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80+ Best Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salons in Melbourne [2022]

Located in Melbourne, and planning to have a cosmetic lip tattoo and looking for the Best Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon? When you are planning your big day, you probably want everything just perfect. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you dreamed is to choose the best salon personally. This way, you can select the best artist and the most famous salon in Melbourne. 

Cosmetic tattooing has quickly become the norm, with more and more women adding microblade eyebrows, tattoo eyeliner and even permanent under-eye concealer to their beauty menu.

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And while the idea of permanent and semi-permanent makeup may still be scary to some, the reality is that cosmetic tattooing is now so intricate and precise, the results can range from subtle and natural to life-changing.

The advancements in technology and technique are part of the reason why lipstick and lip liner tattooing is gaining in popularity. Despite being such a small and delicate area, professional inking can help to add definition, enhance colour and create symmetry.

Ultimate List of Best Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon Melbourne

Rachel Bebe Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon Melbourne 

Rachael Bebe Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne


Rachael Bebe Cosmetic Tattoos

Rachael Bebe is a specialist in natural effect eyebrows, eyebrow microblading, feathering or hair stroke eyebrow tattooing & based in Mt Eliza, Victoria.

The look we create looks like real hair, excellent for enhancing faded, patchy and thin eyebrows, or making those designer brows you've always wanted.

Cosmetic Tattoo Salon in Mount Eliza

Rachael Bebe is based on the Mornington Peninsula and has been performing Cosmetic Tattooing for over 16 years.​​​​​​​

Eyebrows are the most defining feature of the face. They frame your face, emphasise your eyes and accentuate your expression. Brows & lips are pivotal in giving symmetry to the front. As an expert in the field of cosmetic tattooing & microblading & eyebrow feathering since 2008, Rachael Bebe has pioneered the most natural-looking 3D and 6D hair stroke (feathering, eyebrow embroidery) eyebrow.


Semi-Permanent Makeup Salon in Mornington

Cosmetic tattooing (also known as micro-pigmentation, Microblading, or Semi-Permanent Makeup) is a delicate process where a water-soluble pigment is deposited into the skin to create gorgeous, long-lasting colour. Cosmetic tattooing enhances eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner, the colour and shape of your lips, and even improves your lashes.

Cosmetic Tattooing and Microblading devises I used to ensure absolute precision, hygiene, minimal noise and shorter treatment time, guaranteeing your process is seem less with magnificent results Based on the Mornington Peninsula, in Mt Eliza (about 40 minutes drive from Melbourne), My name is Rachael Bebe, and I have been performing cosmetic tattooing to provide permanent makeup solutions and empower women for more than 16 years. It's your face, and you deserve the best!

Eyebrow Tattoos

If there's one thing you need to know about beauty trends right now, it's this: bushy brows are here to stay. Eyebrow tattooing has become all the rage at the moment with many celebrities sporting a thicker brow.

Lip Tattoo and Colour 

Imagine this, and you don't have to worry about reapplying lipstick all over again! The perfection in shape, colour, and the opportunity to make your lips beautiful is a dream come true!



Imagine this, and you don't have to worry about reapplying lipstick all over again! The perfection in shape, colour, and the opportunity to make your lips beautiful is a dream come true!

Salon Specializing In Semi-permanent Makeup

Eyebrows are the most defining feature of the face. They frame your face, emphasise your eyes and accentuate your expression.

Brows & lips are pivotal in giving symmetry to the face. As an expert in the field of cosmetic tattooing & eyelash extensions since 2008, Rachael Bebe has pioneered the most natural-looking 3D, 6D hair stroke(feathering, eyebrow embroidery) eyebrow and glamorous eyelash extensions.

Our unique "3D, 6D HAIR STROKE" of colour-customisation matches your skin tone and enhances one's natural beauty. If you are interested in our microblading and eyebrow tattoo services, contact us now.


Mien Brows - Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon Melbourne 

Mien Brows - Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon Melbourne

1300 627 697

Mien Brows Academy

Eyebrow Microblading & Digital Machine Courses 

At Mien Brows we believe Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing is a form of eyebrow architecture, designed to achieve fuller, more structured brows, thereby alleviating the regular routine of applying brow makeup.

Our courses are designed for you to be guided by our highly experienced Master Stylist and Owner of Mien Brows.

We provide complimentary consultations for Nicole to tailor a course structure to your specific requirements on any aspects of cosmetic tattooing that you would like to gain more confidence in and perfect your technique.

Our number one goal is setting the industry apart with a critical focus on education, building strong relationships with our students and giving them the confidence within themselves to have a successful career in the industry.

Eyebrow Microblading 

Also known as "feather stroke."

Microblading is a tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin. This technique is used to mimic the natural brow hairs. It is the most natural way to fill in your brows. It can last anywhere between 6 – 18 months.

Combination Brows

A combination of the brow is a mixture of microbladed hair-like strokes and shading. Shading gives more definition to your brows and once healed, it creates more of a "makeup" look. I often use this technique to cover old eyebrow tattoos.

Ombre Brows

The ombré effect comes from using two different brow colours, one lighter than the other. This technique lasts longer and works very well with oily skin. The brow is also fuller and more defined or dramatic. Great for clients who regularly fill in their brows with pencils or shadows

Lash Enhancement Tattoo

A lash enhancement tattoo creates an undetectable definition for eyes. It involves tattooing an ultra-thin black/brown line along the lash line to create the illusion of fuller and darker lashes.

Luxe Brow Sculpt Package

Book in for a Luxe Brow Package with our artists for the ultimate Brow experience.

Your package includes:

Shaping your eyebrows using the Golden Ratio Method

Eyebrow wax & tint

Mineral makeup application

Education on maintenance


Eye Art Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Eye Art Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

03 8528 8590


Located on Puckle Street - Moonee Ponds, in Melbourne, Eye Art Studio is a boutique day spa style studio specialised in Eyebrow Microblading, Men's Eyebrow Microblading, Ombre' Brow Tattoo, Combination Eyebrow Tattoo, Cosmetic Tattoo, Lip Tattoo, Eyeliner Tattoo, Eyebrow Tattoo Removal, Eyebrow Tattoo Repairs, Microneedling, Freckle Tattooing and 

Cosmetic Injections

Additionally, we also offer Eyelash Extension, Keratin Eyelash Lift, Brow Lamination, Eyebrow Sculpting for Men and Women.

All within a spacious studio that is zen, calming and professional for Clients and their Artists.

