Top 30+ Childcares in Melbourne, Victoria

Top 30+ Childcares in Melbourne, Victoria

There are many childcares in Melbourne that offer a variety of learning opportunities for young children.

Finding the right childcare for your child can be difficult. We have compiled a list of 30+ childcare centers in or near Melbourne, Victoria to help you narrow down your search. We hope this list will make it easier for you to find the perfect center for your family's needs!

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    The Ultimate List of Childcares in Melbourne, Victoria

    Genius Child Care, Melbourne Victoria

    1300 955 547

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average 

    Link to School Fees Page:

    Inspire a lifetime.

    We exist to bring the best of every learning style, to give your child a rich, unique and inspired learning environment.

    Australia's Leader In Premium Childcare.

    We aim to create cherished and precious memories, as well as create strong foundations for lifelong learning and prepare your son or daughter to develop to their full potential.

    About Us.

    Genius Childcare is an innovative and holistic early years education for preschool-aged children. We offer state-of-art, purpose-built childcare facilities, a diverse and thoughtful curriculum, and passionate, highly-skilled educators to lead the way

    Why choose Genius?

    Our Curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The principles, practices and outcomes are essential to support and enhance young children’s learning from birth to five years of age. As well as their transition to school, and works in synergy with the National Quality Framework. The EYLF has a strong emphasis on play-based learning, and recognises the importance of communication, language, social and emotional development. Our centres also offer a Funded Kindergarten Program, delivered by an Early Childhood Teacher, for children in the year before they attend formal schooling.

    We recognise and support responsive, meaningful and respectful relationships and interactions as being the foundation for the provision of quality education.

    It’s our intention to keep you up-to-date on all aspects of your child’s learning and development, as well allowing you the room to share your unique insights on your child’s needs. This is all with the intention of creating an individualised approach to learning so that each child can tap into their own inner Genius.

    Play Smart.

    At Genius, we strive to be Australia’s leading provider of premium childcare. It is our mission to provide children with a rich, unique and inspired learning environment where they will form strong foundations for a lifetime of successful learning to their fullest potential and create cherished memories along the way.

    Our philosophy is strongly based upon sociocultural theory that social interaction is integral to personal development. For this reason, we find it important to build strong, authentic and respectful relationships not just with all Genius children, but also their families.

    Environment And Sustainability.

    We believe a child’s environment is the key to their learning and development. For this reason, we are committed to presenting Genius children with a naturally-inspired environment that creates wonder, invites exploration, and guides them on their path to self-discovery.

    Genius Childcare facilities are constructed to be stimulating, interesting and visually appealing, as these factors help to nurture children’s capacity to learn and grow. Careful attention was given to creating a space that is appropriate for the age and interests of Genius children. Our natural wood interiors and abundance of indoor plants foster a connection with and appreciation for nature. Genius Childcare centres also feature a number of interactive spaces and adventure zones to encourage investigation, play and social interaction.

    When developing the concept for our Genius centres, it was important that we created spaces that were not just beautiful and peaceful, but also environmentally sound. We endeavour to encourage and support sustainable practices in a number of ways, including the following:

    • placing a strong emphasis on recycling and conservation
    • utilising natural resources wherever possible
    • promoting mutually beneficial relationships with our surroundings
    • incorporating technologies that enable us to achieve these goals

    Learn For A Lifetime.

    The program leads Genius children through a series of seven important building blocks of development that will be relevant throughout their lives. Our ultimate goal is to provide children with resources necessary for a life of academic and creative fulfilment, as well as mental and physical wellbeing.

    Form Strong Foundations

    When children explore the world through their passions, interests and are challenged at the right pace, learning becomes engaging and fun.

    The program leads Genius children through a series of seven important building blocks of development that will be relevant throughout their lives. Our ultimate goal is to provide children with resources necessary for a life of academic and creative fulfilment, as well as mental and physical wellbeing.

    The following life skills are intended to form a strong foundation for lifelong learning and help children to become positive citizens in our society:

    • Garden Guru Program
    • Sports Program
    • Wellness Program
    • Creative Arts
    • Music and Movement
    • Nutritional Ninja
    • Library Program

    Boulevard Childcare Centre - Victoria

    (03) 9803 4398

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 84
    School Fees Low

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Welcome to Boulevard Early Learning Centre

    We've always believed that when you want to make those precious early years truly special, there's nothing more important than filling them with joy and laughter. 

    To make it happen, we've created a welcoming local early childhood family service that's all about bringing your little ones into the community. By tailoring our childcare to their specific needs, we ensure there's everything they need to grow and thrive: 

    • Fun-filled playgrounds ready and waiting to be explored
    • Plenty of fresh fruit and veg for them to enjoy
    • Activities that get them moving and having fun
    • Literacy and numeracy programs plus a host of creative experiences

    By taking the passion of our founder and her ability to work on the latest development research into her approach, we make every child feel welcome. It's an approach that allowed us to service Glen Waverley and the surrounding area for more than 15 years through a combination of indoor and outdoor learning. 

    To ensure we provide nothing but the very best learning opportunities for your little ones, we deliver care and education with the help of well-qualified teachers who have a real passion for development. The result is a thriving space run by a trusted and respected local family who know exactly what every parent needs.  

    And because we know the pressures of being a parent, we're always available to answer any questions you may have. It's the least we can do, and it's all about showing you what the best daycare centre in Glen Waverley is all about. 

    When you choose us, you're supporting the local community and creating opportunities for people to do more. We cannot thank you enough. 

    Tailored learning for each age group       

    The first five years of a child's life are fundamentally important. Early life experiences have a direct impact on how children develop learning skills as well as social and emotional abilities. As educators, we embrace the privilege of witnessing and shaping a child's growth, development, happiness and learning achievement.


    At BELC, we feel that every child is unique and special and deserves much more than 'child care' but has a sense of belonging which enrich their lives with joy and laughter. 

    We offer:

    • Large playgrounds
    • Healthy fruit and vegetables (sometimes our kids grow themselves) 
    • Extracurricular activities such as soccer, happy feet 
    • Large learning and play facilities allow children to use their imagination and develop social and communication skills 
    • Three year and four year old kinder programs
    • Literacy and numeracy programs
    • Bilingual educators that will help your child transition 

    Our Centre Director has been working in the industry for the past 25 years, dedicating her life to supporting local families and ensuring children are equipped with the right toolkit and knowledge to succeed and become future young leaders. 

    Niño Early Learning Adventures - Childcare Centre Victoria

    (03) 9421 6717

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 140
    School Fees Low

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    Discover a place where learning is always an adventure!

    Exceptional childcare centres and kindergartens

    Family owned and operated, and we provide idyllic early learning centres across Melbourne where every child is cherished and empowered to become brave, creative, resilient and kind.

    Everything we do is about providing the best start for every child. Our purpose-built centres and learning environments are thoughtfully designed to appeal to the curious nature of children. Our holistic curriculum and nutritionally developed seasonal menus ensure children are nourished and inspired to reach their full learning potential.

    We guide, respect, and support children aged six weeks to six years with dedicated and passionate educators. This is a unique place for children to explore, learn, investigate, discover, create and have fun.

    Welcome to Niño, where learning is always an adventure.

    Why Niño

    Celebrating the wonder of early childhood

    Championing children and all they can be

    Niño's mindful curriculum is built around flexible indoor and outdoor learning environments. Working together with families, we create individual learning programs that consider interests, physical, personal, social and emotional wellbeing as well as cognitive aspects of learning.

    Guided by the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia, our unique education curriculum harnesses the theory of emergent learning and the science of positive psychology.

    Educational experiences

    Thoughtfully curated, our curriculum gives every child the opportunity to have meaningful learning experiences that incorporate their emerging interests to reach their full potential.


    Our positive education framework focuses on developing skills for children to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance resilience, promote mindfulness and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


    Healthy food means a healthy mind. We actively involve children in nutrition as well as the opportunity to participate in mealtime rituals.

    Enhancement Programs

    We provide a world of experiences for children to extend their discovery. Our specialist classes include physical education, Spanish language, mindfulness, yoga and music.

    Thoughtfully designed centres

    Every Niño Early Learning Adventures centre is as unique as the community it is a part of. By keeping the needs of children central to the heart of what we do, we purposefully design, build and choose resources that enable children to confidently explore their environment and interact with one another.


    Niño Early Learning Adventures takes pride in supporting our children and families in instilling sustainable values that inform attitudes and drive thinking behaviour for sustainable practices, both within the service and home environment. We support this by introducing experiences that will support growth and help our little Niño's to flourish.

    At Niño ELA, our sustainable practices ranging from recycling and waste management, water conservation, energy conservation, learning how to garden and composting.

    Keeping in contact with Flexischools

    At Niño ELA, you get to be part of all the joy and special moments in your child's life, capturing important milestones, photos and learning activities through our private online communication sharing portal, Flexischools App.

    You will receive news, messages, events and other communications on what's happening at your child's Niño Early Learning Adventures centre.

    Flexischools delivers relevant information in a private and safe way, enabling educators to have fast and controlled messaging to the parents of the children in their room. Without using phone numbers or emails, they can share the room's daily activities, photos, meeting times and reminders.

    Our Values

    Our values: The Niño promise we live by.

    Respect. Considerate and compassionate, we value the diverse perspectives, experiences, knowledge and skills that each person brings. We create an environment where everyone feels appreciated and can belong.

    Bravery. Curious and progressive, we are passionate about advancing early childhood education. We push boundaries, try new approaches and explore possibilities to create richer, more holistic learning experiences and stronger foundations for life.

    Everyday wonder. Creative and inspiring, we recognise how important and amazing the early years are. We share and celebrate the special moments and allow every child to flourish at their own pace.

    The True You. To bring out the best in others, we must be proud of who we are. Honest, reliable, diligent and genuine, we always strive for excellence and deliver on our promises.

    Childcares in Melbourne FAQs

    Child care, otherwise known as daycare, is the care and supervision of a child or multiple children at a time, whose ages range from two weeks to eighteen years. ... This is due to their mental development being in a particular case of not being able to progress as it should be at their age.

    Why are child care and early education so important? High-quality child care keeps children safe and healthy. In addition, it helps children develop skills they will need for success in school and their lives outside of school: Social, emotional and communication skills.

    Types of Child Care

    • Family Child Care Homes. 
    • Child Care Centers. 
    • Preschool Programs. 
    • School-Age Programs. 
    • Family, Friend, and Neighbor Care.

    “Daycare” is the term many people still use to refer to out-of-home care for children during the day while their parents are at work. The term “child care” is more inclusive. Child care can be provided in a child care centre, in a family child care home, or by family, friends, or neighbours.

    High quality care makes children feel safe and secure. Your child has to be safe both physically and emotionally with the educator or teacher and in the child care environment. Emotional safety is more difficult to evaluate during a short visit. Emotionally safe children dare to explore and try out new things.


    Mentone Grammar Childcare Centre Melbourne

    03 9584 4247

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School Yes 
    High School  Yes
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 1673
    School Fees Average 

    Link to School Fees Page:

    Mary Jones Early Learning Centre

    Our Mary Jones ELC offers an inclusive play-based program where children learn by actively engaging, participating and exploring within a safe environment.

    By design, our program is a collaborative approach between the child, the family and the Centre staff, who all have input into the program and its policies. The children's interests are reflected in the program so that the learning inspires them and meets their individual needs. 

    Based on thorough research, our School has chosen to draw on a range of perspectives to offer a proven program that truly reflects our inclusive, caring philosophy and offers the best program possible. Underpinning all our planning is the Mentone Grammar Teaching and Learning Framework, the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the National Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

    Our 3-Year-Old and 4-Year-Old programs consist of multiple modes of learning:

    • Inquiry-based learning is where the child initiates the learning, explores, experiments and analyses and is supported in this endeavour by the teacher.
    • Intentional teaching is teacher-driven and initiated. Factual learning is imparted as part of the curriculum, and the teacher plans for this to occur.
    • Skill-based learning where children's skill development can be accurately planned for and evaluated. 

    The Principles and Practices of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia are founded on the belief that:

    • Children are capable and competent.
    • Children actively construct their own learning.
    • Learning is dynamic, complex and holistic.
    • Children have agency. They have the capacities and rights to initiate and lead learning and be an active participant and decision-makers in matters affecting them.

    As consistent across all Campuses, the Early Learning Centre embraces the highly successful RULER Program where all children are consistently encouraged to understand and articulate their emotions and feelings to develop sound social and emotional intelligence.

    The children benefit from the opportunity of peer mentoring, modelling, explicit teaching and outcomes that are developmentally appropriate for their own level. Our Centre is well supported by a Learning Enhancement team, if the need arises, for additional learning support.

    Our staff use a variety of methods to document a child's learning, whether it be through portfolios of the children's work, photo documentation, reflective journals and developmental checklists, which are available to families at all times.

    One of the many benefits of being part of a Kindergarten to Year 12 school is that the ELC children have many opportunities to take their learning outside our Centre to utilise the whole Campus facilities and resources and the many cross-campus events and activities on offer. We visit the School's cafés, aquatic centre, sports fields and even our beach camp at Shoreham.

