50+ Ultimate List of Video Production Company In Brisbane (2024)

Are you looking for a production team who can nail your brief, deliver on time, on budget and create a high- quality professional video that drives results for your wedding day?
We know you likely have a lot of other projects to manage and a never-ending ‘to-do’ list.

Perhaps you’re looking to choose a video production company that can lighten your workload? Who feels like they’re part of your team and who are ‘on the hook’ for things going well, as much as you are? We know making this decision likely means you’re putting yourself on the line and making the right one will reflect positively on you.

Our goal is to make you and your wedding look Magical. From the moment you choose a Video Production Company to delivery of the final product, we feel confident you’ll experience that ‘sigh of relief’ you’ve here to help you to make the right choice.

Located in Brisbane planning a wedding and looking for Video Production Company? When you are planning your big day, you probably want everything just perfect. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you dreamed it to select every vendor yourself personally. This way, you can choose the ultimate location, the best entertainment and the most delicious food, and craft your ideal wedding day. We've created an ultimate list of Video Production Company to save you time and money

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    List Of Ultimate List Of Video Production Company In Brisbane

    Staples Media - Video Production Brisbane

    Staples Media Video Production Melbourne

    5 Liberty Circuit North Lakes

    Staples Media provides professional video production, film and photography services across the Brisbane region. We’re experienced creators covering the demands of new-age marketing firms, creative agencies, small business and corporate advertisers.

    Any Content, Any Platform, Any Budget

    Video content is bigger than ever right now. With so many social platforms and devices to view from you need the right video production team. Our promise is to deliver tailored content for any platform within any budget.

    Video Production Specialists

    As a full-service video production house, we cover all aspects of your production from script to screen. You can count on us to deliver exceptional service and value for your business.

    Film Services

    Your marketing team has a creative brief, the shot list is ready to go, all you need is the team to make it happen. Utilise our network of crew to bring your vision to life.

    Sky Jellyfish-Video Production Brisbane



    Who Are We?

    Are you looking for Video Production in Brisbane? Then look no further!

    Sky Jellyfish has been creating attention-grabbing video productions for over 11 years, and we promise to give your business that professional edge over your competitors.

    We have a focus on video strategy - we don't just make you a video, we make sure it accomplishes the results you need for your business!

    We offer a free one-hour consultation to discuss your video needs and what we can make for you to achieve the results you're after.

    Your Potential Clients

    Want to know:

    • What Can You Do For Me?
    • Why Should I Care About You?
    • Do You Get Results?

    There's nothing better than video to show them the answer.

    We make videos for your business that generate leads, drive conversions, build enquiries, deliver training - or simply grab attention.

    We offer a full suite of videos - Business Introduction Videos, Brand Establishment Videos, Corporate Overview Videos, Product Videos, Service Videos, Conversion Videos, Key Staff Video Profiles, Video Interviews, Testimonials, Lead Generation & Social Media Videos which all help attract more business to your business.

    Why Use Us?

    A flawed video and placement may cause irreparable damage to your company's brand.

    But a well-executed, thought-out video and marketing campaign can boost credibility with clients and prospects.

    First - why do you need a video in the first place?

    Solving this need is our main focus. We draw upon our knowledge and skill to provide a real solution to this need - without just jumping to "making a video".

    For that reason, hiring the right video company to produce your project is critical. That's us!

    Video Production Company

    So you made it this far down the page. Well done! Let us know, and we'll give you 1% off your video if we're in a good mood.

    We here at Sky Jellyfish Video Production Brisbane are Professional Business Videographers, and we service all of Queensland & Australia.

    If you have a shoot in another country, you can either fly us there or we can organize a film crew in that country to get the shots you need, and send them back to us for editing!

    We specialize in results-oriented video strategy - we don't just make you a video, we make sure it accomplishes the results you need. That way, you'll have the cashflow for more videos, and more, and more, and then you'll probably have enough. But wait a few months, and you'll generally need more.

    We make Business and Corporate Videos, Marketing Videos, Promotional & Advertising Videos, TV Commercials, Interviews and Testimonials, Real Estate Video Productions, Legacy Videos, Social Media and Lead Generation Videos.

    As a top Brisbane Video Production Company we also offer other Video Production Services including Drone Videography, Video Pixelation Service, Talent and Presenter Casting, Training Videos, Video Editing Services and 3D Animation.


    Sky Jellyfish Video Production was established in May 2011 by Peter & Nik Brown to combine Peter's 40 years of marketing & promotion experience, with Nik's graduation from Film & Directing school. We combined professional marketing with the creative ability to engage people in a story through video.


    We knew we wanted to make a clear goal and transparent systems that guaranteed a clear result. We created clear products with a structured price list for clients to order without confusion.

    Being a startup business, we were engaged by smaller companies that really needed the help - but often, their presentation was muddled and lacked basic clarity.

    So we saw the light and came up with a term for the ideal video production - "Corporate Clarity". Suddenly - we had a goal - to bring absolute clarity to businesses. Simplify language and answer the questions: 'What is this business to me' and 'Why should I care?'


    At first, things weren't so easy - even though we had planned it all out, we're both the type to just jump into things, and as they say, you don't know what you don't know. There were shoots that went wrong, our computers were so slow we'd have to let them produce the final videos overnight, and our internet was so slow that it took hours to upload a client's video.

    But with every mistake, we asked why, how, and we improved our systems so it would never happen again. We upgraded our equipment, and we worked our way up the ladder to take on big corporate jobs we always dreamed we would have.


    There's still a little way to go until we're at the tippy top. But we're close enough that the big boys should be scared. We're hungry, we're smart, and we're coming.

    Oh,and why did we choose our name? You'll have to ask us in person.


    Panedia-Video Production Brisbane



    VR Content Production

    Professional Photographers, Developers and Pioneers.


    We cover all aspects of VR Content Production.

    Virtual Tours, 360 Panoramas, Virtual Reality Video, Surround Video and 360 Video for playback on Google Maps, Desktop Computers, Tablets, Phones and HMD's (Head Mounted Displays) like the Oculus Rift and Samsung GearVR.


    With a combined 40+ years in professional VR content production, there are few companies on earth able to bring as much experience to bear on your important projects.

    We've built unique technology and systems to produce hundreds of thousands of panoramas, both underwater and on land. Our technology produces content for the likes of Google, The University of Queensland and all the way down to small businesses.


    Our work has been viewed hundreds of millions of times by people all over the world through our panorama platform and Google's Maps plus Street Views Platforms.

    Our Panorama Platforms ensure everyone can view your content on Desktop computers, Tablets & Phones while adding it to your websites is as simple as a Youtube video embeds.


    Our content is served by CDN's (Content Distribution Networks) allowing for huge scale. Our peak day to date saw over 300,000 panorama views, with 2,000+ concurrent viewers and no slow down in service.

    Contact us now to discuss or quote your project:

    Get a Quote

    VR Systems Development

    Scaled Geographic Scientific Beautiful Content.


    To date, we've built multiple scaled systems for producing beautiful, geographic VR content. These systems range from end to end technology for underwater acquisition and subsequent production to CMS's for the scientific study of 360 underwater environments. All of our systems take advantage of our expert knowledge in Google Maps programming to ensure outstanding Geographic displays.

    In building our systems, we've written over 125,000 lines of code in many languages including:

    PHP, Python, ASP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Actionscript, Photoshop Script.


    Processing automation, GPS data capture and processing, Auto Nadir Patching, environmental sensor data processing, On and Offline system communications, custom 360 CMS development and much, much more.

    Our various systems make use of CDN's (Content Distribution Networks) for getting content quickly to viewers. We use Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud and Akamai.


    18 Degrees Films-Video Production Brisbane



    Commercial Production – Film Production – Brand Stories – TVCs – Australian Fixers, Line Producers

    We provoke emotion through visually dynamic stories

    18 Degrees is comprised of talented and energetic directors, producers and cinematographers

    who infuse their creativity, enthusiasm and technical expertise into creating projects

    which tell a story and capture an audience.

    As an Australian based film and commercial production company, we work with agencies and international producers

    to direct and produce eye-catching, visually stunning

    feature films, TV commercials and video content.


    We work with agencies and companies filming in Australia and worldwide – producing feature films and TV commercials that have won awards across the globe. We also specialize in corporate video production, commercial content and social media campaigns.


    An Australian production company with fresh, ground-breaking directors and directors of photography who have a sense of humour… that's us! We work with people from many different cultures on film production in Brisbane and across the globe. Peace.


    We know that the film and video production world is changing rapidly – so we like to stay at the top of all things visual. From the latest virtual reality technology, cinematography techniques, social media videography, corporate video production, motion graphics, and FX – we know what's going on!

    Film & Video Production

    Film and video production that engages your audience

    Provoking emotion through visually dynamic stories

    18 Degrees is a Brisbane video production company producing stand-out brand videos, commercials and corporate videos.

    Our services include:

    • Highly creative directors & producers
    • Film & video production
    • Commercial & TVC production
    • Video marketing & content
    • Brand Stories and corporate video production
    • Online video production
    • We work with some of the world's top brands to produce and handle all elements of post-production for films, commercials, corporate video production, video marketing and content.

    Our team has won a plethora of awards for their work on the film, brand videos and television commercials. Our directors bring decades of creative experience.

    Australian Fixers and Line Producers

    When it comes to Australian film production and Queensland film production – talk to 18 Degrees.

    We work with local and international companies and agencies to produce TVCS, commercials and film.

    18 Degrees has access to the best Australia has to offer – including experienced, trusted crew; locations; equipment and production facilities.


    Vmation-Video Production Brisbane




    Video Production Brisbane

    All the tools to help your business in this ever-changing world

    Introducing SelfV Lite

    selfV is a premium you-shoot-we-edit solution from Vmation, and we've made it even more comfortable, allowing you to shoot with your own phone!

    Creating impactful videos for credible brands.

