10+ Best Plumbers in Burwood, Melbourne (2024)

A professional plumber has the experience and expertise to repair any plumbing system, no matter what the problem is. Professional plumbing services providers have attended the right training to learn different techniques to perform the best plumbing service. When you hire a professional plumbing services provider, you hire a skilled, experienced and expert professional.

Located in Burwood, Melbourne, having a problem and looking for the best plumbers? When you are planning your big project, you probably want everything just perfect. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you planned is to select every plumber personally. This way, you can choose the ultimate option and people to help you fix your house problem.

We've created an ultimate list of plumbers in Burwood, Melbourne to save you time and money.

Ultimate List of Plumbers in Burwood, Melbourne

Gallant Plumbing - Plumbers Melbourne

Gallant Plumbing


1300 830 957


We’ve noted every frustration experienced by our customers when dealing with traditional plumbers. And for every common problem, we provide a simple solution that puts the customer first.

Exceptional customer service is at our core.

Whether it’s over the phone or in-person at your property, we care about your experience and aim to impress.

Expert advice with your best interest at heart.

Our goal is to build trusted, long-term relationships with our customers. We’re not looking for a quick buck. Our recommendations are genuine, informed by your budget, future plans and specific problem.

Communication is key.

Less is not always more. We communicate clearly, and we often communicate, so you’re informed at every step of the process. As a valued client of Gallant, you’ll receive a clear understanding of what needs to be done so you’ll never be left in the dark.

Transparent and accountable.

No nasty surprises. Ever. If the problem is complex, we take the time to explain it. If there is a change to our quote, we explain why. If we make a mistake, we own it.


The trade industry is ready for a shake-up. We’re taking the lead on this one.

Like many of the residential, business and body corporate clients we serve, the team at Gallant Plumbing have personally endured the experience of hiring a typical, unreliable tradie.

Late or missed appointments, carelessness with dirt and damage inside the property, lack of communication, surprises when the bill arrives.

We’ve been there, we get it, and we’re sick to death of it.

Gallant is determined to disrupt the plumbing industry. We’re working towards a future where our customers expect (and receive) phenomenal experiences each and every time from their hired tradies.


Redefining what it means to be, or to do business with, a tradesperson.

In mid-2015, entrepreneur Edward Clark and veteran plumber Scott Robinson became the new owners of Cashmore Plumbing, an established business providing plumbing services to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs for close to 40 years.

Aware of common customer frustrations when dealing with tradespeople across all trade industries, the pair saw an opportunity: to build a dynamic, modern plumbing business lead by remarkable customer experience.

Cashmore Plumbing was renamed Gallant Plumbing in early 2016, signifying a new direction for the long-standing company.

Encompassing a sense of trust, integrity, transparency and consideration, the word gallant represents what our business stands for: a dedication to remarkable customer experience and determination to challenge the stereotypical experience of hiring a tradie.

Building on a tradition of technical excellence, Gallant Plumbing aims to exceed customer expectations and build trusted, long-term relationships through clear, transparent communication.

We believe the trade industry needs a shakeup. Our approach to business is to ensure every step of the customer journey is nothing short of bloody wonderful.

Burwood Plumbing - Plumbers Melbourne

Burwood Plumbing


(03) 9808 7212


Melbourne Plumber – Located in Burwood, Plumbing in Melbourne

Burwood Plumbing is a residential and commercial plumbing service based in Burwood. Servicing Melbourne as part of the Gallant Plumbing Group.

From the team at Gallant Plumbing, we would like to make it clear that we no longer offer the service of providing spare parts and over the counter sales.

Since merging with Gallant Plumbing in 2016, we decided to no longer provide spare parts and put all of our focus into servicing you and providing a seamless, exceptional customer service experience.

Burwood Plumbing & Gallant Plumbing Merge

In early 2017, Burwood Plumbing merged with Gallant Plumbing, a general maintenance plumbing business, redefining what it means to be and do business with a trade.


Servicing and Maintenance

Burwood Plumbing is specialised in the servicing and maintenance of all leading gas and water appliances. If you have an issue, call Burwood Plumbing to ensure the right work is completed the first time and on time.

