What Are Instagram Tips For Fashion Photographers?

Instagram is a major social media platform, especially among the younger generations. This photo-sharing software went live in 2010, was bought by Facebook in 2012, and now has more than a billion users who access it daily. It was originally designed as a photo-sharing software, but major companies soon realised the app could also be utilised as a powerful marketing tool. There are now more than 25 million company pages on Instagram. Here are some numbers from Hootsuite to consider if you want to advertise your business on Instagram:

  • A minimum of 80% of consumers are loyal to a single brand.
  • 60 percent of customers have found something new on the site.
  • 75% of users who view a brand's post engage with it in some way, most commonly by going to the brand's website.

All of this points to Instagram's seriousness. As is common knowledge, a fashion photographer takes photographs at fashion shoots and then refines and edits the images.

In most cases, he is not responsible for overseeing the entire photo shoot, but he does get to put his design and lighting skills to good use. Instagram is the best platform for aspiring fashion photographers to gain exposure and clients. Promoting your fashion photography requires that you make full use of a robust and flexible social media platform like Instagram.

Instagram is a fantastic platform for presenting your most current work, keeping your followers up to date, recruiting collaborators, getting the attention of potential clients, and making a good impression on new clients. Still, gaining the confidence of your fans does not happen immediately. It also requires time to build a dedicated fan base.

According to Forbes, trends come and go, but fashion itself is an ever-evolving art form that inevitably undergoes reinvention with each passing year and season. The overall sales and the brand's influence on Instagram are fantastic indicators of the brand's success. There have been many updates to Instagram in the past year, including new algorithms, expanded content options, stories, and live videos. Instagram is still an important part of any photographer's career, despite the fact that organic reach isn't what it used to be.

Tips for Fashion Photographers on Instagram


Instagram is widely recognised as the primary online destination for the fashion industry.

Instagram's users are better able to keep up with the newest trends and fashion news because of the platform.

If you are a fashion photographer, you can really make an impact on Instagram by following these guidelines.

Instagram is widely recognised as the primary online destination for the fashion industry.

Instagram's users are better able to keep up with the newest trends and fashion news because of the platform.

If you are a fashion photographer, you can really make an impact on Instagram by following these guidelines.

Keep In Mind That Quality Matters More Than Quantity.

For a fashion photographer, it is only natural to want to keep his admirers and following interested in his work by often releasing new photos.

If you have a lot of followers, it's not necessary to post updates constantly because they're probably checking out other accounts at the same time.

It's impossible to maintain high standards for your posts if you're only thinking about how often you should be posting. Avoid ever sacrificing quality in order to keep up production levels.

Instead of posting multiple boring updates every day, try sharing just one amazing image or message.

Although regular posting is essential, if your account doesn't already have a dedicated fan base (as some do), you'd be better off posting less often but with higher quality content.

Photographers, at least, can keep their followers interested and see that they produce valuable stuff by not constantly posting on Instagram.

For those who feel they must continuously use Instagram for promotional purposes, this is great news.

Choose The Right Username

Avoid making matters more complicated than they need to be. Pick out a clever username that fits the bill and is brief, simple to spell, and makes sense.

Ultimately, you want to make it less of a hassle for everyone to keep tabs on your whereabouts.

If your username has nothing to do with who you are or what you do, it will be quite difficult for people to find you.

Optimise Your Bio

In just 150 characters, you need to introduce yourself, describe your company, and explain why your users should care.

Put a clickable URL in your bio and make use of trending hashtags to drive traffic to your site or get people to sign up for your lead magnet.

Prepare Your Content In Advance

Instagram consistently demonstrates the latest fads and hype in the field of fashion photography. As a result, you need to exercise caution if you want to grow your fan base.

If you take the time to plan ahead, you may avoid posting the same thing every day and instead share engaging material with your audience.

The modernity and adaptability of your content will ultimately attract a more devoted fan base.

The usage of a daily theme is another option. One trend you may start is "Fashion-Friday," in which you upload your favourite outfit photos from the week.

In this approach, your fans will eagerly anticipate Fridays all week long, and you'll gain exposure across a wide demographic.

Continue To Connect With Everyone

Expand your social media and blog readership by actively seeking out and engaging with new individuals.

Go on a photo-like spree and discover new users. All eyes are on the responses. Once they see that you've liked their post, they might check out your profile.

People are more likely to follow your Instagram account if you regularly post high-quality fashion images.

