10+ Best Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne (2022)

We all love to look and feel good, but what makes that one hell of a lot more satisfying is when you can kick some ass while doing it. That's why we're currently obsessed with boxing, and we're not the only ones.

Celebs like Khloe Kardashian and Adriana Lima love it, (as well as what seems like over half of Instagram), so if you're not already hooked, here's why you need to get on board.

Boxing is a brilliant way of sculpting, toning, and getting a quality full-body workout.

Located in Melbourne and planning to have your dream body shape on your wedding day?

One of the best ways to achieve that stunning body shape is to attend boxing classes. 

We've created an ultimate list of the best boxing gym classes right across Melbourne.

Pick based on your location, the quality of the gym, and the affordability of the boxing packages.

Let’s dive right in.

Fit2box - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


0433 115 312 

Fit2box Boxing Studio is committed to delivering results through boxing fitness. Our Trainers are all active fighters, and we take boxing from the ring to your gloves. We are passionate about what we do and strive from seeing your success. We specialize in weight loss, F2B Group Classes, Personal Training and teaching the art of boxing.

Many athletes around the world use boxing as a cross-training off-season for many different reasons. Not only because boxing uses your full body and pushes your cardio to new levels of fitness.

Boxing is a great way to keep the mind and body moving while learning the art of the sport. Sixty minutes of boxing doesn't feel like your normal 60-minute workout. You can easily smash over 1000 calories while having fun and trust us when I say time flies when you are having fun.

As you can see below from the many lists of Elite Athletes that choose to train with Fit2box Boxing Studio, you can tell we mean business.

Most of our one on one PT's sessions are for your average Mums and Dads who love throwing punches to get up a sweat, tone up, and lose weight. Our member's ages range from 4 years kids to 72 years old and everything in between.

XFC Gym - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne



Learn from the best Mixed Martial Arts instructors in the area. They are dedicated to providing a stable, family environment where you can excel in your personal goals and find a varied and supportive community. Whether you plan to compete, lose weight, meet new like-minded people or increase your day-to-day life, we will help you get there faster than you ever thought possible while having fun doing it! The benefits of MMA classes are endless. From confidence and self-esteem to discipline and empowerment, whether you're enjoying MMA classes or our Jiu-Jitsu program, you'll start seeing improvement in mind, body, and spirit in only a few short classes. GET STARTED TODAY by clicking the Request More Information button above!

XFC Gym's Muay Thai program is a structured workout teaching your traditional Muay Thai Kickboxing techniques directly from Thailand as well as many practical self-defence techniques and ground defence.

Muay Thai is referred to as "The Art of Eight Limbs" as the hands, shins, elbows and knees are all used extensively in this art. The workouts are intense, involving punching, focus pads, kicking thick shields and getting you in the best shape of your life.

South Side Fitness Gym - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


(03) 8598 9435

At our South Side Fitness gym St Kilda we have state of the art equipment to aid you on your FITNESS journey. Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, Commando, ZUU. Gym membership at South Side Fitness will include access to an Olympic-size ring, fully equipped hammer strength weights room, suspended training equipment, an Olympic-sized wrestling matt and cardio, powerlifting and functional fitness areas the gym.

Boxing St Kilda Overview

The Boxing Classes at Southside Fitness are structured in 2min rounds with the objective not only becoming your own personal World Champion Boxer but a World Class Pad Holder too… At South Side Fitness we are heavily focused on getting the best out of you and in doing this we partner you, giving you that push as well as educating and giving understanding into Techniques, the Whys and Why not's and good old fashioned Sweat Sessions that are what Boxing is all About! Boxing St Kilda is about having fun, seeing your growth and feeling amazing! Suitable for guys & girls, beginners & advanced, get down and get into it.

The Rumble Room - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


1300 062 976

The Rumble Room is an Australian-owned and operated 24-hour gym located in Fairfield's heart, just a short distance from the Melbourne CBD.

With a fully equipped gym, including state of the art cardio equipment, pin-loaded weight machines, plate loaded weight machines, a large free weights area including four squat racks as well as boxing facilities, including bags, speedballs and a ring we are completely different to any 24-hour gym on the market.

We also offer group fitness classes, including Functional Fit, HIIT Boxing, Functional Boxing, Abs and Boxing, HIIT Strength and Boxing and Virtual Spin.

Come and train on your terms, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just use your personalized 24-hour access tag to swipe in.