Plumbing for Bathroom Renovations

A modern bathroom is a place for relaxation and self-indulgence. It is that one area of your home where you can truly wrap yourself in a luxurious setting that meets your personal style and requirements.

Hot Water System Installation and Repairs

We can check your hot water system and offer advice on a wide selection of systems that will meet the needs of you and your family. Our team of qualified plumbers can provide you with expert installation and repairs.

Blocked and burst pipes

Our team of expert plumbers are ready and equipped with a wide range of machines and tools to repair all kinds of stormwater, sewer, mains water and waste pipe blockages, bursts and breakages.

Rental Property Maintenance

The team at Burwood Plumbing can attend to all your plumbing needs in and around the rental property. We are happy to make recommendations on what needs to be done to ensure that your tenant has a property that will meet their fastidious needs.

Rainwater System Installation and Repairs

Get the lush lawn and garden that you deserve – install a rainwater system. We have the expertise to install a rainwater solution to suit your specific needs. We supply and install a wide range of tanks, pumps, filtration and irrigation systems.

Gasfitting and Appliance Installation

We repair and install gas appliances, including gas hot water units, gas hot plates, gas wall ovens, gas heaters both indoors and outdoors, and outdoor gas BBQ installations. We will also arrange for the installation of new gas lines for the appliance and install LPG to natural gas conversion kits.

Gutter and downpipe repair and maintenance

Maintenance and repair of gutters are difficult and often neglected. Gutters and downpipes are there to prevent water damage to walls and foundations. We fix and replace guttering to prevent leaks and damage to your business and home.

Blanco Service, Repairs and Spare Parts

BLANCO has been advancing its way through Europe for more than 80 years, and since 1978, they have offered Australians an extensive range of quality and stylish European Kitchen 

Appliances and accessories.

For all service and repairs on Blanco products or to order spare parts, contact Burwood Plumbing on 9808 7211 or online through our plumbing appointment link or supplies link.

Twin Electrics & Plumbing - Plumbers Melbourne

Twin Electrics & Plumbing


(03) 9070 5300

Twin Electrics & Plumbing has provided plumbing services in Melbourne for over 30 years. If you are looking for a licensed plumber in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered. With more than 30 years of experience, our qualified technicians will sort your plumbing emergency efficiently. 


We offer an extensive range of plumbing services:


Having a problem with your hot water service can be annoying, especially when you rely on having a constant supply. Systems can break down through lack of maintenance, faulty components or deteriorate through age.

Talk to Twin Electrics & Plumbing – we can repair all types of systems for improved efficiency and cost-saving performance. We also offer a speedy replacement service if your current system can’t be saved.


There are a number of reasons why you suffer plumbing blockages. Hair, foreign objects, or even pipework damage are some of the most common problems. These can occur in your domestic pipework, sewer and stormwater drain.

You may also experience reduced water pressure, strange odours and even basins or baths emptying slowly. These are the signs indicating you need a plumber to clear a blocked drain and prevent further damage.

Fast, reliable plumbing service in Melbourne

Our qualified plumbers are continually updating their knowledge to stay current with the latest regulations and legislation. This means they have all the latest skills and product knowledge to do the best job possible.

Searching for a plumber? Contact us and fix your problem today.


Twin Electrics & Plumbing have stood the test of time. We have been providing efficient and affordable plumbing service to Melbourne and beyond since 1978.

Our qualified plumbers are fully licensed, have working with children accreditation and full police checks. We are members of the peak industry body Master Plumbers and keep up to date with the latest regulations.  

Whether you have a residential, industrial or commercial plumbing application, we are here to help. Call us to make an appointment on 03 9070 5309 or inquire online.


We aim to deliver quality plumbing solutions for our customers promptly and economically.

We pride ourselves as:


Besides that, our same-day services can save your day – or night!

We understand the needs of our customers when it comes to urgent plumbing situations, and that’s why we provide fast and reliable emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From a simple tap repair to complex hot water system installations and repairs – you can rely on us at any time.


What does it mean when we call ourselves a local plumber in Melbourne?

We’re local, and we are near you. While it mightn’t sound like a big deal, in practice, it means that we can be on-site fixing your plumbing problems within 2 hours.

Over 2000 happy customers can prove that when we say we’ll be there, we will be.