To date, Eye Art Studio remains one of Australia's highest-ranked Eyebrow Tattoo studios according to Google and our customer reviews of their genuine experience


Eye Art Studio's in-house Artists and Technicians offer the following services

  • Eyebrow Microblading - also known as feathering
  • Ombre' Eyebrow Tattoo
  • Combination Eyebrow Tattoo
  • Soft Powder Eyebrow Tattoo
  • Eyeliner Tattoo
  • Lip Tattoo
  • Eyebrow Tattoo Correction
  • Eyebrow Tattoo Removal
  • Freckle Tattooing
  • Cosmetic Injections
  • Proper Old School Skin Microneedling

Also, we offer the following beauty treatments to complement our menu of needle services:

  • Eyelash Extension
  • Keratin Eyelash Lift
  • Eyebrow Lamination

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Anh's Artistry Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon Melbourne 

Anh's Artistry Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon Melbourne

0431 542 101 

Lip Tattoo In Melbourne

Are you fed up with applying lipstick each and every day to get the look you want? Do you want a semi-permanent solution that eliminates this hassle? Fortunately, the specialists at Anh's Artistry can help with your lip tattoo in Melbourne. Not only can our services provide long-lasting results, but they're also affordable and generally non-invasive. Whether you want to conceal problematic areas of your lips or you simply want to enjoy a fuller and more defined shape, we can help.

Our Services

Our friendly service is the answer to the question "where can I get a lip liner tattoo near me?" We're fully capable of providing:

  • Line and Blend – A two-hour session during which we use a blend of light colour to create the perfect liner, defining your lips with minimal reshaping
  • Full Shade – A three-hour session that includes defining, reshaping and adding colour to your lips to achieve the best possible cosmetic effect

We can provide accurate lip tattoo before and after photos if you're unsure about the effectiveness of the treatment. We're confident that you won't be disappointed with the outcome.

Our One-On-One Service

We proudly offer a tailored service that takes your input into account. You can arrange a free 30-minute consultation either face-to-face or over the phone, during which you can tell us precisely what you want. This allows us to learn more about you and your goals, allowing us to recommend the most suitable course of action and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Make A Booking Today

Anh's Artistry is a leading destination for professional yet cheap lip tattoos. You can trust our specialists to provide a professional one-on-one service that achieves your desired look. Contact us at your earliest opportunity to learn more about what we can do and how we can help.

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Vink Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0450 846 955

Enjoy Fuller & More Youthful Lips with Cosmetic Lip Tattoos

The cosmetic lip tattoos available at V·ink Cosmetic Tattoo are perfect for those individuals who would like to have fuller, healthier and more youthful-looking lips, and a lovely defined lip contour at all times without the need for lip fillers. This treatment can correct the shape and colour of your lips, which is often lost with age, cold sores, lip fillers scars or sun damage. The lip blush tattoo in Melbourne works very well on ethnic lips, as it is an excellent solution for lightening the tone of unwanted dark lips by bringing down the darker colours to a lovely nude lip tint. Cosmetic lip tattoos can also help to improve the appearance of scars and asymmetries.

Say Goodbye to Lipstick with Lip Blush Tattoo in Melbourne

After you've had A lip tint tattoo, you can just gloss and go − no more fiddling around with lipsticks! A lip BLUSH tattoo will restore your natural lip pigment's colour for an attractive flushed lip appearance. Lip tint tattooing gives you the freedom of avoiding the repeated daily lipstick application routine, and that annoying lipstick bleeding is wholly gone!

How Do Cosmetic Lip Tattoos Heal?

If you're concerned about the lip tattoo healing process, we can help you every step of the way. The lip blush tattoo heals very quickly. We discuss the healing process with you on your treatment day and provide you with detailed aftercare instructions so you'll know what to expect. You can also find the aftercare instructions on our website F.A.Q.s page.

Delivering the Best Lip Tints & Cosmetic Tattoo Services to the South-East

If you're looking for cosmetic lip tattoo services near Yarraville, St Kilda, Elwood, Brighton or Elsternwick, our beauty tattooing clinic is perfectly located. We serve the south-east of Melbourne with our cosmetic lip tattoos, and we have hundreds of happy customers. Take a look at the before and after photos here on our website along with our customers' positive testimonials.

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Treatments We Can Provide

At V·ink Cosmetic Tattoo, we are specialists in permanent makeup, particularly the ever-popular lip blush tattoo in Melbourne. Here are the cosmetic lip tattoos styles we offer:

Lip Line Tattoo

The cosmetic lip line tattoo will help to enhance your lips by defining the lip contour. This treatment is perfect for people who want to correct light asymmetries. It is recommended to always choose this treatment together with the lip blend or full lip tattoo for a more natural look.

Lip Liner and Blend Tattoo

THIS kind of cosmetic lip tattoo I.S. a more innovative version of the lip line tattoo because it is a lip liner that blends softly into your natural lip colour for a subtle yet noticeable look. The lip liner and blend tattoo technique will bring a fuller appearance to your mouth without being over the top. It is a great option to correct asymmetries.

Full Cosmetic Lip Tattoo OR LIP BLUSH

Among the techniques we use, the full lip blush tattoo is the one that can deliver a more natural look to your lips because it can mimic a perfect lipstick application or a natural lip tone. It is up to you whether you want to obtain a subtle appearance or a more dramatic look.

These treatments will deliver long-lasting and fuller-looking lips, with no need for lip fillers. We will choose the best lip tints that suit your natural skin tone, or we can match the colour of your favourite lipstick. With the lip tint tattoo, we can also lighten up hyperpigmented lips, delivering a nude shade for a very natural-looking dark lips correction.

Your lips will look perfect at all times, and you will only need to apply some gloss if you feel like it. To change up the colour, you can still wear any coloured lipstick on top of your lip tattoo. Please note that if you are after a very strong or bright tone, more than two lip tattooing sessions may be required in order to build up the intensity needed of your lip tint tattoo.


Celebrity Ink Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

 Celebrity Ink Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

03 9662 2995


The industry leaders in cosmetic tattooing in Melbourne, Celebrity Ink in Melbourne Central will help you achieve that permanent makeup looks so you can look bright-eyed from the moment you wake up! We specialise in cosmetic eyebrow tattoos, and we're proud to say we're the best decorative tattoo studio in Melbourne – trust the tattoo experts for brow tattooing techniques and results you can be proud of.


When it comes to permanent tattoos, needles … and your face, you don't want to leave your cosmetic tattooing to chance! All our Melbourne cosmetic tattoo technicians are highly trained and experienced to give you the confidence to know you're in the best hands. When you want to look and feel your best, then you must work with the best!

Looking for an eyebrow tattoo salon? Look no further,we got you a list to look and save your time. 


If you've been unhappy with your lips, brows, and eyes for years and it's shaking your confidence or preventing you from living your best life, then the decision to speak with one of our Melbourne cosmetic tattoo artists will change your life forever! We'll talk you through the whole cosmetic tattoo process to help you achieve the look you long for! Don't worry about knowing your colours or styles or anything like that – our experienced team will guide you all the way.