You should be aware that you can contact a reliable digital marketing agency to purchase likes and followers on Instagram.

Use Narration in Your Pictures

Putting effort towards giving each picture a narrative would be beneficial. It's actually quite a straightforward drill, despite the intimidating appearance.

Using a white background in your fashion shots is neither wrong or inappropriate, but you may look into other options that are more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Instagram marketers that want to increase engagement and conversion rates should switch to video content.

Yes, making videos will require additional time investment. Nonetheless, a tool like a video can reduce that time to mere minutes.

Use Props When Taking Pictures.

The use of appropriate props is a terrific way to give any photograph a more personal feel and to help tell a more engaging tale.

The use of appropriate accessories may be a great way to improve a fashion shoot.

It's possible that you'll have a lot of fun improvising with the help of props. Pool floats or even simply a sugary drink would be great for a photo session in the pool.

You could think about incorporating commonplace items to spice up your pictures.

Consider Emphasising Fashion.

The goal of any Instagram photographer is to showcase some aspect of the subject's fashion sense. When photographing fashion, the photographer must place the emphasis squarely on the garments being worn. It's important to think about how you'd like to present the clothing. Once you have the hang of displaying the gear, you can move on to more peripheral considerations like the setting.

For example, if you want to draw attention to a pink outfit, you could pick a background that emphasises the colour. Instead of focusing on a pretty setting, you could highlight an activity that works well with the garments you're wearing. Furthermore, as a fashion designer, you need to take great care while selecting an image to share with other Instagram users. Your photo needs to be attractive, but it also needs to show off the finer points of your outfit.

It's imperative that the model strike a position that allows the spectator to get a good look at the entire ensemble. Please reassure the aspiring model that your images will help her break into the modelling industry.

Use Social Media's Social Aspect

Many people fail to recognise the social nature of social media. In order to succeed, you must communicate with others who share your interests. Instagram rewards users who remark, share, and utilise the app, as opposed to the small percentage of us who can benefit solely from the stuff we create without engaging with others.

Ten to twenty minutes a day is all that's needed to see benefits, and even that short amount of time can add up over time. One of the best ways to encourage people to interact with your content is to remark on other people's images in your niche and on the people who comment on those photos. Additionally, We found that focusing on niche-related hashtags is a fantastic method to attract new followers. These types of updates receive greater attention and help you zero in on your ideal readers.

Get in Touch With Prominent Instagram Users

Street Style

In the past, gaining more social media followers was as easy as amassing a large number of likes and comments and publishing frequently.

These days, though, appear to be numbered as Instagram grows more commercialised and gives preference to content that is paid for and focused on sponsorship.

You can get more clout and visibility within your niche by connecting with other influencers working in your space through the site.

If you want to connect with them on a deeper level, you may send them a direct message, a cold email, or simply show significant interest in and appreciation for the stuff they produce.

Even if you are unable to conduct a session with them or become their best buddy, you may still benefit from the increased exposure and engagement that comes from riding on the coattails of their devoted fan base.

Growth is accelerated for accounts that engage with one another on a regular basis; this is especially true when several influencers contribute content (such as live feeds, videos and stories) to the conversation.

Instagram Stories 

Instagram has indeed become a hotspot for the narrative trend. There are several reasons why stories are so enjoyable.

Make your work known by tagging and posting it with companies, organisations, photographers, and models (with a chance for a re-share).

If you have a sizable following and want to interact with them rapidly, live video streaming is a great option to consider.

If you regularly update your story with high-quality information, your posts will rise to the top of your followers' feeds, helping you stay top-of-mind.

Levels, rather than my actual visuals, seem to elicit more interest and participation from viewers.

There's no getting around the fact that this is crucial to maintaining a strong connection with your audience.

You can quickly let your followers know about an upcoming event or show off your latest content by sending them a direct message with a photo or video from your story.

Use A Crop Ratio Of 5:4.

If you're looking to improve your photos for sharing on social media, check out this Adobe Photoshop pro tip.

To make sure you get everything you want in your Instagram post, "shoot wide" during the shot and then crop it down to a 5:4 crop ratio (you can find the crop ratios at the top of the page in Whether in Photoshop or one of the many mobile photo-editing apps like Lightroom, Preview, VSCO, etc.

Cropping options aside, Instagrammers have gotten inventive with the design and layout of their feeds by playing with white space, spanning images across two panels, and other novel approaches to circumventing the app's default landscape or square aspect ratio, which can at first glance appear to stifle originality.