We take pride in the cleanliness and the friendly and community atmosphere we provide. Ensuring you can feel comfortable and confident every time you step into the club.

Our member's safety is our number one priority, which is why we have the best security and surveillance systems in place to ensure you work out in complete safety.

We have loads of easy parking, at the front and rear of the club.

We offer different membership options, from prepaid memberships, junior memberships, casual visits to flexible direct debits. Our pricing is incredibly competitive, and we challenge you to find a better deal for something similar to what we offer.

Personal Training is also available. Our Trainers are all fully qualified and have extensive knowledge and experience in the fitness industry, meaning they can help you reach your goals quicker.

Bobby Dunne's Boxing & Fitness Gym - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne



Bobby Dunne's Boxing & Fitness Gym intends to continue the legacy of Bobby Dunne.  

The gym is not a traditional boxing gym in terms of black eyes and cuts noses, and it is a boxing gym where people can learn the art of boxing without being intimidated. People can understand that boxing is not just a blood sport but a conduit for discipline, self-defence, skill and ultimately a tool for a healthy mind & body. Members constantly remind of the friendly atmosphere and how the gym is a positive community resource available for men, women and children of all ages.

Everyone is welcome to join our classes, and most of all, no experience is necessary. Our boxing classes don't involve hauling a truck tire up a hill or being yelled at by a drill sergeant. They do involve boxing drills and boxing combinations used by real boxers plus cardio and strength exercises that will give you a fun, full-body workout that will get you results – fast! Boxing is the ultimate fitness.

Bobby Dunne

Bobby Dunne won a 'Golden Gloves' amateur title and went on to become the Commonwealth Featherweight Champion 1972-74 as a professional.  

Bobby was a counsellor, friend, confidant, and father figure to several hundred young people within juvenile justice centres for most of his life. Bobby had the common touch and won young people's hearts and minds looking for a direction in their lives. His energy and optimism were contagious, and his presence rapidly attracted people from all walks of life who recognized his sincerity and integrity.

He died in November 1998 leaving a boxing gym and a legacy. The gym was taken over by Bobby's son in law, Brandon Fuga and is a great place to train, keeping fit and meeting some great people.


Resilience Training Centre - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


0410 843 561

Resilience Training Centre is a purpose-built gym in West Melbourne. Designed to cater for all levels, with the elite to beginner-level programs in Judo, BJJ, Boxing, CrossFit and MMA. Resilience is helping to build Kids Judo and BJJ, with the highest level coaches in Australia. Resilience training Centre has a designated Boxing studio, a matted area with sprung floors for safety and a designated Crossfit area to maximize your results. With a focus on respect and building resilience, everyone is welcome, and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Resilience Training Centre is excited to offer Boxing classes to all levels. From beginner to pro, our classes are structured to maximize results and help you reach your goals.

300 Boxing + Fitness


0421 726 630

"A DREAM written down with a date becomes a GOAL.

A goal broken down becomes a PLAN.

A plan backed by ACTION,


​Hi, I'm Nick, also known as Coach Nick and this is my dream.

​From a very young age, Martial Arts have always been a part of my life and a huge influence on today's passion. I am a qualified Fitness Professional and Registered Boxing Coach with Boxing Australia.

​I have been involved in the health and fitness industry for 15 years. I have you covered whether it is pure boxing for fighters, fitness or functional strength and conditioning.

​My goal is to help educate my clients on the importance of an active lifestyle and teach functional training methods and techniques and healthy eating habits to maintain a positive life path.

​I have competed as an amateur boxer and have had the pleasure of training and working with some of Australia's best boxing coaches.

​I am very passionate about my job, and I am committed to helping all my clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

​With a combination of intelligent and consistent training, along with a balanced eating plan, I believe that we can all create positive habits that are realistic and can put us on the right track to achieve and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. I leave you with a quote from one of my favourite philosophers.  

300 Boxing + Fitness is an elite boxing facility dedicated to fitness and fighters, based in Victoria's South Eastern suburb of Cheltenham. 300 Boxing + Fitness is more than just your average gym. It's a health and fitness community.

Founded by Coach Nick Vidiniotis in 2018 and has spent over 15 years in both the Boxing and Fitness Industry, Coach Nick decided to create an environment to share his knowledge and inspire others to achieve their health and fitness goals everyone is welcome. 

