Top 30+ Primary Schools Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

The process of selecting a primary school can appear to be intimidating and stressful. After all, educating our most cherished young children is of the utmost significance to every parent. At first look, it may appear to be a minefield because there are so many schools from which to choose and so many elements one must consider.

When choosing a primary school for your child, everyone has a different point of view on what factors are most important to consider. Some parents only shell out thousands of dollars to move their families into a certain neighbourhood so their children can enrol in a specific school. Is there no other way to get around this? However, in the end, it will come down to your priorities, what you think constitutes an excellent education and what you regard to be significant.

You have the most intimate knowledge of your child, so you should have a strong intuition about which school will be the best fit for them. If judgments are based on performance data, then many other things that could benefit your child are overlooked. Put your faith in your gut feelings!

The following is a list of our recommended primary schools in the Melbourne area of Victoria.

Ultimate List of Primary Schools Melbourne

Haileybury - Primary Schools Melbourne

+61 3 9904 6003

Early Learning Centre Yes
Primary School Yes
High School  Yes
Course Range K-12
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 2,277
School Fees High

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A warm welcome

It is widely acknowledged that Haileybury is among the best schools in the world.

This recognition is due to the extraordinary educational accomplishments that our students have attained as a result of our extremely successful parallel education approach, outstanding teachers, and a tremendous spirit of entrepreneurialism. All of this is highlighted by a lengthy list of accomplishments and a storied history that dates all the way back to 1892.

The Australian Education Awards have recognised Haileybury as one of the country's top educational institutions by bestowing upon it a number of honours, such as "Australian School of the Year," "Primary School of the Year," "Principal of the Year," "Best Student Wellbeing," and "Best Remote Learning." These honours are in addition to the fact that the school was named "Australian School. In addition to this, Haileybury has been given the title of being Victoria's number one coeducational primary school and the state's number two secondary school, according to the results of national testing.

Expecting more, offering more

Both the pupils and the staff at Haileybury are held to very high standards. We estimate that fifty per cent of our students will be in the top 10 per cent for academic performance in Australia, seventy-five per cent will place in the top 20 per cent of the country, and ninety per cent should be in the top 30 per cent of the country. We anticipate that students who graduate from our institution will be equipped with solid fundamental academic abilities, a broad analytic thinking ability, and the capability to function in a world that is always evolving.

Students at Haileybury have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of international engagement activities, such as studying abroad at the Haileybury Senior School in Tianjin (China) or travelling to one of the school's partner institutions in Timor-Leste, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, or the United States.

There are also fantastic prospects for engagement with Haileybury Rendall School in Darwin, which is located in the Northern Territory.

Developing our students academically and socially

At Haileybury, our school motto is "Every student counts every day," and we live by this attitude. Early learning centres like ours offer a variety of adaptable and innovative educational programs for children as young as three years old. During the Junior Years, fundamental abilities in reading, writing, and arithmetic are honed through the application of specific teaching methods.

In order to extend analytical thinking and problem-solving skills during the Middle Years, a combination of explicit instruction and learning that is centred on the learner is used. Students have the opportunity to improve their independence and resiliency as part of an engaging development program that begins in the ninth grade. The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is a three-year program that is taken by students in their senior years. This curriculum, together with the many other topic options that are accessible, ensures that there are courses available to individuals of varying interests and skills.

The dedication of Haileybury to a robust social and personal wellbeing education program that focuses on realising potential, supporting individual resilience, and the development of personal character values contributes to the enhancement of the academic programs that we offer here at the school. The education at Haileybury is centred on the values of respect for oneself and others, as well as social justice, and the school is dedicated to shaping its students in accordance with these ideals. We are steadfastly committed to an agenda that prioritises meaningful relationships based on respect and consent.

Innovating and immersing

The Haileybury School is widely recognised as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking educational institutions in all of Australia. Examples of this include the construction of the first vertical school in Melbourne, the implementation of large educational initiatives in Asia, and the establishment of the Haileybury Rendall School in Darwin. In 2017, students from Haileybury became the first people from an Australian school to send an experiment to the International Space Station. Being a student at Haileybury means being fully integrated into an innovative educational environment.

We are looking forward to giving you a tour of our School, which is a community in which we feel a strong sense of pride.

Vision, mission and values

Our vision

To be recognised as a great world school.

Our mission

To cultivate students with outstanding academic potential who have strong connections to the world at large, to each other, and to the local communities in which they live and will eventually work.

Our core values

Everything that we do is based on our vision, which is to work harder than is required of us and accomplish more than is considered possible. In our day-to-day work, this is supported and shaped by our eight core values:

  • Excellence
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Integrity and respect
  • Diversity and global cultural awareness
  • Connectedness
  • A sense of compassion and caring
  • Child safety*
  • One school

The Haileybury Advantage

What is The Haileybury Advantage?

Students at Haileybury are given the opportunity to thrive as a result of the robust instructional and developmental framework that we have in place. Every student is helped to develop confidence, connection, and a strong sense of place through the use of innovative teaching methods and a firm focus on academic excellence in the classroom. In addition, a safe and supportive learning environment and a strong community ethos contribute to the overall success of the school.

Parallel Education

Our Parallel Education Model facilitates instruction and learning in a way that takes into account the distinct and ever-evolving psychological, educational, and social requirements of each and every one of our students. Girls and boys attend different classes but share the same campus, which gives them the opportunity to interact with one another socially and participate in extracurricular activities together.

Community focus

Above all else, Haileybury is a cohesive and enthusiastic community consisting of students, staff, parents, guardians, and alumni who work together to ensure that the school continues to provide a nurturing and stimulating atmosphere in which students can study and interact with one another.

Explicit Teaching Model

Every student at Haileybury Junior School receives the very best possible start with the implementation of our cutting-edge Explicit Teaching Model, which encourages engagement with and mastery of the fundamental skills of literacy and numeracy. This method, which is backed by education in thinking and problem-solving, enables our younger pupils to succeed in all subject areas and is founded on research.

Education awards

The Australian Education Awards have acknowledged Haileybury as one of the country's top educational institutions by bestowing upon it a number of accolades over the years. Our method has garnered widespread acclaim and been honoured with a number of prestigious accolades as a direct result of the amazing outcomes it has produced, which have been the product of a singular confluence of invention, unparalleled educators, and unparalleled standards.

Academic success

Because of a unique combination of factors that together deliver more than the sum of their parts, Haileybury is widely regarded as an excellent private school in Melbourne and elsewhere in the world. These factors include cutting-edge teaching strategies, exceptional teachers, small class sizes, outstanding academic results, a strong international focus, and a comprehensive understanding of education that dates all the way back to 1892.

Camberwell Girls Grammar School - Primary Schools Melbourne

+61 3 9813 1163

Early Learning Centre Yes
Primary School Yes
High School  Yes
Course Range K-12
Main Gender All Girls
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 820
School Fees High

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Education that is of high quality for girls guarantees that the world will have a variety of thought patterns, a perspective that values teamwork, and the advantage of the skills, creativity, and ideas of half of the population of the planet.

At CGGS, we are always developing new programs, experiences, and opportunities for our students to take advantage of both inside and outside of the classroom to ensure that they are well-equipped for whatever the future may hold for them.

The curriculum that we provide is not only varied and difficult, but it also plays an important part in guiding students to recognise their individual capabilities and areas of interest. We hope to instil in our kids the kinds of abilities that will allow them to carve out their own paths in life in the years to come. It is essential for students to learn STEAM subjects. Our students are given the opportunity to improve their entrepreneurial talents and to create jobs that will contribute to the expansion of the economy.

Not only do we want our students to utilise technology, but we also want them to. We want them to feel like they had a hand in creating it. In addition to having robots as permanent members of our society, coding is taught to students of all ages and skills.

We are extraordinarily pleased with the multiculturalism, diversity, and welcoming nature of our neighbourhood. Everyone is welcome, and everybody is a part of the community at every stage of education, from preschool to senior year.

Every student at Camberwell Girls Grammar School is given the opportunity to be the creator of work of a high standard, and the school as a whole maintains a strong commitment to looking toward the future. When they graduate from our school, our pupils do so with the resolve to chase after their ambitions.


We make it our mission to educate Camberwell's young women so that they can become compassionate leaders, productive global citizens, lifelong learners, and agents of positive change. Not only should each girl be devoted to making a difference in the lives of others after she graduates from the School, but they should also be committed to doing so right now.


A pioneer and innovator in the field of girls' education, with a mission to inspire a lifelong love of learning and contribute to the creation of a more equitable and environmentally responsible world.


A Christian school following the Anglican tradition, with the mission of encouraging a lifelong love of learning and the development of compassionate leaders with a global perspective in young women.


We educate our students to seek wisdom through intellectual inquiry, service learning, and spiritual growth in a way that honours the principles of integrity, commitment, respect, hope, and courage. We welcome students of all faiths and cultures and encourage them to do so.


Bricks and mortar are only a small part of what we consider to be a building. We are dedicated to making it a priority to ensure that we have the resources available to support dynamic learning at all times.


Our Junior School, incorporating an Early Learning Centre, is located just a 1-minute walk from our Senior School.

A Girls School


The girls at Camberwell not only have equal access to opportunities but also have access to every opportunity. In an atmosphere free from gender bias, our young ladies are encouraged to take an active role in the community, exert their influence, take the lead, and further their education. They are encouraged and supported to explore their hobbies and passions with their whole hearts because the school is only for girls.

The members of our team are aware that girls' educational, social, moral, sports, and cultural needs are distinct from those of boys. We have devised programs that help young women in today's culture and boost their growth in a way that is both supportive and beneficial.


They are completely engaged, look forward to working together with their teammates, and have increased opportunities for conversation with their instructors. Girls prefer to cultivate an environment that places a heavy emphasis on academic success, and girls who attend schools geared specifically for female students typically have considerably better academic outcomes. They participate in the more constructive competition and are willing to take more risks with their learning; in addition, they hold all leadership positions and have more ambitious career goals. Women who received their education in all-female institutions had a greater chance of achieving positions of authority later in their careers.

FAQs About Primary Schools

The most important distinction between primary and secondary education is that primary education refers to the early stages of formal education, which come after pre-school or kindergarten. In contrast, secondary education refers to the final phase of formal education, which comes after primary education. Pre-school or kindergarten education is the stage immediately preceding primary education.

A primary school, also known as a junior school, elementary school, or grade school, is a type of school that educates children from the ages of five to eleven as part of their basic education. In most cases, this stage occurs after preschool but before high school.

Children are given the essential building blocks they need to succeed in the more advanced stages of their education by participating in supportive primary school programmes. Beyond preparing them for elementary school, these programs also help students develop coordination, social skills, and self-esteem.

Primary education is often the first formal education stage in most countries. It lays the foundation for a child's future intellectual development and progression, which would be impossible without it. An education that begins in elementary school not only prepares a child for later success but also establishes the groundwork for that accomplishment.

According to the findings of a study, the level of education a child receives is more significant than either the children's gender or their families' levels of money. Furthermore, according to the study's findings, providing children with access to a pre-school programme of a particularly high standard and then enrolling them in a primary school that excels academically significantly boosts their overall development.

Huntingtower School - Primary Schools Melbourne

+61 3 9807 8889

Early Learning Centre Yes
Primary School Yes
High School  Yes
Course Range K-12
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 730
School Fees Average

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When you arrive at Huntingtower, our outstanding students and staff will greet you with a friendly grin and ensure that you have a wonderful experience during your time here. The stunning gardens and grounds of Huntingtower provide a serene atmosphere that contributes to the building's reputation as an excellent location for academic pursuits.