Twin Electrics & Plumbing is headquartered in Burwood, and we service all of Melbourne.

Give us a ring, and we’ll dispatch a licensed plumber for installations, maintenance, and 24-hour plumbing emergency services, anywhere in Melbourne.


Our experience and reputation as industry leaders guarantee the highest levels of service to our customer.

  • Twin Electrics & Plumbing licensed plumbers to prioritise safety, quality work and reliability above all else.
  • We always keep our appointments and will call you when we are on our way.
  • Upon your approval, we can commence works for your home or business immediately.
  • Our technicians are trained to be courteous, respectful and diligent.
  • Our team is fully licensed and insured. 
  • We offer easy payment methods. 

Woolley's Plumbing - Plumbers Melbourne

Woolley's Plumbing


03 9499 8223


We offer a fast, reliable, quality plumbing service to any location in Melbourne.

As a family business, we offer over 50 years of experience serving homes and businesses across Melbourne for all of their plumbing and heating needs. We offer a comprehensive range of domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing services.

At Woolley's Plumbing, we have both male and female plumbers. Our professional team can assist with all plumbing and heating problems - fast and efficiently with our fleet of service vehicles and a team of experienced plumbing staff.

Our plumbers specialise in providing professional maintenance services - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With offices located in Fairfield and Docklands, we serve customers across Melbourne.


As of the 19th of June 2019, Woolley’s Plumbing joined the Gallant Group. The Gallant Group are redefining what it means to be and do business with a tradie, working towards a future where customers expect and receive a phenomenal customer service experience every time from their hired trades. For more information on the Gallant Group, visit their website.

Woolley’s Plumbing Pty Ltd (K & J Woolley) is a family company with over 50 years of experience in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial plumbing and heating. Our professional team can assist with all plumbing and heating problems – fast and efficiently with our fleet of service vehicles and a team of experienced plumbing staff.

24 Hour Service

We specialise in providing professional maintenance plumbing services – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week everywhere in greater Melbourne. Whether it is a broken pipe, blocked sewer, a leaking roof or faulty gas appliance or indeed any plumbing problem – we can help.

Extensive Plumbing Experience

No job is too big or too small for Woolley's Plumbing. Our experience, equipment, technology and on-going training enable us to carry out any task our clients' requirements. Our long-standing relationships with a broad range of suppliers ensure we are always stocked with sufficient quantities of the best quality materials required for all projects.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service team use the latest information technology to keep track of our technicians at all times. This enables us to schedule appointments within realistic time frames and ensures our plumbers are always available to assist you.

We’re committed to providing excellent customer service in all our dealings. Trust Woolley’s with your plumbing needs. We won’t let you down.

Express Plumbing And Gas - Plumbers Melbourne

Express Plumbing & Gas


1300 968 329

Plumbing Services From Express; We Do It All

Express Plumbers Melbourne handle the good, the bad and the ugly plumbing jobs.

Yes, we really do it all! Express services all your plumbing and gas needs with quick, professional response teams to get the job done fast. If you need a new plumbing appliance installation, Emergency plumbing, repairs, maintenance or improvements, then Express Plumbing Services is here to help.

Our licensed plumbers in Melbourne provide residential and commercial services for all your plumbing needs. No job is too big or too small. Why not review our full range of plumbing services here on our website? From blocked toilets and drains to full hot water systems and installations.

We work quickly, precisely and thoroughly, and we don’t simply treat symptoms with a bandaid approach. We use the latest diagnostic technologies. We resolve immediate plumbing issues and pinpoint the underlying cause. Our targeted approach minimises disruption to your household everyday routines and prevents recurrence, saving you time, money and inconvenience.

Our 18 Point Plumbing Check, complimentary with every job, reduces the risk further by assessing the overall health of your plumbing systems. We can address small issues today and safeguard you against the future expense.

You can be confident in our fully trained and licensed plumbers and the safety of your property. Every job performed by Express Plumbing staff is code compliant, industry certified, workmanship-guaranteed, and backed by public liability insurance.

We get it. Plumbing is our full-time job. Not yours.

Hot Water, Emergencies, Blocked Drains Melbourne. We do it all.