Envisage Beauty - Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Envisage Beauty - Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0407 716 686

Cosmetic Tattoos

The semi-permanent makeup that makes a real difference



Beautiful natural-looking brows frame the face and make you look younger by adding an instant lift to your eyes. If you would like fuller or better-shaped brows, you will love the difference eyebrow cosmetic tattooing will make. Not only will you look younger and more stylish, but you will also save time applying makeup, and feel more confident: you can go swimming, play a sport or wipe your forehead without the embarrassment of losing your eyebrows. As professional cosmetic tattooist and beauty therapist, I know the importance of structure and symmetry to achieve the most favourable results for my clients. Your brows will be perfectly proportioned and balanced for your unique shape and features, with the right complementary shade to match your hair and skin tone. I am fully qualified and experienced in all the latest eyebrow tattooing techniques, including:

  • Microblading
  • Hairstroke brows
  • Feather touch brows
  • Eyebrow feathering
  • Ombre brows
  • Powder brows
  • Mist brows
  • Combination brows



By mimicking tiny eyelashes in the lash line, cosmetic eyeliner tattoo ('semi-permanent makeup') makes your eyes look more defined, and lashes look thicker and darker. Colour can be added for a soft natural liner or a bolder definite line.

Ophthalmologists recommend this procedure for those who are allergic to conventional makeup and for those wearing contact lenses. Great for sport, swimming, holidays and for never having that "no makeup" bare look.

Cosmetic eyeliner tattoo is excellent for you if you:

  • don't want to wear or have to apply eyeliner every day
  • want smudge-proof eyeliner perfectly shaped
  • have eyelashes are missing or thin
  • have watery eyes or allergies to mainstream makeup
  • are visually impaired

See more of our list of microblading melbourne salons near you.


Lip Liner

Cosmetic lip tattoo gives a more refreshed, youthful look to the lips, restoring volume and pigment. It can enlarge and correct uneven lips and helps prevent lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding skin.

The most popular treatment for cosmetic lip tattoo is the 'lip line and blend' also known as a 'lip tint' or 'lip blush'. This technique outlines and defines the lip shape then blends the colour and creates a subtle, natural fullness with a hint of colour. A soft pink or peach is popular for those wanting a natural look, or a more dramatic colour can be used.

Great for:

  • Adding volume and fullness to the lips
  • Restoring youthful definition and shape to a fading lip
  • Pale lips, sun-damaged lips, uneven lips or lips that have lost the body as a result of cold sores or injury
  • Giving a smile back and helps to turn back the clock
  • Balancing the lips and lifting the complexion


Judy Eyebrow Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Judy Eyebrow Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0406 600 166

With over 20 years of professional experience, Judy Eyebrow has perfected personalised eyebrows design with state-of-the-art eyebrow tattoo techniques to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We create the most natural-looking, realistic hair strokes available in eyebrow permanent makeup, as well as offering other cosmetic tattoos such as permanent lips tattoo and semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo

Professional Permanent Lips Tattoo in Blackburn

Do you find putting on lipstick frustrating or time-consuming? And having to reapply all day… who needs that? Now you can have perfect lips 24/7 with a permanent lips tattoo at Judy Eyebrow. Our principal artist, Judy Zhong, has been a leader in this industry for 20 years. She's not only won awards but has taught students in China her unique permanent lips tattoo technique. And now she's here in Australia, ready to do your permanent lips tattoo and create kissable lips for you that last year.

What is a Permanent Lips Tattoo?

A permanent lips tattoo works to add definition to THE lips. It doesn't physically add any volume or puffiness, but it does give the illusion of a fuller lip. A permanent lips tattoo is also appropriate for people who have hyperpigmentation on the lips and who want a way of correcting colour. It's a natural-looking technique when applied by a skilful cosmetic tattoo artist.

How Long Do Lip Tattoos Last?

The length of time your permanent lips tattoo will depend on a variety of factors. One of them is the shade you choose. If your shadow is lighter, or closer to your natural lip colour, then your permanent lips tattoo will fade away sooner. To prevent it fading, you will need to have a tattoo touch-up to renew the colour. To avoid this, choose a colour that's one or two shades brighter or darker than your natural skin tone on the lips.

Where Can I Get a Permanent Lips Tattoo?

You can find Judy Eyebrow at 2A Tyrrell Ave, Blackburn. Most of our clients who visit us for cosmetic tattoos are from Blackburn or local suburbs in eastern Melbourne, such as:

  • Box Hill
  • Forest Hill
  • Surrey Hills
  • Burwood
  • Balwyn
  • Mont Albert

Visit Judy Eyebrow for the Best Permanent Lips Tattoo in Melbourne

If you want the best results for your permanent lips tattoo, don't settle for second best – come to the experts at Judy Eyebrow and meet our lead artist, Judy Zhong. Make a booking today by calling 0406 600 166 − you'll be so glad you did when you walk out of our clinic with amazing, plump and beautiful lips! We also offer additional cosmetic tattooing services, including semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo, eyebrow tattoo and feather brows tattoo.

Check out our range of microblading melbourne salons around Melbourne to help with your problems. 


Claire Martin Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Claire Martin Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0439 715 653


Owner, Cosmetic Tattoo Technician

During my 20's, I discovered I had a very entrepreneurial and creative mindset. 

I was born in the U.K. and from the age of 18, worked in an office, but could never settle into the Corporate environment. Being creative, I was constantly dreaming and designing exciting projects to keep my mind motivated and inspired.

In my earlier years, I had a fascination with beauty and learned to do Acrylic Nails, followed by an Airbrush Body Art course. Airbrushing could be done on the nails for tiny patterns, on the face as makeup, and on the body for spray tans and temporary tattoo's. This was where my love of beauty, skin and body art began.

I started my own business at 22 called Top Bods. I quickly learned the art of spraying a flawless tan, and also took myself off to music festivals in my V.W. Camper Van, to adorn party-goers with pretty Body Art Tattoo's, that would wash off at the end of the day.

I then began to train other people in spray tans and quickly decided to do a Beauty Therapy Diploma, as a MATURE student, at age 25 (I still can't believe that was classed as mature).

Prior to this discovery of my love for beauty, I had issues with hair loss. I slowly lost every eyebrow hair I owned and decided I would get my brows tattooed. I also attended a Cosmetic Tattoo and Body Tattoo course in London, with friends, to help to treat others with the same issues that I had. 

The course, in my eyes, was a complete disaster. It left me full of doubt and scared to perform the treatments. For that reason, I decided to learn more about the skin, so that I had a better understanding of the art, hence my enrolment to Beauty College.

Even back then, I had very high standards, and I was unprepared to produce Cosmetic Tattoo work on peoples faces, that was not up to standard, and I understood the responsibility of giving a client, eyebrows that they could love and feel confident with. Having my brows tattooed changed my life, and I'll never forget the day that I had them done, and how wonderful it felt.