When a school community has high expectations for its children, it provides a valuable service to those pupils. "Know thy true self" is the translation of our company's motto, which is "Nosce te Ipsum." Huntingtower is a school that is dedicated to fostering a sense of community and enabling students to develop an awareness of who they are while simultaneously embracing the limitless potential they possess. We encourage, motivate, and assist each and every one of our students to become the very best versions of themselves that they are capable of becoming, and we consistently and persistently instil a positive culture of love and kindness in all that they do.

Excellent academic outcomes are achieved at Huntingtower as a direct result of the school's strong values, expert teaching, dedicated personnel, and high expectations of students' personal growth and success. In addition, we provide a varied extracurricular program as well as a distinguished music program. This affords a large number of options in the realms of sports and culture, among which are a robust outdoor education program and international partnerships. Every single student is obligated to take part in the extracurricular and academic activities that are offered.

This year is an important one in Huntingtower's history, as it signifies a period in which we may look back on our accomplishments, rejoice in them, and dream about the future. Our school community is looking forward to embracing the natural splendour of Huntingtower and working together to create a prosperous future throughout the course of this academic year.

I count it a great honour to be a member of the warm and welcoming community that is Huntingtower, and I strongly recommend all of you check out our stunning school for yourselves.


Huntingtower's objective and purpose are to be a constructive presence in the world, to elevate the mind, and to bless mankind. This is the organisation's mission and purpose.

Every student is encouraged to recognise and exhibit the spiritual character that is uniquely their own. They are urged to make the most of the strength and love that God bestows upon them in order to realise their full potential and express their liberation from limitations. As a consequence of this, the educational standards at all three levels, sub-basic, primary, and secondary, are exceptionally high.


Academic Results

One of the academic schools in Melbourne with the highest rankings in Huntingtower. Its VCE and NAPLAN results are exceptional, and they reflect the Huntingtower philosophy that we should always give our best effort in whatever we undertake. The kids at Huntingtower have a passion for education. They are aware that as children of God, there are no boundaries for them to cross.

Student-Centred Learning

Lessons at Huntingtower are student-centred, interactive, and differentiated for each kid according to age, gender, interests, and potential. Lessons at Huntingtower focus on the student. Assessment procedures are carefully considered and meticulously carried out, and they offer opportunities for constructive criticism. The Teaching for Understanding philosophy developed at Harvard University serves as the intellectual foundation for Huntingtower's approach to education (TfU).


The Australian Curriculum serves as the foundation for the educational offerings of Huntingtower. Literacy and numeracy, the requirements of the person, and higher-level thinking skills are given a significant amount of attention. Students are urged to approach their studies with an attitude of inquisitiveness and perceptiveness, and both extension and support are made accessible to them. Students have a wide variety of possibilities to put themselves in real-world situations, such as through pioneering programs like language immersion, urban adventures, and triathlons. Our pupils are given a tremendous amount of opportunity to develop their creativity and initiative through participation in programs such as these.

Focus on the Individual

Students are more likely to retain information when they are actively engaged in the learning process. For the purpose of meeting the requirements of each individual student, the teachers at Huntingtower make use of independent-learning methodologies and maintain an awareness of various learning styles and preferences. The students and the teachers all collaborate in an environment that is respectful to one another, which fosters the growth of strong relationships and healthy self-esteem.

The Arts

There is no hiding the fact that Huntingtower places a high value on artistic expression and cultural immersion; this is readily apparent to anybody who visits the campus. Each and every one of our pupils is strongly encouraged to take an active role in our arts program, whether this is accomplished through the study of languages, the performing arts, the visual arts, music, or any combination of these. Students who enrol in our dynamic classical music program have the option to participate in a wide variety of musical ensembles, including orchestras, concert bands, stage bands, brass, woodwind, and string ensembles, as well as choruses and chamber choirs.

Huntingtower has a strong culture of learning and an environment that nurtures respect and positive relationships. There is freedom for students to learn without limits.

Health, Fitness and Sport

The Huntingtower curriculum places a significant emphasis on both health and physical education from the time students are enrolled in the Early Learning Centre and onward. Every student competes for their respective house in competitions such as the Ball Games, swimming carnivals, and athletics fairs. Because Huntingtower is a member of the Eastern Independent Schools of Melbourne Sporting Association, our students have a variety of possibilities to participate in inter-school athletic competitions and enjoy the excitement and camaraderie that comes along with it. Both the HT Heat Basketball team and the HT Swim Club have quickly become staples of the school's extracurricular sporting activities.

Care and Wellbeing

At Huntingtower, the health and happiness of each and every student is our number one priority. Students who have the sense that they are loved, connected, and cared for are in the ideal position to bring energy and excitement to their studies, which is why the pastoral care and transition programs that Huntingtower offers are of the utmost importance. The programs are designed to foster a sense of self-worth and resiliency in each participant, as well as a sense of belonging to the group.

Leading Through Service

Students at Huntingtower have several opportunities to enhance their leadership skills throughout their time here. Students who choose to both lead by example and serve others find that they have the skills needed to contribute to the community in a variety of meaningful ways. There is a close connection between leadership and service. Students who choose to both lead by example and serve others discover that they have these skills. Leadership programs at our school that connect with outside communities and organisations on a global scale are encouraged and supported.

St Margaret's Berwick Grammar - Primary Schools Melbourne

03 9703 8112

Early Learning Centre Yes
Primary School Yes
High School  Yes
Course Range ELC-12
Main Gender Co-Education & Single-Sex
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 880
School Fees Average

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Why Us

Our mission is to foster the development of exceptional individuals, and one of our primary goals is to equip our students to meet the difficulties and seize the opportunities that a society that is increasingly interconnected around the world will provide to them.

We are aware that each student possesses their own unique advantages.

We consider it our responsibility to guide them in the direction of activities that excite them and help them develop the self-assurance necessary to succeed in areas where they excel as well as those in which they face difficulties. They are encouraged to strive for excellence in whatever they do by us. We hope that they can model their life after our principles and maintain their honesty and integrity as they do so. Our goal is to help each student realise their full academic and personal potential so that they are prepared not only for the conclusion of their courses and tests but also for life.

We are able to offer a learning environment across our two campuses and 50 acres that allows us to honour everything that we know about providing a great education with co-education from Early Learning through to Year 6 in our dedicated Junior school and single-gender-based education on dedicated campuses for our senior girls and their boys. This is made possible by our one-of-a-kind Diamond Education Model, which enables us to offer a learning environment.

We offer young people of varying ages and levels of ability access to a dynamic and motivating atmosphere in which they can develop their interests and further their education. We place a strong emphasis on character development because we are of the opinion that receiving an education in the brain while ignoring education in the heart is equivalent to receiving no education at all. This conviction is at the core of our mission to cultivate exceptional people.

In contrast to schools that preach only the learning of the ABCs and place a priority on ATARs, the framework that is used at St. Margaret's Berwick Grammar places emphasis on participation as well as the pursuit of excellence in the areas of academics, athleticism, artistry, and adventure. This model places a strong emphasis on the development and education of the whole child, with an eye toward the adult that the child will one day become. The goal is to provide the child with the positive values, resiliency, sense of self, and identity that are necessary to live a life that is both fulfilling and honourable while juggling a variety of responsibilities.

These supplementary aspects strengthen a variety of competencies and characteristics that are essential to a child's development while simultaneously reinforcing and increasing others. It is because of this approach that we are able to cultivate well-adjusted young people who are just as at home on the streets of Beijing and Berlin as they are in Berwick — individuals who are truly global leaders. This process is carried out in conjunction with families. Committed to bettering the lives of others through a variety of actions, both big and small.

We never lose sight of the fact that the students at our school are the institution's most important resource, and as a result, we make every choice with the kids and the outcomes they seek in mind. We are aware that in order to fulfil their requirements, we must take on the roles of a teacher, a role model, a confidant, a crutch, a shoulder, a mentor, a cheerleader, a challenger, a leader, and an advocate, to name a just a few of these responsibilities. By catering to the specific requirements of each individual student, we can increase the likelihood that they will discover their passion and realise their full academic potential.

Purpose, Philosophy and Plan

St. Margaret's Berwick Grammar is a prestigious independent private school that serves students from Early Learning all the way through to VCE.

Our educational program is directed by our school's Vision and Core Values, which are ingrained in each and every one of the decisions that we make. We are able to provide a modern education model by adhering to these guiding principles and conducting extensive research in the field of education. This model assists every child in discovering what they are passionate about and realising their full potential.

Our School Vision

"To inspire children to work toward becoming the best versions of themselves, both now and in the future, for the benefit of all people and the Earth as a whole."

Our school's core values are the means by which we put our vision into action.

Our School Values of Courage, Curiosity, Character, and Respect were developed through engagement with key stakeholder groups (students, parents, staff, alumni, and our Council) and sit at the heart of our education community, guiding every aspect of our learning and decision making. Our School Values were developed through engagement with key stakeholder groups (students, parents, staff, alumni, and our Council). By keeping this in mind as we establish and continue to implement our strategic strategy.

Our Educational Philosophy

The Berwick Campus and the Officer Campus together make up what is known as St. Margaret's Berwick Grammar.

In its role as an educational provider, St. Margaret's Berwick Grammar affirms its commitment to the democratic values and norms of Australia and ensures that its policies and procedures are consistent with those values. In its day-to-day operations, the School is dedicated to the principles of democratic governance, the primacy of the rule of law, equal protection under the law for all individuals, freedom of religion, freedom of expression and organisation, and the openness and acceptance of many perspectives.

Students at St. Margaret's Berwick Grammar engage on a dynamic educational path that moulds their growth in all aspects of their lives, including intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. The educational philosophy of the school is founded on the fundamental principles of Curiosity, Courage, Character, and Respect, as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile.

Students at St. Margaret's Berwick Grammar are provided with the opportunity to develop their sense of self-worth and confidence in a setting that is both nurturing and challenging. The primary tenet of the school's ideology is that each individual should make it a goal to perform at their highest possible level, and the faculty and students at the institution are known for their high levels of motivation. The idea of "doing what is right" is equally as significant as putting in a lot of effort, and both of these ideas are reflected in the motto of the school, "Virtue et Labore," as well as in the day-to-day activities that take place at the school.

Students are able to acquire a strong sense of belonging to their school thanks to the school's dedication to the community, which brings the many campuses together. Each student's capacity to contribute with self-assurance to their school and the society around them, as well as to participate as a productive citizen in the context of a larger community and the world at large, can be further extended through the Leadership through the Service program.

St. Margaret's Berwick Grammar is renowned for two primary accomplishments: academic performance and the development of a strong sense of community among its students. Students are able to develop a strong sense of affiliation and belonging as a result of this potent mix, which enables them to feel safe while setting ambitious goals for themselves. Students typically perform exceptionally well in areas such as music, sports, the arts, mathematics, the sciences, and the humanities when they are given positive reinforcement and the opportunity to develop their gifts. Our primary objective is for them to achieve success in life by locating a course of action that will be interesting, significant, and personally satisfying to them.

The inquiry process is recognised as the leading pedagogical approach of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) in the Junior School. It acknowledges students as being actively involved in their own learning and taking responsibility for that learning through agency and engagement. These are positive benefits and approaches that continue through the students' secondary school years. Students and faculty alike have the same overarching objective, which is to cultivate "good people/citizens" while also maintaining a firm dedication to academic achievement.

