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Story-Telling Wedding Photography in Melbourne

Your wedding is likely going to be the most important life milestone to date. To have a fun, relaxing celebration, things should not be rushed. For this reason alone, I am among a rare breed of photographers that offer a truly full-day coverage. From the morning when you’re getting ready right through to the end when you are fist pumping on the dance floor. 15 hours? 18 hours? I will be there with you through all of it.


Groom getting ready

This is typically a part of the wedding day where the bride is not meant to see before the ceremony. Your man’s nervousness when he is rehearsing his vows, what he gets up to with his mates, and more importantly, his many tries to get his tie at just the right length, in other words, the length he goes to just to look better than his ‘Sunday best’, just for you.

Bride getting ready

The beginning of the Bride’s side of the story. Similarly, this is the part where the Groom misses out before the ceremony. Your brides maids will be giving you last minute advices on how not to trip while walking down the aisle, while getting all excited for you at the same time. It is the last moments you spend with your mom and dad as a single lady. I will be there to photograph your wedding dress, your accessories, and all these moments that happen in the process. I will also take beautiful portraits of you in that absolutely stunning dress.

Wedding Ceremony

The moment everybody is waiting for. The venue is fully decorated with flowers, everyone is waiting in anticipation. The music starts and step by step you walk down the aisle with your dad. If you did not do a first look before this, you will see your man resisting his jaw from dropping when he sees you in your stunning wedding dress. Emotions fill the air. While you have your eyes focused on your better half, I will be there to help you see and remember everything that happens around you.

Candid Moments


Most photographers will agree that these are the toughest photographs to capture. Which is why these are priceless and most precious.

Moments like these happen anywhere, at anytime, so quickly that usually before you realise it, it is over and gone forever. It requires a lot of attention, awareness and experience to know where to anticipate the action. Fortunately, these are what I love. I trust my gut and instinct to feel every moment around me. I am constantly looking for that sudden burst of laughter, that cheeky smile, the sneaky wiping of tears, etc and you will see this being evident in my photographs. Your wedding will be bringing lots of joy to the people around you and I want you to be able to enjoy them forever.

Location photoshoot

Sometime during the day we will set some time aside for you to get some awesome photos at various locations. Depending on your schedule, this can happen before or after your ceremony, and even on a separate day (see pre-wedding). These are for you to print as a feature, whether be is hung on your wall or a double spread in your wedding album. You can do it at the same location together with dear ones who attended your ceremony, or at a location of your choice with just your bridal party for a more intimate session. It is basically another way to appreciate and remember everyone who came to celebrate with you. I prefer a more natural and fun vibe that shows your personality. Expect lots of laughter, lots of smiles with sprinkles of guidance and bad jokes to leave no room for awkwardness. Most of the time you will be able to just enjoy each other’s presence and forget that I am around.

The formalities are done, it’s time to fellowship and feast. Father daughter dance, first duet, speeches, performances, cake cut, bouquet toss.
However you choose to celebrate, I will celebrate with you and help you remember it all, while making you look good at it!


Pronounced "Jackie", she's an amazing baker, passionate foodie, a newly registered architect, my trusted assistant... she's my over-qualified better half. She helps you with your make up, dress selection, and if you want to know what's good to eat in Melbourne, she definitely has a few options for you.


Hi there! My name is Sherman and sincere apologies for blocking this amazing view.

By nature, I am shy and quiet, however I believe these traits make me better at what I do. Professionally trained as an architectural designer, I spent my career using images to tell a story. To me, a photograph is a mean to capture feelings and thoughts – and each set of frames become a story, forever sealed in time.

My goal is simple.

I want you help you remember how you felt all over again every time you see your photographs…

…and put a smile on your face.


But I think I am more of a story teller.

I want to get to know you, enhance your day and tell your story.

I want you to remember how you felt today.

About Sherman Tan Studios

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