I also owned and ran my own Skin and Beauty Business, here in Melbourne, Australia, when I moved here in 2009.

Fast Forward many years and I have had the honour of working on so many beautiful ladies and giving them Brows, Eyeliner and Lip Tattoo's that are natural and beautiful.

I take an immense amount of pride in my work and in ensuring that my clients are well informed, not only during the treatment but well before and after. I believe the steps are taken before and after are just as, if not more important than the treatments themselves.

I am now also a Business Coach and Mentor for the Cosmetic Tattoo Industry. I speak at some of the main Semi-Permanent Makeup events here in Australia and have also won Cosmetic Tattoo Artist of the Year, with the Association of Cosmetic Tattoo.

My mission is to ensure that clients make educated decisions when choosing an artist and that the technicians in our industry strive to offer extraordinary service to their clients, through solid advanced training and strong business integrity and foundations. I feel that this career takes a tremendous amount of skill and should be treated with the utmost respect.

I have not only completed my Basic Skills in Cosmetic Tattoo but over my 17 years in beauty, have also attended over 20 Master Classes, with world-renowned Artists. This has given me the experience to offer a wide range of services in my art, for all skin types and ages.

I believe in creating soft results, that enhance our NATURAL beauty, hence my slogan "Natural Beauty Enhanced."

I believe Semi-Permanent makeup should be timeless and not trend orientated, to ensure that compliments your natural features, throughout time.

Please feel free to contact us, with any information you would like regarding our treatments, and we will be more than happy to assist.

I look forward to meeting you. Should you decide to embark on your Cosmetic Tattoo journey with me.


Treatments You Can Trust



FOR PRICES & AVAILABILITY, please click Book Online above.

All brow makeovers are conducted in a very careful and accurate way so that you are completely happy and sure of your design before we even commence the tattoo. Clare spends a good 2 hours, typically in total with her clients for each treatment. The 2 hours is made up as follows:

In the 1st session, Clare performs a detailed consultation regarding your brow makeover and can spend at least an hour drawing on designs and discussing colour, shape etc. Clare will take as long as you need to discuss your design and draw it on to get it PERFECT. She uses special techniques and measuring devices during this process. Clare applies an anaesthetic throughout the treatment to numb the area and then proceed's to do the treatment in the design and colour you both have selected.

Clare mainly does hair-stroke brows with the feather touch/microblade technique. This uses a hand tool, not a machine, so it is gentle and very beautiful. Very natural results can be achieved with this. We can decide if this is the best option for you on the day. Our consults are absolutely thorough, so all clients feel very comfortable and happy by the time we proceed to do the brows in the same appointment.

After your brows are done, we go through aftercare and you are provided with a unique balm and an aftercare sheet.

You then attend a second perfecting session 4 to 6 weeks later, which is included in the price. At this session, Clare assesses the healing, colour, shape etc. and can "tweak" anything we need to – say you may have noticed a couple of hair-strokes have lifted, or you may decide you want to go a little darker. This can all be addressed at the Perfecting Session.

A deposit of $195 is required when booking your appointment (refundable with a 5 WORKING DAY or more notice of cancellation). Then the balance is paid on the day of your 1st appointment (which also includes your Perfecting Session).


FOR PRICES & AVAILABILITY, please click Book Online above.

All eyeliners/lips are conducted in a very slow, careful and accurate way so that you are completely happy before we even commence the tattoo. 

During the consultation, Clare will talk through the entire process regarding your eyeliner or lips and can spend at least an hour drawing on designs and discussing colour, shape etc. We take as long as you need to discuss your design/colour and draw it on to get it absolutely PERFECT. Clare uses special techniques during this process, and then we apply an anaesthetic to numb the area and then proceed to do the treatment in the design and colour we have selected.

For eyeliner Clare mainly does lash enhancements, where we work colour into the lash line, but you can have a thicker effect with a "wedge" or "flick" at the end if you desire. All liner is done using a high grade, Cosmetic Tattoo Digital Pen, which meets all of the required Health and Safety Standards. We also use the digital pen for the lips, which gives a very beautiful effect.

After your tattoo is complete we go through aftercare and Clare will provide you with a unique balm an aftercare sheet. 

Four to six weeks later (eyeliner) or six to eight weeks later (lips) you attend a perfecting session. At this session, Clare will assess the healing, colour and shape and can adjust anything we need to. $195 deposit (refundable with 5 working days or more notice of cancellation) is required on booking.

Various option for eyeliner is-

Upper Lash Enhancement –This is a dusting of colour in the upper lash line adding density to lashes and suits ANY eye shape.

Lower Lash Enhancement -This is a dusting of colour in the lower lash line adding density to lashes and suits ANY eye shape.

Upper and Lower Lash Enhancement Combined 

Thin Upper Liner -The Upper Eyeliner can be done to the desired length across the eyelid, but cannot be tattoo'd into the extreme corners of the eyes OR on the "wet-line". The Thin Upper Liner sits into, and just above the upper lashes, to frame the eyes. A small "flick" or "wedge" can also be added to the tail of the Upper Eyeliner.

Upper Eye Liner and Lower Lash Enhancement Combined - $795

Various options for lips are-

Full lip colour - solid colour 

Lip blend - darker border fading to the natural lip colour  

Lip liner - single lip liner 

PLEASE NOTE: I do book a little while in advance, so we recommend to clients that they contact us at the earliest opportunity if planning a Cosmetic Tattoo appointment. Please note that the fact I book in advance is a VERY positive sign of my excellent reputation in the industry. I have also won Cosmetic Tattoo Artist of the Year, Australia wide, with the Association of Cosmetic Tattoo, for the high quality of my work.


Melbourne Laser and Aesthetic Cosmetic Lip Tattoo 

Melbourne Laser and Aeshethic Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

(03) 8686 5786

Cosmetic Tattoo With The Best – Eyebrow Feathering at Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre

Tania Caputo is a professional cosmetic tattooist with over 25 years experience, offering excellence in lip and eye enhancing cosmetic tattoo and the very best eyebrow feathering, Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre clinicians are committed to ensuring the highest level of care is taken at all times. Tania Caputo offers the latest techniques in eyebrow feathering, achieving a full yet natural-looking eyebrow.


Melbourne Brows - Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Melbourne Brows Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0431 538 447

Eyebrow feathering transformations that last's around two years & takes just two hours, creating custom brows that suit you & your lifestyle. The MicroBlade is a manual hand tool designed to make an adequate hair stroke. The Blades on the hand tool vary depending on the coarseness of your individual hairs. Say goodbye to the sharpie eyebrow of yesteryear & welcome this new technique designed to fade as eyebrow fashions change.

Check out this microblading melbourne salon list which has everything you might need near you.