The learning community of St. Margaret's Berwick Grammar acknowledges that education is a social endeavour that is beneficial to all of its participants, both on an individual and a communal level. It places emphasis on individuals and the relationships they have, and it is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and diversity within a dynamic educational setting. Diversity is respected in all settings, and the difference is embraced as a means of enhancing experience, broadening understanding, and extending friendships. Additionally, cultural safety is promoted for indigenous children, children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and children with disabilities, and a secure environment is provided for them.

At St. Margaret's Berwick Grammar, an atmosphere that is secure and nurturing is fostered via the formation of a collaborative partnership among the school's students, faculty, and parents that is founded on honesty, integrity, and mutual respect.

First Class Learning Environments

Beyond the facade of our immaculately kept gardens at St. Margaret's Berwick Grammar, our facilities make it possible for students in the Early Learning Center all the way up to Year 12 to participate in cutting-edge educational opportunities.

The classrooms are outfitted with technology tools that permit both students and teachers to access the worldwide demands of the modern learner. This is made possible by our personalised laptop and device program, which also contributes to the decoration of the classrooms with technological instruments.

Students have access to a variety of buildings and facilities, some of which are listed below: the Rosanove Auditorium, the Performing Arts School, the Art and Design Technology Centre, the High-Performance Centre, the gymnasiums, the sporting ovals, the VCE Centre, the specialty science labs, the food technology kitchens, and the extensive libraries provide students with the most up to date facilities available to ensure that the best learning outcomes are achieved.

Our Diamond Education Model

Because of the Diamond Education Model, we are able to take into account all of the recommendations made by educational researchers regarding how to best provide an excellent education.

Children of both sexes attend the same classes in the Junior School at St. Margaret's Berwick Grammar, which aims to encourage them to form healthy relationships with classmates of the other gender. They are divided as they get closer to their teenage years so that we can adjust our teaching methods to accommodate the varied approaches to education taken by male and female students. This is done because there are a number of subtle distinctions between the preferred learning methods of boys and girls as well as the assistance needs of each gender. For instance, guys often have shorter attention spans and might learn more effectively through hands-on methods of instruction. Girls often have longer attention spans, but they frequently lack confidence in their own talents, particularly in courses related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). These distinctions have the potential to have a bearing on the results of educational endeavours. Because we are a diamond school, we are able to modify our methods of instruction so that each and every student has the chance to succeed.

As a result of the absence of traditional gender norms at Diamond schools, an increased number of young women are deciding to pursue careers in the STEM fields, while an increased number of young men are pursuing careers in the creative fields and participating in the performing arts.

After that, students in their senior years of school (years 11 and 12) are reunited with their classmates once more for various subject electives. We do this because we are aware that these years are a crucial juncture of change for young people on a variety of levels, including scholastic, emotional, and social. The senior years present a wealth of opportunities for students to learn, develop, and contribute to society. These years should give all students with high-quality education, relevant education, and interesting education that is afforded to them by choosing academic topics, as well as the essential support to finish their secondary school education.

When students reach their senior year, they have reached a level of maturity appropriate for their age and have established themselves academically. Students are able to adapt to a classroom that has students of both genders, which helps them become more equipped for the realities of life at a university or in the working world.

Students in higher grades who take part in collaborative learning spaces see increased academic growth. Because of their higher degrees of maturity, students are able to remain intelligently engaged in learning for a longer period of time. Because boys and girls are better able to respect each other's points of view as a result of shared learning, there is an increase in perspective-taking, which in turn leads to an increase in communication and collaboration. Young men are able to participate confidently in shared learning environments and learn to understand and respect the female point of view, while young women are able to present their ideas in a mixed context and understand the male perspective. Shared learning environments also enable young men to understand and respect the female point of view.

This strategy has a number of advantages, one of which is that it enables students to have more say over the courses they take, which in turn enables professors to concentrate on developing their expertise in particular subject areas. As a result, senior students will be able to take the maximum number of classes possible.

Students in their last years of schooling are prepared for the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), subsequent study, work beyond the school setting, and successful adult lives by participating in teaching and learning in select electives offered by the Senior College.

The Diamond model is particularly attractive to parents who have both sons and daughters because it allows for their children to be educated in a manner that is tailored to their gender while still ensuring that they are instilled with the same core values as those taught at St. Margaret's Berwick Grammar.

Beverley Hills Primary School - Primary Schools Melbourne

03 9842 1423

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School Yes
High School  No
Course Range P-6
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 549
School Fees Low

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Welcome to Beverley Hills Primary School (BHPS).

Every child's intellectual and social growth is a priority at BHPS, and the school is dedicated to fostering both. Every student has the potential to learn, and the school operates under the premise that this potential can be realised through the following measures:

Students learn self-discipline and make a commitment to their academic work. Students respect themselves, each other, and their world. The pursuit of academic, sporting, and artistic excellence, as well as social responsibility, is recognised and rewarded.

The goal of building a learning community at BHPS, with parents and teachers working together as participants in the educational process, is one of our top priorities.

Every year, we are placed among the highest-performing schools in the state of Victoria.

At Beverley Hills Primary School, we can help your child get off to an excellent beginning.


Beverley Hills Primary School (BHPS) recognises that student wellness and student learning results are intimately linked. This is one of the school's core beliefs. Within the context of the Victorian Curriculum, we continue to place a strong focus on the significance of children acquiring social and emotional skills.

The children participate on a consistent basis in class discussions and activities that require them to work together to address topics such as appropriate behaviour, positive social relationships, and personal development. We work to create an environment that encourages individuals to build their sense of personal responsibility, independence, resiliency, and ability to self-regulate and self-control.

Our teachers and staff work hard to provide engaging lessons and engaging activities in specialised areas to guarantee that all of our kids are actively participating. In order to properly address the varied educational requirements of the children, we are putting a strong emphasis and commitment on locating talents and celebrating differences.

At Beverley Hills Primary School, a wide variety of strategies, frameworks, and programs aimed at promoting students' and staff members' health and well-being are put into practice, including the following:

  • Community partnership with Millward Aged Care Facility
  • Cyber safety and eSmart education, Child Safe Standards
  • Daniel Morcombe' Australia's Biggest Safety Lesson'
  • Harmony Day celebrations
  • Kids Helpline interactive sessions
  • KidsHope Mentor Program
  • Puberty Education
  • RACV Road Safety
  • Respectful Relationships
  • Student Leadership roles
  • Student Support Services (Psychology and Speech Pathology)
  • Student Wellbeing Coordinator
  • Transition to high school
  • Values Program
  • Whole school 'Safety Day' initiative.


  • BHPS Anaphylaxis Policy
  • BHPS Asthma Policy
  • BHPS Bullying Prevention Policy
  • BHPS Child Safe Policy
  • BHPS Child Safety Responding and Reporting Policy and Procedures
  • BHPS Complaints Policy
  • BHPS First Aid Policy
  • BHPS Inclusion and Diversity Policy
  • BHPS Statement of Values and School Philosophy
  • BHPS Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy
  • BHPS Uniform and Dress Code Policy
  • BHPS Visitors Policy
  • BHPS Yard Duty and Supervision Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Digital Learning Statement
  • Information for Parents – Schools' Privacy Policy


Students from all throughout the neighbourhood are encouraged to apply to attend Beverley Hills Primary School. The following is a list of the priority order in which enrollments are processed:

students who live in the area and have Beverley Hills High School identified as their neighbourhood school

After giving preference to kids for whom the school is designated as the neighbourhood school, in cases when there are sufficient places at the school for students from other neighbourhoods, the following is the order of priority:

  • students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time, in order of proximity to the school
  • students who reside outside the zone in order of proximity of their home to the school
  • Students may be considered for enrolment in exceptional circumstances.
  • Children must turn 5 by 30 April in the year they commence school.

Forms to enrol at the school can be obtained from the main office upon presentation of evidence that the applicant resides within the zone assigned by the school.

In addition to the completed enrollment form for Beverley Hills Primary School, the following pieces of supporting evidence are required to be submitted:

  • a copy of the student's birth certificate (if born in Australia)
  • a passport (if the student is born overseas) must be provided for sighting and copying
  • a copy of the student visa (if a visa applies)
  • An Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Immunisation Register. Please note that no other immunisation records can be accepted.

Presbyterian Ladies' College - Primary Schools Melbourne

+61 3 9808 5812

Early Learning Centre Yes
Primary School Yes
High School  Yes
Course Range K-12
Main Gender All Girls
Boarding School Yes
Estimated No. of Students 1,466
School Fees High

Link To School Fees Page:

Welcome to PLC Melbourne

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you to Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC), which is one of the most prestigious private schools for young ladies in all of Australia. PLC is situated in Burwood, in the leafy eastern suburbs of Melbourne, close to a thriving intellectual and commercial core.

We are pleased to be Victoria's oldest independent girls' school still in operation, with around 1,600 students enrolled from Early Learning Center all the way to Year 12. Students are able to take advantage of the expansive garden campus at our school, which offers a lovely natural environment in which to study and socialise with their peers. Our great educational facilities enable us to give a cutting-edge education that emphasises a holistic approach to learning to young women in a setting that is safe, serene, and one in which they feel as though they belong. The well-liked Boarding House can be found at the very centre of the school and serves as a cozy and welcoming home away from home for its residents.

PLC has been instrumental in the education of young women for the past 145 years, making it one of its primary areas of focus. PLC is known for being a college of the highest calibre because of its extensive educational programs, illustrious history, and deeply held Christian beliefs and values. This college places a strong emphasis on the unique requirements of each student and encourages them to develop into self-assured and empathetic members of society.

Our institution's overarching goal is to instil in young women a lifelong passion for learning as well as a sense of leadership and a commitment to service to others. Girls are encouraged to discover what they are passionate about and to take part in the rich life of our diverse school community. This is accomplished through our robust, foundational, and forward-looking curriculum as well as our numerous extracurricular programs. PLC girls enthusiastically use every opportunity to stretch themselves, investigate new areas of interest, form friendships that will last a lifetime, and enrich their knowledge, all while operating in an atmosphere that is kind and nurturing.

At PLC, we see our students grow in self-assurance and resiliency as they learn to negotiate the intricacies of life, identify their purpose, uncover their desires, and unearth the one-of-a-kind path that will lead them to achieve their goals. Our teachers and staff members are committed to providing our pupils with a learning environment and education of the highest possible standard. Our staff takes great pride in being able to guide and support each girl through the educational journey they are on, to ensure that they are well-prepared to face the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in their future. This is accomplished by cultivating a drive for intellectual challenge and a strong work ethic in each of the girls.

Because the senior levels of the PLC provide both the VCE and the International Baccalaureate, this ensures that PLC girls are able to select the education path that best complements their skills and interests. Our students are dedicated to achieving greatness in the sector that they have chosen, and they support one another with genuine interest and encouragement in order to develop into women of character who are influential. Alumni of the PLC are regarded as extraordinary women all across the world. Many are well-regarded and considered experts in their respective fields. They are not afraid to push limits, go above and beyond expectations, present novel solutions, and lead by setting an example.

Selecting the ideal educational environment for your daughter is a crucial step that will have a huge impact on the kind of adult she will become. At PLC, we will help your daughter get ready for a bright future by providing her with the academic and personal skills that will serve as a foundation for her journey toward continuous learning throughout her life.