    Brisbane's leading video production house 

    Vmation is a video and animation production house dedicated to making world-class content.

    Our core focus is on developing long term, commercially viable and outcome orientated solutions for our clients. We are a passionate bunch, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of video communication in each of our clients' fields. We continuously seek new and unique ways to deliver messages in an engaging, insightful, creative and sometimes fun way. Our innovative standpoint pushes us to create the highest-quality video production Brisbane has to offer! When we're not chatting about popular animation, the latest tech enhancement or an interesting online clip, you will find us cooking or sharing a meal in our kitchen.

    Why We Do What We Do

    The thing that gets us out of bed every morning is working with our incredible clients to create awesome corporate videos. The entire Vmation team is committed to providing you with high-quality, consistent, outcome-oriented video content that is relevant to your business and crafted specifically for your needs. We strive to share our passion in every project with every client.

    We are a video production company in Brisbane and passionate bunch of video makers, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of video communication in our clients' fields. We constantly seek new and unique ways to deliver your message in an engaging, insightful, creative, and fun way. When we are not chatting about popular animation, the latest tech enhancement or that new cat video, you will find us sharing a meal in our kitchen.


    Stranger Films-Video Production Brisbane


    [email protected]

    Hello Stranger

    We are a bespoke video production company based in Brisbane, Australia, specialising in commercial and corporate video production, TVCs, live streaming, documentary and EPKs. 

    We create compelling screen content for the 21st century.

    As an all-in-one video production agency, we help people grow their brands, connect with audiences and tell their story. Designing with intention from script to screen, we craft video content unique to you.

    Film and video production is our craft, but telling stories and solving problems is our passion.

    We do what we like, and we like what we do.

    We are video production specialists in Brisbane, creating great content that cuts through the noise.

    Our focus starts on the page, working with clients and agencies to write bold, cathartic and hilarious ideas.

    Our in-house team produces, directs and edits all our work, so we take care of your project from start to finish. Whether you need a talented videographer or an experienced director, we can get you the right person for your job and your budget.

    For larger jobs, we have a network of collaborators and compadres to fill any role and take on any scale of production.

    What makes us Stranger.

    Concept & Script Development

    Every great video starts with a great script. Here at Stranger, writing is the most important element of what we do.

    Academic & Industry Training

    Our highly qualified team has been well trained in both the theory and practice of video production through Queensland's best screen production courses.

    Project Quotes

    Fully-costed quotes for all work means our work is transparent and accountable, and our video content is always on-budget.

    Fast Turnaround

    Got a video you needed yesterday? We specialise in turning around a great product fast.

    In-house Production

    We value the personal touch, which is why we do as much as we can in-house. This keeps our costs lower than larger production companies and gives you quality assurance.

    Professional Equipment

    We work with the industry-standard of video equipment to help ensure we make our content the best it can be.

    Online Review & Delivery

    We use cutting-edge online reviewing platforms to make the editing and delivery of our video productions as smooth and quick as possible.

    Online Audience Targeting

    When we make something good, we want people to see it. We provide strategic distribution across social media platforms that maximise views and engagement from your target audience.

    About Us

    Founded by Tony Walsh and Genevieve Larin as a platform to make creative and commercial film projects, Stranger Films has established itself as a premier video production company in Brisbane.

    We're driven to tell great stories that resonate in innovative and engaging ways. We specialise in short-form content for web, with a commercial focus on technology, science and the creative industries.

    're a company for the digital age, harnessing cutting-edge equipment and software, precision marketing and dynamic workflows to deliver high-quality video production at a competitive rate.


    R6 Digital-Video Production Brisbane



    300% ROI on your marketing campaigns

    Over $18M in revenue generated from Digital Marketing in the last 12 months

    We Create Beautifully Crafted Campaigns that Advance Your Business

    We have worked on some of the world's largest digital campaigns

    With over 15 years of experience, our Brisbane based team of award-winning graphic designers, web developers, videographers, digital marketers & content creators have worked on a number of innovative and successful campaigns that stretch across over 50 industries.

    Let's work together to grow your business.

    Whether it's sales or brand awareness, we take the time to discover your business goals and produce real-world results that matter to you. By focusing on your business goals, we can provide you with dynamic strategies and authentic results.

    Rally Australia reaches world #1 in the WRC

    In just under three years, we grew Rally Australia's social following from 38,532 to over 380,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    We worked with Rally Australia to implement a comprehensive marketing campaign, including a brand new website, ticket sales strategy, and increasing brand and social awareness. In 2018 we increased tickets sales by 20% and had over 2.1 million views through video.

    We work hard & play hard.

    • Our people are our greatest asset.
    • We never strive for anything less than extraordinary.
    • Our core values drive every decision, task, and project.
    • Our values are what make our team
    • different to your average agency.


    We strive to be innovative and creative, doing things that have never been done before.

    Results Driven

    Our customer's success is always at the front of our minds, their metrics are our metrics, and we are as successful as our customers.


    When we commit to something, it gets done regardless of what we have charged. We communicate at all stages of a project.

    The relentless pursuit of the best

    We continually look for new ways to improve and achieve better results for our clients, projects, and processes.


    We own our mistakes. If we mess something up, or our customers are not satisfied, we do what it takes to get it right.

    Ridiculously Good Work

    We take pride in our work and never compromise on design or functionality. Everything that goes to our customers looks great and professional, always.


    Video Production Brisbane-Video Production Brisbane


    0731914052/[email protected]


    Brisbane Video Content Production Service

    We are a video production company based in Brisbane. We specialise in and corporate videos, marketing videos and web video production for clients throughout Queensland and Australia.

    Our aim is to make your life easy. Unlike trying a do-it-yourself or ad-hoc solution that can damage your company's brand reputation, we offer a full end-to-end professional video production service – from initial concept to final delivery.

    Video Production Brisbane is a leading video production company specialising in:

    • Corporate videos
    • Promotional videos
    • Digital marketing content
    • Branded video content
    • TV Advertising (TVCs)
    • Aerial drone videos
    • Safety training videos
    • Documentaries
    • Case studies
    • Social media content
    • Event video coverage
    • Web video production
    • Conference videos
    • Production services
    • Production support
    • Video editing

    We have delivered engaging video content for a wide range of satisfied clients including Volvo, Asahi Beverages, NAB, Electrolux, Kimberly-Clark, Queensland Museum, Australian State and Federal Government, and The University of Adelaide.

    Based in Brisbane, we're offering full production services from concept to creation and video editing. We provide professional video production services throughout Queensland and Australia.

    About Us

    Video Production Brisbane is a leading Queensland-based video content production business. We deliver people-focussed video content and creative brand content that connects with your audience throughout Australia.

    We specialise in the filming and production of corporate and commercial video content, digital video content, marketing videos and training videos.

    Our purpose is simple: we help clients tell their story with video.

    Throughout the last 14 years, we have worked with a range of clients across Australia including Volvo, Asahi Beverages, NAB, Electrolux, Kimberly-Clark, Queensland Museum, Australian state and Federal Government, and The University of Adelaide.

    With a passion for producing authentic video content that effectively engages and enriches the viewer, we bring a creative flair with a methodical approach and attention to detail to ensure your key messages are communicated.


    Caldwell Entertainment-Video Production Brisbane



    Caldwell Entertainment is fast developing a name as one of the leading Australian Film & Television Production Companies, excelling in the conception, execution and delivery of feature films, TV Commercials, Music Videos, Corporates and live performance capture. Content produced by us has been broadcast on every Commercial network in the country, and our first feature film has been sold around the world. We handle commissions across the corporate and entertainment spheres with a passion born from a love of film and its potential for communication.

    Our team delivers that passion to your project with skills that have scooped numerous industry awards and brought almost 90% of clients back for repeat business. Our clients include The Queensland Government, Gold Coast City Council, Aussie Car Loans, Drake International & Universal Studios.

    We offer a range of production packages throughout Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. So, harness our passion and skill for your next project and see what premium content really looks like.


    Caldwell Entertainment is fast developing a name as one of the leading Australian Film & Television Production Companies, excelling in the conception, execution and delivery of feature films, TV commercials, music videos, corporates and live performance capture.


    Caldwell Entertainment has been active within Australia's film and television industry since 2007, servicing entertainment, corporate and SME clients.

    Our versatility on location and in the edit suite means we're as comfortable working on flash-cut music videos as precise corporate projects. The company's corporate work covers industries including health, retail, education, leisure and trades. CE has delivered TVCs, training and instructional videos production, corporate promos and web video content for clients including Queensland University of Technology, M-Tech Marine Technologies, Business Network International - Paradise Chapter, Bravehearts, the Queensland Government, Gold Coast City Council, McLaughlins Lawyers, AC-TEC Services and Drake International.

    Within the entertainment sphere, CE has produced feature and short films, television content, music videos, showreels, behind-the-scenes/EPK material and captured live performances and events. CE's first feature film, "Bad Behaviour", a serial killer thriller starring John Jarratt ("Wolf Creek", Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained"), was released in Australia early 2013. "Bad Behaviour" was an official selection at the Australian Film Festival in Sydney and Cinequest in San Jose, California, one of North America's top 10 film festivals and has won six international festival awards.

    In 2014 CE teamed with Purryburry Productions to produce "Gifted" starring Cameron Robbie (brother of Hollywood star Margot Robbie) and Nicholas Hamilton ("Captain Fantastic", Stephen King's "It" remake). The film received worldwide media interest, some of the articles can be seen on the 'In The Media' page on our website. In 2016, Caldwell Entertainment secured Sony Pictures and Universal Studios as clients, starting with work promoting their films "The Dark Tower" & "Sing" respectively.


    Sound Images-Video Production Brisbane



    Brisbane Video Production Company

    Specialising in TV Commercials, Corporate & Promotional Videos

    Sound Images is a video production company based in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast (with clients all over Australia). We specialise in television commercials and corporate videos.