Aj has become increasingly popular in the last 3 years with her calendar being booked up to 3 months in advance. She is a qualified eyebrow technician with a certificate from MELBOURNE COLLEGE OF COSMETIC TATTOOING PTY LTD. She is a loving and caring person with only the best intentions at heart. Her skills are second to none, and she has been published online multiple times for her fantastic work. 


Amanda Mcgregor Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

amanda mcgregor cosmetic tattooing banner

0437 235 344

Amanda is passionate about her field of cosmetic tattooing, and the results speak for themselves.

I have been interested in eyebrow shaping since I was a teenager. Not knowing how to shape my eyebrows, like so many others, I did some damage from plucking too much out. As time went by, my eyebrows didn't grow back much at all. My brows thinned out more as I got older, and thanks to a couple of scars and an unbalanced thyroid issue and I wasn't left with much by the age of 40.

I had to pencil them in every day, continually tinting to keep them looking good, until it got too annoying. I had to learn how to fix my eyebrows, and with a lot of practice and persistence, I was soon able to help other people improve theirs. I have now been shaping eyebrows for over 30 years and tattooing for more than a decade.

The secret is being artistic, having an eye for detail, and the patience to deliver an excellent result every time. What I do is ingrained in me, it's my passion. You can teach someone to paint, but that doesn't make them a great painter. Many cosmetic tattooists are not artistic, so I've trained in a variety of different techniques, combining my artistic flair with my eyebrow shaping skills – and here I am!

What is Cosmetic Lip Tattooing?

Semi-permanent lip pigmentation is achieved with a digital cosmetic tattooing machine, allowing you to wake up with perfectly defined lips every day. A tint is selected from a huge range of fabulous shades to either blend with your natural lip colour or to match your favourite cosmetic lip shade. You can choose between having your whole lip coloured or a 'lip line and blend'; many clients prefer not to have a precise lip line, but a smooth, symmetrical mouth with the colour blended inwards to avoid harsh, dated outlines.

Most women, and even some men, can benefit from lip tattooing, as the treatment makes lips appear fuller and helps restore youthful definition to fading lips. If you're feeling adventurous, you may choose a bold colour, although most clients prefer natural shades that are perfect for every day and can be built upon with lip products for special occasions.

Tattooing lips involves the implanting of colour into a muscle, so it's slightly different from eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing on the skin. People whose skin weeps or bleeds a lot will not retain the colour quite as well, so some clients may require more sessions to get coverage. It all depends on the individual, and Amanda can discuss any concerns with you at a consultation.

The Procedure

There are three stages for lip tattooing:

  1. Meet Amanda at a Consultation. You can ask any questions you may have and discuss aspects of the style you're after, including what colour and shape is achievable and any imperfections that require hiding.
  2. The Initial Tattooing comes next. Amanda will begin by taking some photos and applying numbing cream while you fill out a medical form. After 30-40mins, Amanda will plan and measure out exactly where the tattooing will go, before starting the colour implanting process using a digital cosmetic tattooing machine. You should not feel any discomfort; however, Amanda will ask throughout the treatment if you are uncomfortable and more numbing solution will be applied to the required area.
  3. You'll then come back for a Touch Up. Six to eight weeks after your initial tattooing, you may find there are small gaps or that the pigment isn't quite the right shade. This is completely normal, and this appointment allows Amanda to go over and perfect your tattooing, ensuring you get the best result every time.

Permanent makeup, otherwise known as cosmetic tattooing, can last for several years; however, it is different from traditional body tattoos as the pure, biodegradable pigments used will fade over time.

Cosmetic tattooing is low maintenance, not no maintenance, so Amanda recommends making a refreshing appointment every 6 to 18 months to maintain your new look. Rather like hair colour, the pigment will gradually fade away, so keeping your cosmetic tattooing topped up will ensure it always looks fresh and natural.

Cosmetic tattooing has many lasting benefits:

  • Thicken and define sparse or thinning brows
  • Have perfect eyeliner that won't smudge or rub off
  • Restore brows and lashes lost due to chemotherapy or alopecia
  • Forget about poking yourself in the eye when trying to apply to make up with a visual impairment
  • Revive uneven lips that have faded from age or scared from cold sores
  • Never worry about losing your make up in the pool again, as cosmetic tattooing is waterproof once healed
  • Wake up with youthful eyebrows, luscious lips and perfect eyeliner every day

Cosmetic tattooing with Amanda is usually a three-step process:

  1. Meet Amanda at a 20-30min Consultation. You can ask any questions you may have and discuss the colour and shape of your tattooing. Amanda will also apply to make up to your brows, eyes or lips to give you an idea of how the cosmetic tattooing would look.
  2. The Initial Tattooing comes next. Lasting approximately two hours, Amanda will begin by taking some photos and applying numbing cream while you fill out a medical form. After 30-40mins, Amanda will plan and measure out exactly where the tattooing will go, before starting the colour implanting process.
  3. You'll then come back for a Touch Up. Four to six weeks after your initial tattooing, you may find there are small gaps or that the tattooing isn't quite dark enough. This appointment allows Amanda to go over and perfect your tattooing, ensuring you get the best result every time.

Occasionally a second touch up is required within three months, as some clients are more resistant to pigment than others. Generally, you won't need to come back until your tattooing needs a refreshing appointment after 6-18 months.


Ink Cosmetica- Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Ink Cosmetica- Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

inkcosmetica. tattoo


Cosmetic Tattoo Melbourne, Microblading and Permanent Lip Tattoo

Specialising in Feather Brow Tattoo including Brow Feathering (Microblading Melbourne), Lip Tattoo and Permanent Eyeliner. Our Cosmetic Tattoo studio offers semi-permanent makeup procedures and Saline Tattoo Removal.

Accredited and professionally trained, we are all about enhancing your natural beauty.

Lip liner & Blush

Our most popular lip procedure. The final result is a nice crisp lip line, with a natural ombré or shaded lip. Your lip colour immediately after the procedure is quite bold. Within a few days will heal and fade down about 50%. Leaving you with a beautiful lip stain that only requires some gloss. You are then good to go! 

Full Lip

A solid more even lip colour. This lip procedure is also designed to fade to a beautiful lip stain. We have many colours to choose from cor we can mix one up just for you! Natural or bold - the choice is yours!


Cosmetic Tattooing - Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Cosmetic Tattooing - Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0412 144 015


Our philosophy centres around enhancing your natural beauty and celebration your individuality.

Permanent makeup lasts up to three to five years and reduces the worry and time of applying makeup. Sleep, swim, perspire, wash, cry and your makeup remains in place!

Offering clients a natural-looking solution to suit their lifestyle needs and physical challenges. Each client is an individual with specific tastes and visions. I listen to my clients needs rather than offering a "one size fits all" solution. My biggest daily reward is making a long-term difference in peoples lives and witnessing my clients inner and outer transformation and renewed self-confidence.