    We are proud to offer a nurturing place where children feel safe, secure and valued and where families feel comfortable and confident in leaving their children each day. We enjoy building relationships with our children and families and are passionate about working with families to foster enthusiastic learners with all the tools necessary to embrace the more formal learning process in the primary years.


    Mentone Grammar's success is attributed to our constant drive to 'be even better, in everything we do, for our students, staff and community. 


    Our Strategic Plan articulates our School's direction and our six pillars of success to which we focus our energy, enabling us to achieve our goals. 


    Our vision is to develop resilient young people with a wide range of skills, interests and attributes to find their place in an ever-changing world through a leading educational environment that challenges and motivates within a caring community.


    Our mission is to provide our students with a dynamic learning environment in which well-resourced and committed staff lead engaging academic, wellbeing and co-curricular programs.


    Mentone Grammar is an Anglican school that welcomes students of all backgrounds and religious beliefs. Our Values are Caring, Respect, Integrity, Endeavour, Service, Discipline and Resilience. We are committed to these values, which we work to include in school life every day.

    Learning Model

    Mentone Grammar's dynamic, coeducational learning model is one of the key reasons that so many families choose our school for their children, offering them the best of both worlds.

    Together - Apart - Together

    Classes are coeducational from ELC – Year 4 and from Years 10 – 12, with students learning in single-gender classes through Years 5 – 9.

    Our students benefit from a dynamic, coeducational environment that encourages and respects diversity. They experience opportunities to work and socialise as reflected in the world around them.

    Early adolescence can be a vulnerable time for children as they experience great change and develop their sense of self as they move towards being a teenager and an adult. Our program from Years 5 – 9 is tailored to the unique needs of boys and girls during a critical time in their physical, social and emotional development, providing them with a greater sense of security and a supportive environment to speak openly with staff and their peers about common and relevant issues.

    Little Lane Childcare Centre Melbourne

    03 9818 8436

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 146 
    School Fees Low

    Link to School Fees Page:

    About Us

    Little Lane Early Learning Centre is a family-owned early childhood education and care service located in Hawthorn, Melbourne. Little Lane Early Learning Centre is a purpose-built, state of the art facility with a dedicated art studio, large open classrooms flooded with natural light, outdoor learning classrooms, a purpose-built dance floor, and so much more. With access to the best facilities and the best resources, our qualified early childhood educators will be able to support your child in building a strong foundation and a lifelong love of learning in the years prior to starting school.

    Our philosophy and practice are strongly based on a socio-cultural theory, building strong, authentic and respectful relationships with each child and their family to truly understand and support their individual learning and developmental journey.

    Our Values

    At Little Lane Early Learning Centre, we value each child as a competent and capable learner on their own unique journey shaped by their own context and family. We value the early years of each child's life as the formative years, in which we have the opportunity to build the foundations of strong brains through meaningful play-based learning in order to promote a lifelong love of learning.

    We acknowledge and respect the diversity and history of the land on which we operate and throughout our community, particularly that of the Traditional Owners, the Wurundjeri Tribe.

    Our Child Safe Statement

    Little Lane Early Learning Centre is committed to child safety.

    We want children to be safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and volunteers.

    We are committed to the safety, participation and empowerment of all children.

    We have zero tolerance for child abuse, and all allegations and safety concerns will be treated very seriously and consistently with our robust policies and procedures.

    We have legal and moral obligations to contact authorities when we are worried about a child's safety, which we follow rigorously.

    Our organisation is committed to preventing child abuse and identifying risks early, and removing and reducing these risks.

    Our organisation has robust human resources and recruitment practices for all staff and volunteers.

    Our organisation is committed to regularly training and educating our staff and volunteers on child abuse risks.

    We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and volunteers. We are committed to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children, the cultural safety of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and to providing a safe environment for children with a disability.

    We have specific policies, procedures and training in place that support our leadership team, staff and volunteers to achieve these commitments.

    Why is Little Lane different?

    Little Lane Early Learning Centre Hawthorn is Melbourne's newest and most unique early learning centre. From your first interaction with us, you'll notice that Little Lane Early Learning Centre Hawthorn is not your typical child care and daycare centre. At Little Lane, we believe that the early years of childhood form the foundation for how we experience and interact with the world throughout the rest of our Journey. It's in our early years that we learn how to learn. That's why at Little Lane Early Learning – Hawthorn, we're passionate about providing high-quality early childhood education and care programs that give children opportunities to explore, investigate and inquire about the world around them.

    Little Lane Early Learning Centre Hawthorn is a family-owned and operated Early Learning Centre, providing high-quality long day care, kindergarten and early learning programs for children aged 0 to 6 years old. Our unique, custom-designed building features large classrooms flooded with natural light and directly accessible to the outdoor learning areas, as well as a purpose-built Atelier art studio, dance and music room and children's library. Our environments and specialised early learning programs are specifically designed to encourage children to explore the world around them and inspire a sense of awe and wonder that will promote ongoing inquiry and a life-long love of learning that they can carry throughout their entire education journey.

    Specialised Early Years Art Program

    The Little Lane Early Learning Centre Art Program is delivered in our purpose-built Atelier by our artist in residence in order to promote an appreciation of the arts within the early years. Our artist in residence has the skills and passion required to facilitate our unique art curriculum to children aged 0-5 years. Through this program, children will have the opportunity to explore a variety of mediums, such as clay, charcoal, paint, wire and 3D modelling, to support learning and explorations.

    Our unique art curriculum allows children to explore varying methods of self-expression, communication and interpretation, as well as promoting creativity, empathy, understanding and physical dexterity.

    The importance of Art within the Early Childhood Curriculum

    There are strong links between children's opportunity and ability to engage with and create art and their social and emotional development. Art appreciation and representation can allow children to express their feelings before they have words for their complex emotions and reactions to their internal and external worlds. Having opportunities to experiment with expressing feelings and emotions in non-threatening ways can assist children in being more capable of doing things in real-life situations.

    Additionally, having the opportunity to explore and experience multiple visual art mediums encourages children to build fine motor dexterity in their hands, enabling them to have better control of a pencil when it comes time for them to begin to write.

    Specialised Early Childhood Music Program

    Specifically designed for children aged 0-5 years using the Kodály concept, the Little Lane Early Learning Centre Music Program provides opportunities for each child to participate in weekly music classes delivered by our highly skilled and trained Early Childhood music teacher.

    Our specialised Early Childhood music teacher understands the importance and benefits of prompting developing speech, vocabulary, listening and memory skills through structured and planned music lessons.

    The Kodály concept

    Developed by the Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodály, the Kodály concept is based on the premise that music facilitates emotional, spiritual and intellectual development and that every person is capable of being a musician when given the right music education. Kodály believed that music education is basic to the foundations of all learning and should start from the very beginning of a child's learning journey.

    The Kodály concept utilises the voice, as the most accessible instrument, to teach young children about musical elements and develop their musical ear. The foundational elements taught through this method can then be transferred to learn how to play other musical instruments.

    The Kodály concept promotes children's natural learning through games, songs and fun, inviting them to explore the musical elements that are presented sequentially by a trained music teacher.

    East Melbourne Childcare Co-operative

    03 9419 4347

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average 

    Link to School Fees Page:

    Welcome to East Melbourne Childcare Co-operative

    East Melbourne Childcare Co-operative incorporates the guiding principles of the National Quality Framework. The Framework entails the Education and Care Services National Law, Education and Care Services National Regulations, National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

    The National EYLF and the Victorian VEYLDF support educators in enhancing young children’s learning and development through the early years by building on their interests and knowledge as well as that of the wider community. The framework contains principles, practices and learning outcomes which assist in fostering the development of the whole child.

    What is EMCC?

    The East Melbourne Childcare Co-operative is a registered co-operative under the Co-operatives Act and has its own Constitution. It is sponsored by the Melbourne City Council. Parents, residents and staff are eligible to become members of the Co-operative.

    Acknowledgement of Country

    We would like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri people as the traditional custodians of the land in which we operate. We would also like to pay respect to the Wurundjeri Elders past, present and future.

    Message from the Executive Director

    We believe that children’s experiences in our centres reflect the progressive, multi-cultural, educational philosophies of our staff – and that our programs cater to children’s changing needs in a changing world. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our core staff and room programs and to talk to us about your child’s needs.

    Our Co-operative thrives on input from all who are involved with us, from management to staff to children and their parents. We believe that forming a partnership between the centre and each child’s family is vital. You know your child best, and our staff has valuable knowledge of and experience in early childhood development – each can be a wonderful resource to the other.

    We warmly welcome you to EMCC and look forward to a long and happy association with you and your family.


    Rebecca Vouch

    Executive Director

    EMCC: Statement of Philosophy

    Values & Beliefs

    East Melbourne Childcare Co-operative acknowledges the importance of providing children with high quality education in the early years, laying the foundation for future lifelong success.

    Our values reflect the guiding principles of the National Quality Framework and those of the service community; children, families, educators and staff.

    We value:

    • the critical role of family in the life of a child and the importance of collaboration and effective partnerships between families and educators.
    • play based learning, where children can make their own decisions and explore their interests in thoughtfully planned environments with access to open ended resources and uninterrupted blocks of time.
    • child safety, but also the benefits of risk taking to help children meet challenges, develop resilience and persistence, confidence and independence.
    • diversity, inclusion and equity for children, families and educators. We want children to develop a sense of belonging to their community, understanding and appreciating differences in culture, values, abilities, beliefs, gender, sexuality, language, traditions and backgrounds.
    • Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and the rich learning opportunities these cultures offer children, families and educators. We respectfully acknowledge that we work and live on the land of the Wurundjeri people and endeavour to impart understanding and appreciation from non-Indigenous peoples while honouring and strengthening awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and cultures.
    • the natural environment, its learning possibilities for children and the increasing importance of environmental education for children’s long term wellbeing and their responsibility as citizens of the earth.

    We believe:

    • children have a right to high quality early education, where best contemporary practice is always promoted.
    • in the importance of suitably qualified and experienced educators and of investing in their ongoing professional development, including their wellbeing.
    • decision making for children’s learning is enriched when educators regularly engage in critical reflection about issues of curriculum, philosophy, ethics and practice.
    • children are unique, competent and capable citizens with rights, and by supporting them to question, investigate and engage in purposeful play we help them become successful, confident and creative learners.
    • strong, warm, enduring, respectful and reciprocal relationships are necessary to a child’s healthy development, wellbeing and learning success.
    • parents and family members should have many opportunities to be involved in all aspects of the management, daily life and programming of the service, promoting the ongoing reciprocal transfer of skills and information between educators and families.
    • in the potential for the service to strengthen social capital in the East Melbourne community by acting as a community hub for families, where they can access information about local health, family support, leisure and wellbeing services and where they can develop relationships with other families.

    nis, you'll find him at one of our centres displaying the same hunger for knowledge and insatiable curiosity that our children display.

    Anthony Smith

    Anthony Smith is also a co-founder of Journey Early Learning and where Anthony's Journey identity emerged. Anthony guides Journey with a wealth of early learning experience, having established the incredibly successful Guardian Early Learning Group in 2004. Anthony has three school-age children and is married to an early childhood teacher, so he truly understands the needs of both children and their families. When Anthony isn't exploring the adventures of Hush in Possum Magic or discovering places on his boat, you'll find him creating a little bit of magic in each of our centres.

    Learning Environments



    Routines are developed to ensure consistency between the centre and the child's home. We recognise and embrace the primary role parents play in their child's life and work collaboratively with you to ensure proper routines are developed. Because of this, we are able to create a feeling of predictability and security for your children, and with that comes a sense of belonging and connection.


    As part of our commitment to ensuring you feel involved in your child's day, we have extensive opportunities for daily communication. Face-to-face is our favourite way to communicate with you, as it gives us the chance to build meaningful and trusting relationships.

    Storypark is another way to share information about each child and their centre experience. This is also something that enables you to be involved in your child's daily life at Journey.

    We also have a variety of displays in the classroom that show what has taken place, from daily routines to general information.


    Stimulating environment

    This environment is designed around the toddler's emerging sense of identity. It's a space where they can feel safe and supported. We provide a variety of interesting resources that are familiar to the children, so they can experiment and make sense of their immediate world.


    Routines are important for developing independence, so we provide opportunities to support each child's individual needs. We encourage children to tackle routine tasks themselves but still have educators on-hand for one-on-one time to provide comfort and reassurance.

    Child Nutrition

    A Wholesome Child is a happy child.

    And that's why we've partnered with Wholesome Child. Their philosophy is simple: "Train children's tastebuds to enjoy nourishing, nutritionally beneficial foods as early as possible to ensure optimal development and establish lifelong healthy eating behaviours."

    With our fresh, seasonal menus, we ensure all our children receive nutritious meals every day. But it's not simply about nutrition, and it's also about discovering new things. Nothing beats tasting something new for the very first time, and we want our children to experience that for themselves.