We are excited to extend a warm welcome to you and your family as members of our vibrant PLC community, and we look forward to assisting your remarkable daughter on her one-of-a-kind educational adventure.


PLC is a school for today's girls that has a rich tradition, a kind and inclusive community, and an exciting future. It is a modern representation of Melbourne.

We would like to extend an invitation to investigate what distinguishes PLC and our girls distinct.

Girls Thrive at PLC

PLC is an educational atmosphere that is safe, supportive and engaging for girls of all academic abilities since it is an excellent college with an amazing reputation.

Christian Faith

PLC is a Christian school that is unwavering in its dedication to displaying the compassionate character of God in all aspects of school life and in its steadfast adherence to the Christian faith.

Worlds Beyond the Classroom

At PLC, we encourage girls to participate in a wide variety of activities, opportunities, and interests outside of the classroom. These activities and opportunities are diverse and engaging.

The Boarding Experience

The PLC Boarding House is a warm and inviting "home away from home" for girls who come from different parts of Victoria, other states, and even other countries.

An International Outlook

PLC is a 21st-century future-focused school. 

Our Values and Ethos

At PLC, we strive to create a Christian atmosphere that is not only stimulating but also nurturing and challenging, and one in which the gospel and its teachings are at the centre of school life.

The PLC Tradition

PLC has a distinguished reputation for producing young women of the highest calibre who go on to make substantial contributions in their respective worlds after graduating from the institution, which was established in 1875.

A Christian School

Our motto, "Lex dei vitae lampas," which translates to "The law of God is the lamp of life," expresses the Christian basis upon which PLC was founded.

PLC is a Christian school that is unwavering in its dedication to displaying the compassionate character of God in all aspects of school life and in its steadfast adherence to the Christian faith. We teach our young women to view life through the lens of the Bible, to develop a personal relationship with God, and to dedicate their entire lives to serving Him in some capacity.

PLC is dedicated to upholding its rich Christian tradition and expanding upon it in the years to come. The Christian religion is actively fostered and supported within the community of the school, as well as through the Christian Studies core curriculum programme, which is offered from the Early Learning Center (ELC) all the way through Year 12.

We honour the message of Christianity by participating in worship that is both traditional and innovative, by praying and studying the Bible together, by putting an emphasis on the connections between faith and service, and by making an effort to demonstrate the values of the Gospel in everything that we do.

Through the development of our chaplaincy and ministry programmes, the provision of opportunities for girls to explore the Christian faith, and the support and encouragement of Christian growth and fellowship within the student body as well as the wider PLC community, we work to spread the message that the Gospel is essential to life in a variety of different ways.

The JOYCE (Joy in Christian Education) Club is held once a week during lunchtime for girls in the Junior School. During these meetings, the girls participate in a range of craft activities and games that help to grow and encourage their faith. The Christian Union is a group that gets together once a week at the Senior School to spend time with one another, pray, and do research on the Bible.

The Junior School and the Senior School each hold parent prayer groups once every two weeks, while the Family Fellowship evenings take place once every three months. The school places a high emphasis on these groups because of the support and encouragement they provide for the school's Christian mission. Every three years, the well-attended Christian Family Convention hosted by the PLC takes place.


The College Council had a vision for the future of PLC, and that vision included transforming the College into a leading learning and experiential institution of the twenty-first century. Historical reconstruction of the campus's buildings helped make that goal a reality.

Performing Arts Centre

The Performing Arts Center is the most important new building to be constructed at the College over its entire history. This stunning new facility houses performance rooms that blend state-of-the-art design with leading acoustic technology, which will revolutionise the way that music and theatre are taught at PLC as well as how they are presented.

PLC's musical programme engages more than 900 students on an annual basis, and the Drama Room was built to accommodate the full spectrum of theatrical instruction. Additionally, the new music studio and performance rooms were designed to assist the wide gamut of PLC's musical programme.

The magnificent theatre, which has 550 seats and serves as the showpiece of the new construction, serves as the centrepiece of the project. This finely designed facility, which is finished in delicate wood panelling, will bring out the very best in our students' talents and provide them with an unparalleled platform on which to demonstrate their talents.

The Learning Resource Centre

In addition to classrooms, our Learning Resource Centre is home to a contemporary library that spans both floors of our building, as well as laboratories for audiovisual and information technology. This interactive learning environment is a favourite among students looking for pleasant and quiet places to study since it features small group study rooms as well as break-out zones designed in the form of a café.

The Year 7 Centre

The Year 7 Centre offers girls a contemporary space that has been specifically built to cater to the girls' individual needs in terms of both their health and their educational pursuits.

The Centre is one of the first places where the girls create a physical relationship, and as such, it helps to support an organised and welcome transition for girls as they move from the Junior School and for those who are new to PLC. It accommodates activities throughout the entire school year, as well as events for classes and groups, and it provides areas where the ladies may simply sit, chat, and unwind.

Our Science Precinct

At PLC, there is a strong interest among female students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields, particularly in the field of science. Modern surfaces and the most up-to-date scientific and technological equipment may be found in our completely renovated and cutting-edge scientific laboratories here at our company.

The Years 8 and 9 Precinct

The Years 8 and 9 precinct has seen the complete transformation of all classrooms, studio and seminar rooms, recreational spaces and transition spaces.

The Boarding House

The PLC Boarding House provides its residents with contemporary individual bedrooms for girls in Years 11 and 12, as well as stylish bedrooms for girls in Years 7 to 10, and also includes recreational rooms in which residents can unwind, socialise, participate in games, attend chapel, or watch films on a large screen. In addition, there are areas for studying, working on computers, rehearsing music, and working out, as well as a large gym room.

The Junior School

Our Junior School is comprised of classrooms that are filled with natural light and have flexible learning spaces, in addition to facilities that have been specifically constructed for drama, music, art, the library, and physical education. Students have access to the most up-to-date equipment, such as robots and a green screen, which may be used to create videos and other forms of digital content in the Technology Centre. Students have access to two music rooms where they can rehearse or receive instruction, and an art room that is well-lit, airy, and full of inspiration is available to them so they can work on their creative projects.

The Junior School is filled with expansive lawns and garden zones that have been carefully cultivated, in addition to the numerous playgrounds and specialised play equipment that are available for use.

The Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre (ELC) provides a friendly environment for children from the moment they take their first steps at the Primary Learning Centre (PLC). Each room is airy, bright, and immaculately maintained, and it comes equipped with purpose-built, contemporary amenities. Children will find that the grounds around the ELC are the perfect place to play and explore in an atmosphere that is both risk-free and inspiring.

The Hockey and Tennis Centre

A full-sized, Olympic standard synthetic hockey and tennis field provides PLC students with unparalleled sporting opportunities for many cross-surface sports all year round.

The Aquatic Centre

This facility was designed specifically for aquatic activities and contained a diving centre, pools for older children, and pools for smaller children. Swimming and other aquatic activities, as well as contests, are offered for young women starting in the Early Learning Center and continuing until Year 12.

Serpell Primary School - Primary Schools Melbourne

03 9842 8183

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School Yes
High School  No
Course Range P-6
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 1,127
School Fees Low

Link To School Fees Page:

About us

At our institution, we instil in our students the values of excellence, collaboration, respect, and appreciation for their cultural backgrounds by teaching them the tools necessary to achieve these goals.

The ultra-modern architecture of the school buildings creates an atmosphere that is conducive to studying that is peaceful and safe. This design also encourages a sense of belonging and an affiliation with the culture of the institution.

Students are given the opportunity to develop sophisticated research and visual literacy abilities, as well as to communicate easily online over the internet, thanks to the interactive technology that is present in each classroom.

Students are able to develop exceptional talents in a variety of sports thanks to the extensive sporting facilities at their disposal.

There are more than 1,100 pupils enrolled at this school. There are a total of 48 classes, and the typical enrolment in a class is 23 students. There are a total of 7 Prep classes, and on average, there are 21 pupils in each one.

You are welcome with us.

Students at Serpell Primary School come from a wide variety of ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, which makes the school's learning environment vibrant and healthy.

Parents, teachers, and students all work together for the same objective, which is a commitment to educational quality and individual development. Together, we have formed a distinctive philosophy that is founded on the realisation that we are a community of learners, as well as the maximisation of the inherent potential that each person possesses.

The CRICOS registration that the Department of Education and Training has granted to Serpell Primary School ensures the school's legitimacy (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K). Please visit for any additional information you may require.

We are dedicated to providing learning opportunities that foster a culture of thinking, account for the various learning styles of our students, engage and challenge them, and help them develop their independence, resilience, and ability to learn in collaboration with others.

For Prospective Parents

Students at Serpell Primary School have a long history of being prepared to flourish in a variety of spheres, including academics, the arts, and athletics, thanks to the school's commitment to upholding a long-standing legacy of providing outstanding educational standards.

The school, which is located 15 kilometres east of Melbourne and is situated in the magnificent setting of Templestowe, serves not only the local community but also the international community through its numerous activities that inspire learning, creativity, and imagination. The school has extensive experience in supporting students in making a seamless transition from the educational systems of foreign countries and different states.


Serpell International School, which has an emphasis on the future, is working hard to mould its pupils into contributing members of the global community.

We instil a sense of self-assurance in our students by helping them gain a better awareness of the ways in which language, nationality, culture, and religion shape individuals and communities, and we also urge them to become multilingual while retaining their native tongue.

The Jin Chang Foreign Language Experimental Institution in Suzhou, China, which is our affiliated school, is located in China. We have a student and teacher exchange programme that is quite successful for students in the sixth year of their education. Because of this programme, our teaching programme at Serpell has been enhanced, and we have been able to develop worldwide links between our kids, staff, and the families and schools that they attend.


English, mathematics, science and technology, history and geography are some of the subjects covered in our school programmes.

All students participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, the visual arts, music, dance, and drama, as well as in the study of literature.

Classes in Mandarin Chinese and Greek are offered on a weekly basis. These are given as advanced classes for people who are learning their first language and as cultural classes for people who do not speak the language.

Camberwell Grammar School - Primary Schools Melbourne

+61 3 9835 1778

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School Yes
High School  Yes
Course Range P-12
Main Gender All Boys
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 1,310
School Fees High

Link To School Fees Page:

An Independent School for Boys in Melbourne, Australia

At Camberwell Grammar School, we strive to provide each and every boy in our care with the very best education that we can muster in order to get them ready for life once they leave our care. Our school was founded in 1886 by A.B. Taylor for "the boys in the local community," and our motto, Spectemur Agendo, which translates to "By Our Deeds, May We Be Known," encourages our students to behave honourably and to be people who are true to their word. A.B. Taylor also donated the land on which our school sits.

The education that takes place here takes on a variety of different kinds. The students are given the opportunity to engage completely on the athletic field, on the stage, and on the platform for the debates.

The kind of education that demands a lot of work and requires a lot of effort is the kind of education that encourages kids to be curious, to ask searching questions, and debate sensibly and civilly. But if we want to construct a future in which citizens can challenge the status quo, defend their rights and the rights of others, hold governments accountable, and fully participate in public discourse, then it is imperative that we do so. It is equally important if we want our pupils to live lives that are full of purpose and fulfilment. In order to provide our children with an education that teaches them what it is to be a decent person, a good man, and an active citizen, we need to have a clear vision and put in a lot of hard effort. This is a vision of education that seeks to make the world a better and more humane place, and it is a vision of education that is transformative. At Camberwell Grammar School, this is the objective we strive for.