Shelley is a highly skilled qualified Advanced Cosmetic Tattooist with 15 years in the beauty industry. She has undergone extensive training and regularly attends Advanced Master Classes with other national and internationally renowned artist to keep up with new development, techniques and trends. Shelley only uses the best pigments and has the highest clinical standards for health and safety, ensuring the safest environment for your procedure. Having 15 years in hair and makeup and ongoing passion for enhancing natural beauty compliments my extensive background in permanent makeup solutions.


Shelley is one of the best cosmetic tattooists in Melbourne who specialises in creating beautifully natural tattooed lips, brows and eyeliner. Her focus is always on offering clients a natural-looking solution to suit their lifestyle needs and physical challenges. Above all, she recognises that each client is an individual with specific tastes and visions. With years of training and cutting edge techniques, cosmetic tattooing can look so natural, that no one will know that you've been tattooed. Shelley works hard to listen to her clients needs rather than offering a "one size fits all" solution. My biggest daily reward is making a long-term difference in people's lives and witnessing my clients' inner and outer transformation and renewed self – confidence.

Based in St Kilda, Melbourne in 2006, Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne is a complementary addition to her other businesses  Brides and Beauty, and We Love Face Painting. Being in the beauty and creative industries for over 15 years, Shelley has a true talent, continuous thriving passion and a keen artistic eye for detail.

Having undergone extensive training and regularly attends Advanced Master Classes with other national and internationally renowned artist to keep up with new developments, techniques and trends. Shelley only uses the best pigments and has the highest clinical standards for health and safety, ensuring the safest environment for your procedure.

Now sharing her knowledge with another inspiring artist, C.T.M. now offers a training academy to help allow beginners or existing Cosmetic tattooist to succeed in their skill set. With an intimate class of one on one or two maximum, the student will receive the highest level of training. With Shelley's genuine compassion for only giving her student the best, it is her mission that every student excels and feels comfortable with their new founded career. Ongoing mentoring and apprenticeship positions are available.

Shelley offers the following services:

  • Lip, Brow & Eyeliner tattooing
  • Cosmetic Tattoo Training
  • Hair and Makeup

Nathalia offers the following services:

  • Skin Needling
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Henna Brows
  • Brow Lamination
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Eyelash Lift & Tints
  • Threading
  • Facial Waxing
  • Nathalia is a qualified Beauty Therapist since 2010. Being from Brazil, Nathalia had a very successful beauty salon and started her tattooing career with the famous Branko Babic Phi Academy. Being with C.T.M. for 6 months now, she continues to grow as a tattooist by undergoing continual training with Shelley. She loves the industry and making her clients feel nothing but beautiful inside and out. She will be your #1 for Henna, Extensions, Removal, Threading and Tinting.


Semi-Permanent makeup can change the size and shape of the lips by creating a fuller and sexier lip, as well as adding colour to correct uneven imbalances. This procedure helps prevent lipstick bleeding into the surrounding skin, as well as restoring the natural pigment of your lip line- known as the "white line", commonly lost through sun damage.

Countourless/ Lip Blush Tattoo: Enhancing the natural lip colour with a light pixel technique to improve definition to create the illusion of fullness. Most natural look and great for those who are comfortable with their lips but wanting a subtle transformation—either matching to your natural lip colour or dusting a soft colour of your choice.

Full Lip Tattoo: Blending the entire pigment into the full lip, so there is no graduation of colour. Great for lip construction where we need to rebuild the shape and fill either a natural colour or if the client wants a heavier saturation of colour being that "lipstick look".

Lipstick look: Clients that like wearing lipstick daily and wants a more saturated colour on their lip. Make sure you bring in your lipstick to match.

Ombre Lip Tattoo: By tattooing two different colours, a gradient effect "ombre" can be achieved. We can create this look with a darker colour on the inside or outside and fade out.

Lip Line & Blend Tattoo: Cosmetic lip tattoo involves altering the appearance of the lip line to create the perfect shaped lip which you desire. The pigment is blended back into the body of the lip to give a more natural and gradual tone of colour.

  • You can still wear any coloured lipstick over the top of your desired tattoo colour either it being a lighter or darker shade. By having your lips tattooed, the base colour will hold your lipstick on for several hours without having to reapply.
  • For clients that have extreme asymmetrical lips and shrinking of the vermilion, we can considerably build the shape of the lip to give more definition and symmetry. Clients are always so surprised by the reconstruction when simulated. The lip is still there, and it just starts to blend in with the dermis as we age.

Colour Selection: Not to worry, we have a massive range of pigments. Once the lips are healed, if you like to manipulate the colour, we can do this at the perfecting session. You are not stuck with any particular colour. However, best to come in with your favourite lippy if you have one specific colour in mind.

  • Slight swelling will occur for at least 24- 48 hours, but no downtime, you can resume work, etc. without fear that you have to hideaway.
  • Minimal to no pain! Shelley is trained in the latest techniques and is top in her field.

Do you suffer from cold sores?

We strongly suggest that clients undergo a course of any of the following antiviral medications to prevent cold sore outbreak after your tattooing procedure.

  • Lysine is a natural essential amino acid, best taken one month before the procedure.
  • Valtrex, which you can obtain a prescription from your doctor, and will attack the virus immediately. Best to take 2 days before and after the procedure.

Pros & Cons of Fillers:

A full Cosmetic lip tattoo is a great option rather than fillers. While injectables build the bulk of the lip, it doesn't address the issue of pigment loss and correcting the lip shape/line. If done correctly, along with tattooing, fillers can look amazing, but done incorrectly; injectables can give an extreme and fake look. This is why we always recommend to clients to first try tattooing, being that it looks incredibly natural, then if need be, use filler/ botox to finish the desired look.

* If you choose to get injectables, make sure you come in for your tattoo beforehand as tattooing will decrease the strength of the filler by 10% depending on when injected.


Elle D Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Elle D. Cosmetic Tattooing - Microblading Salon Melbourne

0428 264 297

Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne

Elle D Cosmetic Tattooing has been perfecting and correcting eyebrow microblading, Powder eyebrows /Ombre eyebrows, combination eyebrows, Eyeliner tattooing, Lip Tint tattooing and manual shading techniques since 2016. Her attention to detail and precise hairline stroke placement methodology achieves the most realistic eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner enhancements and luscious lip tattoo.

She strongly believes in a sound fundamental education, dedication to practice, and continuing education throughout a Permanent Makeup Artist's career.

Cosmetic Tattoo Melbourne – Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lips & Permanent Makeup

Elle D was trained by Daria Chuprys, who is a world-renowned leading trainer of the Microblading techniques, located in Beverly Hills, CA and Athens, Greece. She has been trained by the best in the industry. Elle D continues to train and assist in classes that she runs here with Daria.

Lip Tint Tattoo Melbourne

What is lip tint tattooing?

