

When I am at Ceres having a coffee outside,green all around, people chatting , sunshine or rain, I understand that this is how it should be and am saddened that so many of our neighbors and friends and family have adjusted to the shopping mall etc as a desirable place to meet and have coffee.


You can browse to your heart's delight here. This place is genuinely full of large varieties of plants, seed, seedlings, and literature. You can wander around or have a chat, a coffee or a bite to eat. Its very family friendly with all the facilities. All in all a great place to spend the day and gain valuable knowledge.

It's worth a number of visits at different times to see all that goes on here

The cafe, the food shop, the store and the nursery will provide all that you want from such places. But there's more to this place. Take a walk at different times on different days to see what else makes up the character to this extremely rare but functional urban 'park'. The bicycle repair area with friendly personal help is one of my favourite spots. I also like to watch the chooks do their thing early in the morning. And there's a bonus - the Merri Creek trail is beside.


Central Gardens

Fun & Games, Nature & Parks, Playgrounds

Address: 32 Henry St, Hawthorn, Boroondara, Victoria 3122, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9278 4444


Rocket Park!

Attended a large family celebration here. Central location. Plenty of nearby car parking, Well maintained garden and lawn areas. Good facilities including toilets, picnic tables, bbqs and playground with rocket ship feature. Rocket Park!

Scented pleasure

Rocket Park is so close to home that I sometimes underrate it as just a conduit to Glenferrie Rd. But you should take the time to enjoy the plantings and magnificent trees. There is something blooming and fragrant 12 months of the year. Enjoy young families playing on the excellent equipment and ethnic groups picnicking year round.

A family favourite

Central Gardens (or Rocket Park as it is known) is great for kids of all ages. The playgrounds are well kept and the grassed areas are fine to kick a footy (well, not too far). Popular with local Swinburne students, the BBQs can sometimes be hard to get but it's always a good natured crowd. We've held birthdays here, and sometimes just get fish & chips from Pelican to eat in the park.

Rocket Ship ready for launch

This is a great park with so many things. The playground has a 3 storey rocket ship for the kids to climb on, quite scary for me. There are old trees and interesting plants. The lawns are extensive, there is seating, picnic tables and BBQs, and there are public toilets. It is all well maintained, too.



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