We know you have a life. And it doesn’t include plumbing issues. We help you get back to it.

We come quickly; We make appointments and keep them; We give you a quote, and we stick to it; We source materials on our time, not yours; We equip our vans with the latest technology, and our plumbers with the latest learning; We clean up the mess; We fix the problem; We save you time and money; We leave you to get on with the things that matter.

You will be surprised in a good way.

30 years ago, we started a small, local business servicing residents and commercial properties in Mt Waverley. Our reputation for providing fast, fair, effective plumbing solutions spread, and so did our reach. Today, we help clients across Eastern, North Eastern and South-Eastern Melbourne. How can we help you?

Worboys Plumbing - Plumbers Melbourne

Worboys Plumbing


9326 6259


Worboys has been around since 1921, and in this lengthy time, we have taken note of pretty much every frustration our customers have had. For every problem, we have constructed a simple, easy to implement solution, which puts you, our customer, first.

Stand-out customer service is at the forefront of everything we do.

From over the phone to the plumber at your property, we aim to impress.

Expert advice, taking into account your needs and budget.

Any recommendation we make is genuine and for your best need, in accordance with your budget. We aren’t in it for the quick buck, and we want to build a long-lasting relationship.

Communication is number 1.

Some say less is more, but we disagree. We communicate as often as possible to ensure you are informed and updated every step of the way. You will never be left in the dark.

Transparent & Accountable.

We don’t like nasty surprises, and neither do our customers! If an issue is complex, we take time to explain it. If there are changes to a bill, quote or scope of work, we will explain why. If we stuff up, we own it!


Not showing up to scheduled appointments, shocks when the bill arrives due to poor communication and leaving the site an absolute mess. We have been there, and we understand how frustrating this is!

That’s why Worboys has a newfound focus on redefining these stereotypes and delivering an exceptional customer service experience, each and every time from their hired tradies.


Geoff was born on International Plumbers Day, so he was destined to end up in the Plumbing World. He fondly remembers spending time with his father (also a plumber) working at the Block Arcade, where his mother also worked hard as a dressmaker. Seeing the hard work of both his parents, Geoff learnt very early on that nothing comes free and if you want something, you have to work hard for it!

At age 16, Geoff started his Plumbing Apprenticeship at Rose Hardware in 1972, where he then moved to Worboys Plumbing and has been ever since. Working on an abundance of iconic sites and developing long-lasting, highly valued relationships with many clients.

Geoff’s friendly, hard-working and outstanding work ethic has led him to become an iconic figure of the Worboys name. To understand the level of hard work Geoff put in, see one of his many stories below;

Geoff played football on a Saturday and would either play for the reserves or the top team. He would head out at about 2 am and clean sullage tanks in the city and do any work he could and then at 7 am call his coach to see what team he made. Depending on the time of the game, he would either get back to work or head straight to the game.

If you find a higher level of dedication, I would love to hear it!

Not only was he hard-working, but clients loved him and were always tremendously impressed with his work ethic and the service he provided.

Worboys did (and still do now) work on 120 Spencer Street, which was once owned by world-famous wrestler Spiros Stamoulis. After meeting Geoff only a couple of times and seeing the work he produced, if anything ever went wrong plumbing wise, Spiros would say, “Call Geoff. He’ll know how to fix it.”

Geoff is an integral part of the Worboys name and a dedicated Family Man. He has a lovely wife, 3 beautiful daughters and 7 grandchildren whom he adores more than anything. With his devotion to his family, he is no longer cleaning sullage tanks at 2 am in the morning but is still dedicated to football on the weekend; now umpiring and has been since he stopped playing.

If you ever want to know anything about Worboys, Geoff’s your man!

And if he ever comes to your plumber issues, you should consider yourself to be in excellent hands.

Peak Performance Plumbing - Plumbers Melbourne

Peak Performance Plumbing


(03) 7018 0707

Are you in search of a plumber Northcote? This can be a daunting task for most people as they may not be sure of what they need to look out for. Fortunately, your search ends here as we are the best plumbing company in this region. We have a dedicated team of experts that will ensure that you enjoy quality services and incredible customer care and satisfaction. Our services are unmatched, and our rates are quite affordable. All our crews are trained, and their main mission is to ensure that all clients are happy and satisfied. Peak Performance Plumbing is a company that you will love to keep close.

