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What Are the Best Instagram Tips for Wedding Photographers?

When Instagram launched in 2010, smartphone cameras still lacked many of the functions and quality that they have since expanded upon. Photos uploaded to Instagram in the past look fuzzy and distorted since they were taken with the app's built-in camera. The feed is now a combination of smartphone snaps and highly edited images. The camera on modern smartphones is good enough that it can be used on the fly, and some people might not even notice. This post is for you if you want to learn how to shoot better images for your brand on Instagram with only the equipment you already have. Understanding some fundamentals of photography and discovering what really drives interaction on Instagram is the next best thing for small businesses who cannot always afford to hire a professional photographer.

Less talking, more shooting. Instagram should adopt this as their motto. The most popular social network has made considerable strides in recent years to highlight visual content, particularly photographs and videos. In addition, you don't need to be a tech whiz or a born writer to make use of the site successfully. To sum up, Instagram has grown to have more than a billion active users per month, all of whom are hungry for stunning visual content like your own. Instagram, in a nutshell, is a dream come true for photographers. It also serves as an excellent supplement to your web portfolio.

The more content you share on Instagram, the more exposure your brand will get. You are, indeed, a brand in addition to being an artist. Thousands of curators, agencies, and potential clients are crawling the channel in search of new talent like yours. As an added bonus, if you're a photographer, creating an Instagram account will allow you to connect with a large, engaged audience who may come to identify with your work. You can have meaningful conversations with other users, which can lead to insightful criticism of your work and a never-ending supply of ideas. Check out our extensive list of Wedding Photographers in Melbourne to help capture your special moments.

That begs the question: where's the catch? Instagram photographers have a lot of competition to deal with. There is a fierce competition among users to gain a steady stream of likes, comments, and new followers. For this reason, we have compiled ten essential pointers that can help your Instagram photography account stand out.

10 Instagram Photographer Tips

You have the knowledge and skill to capture great images, making Instagram one of the greatest social networks for photographers. If you're a photographer and want to use it to advertise your business, regardless of what niche you work in, here are 10 things to keep in mind.

Make Use Of A Real Camera.

This method will allow you to capture higher-quality photographs, which can then be edited to your liking before being saved and uploaded on Instagram. New information can be added to business profiles.

Experiment With Different Editing Methods.

Experiment with several photo editing tools on your original shot to find which one works best for you. When posting photos online, you can invite your audience to vote on which version they prefer most and then utilise that version in the future.

Instagram allows you to experiment with numerous filters to give your photos a unique look in addition to tinkering with your editing skills.

Each Photo Should Tell A Story.

Give your followers some context for the pictures. Briefly explain how the photo session came about. Tell us about the setting, the people in the picture, and the like. When applicable, use hashtags; more on this below.

Do Not Consider Instagram Your Portfolio.

Wedding Photography

You shouldn't use it as a photo album; rather, it should be used as a means of directing viewers to your main website. Make better use of it by posting your most recent works there or by keeping a log of your everyday activities. While the rest of the project is being uploaded to your portfolio, you can simply add this on Instagram to show off your progress.

You can use it to showcase individual works that wouldn't fit in a traditional portfolio, such as a single photograph. If you ever find yourself without business cards when out and about or while waiting for another round to be brought, use Instagram as a business card and tell folks your Instagram account.

Make Good Use Of Hashtags.

Never make the mistake of using a hashtag that is inappropriate for your brand or speciality, or one that has been specifically banned. If you want your images to be discovered, you need to use the appropriate hashtags.

The following hashtags are commonly used by wedding photographers: #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #weddingphoto #weddingday #weddingmoments #weddingceremony #weddingstyle #weddingfashion #bridalfashion #weddinginspirations #weddingdetails #weddingideas #weddinginspo #weddingrings #weddingblog #weddingblogger #weddingplanning #loveauthentic #junebugweddings #destinationwe

These are some of the landscape photography techniques: Tags: #landscapes #landscape photography #pixel ig #landscape hunter #landscape lovers #landscape captures #ig landscape #trapping tones #ig masterpiece #ig podium #splendid earth #gramslayers #agameoftones #optoutside #discoverearth #exploretheglobe #nakedplanet #places wow #

In order to create a portrait, you can: Tags: #portraits, #portrait, #portraits ig, #pixel ig, #portraiture, #expofilm3k, #portrait perfection, #snowisblack, #portraits universe, #featurepalette, #bleachmyfilm, #portraitmood, #rsa portraits, #makeportraits, #profile vision, #top portraits, #life portraits, #post

Black-and-white photography has its own hashtag, as does photography in general. It only takes a few seconds to find the perfect hashtags to attract the kind of followers you want, no matter what you're photographing.