The Cosmetic Lip Tint Tattoo or Lip Colour Tattooing is a procedure for women that do not want any filler but still perfectly luscious youthful-looking lips. The procedure involves blending pigment tailored to our client's preferred lip shade with the choice of either more definition or a subtle colour pop!

Pros: Not only does the Cosmetic Lip Tint Tattoo enhance your natural lip shape and fullness to the mouth but it also can help balance any shape, colour or lip definition and make the lips look symmetrical.

Why are lip tint tattoos good for you?

The Cosmetic Lip Tint Tattoo is perfect for someone who

  • Who does not want cosmetic surgery?
  • wants a more subtle look without the "duck lips."
  • wants the hassle removed from applying lip liner or lipstick

Please note: if you have dark or pigmented lips then the lip tint tattoo procedure may not be suitable for you. If you have any queries, please contact us before booking this procedure.

Looking for a microblading melbourne salon? Look no further,we got you a list to look and save your time. 


Simone Carter Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon Melbourne 

Simone Carter Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon Melbourne

0411 956 559

Meet Simone

I am a cosmetic tattooist primarily; however, I was a film and television makeup artist and am an accredited hairdresser. I left Melbourne 15 years ago to pursue my SPFX makeup dreams in Los Angeles. My work then took me to New York, Sydney and the Middle East on film sets, catwalks, stages and Opera houses. Even after 20years experience in the beauty industry, I still love faces, they inspire me and bring my hands to life.  

Makeup, hair and fashion give our bodies shape, symmetry and the most important BALANCE!

Balancing our features on our face is what makeup does so imagine waking up looking your best.

As we age, our eyebrows and eyelashes stop growing or fallout. I will reshape your brows to "lift" the appearance of your eyes. Additionally, my eyeliner will define and lift your eye and thicken the appearance or your lashes. With age, our lips recede into our mouths, and the loss of elasticity in our skin does not help. Lip tattooing can reshape your mouth and or colour your whole lip which can make them appear fuller.

Email or call me to make an appointment, and together we will achieve the perfect procedure for you.


Permanent Tattoo - Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon Melbourne

Permanent Tattoo - Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon Melbourne

04 06 200 668

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup.

Who can benefit from permanent makeup?

  • People who don't have time to apply makeup daily
  • People with very little or no natural hair on their eyebrows or eyelids
  • Alopecia sufferers who have lost some or all their facial hair including eyebrows or eyelashes
  • Chemotherapy patients who may lose facial hair would benefit from permanent makeup before or after treatment
  • Vision impaired people who have difficulty applying makeup
  • People with unsteady hands who cannot apply makeup, possibly through Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease etc.
  • People who suffer from hay fever symptoms, such as watery eyes
  • Any one of the millions of people who suffer various allergic or sensitive reactions to conventional makeup
  • Professional women and men, entertainers, media figures, models, actresses
  • People who need/want to look their best all the time.



Eyebrows frame your face and open up your eyes. Perfectly shaped eyebrows provide symmetry to the face. If you have little or no hair, you will be amazed at the difference well-placed eyebrows will make to your appearance. If your hair is sparse or missing, this procedure can fill in the gaps and make your eyebrows appear natural and beautiful.

Feather/Hair stroke Eyebrows

Feather/Hair stroke Eyebrows are a very modern way of tattooing your eyebrows Small strokes or lines are used to fill the brow, giving the appearance of hair and creating a pleasing shape. Multiple colours can be used in this technique to provide highlights, thus giving a depth to the brow.

Powder Finish Eyebrows

The powder finish brow is more solid. We use soft colours to make the brow appear more natural and less made-up. Powder finish is popular with people that have a lot of hair but want more definition to the brows.

BRO-VO Eyebrows

The BRO-VO eyebrows are a mix of two technique Hair stroke and light powder finish technique.


They say the eyes are the most beautiful feature on a person's face, so why not highlight them. Eyeliner can open your eyes and make them look bigger. We can create a subtle or dramatic look. We can also add colour to the lash line to make the lashes seem fuller.

Top Eyeliner

This procedure involves inserting colour into the area just above the lash line. It can be thick or thin and can be shaped accordingly. Top Eyeliner Tattoo line is created and finished with a wedge-shaped or winged tail.

Bottom Eyeliner

This procedure involves inserting colour into the area just below the lash line. It can be thick or thin and eliminate the need for mascara on the bottom lashes.

Lash Enhancement

In this procedure, - Cosmetic Tattoo Lash Line Enhancement will discreetly define and frame your eyes. Tiny dots/line of colour are implanted between the lashes creating fuller, thicker, lovelier-looking lashes. A Cosmetic Tattoo Lash Line Enhancement rejuvenates the eye area without the noticeable effect of makeup, for a strikingly fuller lash appearance.​

Eyeliner with eye shadow effect

This kind of permanent makeup is suitable for ladies of all ages. It looks very impressive and reminds of shaded lines of pencil or shadows along the edges of the eyelids. Eyeshadow is considered the best for aging eyelids. The small wrinkles on them can deform the applied contour, and due to its blurring, this effect will be absolutely invisible. Eyeshadow looks most natural, and an excellent option for every day. Eyeliner with eyeshadow makes out both the lower and the upper eyelid. With the help of tattoo-shadows, it is possible to round eyes, make their incision almond-shaped. Eye tattoo-shadows can be completely different in volume, but for this, it is necessary to take into account the individual shape of the eyes and eyelids.


Everyone wants beautiful lips. With permanent lip colour, we can fix irregularities, improve shape and colour and stop you from reaching for lipstick during the day. It is the perfect way to shape, enhance and colour your lips. A lip procedure can make your lips look fuller, more youthful and more symmetrical. Pale lip colour, blurred lip line, or scarring, can all be corrected and your lips will always look great with or without the addition of lipstick. 

Lip Line

Colour is implanted in the outer edge of the lips. This procedure is excellent for correcting the shape of the lips and giving them more symmetry.

Lip Blend

Like the lip line procedure, the lips are outlined and then the colour blended into the lips to give a softer looking line.

Full Lip Colour 

In this procedure, the lips are tinted with an all-over colour. Not only does this procedure enhance the lips, but it can also make the lips appear fuller and eliminates the need to apply lipstick.


Smudgeproof Inc - Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

SmudgeProof Inc - Microblading Salon Melbourne

0449 040 076

Welcome to Smudgeproof Inc – Permanent Makeup Clinic based in the Melbourne suburb of Malvern.

I began my career as a cosmetic tattoo technician in 2002 and have since completed many advanced training courses and conferences locally and abroad. I have specialised in this transformational 'in-demand' art form for almost 15 years and gained extensive industry experience throughout northern Italy between 2002 – 2012 as a freelance technician collaborating with medical facilities and beauty spas across the region.