    Whether it's TV or cinema advertising, or any type of corporate or web video production, we'll look after you from script to screen.

    We're a team

    We've been helping our clients present their credentials with polish, style and credibility since the early '80s.

    But no one ever won a race looking back over their shoulder. So we balance the 'wise' amongst us with the fresh enthusiasm generated by the younger members of our team.

    And it's teamwork that brings great video production to life.

    Guaranteed results

    From script to screen, every step of the video production process is done in-house with our own team…

    …so we have the resources to work with you until you love the finished video production or commercial.

    We want you to be happy with the results, so all our corporate video production is supported by our guarantee to impress.

    Creative video production in Brisbane

    In 1986, corporate video production was a new idea. We launched Sound Images with the hope that other businesses would see the value in video marketing that would help sell their image, products and expertise or video training that would make their recruitment, induction and training processes more consistent and less onerous.

    Many thousands of video productions later, our business stands strong as a leader in this market; corporate video production, promotional videos, business videos, web videos, training and induction videos, event videos and commercial production is all we do. With our skills and experience, we know how to create content that engages, entertains and invokes interaction. We know how to keep your audience involved at every possible 'I'm getting bored' point.

    If you're looking to push your brand name out into the webspace and get more leads and sales, we can help through the power of quality video content. We travel all over Australia for our valued clients, but our main areas of focus are in Brisbane, south-east Queensland, the Sunshine Coast and around regional Queensland.

    Build your business with a Sound Images corporate video

    Do you have a statement to make or an announcement to shout out loud about? Do you need more leads and sales? Are there exciting times brewing in your company? Do you want to make a viral noise? Whatever you need to showcase, our corporate video services will produce powerful media content that gets you noticed.

    When carefully structured and beautifully produced by our Sound Images team, your business videos will make a memorable first impression for your company.

    A Brisbane' top video production company.'

    Whatever type of video production you need to produce, you can rely on the Sound Images team for a successful outcome. Over the last decades, we've fine-tuned our corporate video skills and are proud to be acknowledged as a leading video production company in Brisbane and across Queensland. For effective promotional videos, web videos or business videos, we work closely with you through every step, from script to screen. Our video production services are guaranteed – you won't be disappointed.

    Why use our professional video production services?

    Whether you're a small startup or a massive company with hundreds of employees, the video has proven itself over and over as one of the most successful ways to deliver a message. With our extensive experience, we have skills you can rely on to create engaging, compelling and impactful video campaigns that will help you shine.

    Top reasons to use video production services, Brisbane;


    • Around 92% of B2B prospects watch video daily
    • After watching a video ad, one third will purchase a product
    • Over 4 billion people watch videos on YouTube each day
    • Amazon and eBay report that are adding a video ad to a product description increased the chance of a sale by 35%
    • Videos are highly shareable with 700 videos getting shared on Twitter every minute
    • Search engines put a priority on video content
    • Video ads perform better as educational tools because they incorporate audio and visual elements


    Bordertown Films-Video Production Brisbane





    Bordertown Films specialises in creating videos that look amazing and drive action for our clients.

    Based on the Gold Coast, we frequently travel throughout Australia and internationally for shoots. We provide full-scale video production services for projects from high-end TV and web commercials to small scale corporate videos. 

    Our services include Concept Development, Script Writing, 4K Production Services and Post Production.

    We work with you from start to end, so you never have to stress about liaising with a whole bunch of different people to get your video done.

    Like a crack team of creative professionals, we have well over a decade of international and local experience in how to create the most resonant content.

    We'd love to help you bring your ideas to life. Take a look at our work and if you like what you see, get in touch with us today. 



    While many commercials just make viewers click 'skip', great commercials incite emotion and become part of our culture. We all remember the series of anti-drink driving ads, "If you drink, then drive, you're a bloody idiot", which is a phrase we still say to this day.

    And that's why we love making commercials. It's where we really get a chance to flex our creative muscle. Whether it's an emotive PSA, light-hearted comedy, or aspirational tourism campaign, we are passionate about coming up with creative concepts that bring your message to life.


    Event videos are great content marketing pieces. Whether it's a 3-day conference or a fast-paced sporting event, these videos capture your business in action. Viewers see you in your element, so it's crucial to present you at your best. This is when a well-executed event video can truly elevate your brand.

    Having done all kinds of event videos from product launches to sporting competitions, we are confident in creating videos that will help you strengthen your customer base and reach new potential ones.

    Our approach to event videos is not simply to capture event footage. Because we shoot and edit in house, we are experienced in knowing how best to craft a video that will keep viewers watching. This informs the way we shoot and what moments we look out for. We pride ourselves on always finding the best angles to shoot any location.

    What you'll get is a well-told story that shows off the event's atmosphere at its best, highlights core company messaging and importantly, engages your viewers.


    There are many ways to showcase a great property, from aspirational lifestyle videos to epic drone fly-throughs and open house events.

    We love incorporating stylish graphics into our property videos. We find it is a great way to present information and visually identify property boundaries and key features.


    Thinking of shooting in Queensland and don't know where to start? That's where production support service comes in.

    Production support is a whole suite of services provided by a local fixer or production company to support an international or interstate client's shoot.

    Although most things can be planned these days remotely, having local knowledge and someone on the ground can be crucial to the success of a video project.


    Start Creative-Video Production Brisbane



    Video Production

    Start Creative provides professional video production services in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Whether you need video filming, editing or motion graphics, our utmost care and dedication go into each video, ensuring it's effective and aesthetically pleasing. At Start Creative, we offer video production quality that is ordinarily afforded only by large corporate clients with extravagant budgets but utilising the latest filmmaking techniques and software. We have the know-how on how to produce a great video without breaking the bank. Inquire about our competitive quotes, tell us about your video project today. CONTACT US


    Website videos

    You have only a few seconds to capture the attention of your website visitors before they decide to close your webpage. An engaging web video will vastly increase the amount of time a viewer stays on your website and has been repeatedly shown to increase conversion rates, which means more sales. Web videos should be an essential part of your online marketing strategy if you're serious about improving engagement and conversions on your website.

    Training and Education Videos

    Companies, large or small, require training videos to educate their employees on certain aspects of their business. Or demonstration video is required to be provided to customers, so they know how you use your product. It is paramount that training/education videos clearly provide the necessary information succinctly and accurately. We produce training videos in the closest co-operation with the client to ensure their precise needs are met.

    Commercial video production

    Commercial videos are a key tool to introduce products to consumers. An effective video will sell with emotion and linger in your viewers' memories, ready to be triggered again by brand recognition later. Can you think of any commercials that get stuck in your head? Whether advertising for broadcast on TV or internet ads on YouTube or your website, we can assist from drafting a gripping idea and storyboard to providing the full production of your commercial. 


    From a reliable brand, customers expect a professional image, so your product and people photography must reflect this expectation. Whether it be food/drink, corporate portrait, interior, landscape, event or product photography, our photographers and photo technicians can assist with your next photo shoot.

    Corporate profiles

    The best way to introduce a company and tell audiences who you are and what you do. An awesome corporate video should capture the heart and soul of a brand, that every member of the business is proud to show off. Whether for internal values use or a company summary video to educate the public, we can assist you closely in creating a branded video that will be beneficial for years to come. 

    Colour grading

    Colour grading is the process of modifying and enhancing the colours of a video digitally. Every music video, commercial, event video, documentary, needs impressive colour grading. Good colour grading is a subtle art but done correctly. The final product is immensely more watchable and aesthetically pleasing. A must for high-end video production. 

    Subtitling & Transcribing

    If you have videos, long or short, that require subtitling, speak to us today. Accuracy can be an issue in video subtitles, so you need a team who can be relied on. This comes down to the transcriber, if they are a native speaker and if they are a local who is familiar with the slang and speech nuances. Our local team is ready to transcribe and add subtitles to your video with accuracy.

    Event videography

    For large events that need to be documented for reference, archiving or edited into a summary video, we provide a full package filming service to ensure the entire event is covered. Seminars, presentations, galas, trade-shows, marketing events and more are easily covered by our team. We edit the full footage to provide you with every presenter, every slide and every round of applause. 

    Motion graphics

    Spice up your videos with great motion graphics. Capture your audience's attention and raise the level of quality of your next video. Whether it's a quick intro/outro animation or a full motion graphics animated video, motion graphics are unique and create a sense of professionalism normally only achieved by larger companies. Motion graphics are also a great way to explain a complex topic or to sell a product/service. Its fun and engaging nature make for great social media videos or special touch to spice up an otherwise plain video. 

    Testimonial video production

    The customer story, also known as a testimonial, is a powerful marketing tool. A good customer story video uses a short, cinematic documentary approach to tell an engaging story from your customer's perspective. When your potential clients see their peers talking about real problems and how your company assisted, in addition to the results, it speaks louder and more directly than ordinary marketing messages that are drummed up. Instant trust and credibility in your audience towards your company. 

    Animation & 3D

    For dream-like visuals that break the barriers of reality, video production containing animation or 3D objects may be what your brand needs to effectively promote your product or service. Cost-effective solutions can be sourced, and your vision could be brought to life more easily than you think. To present a highly professional image, consider using animation or 3D in your next video. 

    Video salvaging/adjustments

    Sometimes an expensive video production is completed, but a glaring mistake stands out only months later, after losing contact with your video producers. Sometimes you simply require a small, quick fix to an existing video. Anything

    is possible, so before you produce a new video, talk to our team about how we could help salvage or alter an existing video.

    Benefits of online video

    As a business owner or marketing manager, you know what your customer likes and what they need. But today's customers want to see your products or services online. They want to know what your company does, who you are, in an as short time as possible. You may only get one shot to communicate with most of your prospective customers.

    • Research shows that over 70% of people would rather watch a video about a product than reading about it.
    • Statistics show if there is a video on your website, visitors will spend 400% more time on it, compare to other sites without video content.