    Footscray Childcare Centre - Melbourne, Victoria

    (03) 9939 0732

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 50
    School Fees Low

    Link to School Fees Page:

    Who we are

    We are a dedicated and passionate team of a privately owned service. We commenced our journey back in the year 2000 in NSW, starting our very first 14 place centre and soon after constructing our very own brand new state of the art centre of 58 children in the Sydney suburb of Auburn. From then on, we continued to grow strong& steady branching out to other locations and finally settling in Melbourne, Victoria 2017. Our second location is at Broadmeadows at 391-393 Camp Road Broadmeadows Vic 3047.

    Our services have operated privately and successfully since commencement in 2000 with the support and commitment from our families and the local community.

    Our service is approved for 50 children per day from ages newborn to 6yrs old. We are proud to be part of a community of rich, diverse cultures and ethnicities.



    Children are competent and have potential. They have a natural desire to learn and make meaning of their world. Through active engagement in free and structured imaginative play, children employ a range of complex networks of abilities, interests and symbolic languages. Each child will develop in their own time and in their own way as unique individuals. All Children of all abilities will be valued, supported, protected, and have their individual needs met. They have the right to be cared for in an environment that is peaceful, safe, and healthy.


    Relationships are the foundation on which the organisation operates. We believe the quality of the care we provide is measured by the quality of the relationships we have with the children and families. We are committed to ensuring these relationships are respectful, warm and caring, honest and open, and fair and equitable. Our families are viewed as an asset and the child's first teachers and therefore encourage active involvement in the day to day operations, programs, and service decisions. We aim to provide ongoing support and advice where and when necessary.


    We believe in promoting respect for diversity, culture, and individual differences within the broader community. We aim to network with external organisations and professionals to support children's individual needs and provide learning opportunities that will expand on children's knowledge and understanding of the world around them.


    We understand play as being a context for learning that allows for the expression of personality and uniqueness, enhancing dispositions such as curiosity and creativity, and enabling children to make connections between prior experiences and new learning, and assisting them in developing relationships and concepts that stimulate a sense of wellbeing. We will listen to their ideas and observe their interests to expand on their play experiences. We will include activities that further develop their knowledge and skills through their own ideas as well as their own actions.


    We recognise the need for the practical application of sustainable principles in regard to the built environment. In particular, the responsible use of energy and water, management of waste and respect for the natural environment underpin the decision making and the daily activity within the centre. Respect for the environment influences the communications we have with children and the activities and resources we use. We also consider the application of new technologies that promote sustainability.


    The program promotes choices, stimulate deep involvement and support the development of respectful relationships between individuals and materials. Learning experiences, routines and resources are presented in such a way so as to allow children to be leaders of their own play, encourage creative thinking and enhance opportunities for collaborative learning. Reflections of the program allow us to highlight areas of what is working and areas we would like to learn more about and understand better to enable us to find different ways to approach practice.

    A sensory-rich program is established to stimulate a sense of wonder. Our practices support "Belonging, Being and Becoming" and the 5 Learning Outcome Areas for Children.

    • Children have a strong sense of identity
    • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
    • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
    • Children are confident and involved learners and
    • Children are effective communicators.


    Educators aim to build positive relationships with children based on trust and understanding. We have a duty of care to ensure all children's health, safety and wellbeing are met on each day of care. We will continue to model appropriate behaviour and reflect on our own personal philosophies to create an environment free from judgement and bias. We use the children's best interests as our guiding principle.

    Learning environments

    Learning environments are welcoming spaces when they reflect and enrich the lives and identities of children and families participating in the setting and respond to their interests and needs.

    We believe the physical aspects of our early learning environments should support each child's physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive needs. Through catering for different developmental needs with a range of activities and age-appropriate play materials that are changed to meet individual interests and enable children to choose from a variety of options.

    We ensure that our learning environments are welcoming and inviting so that your child feels comfortable, safe and secure to explore, discover and make choices and decisions. All of the rooms and outdoor spaces are designed specifically to meet the individual needs of the children in each age group.

    Listed below are the different types of learning environments that you will find in our rooms and a brief description of their importance and benefits.

    The Roleplay Bay

    In this area, children will be engaged in cooperative play, negotiating turns, exchanging ideas and solving problems. The home environment offers many learning objectives for your child and supports their overall development. Being warm and welcoming create a sense of belonging for children and their families.

    Art & Craft Bay

    Art and craft experiences benefit all aspects of children's development. Engaging in arts and crafts allows children to explore their emotions and the materials provided. Art is a great way to promote children's learning as well as the development of specific skills like fine motor skills.

    Construction Bay

    Blocks are open-ended play material; in the block area, children play together and share experiences. Blocks enable children to explore concepts across all developmental learning areas. We ensure the building blocks are inviting and welcoming so that your child feels comfortable exploring and discover the possibilities of the blocks.

    Technology Bay

    Being familiar with and able to use technologies such as computers and iPads strengthens your child's literacy skills. The specific computer programs encourage open-ended play that is both rewarding and enriching. Computers are an important part of today's society and provide children with a range of different and essential developmental skills.

    Library Bay

    A library is an essential part of our learning environments and provides a variety of opportunities for further learning and development. The library is important as it enables children to become literate and use their imaginations. The library can offer children the time to engage in solitary play or group reading.

    Dance, Music and Movement Bay

    Children develop gross motor skills whilst engaging in dance, music and movement experiences. Music can strengthen the outcome of many activities, and children engage in making their own songs and developing their creative thinking skills. Incorporating music, dance and movement into our program encourage children to express their feelings and emotions.

    Science and Nature Bay

    Science and nature enable children to learn facts about the world around them. We provide first-hand experiences for investigation and exploration to develop their cognitive skills. This area provides children with a hands-on approach to inquire about science and nature. Through these positive and sensory experiences, children develop a range of skills.

    Sand and Water Play Bay

    Children have a natural attraction to sand and water and exploring and playing with them. We provide children with time to explore these elements on their own as well as in intentional group experiences. Children begin to develop math and science skills during their play in water and sand. Sand and water play are also effective methods to calm children's minds and bodies.

    Korowa Anglican Girls' School Melbourne

    03 8808 8836

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School Yes
    High School  Yes
    Main Gender ELC: Co-Education

    Prep to Year 12: All Girls

    Boarding School Yes
    Estimated No. of Students 700
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Early Learning Centre

    Early Learning Centre rated as Exceeding. 

    We are thrilled to announce Korowa's Early Learning Centre has been rated as 'Exceeding National Quality Standards (NQS) for their Assessment and Rating from The Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority (ACEQUA).  

    The NQS is informed by research around best practice, is designed to encourage ongoing quality improvement and includes assessment and rating of services in seven key areas. 

    Services are assessed against the seven quality areas of the National Quality Standards- Educational program and practice, Children's health and safety, Physical environment, Staffing arrangements, Relationships with children, Collaborative partnerships with families and communities and Governance and Leadership. 

    To be rated Exceeding NQS overall, all Quality Areas must at least meet NQS, and four or more Quality Areas must be Exceeding NQS.  

    For Korowa families, this means our ELC has been recognised for providing high-quality individual care for children and outstanding support for children's learning and development.  

    Our Program

    Our Early Learning Centre offers our youngest learners the opportunity to explore the world. With an emphasis on play-based learning, Korowa's ELC fosters discovery at your child's own pace with a curriculum that is stimulating and informed by current research and frameworks.

    Each term, a different integrated learning unit is introduced based on the big ideas, such as sustainability and learning about yourself. This is based on the Early Years' Framework – Being, Belonging, Becoming – which investigates the world around us.

    Each week, children participate in specialist programs including Art, Music, Physical Education and Library visits.

    At the three-year-old level, the ELC's developmental program focuses on helping young children separate from their parents; individual children working and playing alongside each other in parallel play; following teacher direction; the introduction of specialist subjects and teachers; encouraging children to ask lots of questions within structured classes under teacher direction, and a rest time is also included.

    Our four-year-old program provides a rich learning experience where children form strong connections; are introduced to the foundations for Literacy and Numeracy; learn to work together and independently, and investigate and problem-solve through developing critical and creative thinking skills.


    Located on the ground level of the Junior School, the ELC provides the ideal environment for transition to Junior School. ELC children are connected to the wider Korowa Community and participate in Early Years' Assemblies and events. They also visit the Preps in both social settings and learning contexts and have a Buddy in the Junior School.

    Starting at ELC

    Priority enrolment is given to families continuing into Prep from the ELC. Children must have turned three years of age before commencing at Korowa.

    There is flexibility to choose non-consecutive days. Our ELC 3-year-old program offers two, three, four and five-day programs, while the ELC 4-year-old Program offers three, four and five-day programs.

    Classrooms open at 8.30 am, and classes run from 9.00 am to 2.30 pm, with the end of the day at 3.00 pm. We also offer Before School Care available from 7.30 am – 8.30 am and After School Care from 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm.

    Kilvington Grammar School Melbourne

    03 9578 6241

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School Yes 
    High School  Yes
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 800
    School Fees Average 

    Link to School Fees Page:

    Early Learning Centre

    At the Kilvington ELC, our focus is on helping children to develop into independent thinkers. Our students learn how to solve problems, reflect creatively and communicate effectively and confidently within a nurturing, safe and inspiring learning environment.

    Our students are taught by warm, caring, and highly qualified early years' teachers who carefully develop each individual child's knowledge, skills and attitude by guiding their development through intentional teaching practice, along with active inquiry and discovery learning opportunities.

    Within the nurturing and inspiring environment of our ELC, a focus on the development of the whole child equips them for future learning in a Junior School setting.

    Small enough to care, big enough to excel

    Empowering students to achieve their academic potential

    Your child will be challenged, stretched and supported to help them achieve the learning outcomes of which they are capable.

    Our education philosophy

    At Kilvington, we strive for academic excellence within an authentic, inclusive and collaborative teaching and learning environment. The sequential development of skills, knowledge and understanding are underpinned by breadth, depth and challenge in learning. This process is informed by regular monitoring and assessment of student learning and timely feedback.

    Our philosophy is underpinned by our Character Initiative and neuroscience research on the benefits of instilling a Growth Mindset.

    Student learning is a rounded experience that equips students with the skills to navigate, connect and thrive in a transforming world. Learning at Kilvington fosters academic excellence, shapes perspectives, strengthens character and builds skills for success.

    Bridge Road Childcare Centre Melbourne

    03 9429 2943

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 60
    School Fees Average 

    Link to School Fees Page:


    At Bridge Road Early Learning Centre, we aim to create long-lasting partnerships with your family to enhance your child's development and learning throughout your time with us.

    Through co-constructive teaching, we aim to instil a passion for learning and curiosity for your child. This will be supported with theory-based knowledge, the national quality framework, diverse communities, the outdoor space as an additional teacher and natural environments.

    Our teachers and educators show care and attention to each and every family at our centre, keep them informed and share milestones. 


    The Early Years Framework is incorporated within the program to ensure that children in our early childhood education and care settings experience quality teaching and learning.

    Bridge Road Early Learning Centres have a specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognise the importance of communication, language, early literacy and numeracy with social and emotional development. Belonging, Being & Becoming.

    Our supportive culture provides families with a sense of confidence that their child is in a safe and enriching community.

    About us

    Both of our centres have a large undercover outdoor decking area facilitating a program that enhances the children's learning experiences all year round. The environment is inclusive, provides competence, independence, exploration and learning through play.

    Our Qualifications

    Our teachers and educators have the following qualifications:

    • First Aid and CPR
    • Anaphylaxis
    • Asthma
    • Child Protection
    • Nutrition and Food Safety
    • Curriculum development and training in the Early Years Framework
    • Positive interactions with children
    • Bachelor of Early Childhood, Masters in Early Childhood Education, Diploma of Children's Services and Certificate 3 of Children's Services
    • Ongoing training is provided to maintain and develop skills

    Nature Play

    Nature Play section of Our emergent curriculum captures the child's voice to develop inquiry projects through our exceeding indoor and outdoor programs. Bridge Road ELC has specialist programs in music, sports, yoga, the Chinese language, literacy, and science. Incursions, excursions and Nature Play are all part of the educational program.

    Bridge Road ELC caters for children from birth to school age and has highly qualified, experienced and engaged educators who value nature and sustainability. This video showcases our Nature Play Exploring Country program, which the preschool children experience on a weekly basis. This video illustrates the journey educators embarked upon to deliver this amazing opportunity for children living in a metropolitan area. Educators discuss the reasoning for providing this program, the logistics and also describe a Nature Play Exploring Country session.

    Healthy Meals and Nutritions

    Here at Bridge Road ELC, we offer healthy meals and nutrition and believe that nutritions play a pivotal role in a child's physical and mental development. Children form lifelong eating habits by the time they reach school. This is why we place emphasis on providing fresh fruit and healthy meals for all children.

    Bridge road ELC has been awarded the smiles for miles award. We have also been recognised by the healthy eating childhood service and have successfully met state-wide benchmarks for healthy eating and oral health.