Try growing various plants and see what you get.

Make Use Of A Business Profile.

The Instagram Page metrics are only viewable on a company profile.

Users of Instagram can now directly contact your company via email or phone, and you'll also gain insight into your audience's demographics and the optimal times of day to publish to your page thanks to this function.

If you want people to visit your photography business's profile and follow you right away, it's important to have an interesting bio and a photo that people will recognise.

You should modify your profile so that it best serves your target market while still reflecting your unique character.  

Use Different Types of Content Marketing

You should engage with other people and promote your brand on Instagram, but you shouldn't focus on your follower count.

Instagram is only one platform where photographers, models, and companies can network with one another and their customers.

You may still build a successful photography career even if you don't become an overnight Instagram sensation by promoting your work through your own website, networking, and referring your friends and family.

As you can see, there are many ways to advance your photography career or make the most of your photography pastime.

Scope Out The Competition

If your rivals are also active on Instagram, you should check out their posts to see what kinds of things are getting people interested in your product.

Pay close attention to the types of postings they are using. Is it helpful for them to watch a video or use an image carousel, for instance?

If they want to let their followers in on a little secret, do they upload a carousel of photographs and videos together? Are the Stories they're making truly interesting?

Consider how you might make these or similar points your own in order to build brand recognition.

Take note of the hashtags your rivals are using, the regularity with which they publish, and the apparent growth rate of their follower count.

Take note of any opportunities that your rivals may be missing, and see if you can turn them to your own benefit.

It's possible to see who your competitors' followers are and interact with them directly. Ideally, you'd do so in a way that seems natural and not like spam.

Instagram will suggest more accounts to follow once you start following others.

If you think these accounts would be a good fit for your product or service, you should reach out to them.

Instagram Post Formats

Instagram's primary purpose was to allow users to post photographs, but today videos, photo slideshows, and "Stories" can now be uploaded and shared.

While photographs remain the most popular form of post, branching out to see what your audience responds to most is a wonderful method to gauge success.

Image Sizes

On Instagram, you may choose from three different photo dimensions. Images are automatically reduced in size to a 1080px square.

But whether you go horizontal or vertical is up to you. It's important to keep the following image orientations in mind when curating your Instagram gallery:

  • When an image's width and height are both set to 1080 pixels, the result is a square.
  • When cropping a vertical image, the final dimensions will be 1080 pixels wide by 1350 pixels tall.
  • To get a 1080px wide by 566px high final product, we must crop the horizontal image.

Video Specs

Instagram allows three distinct video dimensions for use in feeds, just like with photos. Square videos, either horizontal or vertical, can be uploaded.

In order to play back a video properly, a minimum resolution of 600px on all four sides is required for square videos. Minimum resolutions for landscape videos are 600 x 315px and for vertical videos they're 600 x 750px.

Instagram suggests using.mp4 for in-feed videos, and specifies a maximum length of 60 seconds.

Carousel Specs

You can include two to 10 separate media files in a single carousel post.

This is a fantastic style for showcasing more content that is related to a single image, providing a step-by-step tutorial, or revealing details about a certain process.

Keep in mind that images and videos displayed in a carousel will be automatically cropped to a square.


Images and videos posted to Instagram's "Stories" section at the app's top disappear after 24 hours.

Content posted to Stories will not be visible to your followers or on your profile grid.

Since they won't be around forever, they allow you to present a more approachable and genuine side of your company.

Either tap the person's profile picture at the top of the main page or visit their profile to read their full tale.

When you click on the full-screen button, the report will expand to see all the photos and videos they've uploaded in the previous day.

It's up to the discretion of the user whether or not to feature any of their own personal narratives in their profile summary.

Instagram Live

Instagram, like Facebook, allows you to broadcast live video using the app's Stories feature.

Live videos are fantastic for revealing new products, doing Q&As with fans, and providing sneak peeks into live events.

To begin a live broadcast, launch Instagram's camera, slide to the Live option, and tap Go Live.

When you go live, your app followers will be alerted so that they can join your conversation in the built-in chat.

If your followers miss your live broadcast, they may still view it for the next 24 hours by tapping the Story icon that appears at the top of the home screen.


Instagram TV is the company's latest service, and users can tune in through either the main Instagram app or a separate IGTV app.

Here, makers can publish long-form vertical video they've already shot and edited. You may start making content for IGTV by installing the IGTV app, making a channel, and uploading videos.