    Video is short, entertaining and easy to understand. The average internet user spends more than 12 hours watching videos a month, so if you want to expand your business, increase your profit and want to reach out to more customers, our innovative and insightful team can help you construct and design a video or animation based on your specific needs. With the assistance of our online marketing team, we can help you deploy your video online and get it seen. We give real-world solutions to your problems and straight forward answers for all of your questions. Start Creative Video Production Brisbane can help you to tell your story and grow your brand.


    PixelFrame-Video Production Brisbane


    61732573922/[email protected]


    We pride ourselves on creating a diverse range of projects and long-standing relationships with clients, whether they are local, Australia-wide or overseas.

    Below are just some of the services we offer, but if you are looking for something not on this list, please contact us. We love a good challenge!


    Established in 2000, PixelFrame is a full-service digital media production company based in Brisbane. PixelFrame has delivered over 2,500 projects including documentaries, training videos, TV commercials, short films, music videos, animations and multimedia projects for a diverse range of clients.

    These projects have been shot around Australia, in regional areas, and overseas.


    Ignition Films-Video Production Brisbane



    Who We Are

    Ignition Films Video Production, where your stories come to life.

    We're an experienced video production company based in Brisbane, Australia specialising in audiovisual filmed content. For almost twenty years, we've been helping our clients produce their stories the way they want them told. Training, vlogging, development, testimonials, case studies, culture, webinars, promotion, interviews – across all fields and industries in the corporate, private and public sectors there's nothing we can't conceive, develop, produce and film. As a professional Video Production Company, we are here to serve you.

    What We Do

    We film and produce your content.

    At Ignition your options are limitless from single-camera projects by the hour through to larger, more complex productions managed over days or even weeks. A range of inclusions (multi-camera, drone filming, editing, motion graphics, actors, voiceover, scriptwriting and more) can all be accessed here in studio or out on location both metropolitan and remote in any state or country. We're here to listen to what you have to say and learn more about the audience you want to reach so for your next audio/ visual project, talk to the award-winning film production team at Ignition.


    Surge Media-Video Production Brisbane




    As one of Brisbane's leading production agencies, Surge Media combines our expert knowledge of video production, 3D animation and motion graphics to produce outstanding video concepts for our clients. Our innovative video production agency endeavours to create the most engaging way to tell a specific story, delivering a memorable experience for its audience.

    Surge Media is built on a passion for creativity and expertise. Established in 2010, our team of accomplished video producers and designers develop powerful videos that will showcase your business's best assets. We work in conjunction with exceptional clients and ensure a professional, stress-free service so that the delivery of your finished product is the result of continuity and unified teamwork.

    Surge Media support your brand and strategy by communicating a clear vision with cost-effective and uniquely creative solutions in a meaningful way.

    Video marketing is one of the most important parts of your businesses strategy, as it builds trust and immediately engages your audience. Professional production video is the way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

    If you're looking to create a corporate video, content for your social media channels, educate customers or showcase a product or service, we'll help you tell your story. We build strong, lasting relationships with our clients by expertly guiding them through the entire video development process, every step of the way.


    Surge Media isn't just a video production agency. We also provide both print and digital design, specialising in;

    • Logo Design
    • Brand Development,
    • Corporate Identity Design,
    • Web Design,
    • EDM and eCRM Design,
    • UX Design,
    • Press and Digital Advertising
    • Outdoor Advertising.

    Our photography team complement our services by providing original images that can then be repurposed throughout different areas of your business, including social media, website, print and signage.

    We can create a video package that suits your business needs all within our agency. This is a significant benefit to your business when it comes to ensuring brand consistency across all platforms of digital and print media.


    1 Minute Media-Video Production Brisbane




    Need an exceptional brand, interview or eLearning

    a video production company in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane?

    We have produced thousands of successful online marketing videos for businesses in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

    Video production specialists Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

    Promotional and eLearning videos designed for your ROI

    Corporate brand, event & live stream, product, testimonial, training videos & more

    Video-based eLearning and educational production specialists


    1 Minute Media is a leading corporate video production company with bases in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We have produced thousands of successful online videos to promote our clients' products and services.


    Share Story-Video Production Brisbane



    This is our story.

    Back in 2016, there was a serious shift in advertising and marketing. Social media wasn't new, and neither was advertising on it. But the standard of content was. Any business with a decent product or service which could pull off these professional techniques was thriving on social media.

    Andrew and Anthony realised that if they joined forces — and expertise — and created content together with this serious goal of generating business through social media, they could help Brisbane businesses rise above and stand out from their competitors. Our demand grew beyond social media, though. We now create content for almost any marketing platform to help you succeed.

    We're not your typical video production company, though. We're optimists, and we believe in people. When we look at a business, we don't just see a cafe or a construction company, or a gym. We see a morning ritual, a lifestyle shaper, a place for health and wellbeing to thrive.

    ShareStory is all about finding the good in a business, packaging it into a story, and sharing it with the right people. It's not just about creativity. It's creativity supported by strategy and a strong understanding of what it takes to connect.

    Have an idea?

    We get stories, and we get how to share them. But no one knows your story as you do. That's why we make sure you're a part of the process too. Whether your idea is a seedling of thought or it's a fully-baked idea that just needs a professional's hands — we can't wait to help.

    We make

    Let's face it, school photo days everywhere ruined our reputation. We promise, when you bring ShareStory out to your business for a shoot, we make it fun. Our team combats camera fright by fully embracing you and your people. Everything is organised. The shots are lined up, the itinerary for the day is planned to the letter — but we still have fun with it. We bring energy to our shoots that take the day from school photo day to excursion with no homework.

    Storytelling through compelling video production.

    We're obsessed with telling stories and telling them right. It's all about the extra mile, and the finishing touches that you don't notice are there but would notice if they weren't. Every shot, every sound, every transition counts. We know it's about more than making it pretty. It's about making it work and making sure it tells a piece of the story. A piece that'll leave your audience hungry for the next part — whether that's an Instagram post, a website, or a big screen advertisement. 

    Our video disrupts content binging.

    Content is everywhere, and people are consuming so much of it. So, it's important for your video content to be as strong as your brand. It needs to grab their attention, resonate with them, and move them. Moving them might mean they follow your page, sign up for your offer, or buy your product. We make sure every detail of your social media content or brand story has a purpose.

    Everything looks better with video.

    It's true. We love photography; we love pairing photo with video —it's kind of our thing actually. But, if you have a powerful story to tell, video is the strongest way to do it. Video production transforms websites. Product videos sell features (better than any features list could, too). Explainer videos resonate like nothing else. Video campaigns really are the future.


    BigVoice Media Group-Video Production Brisbane


    0731800281/[email protected]

    Discover Your Big voice Livestreaming And Webcasting, Video Production And Post Services Based In Brisbane, Operating Globally



    BigVoice Media Group is a video production company specialising in broadcast television, live streaming, webcasting, cinematography and post-production.

    We think of it as more than just a "day job". Working with leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do is the life that runs through our veins.

    BigVoice Media Group has proudly established itself as a boutique operation that provides innovative and sophisticated production and post-production services, earning us a respected name in Australia and around the world.

    We recognise that each of our clients is different, and there is no 'one fit template' for every business. We take the time to understand what you do so we can tailor our services accordingly.

    How we've helped our clients


    We pre-recorded 'Livestream' of host segments, formalities and intercutting to existing video content. On the day we overlaid live graphics with an online auction.


    Remote capturing speakers via Zoom and developing online series of both free and paid content


    Event held with a small audience and award recipients were able to pre-record acceptance speeches. Rolled out to Facebook Live and Youtube Live


    Mix of pre-recorded and live video content to conduct a Virtual Open Day experience at Bond University


    A virtual competition involving 80+ competitors across ten teams via business-grade webinar software. Smaller breakout rooms and advanced interaction also provided


    Return to sport plans has meant competitions have resumed with limits on crowds. We have developed simple subscription plans for parents and friends to watch grassroots sports online.


    At BigVoice Media Group, we understand that not every project has a one-fit solution. We make it our business to integrate the latest high-end hardware and software into our Livestream/Webcast and Production workflows. 


    Pendula-Video Production Brisbane



    Pendula is a full-service video production Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne based company. We specialise in high-quality video production, lifestyle films, documentary filmmaking, commercials and web and social content production. Producing high end and engaging video content is what we love to do. We truly believe in the power of video and the marketability of authentic storytelling. Whether for engaging social content or a killer corporate video, we collaborate with our clients and bring their stories to life.

    Video is the most cutting edge and growing media platform that exists for business development in the areas of strategic marketing, corporate advertising, authentic storytelling and brand evangelism. That's why we consistently deliver for our clients, at the highest possible industry standards available, to enable them to build a strategy around engaging new customers and increasing sales.

    We also offer general film production support personnel for bigger projects. If you need a Producer for a TVC or a Cinematographer for a documentary film we have the network to connect you with the right personnel, every time.

    At our core, we are a production house of creative mindsets, connected by our passion for visual storytelling, and as close to one another as family. We're risk-takers, who push boundaries and deconstruct status quo's, in order to authentically communicate stories that demand a response. This is what we feel we were born to do.

    We'd love an opportunity to talk with you about your next big video production Brisbane, gold coast and Melbourne or whatever you need help bringing to life. Why don't you head on over to our contact page and let us know about it? We love discussing new projects so much; we'll drop everything for a coffee or a call to chat it through with you.


    Event Video Production-Video Production Brisbane



    Event Video Production' provides professional video production services for business. These include filming and editing seminars, events, promos, educational and advertisement videos.

    Filming Services in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sydney 

    'Event Video Production QLD' provides video production services for companies and individuals to help with marketing, education and raising awareness. Our video production services include - consultation, planning, filming and editing.

    Our Video Production Services


    Who we are...