    Alpha Childcare Centre Melbourne

    (03) 9429 1431

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 55
    School Fees Low

    Link to School Fees Page:

    Welcome to Alpha Early Learning Centre!

    A caring environment where your child will thrive

    Alpha is a community-based child care service offering long day care and kindergarten programs to families in the City of Yarra and surrounding suburbs. The centre offers competitive fees, quality services provided by highly trained and experienced educators and is conveniently located near Melbourne CBD. 

    Alpha Early Learning Centre offers full-time and part-time care to pre-school children from 3 months to 5 years, offering high-quality programs and learning experiences for all children within a safe and caring environment. Alpha provides a Greek bilingual program and offers a multicultural program celebrating the different cultures. The Centre is registered with the Department of Education and Training. Eligible families can access the childcare subsidy through the Department of Human Services.


    • Spacious playgrounds
    • Music, dance and other health and wellbeing programs
    • Family atmosphere and established partnerships with families and the community
    • Parent resource library
    • Nutritional home-cooked meals with a multicultural food menu
    • Computer education
    • Transition to school for kindergarten children
    • Parenting program and education
    • Counselling support for parents 


    • Special visits, including Indigenous Aborigines
    • Puppet theatre, music groups, animal farm
    • Life Cycle Program


    Commitment to diversity and community

    Our dedicated caregivers take their responsibility for the physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth and development of young children attending the centre seriously. We are committed to providing a service that prepares all children for their future life in an ever-changing, multicultural world and increasingly diverse society. Through its Greek Bilingual and multicultural programs, Alpha Early Learning Centre endeavours to instil a sense of pride in the children's heritage and an understanding and acceptance of other cultures and diversity.

    Our History

    Alpha Early Learning Centre commenced operation on February 18th 1977, born out of the need to service the large greek working population and the demand for a child care centre in the Richmond area. The centre provided extended hours of care as well as a Greek bilingual program to the community.


    Care levels explained

    We care for children from 3 months to 5 years, providing experiences that promote and nurture positive self-esteem by building on children's strengths, valuing their opinions and encouraging self-expression. We've created an environment that is flexible and stimulating, allowing children to feel confident as they grow. We aim to create a sense of belonging and acknowledge the traditional owners of the land (The Wurundjeri people), and respect the elders past, present and emerging. 

    The Gumnut/ Babies Room

    For babies, new walkers and toddlers

    Here we provide infants/toddlers with a nurturing environment and help them develop self-esteem early in life. We encourage children to explore, think and be active within a safe and caring environment.

    The Huggy Bears Room

    For children aged 2 to 3 years 

    We've created an environment that encourages children to reach their full potential in all developmental areas. This is achieved by providing an atmosphere that is warm, caring, safe and flexible.

    The Smarties Room

    For children from 3- 5 years

    The Smarties program is designed to ensure that children feel loved and respected. Offered daily to suit the children's individual and group needs, this educational program promotes flexible learning. 

    The Giraffes Room

    3-5 years room with an integrated Kindergarten Program

    This program prepares children for school by helping them become enthusiastic learners who aren't afraid to think independently and explore ideas. We encourage learning through play, new information and experiences.

    Melbourne Juniors Child Care Centre

    03 9470 2831

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average 

    Link to School Fees Page:

    Welcome to Melbourne Juniors

    Located in a quiet street in Preston, Melbourne Juniors Early Learning Centre is managed by a team of educators with over 30 years experience in caring for children in a nurturing learning environment.

    We offer a range of child care options, from babies to pre-school age children, including a kindergarten program run by qualified and caring educators. We look forward to welcoming your family to our beautiful child care centre.

    Our Program

    At Melbourne Juniors, we believe the program needs to:

    • Be developmentally appropriate and caring
    • Be concerned with every aspect of each child’s development
    • Reflect the multicultural nature of our Australian society
    • Be challenging, interesting, and varied, providing lots of choices
    • Involve parents in its planning, implementation and evaluation

    The programs encourages children to:

    • Makes choices
    • Develop creative abilities
    • Problem solve
    • Negotiate and cooperate with others

    Children learn best through a play based program focusing on their individual interests, strengths and needs. While establishing routine is important for children to develop independence and self esteem, the program acknowledges that all children are unique individuals and need to be nurtured within a flexible environment. There are known ages and stages of child development; but not all children go through these at the same age, time or rate.

    Healthy Habits

    We ensure our children have the right nutrition to keep them going throughout the day. All fresh, delicious meals are prepared in our purpose-built kitchen by a qualified chef and eaten together in the communal eating areas. We can also cater for special dietary requirements and allergies.

    Children are encouraged to enjoy our natural environment by caring for chickens and planting their own vegetable garden then using the fresh ingredients in their lunches.

    We have a passion for games and activities to keep the children active, develop their gross motor skills and body awareness. We will run a speciality yoga program to introduce concepts of focused breathing, movement and to provide an outlet for self expression. This healthy, active approach will encourage your child to chose a healthy lifestyle in their present and future life.

    Music & Movement Program

    Magical Days Kindy Dancing is a Creative Movement Music and Dance Programme specifically designed for children aged 1-5 years who attend Melbourne Juniors.

    MDKD is loved by both little boys and girls and has been operating across Melbourne for a number of years. Children will 'wiggle' and 'giggle' as they progress every week through the 27 themed classes. The Early Years Learning Framework has been used to target learning outcomes, and a parent information sheet (children's colouring in sheet) is given to the child to show parents and caregivers. Most importantly they will have FUN!

    Some of the themes we have are: Dreamtime 'Indigenous Reflection', Stranger Danger, Water Safety, Fairies and Pixies, Circus Skills, Spooky Wooky Skeletons Body Education, I Get Ready for School.....just to name a few!

    The Curriculum

    We value play

    Play is a vital part of a child’s life and is the way they make sense of their world. It’s the basic ingredient to learning, develops new skills, and stimulates intellectual growth. We value play very highly in our daily experiences with the children and this is the base for most activities. It’s this spontaneous play and exploration that forms our emergent curriculum.

    Ideas and conversations

    An emergent curriculum is one that builds upon the interests of children. Topics for study are captured from the children’s ideas and conversations (such as puddles, shadows, dinosaurs, etc.), community or family events.

    In-depth studies

    Projects are in-depth studies of ideas and interests. Considered an adventure, projects may last one week or may continue through the year. Teachers help children make decisions about the direction of the project and based on the children’s responses, will introduce materials and questions that provoke the children’s curiosity to further explore the topic. Long term projects enhance life long learning.

    Responsible & organised

    Each teacher is responsible for the organisation and curriculum of their room under the guidance of the Centre Director and Management team. Teachers are allocated child free time each week to plan for and evaluate each child’s ongoing development. This time is essential for the delivery of a high quality curriculum. Additional assistants may work at Melbourne Juniors when children with special needs attend.

    Goodstart Melbourne - Early Learning Childcare Centre

    1800 222 512

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 85
    School Fees Average 

    Link to School Fees Page:

    About Goodstart

    Goodstart, as a not-for-profit social enterprise, has for ten years been creating positive social change by giving Australia's children, especially our most vulnerable, the best possible start in life — access to high quality early learning.

    Goodstart was created a decade ago by a partnership of four of Australia's leading charities who recognised a child's early years experiences as having a huge influence on the rest of their lives — The Benevolent Society, The Brotherhood of St Laurence, Mission Australia and Social Ventures Australia. 

    Today, Goodstart is Australia's largest early learning and care provider and Australia's largest non-government provider of preschool and kindergarten programs. We employ 14,900 people, including 1,500+ teachers, and provide high quality early learning to more than 70,700 children from 59,200 families across 671 early learning centres. Around one-third of our centres are in rural and regional areas, and around one quarter are in low socio-economic areas. 

    Our vision is for Australia's children to have the best possible start in life.

    Our purpose drives everything we do — to ensure children have the learning, development and wellbeing outcomes they need for school and life. 

    Why choose a Goodstart centre

    When you join the Goodstart family, you enjoy the benefits of being part of an Australia-wide network of not-for-profit centres that exist purely to improve the lives of children and their families. This means any surplus is fully reinvested into ensuring your child has the best preparation for school and life. Goodstart invests in the professional development of our people, giving your child access to teachers who are trained in world-leading evidence-based learning practices. As well as ensuring all centre environments are safe and educational, Goodstart invests in our communities by welcoming and supporting vulnerable children through a number of programs and initiatives.

    Our story

    Goodstart was founded on a vision of giving children the best possible start in life through access to quality early learning.

    In 2009, a consortium of leading community sector organisations – The Benevolent Society, Mission Australia, the Brotherhood of St Laurence and Social Ventures Australia – came together to initiate the formation of Goodstart. You can read more about our founding members here.

    We're for children, not profit.

    At Goodstart, we're all about laying the foundation for better lives through great early learning experiences. We're entirely Australian owned and not-for-profit, with every dollar we spend directed towards helping children reach their full potential. Everything we do is about contributing to a better outlook for Australia's children and a happier, more prosperous society.

    We make every moment count.

    Right from birth, children are ready to learn, and at Goodstart, we employ the most up-to-date thinking in early childhood education to create stimulating, age-appropriate learning environments that give children a secure base and the confidence to explore.

    We take safety seriously.

    Yes, we offer plenty of opportunities to get messy, explore, and try new things. We also follow strict health and safety guidelines, keep our first-aid qualifications current and ensure our comprehensive child safety policies and procedures are followed at all times.

    We have a big heart.

    Goodstart is a social enterprise. We reach out to all families and communities, especially those facing disadvantage, we embrace and celebrate diversity, and we speak up for those children and families at risk of being left behind.

    Facilities and provisions

    What ages does Goodstart cater for?

    Age groups can vary from centre to centre, but generally, we cater for children aged from six weeks to school age. You can find out more about age groups at your local centres by using the 'Find a Centre' tool.

     What are the operating hours?

    Operating hours vary between centres; however, they are generally open from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday, 52 weeks a year. We're not open on weekends or public holidays. We recommend checking with your local centre about their operating times.

    Do the children receive meals?

    At many centres, we provide morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and sometimes breakfast and a late snack where required. Centres that provide food have their own cook creating fresh, healthy meals for the children. A nutritious diet is vital for children's development, so we make sure to provide meals that give children all the nutrients and energy they need. Children love to eat together, so the meal times at a centre are always fun!

    Are nappies provided for babies and toddlers?

    Many centres provide nappies. However, it's best to check with your local centre to see if nappies are on offer.

    Enrolment process

    How do I enrol at a Goodstart Early Learning centre?

    When you enrol at a Goodstart centre, we'll support you every step of the way. Our Centre Directors will invite you to take a tour of the centre first so you can see where your child will be cared for and to ensure you are comfortable with your decision. They will then provide you with an enrolment pack that contains everything you need to know about the centre, the information we need from you about your child, for example, their routine, as well as a quote for your daily fees. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you like. We are here to support both you and your child.

    Can I enrol online?

    We don't offer online enrolment because it's so important for families to come to see and experience our centres firsthand. A tour is your chance to meet the staff and discuss your needs one-on-one with your Centre Director. They'll then be able to help with your enrolment and settling in your child.

    How is the wait list managed?

    If there are no vacancies at the centre of your choice, you may want to join their waiting list. These waitlists are regularly reviewed, and families are contacted once a place becomes available. If you wish to no longer be on a particular centre's waitlist, then you can remove yourself by contacting the centre directly or our Family Support Team on 1800 222 543.

    The University of Melbourne - Early Learning Childcare Centre

    03 8344 1444

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School Yes 
    High School  Yes
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 170
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Early Learning Centre

    Welcome to the Early Learning Centre (ELC), the University of Melbourne's research and demonstration kindergarten.

    The ELC provides long-day education and care program for 89 two to five-year-old children per day.

    Approximately 170 children are enrolled on either a full time or part-time basis.

    The ELC provides an exemplary educational experience in a humanistic and environmentally mindful setting.

    Growing and learning at the ELC instils in children personal qualities such as empathy, integrity, respect and tolerance. The aim is to enable children to become confident, enthusiastic learners who are flexible, open-minded and able to navigate change in a fast-moving world.

    The programs are designed, implemented and evaluated by Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) early childhood teachers who adopt an inquiry approach to teaching and learning which encourages multi-modal in-depth investigations which integrate language, mathematics, the arts, science, information communication technology and education for sustainability (EfS).

    Children participate in a range of community-oriented programs beyond the ELC, including the Learning in Nature & Community Connections Programs.

    Specialist teachers offer a range of enrichment classes in 2D & 3D art, dance, music and Chinese language.

    In 2018, the ELC was awarded the Exceeding Rating in all Quality Areas by the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).


    The philosophy of the Early Learning Centre (ELC) is based on an image of children as creative, capable and intrinsically motivated to explore and discover their world. Through active engagement in free and structured imaginative play, children employ a range of complex networks of abilities, interests and symbolic languages. Engagement in diverse forms of play fosters the development of a spirit of curiosity, experimentation and discovery, with children being supported to develop their thinking and understandings, fine and gross motor skills, language, personal and social awareness, emotional wellbeing and creativity.