Our Vision and Values

We are fascinated by the wider world and make an effort to learn about it, we are open to new ideas, and we work hard to improve both as individuals and as members of a group.

Our mission is to create and sustain a culture that places a high priority on academic performance, knowledge, and skills while simultaneously fostering and supporting strong interpersonal connections, diversity, and integrity, as well as a commitment to the service of others.

Learning, in our view, should involve not just the intellectual sphere but also the social, cultural, physical, and spiritual spheres as well. Our vision of learning encompasses all of these facets of life. Our courses are thoughtfully designed to educate the whole student, not simply their intellect alone; this is not an accident. Our goal is to cultivate devoted citizens of the future who are interested in and compelled by the challenges that our planet is facing and who are equipped with the knowledge and abilities necessary to do something about those challenges.

To achieve this aim we:

  • provide an intellectually and personally challenging program for students,
  • value cultural, sporting and recreational activities,
  • employ the highest quality staff,
  • respond creatively and contribute to the latest developments in curriculum,
  • encourage innovative approaches to teaching and learning,
  • give attention to each boy,
  • provide a rich co-curricular program,
  • promote respect for others,
  • encourage parents and Old Boys to become actively involved in the School community,
  • nurture Christian values within a diverse and tolerant community,
  • Provide a safe, secure environment.

Camberwell Grammar School is dedicated to the education of boys. Both the teaching approach and the content of the curriculum at the school are designed with the academic and social requirements of boys in mind.

We are of the opinion that young men and women are capable of learning the same things; yet, there are occasions when they must do it in different ways. We are well-equipped to fulfil the developmental needs of our students at every level of their education because our school is exclusively for males, and our instructional methods are geared to maximise our students' learning in ways that are most suitable for them.

Students at Camberwell Grammar School are not distracted or made to feel as though they need to comply with gender stereotypes when they investigate what it means to be a male in today's society. This allows for a more in-depth examination of the topic.

Every single student is encouraged to embark on a path toward continuous learning here at our school. We want to encourage a passion for studying as well as a dedication to maintaining rigorous academic standards. We want our students to strive for success, which we define as a success that is measured against the students' individual goals and includes an acknowledgement of the students' respective strengths and shortcomings. It is anticipated that our pupils will be active participants in the process of learning, and they are encouraged to ask perceptive questions. We place a high priority on the requirements of each individual student, and we are constantly looking for new methods to incorporate their interests and passions into their educational experience.

Anglican Values

Anglican education can be found at Camberwell Grammar School. As a result of this, we are dedicated to the principles of Christianity, and we urge our pupils to investigate the spiritual facets of their lives and to adhere to the principles of Christian ethics.

Every Friday, the boys who desire to participate are given the opportunity to take part in Communion, which is administered by an Anglican priest who serves as the school's chaplain. The School Council additionally includes a member appointed by St. Mark's Church to serve in that capacity.

In the same breath, we extend a warm welcome to individuals of any and all traditions and faiths, and we make an effort to comprehend and appreciate the values and beliefs of those whose worldviews differ from our own. The Religious Education Program that we offer also teaches about the perspectives of other faiths.

Democratic Principles

At Camberwell Grammar School, we are committed to both the theory and the exercise of democratic values. We want the young men who come through our doors to be curious about the world around them and interested in making positive changes in it.

We encourage our kids to support:

  • elected and democratic government,
  • the law of the land,
  • equal rights for all,
  • freedom of religion,
  • freedom of speech and association,
  • openness and tolerance.

Campus and Facilities

The site of our school accommodates children from Pre-Preparatory all the way through Year 12, integrating traditional architecture with fascinating contemporary design and providing facilities that are on the cutting edge of technology.

Our school can be found in Canterbury, on land that was historically occupied by the Wurundjeri people, who were a part of the Kulin nation. We would want to recognise the elders of the Wurundjeri people, both from the past and the present, for their educational vision and the land stewardship they have provided. In the year 2005, a Senior Elder of the Wurundjeri people named Joy Murphy Wandin gave us a ceremony called "Welcome to Country."

Your son will receive the individualised attention of a smaller school while also having access to the substantial resources of a larger school at our institution, which has approximately 1,300 pupils.

Located on our campus:

  • Norge Junior School (Pre-Preparatory to Year 5),
  • William Angliss Middle School (Years 6 to 8),
  • Senior School in the Wheelton Centre, HR McDonald Building (Years 9 to12),
  • Performing Arts Centre, accommodating 800 people,
  • Mallinson Music School,
  • David Dyer Physical Education Centre,
  • Keith Anderson Oval and Jack Tobias Oval,
  • 50-metre swimming pool,
  • gymnasium and weights room,
  • basketball courts,
  • ergonomics room,
  • underground parking for 256 cars, five mini-bus spaces, and seven drop-offs and pick-up spaces,
  • All Souls Chapel accommodates 200 people.

Balwyn Primary School - Primary Schools Melbourne

03 9836 7122

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School Yes
High School  No
Course Range P-6
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 565
School Fees Low

Link To School Fees Page:

About Us

Welcome! We would like to extend a cordial welcome to you and your family and express our hope that you will develop a close relationship with our institution that will be mutually beneficial. Educational initiatives at Balwyn Primary School that are designed to meet the needs of children, parents, and teachers contribute to the development of an atmosphere at the school that values education as a community value.

Our guiding philosophy is to provide educational excellence by means of dynamic teaching and interesting learning activities within a learning atmosphere that is affirming, safe, and well-structured. We provide a progressive curriculum within a multi-age structure. This method centres on the child and recognises that children learn at varying rates and have distinct preferences in terms of how they learn best. The school offers a vibrant and supportive environment, in addition to educational activities that are both interesting and demanding. These go above and beyond the standard curriculum.

The mission of the faculty and staff here at Balwyn Primary School is to instil in our young learners a passion for education, solid communication abilities, the capacity to be responsible, creative, and critical thinkers, as well as the ability to be socially connected and tenacious. The school places high importance on the development of the whole child and works hard to foster high levels of self-esteem, confidence, and independence.

As our students develop, we at Balwyn Primary School think that it is important to provide them with both care and assistance. When students are happy, safe, and healthy, not only are they better prepared to learn, but our learning environment also fosters independence, self-motivation, and teamwork, all of which are important for student success. We encourage "norms" rather than "rules" because, as a caring learning community, we believe that norms, which are based on values, will better frame attitudes, behaviours, and responsibilities.

Students are given opportunities throughout the academic year to take part in activities that foster a feeling of personal responsibility, promote the practice of human values, and provide students with the agency to make deliberate decisions. Students are assisted in the development and application of their critical thinking within a learning environment that is productive, supportive, and pertinent. The children, faculty, parents, and members of the surrounding community all play an important role in the educational process, which the school places a high emphasis on. 

School Philosophy

Educating global individuals to achieve personal success in a world that is constantly evolving. We are committed to achieving educational excellence by employing dynamic teaching methods and developing curricula that are rigorous, cutting-edge, and highly relevant. This will enable our students to become lifelong learners who are globally conscious, respectful, and responsible. The joy of learning, effective communication skills, the ability to be creative and critical thinkers, as well as the ability to be socially connected and resilient are all things that we hope to instil in our kids.

Within an atmosphere that is intellectually interesting, socially supportive, and conducive to teamwork and collaboration, the goal of our school is to foster strong self-esteem, confidence, and independence in our students. The contributions of students are highly recognised, and discussions to shape and direct instruction are actively encouraged. Within a framework that accommodates students of varying ages, we offer a curriculum that is both developmental and differentiated, along with personalised instruction. The child-centred approach that we use recognises that children learn at varying rates and have distinct preferences in terms of how they learn best.

We, as a caring learning community, advocate "norms" that are founded on values in order to frame attitudes, behaviours, and duties. These "norms" are what we call "standards." Students take part in a variety of programmes throughout the academic year that teach them about human values, instil in them a sense of personal responsibility, and provide them with the ability to make decisions that are both aware and deliberate. Students are assisted in the development and application of their critical thinking within a learning environment that is productive, supportive, and pertinent.

The learning of students is supported by an environment that is abundant in technological resources, and our firm commitment to providing students with opportunities that will enrich and expand their education is defined through our Learning Enhancement programme. The children, faculty, parents, and members of the surrounding community all play an important role in the educational process, which the school places a high emphasis on.

Our slogan, "Aim High," as well as our School Values, serve as the foundation for our educational philosophy. These values are ingrained in our teaching and learning programmes, and they are supported by the student-negotiated norms that we have in place. These five core values—Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Belonging, and Empathy—serve as the foundation for all of our education and development.

Victorian Curriculum

The Victorian Implementation of the Australian Curriculum

Schools use the Victorian curriculum to plan student learning programmes, evaluate student progress, and report to parents. The Victorian curriculum covers Foundation to Year 10 and provides a single, coherent, and comprehensive set of prescribed content and common achievement standards. The standards are used to measure student progress.

Curriculum with Varying Levels of Difficulty

Schools in Victoria are obligated to apply the specified content and achievement standards that are provided by the Victorian Curriculum when developing student learning programmes and evaluating students' overall progress.

The realisation of each student's full potential can be made possible for all pupils through the implementation of an inclusive and differentiated educational programme. Students should be offered a variety of learning opportunities at a level that is challenging to them on an individual basis as part of the differentiated learning approach, which is the foundation of good teaching. The goal of using differentiated teaching is to teach each student at a level that is appropriate for their current skill set. This is accomplished through the use of ongoing evaluation. The ability of a learner to "Do, Say, Make, or Write" something is one way that their learning can be evaluated and graded.

Students differ from one another in a variety of ways, including gender, culture, language, financial level, ability, and personal interests. To ensure that all students, regardless of differences in ability, are able to learn effectively, teachers plan their curricula in a way that takes into account a variety of learning and teaching strategies, ideas, and instructional materials, as well as assessments, in order to accommodate the variety of students in their classrooms.

A number of indicators can be used to spot differentiation in the classroom, including the following:

  • carefully monitoring student progress to inform teaching,
  • using appropriate assessment
  • setting clear goals, specific learning intentions and achievement criteria
  • providing appropriate focused learning and teaching time, selecting appropriate learning and teaching strategies
  • providing various opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning with what they can 'Do, Say, Make or Write.'
  • providing students with opportunities to monitor and track their learning with self-assessment
  • organising student groups with like needs
  • developing individual learning plans (if required).

Student Wellbeing

The learning community that is Balwyn Primary School ensures that everyone's environment is safe, healthy, and supportive of their individual needs. We encourage teamwork, a sense of belonging, mutual respect, self-discipline, accomplishment, and a healthy sense of self-worth in our students. We want to instil in our kids a love of learning that will last a lifetime, as well as independence, resiliency, responsibility, and respect for themselves and others. This is a duty that falls on each and every one of us. Children are able to achieve success in their academic endeavours as well as in their life pursuits outside of the classroom if they are given the tools to deal with the experiences and situations that they will encounter in their everyday lives. These five core values—responsibility, respect, integrity, belonging, and compassion—serve as the foundation for all of our education and development.

Values at BPS

BPS is a community that fosters learning and provides a setting that is compassionate, safe, and healthy for all of its students. It is an expectation of all of us that we will conduct ourselves in a manner that exemplifies the BPS principles while simultaneously fostering an atmosphere conducive to joyful and cooperative learning.