Show the Behind-the- Scenes.

Do more than just flaunt your photographic prowess; let your fans in on the inner workings of your photography business. To demonstrate the preparation that goes into your photography, have someone snap images of you at work in a session.

Showcase your editing skills by posting progress screenshots before submitting a finished project. The rest of the shoot can be seen in your portfolio, so be sure to tell people to check it out.

Time Your Post Properly.

The visibility and engagement of your material will change depending on the time of day you publish it. To ensure that the Instagram algorithm recognises your material as popular, you should post it when the majority of your audience is online and able to interact with it.

This will increase its likelihood of being included on Instagram's explore page, where it can potentially get a large number of new followers. Schedule future posts around the time you now know is best for your readership.

Connect With Your Followers.

When they leave a comment on one of your images, make sure to respond to it. Look at the pages of some of your followers and interact with them by like and commenting on their pictures.

They will be more inclined to continue talking with you and even promote your account to their friends and followers if they perceive you to be an active member of the community.

Observe the Kiss Rule.

KISS, or "Keep it simple, sweetie," stands for this. With Instagram, you want to accomplish just that. People won't read lengthy descriptions that you provide alongside all of your photographs. While you're preparing for your photo shoots, use Instagram automation to promote account development.

It will assist you in gaining more followers and provide you with a method of scheduling your posts so you can keep your material fresh even when you're so busy with photo shoots and editing that you arrive home and immediately fall asleep.

Have Fun, Don't Forget That.

Keep in mind that Instagram is a social media platform and use it as such. Enjoy your fan base and the pictures you post. You won't get the return on your investment you're looking for if you work all the time and never relax.

Think of Instagram as a network for sharing your work and making connections. You can improve your photography skills thanks to the constructive criticism you receive, and you might even discover some new clients as a result.

Photography Dos and Don'ts

So, you've just purchased a brand new camera, but the sheer number of options and icons can be bewildering! Don't worry about it! Know that this activity can actually be gratifying, as long as you’re ready to investigate it. Some basic dos and don'ts are provided here. Read on to discover it.

Do’s Of Photography

Concentrate On The Eyes

Those of you who have heard the old adage, "the eyes are the windows to the soul,” will appreciate learning that this adage also plays an important part in the world of photography. The key to holding the attention of your audience is to never let their attention wander. Why? If you don't do that, the end product can look like a mistake.

An additional useful technique for enhancing the quality of the photo's eye shots is to fill the flash and utilise a diffuser.

The Key to Success Is Experimentation

There's a lot of room for exploration in the world of photography. So, this is the most important advice. You can try toying with the settings, style, accessories,  editing, cameras, and the like. Don’t be scared to attempt new things, and realise that messing up during the process is natural. If you're lucky, you'll have something to show for it when you're done that will wow everyone.

Shoot A Range Of Poses

As such, it's important to include a variety of shots, such as close-ups, full-body shots, midsection shots, and so on. The person might adopt a 45-degree angle towards the camera by turning his head, torso, or shoulder.

Don't be reluctant to take additional shots if you feel it's necessary. One other advantage of this method is that even a nervous actor can begin to relax and have fun during shooting. In this way, the position will appear more genuine.

Photographers should also inform their subjects that numerous shots will be taken and secure their permission before beginning to snap away.

Props Might Be Utilised To Impart Information About The Subject.

If you're going to take a portrait of someone in a studio against a plain background, it's a good idea to have them bring an item that has significance to them. If you're an accountant, you're welcome to bring your calculator and tax return with you!


You are authorised to buy photography equipment accessories since you are a photographer. To remove the annoying dust from your lens, for instance, you'll need a lens cleaning kit. As an alternative to flaunting your camera's logo, a creative strap may suit you better.

It's also possible to choose a purse that complements your personality and taste. Invest in some filters, some replacement lenses, a flash, and maybe some additional lighting gear. The method of experimentation is entirely up to you.

Share Your Artwork!

Don't be bashful about sharing these pictures with the world on the internet. There are a lot of people who are interested in photography who will be curious to see what you can do with a DSLR. The question then becomes, "Why wait?" Discuss it with your loved ones, or look for a group of creative types in your area who share your enthusiasm. You will learn much more quickly if you expose yourself to as much as possible.

Think About Meeting Other Photographers

Getting together with other photographers is a great way to pick up tips and pointers. Attending a Meet-Up on Instagram or Facebook is one option, as is joining a group or enrolling in a photography class taught by a professional photographer. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like; serious photographers are usually happy to help others learn the techniques they've honed over the years. Looking for the best Wedding Photographer in Melbourne? Check out our ultimate list here.

Don’ts of Photography

Wedding Photography

Please Do Not Touch The Lens!