As our name implies, our mission is to ensure that all your plumbing systems are at their peak performance. We are proud of our workmanship and quality of service. We are a reputable company, and we have proved to be reliable in case of plumbing emergencies. When you are in need of a plumber in Northcote Melbourne, look no further; we are here for you. All the work will be completed in an efficient manner. We have experienced rapid growth in the last few years, and this attributable to the quality of service that we offer.

Our plumbers at Northcote are talented and have been working tirelessly to ensure that all clients are happy and satisfied. We are always up to date with the latest developments in the industry, and you can count on us when you need plumbing services. Whether it is a simple repair or sophisticated plumbing issues, we can guarantee you consistency in quality services. Our plumbers in Melbourne are highly trained and have great experience in the field. Once you choose us, you are assured of quality services at affordable rates.

Affordable Plumbing Solutions Near Me

Our crews are dedicated to providing cost-effective plumbing Northcote services. As a result, we have developed long-lasting relationships with our customers. We have become the choice plumbers in this region, and our customers appreciate our commitment to providing the best services. In the event of an emergency, we will be here to serve your needs, and you can trust us to do a good job. We know that the plumbing problem can be an inconvenience, and as such, we strive to solve the issues on the same day. We are always available, and you can reach us 24/7 for any emergency plumbing in Northcote and the surrounding suburbs.

Whether it is a clogged toilet, leaking tap, blocked drains or burst pipes, we are ready to serve you. We are your emergency plumber Northcote, and you can count on us for fast and timely responses. When disasters strike, you cannot afford to wait, and this is where we come in. When you call us, we will be with you shortly and fully equipped to get to work. We are trusted experts, and we will work around the clock to ensure that your loved ones are comfortable. We are just a phone call away, and when you need us, you can just call us.

Our plumbers understand that keeping time is essential when dealing with plumbing emergencies. As such, we will do all that we can to ensure that the work is completed in the shortest time possible. Our emergency response team will have all the replacement parts as well as the tools to be able to do the work fast and efficiently. Even in emergencies, we can assure you of quality workmanship. Our crews are trained to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the quality of the services that we offer.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Plumbers

We have proved to be the most reliable experts in the plumbing field in this region. When you need the services of a gas plumber Northcote, we will be happy to serve your needs. Gas services are delicate and can be somewhat dangerous. As a matter of fact, due to the risks that are involved, the law requires only licensed gas fitters to handle gas plumbing services. In Northcote, we are the company that offers exceptional services, and we are fully licensed, insured and bonded. We are plumbers that never take anything lightly. We have knowledgeable plumbers who will offer different installation services, including:

  • Install dishwasher
  • Install fridge ( for water/ ice)
  • Install gas stove/ oven
  • Install InSinkErator
  • Install water filter

As a result of our expertise and professionalism, we have managed to respond to a number of distress calls. We have served our clients with dedication and determination, and each of our services comes with a workmanship guarantee. We are proud to be the best and most trusted plumber and gas fitter in Northcote.

24 Hours Plumbing Services Northcote

We are always ready and available to offer the best plumbing service in Northcote. Whether it is after office hours or during the weekend, or even on a public holiday, you can contact us. We are always on-call, and we will have a team that is ready to get to work as soon as possible. When you have a plumbing emergency, there is no time to get ready, and the damage can be quite severe. As such, you should contact us as soon as possible, and we will get to your property in less than an hour.

Our plumbers take pride in delivering quality service and ensuring that the job is done in the right way on the same day. We are confident about our services, and the attention to detail makes the difference. We will not only provide professional services, but they will be tailored to suit your specific needs as well. We are well-equipped and ready to handle all plumbing issues. Contact us and let us provide the best solutions for your home or office.

Peak Performance Plumbing is a local company in Melbourne offering safe, affordable and reliable plumbing services. We have a wide range of services to offer, and you can trust us for all plumbing repairs, maintenance and new installations. Our technicians are friendly and professional, and we will be glad to address all plumbing problems and needs professionally. We take pride in the delivery of same-day service, and we can assure you of quality workmanship. We strive to accommodate all clients, irrespective of their plumbing needs.