    'Event Video Production QLD' is small video production company that specialises in corporate video production services and event filming. We film tutorials, live events (streaming), interviews, educational videos, seminars, lectures, funerals and promotional videos. The company started in London, and now we have expanded our services to Brisbane and Gold Coast, Australia. Most of our Australian customers are based in South East QLD. We also undertake some projects in Sydney and Melbourne.

    We have an extensive filming experience in construction, food, fashion, hairdressing, beauty and health industries.

    We like to get to know the people we work with and what their objectives are for the video project. In that way, we can be on the same page and work as a team.

    Filming Services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Surrounding Areas

    We provide video production services such as filming, live streaming and editing for seminars, conferences, events, interviews, celebrations, funerals, tutorials and corporate businesses in Brisbane, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Our clients are from corporate companies, educational institutions and business owners. Below are some of our main video production services.


    Palatine -Video Production Brisbane



    Welcome to Palatine Productions

    A Boutique Television and Video Production Company.

    We specialise in Audience Engagement.

    Take a look around our website and see what we do.

    Feel free to get in touch with us to talk about your project.

    "Palatine Productions get it. Give them a brief, point them in the right direction and they will come back to you with a polished product that you didn't know you wanted until you saw it.

    As a small customer-focused team with a track record of working inside Australia's big television networks; this duo delivers both creativity and speed – with a conscious understanding of tight budgets. They are quick to work and a delight to have on board."

    Our point of difference?

    e are REAL Television Producers with a 30 year track record of creating and producing top rating programming delivering Audiences counted in the Hundreds of Millions!

    We offer a wide range of Production Services including:

    • Concept Development
    • Research
    • Scripting
    • Casting
    • Location Shoot
    • Post Production
    • Graphics
    • DVD & Blu-ray Program Production -CLICK HERE for more information
    • DVD & Blu-ray Authoring and Duplication
    • Web Video Compression
    • We use only the best people.

    After decades spent in the Australian Film, Television and Advertising industries, we have amassed a crew list that stretches from drivers to Hollywood Directors and all stops in between.

    We have constructed entire TV shows with budgets of half a million dollars per episode from scratch and sent two-person camera crews to the remote wilderness.


    Sure Shot Film -Video Production Brisbane


    0478821380 /[email protected]

    Video Production, Brisbane

    Corporate video production

    • Social media content
    • Animations
    • Event videos
    • Digital and television advertisements
    • Drone video and photography
    • Videography

    Videos for all businesses, for every purpose.

    Our videographers create content for a range of businesses including start-ups, small business, advertising agencies, large corporations, and government departments: local, state and federal.

    • Video production shoot
    • Video production shoot for Yell IT.
    • Promotional video production shoot
    • Sure Shot Film crew
    • Corporate video production
    • Video Production crew and cast

    Featured Videography

    Corporate, promotional, documentary, social content, digital advertising, event, and explainer videos

    Corporate Video

    Filmed over two days, this corporate Video was shot north of Brisbane at University of the Sunshine Coast's new IT building at their North Brisbane campus, which Yell IT filled with the latest technology. USC is genuinely happy with Yell IT's work as you can tell from our corporate video production.

    We filmed and edited this short documentary video about the hardworking farmers, fishers and wine producers around south-east Queensland — and their quality produces. Stunning aerial shots of Brisbane's outer regions and the engaging dialogue contribute to the Video's success.

    Promotional Video

    Filmed in Brisbane over two enjoyable days with the client, Cambridge Building Management, this professional, promotional Video turned out to be precisely what they were hoping for.

    Events video

    This video production captures the preparation and enthusiasm of BrisAsia's cultural fusion Love Inn organizers and performers in February 2020. The Love Inn event is a celebration of what BrisAsia is all about.

    TVCs / Advertising / Social campaigns

    This TVC for Officeworks was filmed in one day over three locations around Brisbane. Shot in conjunction with Ian Kenny and Digby Hogan.

    Event video

    We had the pleasure, and lots of fun, shooting this Video for Brisbane Fashion Runway event. This terrific arts event showcases up and coming designers and fashion companies.

    Explainer videos | VFX and animation

    Software explainer video created with both Cinema 4D and After Effects.

    Video production pricing

    How much do videos cost?  

    The cost of a video varies depending on complexity, length, effects and production type. We've outlined options below, with costing details for our:

    • Videography services — corporate, promotional and events videos
    • Full-production film shoots — including TV commercials, television series.
    • For simplicity and as a start, our standard rates are:

    Service Pricing

    • Videographer per hour-$180 / hour
    • Videographer day rate-$1100 / day
    • Assistant day rate-$550 / day
    • Travel fee*$55 / hour

    Travel fee only applies to some projects, depending on the location and size of production.

    Videography kit

    Our videography kit includes:

    • Multi-camera interview shoots
    • Lighting
    • External audio
    • Autocue/teleprompter 
    • drone/aerial footage
    • Time-lapse
    • Gimbal (steady cam) footage
    • Cine lenses
    • Editing
    • Animated titles
    • Animated callout markers/outlines
    • Text overlay
    • Colour correction.

    Our video production company


    Sure Shot Film's mission is to create clean, engaging videos no matter the production size, and to make professional video marketing a cost-effective option for everyone — small businesses, large companies, event organizers.

    • Adric Spiteri with an interview
    • Adric Spiteri with interviewee from USC in Brisbane
    • Adric Spiteri with the camera on a tripod.

    We're a Brisbane-based production company with a high-quality compact kit allowing us to travel interstate and overseas quickly and efficiently. We've created content for companies, across a range of industries, in California, Sydney, Adelaide, Armidale, Ballina, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Indonesia.

    We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop with everything you need in the one convenient place. No outsourcing to other companies, dealing with multiple people. We make life simple from standard Video, drone, visual effects, animation. You name it, we can help.

    Our goals are to:

    save you time and money by providing everything you need under the one roof

    Build long-term business relationships with our clients by creating videos that work. This is key to our success, and why we guarantee our work.

    Our video production types include:

    • visual effects (VFX)
    • animations
    • drone/aerial footage
    • green screen
    • TV commercials
    • advertising
    • real estate marketing
    • animated explainer videos
    • corporate promotional videos
    • interviews.

    Equipment list

    Multi-camera setups:  When it comes to producing professional videos, the trick is to use optional angles. Using multiple cameras allow us to shoot interviews or scenes from a range of angles in the one take. We also shoot in 4k, letting us play with composition and create wide shots and close-ups using one shot without losing resolution. This means we save time, and we get flexibility when it comes to editing your video. 

    Gimbals:  With a gimbal, we can capture scenes with movement, perfect for 'walk and talk' interviews, or 'run and gun' filming for large events, or creating engaging shots of a product or service. 

    Green screens  Filming with a green screen allows us to shoot the scene at the location of your choice, then choose the background later during post-production. Our portable green screen can be set up in less than an hour, making it a great option for corporate video production and advertising. It also opens up a range of creative animation and VFX options that are almost only limited to your imagination.

    Using a green screen for advertising video production. A woman holding a script with a dishwasher, and other crew in the back and foreground.

    Woman in the TECO commercial standing next to a stainless steel TECO fridge.

    Sure Shot Film's sign indicating to the public to take caution because there are 'remotely piloted aircraft in operation'.

    Drones:  We are fully licensed to fly RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems) up to 7.5kgs. We communicate with CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) for safety checks, or for exemptions to fly in high risk 'no-fly zones'. We also have the authorization to fly at night, allowing us to capture your next event from every angle imaginable, day or night. We use the best from DJI with the Inspire 1 Raw, Phantom 4 Professional and Mavic Pro —all part of our kit.

    There's a lot to think about when flying drones to capture photography and Video for marketing and promotional purposes. It pays to use a professional drone pilot, not only to get the perfect shot but also in regards to safety. 

    Visual effects (VFX): Filming is just one part of the Process of creating Video. Post-production/editing is next. The exciting and amazing world of VFX enables 2d and 3d animations, text tracking, and superimposing objects or even whole scenes. Our VFX work is produced in-house.

    Photography: Need more content for your website and social media? Our flexible setup makes it easy to photograph whilst on location. Once the drone is in the air, we're happy to take some extra aerial photos for you to use as content. We can also provide corporate head-shots, events or product photography.

    Music: Choosing the right audio track for your video cannot be underestimated. The style of the music can completely change the Video's dynamic and feel, along with how we choose to edit it. Whether you have a track in mind or follow our suggestions, we have a range of royalty-free music sites we use. We also work with local music producers who can create a custom track for your Video. 

    Lighting: When it comes to making quality videos, lighting is almost as important as the camera itself. We have professional three-point Fiilix 360 lighting. High quality, professional lighting that is colour temperature adjustable. 

    Audio: There's a saying that suggests you don't notice audio quality when it's good, only when it's bad. We have a range of mics, including lapel, shotgun and boom mics. With our external 32-bit Zoom recording equipment, we make sure your audio sounds crystal clear.

    Lenses: Our range of lenses includes: Sony E mount prime lenses, great for interviews, advertising commercials and TV shows, creating that shallow cinematic depth of field; Zeiss and wide-angle zoom perfect for 'run and gun' event videography; a beautiful 90mm macro lens which is great for everything from interviews through to getting those close up detailed shots of products for your Video.     

    Is there something we've missed? Please feel free to get in touch if there's something you need for your next production. We're happy to do the research for you. We are always interested in growing our kit and also have a range of hire companies to choose from.

    Benefits of video marketing

    Improve your SEO

    Online videos help to improve search engine optimization (SEO). An engaging video helps drive people to your site and keep them engaged once they're there—more Traffic to your site and a better bounce rate = greater SEO. See our blog post about videos and SEO.

    Engage your target market

    Sure Shot Film's videos are designed to inform and engage your audience; they're perfect for attracting more attention when advertising on social media and on your web pages. Your online audience will take note, with the next step engaging with you directly. And at the end of the day, your Video will bring you more business.

    Build your brand

    Video is a great way to get noticed with creative ways to communicate your points of difference. Using Video to explain what your business is about is a great way to connect with your target audience and increase market reach. 