Coach Nick has created a safe and friendly gym environment to cater for all levels of fitness, age and experience. From a total beginner to an elite athlete, there is a class for everyone.

​At 300 Boxing + Fitness, we are goal-driven with our clients' safety and happiness coming first. When people join 300 Boxing + Fitness, they become more than just members, and they become part of the family.

​We understand that you can't go from zero to hero overnight, that's why we have created safe and progressive training programs that ensure your success in achieving your health and fitness goals.

Street Workout St Kilda - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


0421 962 242

Rebuilt from the ground up, Street Workout is a modern alternative to the gym. We believe in keeping physical conditioning raw and untouched by corporate fitness.  

Hybridizing street movements originating in Eastern Europe with elements of the most exceptional disciplines from around the world, including gymnastics, callisthenics, breakdance and yoga, we have attuned our interpretation of Street Workout. Street Workout has been stripped to the bone, and from this lean founding beast, we have raised a behemoth!

With only the body and the bar, we establish a regiment that not only will make you incredibly lean and strong, but that will give the freedom of movement that can only be achieved through complete body mastery.

Street Workout St Kilda aims to provide Melbourne's best personal training for all – beginner through to advanced, of all abilities and limitations. Although we specialize in callisthenics bodyweight training, we also cater for those looking to better their physique, lose weight, gain and improve their strength. Our trainers are certified, hold relevant degrees and have a track record of impressive results.

We also hope to give life to this callisthenics movement by providing guidance to anyone hoping to learn callisthenics and the intricacies of bodyweight training in a safe and supportive environment, with the correct progressions. We are a mobile personal training company that provides personal training in St Kilda and surrounding suburbs and exercise program design and nutritional guidance for those wanting to fast-track their progress in the callisthenics world.

We have embraced online personal training, giving clients the opportunity to train from Melbourne, Australia and the World. Online personal training is conducted via video call and combines all of the benefits of in-person training with the convenience of exercising from home. 

Whether you'd like to learn iconic static holds like the handstand or planche, or if you're more into callisthenics freestyle and bar flow, join us and let us help you become a stronger, fitter, leaner version of yourself. 

Prestige Gym - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


0416 522 745

Born from a desire to create an authentic fight gym in Melbourne's CBD, Prestige Gym opened its doors in October 2013. Situated on King Street, two minutes from Southern Cross Station, Prestige is unlike any other city-based Melbourne boxing gym.

Head trainer, Predrag Galic's intention, was to open a training facility orientated towards fighters, but also not neglecting the general public who want to enjoy the sport without having to compete. Specializing in the striking arts of boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing, two decades of experience in martial arts has seen him develop a unique approach.

Believing that the right program comes from experience, Predrag has trained with some of the world's best coaches from many different backgrounds. Having competed as a fighter for many years in boxing, Thai Boxing and kickboxing, Predrag developed the Prestige program from a combination of old-school training styles integrated with new methods and sports science.

Prestige Gym is open to the general public. Members are introduced to combat sports, thus finding out whether or not it is suited for them. We intend that people can first (without pressure) get a feel for the sport of their choice and begin to understand it. If they like it and want to take the next step, they'll have the opportunity to do so. This will happen through the correct program and guidance from an experienced coach, who likewise has been guided through his career by skilled professionals* with the intention of reaching the highest possible level.

The Prestige method is built around the concept of strong foundations. We find that when a prospect starts in the wrong way, it generally takes longer to guide them back on to a successful path. That is why you will find a strong emphasis on the fundamentals at Prestige gym, a dedicated Melbourne boxing gym that specializes in boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing.

Before the boxing sport, Muay Thai and kickboxing were recently commercialized in the last couple of decades, and gyms used to be the place where fighters of different skill levels (beginners to seasoned professionals) were preparing for fights. Skills were shared and passed on from generation to generation. Only coaches with extensive fight background and experience at high levels of competition were in charge of training. This is still the case at Prestige Gym Melbourne.

Fairbairn Boxing and Fitness - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


+61 413 923 487

Here at FBF, we offer boxing classes to all skill levels. Check out our timetable to see what days and times we have available!

We focus on technique, but we also mix this with fitness style boxing and bodyweight exercises to give you a real "Bang for your buck" session! It's a welcoming community atmosphere down here at Fairbairn with guaranteed unlimited amounts of fun each class!