Non-verified accounts are limited to 10 minutes of video time, but verified accounts can upload videos up to an hour in length.

As of this writing, IGTV videos can only be viewed on mobile devices; PC users must wait.

What Should You Post on Instagram?

You have the advantage as a creative business owner of being able to produce and disseminate unique content that highlights your products, services, and expertise.

Changing up the content you offer on social media can help keep your audience interested, as we highlighted in our piece on social media strategies.

To get your creative juices flowing, consider these common content types:

  • Images from behind-the-scenes
  • Tips or ideas for action
  • Client testimonials or stories
  • Posts that advocate for a cause
  • Quotes that are inspiring or motivating
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Images or videos that are amusing
  • Timely images or news content
  • Pose questions
  • Offers, promotions, or freebies


Instagram is the go-to social media platform for the fashion business. Using Instagram to promote one's photographic work is still crucial in today's competitive photography market. Utilizing a powerful and adaptable social media platform like Instagram is essential for promoting your fashion photography. When it comes to internet platforms, Instagram is where the fashion industry goes first. It's only natural for a fashion photographer to want to keep his fans and followers engaged in his work by often releasing fresh pictures.

You should post less frequently but of greater quality if you don't already have a loyal fan audience. Instagram businesses who want to boost viewership and sales should start using videos. Photographers use Instagram to display their subjects' unique style. When taking pictures of clothing for a fashion magazine, the photographer should make the apparel the focal point. If you're a designer in the fashion industry, you need exercise extreme caution while choosing an image to publish on Instagram.

Your shot should be flattering, but it should also highlight the details of your ensemble. We discovered that concentrating on hashtags relevant to a specific niche was a great way to gain new followers. Instagram is where the narrative trend really took off. Tag and post your work with well-known businesses, organisations, photographers, and models to increase exposure and interest in your work. In order to fit all of your content inside your Instagram post, use a crop ratio of 5:4.

You can only access the Instagram page using an official company account. Focus instead on interacting with other users and spreading awareness of your brand. It's important to tailor your profile to appeal to your intended audience while yet remaining true to who you are as a person. It's possible to take your photography to the next level professionally or as a pastime. With the Stories function of the app, you may stream live video.

Product launches, as well as Q&A sessions with devoted customers, can be greatly enhanced by live video broadcasts. After downloading the IGTV app, creating a channel, and uploading several videos, you may begin contributing material to the platform. Until later this month, users on desktop computers will have to wait to access the service.