    These options come standard with our hourly- or day-rate pricing.


    Fotomedia -Video Production Brisbane


    0731071636 / [email protected]


    Fotomedia is a full-service creative agency with studios in Hope Street, South Brisbane & Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast. We deliver unique and engaging creative for marketing campaigns across all platforms. Combining consultative strategy, highly creative ideas and innovative technology solutions to be at the forefront in showing measurable results for our clients. Engaging our client's brand with their customers and building a sustainable relationship is always our end goal.

    Everything that we create is completed by our in-house team across both our Brisbane & Gold Coast studios. The Fotomedia team is made up of storytellers, creatives, strategists, designers, animators, photographers, directors and filmmakers – delivering solutions for Branding, Marketing Campaigns, Animation, Graphic Design, Digital Design, Drone, Photography and Video Production.



    Fotomedia's multi-award-winning Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast & Hope Street, South Brisbane animation studios provide professional 2D animation, illustration, animated explainer video production, frame-by-frame animation, VFX and motion graphics services.

    Fotomedia's animation studio Brisbane & Gold Coast services a range of clients from start-ups all the way up to multi-national corporations, Federal, State and Local Government departments and even sports teams.

    We specialize in creating 2D animated videos and motion graphic videos, including:

    • TVCs
    • Cinema Advertising
    • Website Videos
    • Explainer Videos
    • Social Media Videos
    • Corporate Training Videos
    • Educational Videos, and much more!


    Fotomedia Branding Agency Brisbane & Gold Coast provides updated or entirely new visual identities for products, services, businesses and corporations for effective targeted marketing. We design branding solutions for a wide range of clients.

     As a branding agency, our clients' business brands start on a strategic and creative foundation, forged through direct engagement with Fotomedia's passionate creatives. Through a process of education, participation and discovery, our team creates a uniquely tailored approach to brand identity and brand design for each individual client. We provide more than just business logo design.


    Fotomedia Creative Agency Brisbane & Gold Coast provides clients with full marketing campaign services employing messaging strategies that stand out from the crowd, backed by captivating, affordable and effective creative content.

    At Fotomedia, ideas are grown in-house to meticulously form distinctive and differentiated campaign strategies. The results lead to positive campaign identities that change the way your target markets perceive you and your brand, thanks to our market-defining communicative solutions.


    Fotomedia can work with you to improve the Digital Strategy and Digital presence for your business, including exploring new ways to grow your business even in the most competitive markets. We have an in-house team of digital strategists and content creators that can develop, execute and manage the Digital Strategy of any business.

    Fotomedia provides a wide range of Digital Services in Brisbane & Gold Coast including:

    • Digital Marketing Strategy Development
    • Website Design & Development
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM)
    • Google Adwords Management
    • Social Media Content Creation (Graphic Design, Animation & Video)
    • Animated Web Banners
    • EDM / Email Marketing Campaign Creation


    CASA certified professional Drone filming and photography on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and beyond.

    Fotomedia uses the latest professional drones that can capture stunning 4k resolution aerial video footage for use in a range of video production projects.

    Our certified drone pilots can plan and capture the best shots from the best angles with a range of drones that best suit the conditions and requirements of each project.


    First impressions are everything. For your business to make a big impact and to take hold of the market, it's essential to have use effective and consistent graphic design. Our graphic design studio ensures this is a constant thought from the very first pencil sketch to the delivery of the finished product.

    Fotomedia's Graphic Design Studios Brisbane & Gold Coast include multi-award-winning graphic designers with extensive knowledge and expertise in design branding, print and digital design. All graphic design studio services are provided by our in-house design team, we don't outsource anything!


    Our experienced in-house photography team utilizes state-of-the-art cameras, equipment and editing software, from the very first shot to post-production enhancements. This is to ensure unstifled creativity, maximized capture opportunities and the delivery of exceptional, effective results that are affordable for all.

    Fotomedia's photographers Gold Coast & Brisbane have immense respect for the content produced at every shoot. Our goal is to produce naturally stunning visuals, often lending themselves to award-winning results. Whether producing art for conglomerates, property development projects or corporate shots, a lot is expressed through the art of photography.


    Fotomedia's multi-award-winning Brisbane & Gold Coast video production services include in Television Commercial Production, Corporate Video Production, Promotional Videos, Explainer Videos, Video Editing, Cinema Advertising, Event Filming and Drone Filming.

     Fotomedia has been providing professional video production services across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Australia since 2001. Our clients include SME's, multi-national organizations, Federal, State and Local Governments and many more industries.

    Fotomedias video production studios include industry-standard online and offline edit suites, colour grading suites and offer a range of professional Post Production services.

    InVision Media-Video Production Brisbane


    61733698288 /[email protected]

    We create engaging content and platforms to inform and inspire.

    • Television
    • Video 
    • Games 
    • Interactive 
    • Strategy

    We bring your vision to life.

    We collaborate with you to turn your ideas and your research into something that will connect and engage in order to contribute to the world.

    If the best platform for your content doesn't exist, we can build it. We will do whatever is required to help you share your message with your audience.

    We've got some runs on the board.

    InVision has been around for nearly 20 years, and during that time, we have been busy creating and sharing thousands of stories for Television and digital platforms. We have been helping businesses take their message to audiences both near and far; to local staff and stakeholders, communities around Australia, or to audiences around the world.

    Whether in Arabic for the King of Saudi Arabia, in French for the government of Togo, in Spanish for communities in Chile, or in "American" for policy advisers at the Whitehouse, we know how to tailor your message for maximum impact.

    What Can We

    Do for You?

    We are visionaries and innovators committed to empowering our clients to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

    As a full-service production house with a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced creatives, we can confidently handle all aspects of your project directly. If you're looking for a team to work with you to achieve your vision, you'll appreciate our collaborative approach.

    Many of our clients have come to depend on us as more than just a dedicated media production partner, but as an integral and trusted part of their business; committed to going above and beyond in order to deliver great outcomes year after year.

    We envision.

    We deliver great outcomes because of our great team.

    About Us

    Isaiah and Emma Saunders founded InVision because they had a vision for doing business differently: A business where clients are viewed as partners, where relationships are authentic and where curiosity is the heartbeat of every project.

    They wanted to create an environment where the client's best interest was always the priority.

    InVision has grown and diversified over the past 20 years by asking the right questions and remaining innovative.

    Now InVision boasts a highly experienced and talented team of industry professionals and a portfolio of work to be proud of.

    What can we do for you?


    Brand funded television production is part of our core business, and we have decades of experience.

    Given that many of our team come from a network television background, we understand the art and business of both network and online delivery.


    We collaborate with you to turn your ideas and your research into something that will connect and engage in making a contribution to the world.

    Whether you require a training video or corporate content, we have a depth of knowledge and creativity that we would love to share with you.


    We specialize in educational games that facilitate experts and educators in creating engaging digital games and the platforms required to communicate, educate or inspire.

    We "help others to help others."


    Our talented team create apps and customized content platforms.

    We have a strong track record of creating engaging, interactive displays and installations for galleries, museums and educational experiences.


    We often work closely with our clients through a process of identifying their communication requirements and designing comprehensive strategies in order to deliver robust outcomes.


    Paramount Video Productions-Video Production Brisbane



    BBC TV Quality, Affordable Price, Exceptional Value

    Do you want to increase sales and improve marketing via outstanding, ongoing video production? Need to attract new customers to your brand, increase engagement with existing clients? Keen to create online eLearning or Training? Do you wish to stream Sports, Conferences, or any Virtual Event? We can help. With 50 combined years in Film, TV, Video, and Animation – our BBC TV-trained Producers will synergize with you. Together we'll build a great team, achieve outstanding media, and connect you directly to your target audience.

    Let's have a conversation, discuss creative solutions, and integrate compelling videos into all your digital platforms. Include Photography, Animation, great story ideas.

    Friendly Producers Claire and Trev will help you achieve excellence. Check out this review from one of our 400 happy clients.

    Our Work

    Marketing and Sales

    From high-end TV Commercials to web videos, we are masters of style and can make any type of film, video, animation, graphic, VR or Augmented Reality message – aimed at your specific audience.

    Education, Training, Human Resources

    With 4-year university degrees at prestigious institutions, we have the skills to fully understand your educational need, write great scripts and team with you to make excellent educational media.

    Event Recording, Live Streaming Leadership HQ Awards

    Professional Livestreaming and Event recording: Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Presentations, Music, Dance, Graduations, Theatre. From major sports and government conferences to smaller events, we do it all – no event too big or too small.

    Health, Medical & Surgical

    We've enjoyed a sustained and successful history of producing Video for all sectors of Queensland Universities and for Federal and State Governments.

    Dance and Music

    Our productions are legendary for capturing the rhythm and spirit of the dance, ensuring audiences experience a sense of being in the theatre!


    Cinematic or documentary style, we love filming your special occasion and go to extra efforts to make a memory you will treasure your entire life!

    Our Services

    Creative Concept Development, Scriptwriting

    We" ll help you successfully tell your story to your audience, suggesting creative solutions, scripts, actors, presenters, locations and more.

    Film, TV, Video, Photo, Animation

    Whatever style you want for your Corporate Video or TV Commercial – we give you the movie you have in your mind. We are masters of style, able to reproduce any style in TV, Film or Video. Put us to the test. Show us the movie you need – we'll explain how to do it.   

    Post Production

    Experienced editors provide a variety of styles with the Adobe Suite of products. Add title graphics and animation.

    Animation and Motion Graphics

    Our team of talented artists use Motion Graphics, 2D and 3D Animation software to enhance your story.

    Drones, Gimbals & 360 Video

    CASA-approved drone artists, gimbal experts and 360-degree Video add great value to your production.

    Digital Media Marketing, Training, Events.

    Beyond Video, photos and animations our network of talented associates supply websites, SEO, marketing and training expertise and more.