    To realise the potential of all children, the ELC provides a nurturing, secure and stimulating play-based learning environment, one that promotes happiness and a desire to learn. At the core of the philosophy is a commitment to the establishment of a dynamic culture of thinking where children and teachers explore 'big ideas' that promote and sustain long term inquiries.

    The ELC's philosophy incorporates the idea of the social construction of knowledge, which relies on the establishment of relationships between children and teachers and children and children. It also recognises that children mature at different rates and have preferred styles of learning. Teachers prioritise the establishment of an emotionally secure foundation to support each child's developing sense of self and empathy for others. Relationships between children and children, children and teachers and teachers and families are nurtured, with the aim being to create a community of learners who embark on mutually beneficial and exciting learning journeys.

    Within the philosophy, the arts play a central role in helping children to be involved in independent decision-making, expressive and aesthetic communication and collaborative learning. Also, the principles of Education for Sustainability underpin a unique pedagogical framework that supports children's learning in, about and for the environment. Through the 'Learning in Nature' and 'Community Connections' programs, children and teachers engage in learning beyond the ELC, stepping out regularly to explore the natural environment and the wider community. As the ELC is located on the lands of the Wurundjeri people, the inclusion of Australian Indigenous perspectives is considered integral to these outwardly focused experiences. Also, the philosophy recognises the significance of presenting an inclusive and welcoming environment, one that reflects and promotes diversity and challenges bias through the inclusion of carefully considered resources and learning that promotes perspective-taking and thinking about difference.

    Sensory rich learning environments are established to stimulate curiosity and a sense of wonder. These environments are valued for their capacity to organise, promote choices, stimulate deep involvement and support the development of respectful relationships between individuals and materials. Learning experiences, routines and resources are presented in such a way so as to stimulate sensory perception and open-ended play, encourage creative thinking and enhance opportunities for collaborative learning.

    The primary aim is for ELC children to develop their understandings of the world in which they live through the development of broadly-based knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to take the prerequisite steps in preparation for lifelong learning. Highly qualified teachers design, implement and evaluate innovative and challenging programs that reflect the most contemporary early childhood theory and research and Australian Government curriculum guidelines, including the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF).

    The Curriculum

    The ELC's Curriculum responds to the Australian Government, Department of Education & Training's Early Years Learning Framework and the Victorian Early Learning and Development Framework. Both frameworks identify five learning outcomes, including:

    • Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity
    • Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world
    • Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
    • Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners
    • Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators

    The Curriculum is designed to help children to:

    • Develop positive attitudes to the self and to others through the achievement of individualised personal and social goals.
    • Develop positive attitudes to learning, including the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
    • Develop concentration and observation skills.
    • Develop independence and an understanding of the need for self-discipline.
    • Develop concept knowledge through experience in language, mathematics, science, music, art, dance, drama, literature, social and cultural studies and technology.
    • Develop core age-appropriate literacy and numeracy skills.
    • Develop effective language, collaboration and communication skills.
    • Develop fine and gross motor skills.
    • Develop learning through the use of technology-based tools and information systems.
    • Develop respectful and caring attitudes to the environment.
    • Learn about sustainable living practices such as composting, energy saving, water usage, recycling, and 'take action' in support of these practices.

    The Programs

    Three-Year-Old Program

    To be enrolled in the 3-year-old program, children are required to turn three years of age by the 30th of April in the year of entry. Children cannot be enrolled in another funded kindergarten program at any other early childhood service.

    Four-Year-Old Program

    To be enrolled in the 4-year-old program, children are required to turn four years of age by the 30th of April in the year of entry. Children cannot be enrolled in another funded kindergarten program at any other early childhood service.

    Enrolment Options

    The University of Melbourne Early Childhood Education Services operates Queensberry Children's Centre, Swanston Street Children's Centre and the Early Learning Centre. Attendance is limited to one University of Melbourne Early Childhood Service. The Early Learning Centre offers full-day integrated funded kindergarten programs for children aged between 2 years and five years of age. A minimum booking of 2 days per week is required for all enrolments. Part-time enrolments are required to include either a Monday or Friday booking. Half-day enrolment is not available.

    Hours of Operation

    The Early Learning Centre's hours of operation are 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday, 48 weeks per year.

    Sentia Early Learning Centre - Childcare Victoria

    (03) 9629 9823

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School Yes 
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 124
    School Fees High

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Sentia Early Learning Centre

    A beautiful space immersed in an atmosphere of safety and joy, crafted to inspire children, build their confidence and take their first steps toward a lifelong love of learning.

    Each day at Sentia is a story that gently unfolds as your child gathers experiences from meaningful exploration, curiosity and friendships. Located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, our child care and kindergarten space actively encourage every child's creativity, boundless imagination and sense of wonder and play.


    We are a family. With loyal and long-serving staff, we have created a unique culture of care and learning. We take joy in helping you care for your child. We want you to feel a part of our family and make your family life easier. 

    Having your child close to your workplace is just one of the many Sentia advantages. The ability to spend some extra quality time with your little one, whether it's commuting to and from work, popping in to breastfeed at lunchtime or joining in a quick parent celebration, are priceless moments that we want you to cherish.

    Our hope is that you and your child join us at Sentia and become a valued members of our connected and caring community.


    To build a trusting, secure and supportive environment for children and families to grow. 

    We know providing the highest quality care enables children to grow as individuals with a strong sense of belonging.


    From our spacious rooftop playground with spectacular views over the Yarra River and beyond, Sentia is a hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Melbourne.

    With years of experience, we know the recipe for providing a comfortable and happy space for children - a safe, bright and positive environment where children can explore, bond and imagine.

    As a single, privately owned service, it is our very own Sentia families who have had the greatest influence on our culture and values. We are able to listen and adjust with ease, and, as educators, it has been a privilege to create a boutique values-based model.




    In an increasingly fast-paced world, we believe an unhurried approach in the early childhood years offers the healthiest and strongest foundation for a child's academic, social, and personal growth.

    Our program focuses on developing opportunities for children to discover, explore and learn through play. Children are given a voice and the power to make decisions regarding their play, learning and social interactions. This empowers them to build confidence and resilience while teaching them to be kind, civil and collaborative. These are the foundation blocks for their futures.

    Sentia follows the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) from birth to 5 years, including a fully-funded Kindergarten program run by a qualified kindergarten teacher. Every child's learning development is documented by the curriculum plan, their visual portfolios, reflection journals, newsletters and projects on display.


    With a range of activities from arts, music to yoga and sports, our focus is always on nurturing your child's wellbeing. 

    We also regularly explore the wonders of our city with walks to nearby historical and cultural sites to create a sense of place and strengthen the children's connection to the local community.


    We wholeheartedly appreciate what a big decision it is for parents to entrust us with their children. Your confidence largely rests on the people who will take care of your most valuable asset! This is why our most valuable asset is our staff. 

    We pride ourselves on having committed, experienced educators with a long history with us. Building relationships with staff creates trust and security for both parents and children.


    We carry out reference checks on all staff employed at Sentia Early Learning Centre to gain an understanding of the competence, reliability and attitude of the candidates. To comply with the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998 and the Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998, a Working with Children check is done on all full, part-time and casual employees as well as ongoing visitors who will be working with the children.  


    • TRUST
    • GROWTH


    Close collaboration between our educators, children and their families is vital in instilling strong and supportive learning. Sentia follows the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) from birth to 5 years and through the transition to school.  

    The Framework is based on evidence that early childhood is a vital period in children's learning and development and forms the foundation for quality teaching and learning with an emphasis on play-based learning to build a child's communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social, emotional and physical development.

    The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is part of the Council of Australian Government for early childhood education and care. It is a key component of the Australian Government's National Quality Framework and underpins universal access to early childhood education and developmental milestones. For more information on EYLF, please visit


    What we eat is an integral part of our day, not only as healthy nourishment but as a way to learn more about the food, its sources, different cultures and the importance of connection and the conversations it brings.

    We come together for each meal to enjoy what our in-house chef has prepared for the day. Our menus are inspired by fresh, seasonal produce and veggies from our own patch!

    We often have the children help prepare the food, allowing them to explore ingredients, experience the joy of cooking and presenting a meal through to eating the delicious end result. By introducing them to a world of delicious flavours and being involved in the process, it helps encourage children to try new foods.

    Our meals each day include breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. We are egg and nut-free, and we have meals that meet our children's dietary and cultural requirements. Our meals work on a six-week cycle. 


    We keep an open and inviting approach when it comes to sharing your child's day with you.

    Our educators listen to the narrative of daily experiences, which inspires us to understand the children as they engage and connect in activities. 

    Conversations with parents help us understand more about your children, and by opening up a dialogue with you, we work together. We communicate regularly with parents via email, children's portfolios, Facebook, one-on-one conversations and newsletters.


    • Nappies
    • Breakfast
    • Morning Tea
    • Lunch
    • Afternoon Tea
    • Sun hats
    • Bibs
    • Linen
    • Meals prepared fresh daily to specific dietary needs.
    • Fully air-conditioned and heated
    • Early Childhood Kindergarten Teacher
    • Government Approved Kindergarten program.
    • Music program
    • Science Program
    • Yoga Program
    • Well-resourced, furnished, and purpose-built facilities
    • Large play environments
    • Pram storage
    • Passionate and highly qualified educators
    • Secured PIN entry
    • Free car spaces for drop off and picks up
    • Veggie garden

    Little Assets - Melbourne City Childcare Centre

    03 9620 2812

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 125
    School Fees High

    Link To School Fees Page:


    Everyone needs that peace of mind in knowing their child is happy and thriving when spending time apart at a family daycare. That's why at Little Assets, we're committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where your child can learn and grow – while having fun. Our passionate, qualified educators offer a play-centred curriculum based on the Australian Government Early Years Learning Framework. So, your child will receive the best quality education provider and care to help them reach their full potential. It all happens at one of our quality childcare centre's near you, offering indoor/outdoor play and learning areas for specific age groups from six weeks to six years.

    Research shows that quality education and care during the early years leads to improved health, learning and employment outcomes for children. That's why at Little Assets, we're proud to be rated Exceeding of the National Quality Framework (NQF) in Australia.

    We continuously strive to provide high quality in all areas of the NQF – regularly assessing how our centre meets the Quality Areas, forming Quality Improvement Plans, and assisting in the Assessment and

    Rating Process.

    It's our way of ensuring your child receives the best possible education – now and into the future.

    About Us

    Little Assets is a community organisation founded on the belief that every child deserves access to quality early childhood education. This begins with providing a safe and engaging environment where your child feels happy and loved. We value every child's identity, culture, individual strengths and interests to encourage positive health and wellbeing habits, build confidence and generate enthusiasm to learn.

    We have two locations throughout Victoria offering Monday to Friday care. Our Melbourne CBD centre borders the Yarra River and is close to schools, shops and public transport, making drop off and pick up easy and convenient. Our South Morang centre is located in Melbourne's north-eastern suburbs. The centre is only a short drive from Epping, Mills Park and Greensborough, catering for families living and working outside of the CBD.

    At Little Assets, we work hard to ensure every parent and guardian are comfortable and confident, knowing their child is happy and thriving when spending time apart at a family daycare.

    We would love to meet you and your child. Visit one of our learning centres and take a look at how we could give your child the best start to their early education.

    High Standards of Childcare and Early Learning Education

    At Little Assets, providing the best possible early learning is at the heart of what we do. That's why we base our Curriculum directly on the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework. This all-inclusive learning program provides practices, principles and outcomes for your child, their family and educators – who all contribute to your little one's further development. The Melbourne Declaration also commits to improved outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people with early childhood education playing a critical role in delivering this outcome.

    Our unique program embraces the effectiveness of play-based learning, creating activities for children that are continuously encouraging them to make choices, discover, create, explore and communicate openly, all while having fun in our welcoming, well-resourced indoor and outdoor environments.

    Little Assets offers services for your child from six weeks to six years, starting their educational journey in our infant and toddler program, through to our kindergarten program, until they are ready to start school.

    We also believe in continuous professional development for our educators, ensuring your child always receives the best quality education.

    Be confident knowing your child is receiving a dynamic and high-quality education. An education that is centred around their interests, structured by progressive, flexible routines and importantly, celebrates the fun of being a child.

    What to Look for in a Childcare Centre?

    There are many types of childcare to choose from. Finding the right approach for you and your child can be a difficult task. At Little Assets, we pride ourselves in:

    • Strong Relationships With Families
    • Cater to Multicultural Communities
    • Childcare Subsidy (CCS)
    • Play-Based Curriculum

    Strong Relationships With Families

    At Little Assets, we strongly value an open partnership with families – one in which we'll always honour the individual needs and aspirations of you and your child. We believe the best quality care and learning come from working together with everyone involved in your child's growth and development. For this reason, we are committed to cultivating genuine, collaborative partnerships with you, your child. We always encourage family involvement at our centre, holding regular information nights and enjoyable events.

    Cater to Multicultural Communities

    We celebrate the diversity of every family. Members of our Little Assets team can speak multiple languages, including Mandarin, Japanese, Nepali, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi, Arabic and Thai.