Content Summary

  1. Instagram is very popular among users of all ages, but notably the younger ones.
  2. The photo-sharing app first appeared online in 2010, was acquired by Facebook in 2012, and today boasts a user base of over a billion.
  3. Over 25 million businesses have an Instagram presence today.
  4. Instagram is ideal for up-and-coming fashion photographers to showcase their work and connect with potential clients.
  5. Utilizing a powerful and adaptable social media platform like Instagram is essential for promoting your fashion photography.
  6. Total revenue and the brand's popularity on Instagram are both excellent barometers of business success.
  7. Instagram is the go-to social media platform for the fashion business.
  8. By adhering to these rules, you may make a significant impression on Instagram as a fashion photographer.
  9. When your only concern is how often you should post, you will inevitably lower the quality of your work.
  10. Never lower standards to boost output.
  11. Pick a Good Username Don't make things trickier than they have to be.
  12. Choose a user name that is both creative and appropriate, one that can be easily remembered and typed, and one that also makes sense.
  13. Instagram regularly displays the most recent trends and craze in fashion photography, so it's a good idea to plan your content ahead of time.
  14. One alternative is to use a different daily theme.
  15. You may start the trend of "Fashion-Friday" by posting pictures of your best outfits from the week.
  16. Keep in Touch with Everyone Finding and connecting with new people is the best way to increase the number of people who read your blog and other social media posts.
  17. Wander about taking pictures and you could stumble over some new users.
  18. If you consistently submit high-quality fashion photos to Instagram, you'll gain more followers.
  19. Instagram businesses who want to boost viewership and sales should start using videos.
  20. However, with the help of a tool like a video, that time can be cut down to only minutes.
  21. Take pictures with the help of props.
  22. As a fashion designer, you should also exercise extreme caution when deciding which photo to publish on Instagram.
  23. Take use of the interactive nature of social media Not enough people seem to realise that social media is, well, social.
  24. If you want to be successful, you need to learn how to talk to others who are like you.
  25. Commenting on other people's images in your niche and on the people who comment on those images is a great method to get more eyes on your material and more comments from interested parties.
  26. Connect with Influential Instagram Users Getting more social media followers used to be as simple as publishing frequently and receiving lots of likes and comments.
  27. Influence and exposure in your field can be increased through the site's facilitation of connections between those already active in the field.
  28. Accounts that actively interact with one another, especially when many influencers provide material (live feeds, videos, and stories), grow at a much faster rate.
  29. Instagram's Temporary Posts Yes, the narrative fad has spread like wildfire on Instagram.
  30. You can stay at the forefront of your fans' minds by consistently updating your narrative with interesting and relevant content.
  31. Check out this Adobe Photoshop tutorial if you want to learn how to take better social media-ready photographs.
  32. Implement A Company Profile.
  33. You can only see the analytics for your Instagram page if you have a business profile.
  34. Instagram users may now email or call your business directly from the app, and you can learn more about your audience's makeup and the best time of day to post by using this feature.
  35. It's important to tailor your profile to appeal to your intended audience while yet remaining true to who you are as a person.
  36. Apply a Wide Range of Content Marketing Strategies Focus instead on interacting with other users and spreading awareness of your brand.
  37. Check Out the Rivalry If your competitors are also using Instagram, you can discover what kind of content is generating buzz about your product by perusing their postings.
  38. Take note of the kinds of posts they are making.
  39. Analyze your competitors' hashtag usage, posting frequency, and apparent following growth.
  40. Keep an eye out for openings that the competition might be overlooking, and use them to your advantage.
  41. You can view your rivals' followers and engage with them in a one-on-one setting.
  42. When putting together an Instagram collection, bear in mind the following image orientations: Image dimensions of 1080 pixels on all sides produce a perfect square.
  43. Videos can be submitted in either a horizontal or vertical square format.
  44. Carousel photos and videos will be automatically cropped to a square shape.
  45. Your followers and profile grid will not display any content you publish to Stories.
  46. Instagram Similar to Facebook's Live feature, Instagram's Stories function also lets users broadcast live video.
  47. IGTV Instagram TV is the newest offering from the company, and it can be viewed in either the regular Instagram app or in a dedicated IGTV app.
  48. After downloading the IGTV app, creating a channel, and uploading several videos, you may begin contributing material to the platform.
  49. IGTV videos are currently only accessible on mobile devices, so PC users will have to wait a little longer.
  50. If you run a creative firm, you have the distinct advantage of being able to create and disseminate original material that showcases your offerings and skills.
  51. Keeping your social media content fresh is essential if you want to maintain engagement, as we discussed in our article on social media tactics.

FAQs About Instagram

To share photographs and videos from a mobile device, Instagram is a popular social networking programme. All Instagram users, like those on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, have access to a profile page and a stream of updates. Your Instagram profile is where your photos and videos will be shown to the public.

In addition, Instagram allows users to upload, share, and view multimedia content without cost. Since its inception, Instagram has exploded in popularity as a means of interacting with people from all walks of life, including businesses, public figures, friends and family. We'll go over the many uses for Instagram, from sharing little clips to going live.

It would help if you took pictures in an Instagram-specific way first. This means they must develop a unique premise, use the appropriate filters, and craft a cohesive piece. When the correct photos are shared throughout the web, Instagram will mention you, bringing your account to the attention of millions of new followers. It's a good idea to show the behind-the-scenes action of your fashion photography gig by posting photos or doing Instagram Stories.

Running a successful photography company on Instagram does not need a significant number of followers on the platform. Nevertheless, Instagram is a big medium you should utilise if you want to either increase the popularity of your company or show off your work to potential customers.

Mainly because it enables artists, or at least gives them the idea of establishing a significant fan base that may include collectors. By penetrating the established order of the art market, it possesses or possesses the ability to be disruptive. Because of the nearly obligatory nature of this stage for artists, we felt the need to concentrate on those Instagram tips specifically for artists.

The world of fashion photography is currently flourishing, with new names emerging daily. As a result of Instagram's introduction, competition has become even more intense.

As a result, we have witnessed artists achieve enormous success, popularise certain photography approaches, and pioneer new fashions, all through their feeds on Instagram.


Instagram should be used by every fashion photographer as a means of furthering their brand. Using Instagram to showcase your best work to millions of people is a great idea.

You can win over the hearts and minds of people all across the world by posting your best work on Instagram. If you want to make it as a fashion photographer, Instagram is your ticket to the big time.

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