    Video Production Brisbane

    With both TV and Corporate experience, our team specializes in excellent video and animation production based on a scriptwriting process that clarifies your thoughts and converts them into a brilliant film.

    Working in (1) Marketing & Sales (2) Training and Education (3) Events we give you BBC TV production values. Since 2000 AD, our corporate and business videos in Brisbane, Australia, the USA and Canada have helped governments and the private sector communicate better. Over 9,500 corporate videos made in Brisbane, since 2000 AD, include Dance, our passion and, occasionally, the Wedding industry – a fun relief from the hard world of corporate video production.

    Prior to, since 1989, our TV production consisted of 5-7 minute films for various TV Magazine Shows plus two documentaries. Abut 250 short films aired to millions of viewers weekly in shows that aimed at specific target audiences: women, literacy, art and religion. A Natural History documentary, Dancing With Dolphins, was made. At the turn of the century, December 1999, a Millennial Madness documentary was made. (Continues)

    Our Mission and Promise to You

    Our aim is to make the world a better place via transformative TV and Video production – to develop the human potential for a peaceful, prosperous planet.

    We follow ethical principals. It is an honour to have you as a client. We strive to respect your trust by giving you world-class results. We walk the extra mile to give you an excellent video that impacts powerfully on your target market. We help you grow your knowledge of Video, so this valuable tool is available to you to make your world a better place.


    Trending Media Australia


    0411437379/ [email protected]


    A team of professional videographers committed to providing outstanding quality coupled with exceptional customer service.

    Our Brisbane video production team looks forward to working with you!

    Social Media Video Productions

    Social media video marketing is one of the most popular tactics for brands today. Trending Media Australia can create engaging videos for your brand, plus we'll also build and deliver a social media campaign to suit your budget.

    Event Video Productions

    Video Coverage for Corporate Events, Presentations, Seminars and Conferences. Give your next corporate event the impact of Video - we pride ourselves on our incomparable coverage.

    Corporate Video Productions

    Our video products are designed to complement your internal and external marketing efforts on your website, landing pages, social media channels, and email campaigns.

    Commercial Video Productions

    Trending Media Australia specializes in business and corporate video productions, marketing and promotional videos, TV Commercials, social media marketing videos and website videos.

    Brisbane Video Production

    Talented and Experienced Videographers

    Our highly skilled team are dedicated to producing innovative results that will enhance your business. Taking great pride in our job, we always ensure the quality of our service is exceptional.

    High-End Video Equipment

    Trending Media Australia keeps abreast of the latest cutting-edge technology in video production. Continuously updating our equipment enables us to produce breathtaking broadcast-quality videos.

    Social Media Video Campaigns

    Video is more engaging, more memorable and more popular among consumers than any other type of content. In fact, video content on social media generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined!

    Utilizing social media in a dynamic way is vital to gain the attention of potential customers in today's world. People are 85% more likely to engage with your company after watching a video.



    A full-service video production company committed to helping your business to stand out from the rest!

    More Than Just Videography

    Trending Media Australia is more than just a Brisbane videography business. We are a complete video production company.

    Our video productions Brisbane team start with your ideas and concepts and work with you to develop them into a masterpiece.

    We are with you every step of the way, right through the design and filming process to the final video product that can be used across a wide range of media platforms.

    Engaging Video Production

    Our video production involves a wide range of video services aimed at helping small, medium and large companies and organizations create high-quality videos.

    From pre-planning and scriptwriting to final video edits, we work closely with each of our clients to develop useful and successful videos.

    Ultimately, our goal is to help you make a video that is engaging, informative and entertaining.


    Media Heroes



    Video Production Brisbane

    Creative storytelling through Video is a powerful brand-building and conversion tool. Talk to the best video production Brisbane team to bring your story to life!

    Video content is the most effective method of communicating with your customers and motivating them to take action. Create an emotional connection with your audience in seconds and convert this into the goals you want to achieve. Is your brand fighting for attention and getting lost in the noise? Need to enhance your website conversion rate? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Everyone has a story to tell, so discover yours.

    Media Heroes offers exceptional video marketing solutions covering video strategy, concept development, video production, right through to distribution and digital marketing. If you've been searching online for 'Video Production Brisbane' or 'Corporate Video Production Brisbane ', you've found the experts. We'll help you discover your story, and once we develop the right creative, we can help you reach your target audience and generate results. We specialize in Brisbane video production for small and medium businesses, so you can integrate video marketing into your wider digital marketing strategy. Our goal is to create incredible video content that enhances your brand, connects with your customers and boosts your digital marketing performance. If you're looking for results and you want to know how video production could help your business, start by booking a FREE Discovery Session with one of our Brisbane video production experts.


    Corporate Video Production Brisbane

    Deciding you need a video is the first step, but what do you do next? The Media Heroes Brisbane corporate video production team makes it easy. Our videographers, producers and editors are the leading talents in Brisbane, plus we're really nice people. Creating a successful video starts by understanding what you're trying to achieve and setting clear measures and goals.

    Producing a video and simply hoping people will watch it is a recipe for disappointment, so always start with the end in mind. Our team provides insights to save you time and money by asking you the right questions and giving your clear and simple options. By focusing on the goals for your video campaign, we can easily recommend the correct type of Video for your needs, create an amazing visual product and get your Video in front of the right audience.


    Brisbane Video Production

    It's all too common for Brisbane video production companies and digital marketing agencies to be separate entities. Unfortunately, this can result in videos that are not nearly as effective as they should be, as they lack any strategic coordination.

    Media Heroes understands the value of combining video production with our extensive digital marketing capabilities, so we can maximize the value of your investment. We follow a proven process that includes every aspect of the video marketing lifecycle and ensures your Video will generate the best possible return on investment for your business.


    Our initial Discovery Session allows us to understand your business and the potential impact we can achieve through video marketing. Once we commence the project, we can extend this further through competitive and market research, customer analysis, and campaign planning.


    The stage is all about developing and planning video production, also known as pre-production. This stage is a lot of fun and allows us to share ideas, use our imagination and develop the video concepts. This includes scriptwriting, storyboarding, talent sourcing and visual planning.


    Lights, camera, action! Whether we're filming on location or within the studio, this is where everything comes together. Although many people think of video production as the end-to-end Process, in reality, this is just the specific stage where the video is filmed and edited. You have a producer and film crew on the day, and then the project is passed through to our editing team for their polish and creative magic. This includes graphics and transitions, 2D and 3D animation, colour adjustments and sound levelling.


    This stage includes simple video uploads through to adding video interactivity and optimizing videos for the greatest SEO impact. Although most of our videos are published online, our experienced team can also look after TVC and cinema delivery for larger campaigns.


    This is where we connect your videos with your target audience. This commonly includes Facebook Video Ads, Facebook engagement, YouTube Advertising, Remarketing and a range of other PPC Advertising and paid placements. In addition, some campaigns will use influencer outreach together with online and offline media buying. This is an essential part of the video marketing process and is the key to getting the most from your campaign.


    Having the right goals in place and measuring your success is essential to allow us to refine your video marketing campaign and to find opportunities for optimization and improvement. We provide campaign reporting, performance measures and digital consulting expertise to help you maximize to results from your investment. If your video marketing forms part of a wider digital marketing campaign, you'll gain extra benefits from our integrated approach to your marketing success.


    Video Production Gold Coast-Video Production Brisbane


    07 5525 0816/[email protected]

    Showbiz Video Productions is available to do on-location filming anywhere in the Brisbane area. Our video editing and video transfer services are all done at our own production studios location in Southport and Tugun on the Gold Coast.

    Quality video production is no longer just for those with thousands of dollars to spare. We can provide a complete end to end video production solution for any occasion or event that requires a professional filming and production team. We have the experience and the expertise to do everything in-house from pre-production right through to post-production. Filming everything from corporate events and conferences to weddings, website video, special events, concerts, school dance shows, training videos, how-to videos, product launches and marketing videos.

    Video transfer. Video production technology has come a long way since the 1970s and has left VHS out of date with today's digital video technology. We offer an affordable video transfer service for converting any video media format such as VHS, VHS-C, Beta, Digital8, Hi8, BBM, MiniDV, MICROMV and even film reels to DVD.

    Video Productions - Gold Coast - Showbiz Video Productions - Web video production Nice professional BackgroundVideo Productions - Gold Coast - Showbiz Video Productions - Web video production Nice Background

    Web video production is a cost-effective way to create a unique communication channel that can help sell your products or services, build rapport, or just get people talking about what you do. Because of the power of Video, it's important that you make sure you are portrayed in a way that is congruent with your business and message.

    If you have a vinyl record collection that you can no longer play, consider our fast and competitively priced LP'S & Cassettes to CD transfer service. Unlike many of our competitors, we quote a fixed price per transfer.

    Corporate video production and event video production. Showbiz regularly films, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, seminars, award ceremonies, etc. Whether you require single camera coverage of your event or a multi-camera, vision mixed webcast to international audiences, and we can do it all! Our in-house editors will produce the final Video to your exact brief, whether you simply require highlights of the event, or footage of all the keynote speakers perhaps even shown alongside their PowerPoint slides presentations.

    Wedding videos. Photos may tell the story, but Video not only tells the story, but it also captures the atmosphere and the moments. The laughter, the speeches, the music and the celebrations.

    It's all those little moments that make up the whole picture, so why not capture them while you have the opportunity.

    Training video production. Anyone who has ever sat in a room with a presenter or teacher will know how difficult staying focused and attentive can be. Adults, just like children, are naturally more likely to be excited about learning from a video than from reading or listening to a lecturer or presenter.

    Web Video. We can create web videos to help promote your company or brand online. Our video production experts can help you harness the power of Video for your website.

    Video Slideshows are a very effective way to show off your favourite photos of precious moments or special occasions. Digital slide shows make great gifts ideas for friends or family.