We have been in business for more than 20 years, and we are proud to offer superior services to our customers. We will find the services that are within your budget and the ones that suit your specific needs. We are always available to provide emergency services, and you can reach us 24/7. Irrespective of your plumbing needs, you can come to us, and we assure you that we will give you services that make sense at reasonable prices. Our domestic plumbing services are meant to serve the needs of all our clients.

We make use of the latest techniques and technologies to serve the needs of our clients. Our intention is to be on-call at all times, including weekends and public holidays. We will never compromise on the quality of services provided, and you can count on us to deliver quality repairs and installations to the highest standards.

Nick The Plumber - Plumbers Melbourne

Nick The Plumber


61 403 344 590

Expert In all Aspect Nick The Plumber Burwood

Here at Nick The Plumber, we are professional emergency plumbers in Burwood and Blackburn. Once our expert has received your call, we will be focused on offering you quick and affordable plumbing services. Our professional plumbing contractors’ prime objective is to arrive at your residence in a few minutes, which allows us to inspect and resolve the issue with your blocked drains. We have exclusively invested in the advanced and most effective technology that offers accurate resolutions and assessments to all your plumbing and blocked drains issues. We believe that plumbing and drainage issues must be hastily fixed and investigated. If they are exclusively left for too long, it can have inimical effects on your residence and can exclusively lead to structural problems, which can become excessively costly to repair. We are considered one of the best emergency plumbers at Burwood VIC.

Company Profile

Here at Nick The Plumber, we pride ourselves on a guarantee of efficient and unbeatable residential and industrial plumbing service, whether it is inspections and cleaning, toilet repairs and more. Our fully qualified and insured service is surely the one for you! We provide quotes in which we can assure a quick response to emergency calls. There is certainly no call out charge, and years of experience allow us to diagnose, investigate and solve the problem precisely. Our commercial plumbing contractors have extensive, broad, and detailed knowledge, allowing a broad spectrum of plumbing services, including water pipe installation, regular plumbing inspection services, cleaning, unblocking, gutters, and tunnelling or downpipes. We are proud of emergency plumber Burwood.

Emergency plumber Burwood

Nick The Plumber has the most effective and latest technology, enabling precise inspection. As specialists, we are proud emergency plumber Burwood and Blackburn, with local professionals in your region now waiting to find a resolution to any dubious concern you may have.

Nick The Plumber guarantee polite, friendly, professional and reliable plumbing service that is proud to be a company with no hidden charges to both commercial and domestic clients in the region of Burwood and Blackburn.

M-con Plumbers - Plumbers Melbourne

M Con


0488 071 660

M-CON Maintenance & Services Melbourne

M-con Plumbers, Builders & All Trades is an Australian owned company with experience of 30 years. We deliver quality Plumbing & Maintenance to homes and buildings—our highly competent & experienced teamwork throughout urban Melbourne, coastal & rural Victoria.

M-con works closely with our clients to deliver optimum results for their individual needs. Our tradesmen are highly skilled with years of experience in their respective fields of interest.

We have a high-quality standard when it comes to workmanship, and you can rely on our tradesmen to finish the job on time.

Our expertise ranges from residential, commercial, building maintenance and all plumbing.

Plumbing Maintenance

Reliable and trusted Melbourne plumbing experts.

M-Con Building & Plumbing provides reliable, high-quality plumbing maintenance services in Melbourne, Geelong and surrounding suburbs. Our friendly, customer-focused team can service anything from leaking pipes to complex plumbing installations too hot water units.

Our expert Melbourne plumbing professionals can help you with:

  • Plumbing installation
  • Drain replacement and blockages
  • Burst or leaking pipes
  • Hot water unit repairs and installations
  • Rainwater tank and stormwater work
  • General and emergency plumbing.

Our fully qualified and licensed Melbourne plumbers will respond to your needs quickly. This includes our 24/7 on-call service — for those after-hours emergencies.

We’ve built excellent relationships with real estates, body corporates, and residential customers alike, and we provide useful, affordable plumbing services to meet your needs.

Friendly Service

Plumbers that actually care? That’s M-Con. Not only are we plumbing experts, but we’re also friendly and customer-focused too. So you can feel comfortable calling on our reliable team to solve your plumbing problems.