    Childcare Subsidy (CCS)

    The Australian Government provides a number of subsidies and programs to help you with the cost of your child care. Little Assets is a registered childcare provider, allowing families enrolled at our centres to claim the childcare subsidy and newly introduced childcare package, to assist with childcare costs. To find out if you're eligible, visit the Services Australia website.

    Play-Based Curriculum

    At our childcare centres, your child will learn and develop fundamental skills through a variety of play-based activities that focus on their needs and strengths. These enjoyable, ever-changing learning experiences will feature a wide range of topics and interests, encouraging your child to become an open-minded, curious learner. Every child learns differently, so we offer flexible care, tailoring each activity according to their needs to help them reach their full potential.


    At Little Assets, providing the best possible early learning is at the heart of what we do. That's why we base our Curriculum directly on the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework. This all-inclusive learning program provides practices, principles and outcomes for your child, their family and educators – all of who contribute to your little one's further development.

    But best of all, it encourages your child to learn while having fun.

    Creating learning experiences every day through play

    Your child will learn and develop fundamental skills through a variety of play-based activities that focus on their needs and strengths. These enjoyable, ever-changing learning experiences will feature a wide range of topics and interests, encouraging your child to become an open-minded, curious learner. And because every child learns differently, we tailor each activity according to their needs to help them reach their full potential.

    So by the time your little one takes the big step into primary school, they will be ready to progress as a confident, capable member of their school community.

    Only About Children Melbourne Central

    138 627

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average 

    Link to School Fees Page:

    Our Campuses

    We believe your search for a childcare centre near you should be about much more than just proximity; it should also be a place that will feel like a home away from home for your precious little ones.

    Our Vision

    To be the leading holistic early learning provider in our communities through education, development & wellbeing.

    • We want to be the best – helping each child to reach their potential
    • We care about our community – and the extended family this provides
    • We focus on holistic development – encompassing education, health and wellbeing
    • We aim to support, engage and develop our people – by actively investing in their wellbeing and future aspirations

    Our Mission

    We empower every child to reach their full potential through a passion for learning.

    We create safe, nurturing and stimulating environments – in which a child can grow and develop

    We work with every child – to develop their unique potential

    We boast a brilliantly diverse and inspiring team – who, while learning and growing, are making a difference in a way that really matters

    Only About Children Locations

    Only About Children has over a decade of experience in early years education and childcare. Privately owned, we proudly operate over 70 campuses across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. This breadth gives us the opportunity to provide high-quality early years education and care to over 8,000 families and employs over 2,000 people, whose skills, experience and passion help us to deliver on our mission to empower every child to reach their full potential.

    It’s our unique approach to childcare that gives children the platform they need to thrive. It’s an approach that goes beyond education to encompass the health, development and total wellbeing of every child in our care.

    Nursery (0-2 years)

    A safe, nurturing place for your little one. The first two years of life is a time of rapid growth and development, where every moment matters. At Only About Children, we’re here to provide all the care and support your little one needs during this phase, establishing a strong foundation.

    Toddler (2-3 years)

    Toddlerhood is an incredible time of exploration and discovery, as toddlers gain an increasing sense of self and an understanding of the world around them - they are full of curiosity and eager to develop their independence. We support toddlers and encourage this growth and development.

    Preschool & Kindergarten (3-6 years)

    The years before school are a time of rapid growth for children’s minds, their emotional and physical development and their understanding of the world. The preschool and kinder years from 3 – 6 are a great time to lay down a love of learning as well as the developmental skills required to thrive.

    Explore our programs

    Grow Curriculum

    Only About Children delivers unique programs designed in consultation with our in-house education and health specialists including 'Book of the Month', Spanish, Music, Drama and Active.

    Health & Wellbeing

    We offer a holistic approach to your child’s development, which means we encompass not just the education, but the physical health and emotional wellbeing of every child in our care.


    This fun and innovative play-based program has been designed by our dedicated in-house Education, Health and Active Team. Grow@Home gives you the resources to extend our curriculum beyond our campuses and into your family environment.


    Oac Health@Home allows our dedicated in-house team of Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Dietitians to support the health and wellbeing of your child in a home environment.

    Astra Childcare Centre - Port Melbourne

    03 9646 6189

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 90
    School Fees Average 

    Link To School Fees Page:


    At Astra Early Learning, we are proud to offer both a Beach Kinder and a Bush Kinder program for our kindergarten children. 

    We recognise that children living in the inner suburbs, like Port Melbourne, may not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors. Research demonstrates this leads to the early onset of mental health problems in children as young as 3, including anxiety. Children's behaviour is also significantly impacted as we are spending more time indoors than previous generations.

    At Astra Early Learning, we understand the benefits of connecting with nature and how this will support children's learning. Children will have the opportunity to explore, connect and learn with nature every week. 


    At Astra Early Learning, we provide care and education for children from 6 weeks through to school age. We offer a funded kindergarten program for our four-year-old children with our qualified Early Childhood Teacher, who runs a school readiness program. 

    Our Curriculum is underpinned by the National Early Years Learning Framework and inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach. 

    The Reggio Emilia Approach was first developed in Italy after World War 2 and has since become known around the world for its progressive approach to teaching. 

    The Reggio Emilia Approach views young children as curious about the world around them and as capable and confident individuals. 

    The Reggio Emilia Approach believes children have 100 languages and can explore and express themselves and their feelings. Children have many languages in art, music and role-play and are encouraged to use all the different mediums available to them to express themselves and develop a love for learning.

    Parents are recognised as the child's first and most influential teacher, and it is believed that parents and educators should work collaboratively in the child's learning process for the best outcomes to be achieved. We can do this on the app, where we share live updates throughout the day of everything your child is doing. From what they have eaten to photos of what they are engaging in. The app is a great way for you to collaborate with our educators about your child's learning. 

    The environment is considered the third teacher in the Reggio Emilia Approach. Significant emphasis is placed on the set-up and materials in the environment. Materials are thoughtfully added to the space to promote creativity, thinking, questioning, problem-solving and play. It is believed that if the environment is beautiful, it will support children's learning, concentration and exploration where possible natural resources are sourced to provide a calmer space for the children. 

    Project work with children is an important part of our approach. Each room will have at least one project occurring at any given time, where the children are investigating and delving deeper into an interest they have. The project will allow children to use their 100 languages.  

    To ensure that our children get the very best education, we have specialist teachers visit every week and run additional programs at no extra cost to you.

    Our qualified Kindergarten Teacher also runs a School Readiness Program and engages with the local Primary Schools to ensure a smooth transition to school for your child. 

    ​Our approach to Early Childhood Care and Education is simple.

    We initiate – early childhood programs to suit each child and meet their inherent curiosity. Understand that play is integral to learning, and with our wide-open indoor and outdoor spaces, children are given the opportunity to freely explore their environment and be masters of their own learning.

    We plan – Our highly qualified team of educators understand parents as children's first educators. Collaborating with parents and observing children throughout their day, we tailor our Curriculum to shepherd children along a path of learning.

    We engage – Our extra-curricular programs expose children to multiple disciplines such as music, arts, drama, sports, cooking and science, all the whilst incorporating Language, Literacy and Numeracy.

    With a management team that collectively has over 60 years of experience in the early childhood sector, our vision is to equip our staff to provide only the best in care and education for children.

    • Curriculum
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Email
    • Curriculum Planning

    Each room provides an educational program based on the needs and interests of the children in the class.  

    The educators will use the planning cycle to develop their program after observing the children and then provide opportunities for the children to reach the goals and the Early Years Learning Outcomes set out for them through intentional teaching strategies and spontaneous learning experiences.  

    Each child will have their own goals and outcomes set to achieve throughout the year based on their strength's, Interests, development and individual needs. The educators will share each child's individual observations and goals throughout the year with the family through the child's online portfolio. Families are encouraged to share any feedback or Input about their child's progress on their goals in their child's online portfolio.  

    Twice per year, each child will have a summative assessment completed whereby their educator will complete an overall summary of the child's learning journey and set some goals for the child. We then encourage families to come and meet with their child's educator for a parent-educator meeting to discuss their child's progress and goals.  

    Each room will also work on projects and investigations throughout the year with the children where new ideas, concepts and interests are explored. This approach to learning allows children to work collaboratively, hypothesise, predict and investigate.

    Apple Blossoms Childcare Centre - South Melbourne

    03 9699 5265

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 52
    School Fees Low

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Welcome to Apple Blossoms Early Learning

    Hello and Welcome to Apple Blossoms Early Learning.

    When choosing child care, we understand how important it is when deciding who to entrust your child to. Our aim is to provide the very best of what we feel are the most important things families need.

    We have a very strong focus on nutrition – our resident naturopath has tailored high quality, nutrient-rich food, especially for growing young people.

    Our education philosophy draws from the Reggio Emilia and Montessori approach in developing our own program for readying your child for school.

    Environments, both inside and outside, are the engine rooms of your child's learning. We have carefully designed these areas where children can explore and research their ideas – just through play.

    Our Nutrition

    We aim to instil in all children the importance of maintaining a lifelong respectful relationship with food with a particular focus on nutrition & sustainability. It is important children understand where food comes from, and we use fresh produce from our own vegetable gardens wherever possible.

    Our Environment

    At Apple Blossoms, we strive to provide an environment where children, families, and staff feel at home. Our environment inspires creativity, provides a place of wonder and excitement and allows children to develop at their own rate.

    Learning & Education

    At Apple Blossoms Early Learning, we are passionate about the learning journey the children and Educators go on every day while they spend time in our environment. Our Curriculum is grounded in the Early Years Learning Framework and inspired by Reggio Emilia.

    Child Care South Melbourne

    Apple Blossoms' newest Child Care Centre is centrally located in the heart of South Melbourne, near the Dorcas and Clarendon Street intersection. We are a privately owned centre that believes in providing the highest quality care for your children.

    At our South Melbourne child care centre, we use organic food prepared by our in-house chef. Our focus is on delicious, low-allergenic food with menus designed especially for growing strong little bodies and minds. We encourage our children to learn about nutrition and food in a fun way – feeding the chooks and collecting eggs is a favourite activity within our centre.

    Your children can also enjoy growing fresh vegetables in our veggie gardens – and picking the produce when it's ready. Apple Blossoms is a purpose-built child care centre where we have incorporated worm farms, compost areas and fruit trees.

    Our natural outdoor classroom has wood structures left in their natural state. Children play and learn with natural elements like mud and water in the mud kitchen. In our adventure playground, we use natural materials in our handcrafted bamboo yurt, water flowing pump and sand play area. The river-like bed and splash areas are designed for appropriately aged children.

    Inside our child care centre, we have pot plants and other greenery to enhance a calm, natural indoor environment. We also encourage children to bring natural materials inside for learning and play. Flowers, twigs, pebbles, gumnuts are used within an imaginative play for learning concepts of sorting, counting, same/ different, big/small.

    Apple Blossoms Early Learning curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework. This is also part of the National Quality Framework. Our child care rooms in South Melbourne are age-appropriate to:

    • Babies (0-2 years)
    • Toddler (2-3 years)
    • Kinder (3-5 years)

    Our child care team are passionate about the care they provide for your children in a fun and safe environment. Having fun, playing, learning is key to your child's happiness. Our team of professionals are chosen because of their ability to nurture your child through learning. It is this ability, along with their qualifications and child care experience, that makes us special in child care in South Melbourne.

    We warmly invite you to enjoy a cup of tea and take a tour of Apple Blossoms, South Melbourne.

    Froebel Australia - Childcare Centre Melbourne

    03 9481 2530

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 69
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About FROEBEL

    FROEBEL is your not-for-profit boutique provider of bilingual early education and care services. We offer your child

    • excellence in early childhood education & care, 
    • a unique bilingual early learning approach,
    • child-led, inquiry-based learning programs.

    Our FROEBEL Early Learning Centres will become an extension of your family, a new, small world for your child to start growing into a community of peers in a stimulating learning environment. Our program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and designed to encourage your child's autonomy, self-confidence and self-esteem.

    Our Philosophy is rooted in progressive ideas developed by Friedrich Fröbel, the renowned educator who shaped the kindergarten concept some 175 years ago. His holistic approach to early learning is inspiring us even today: child-centred, play- and inquiry-based, in unity with nature.


    We want every child to have the opportunity to grow into a curious, capable, caring and contributing global citizen, beginning with an empowered childhood.


    At FROEBEL, we contribute to this vision by promoting children's rights to self-determination and participation, recognising the integrity of childhood in its own right. We scaffold children's learning by providing contemporary bilingual, play- and inquiry-based early education tailored to the individual child as the foundation for sustainable community engagement within a connected world. Our educators transform children's curiosity into learning - with knowledge, professionalism and vigour. We are part of the village that raises a child and nurture collaborative relationships.


    Embrace Excellence

    We are guided by best practices and curious for the next practice, aiming to be leaders in innovation. We value professional development and life-long learning as an essential element of our progress and organisational culture. We advocate for professionalism in the early childhood sector and are committed to fair remuneration.