Do your photographs keep getting blurry? In that case, perhaps you should examine the lens. If you look closely, you might be able to make out a fingerprint or two; this is likely the cause of the blurriness in your photographs.

Investing in a lens cleaning kit is a fantastic option because it is best to clean the lens before each use. Lenses are extremely fragile, and it will never be cheap to replace them. As a result, to avoid having to worry about having to replace your camera, you should constantly take precautions and simply treat it with care.

Never Use A Wide-Angle Lens For A Close-Up.

The use of wide-angle lenses for close-up photography is not recommended, even for novice photographers. First, when utilising a wide-angle lens, linear distortion will increase as distance from the target decreases.

Simply said, features like the nose and/or the forehead will appear disproportionately larger. The risk of developing an abnormally large head in relation to the rest of the body is also present.

This is perfectly acceptable if you want to catch a funny face or a specific effect, but it will never result in a flattering photograph.

Never Forget the Basics

The shooting situations you encounter will always be variable, therefore you must always be ready. Therefore, it is imperative that you remember to carry along various accessories such as filters, extra memory cards, batteries, and flash units.

Don't Touch Your Model Ever!

It's obvious that this will give people the creeps, if not worse. You are not allowed to physically interact with your subject, even if you are only demonstrating a posture. You can also simply show the posture to the class, give verbal instructions, or even indicate with your hands.

Don't Use The Automatic Mode.

We understand how difficult it is to change your mind once you've been accustomed to the comfort of autopilot. You'll learn more and improve as a photographer, though, the more you get out and about. Even while these options simplify the process, you shouldn't forget that you've already invested a lot of time and money into taking high-quality pictures. This article will teach you how to maximise your resources.

Editing Is Not A Scary Thing.

If you want to improve your photos, don't be reluctant to edit them. Always remember that you may just hit "undo" to undo your last action and restore the previous state. You can get as specific as you like with some programmes, and that's not all. That implies you have some leeway to make adjustments if the final product isn't exactly what you had hoped for.

Avoid Using Sharp Lighting.

Last but not least, watch out for intense illumination. This will just cause harsh shadows, which can either wash out the subject's features or draw attention to their flaws. Looking for a wedding photographer in Melbourne? Look no further. Vogue Ballroom has compiled an ultimate list of wedding photo companies to help you choose. 


In 2010, when Instagram first debuted, smartphone cameras lacked many of the features and quality they've since gained. With over a billion monthly users, Instagram is a great place to share your photography with an audience eager to see more spectacular visuals. You can make your Instagram photography account stand out by following these simple tips. It's no surprise that Instagram has become a go-to platform for many amateur and professional photographers alike. We've compiled a list of 10 considerations for making the most of Instagram for commercial purposes.

Here are some general guidelines to help you out. If you want to keep your audience interested, you can't afford to let their attention stray. As a photographer, you have my permission to purchase photographic extras.

Get yourself some filters, spare lenses, a flash, and possibly some more lighting equipment. If you can take in as much information as possible, you will be able to learn much more quickly. As their fragility makes lenses expensive to repair, they will always be a hassle to maintain. Those interested in close-up photography should avoid using wide-angle lenses. Filters, extra memory cards, batteries, and flash units are just a few of the essentials you'll want to keep on hand.

No direct human interaction is permitted when in Automatic Mode. Alternatively, you can just demonstrate the position for the students, educate them verbally, or make gestures with your hands. The editing process need not be feared. If the finished result isn't perfect, remember that changes are possible.