Rapid Response

We know that the faster we respond, the faster you’ll be back to normal. That’s why we offer a 24/7 rapid response service – because we know that life can’t be put on pause because of a burst pipe!

Plumbing Expertise

The M-Con plumbing team loves a good challenge! Our qualified plumbers will diagnose your plumbing issue quickly and provide a suitable repair or installation solution.

CRK Plumbing - Plumbers Melbourne

Crk Plumbing


0418 118 009


Family Owned And Operated We Have Been Servicing Melbourne’s Homes And Businesses Since 1988.

When it comes to the integrity of your home, we believe you should never take chances. Whether you require general home plumbing repairs, servicing of drain backups and clogs, preventative inspections and maintenance, or emergency plumbing services, you can trust the team at CRK plumbing will take care of all your plumbing needs.

Our Plumbing Services Melbourne

Blocked Drains

Reliable and cost-effective blocked drain plumbing services designed to identify, localise and remove all drainage issues. If you need it fixed straight away? We provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services, and our highly skilled plumbers have the right tools and the experience to unblock any drain at any time.

Emergency Plumbing Services

When we say we operate 24/7, we mean it! Our team of reliable and professional plumbers will ensure they arrive quickly at your home or business to resolve your emergency plumbing situation. Whether you have a blocked sewer, leaking pipe, or no hot water, our plumbers are equipped with the right tools and material to get the job done fast and efficiently.

Hot Water Systems

Our reputation is built on providing prompt, quality plumbing services at competitive rates. We offer a large range of installation and replacement of hot water systems, choosing the right hot water system to suit your budget and needs.

Gas Heater Repair And Installation

Whether you're building a new home and require a new installation or upgrading an old and outdated gas heater, CRK plumbers are fully qualified to service all brands and types of gas heaters. Providing educated and industry advice on purchasing and installation of new gas heaters, we offer you a range of gas heaters best suited to you and your families needs.

Bathroom Renovations

With over 20 experience in the building and plumbing industry, CRK Plumbing has designed and built hundreds of bathrooms. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, creating stylish bathrooms that compliment and enhances the family home.

Rainwater Tank Installation

Installing a rainwater tank at your home saves you not only money but also the environment. We work with you to choose the right size, shape and colour to best suit your needs and space, providing a full installation service without disruption to your water supply and with regular service and maintenance of your rainwater tank. We guarantee your new rainwater tank will last for years to come.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to the integrity of your home, we believe you should never take chances. Family owned and operated, and we have been servicing Melbourne homes and businesses for over 20 years, best known for our friendly, fast and reliable services, specialising in drain blockages, bathroom renovations and hot water system replacement and installation. 

Our fully certified, experienced and insured plumbers use only the latest and most up to date technologies, fixing your plumbing issue with quality fittings and parts sourced from a warranty backed leading brands.

You can trust the team at CRK plumbing will deliver the highest quality plumbing solutions to your home or business for the best price possible, every time, guaranteed.

Leaking Showers - Plumbers Melbourne

Leakin Showers


1300 766 656

Shower Repairs - Damaged Showers

One of the most common and destructive faults in the home are

Leaking Showers, left unchecked they can cause major structural damage

to the home and become a health hazard.

That's where Leaking Showers comes in, and we ensure that:

  • seeping showers are stopped. Without removing a tile!
  • The shower can be used after 24 hours.
  • We make no noise, dust, smell or mess.
  • We use Tri-Glue/sealant surfaces that are anti-fungal and abrasive resistant.
  • No adjoining areas are affected or inconvenienced.

Our servicing means that the problem is identified and the area is thoroughly prepared before the offending and vulnerable areas are serviced. Leaking Showers

Professional service at all times (from your first enquiry with our service department to the specialised application by our technicians). Plus the added confidence of a 7 Year Workmanship Guarantee.

Australian owned, Victorian-based.

J.O. Plumbing - Plumbers Melbourne

J.o. Plumbing


(03) 88997562

Local Plumbing Services

J.O. Plumbing in Melbourne caters to all your emergency plumbing cases for residential and commercial plumbing jobs.