The values that form the basis for our learning are –

  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Belonging
  • Empathy

Every student, at the beginning of each school year, receives a booklet describing the rights and duties that come along with being a student at BPS. This document is known as the student code of conduct. As a point of reference for both students and their parents, the student code of conduct book is taken home, where it is both read and signed. During the course of the school year, each class has a book containing the Class Code of Conduct that can be used as a reference.

Within the context of the school, the BPS values are prominently displayed. "Principles Keeper" awards are given out during assemblies to students who demonstrate the BPS values in their daily lives.

The Junior School council will have meetings on a regular basis throughout the term in order to determine which of the term's core values they believe should be emphasised more frequently.

You Can Do It!

At the Balwyn Primary School, the You Can Do It! The program has been running for ten years at this point. The goal of the You Can Do It! programme is to boost the mental and social health of all students, which will, in turn, have an effect on the academic performance of those kids.

You Can Do It! is a programme that combines efforts from home, the school, and the community to encourage and support young people in achieving their full potential and thriving in all aspects of their social and emotional lives. It is used as a framework to create five foundations and twelve positive habits of the mind that contribute to a variety of beneficial outcomes in children and in young people, including health, feeling safe, achievement, and positive contributions.

Oakleigh South Primary School - Primary Schools Melbourne

+61 3 9570 1017

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School Yes
High School  No
Course Range P-6
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 1,039
School Fees Low

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Principal's Message

Being the principal of Oakleigh South Primary School is something I take great pride in. In 1987, I began my career in education by taking a teaching position at the school's previous location on Beryl Street. When I first started attending, there were 109 kids enrolled, but since then, the school has grown to accommodate roughly 1000 pupils. We were responsible for coordinating the relocation of the school to its current location in the year 2000, which is the site of the former Huntingdale High School. This location is in a peaceful part of Oakleigh South and boasts beautiful grounds that are situated between the Metropolitan and Huntingdale Golf Courses.

We take great satisfaction in being able to provide all of our kids with a wide variety of success-oriented opportunities in an atmosphere that is both safe and nurturing. As a foundation for all subsequent learning, we appreciate and encourage good academic achievement with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy. This is followed by the development of the whole child in the areas of music, visual arts, sport, and sustainability.

Our programmes are made to accommodate a wide variety of learning styles and student abilities, and they provide chances for support and enrichment at every level. In order to improve the teaching and learning process, we make use of a variety of information and communication technologies. Our contemporary learning centre makes it possible for us to offer a variety of teaching and study options. The school has a committed staff that provides services for each and every one of our kids.

We are continually revising and developing our approach to student wellness in order to guarantee that each and every student is engaged in their education and has a connection to their school. We urge our students to be tenacious, trustworthy, tolerant, and actively involved in their school, and we promote the ideals of excellence, respect, and honesty while also emphasising the importance of working together.

One of the most important things to do is to put more emphasis on creating ties between schools and families and to use schools as community hubs. Because our facilities are so great, we are able to organise a wide variety of after-school activities, as well as community and weekend athletic events.

The challenge that lies ahead for us is to meet the needs of our ever-expanding school community in terms of personnel, resources, and physical space. In order to guarantee that this will take place, we have established a high level of communication with both our regional and central offices. Oakleigh South continues to be a magnet for employees of the greatest calibre, which contributes to our team consisting of a wonderful balance of youth, experience, and passion.

Motto & Values


At OSPS, it is a given that all pupils are able to learn and that they will. Because we hold the view that education should focus on the kid as a whole, one of our primary goals is to provide a curriculum that helps students grow not only intellectually but also emotionally, socially, creatively, and physically.

Students have the opportunity to do the following thanks to the school:

  • develop appropriate skills in all curriculum areas with particular emphasis on English and Mathematics
  • acquire critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • develop social skills to become positive, responsible members of a community
  • develop initiative, confidence and an inquiring mind
  • grow in self-confidence and self-esteem
  • develop self-responsibility

We aim that students, teachers, parents and the community work together to achieve common goals, hence our motto.



The OSPS Values can be seen displayed around the whole school, Excellence (red), Respect (yellow), Working Together (green), Integrity (blue), and Resilience (purple). We pride ourselves on the behaviour and academic expectations we set for our students.


  • Strive to achieve your personal best.
  • Be persistent in everything you do – never give up.


  • Treat people with tolerance, acceptance, understanding and respect.
  • Show appreciation of, and care for the school environment.


  • Actively contribute to your school.
  • Learn from each other.


  • Be trustworthy and honest with each other.
  • Take and accept responsibility for your own actions.


  • Dealing with ups and downs and still holding your head up.
  • The capacity to cope with change and bounce back during difficult times.



Because of the size of our school hall, we are able to host all of our musical productions, in addition to school assemblies and various other special events.

Basketball, Netball, Bat Tennis and Tennis Courts

The funds that were raised from the school fetes were utilised to resurface our asphalt netball/basketball courts and lay artificial grass. There are a total of 5 courts for netball/basketball, 5 courts for bat tennis, and 2 courts for tennis.

Junior Playground

The junior playground is at the rear of the school and provides a securely fenced area for children in Prep-2.


We have two t-ball diamonds, a football field, and a soccer pitch that all have grassy places to play on. Our wide grassed fields are utilised by a variety of organisations, including AusKick, local cricket groups, Softball Victoria, and the Victorian Primary School's Sports Association.

Sustainable Village

At Oakleigh South, we place a strong emphasis on the development of sustainable behaviours as well as the creation of a sustainable environment. We were recognised for our efforts to educate students and the community about ways to lessen their impact on the environment as a result of their activities and awarded the Proud Schools Award as a result of these efforts.

Performing Arts Centre

The Performing Arts Centre enhances the school's outstanding reputation in music and the performing arts.

Building Education Revolution

We are very proud of our new early learning centre. We have 6 new classrooms and a wonderful shared learning area to use. Pop in and have a look.


Traditional subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Languages, and the Arts are taught to students in Victorian schools. In addition, students in Victorian schools also learn subjects that focus on physical and social learning, such as Health and Physical Education and Civics and Citizenship. In addition to this, they study topics such as communication and information and communications technology (ICT), both of which have applications in a variety of academic disciplines.

See the following for additional information on the curriculum and the assessment, as well as a summary of the guiding concepts that are used to develop the teaching and learning programmes:

Victorian Curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum is a set of guidelines that describes what is vital for all students to study from Foundation to Year 10, and it is designed to be implemented across all levels of education in Victoria. It offers a single, unified, and exhaustive set of shared accomplishment standards that schools can use to develop learning programmes for students, evaluate student progress, and report to parents.

National Assessment Program

Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) – a nationwide test that assesses the skills of students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 in the areas of reading, writing, language conventions and numeracy.

St Christopher's School - Primary Schools Melbourne

03 9803 0012

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School Yes
High School  No
Course Range P-6
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 146
School Fees Low

Link To School Fees Page:

About Us

The campus of St. Christopher's School is laid out in a manner like an open park, and it features both asphalt and wide grassed spaces, in addition to a sports oval. In addition, there are courts for basketball and netball, two adventure playgrounds, a sandpit, cricket nets, and a tennis court, all of which are located on the premises, along with a separate clubhouse.

Despite the fact that St. Christopher's is a Catholic school, enrolment is available to any and all parents who seek for their children to receive an education in a setting that promotes strong Christian principles. The student population has a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. Although the majority of students at St. Christopher's come from the surrounding neighbourhoods, the school does accept enrolment applications from students who live in a wider catchment region.

The fact that St. Christopher's Primary School and Parish have both been very involved in their respective local and global communities over the course of time is a true testament to one of the central beliefs held by the Pallottine Order, which is that every Catholic is called to the role of an Apostle. Our community's daily activities are deeply influenced by the slogan of our school, which reads, "In faith, we live, love, and study."

The students who graduate from St. Christopher's School go on to further their education at a variety of institutions such as Avila College, Emmaus College, Mazenod College, Salesian College, and Glen Waverley Secondary College.

At Avila College, Emmaus College, and Salesian College, the enrolment of students from our institution is given priority over the enrolment of students from other schools.


The Elementary School of St. Christopher Vision

The Catholic faith serves as the compass that directs the warm and compassionate community that makes up St. Christopher's Primary School.

We seek to encourage students to experience success and become resilient lifelong learners by embracing uniqueness and diversity in our teaching and in our community.

Each child's intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical development are all fostered through our concerted efforts in partnership with the surrounding community.

Our pupils are given the task of engaging with the world around them, both locally and globally, in order to bring about constructive change.

The St. Christopher's Vision Statement is published and available;

  • On the school website
  • In the staff handbook
  • At relevant times in the school newsletter
  • In the Annual Plan
  • In the school office
  • In the staff room
  • Various policies

The school vision statement acts as a guide for the development of policies and is therefore incorporated into a great deal of those policies. In the process of putting together an Annual Action Plan, reference is also made to it.

Additionally, the Vision Statement is disseminated in a variety of forums, including the following:

  • Staff meetings
  • School Advisory Council meetings
  • Leadership meetings

The Vision Statement serves as the guiding principle for the creation of curricula and programming. The vision statement serves as a direction for both educational and administrative practices. The Vision is an integral part of St. Christopher's Primary School's culture and is ingrained in the activities that take place there on a daily basis. The following are some examples:

  • Embracing diversity
  • Teaching and learning practices (Inquiry topics that reflect diversity)
  • Inclusive culture
  • High learning expectations for students
  • Focus on personalised learning
  • Interactions with community members
  • Welcoming culture reflected in recent data sources (MACSSIS)
  • Social justice events
  • Religious Education program


St Christopher's offers the following facilities:

  • Refurbished Junior classrooms
  • New open learning area
  • Spacious modern climate-controlled classroom
  • Electronic Interactive whiteboards in each classroom
  • IPads and laptops
  • Chromebooks for all Years 3,4, 5 and 6 students
  • Computerised and Fully air-conditioned Library
  • Spacious playground
  • Large oval
  • Junior and Senior Playgrounds
  • Multipurpose Hall that accommodates weekly school assemblies, Physical Education classes and PMP
  • New Meeting Room that accommodates community and school meetings
  • Outdoor Basketball Courts and Netball Courts
  • Shaded areas for outdoor play
  • Friendship Garden
  • Accessible Parish Tennis Courts for lunchtime classes
  • Art Room
  • Performing Arts Room for Drama and Dance
  • Outsourced Lunch Service
  • Before and After School Program


Students at St. Christopher's are provided with learning experiences that are important to them, can be personalised, and have an actual, practical application.

Children are engaged in ways that were not before feasible, new learning and teaching possibilities are created, learning outcomes are improved, and relationships with the local and global community are expanded thanks to the integration of new technologies. At St. Christopher's, data is used to inform teaching in order to ensure that the individual requirements of the students are satisfied. This is accomplished through the use of small-group education that is adapted to accommodate a variety of learning styles.

Students who demonstrate a need or talent in any area of the curriculum are eligible for specialised programmes that the school offers. At St. Christopher's, we understand how essential it is to develop a solid partnership between the classroom and the family's living environment. When we collaborate, the outcomes for our students are improved.

We involve our community in the process of developing local and worldwide collaborations, and we forge strong connections with the Parish in order to assist in promoting the health and well-being of our students, parents, faculty, and other parishioners. The teachers at St. Christopher's School encourage group work among their pupils by giving them opportunities to do so. Students are participating in activities that foster learning with other students of varying ages and working together in groups.