    Nurture Relationships

    Strong, trusting relationships & partnerships between educators, children and families are the foundation for every child to develop and learn, and to feel safe, nurtured and valued: authenticity, integrity and mutual respect guide communication, collaboration and decision-making within our organisation. We tap into the richness of our people's diverse backgrounds and experiences.

    Deliver Wow

    We take pride in our work and strive to go beyond the expected, for our children, for our families, for the community. We thrive on creating moments of awe, going the extra mile.

    Spread Positivity

    We embrace a culture of positivity, where everyone can contribute to change and progress, approaching situations respectfully, with a positive outlook and intention. Interactions and communication are supportive, uplifting, fair and inclusive. Positivity begets positivity. We speak with clarity and show genuine appreciation. We focus on self-improvement, both at work and in our personal life, being mindful of the importance of our health and wellbeing.

    Reimagine Early Education

    We see early education through the lens of Friedrich Fröbel, who invented kindergarten, and we are strongly committed to continuously reimagine and further early education in the light of contemporary research and practice. We believe that excellence in the design of learning environments paves the way for excellence in early learning programs. We challenge the status quo and aim to be at the forefront of progress that will benefit young children and families. We make time for reflection to cultivate strategic and creative thoughts and always dream big.

    FROEBEL Fitzroy North

    Our Centre at a glance

    • Located in a peaceful residential street in Fitzroy North, close to city trams on St Georges Road and Nicholson Street
    • Integrated, approved Kindergarten program, delivered by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher, five days per week
    • Immersive language learning with German as a second community language
    • Certified Little Scientists House for early years' STEM education and inquiry-based learning
    • Rated at Exceeding the National Quality Standard
    • Regular excursions and incursions
    • All meals are provided, freshly prepared by the centre chef. Dietary requirements can be accommodated  
    • Caters for 69 children, aged six months to 5 years of age
    • Hours of Operation: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm, 52 weeks per year (except for public holidays)

    FROEBEL opened this awe-inspiring Bilingual Early Learning Centre for 69 children from 6 months to 5 years on 138 Barkly Street in Fitzroy North in October 2014. A Kindergarten program is fully integrated into our curriculum five days every week.

    FROEBEL Fitzroy North has been rated by the Department of Education and Training as Exceeding the National Quality Standard. 

    A 5-metre giant slide that whizzes the older children (and their parents if they are daring enough!) from the building into the playground, a two-level play pod, reading nooks, a 'Little Scientists' corner, a kitchen theatre – these are just some of the features that make the centre a magical place for children that facilitates learning opportunities on many different levels – playful language learning, science & maths, health & nutrition, nature experiences & appropriate risk-taking. Our enthusiastic team of four qualified early childhood teachers, highly qualified and experienced early childhood educators and a chef strive to create the best possible early learning and care environment for your children.

    We implement a playful bilingual (English-German) language learning concept based on immersion. The centre was certified as one of Australia's first "Little Scientists Houses" in January 2016. 

    We partner with the Deutsche Schule Melbourne, an independent German English Bilingual School located on the same campus in Fitzroy North. Our partnership provides a continuum to our philosophy of early bilingual immersion learning. Deutsche Schule Melbourne's concept is based on the Canadian "Early Immersion Program" for bilingual schools. Please visit their website for further information and the school's enrolment procedures.  

    Creative Garden Early Learning Childcare Centre - Victoria

    1800 319 421

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 124
    School Fees Low

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Welcome to Creative Garden!

    Our Early Care and Education Centres provide quality Long Day Care, from birth to six years. Before and after school care, along with vacation care, are also offered at our Coombabah and Mount Annan centres for children from 5 -12 years.

    In our specially designed centres, your child will have the highest level of care from our experienced and qualified educators; we strive to ensure your child gets the attention and interactions they require throughout the whole day. Your child will be encouraged to explore, play and be curious about the environment around them. 

    He/she will start the process of learning hand-eye coordination, motor skills, toilet training and routine times in our fun and relaxed environment of the toddler room before moving on to the 3-5 rooms. In the 3-5 rooms, social interaction becomes a real focus for this age, learning to reason, communicate effectively and interact through tailored programs within a happy, fun environment of encouragement, your child will start to build a foundation of manners and respect.

    With centres located in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, Creative Garden is a reputable brand that offers high quality, affordable education and care for your child.  

    We have an open-door policy and look forward to meeting you and your family. Please feel free to drop in any time and say hello!


    At Creative Garden, we believe that the education of children in their early years is most effective when learning through play. Nurturing their development by encouraging hands-on activities is fundamental to our philosophy.

    Throughout our program, we focus on allowing the child to feel at home at our centre whilst also preparing them for school life.

    Our curriculum focuses on:

    • Self-help and life skills
    • Projects and experimentation
    • Mathematics
    • Language and Literacy
    • Pre-writing skills
    • Social Interactions

    The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) principles and practices shape our curriculum offering a holistic, high-quality care environment.

    Our programs are designed to be flexible, allowing every child to develop at their own pace and to reach their full potential. We understand that children learn best through active participation in real-life experiences. Our child care programs aim to provide learning environments that nurture each child's learning style in warm, friendly and relaxed daycare surroundings.

    Parent participation is a large part of our curriculum, and we provide many opportunities for parents to seek feedback on their children's progress by way of parent information evenings, program surveys, parent contribution stories, learning stories, children's journals and verbal communication about each child's day.


    Freedom to choose how you use your Child Care Subsidy

    We know that there is no one size fits all option for our families when it comes to early childhood education and care. That is why we are giving families the freedom to choose which hours best suit their needs.

    More than just sessional care, at our centres, you can choose from our nine-hour, ten-hour or full-day sessions and make the most out of the Child Care Subsidy.

    Flexible Hours for your Child Care Subsidy

    Designed to reduce out of pocket costs and increase access to subsidised hours, the new flexible model is part of our commitment to providing greater access to quality early childhood education and care.

    Little Flyers Child Care Centre, Melbourne Victoria

    03 9629 4014

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average 

    Link to School Fees Page:

    Educational Programs

    From birth, children demonstrate an enthusiasm to learn, be creative, and possess an extreme curiosity about their world. Our goal is to provide a stimulating, interactive and nurturing learning environment which encourages each child to develop their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills to their full potential. Our professionally developed educators tailor learning programs to suit each individual child.


    Young children need lots of love and extra special care and our Infant Care program provides just that for under 2 Year olds. Each dedicated infant room is a comfortable place filled with nurturing surroundings and loving care. Our program offers each child one-on-one and group activities, gentle play and safe exploration. It’s stimulating to the development of young minds without being overwhelming. Each infants needs are different, so we have flexible routines for babies under 12 months. There are areas for sleep, relaxing and personal space and the opportunity for outdoor experiences in the fresh air. And so that you don’t miss out on all those little things that happen each day, your child has their own personal learning journal that captures their journey as it unfolds.


    For a toddler the world is a magical place, full of constant learning and exploration. When caring for toddlers we help facilitate that adventure along with positive emotional guidance helping them to understand the boundaries of their independence. We help provide structure to little lives through a consistent routine which includes free play, structured play, group times for music and language, and outdoor experiences. Our encouraging and nurturing staff are sensitive to the individual needs of each toddler’s social and emotional development. And each child has their own personal learning journal which helps you follow them on their exciting journey of self discovery.


    It’s important that 3 year olds have time and space to explore their independence in a safe and supportive environment. In our 3 Year Old Kindergarten program we help develop autonomy and an openness to learning. Our qualified teachers encourage respectfulness and nurture social development skills. Our Reggio Emilia inspired program provides lots of opportunities for individual and group learning in language, music, communications and problem solving skills. We also know that 3 year olds also have lots of energy to burn, so our exciting outdoor play areas offer plenty of room for active play. Your child will also have their own personal learning journal so you can see what they’ve been up to.


    Our DET approved kindergarten program, with qualified kinder teachers, offers a secure and encouraging environment for children to develop autonomy, focus on respectful relationships and understand social courtesies. We engage children with individual, small group and whole group experiences and structured group sessions for discussion times, music and language. All activities are designed to be flexible and are focused on the learning experience rather than the academic outcome, while literacy and numeracy is introduced naturally through everyday experiences. Our 4 year old kindergarten program is aimed at preparing our young people for school. We focus on helping children understand and deal with their emotions, to be able to initiate friendships and develop self confidence and self esteem. We know that social and emotional readiness will assist in successful entry to school, allowing them to be effective learners.

    Our Declaration of Intent

    Little Flyers Learning Centres adopt a Reggio Emilia approach to learning which believes that each child develops their own unique knowledge, beliefs, culture, learning style and values. We acknowledge that families are the child’s first teachers and they are central to their child’s learning. Our educational programs ensure each child is respected as an individual within a group and is encouraged to reach their full potential.   

    We believe that children should develop connections and relationships with their communities and that everyone has the right to belong. Children, families and staff in our Centres will develop cultural competence and in the process, create a shared culture where everyone feels safe, included, respected and valued.   

    Our environments and learning experiences aspire to create positive and trustful relationships, courage, resilience, empowerment and well-being. Children are encouraged to be empathetic and caring. They will experience success, joy and celebration, by taking risks in their learning, accepting and embracing diversity, developing confidence in themselves and learning from their mistakes.   

    We know that children learn best when they are interested, curious and motivated. Educators will have high expectations of children and will work with them to co-construct knowledge through learning strategies such as play, inquiry, investigation and research.  

    Educators will scaffold children’s learning, through a responsive curriculum and a commitment to assist children in their search for meaning. We acknowledge the many ways that children express themselves and communicate. 

    We afford children a hundred ways to express their ideas: imaginative, symbolic, cognitive and metaphorical.  

    Educators listen, document and assess children’s theories and knowledge and share these through documentation to families and the community.


    Giraffe Early Childcare Centre – Docklands, Melbourne

    03 9670 0884

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 150
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:


    The Centre Owner and staff are committed to providing children and families with a coordinated approach to a warm, nurturing and engaging environment that celebrates diversity and the right of every child to have access to high-quality care regardless of their individual needs.

    We understand the important role the Centre plays in nurturing and educating the children in our care, and through our staff development, loving relationships based on trust and security are formed. Your children come first, and meeting their needs is our priority. Our aim is to provide an environment where your children can grow and develop to their full potential.

    For you as parents, we endeavour to provide a flexible environment that best suits your needs. Our hours of opening are designed to ensure that you can meet your work commitments, knowing that your children are safe and secure in child care with us. Each of our team members will discuss with you how best to work with your child – their likes, dislikes and particular interests and needs.

    Our open-door policy invites you to call in whenever you wish to spend time with your child. We also seek your feedback on our centre operations to ensure that we are meeting both your and your child's needs.

    One of our parents commented, "We currently have two boys at Giraffe. One is in the preschool room, while the youngest is in the nursery. The staff are so welcoming, friendly and supportive of us as a family and both boys individually. Both boys love going each day and are stimulated and challenged with the various programs. While I can't be at home with the boys full time, it is reassuring to know that they are somewhere where they are cared for, loved and supported".

    The Giraffe Early Learning Centre Philosophy

    At Giraffe Early Learning Centre – Docklands, we believe in providing a warm and welcoming, safe, and creative atmosphere in which all children and their families feel confident and relaxed.

    We believe all members of the Giraffe Early Learning Centre Community are individuals, bringing with them a variety of skills, knowledge and understanding related to their unique experiences in life. These characteristics are a large influence when programming is implemented. We are working with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), where the community is valued, and families are encouraged to become involved with the Centre, and we encourage a positive and strong link between home and Giraffe Early Learning Centre. The main theme of the EYLF is Belonging Being and Becoming.

    We value uniqueness and nurture future growth by embracing the individual, recognising areas of interest, developing respectful interactions, providing positive guidance, supporting ongoing learning, offering inclusive programs and promoting self-help skills and teamwork.


    Giraffe Early Learning Centre Docklands offers quality childcare in the Docklands and surrounding areas. Catering for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, our Docklands childcare centre encourages a daycare environment that makes the children feel safe whilst enjoying the freedom to express themselves as individuals. Our Childcare Centre provides nutritional meals, nappies and provides a strong foundation for early education.

    With Childcare being a changing landscape of procedures, research and information, Giraffe Early Learning Centre's staff are constantly reading and learning new information and skills to keep abreast of the latest developments. We believe knowledge and understanding of child development are essential.

    All staff are at varying levels of further education and are encouraged and supported by the Centre Owner.

    Our staff are professional, nurturing, sensitive and committed to the well being of the children and parents of Giraffe Early Learning Centre. Your children's needs come first, and meeting their needs is our priority.

    Our staff also attend regular training days throughout the year, which enables them to initiate new programs and systems and incorporate these into our Centre.


    Our Kitchen

    Our cook has trained both overseas and locally. He has a commitment to provide fresh food daily. He does not believe in using pre-prepared items, and everything is created "from scratch" every day. The menu is varied and is created based on what is fresh and available at the markets, as well as being sensitive to what our children enjoy eating.