    Our Services include video production, video transfer, filming, video editing, wedding videos, video transfers to DVD and LP and Cassette transfers to CD, photos to DVD slideshows, DVD and CD copies and reproduction. You can come to us for the complete package or just the parts you need.

    HexFlix-Video Production Brisbane



    Marketing Video Production Brisbane

    HexFlix made its mark with some of the best video production Brisbane companies had seen. Now, we are firmly positioned as one of the best drone and aerial filming and photography companies. But since 2013 we have added a few extra services to the list. HexFlix is now synonymous with anything across Film, Photography and Production. HexFlix is renowned for quality video production at affordable prices. Since 2013, HexFlix has produced outstanding video content and high-quality photography for clients all over Australia and produces some of the best Video Production Brisbane showcases. A background in drone and aerial filming and photography, also means that HexFlix is CASA certified to operate Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA or Drones) up to 20 kilograms. Why do we need to operate drones of a greater weight? All of the highest quality drone aircraft and cameras pack some serious specs and weight. So we operate drones above 4 Kilograms. So when HexFlix turns up to the site, you are aware immediately that we are not operating toy drone aircraft. And the resulting imagery speaks for itself. Because HexFlix is CASA certified, that means you are also in safe hands when you decide to capture imagery from the air. It is a well-known fact that the best footage and video production content can lead to increased profit and provide better exposure for your brand and business. And here at HexFlix, we provide outstanding video production services at an affordable price to ensure success. For further detail, please contact us. or you can check out some of our video production portfolio below or visit our Vimeo profile here. For Aerial and Drone video creation, please head over to our Aerial Video page. Videos are the perfect way to promote your business, educate your customers, engage with your audience and build your brand. All of our videos are compatible with social media platforms as well as 4K recording for Television. 

    Why Choose HexFlix

    If the marketing world had superpowers, this would be it; Video Marketing, Content Creation and Storytelling. There is nothing more powerful than delivering your message through Video. People are four times more likely to watch a video than to read the text. A video on the home page of your website is 400 times more likely to move a person toward making that first important contact. One-third of online activity is now dedicated to watching Video. Video can give a major boost to organic web traffic. Video attracts 3x more organic inbound links, drives 200-300% more unique monthly site visits and increases click-through rates from Search by 41%! 65% of the population are visual learners, and another 30% are auditory learners; so it makes sense that Video, being both visual and auditory, is the most powerful way to help your audience learn about your brand. So yeah, it's not difficult to see why Video has taken over the marketing world. Many marketers consider Video to be the most effective content tool. And they're right.

    Cut Through In a Disrupted World

    The internet has disrupted the way that people make purchase decisions. You're not just competing against your industry anymore, now you're competing against everyone and everything that is competing for your audience's attention. So how do we arrest people's attention? And once we have people's attention, how do we hold that attention so that we can move them through the buying process toward a sale? The secret to holding people's attention is relevance. By far, the easiest way to produce relevance is by sharing stories. Our job is to help you find your business story and utilize those stories to be more persuasive with your audience.

    We Are Attention Hackers

    There are people out there right now that are looking for what your business offers. But sadly, they are super distracted. With thousands of advertising messages and their phone constantly popping up push notifications, it's no wonder. If you're going to get their attention, you need to cut through the noise. The secret to arresting their attention is aligning yourself with the conversation that's playing out inside of your audience's head, and while you are part of their story, you can move them along the path to brand identification and purchase. One of the best attention hacks for sharing stories is using the power of Video. Not only are people four times more likely to watch a video than to read a text, but it naturally holds their attention longer. Couple that with a relevant story and you have a powerful left-right combination that holds people's attention and moves them through the journey to purchase. Viewers connect to Video in a way that is unparalleled by other forms of content, which is why it's the perfect tool to get an audience to take action. As the video landscape becomes more competitive, it's even more important for us to become more relevant, provide more value with our videos, so our content can stand out and be more helpful to people. That is where HexFlix comes in. We are Attention Marketers. Our team of marketing experts will help you to create campaigns that punch through, grab attention, and hold it. Let us show you how.

    We Deliver Better Engagement

    Our role as Video Marketers is to effectively tell your story through Video. But in order to accomplish that we need to understand your audience. This is not simply an understanding of demographics (Sarah is a 39-year-old female who lives in Brisbane), This is also an understanding of Psychographics; an understanding of what makes the audience tick, what motivates them, what is keeping them up at night, their desires, their ambitions, their pain, their successes. We do this through the pre-production process, which is all about asking questions and listening. So when we roll onto a set, we are well informed of what will motivate the audience to action. Marketing goals. Driving return on investment requires more than just good production values and fancy camera equipment. You also need an innovative strategy that is aligned with a persuasive message, and you need to possess the tactics for placing those messages in front of your audience. That way when you work with HexFlix you don't just see camera guys and editors, you also see Marketing managers, social media managers, Google Ad words, SEO and remarketing experts, web development and hosting. So even though you may choose HexFlix for our video marketing skills, you'll stay with us because we deliver business results.

     That's why our skill is not just an ability just to shoot and produce great Video, our true skill is our ability to persuade through empathy and our understanding of your audiences' point of view; being able to step into their shoes and understand them on a deeper level so that we can move them to action. Empathic messaging is all about getting the audience to say to themselves, "you get me," "You understand me." In this way, we can produce content of higher relevance to our audience, which leads to higher engagement, higher retention and inevitably leads to higher conversion.

    We Attract Prospects

    80% of the sales process is now handled by your business's online presence, long before anyone talks to a salesperson. It's true. Nobody wants to talk to salespeople. The online experience is where people learn, analyze, and discover before they even pick up the phone or go into a store. That's why 80 % of the sales process is now online. So, if you're not online, well, you get the hint.

    We Drive Return On Investment

    HexFlix is much more than a video production company. We're leaders in utilsing Video to achieve sales.

    We Deliver On Set

    So we have had our pre-production meeting (well more or a collaborative, working with someone you have only just met, but it feels like you have known them for years pre-production meeting), and we know exactly what we want to persuade the audience to do, and we know exactly how to say it. The storyboard is approved, and we are ready to shoot. The fun part. And the most critical part of the video campaign. The way in which we capture this story will make the campaign. It has to be perfect. So, we enlist the help of our production team. We have the Director, the cinematographer, the lighting guys, the sounds guys all standing by. This is the chance for your business to shine. And just so you know we aren't messing around we roll in the equipment. Thousands upon thousands of dollars' worth of the best video equipment available. From high-end Cinema Cameras like the RED EPIC to helicopters, to heavy-lift drones. Our team isn't just great in the boardroom. We are legends behind the camera too. Because when it comes to telling the story of your business, we leave nothing to chance.


    Traffic Film-Video Production Brisbane



    At Traffic Film and Video, we understand that video content doesn't always have to be a massive production.  

    We're a low-budget end to end marketing solution for video content. We work alongside our clients to develop creative concepts, then work to bring it to life via production. Find out more about our services. 

    We keep costs low by keeping everything in-house. From the initial strategy-scoping through to editing and post-production, we create a seamless and affordable production experience. 

    With over 15 years working in the industry, our team are passionate about creating creative content which fits any brief. 

    What we do

    Here at Traffic Film & Video, we see your project through from start to finish, providing budget-friendly solutions for your strategy, creative and production.

    We are one of the few production companies to create video content completely in-house, making a seamless and strategic flow for our clients.  

     We're dedicated to creating a dynamic, bespoke solution for our clients, no matter the industry or budget. We've worked with a host of clients to create corporate videos, events, social media & online content, animation, TV commercials, radio ads and motion graphics.

    When you work with Traffic we will: 

    • Meet with you to understand your specific business needs 
    • Provide you with a quote that matches your expectations and budget
    • Work to develop a creative strategy that attracts your target audience 
    • Match you with a content creator whose past portfolio aligns with your style and strategy 
    • Take care of your project from pre-production through to post-production 
    • Take care of post-production at our in-house edit suite, collaborating with our Director, editor and marketing team to ensure the end product hits the mark
    • Consult with you and make any edits you feel necessary
    • Provide you with the final files on time, to brief and on budget. 

    We believe that great video content doesn't always have to break the budget. Ask us for a quote on your next project, and you'll see the difference.

    Our facilities 

    Our custom-built production facilities in Brisbane and Sydney were built with our clients in mind. By bringing together all of our production elements under the one-roof, we have created a seamless flow which keeps costs low. Our boardrooms, talent casting pods, catering kitchen and breakout spaces are an ideal place to collaborate and work on your project. 

     Our fully functioning edit-suite adds another string to our bow. By bringing editing expertise into our team, we don't need to outsource to other companies, which means we have complete control of your project and your budget.   


    Tips On Chose The Best Video Production Companies


    Businesses that want to promote their brands often count on video production companies to create award-winning commercials and other promotional videos. Video production companies are experts at making wide-reaching videos that get your company noticed. Choosing the right company to shoot your video can be difficult because there are so many options promoting multiple features. To create our list of the best video production companies, we evaluated what’s most important, including multiple service lines, size of the firm and industry focus.


    The core service of a video production company is to create a video that educates audiences, generally about a specific product, service, event or other offering. However, every business has different needs. We chose firms that offered a multitude of service lines. Besides video production, many of these companies also offer broadcast video, graphic design, branding and social media marketing.


    There are various advantages and disadvantages of working with a large firm or with a small firm, including the number of people involved in the production and how this affects costs. Smaller companies may provide more personalized service than larger firms, but larger firms may finish projects sooner, so there’s a shorter waiting period to start your production. We made a point to select varying sizes of video production companies to meet the needs of multiple businesses.


    Video production companies often specialize in certain industries. We chose firms that work within a wide range of industries to cover as many small business needs as possible. Most companies focus on more than one industry. Common industries within our picks include advertising and marketing, arts and entertainment, business services, retail, consumer products and services, financial services, health care and medical, education, information technology, e-commerce and nonprofits.

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