Our instructors work hard to help students become effective learners by fostering the development of great personal and interpersonal skills. The teaching staff's overarching goal is to instil a love of learning and respect for other cultures and religions in each and every student. Learners are given the ability to mould and improve their world by providing it with meaning, purpose, and hope as a result of their contact with the real Jesus.

Victorian Curriculum

Planning for children in Prep to Year 6 at St. Christopher's is done using the most recent version of the Victorian Curriculum.

The Victorian Curriculum details not only what students should know and be able to accomplish at that level but also the depth to which they should know and be able to perform those skills. The goal of the education provided by our faculty members is to provide students with the life skills necessary for them to effectively manage themselves as individuals and in connection to others, comprehend the world in which they live, and participate productively in it. The knowledge and abilities of the learner are emphasised throughout the Standards.

Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing Importance

St. Christopher's School Community members' mental health and overall welfare are a priority for our institution, and we feel that our school plays an important part in achieving this goal. We are also aware that the health and safety of our students are of the utmost importance to both the learning and teaching processes, as well as the consequences of those processes for our students.

Community and Multiculturalism

At St. Christopher's, there is a strong sense of community, and all individuals are valued. The rich and varied backgrounds of our families are promoted, as is a culture of respect and tolerance.


All students at St. Christopher's school have the right to feel safe and be themselves. Policies and procedures are in place to deal with inappropriate behaviour such as bullying.

Team Approach

The teaching staff at St. Christopher's School gets to know each student personally and feels a collective sense of responsibility for their health and safety. In this sphere, the participation and contribution of parents are highly respected and actively promoted. A Student Wellbeing Coordinator has the support of a team that focuses on wellbeing.

Social & Emotional Learning

The mission of St. Christopher's School is to cultivate in its pupils the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with other people by offering them a diverse array of learning opportunities. The programmes and activities at a school are chosen after carefully considering the requirements of the local community at that particular time.

St Andrews Christian College - Primary Schools Melbourne

+61 3 8847 8303

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School Yes
High School  Yes
Course Range P-12
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 640
School Fees Low

Link To School Fees Page:

Welcome to our College!

Christ is at the centre of everything we do here at St. Andrews Christian College, which is why we are known as an outstanding educational institution.

We are a school community that nurtures the whole child and seeks to provide an environment in which students are inspired and encouraged to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, creatively, physically, and cognitively. Despite our reputation for academic rigour, we are known for our focus on the development of the whole child.

Students are more likely to succeed when they are in an atmosphere that is both secure and nurturing and at St. Andrews Christian College, where every one of our students is known, we work in partnership with the parents to encourage and guide our children to develop into the young men and women whom God intends for them to be.

It is our hope that the students we teach will go on to become influential citizens who lead in our society rather than followers who allow themselves to be led and shaped by the shifting norms, values, and expectations of the environment in which they find themselves.

We guide students through the process of identifying their place in the world and provide them with an education that is not just academically sound but also filled with hope and meaning.

Our Motto

Glory to God

Our Mission

To impart upon our students the necessary knowledge and abilities, to instil within them a desire to walk with God and serve Him in their daily lives, and to instil within them the motivation to do all of these things so that they can go out into the world and be a constructive Christian impact.

Our Purpose

To honour and glorify God in all we do at St Andrew's Christian College.

We do this through:

  • Learning the truth of the gospel and how to apply this to everyday life
  • Providing a safe, nurturing learning environment that encourages students to know, love and serves God and to know their purpose in the world
  • Learning to love and serve others in an environment of grace, acceptance, truth, justice and mercy
  • Supporting parents as the prime educators of their child
  • Aspiring to educational excellence that enables each child to fulfil their potential academically, spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially and culturally
  • Aiming to be a leading provider of Christian education and academic excellence

St Andrews Christian College Future

In 2013, the College continued to solidify its new organisational structure, which divides the institution into a Junior School, a Middle School, and a Senior School.

This reorganisation has been helpful in increasing the number of students enrolled, improving student retention rates, enhancing administration and leadership, and putting more emphasis on learning and teaching. The reorganisation has resulted in the strengthening and introduction of additional programmes and activities across the institution. Additionally, it has created a stable framework for the College to continue its pursuit of excellence in Christ. The educational, social, emotional, and spiritual benefits of the new structure will continue to be substantial for the continued improvement of the College as a whole, as well as each of the sections, and they will continue to benefit all of our students.

The College Board, the Executive Leadership Team, and the Staff of St. Andrews Christian College have taken a wide range of considerations into account in order to define future goals for the institution. These are the following:

  • Consolidation of our Vision and Mission
  • Validation of the purpose of St Andrews Christian College
  • Identifying our distinctive as a College
  • Collection and analysis of relevant data, including Staff/Parent/Student Surveys, academic results, individual student improvement rates, retention rates of staff and students
  • Consolidation of 10-Year Financial Plan and Master Plan
  • Ongoing discussions and presentations to the Board, Staff and Parent body on the progress of the College

Primary School

When students are in their junior years at St. Andrews Christian College, one of the primary goals of the school is to foster an atmosphere that is secure and nurturing so that they can develop a deeper understanding of God. Our hope is that students will graduate with an understanding of who they are in God as well as the abilities and gifts that they have been bestowed with. 

Using this as our starting point, we devise a learning programme that is both uplifting and difficult, with the intention of meeting the needs of people with a variety of capacities for learning. We make it our mission to instil in our students a love of learning from an early age, with a particular emphasis on the cultivation of healthy intellectual practices and the acquisition of critical thinking abilities. The significance of instilling in the kids resiliency, logic, and ability to reflect is emphasised throughout the lessons in our programme.

Wesley College - Primary Schools Melbourne

03 8102 6503

Early Learning Centre Yes
Primary School Yes
High School  Yes
Course Range P-12
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 3,300
School Fees High

Link To School Fees Page:

About Wesley

Since its founding in 1866, Wesley College has been recognised not just for its educational prowess but also for its role as a pioneer in the fields of teaching and learning.

Our values

Wesley is committed to providing an education of the highest calibre that embraces, supports, and celebrates inclusivity as well as acceptance of diverse perspectives and the growth of the whole child.

We value:

  • The individual talents and worth of each person
  • The achievement of personal best in all areas of learning
  • Diversity and openness
  • Care for the emotional and social well-being of everyone in our community
  • A broad and balanced curriculum
  • Spirituality – embracing Christianity and other faiths
  • The history and traditions of the school.

Attributes of a Wesley graduate

Our graduates are equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in all facets of life and to make a positive contribution to the improvement of the world, thanks to the holistic approach to education fostered at Wesley.

We want every graduate to have the following skills:

  • A sense of personal confidence – a feeling of belonging, self-worth and place, strengthened by supportive and trusting relationships.
  • Knowledge – the ability to thrive and function in different environments with a diverse range of people; knowing how to deal with challenges, seek solutions and make ethically sound judgements.
  • A developing understanding – and appreciation of community, human rights and cultural diversity, and a commitment to social justice.
  • Balance – the understanding that a balanced life is dependent on intellectual, creative, spiritual, physical, emotional and social growth.

Educational approach

Our passionate dedication to the growth of the whole child in a setting that is both inclusive and coeducational is at the heart of Wesley's integrative approach to education, which we refer to as a True Education.

Students have unrivalled opportunities to explore their interests and develop their skills as a result of the depth, breadth, and richness of the education they receive at Wesley College.

The following are the four eternal tenets that underpin a True Education:

Learning to know

Our courses are structured to teach students how to become self-directed thinkers who are able to adapt to a world that is constantly shifting by actively seeking out new experiences and information throughout their lives.

Learning to do

The development of genuine learning occurs through the combination of experience, action, and involvement. Students at Wesley College get an understanding of how to put their knowledge and skills to use in ways that are meaningful and good through the use of real-life experiential learning.

Learning to live with

The majority of what we discover about ourselves is gleaned through the interactions we have with other people. Our students build abilities in working together, interacting with others, socialising, and using language, which enables them to better appreciate the larger world and their place within it.

Figuring out how to be

Students start their educational careers in ECLC and continue through Year 12 on a path that helps them become the most authentic versions of themselves by encouraging them to explore and accept who they already are. They enter the world as citizens of the globe who are balanced, open-minded, and able to withstand adversity.

Scotch College - Primary Schools Melbourne

03 9810 4322

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School Yes
High School  Yes
Course Range P-12
Main Gender All Boys
Boarding School Yes
Estimated No. of Students 1,895
School Fees High

Link To School Fees Page:

About Us

Scotch College is a boarding school for boys that was established in 1851 and had been doing so for more than 170 years.

A lovely single site that is 27 hectares in size and is bordered by the Yarra River provides a home for the Scotch Family, which consists of boys, staff, parents, and Old Boys. This campus is located in the middle of suburban Melbourne.

Scotch is a company that is connected with the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, and the principles of Christianity guide everything that we do.

The years spent in school are a singular adventure that, when properly taken advantage of, can provide opportunities and experiences that last a lifetime.

At Scotch, we value a full school life that sets the same expectations for students, whether they are pursuing academic goals, pulling on a football jumper, tuning a cello, learning lines for a play, or heading off to camp. This allows us to achieve outstanding success in the things that societies like to measure while also valuing a full school life.

Our philosophy is to provide solid groundwork while simultaneously igniting the flames of expansion in the years to come. Strong traditions are responsible for the development of values such as honesty, tolerance, and service, whereas educational research is responsible for the development of novel lesson plans that encourage both enquiry and a sense of personal worth. We are blessed to have such expansive grounds, wonderful facilities, and a staff that is truly committed to their work. These individuals, through cultivating relationships characterised by trust and closeness, make room for the boys to question, start, and take the initiative.

We respect the time that each boy spends with us. It is a journey that is founded on Christian principles; it is one that is full of energy and diversity; it is one that uncovers interests and abilities; and it is one that, in our opinion, leaves boys in wonderful form for the next step in a world that is both hard and exciting.

The Memorandum and Articles of Association of Scotch College

The Presbyterian Church of Victoria is responsible for the establishment of Scotch College in order to fulfil its educational mission.

The requirement that the College must provide for its students can be found in both our Memorandum of Association and our Articles of Association.

"an education of humane, scientific, and general nature consistent with the teachings of Christianity," as well as "to encourage each student to achieve the highest standard of which he is capable in all of his activities and the full development of the personality and sense of responsibility of each student, as well as respect for others and the capacity to work with them so as to promote the development of Christian ideals of citizenship, personal character, and a spirit of reverence in the enactment of Christian ideals," are the goals of the education system.

Our Aim

Using our Articles of Association as a foundation, our goal is to

"to deliver an education which, secure in the traditions of our past and our Christian belief, opens boys' minds to the rich diversity of the world in which they live and challenges them to question and explore everything they find, with integrity, humour, and compassion," the mission statement reads. "to deliver an education which, secure in the traditions of our past and our Christian belief." And to accomplish all of this in a setting that is both stimulating and personal, one that encourages self-expression and a healthy sense of self-worth while also highlighting the individuality of each boy's path.'

Scotch College Vision

Statements of strategic intent


The elements that go into the creation of a great school are numerous and diverse; hence, the question arises as to how we can guarantee that the brief time spent in school will result in opportunities, experiences, and accomplishments that will be meaningful for the rest of one's life.

The school that we are, the school that we have been to, the school that we will become, and the paths down which we will travel all need to be taken into consideration.