    Each day we serve breakfast for those early risers as well as morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. The children are offered fruit throughout the day. They are also encouraged to try new tastes and flavours.


    Our outdoor environment is planned to include a number of dedicated areas aimed at providing many opportunities for children to engage in more vigorous exercise such as running, kicking and throwing balls, climbing, balancing and digging in a safe and challenging way. They will be unique facilities, each presenting opportunities for learning.

    For preschool children, we have an indoor/outdoor program where they are free to choose which area they would like to use.

    Self Help Activities

    We encourage children throughout the day to be independent in life skills and to be part of helping the group in the PreschoolPreschool Room. Some of the ways they do this are:

    • To serve themselves and scrape their own plates at mealtimes, and to pour their own drinks
    • To help stack the chairs after meals
    • Remove their own bedding after rest
    • Put on their own shoes and socks
    • Take responsibility for their own belongings
    • Packing away and cleaning up when they have finished at an activity
    • Feed themselves
    • Be able to wash their hands and toilet themselves
    • Simple dressing skills are encouraged


    Giraffe Early Learning Centre – Docklands is committed to promoting sustainability and facilitating a healthy community and environment. We are committed to protecting our environment to ensure a sustainable future for our children, and through everyday practices, we strive to be better tomorrow than we are today. Our Centre actively participates in caring for our environment and promotes sustainable practices through educating and working with the children, families and wider community.

    School Readiness

    Drawing/Writing Table

    This area provides many opportunities with a variety of materials to develop their pre-writing and reading skills. These include developing cutting skills with scissors, holding a pencil, writing and identifying their names, letter recognition and hand-eye coordination.

    Puzzles, Construction, Cognitive Games and Manipulative Equipment

    Here children learn many of the concepts needed for later maths learning, such as spatial awareness, shape, colour, size and number. They also learn the skills of matching, sorting, visual discrimination, memory, concentration and problem-solving.

    Sensory Play

    Children learn through all of their senses – touch, taste, smell, vision and hearing. Providing children with experiences such as sand, water, clay, playdough, and cooking increases their ability to process the world around them. It is also relaxing and emotionally satisfying.

    Creative Experiences

    Many different media are used to encourage children to use their imagination, problem-solving skills, concentration, aesthetic awareness, and to develop a feeling of self-esteem and self-confidence in their own abilities. Some include collage, painting, play dough, dancing, singing, drawing and blocks. With young children, it is the doing (the process) that is important, not the result (the product).

    Role-play and Imaginary Play

    This helps children to gain self-identity, social skills and to understand how others feel. We provide experiences like dressing up, puppets and cubbies.

    Wantirna South Childcare Centre - Victoria

    03 8578 5330

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 134
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Welcome to Wantirna South Early Learning Centre, where we support every child to learn and grow at their own pace and in their own unique way.

    We welcome children from six weeks to school age with a four-year-old kindergarten program. We offer a secure and safe environment where curiosity is encouraged, concepts are explored, and discovery is celebrated. The children experience the power of learning together in large and small groups while still pursuing their own individual learning pathways.

    At Wantirna South ELC, we believe that it takes a village to raise a child; therefore, we are eager to be active partners and create collaborative relationships with families and their communities.


    At Wantirna South ELC, we take a tailored and holistic approach to learning that focuses on the developmental needs and interests of each child. We are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia, and our unique educational curriculum works on the theory of emergent and inquiry project-based learning. Our curriculum gives every child the opportunity to engage in meaningful and purposeful learning experiences that will help each child grow and evolve to their full potential. Wantirna South ELC follows the Early Years Learning Framework, including the principles, practices and learning outcomes to ensure that the educational program and practice of educators are child-centric, stimulating and that they maximise opportunities for enhancing and extending each child's learning and development. Our curriculum includes a program that builds on children's individual knowledge, strengths, ideas, culture, abilities and interests, which is likely to have long term benefits for children and for the broader society. We are guided in the development of our curriculum by the National Quality Standard & Framework. The National Quality Standard (NQS) sets a high national benchmark for early childhood education and care and outside school hours care services in Australia. The NQSF includes seven quality areas that are important outcomes for children.

    Inquiry-based learning

    Inquiry-based learning promotes the child's role in the learning process and invites them to actively engage with an idea or topic as opposed to passively sitting and listening to a teacher. The overall goal of an inquiry-based approach is for students to make meaning of what they are learning about and to understand how a concept works in a real-world context. The inquiry approach is sometimes known as project-based or experiential learning. To learn about a topic, children are encouraged to explore resources, ask questions and share ideas. The teacher helps the child to apply new concepts to different contexts, which allows them to discover knowledge for themselves by exploring, experiencing, questioning and discussing as they go.

    Project work & investigations

    Through play and learning at Wantirna South ELC, we allow children to build on their understanding of their world through different experiences. Project-based learning provides children with an opportunity to investigate and explore an area of interest. This includes inquiry-based projects; these projects will vary in length and will last for as long as the child is showing interest in the topic. The project can be viewed through many aspects of the environment, such as through drawing and sculpting, dance and movement, painting and pretend play, modelling and music, ensuring each child is given the opportunity to explore and use all of their senses and languages or approaches to learning. At Wantirna South ELC, we take an intentional approach to teaching and learning. To help deliver appropriate intentional teaching, each room has a project occurring throughout the year, which will change and evolve over time, depending on the children and their interaction and involvement with the project. It is our belief that children are confident and capable learners and that projects give children an opportunity to engage in inquiry-based play, to investigate and discover an area of personal interest and provide children with the power to construct their own learning.

    Primary Care System

    At Wantirna South ELC, we take a primary caregiver approach to each child's early learning journey. The aim is for a primary teacher/educator to develop deep knowledge and understanding around each individual child's needs in the home and family context and build on these shared understandings into daily practices and meaningful learning experiences. The primary caregiver approach enables children to feel settled and happy and more confident to explore, and as a result, become more capable learners. Working with children in this way allows the educator to 'tune in' better to children's play and their conversations, to really get to know the children in their group well. This is essential in delivering a curriculum that emerges with the child's interests and stage of development. Our primary care system is tailored for each room and children's developmental stage and needs. Each teacher has to take responsibility for establishing and maintaining close reciprocal relationships with a small group of children and their families and communicating with them daily.

    What does primary care look like?

    One teacher is primarily caring for a small group of children and takes responsibility for the child's overall wellbeing. They will bond with the child through special care moments, such as arrivals and meal times. For the children, this is the person they' bond' with and build a close and trusting relationship. It also means that one person will be there for the child and respond to their needs and care for them. For the parents and family, it means they will build a relationship with an educator and will feel comfortable with leaving their child and passing on important information about their child. The primary care educator is someone with whom both parents and child can build a close and trusting relationship.

    School Transition & Contemporary Learning

    Our school readiness program aims to prepare your child for school and beyond by developing the foundational skills for formal learning prior to starting school. This is essential in developing capable and confident lifelong learners. We also focus on emotional intelligence and core values that include: respect, kindness, empathy, perseverance, patience and courage, curiosity, resilience and a sense of agency as well as gratitude and inclusion. A smooth transition to school for you and your child is important to us. At Wantirna South ELC, we believe that when children are confident, the school will be a positive and rewarding experience for them. As your child moves through their early years, the transition to formal schooling is one of their most significant milestones. Preparing your child for the transition to school and their future doesn't just happen in the year before school. It happens from the day they are born. Through our contemporary early learning Curriculum, we scaffold children's learning through a wide range of experiences that set them up for lifelong learning.

    Camberwell Junction Childcare Centre - Melbourne

    (03) 9882 8713

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 60
    School Fees Low

    Link To School Fees Page:


    At Camberwell Junction Early Learning Centre, we know that your child's early years are precious. We are a privately owned and registered daycare and childcare centre, providing accredited early learning and kinder education programs for children 0 to 5 years old. With our emphasis on learning and personalised care, we keep your child active and engaged from their earliest years.


    Our childcare centre caters to a maximum of 60 children to ensure your child's individual needs can be met with care. With three children's rooms, highly qualified educators and additional room staff, we are able to provide the personal care and attention that each child needs – be it their developmental, personal routines, nutrition or other. We take the time to know every family and give every effort to accommodate each family's specific needs.

    Our staff are all qualified, friendly and provide the highest level of care by encouraging, supporting and contributing to the happiness and development of each individual child.



    Camberwell Junction Early Learning Centre is a privately-owned purpose-built childcare centre caring for up to 60 children each day. We have three separate rooms: Ladybird Room (Nursery), Caterpillar Room (Toddlers) and Butterfly Room (Kinder), where the children have small personal groups and are looked after by qualified and dedicated educators. Each room operates in accordance with national ratios and has its own learning program fitting to the individual needs of the group. Developmental observations are taken and recorded for parents to discuss with our educators at any time.


    We have an assigned educator within the centre who is responsible for the development of activities and programs designed to meet the growing needs of your child and to facilitate learning within each of the age levels.

    We also value the role of the child in creating their own learning experiences and acknowledge our role as educators to expand on those experiences. We listen to their valuable opinions and involve them in the decision-making process. We believe that by providing a warm, nurturing, safe environment for children and families, children improve their confidence and capabilities to explore and examine the world around them.


    All of our teachers have a genuine passion for teaching and caring for children. Each day you will be greeted by warm and familiar faces, allowing you and your child to develop strong and trusting relationships with us.

    They are highly qualified, with a working with children check, first aid and anaphylaxis training as well as food handling training. We regularly attend professional development to keep up to date with current early childhood practices and to extend our knowledge in early childhood theory and development.



    The Camberwell Junction Early Learning Centre offers two education programs: the Early Learning and Kinder Programs. These programs follow the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for Australia, developed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) in consultation with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). The framework is designed to provide young children, from birth until eight years, with opportunities to develop a foundation for future success in learning.


    The curriculum throughout the centre is based on a collaboration of the National Early Years Learning Framework, Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the centre's philosophy.

    The aim of our curriculum is to foster the children's development based on the five learning outcomes identified in the Victorian Framework: Identity, Community, Well Being, Learning and Communication.

    To achieve these outcomes, learning takes place:

    • With a structured yet flexible program in a nurturing and stimulating environment.
    • At the child's individual pace.
    • Both indoors and outdoors to make learning fun and dynamic.
    • By using the child's daily routines and transitions as part of the learning platform.

    Our staff works in partnership with families as we recognise that you are the first and most influential educator in your child's life. As such, we encourage participation and involvement from parents, especially via feedback and your suggestions.

    Kimmba Bilingual Childcare Centre - Victoria

    (03) 9525 8300

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 32 
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Who Are We?

    Kimmba Bilingual Learning Inc. was a not-for-profit association organised by Jo Jo Bilingual Education Program founder Mrs Marisha Theeboom and had the help of a group of volunteer mothers with professional backgrounds as committee members.

    Without their hard work, professional knowledge in their own specific areas, and strong support since 2007, we wouldn't have this wonderful, educational bilingual early learning centre today, which has been specially set up for Melbourne's young learners since 2012 at St Kilda East.

    Our Mission

    The bilingual early learning program developed by Marisha Theeboom also helps participant children and their families understand other cultures, thus promoting community cohesion and harmony.

    Kimmba Bilingual Early Learning Centre is the first long daycare service in Australia that offers four languages spontaneously to children daily. Its multilingual program aims at the acceptance of families and children who come from different nationalities and backgrounds and who speak different languages because we believe that a society that accepts its peoples' colours, races, languages, and even religions is a successful, well-functioning society and one in which we would like our children to live and grow. This aim has exceeded the NQF and reached the NS outcomes way beyond DET assessors can measure with their standard assessment tool.

    As migrants, we would like to see multiculturalism in Australia continue to succeed and, in doing so, promote the diversities of the world's cultures without any language barriers.

    Our core values

    Learning & Fun

    At Kimmba, we use play-based learning experiences that make learning fun, not a chore.

    Healthy Meals

    We provide delicious healthy meals, building a foundation of healthy eating for growing kids.

    Children Safety

    By focusing on safety, we stamp out bullying early to create an all-inclusive space.

    Cute Environment

    Let kids be kids! We provide an interactive space where your kids can grow, learn and play.


    Indoor/outdoor play and Physical Education

    Physical education is a vital part of our curriculum. It enhances children's general well being and helps them to adopt a positive outlook on their own health and fitness from a young age.

    Through the complexity of the challenging outdoor curriculum, children are keen to explore the environment in a safe and fun outdoor play area.

    The flexibility of open-door policy allows children to be able to freely explore, discover, and develop their own learning

    • Bilingual early learning education (0-6 years)
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Sensory play
    • Information Communication Technology
    • Early literacy and numeracy

    Science & discovery

    Based on their interests and curiosity, children freely investigate, manipulate and experiment with maths and science through a wide variety of resources and materials:

    • Canvas painting- see how the colour mix and creates new
    • Observing Celery dipped in different colours
    • Water experience: steam, liquid, and ice
    • Cooking and playdough


    building blocks…and so much more

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