Plumbing is an integral part of every household. Things occur, such as a water pipe burst. Or the hot water damage in chilling days of Melbourne’s winter.

So, if you need an emergency plumber in Melbourne, call J.O. Plumbing right now. Especially in winter, plumbing problems such as hot water damage can be really troublesome as using regular water is not an option. Plumbing issues in Melbourne can take place anytime at any hour, and it is hard to find a plumber who can fix the problem as same-day plumbing service, which is exactly what we do at J.O. Plumbing.

All our plumbers are local in your area, and that is how we can offer 24-hour plumbing services across Melbourne suburbs. J.O. Plumbing is your trusted local plumber for Melbourne residents. So, feel free to call us anytime for your plumbing problems.

Need a plumber in Melbourne today?

J.O. Plumbing is just a phone call away. We serve in South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne such as Pakenham, Beaconsfield, Clyde, Narre Warren, Lysterfield, Hallam, Hampton Park, Dandenong, Berwick. We even provide plumbing in Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne such as Ashwood, Ashburton, Balwyn, Balwyn North, Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Camberwell, Forest Hill, Glen Iris, Ringwood. Here is a full list of suburbs we do plumbing for.  

We make sure that we do a good job which is why we get so many 5-star reviews on our J.O. Plumbing google listing page. See for yourself.

All our plumbing services are backed by our Quality Assurance Guarantee. All our plumbers are fully qualified and licensed, and trained by ourselves. We have over 15 years of plumbing experience.

Our plumber can do all kinds of plumbing jobs.

J.O. Plumbing is a fully licensed and Australian owned business based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We provide services like Blocked drains, tapware and whitegoods, gas fitting, roofs and gutters, fixing leaded and broken pipes, toilet plumbing, hot water repair and installation, and so much more. 

What are the benefits of hiring a plumber?

A plumber can be the saviour of your awful day. So, do not delay your plumbing issues. Choose the right one as soon as possible, and sort out the problem right away. It’s the time when you enter into a big deal. Choosing the right plumber to fix the plumbing issues is as important as choosing a home designer. Things can go south really quick, and you cannot do anything once they are done. So, you are always careful in the beginning.

You might be able to get a great experience with any random plumber for once, but it cannot work every time. Moreover, the professionals are way better at helping you with the finest plumbing services than anyone else. So, if you have missed the advantages of hiring a professional plumber, we are here to help and take you through all the points you need to remember for it.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Plumbing Services

Professional Assistance

Sometimes the problems do seem to be very simple. However, they can be quite serious and might get more difficult if you try to fix them independently. So, it is essential to hire a professional plumber because they have the proper knowledge and skills to identify and fix the source of the plumbing problems.

Efficient Service

When you face a big plumbing problem, it becomes important to hire someone who can address the problem quickly. For instance, if the sink tap is leaking to a point where the water is trickling or overflowing, you will need to find a professional plumbing handyman who can fix the problem quicker.

When to Hire a Plumber if you have:

  • Frozen pipes
  • Extensive water line damage
  • Sewage line stoppage
  • No hot water
  • Low water pressure
  • Need to replace water heaters

Experience and Knowledge

Professional plumbers have great experience and knowledge of all the plumbing parts. They know which part can be used when fixing any issue. If any plumbing parts are not available in the market store, they know which parts can fit the original one adequately.


The most important benefit of hiring professional plumbing services listed here, your safety doesn’t have a price tag. Many plumbing tasks involve objects that transmit large volumes of electricity and cause serious injury to an inexperienced plumber. Tasks like changing a water heater and dealing with a water line are risky and should only be given to qualified and skilled professional plumbers.


It might seem counterintuitive to hiring a professional plumber to save money, but it’s often the case when it comes to plumbing tasks. A DIY job can end up costing a lot of new equipment, tools, materials and your time. The real expense comes when the problem re-emerges. Having to fix the same problem over and over again amplifies your cost and is entirely aggravating! Having professional plumbing services fix the problem in one session is far more cost-effective when all factors are considered.

If you are finding yourself questioning why you should hire a professional plumber, you need to keep the above benefits in mind. You can be a fast learner and might also have a little expertise in fixing the plumbing issue, but still, you will need professional help to get the job done with perfection.

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Google Rating
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