The Presbyterian Church of Victoria is responsible for the establishment of Scotch College in order to fulfil its educational mission. The requirement that the College must provide its students with an education that is humane, scientific, and general in nature and is consistent with the teachings of Christianity can be found in our Memorandum and Articles of Association. Another requirement states that the College must "encourage each student to achieve the highest standard of which he is capable in all of his activities and the full development of the personality and sense of responsibility of each student and respect for others and the capacity to work with them so as to promote the interests of the College and its students.


To impart an education that, while firmly rooted in the customs of our ancestors and the teachings of our Christian faith, broadens the horizons of our students' understanding of the richly diverse world in which they find themselves and encourages them to question and investigate everything they discover while maintaining their honesty, sense of humour, and compassion. And to achieve all of this in a stimulating and personal setting that encourages self-expression and a healthy sense of self-worth while simultaneously highlighting the individuality of each boy's path.'


Scotch will be:

  • a school that sits at the heart of its community; a place of belonging;
  • a school that offers a distinctive brand of education built on the traditions of our past, our Christian beliefs, our strong academic focus and our confidence in embracing innovation and progress;
  • respected as a leader in education on local, national and world stages;
  • a school that produces leaders in communities, enterprises and governments;
  • A school where each boy and each member of staff is known and valued.

We will deliver education, which, for each boy:

  • improves the opportunity to discover interests and talents so that, in finding a peg on which to hang his hat, he comes to realise the world has many pegs for his many hats;
  • improves outcomes, both in those things which are measured and those for which these are formative years: his sense of self; interaction and dealings with others; engagement with family and with communities near and far;
  • nurtures an appreciation of how the world has evolved and could be made to evolve, and promotes curiosity, individuality and independence of thought while inculcating a strong sense of compassion, community, service and belonging;
  • Empowers him to challenge those things which need challenging and support those who need support in service to the greater good.

And which of these paths do you propose we take?

We are aware, both from personal experience and from academic study, of the significance of feedback, interactions, and relationships in the process of cultivating interests and enhancing outcomes. We shall do this by promoting them and ingraining them into the culture of Scotch in the following ways:

  • leadership and setting expectations;
  • recruiting and retaining the very best staff;
  • developing our curriculum (what we teach/do and how we teach/do it);
  • developing those opportunities in our school that provide the framework in which boys and staff interact and forge relationships through intimacy and knowledge;
  • Developing the physical environment of our school to provide a landscape in which boys and staff interact and forge relationships through intimacy and knowledge.

Our strategic priorities are:

  • targeting our pastoral care and co-curricular activities to the needs of each boy;
  • directing our teaching to the learning styles and needs of each boy with emphasis on a conversational style of learning;
  • Developing our buildings and grounds in support of the above two points.
  • By taking this journey, we will reinforce Scotch's place as a Great Australian School. As such, we stand on the shoulders of the achievements of our boys long after they have sung their last doxology and wended their way from Morrison Street, be it in professions, business, public service, service to others, or as a husband and father.

Fintona Girls' School - Primary Schools Melbourne

+61 3 9830 1389

Early Learning Centre Yes
Primary School Yes
High School  Yes
Course Range ELC-12
Main Gender All Girls
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 449
School Fees Low

Link To School Fees Page:


Fintona is one of the most prestigious independent girls' schools in Melbourne, and it has a long history of teaching young women to the very best possible level.

Our Ethos

Every student at the school is expected to strive towards the same goals, which, while lofty, are admirable objectives that fulfil our school motto, which is "Age Quod Agis," which translates to "do what you do well."

A student at Fintona is easily identifiable as someone who approaches her life with the straightforward conviction that the only way to truly live is to learn. She strives to achieve the highest possible level of success in all she does.

She is able to learn and work independently, but she also takes pleasure in opportunities that allow her to operate interdependently and collaboratively.

She is in sync with the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of her being, and she firmly believes in the importance of maintaining a healthy physique in addition to having strong moral ideals and convictions.

She is mostly self-directed but will ask for assistance if it is required. She is poised and secure in her ability to communicate.

It is not necessary for her to be told to strive for greatness because she is already aware of its importance in her life. We sincerely hope that she is able to acknowledge her limitations and maintains the faith that she can find the motivation to make a difference within those restrictions.

She instils in her children a deep appreciation for their past and traditions while simultaneously retaining a constructive outlook on the future. She strives to be honest and considerate in her dealings with other people since she is protective of the School's reputation as well as her own, and she is proud of both.

Because she is tolerant and fundamentally acknowledges the innate decency that exists inside all individuals, her perspective is generally upbeat and global. She makes an effort to view other people as unique individuals rather than as members of a group, and she values diversity.

We have faith that she is aware, like any other person, that she is not perfect and that she is capable of self-reflection over her actions. In every facet of her life, she avoids what is crude and low-minded and instead focuses on what is virtuous and admirable in the world around her.

Grounds & Facilities

Our faculty and staff are committed to providing a learning environment that is rich in history and also features modern facilities and breathtaking environs.

Our campuses have traditionally been held in high regard due to the gorgeous grounds and historic buildings that can be found on them. But the aesthetic appeal of our educational facilities is only the beginning.

Students' learning, behaviour, and the ways in which they interact with one another are all significantly impacted by the school's grounds and amenities. This is a place of stimulating education, with its rooms flooded with natural light and equipped with cutting-edge technology as well as its specialised music and sports centres.

The Central Business District of Melbourne is about 11 kilometres to the east of our location in Balwyn, which is easily accessible by automobile or public transit.


When it comes to supporting the overall health and happiness of our kids, we take a holistic, school-wide approach.

At Fintona, we believe that every girl is capable of incredible things. Your daughter will find a welcoming, courteous, and caring community here at our school, making it the ideal setting for her to experience a sense of belonging.

Young women are confronted with a greater number of obstacles than ever before in today's society. A well-rounded education that emphasises both intellectual prowess and emotional acuity might serve to equip women with the self-assurance, respect, tolerance, and courtesy necessary to persevere through adversity. These are the characteristics that are required to successfully handle the difficulties of both school and adulthood.

The achievement of academic goals and the maintenance of psychological health are inextricably linked.

We believe that it is important to promote a student's overall well-being in order to facilitate learning, which is why we prioritise maintaining smaller class sizes. This makes it possible for teachers to develop close connections with their kids, as well as open lines of communication with the parents of those students.

Tutors, House Teachers, Heads of schools, and School psychologists are the individuals responsible for implementing our school's well-being programmes. These programmes are supported by our school policies, which detail the standards, procedures, and guidelines that we adhere to in order to ensure everyone's safety.

Tutor Group program

The Tutor Group programme is an integral part of the pastoral care offered to students at Fintona, and it is open to female students in Years 7–12. Throughout their time in secondary school, female students are each assigned a teacher who will serve as their Tutor Group teacher. Because of this, it is possible for the girls to cultivate an ongoing relationship not only with the instructor of their Tutor Group but also with the other girls who are a part of that group. The Student Leadership Development Program, the Life Skills programme, and the Careers programme are all complemented by the Tutor Group, which offers participants the opportunity to feel more connected and strengthen their sense of belonging. Exploration of individual strengths, development of a sense of identity, stress management and coping strategies, study skills, emotional literacy, stress management and coping strategies, and establishment and maintenance of healthy interpersonal relationships are some of the topics that are covered in the Tutor Group programme.

Life Skills program

The Life Skills program for students in the Middle and Senior Schools supports students by broadening their understanding of many topics, including nutrition, cyber-safety, drugs and alcohol, social interactions, and successfully transitioning from school to university. Life Skills classes teach students in their senior year about key topics, including taxes, money management, and renting a home or apartment, among other topics. Students in grades Prep through 4 at Fintona's Junior School participate in the Life Education curriculum, the primary emphasis of which is on health and safety.

Transition program

Transfer programmes assist incoming girls in integrating more quickly, and existing students make a smooth transition between the sub-schools. These transition programmes are held during crucial intake years.

Fintona Buddies

For the purpose of providing additional support and care, particularly for children who are new to the School, a buddy system runs both informally and formally across the entirety of the School.

Parenting seminars

Parenting seminars are organised to discuss subjects that are important for the development and education of our pupils and are beneficial to the parents of those students.

Wheelers Hill Primary School - Primary Schools Melbourne

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Early Learning Centre No
Primary School Yes
High School  No
Course Range P-6
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 623
School Fees Low

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Wheelers Hill Primary School has a well-deserved reputation in the neighbourhood for being a socially conscientious and compassionate institution that places a high emphasis on academic accomplishment. As a result of this, the school offers a wide variety of educational opportunities to all of its pupils.

While we do our best to accommodate students of varying learning styles and ability levels, the primary goal of our instruction is to help pupils improve their literacy and numeracy skills to the greatest extent feasible. Students have the ability to achieve success thanks to our Inquiry units of work as well as our capacity to provide high-quality speciality programmes. The extensive academic programme at the school is supplemented by a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

To become motivated, self-extending, independent, lifelong learners; to achieve mastery of the curriculum; to acquire decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills; and to work together effectively as part of a team. This is our belief, and we believe that all students can and will learn and grow in confidence and self-esteem as a result of becoming motivated, self-extending, independent, life-long learners.

The Wheelers Hill Primary School receives an incredibly high level of support from the local community. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the institution is that it encourages parental participation in the academic lives of students and in the upkeep of school facilities. A School Council that is both supportive and active works cohesively to assist the school in providing high-quality educational opportunities for all of the children.

Our Aim is:

To present children with learning opportunities that will stretch them academically, emotionally, socially, and physically, as well as motivate them to realise their maximum potential in all of these areas.

  • To develop in each student a sense of self-worth, self-understanding and pride in work.
  • To encourage and foster self-discipline and a sense of fair play.
  • To develop an awareness and tolerance of others' rights and responsibilities.
  • To develop appropriate social skills.
  • To provide skill development and learning opportunities within the framework of the Australian National Curriculum in the areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Technology, Health, Physical and Social Education, Languages, The Arts and Information and Communications Technology.


Our Commitment To Child Safety

Wheelers Hill Primary School has made it its mission to ensure the health and safety of every child and young person in its care. This will be the primary consideration at the centre of our care and our decisions. There is absolutely no tolerance for the mistreatment of children at Wheelers Hill Primary School. We are dedicated to providing a setting that is child-friendly, in which children and young people both are and have the sense that they are safe, and in which their opinions are taken into consideration regarding decisions that will have an impact on their life. Both the cultural safety of children who are Aboriginal and children who come from families that are culturally and/or linguistically diverse, as well as the safety of children who have disabilities, will get special attention from those responsible for the programme.

Wheelers Hill Primary School is required to comply with Ministerial Order No. 870 – Child Safe Standards, which came into effect on August 1, 2016, in order to provide and maintain a child-friendly environment for students and staff.

  • Standard 1 – Strategies to embed an organisational culture of child safety.
  • Standard 2 – A child safety policy or a statement of commitment to child safety.
  • Standard 3 – A code of conduct that establishes clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children.
  • Standard 4 – Screening, supervision, training and other human resource practices that reduce the risk of child abuse.
  • Standard 5 – Procedures for responding to and reporting suspected child abuse.
  • Standard 6 – Strategies to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse.
  • Standard 7 – Strategies to promote child participation and empowerment.

The Wheelers Hill Primary School has formulated numerous rules and statements about child safety.

  • Commitment to Child Safety Policy
  • Child Safety Code of Conduct Policy
  • Child Safety Responding and Reporting Policy
  • Child Safety Leader Role Policy
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