We're located on Melbourne High School property at the famous Unicorn Club next to the oval. Our association with Freedom of Movement Yoga and Unseat Your Body gives you access to Yoga and Circuit style classes.

If you have any further enquiries, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email!

BoxingFit Port Melbourne - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


1300 269 340

With over 17 classes a day, 100 classes a week, 30 different types of classes, and catering to all fitness levels, there are a number of classes to suit whatever your motivation is. Each 30 minute HIIT session will have you burning fat and calories, building strength, getting fitter, and most importantly getting results.

Besides, BoxingFit Port Melbourne has now opened a new weight and cardio gym filled with the latest state of the art equipment. Plus, they are now OPEN 24/7.

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible training experience for our members, and the most welcoming, friendly environment. All our trainers are fully qualified personal trainers and experienced boxers. Therefore we can guarantee our group classes and extensive personal training programs are result-driven.

One of Australia's largest boxing gyms is located just at the Westgate Bridge in Port Melbourne. Free parking any time of the day right outside our front door compliments the convenience of our 30-minute high-intensity classes.

There is no other fitness centre in the area anything like us. Our classes range from beginners to advanced and are conducted by professional trainers. With 100 classes per week, there's a time to suit everyone.

We are now OPEN 24/7 and have a new fully equipped state of the art weights and cardio gym with coaches available to assist you with your programs if need be.

We also run our Knockout the Kilos 8 week challenges and specialized personal training programs to cater to specific needs or preparation for specific events.

If your main goals are to lose weight, get fit, or tone up, there is no better place to be!

BoxingFit Port Melbourne also runs training for amateur and professional fighters. Inquire within.

Does boxing tone your body?

A common question that comes up when we talk about boxing is can it give you toned arms. There are a lot of arguments for both sides from different people's experience, but there is a lot more to it than may meet the eye. Boxing is a great full-body workout, and specifically, when looking at punching, it does great things for your arms, and buttoning is deeper than that.

Build Muscle

Boxing can definition help you to build muscle (have you seen a boxer? There definitely isn't a lack of muscle). Combine boxing with a calorie surplus (using some type of online building calculator)—and walaah. Muscle gains.


The general idea of getting toning is a lot more than just having some more muscle definition. Once you look at the actual definition of toning, it becomes more apparent that you need to be losing fat and building muscle to make the most of your efforts while still reaching this magical middle ground. There is more to it than just which exercise will give you the best results though.

Fat Burning

Boxing is an incredibly effective cardio workout that goes without question. No matter which aspect of boxing training you're using, you will be putting your body through some real hard work, which is great for your cardio system. This means that it's great for burning fat, which is of course what we want.

The bad news, however, is fat loss can't be targeted from any one particular area. It will result in you losing some fat from around your arms and helping you get toned up, but it will also do the same for every other part of your body. There are no quick fixes in fitness.

Improves Performance

So, looking at the other side of toned arms, you'll need to be building up muscle in your training. Boxing is an effective way to build up muscle in your body, but only to a certain extent. As your spar or use a heavy bag in your training, you're essentially giving your arms a resistance workout. This is good for getting toned, but only to a certain extent.

You will quickly reach a point where you aren't build up any muscle from boxing anymore. To build muscle, you need to be continually pushing your body to do more significant feats, rather than just conditioning it to be able to do the same things but better.


To conclude, does it help tone your arms? Yes. Is it enough? Maybe not. Boxing will help you to lose fat and to build muscle to an extent, but probably not enough for you to get toned up, and especially not any time soon. You'd need to be training constantly for any effect. The best thing you can do is add some arm weight training exercises into your workouts so that you are slingshotting your progress and cutting your calorie intake so that you are burning as much fat as possible. This is the only real way it can happen, or start a good upper body toning plan.

Find the balance and don't go too over the top and you will get toned arms, especially using boxing for your cardio training. It's actually on par with running in a lot of ways, with very few exercises out there able to beat in in terms of calorie burning.

Benefits of Boxing That Will Have You Punching Your Heart Out

Cardiovascular Health

Something very beneficial about the sport of boxing is that it is excellent for your cardiovascular health. One of the things that make boxing so great for your heart is that the act of punching, any punch, forces very many of your muscles to contract at once. Because so many muscles are utilized, your heart has to work extra hard to pump blood and oxygen to them, thus giving your heart quite the workout.