Cosmetic tattooing is a rapidly growing sector of the beauty industry. Also known as micropigmentation, demographics, semi-permanent makeup, permanent makeup and permanent cosmetics (U.S.A.). It is a procedure designed to mimic conventional makeup by the process of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the upper dermal layer of the skin with ultra-fine needles for long-lasting results.

In the hands of a skilled technician, a cosmetic tattoo can naturally enhance your features and correct unwanted asymmetries. Traditional makeup has become a thing of the past for countless women the world over. With this exciting treatment, you too can enjoy the benefits of looking good 24/7 and say goodbye to time-consuming beauty routines. Customised semi-permanent or permanent makeup is designed specifically to suit you.

Permanent makeup is a specialised artistic technique, and your result is only as good as your chosen artist. It is important to make this decision based on the design aesthetic, experience, ability & talent of the technician along with the quality of the equipment and products used. A thorough consultation with conventional makeup to simulate the desired outcome should be performed prior to any procedure to ensure that you know what to expect.

The most popular procedures include – complete eyebrow redesign to a subtle 'fill-in' with hair-like strokes for a realistic 3D effect. The most on-trend techniques for this purpose are Microblading/Feathering. Eyebrows are undoubtedly the most important facial feature. They frame the eyes and set the tone for expression. Great eyebrows act as a facelift! Subtle eyelash enhancements that give you the look of more lashes to eyeliners of varying thickness in a variety of colours will add depth and definition to your eyes. Liplines can be defined and blended or fully coloured for the ultimate natural-looking, youthful lips.

PARAMEDICAL – Paramedical procedures include nipple and areola repigmentation following mastectomy, scar camouflage, micro-hair simulation for hair loss irregularities due to injury, surgery, alopecia or trichotillomania, vitiligo repigmentation and cleft palate restoration following reconstructive surgery to balance the lip shape.

CORRECTION WORK- There are various methods used to greatly improve poorly performed permanent makeup. Unnatural colours can be returned to a more pleasing colour using corrective pigments. There are also professional treatments utilising inorganic chemical remover products to lighten existing unattractive makeup, but they are not suitable for removing permanent eyeliners. Expectations must be realistic as results are not usually as perfect as new cosmetic tattoo enhancements.


There's no denying that beautiful lips are a major focal point of attraction. Although we are not all naturally blessed with gorgeously sensuous lips, cosmetic lip tattoo makeup offers stunning improvements to their overall shape and colour. Ageing lips, in particular, tend to lose their youthful appearance when the natural lip line diminishes and fading occurs. Semi-permanent lip tinting procedures are the perfect, long-lasting solution for restoring lost lip contour and colour while correcting asymmetries.

The most natural and uniform results can be achieved with the 'full lip' technique similar to the look of lipstick. It is also referred to as 'full lip blush' or 'full lip tint' due to the softer effects achieved. The 'lipline' only or 'lipline and blend' technique is great for women who need to redefine the shape only. Colour choices are unlimited and range from super soft lighter tones to the most vibrant shades. Perfectly contoured lips rejuvenate, enhance and beautify your face at any age eliminating the need for traditional cosmetics.


Le Brows - Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon Melbourne 

Le Brows Microblading Salon Melbourne

0422 208 434

Welcome to LE BROWS & BEAUTY, centrally located in the MELBOURNE CBD.

Our team is passionate and dedicated to giving you the very best services with care and professionalism. We truly believe in the power of enhancing your natural beauty and confidence through advanced P.M.U. Techniques.

Specialising in industry-leading cosmetic tattooing treatments including Microblading/Feathering and Ombre Brows, Lip Blushing and Eyeliner Tattooing, we understand that each client's face is unique and each treatment needs to be based on their individual features and desired outcomes.

We keep updating our techniques to ensure that we bring you the best results.


As we age, our lips lose their fullness and colour. A Lip Blush Tattoo can help restore your lips to their youthful appearance, whilst correcting asymmetries and redefining natural lip contours for a perfect look! You can choose a soft, natural or bold colour. 

Ideal for women wanting fuller, more defined lip contours, LIP BLUSHING takes the hassle out of reapplying lip liner and lipstick throughout the day. Your lips will always be on point, and the colour won't disappear if you are eating, drinking, or playing, leaving you looking drained and pale! 

Besides enhancing the fullness and shape of your mouth, lip blushing can also be used to correct inherent asymmetries – perfect if you have lost colour, shape or lip definition due to the ravages of time!


Things to remember about permanent lip pigmentation

It's an enhancement.

Lip tattoos are designed to enhance your natural lips and to give the impression of fullness. Using advance 3D makeup techniques, we can help your lips look fuller, using shading around the edges and a lighter colour in the middle. But a lip tattoo will not actually plump up your lips, so don't expect a completely new look.

You can still use lipstick.

Your new lip tattoo is designed to act as a beautiful base, but it doesn't mean you should throw out your lippy collection at all. You should never use lipstick during the healing process, but once everything is fully healed up, you can use lipsticks, glosses and balms as usual. You may need to experiment to see how your colours look over your new base colour, but you can still create your own looks with lipstick over the top.

The colour will fade.

Because we use skin-safe pigmentation in our permanent make up process, which is not the same as traditional tattoo inks, there is a certain degree of fading to be expected. Colours that are very close to your natural colour will probably need touching up once a year, whereas if you go two to three shades away from your natural colour, the touch up may not be needed for a couple of years or more.

You can pick more than one colour.

Most good permanent makeup practitioners will use shading techniques to give your lips a more natural look. They may start with a darker shade as a lip liner, fading it inwards in circular motions to give a natural, attractive appearance. This can be followed by the application of a second colour for the infill, blending it perfectly for a plump, healthy and natural finish.

The end result will depend on your skin tone.

Not only will the end result vary depending on the base colour of your natural lips, but it will also depend on how your skin tone reacts to the pigmentation process. Some people with very dark skin have experienced a condition known as hyperpigmentation when trying to apply permanent lip tattoos. In this situation, their lips could actually end up darker than they started off, even if they picked a lighter colour. Hence, it's important to consult fully with your practitioner before making any decisions.

As with any permanent makeup procedure, you must go into this with your eyes wide open. Side effects and complications are rare but do discuss with your practitioner any health conditions or other worries you might have about the process.

It's vital to choose the right colour for your skin tone, there are so many variations, but your Permanent Makeup artist will advise and analyse your skin to make sure the colour you decide on is perfect. As a rule of thumb when it comes to makeup, it's thought that fairer complexions suit cooler colours on the bluer end of the spectrum whereas darker skin tones work best with warmer colours.

But it's important to be able to recognise your skin undertones too. Everyone's skin has either a more yellow or pink undertone. Still, your permanent makeup artist will be highly trained in colour theory so they'll be able to guide you towards the best colours that will work for you and your complexion. Take as long as you need to pick the colour and decide on the right one for you.


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