Content Summary

  1. If you want to improve the photos you upload on Instagram to promote your business but are limited by the gear you already have, this post is for you.
  2. In recent years, the most popular social network has made significant progress in highlighting visual content, especially images and videos.
  3. In a nutshell, Instagram is a photographer's holy grail.
  4. It's a great addition to your online portfolio as well.
  5. More posts mean more people will see your brand on Instagram.
  6. Making an Instagram account is a great way for photographers to connect with a sizable and active audience, some of whom may come to recognise themselves in their work.
  7. Photographers on Instagram face stiff competition.
  8. One user is competing with each other for a consistent flow of attention in the form of likes, comments, and new followers.
  9. Here Are Ten Pointers For Instagram Photographers
  10. You're one of the best photographers out there, and your expertise has made Instagram one of the most popular social media platforms.
  11. Here are some things to remember if you're a photographer hoping to use it as a promotional tool for your business, no matter what specialisation you cover.
  12. Please use a genuine camera.
  13. Instagram gives you the freedom to play with with your editing skills and a wide variety of filters to give your images a one-of-a-kind look.
  14. Include some text with the images to help your followers understand what they're seeing.
  15. In other words, Instagram is not a replacement for a traditional portfolio.
  16. The rest of the project can be added to your portfolio later, but in the meanwhile, you can add this on Instagram to demonstrate your work thus far.
  17. Use Instagram as a business card and give people your handle when you don't have any on you while out and about or waiting for a refill.
  18. To increase the visibility of your photos, you should label them with relevant hashtags.
  19. No matter what you're photographing, finding the ideal hashtags to attract the kind of followers you desire only takes a few seconds.
  20. Prepare to be amazed by what goes on behind the scenes.
  21. Show your audience more than just your amazing photography skills; give them an inside look at your photography business.
  22. In order to show the effort you put into your photography, you should have a session photographed so that you can show off your preparation.
  23. Posting at different times of the day will have different effects on how many people see and interact with your content.
  24. Posting when the bulk of your audience is online and able to interact with the content will increase the likelihood that the Instagram algorithm will recognise it as popular.
  25. Make contact with your audience.
  26. Always reply to those who remark on your photos.
  27. Check over the profiles of a few of your followers and engage with them by like and commenting on their photos.
  28. Remember that Instagram is a social networking site and treat it as such.
  29. Instagram is a social media platform where you can showcase your work and network with other users.
  30. Constructive criticism can help you become a better photographer and perhaps help you attract new customers.
  31. Just stop stressing about it!
  32. In this section, we will go through a few simple rules to follow.
  33. Keep reading to find out.
  34. To keep your audience engaged, you must never give them a chance to zone out.
  35. By filling the flash and using a diffuser, you can further improve the quality of your photos of the subject's eyes.
  36. Experimentation is the key to success.
  37. The field of photography has a wealth of untapped potential.
  38. Don't be afraid to try new things and understand that making mistakes is an expected part of learning.
  39. If you think more injections are needed, don't be afraid to take them.
  40. It is up to you to determine how the experiment will be conducted.
  41. You shouldn't be shy about posting these photos online for everyone to see.
  42. Many amateur photographers will be interested in seeing your work if you have a professional-grade DSLR camera.
  43. Talk it over with your family and friends or try to locate a local group of like-minded creatives to hang out with and swap ideas.
  44. Meeting together with other photographers to swap stories and learn from each other is invaluable.
  45. One alternative is to take a photography class given by a professional photographer, join a group, or go to a Meet-Up organised on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.
  46. Perhaps a fingerprint or two can be made out if you look closely; this is probably what caused the blurriness in your images.
  47. Cleaning the lens before each usage is essential, therefore purchasing a cleaning kit is a great idea.
  48. As such, you should always take precautions and simply treat your camera with care to avoid the hassle of having to replace it.
  49. Under no circumstances should a wide-angle lens be used to capture a close-up.
  50. Even for inexperienced photographers, using a wide-angle lens for a close-up shot is not a good idea.
  51. You can never predict the specifics of a shooting situation, therefore it's important to be well-prepared for anything.
  52. Even if you're just exhibiting a position, you can't touch your subject.
  53. Alternatively, you can just demonstrate the position for the students, educate them verbally, or make gestures with your hands.
  54. Stay away from the "Auto" setting.
  55. On the other hand, the more you venture out into the world, the more you'll see and experience, and the more you'll learn and grow as a photographer.
  56. Keep in mind that even with these streamlined choices, you've spent a lot of effort and resources getting to the point where you can take such high-quality photographs.

FAQs About Wedding Photographers

A close-up view of the wearer's attire, footwear, accessories, and other noteworthy elements (something borrowed, something blue, etc.) Each bride and groom-to-be arrives at the ceremony in their unique fashion (riding the backseat in a limo, getting a taxi, or walking down the street/hall/stairs). You and your partner will want to ensure that your wedding photographer captures the moment you and your partner exchange vows.

To pursue a career as a wedding photographer, you need first to acquire fundamental photography abilities and then study how to create professional images that are sharp and capture the essence of a moment.

Practice is the primary means through which the vast majority of photographers acquire their initial photographic and technical skills.

When it comes to certain wedding providers, it is not necessary for you to worry about their ideology. The photography of weddings is not one such place. On the day of your wedding, the chances are that you will spend more time with your wedding photographer than with your maid of honour. Because of this, it is important that you find a wedding photographer with whom you are compatible.

Photographers generally agree that in order to achieve the best results, wedding party portraits should take about 30 minutes, family portraits should take about 30 minutes (provided that only immediate family members are photographed), and couple portraits should take between 45 minutes and an hour. All of these things are able to be finished before the wedding if you are going to have a "first look."

The majority of contracts state that the photographer owns the rights to any and all photographs taken at the wedding, including any of yourself that may have been captured. To put it another way, the photographer may make use of them in promotional materials (on their website or blog, submit them for publication and even place them in ads).

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