There is also the fact that boxing requires you to always move around and stay light on your feet, giving your heart and lungs a run for their money. Moreover, training for boxing also involves a lot of cardiovascular fitness, as boxers often do things like jump rope, circuit training, cycling, and running on treadmills to increase their stamina, all of which are of course fantastic cardiovascular workouts.

Getting such a good cardiovascular workout is great for physical fitness and performance both inside and outside the ring. Training your heart to work more efficiently means that those muscles you are using to throw punches are better fed with blood and oxygen thanks to your heart being able to pump more life into them. Of course, cardiovascular health is also important when it comes to things like controlling blood pressure, attaining a lower resting heart rate, and avoiding various kinds of heart disease.

Strong Bones & Joints

One of the things that we like about boxing is that it is a bone-building exercise per extraordinaire. Of course, having stronger and denser bones is fantastic for your overall health, especially as you get older. Bone building exercises are very important because as you age, your bones tend to get weaker, increasing broken bones and even degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis.

However, a good way to solve this issue is by building your bones through weight-bearing exercises. Boxing is a weight-bearing exercise, and it is so in more than just one way. First of all, boxing gets you up on your feet, and the nature of boxing means that you are always bouncing around, thus putting weight on your legs and knees.

Moreover, every time you strike or punch, your elbows, shoulders and the rest of your arms also have weight put up against them. Punching may not be your classic weight-bearing exercise, but it does function in much the same way. There is also the fact that the sport of boxing involves a lot of training through various exercises such as running, jumping rope, doing pushups, and other various activities which all qualify as weight-bearing exercises.

In case it is not clear, your bones work in much the same way as your muscles do, at least in the way they get bigger and stronger. The more weight you put on your bones and joints, the more those bones, or to be exact, your osteoblast, produce bone mass. That bone mass serves to enlarge and thicken your bones, thus making them stronger.

Bigger Muscles And More Tone

Another big benefit that comes along with engaging in the sport of boxing is that it will tone your body and help your muscles get big and strong. After all, boxing is about being not only quick but also strong, at least if you want to stand a chance of defeating your opponent. Not only does the physical movement of performing various punches strengthen your arms, shoulders, and core, but all of the other aspects that come along with boxing help to build your muscles too.

Serious boxers go through a ton of training, including weight lifting, resistance training, pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and whatever else a boxer needs to do to get ready for his next opponent. All of the training that is involved in boxing goes a very long way in strengthening your muscles and making them more powerful plus more explosive.

Even better is that boxing involves very fast movements that combine speed and strength, giving you toned and taut muscles instead of those slow and bulky muscles that many weight lifters have. Boxing itself may not make you that strong, but all of the training you need to do to be an effective fighting machine in the ring does.

Improving Your Coordination

The next big benefit that you can reap from boxing and training for boxing on a regular basis is that you will develop better hand-eye coordination. Training your hand-eye coordination works in the same way as training your cardiovascular endurance or your muscle strength, in the sense that the more you challenge it, the better it will get.

Boxing involves a lot of coordination because you need to be able to bounce around and move in a certain direction with your feet, while at the same time landing punches on your opponent. Moreover, you have to be able to aim your hands perfectly to get that big punch in on your opponent's sweet spot, something that requires a heck of a lot of coordination.

Moreover, training for boxing, such as skipping rope, or better yet using a speed bag, also helps to train hand-eye coordination and the connection between your brain, the part that tells you to do something, and your hands and feet, the parts which execute the maneuvers which your brain has instructed them to do.

Weight Control

Another big benefit of boxing regularly is that it goes a long way in helping you lose weight. An average training or sparring session in the ring, or even just going after a heavyweight bag, will allow you to burn anywhere from 400 to 700 calories every single hour.

Of course, this does vary depending on the type of exercising that you are doing. Since boxing involves so many different methods of training, the calories you burn will vary depending on if you are in a real-life match, just sparring, hitting a bag, going for the speed bag, or doing weight training or even cardiovascular training.

No matter what your body condition is right now, boxing training allows you to immerse in the session at the pace you feel comfortable. The classes encourage you to push the boundary of your limit as long as you do it safely and are conditioned for it.

Boxing training will bring about a huge number of positive results. Get the physically fit body that you can be proud of, and that will keep you in a superb shape.

Since you choose to work out and exercise at your comfort level, do have a great time and enjoy the fun of these boxing workout programs.


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