Top 20 Math Tutors in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Whether Math comes naturally to your child, or if they find some bits tricky, finding a tutor can work wonders for their confidence and progress. But how can you find the perfect person to help your child?

Are you looking for the best math tutors in Melbourne, Victoria? If so, you're in luck! We've compiled a list of the best math tutors in the area. Whether you're struggling with basic math or need help preparing for college-level mathematics courses, these tutors can help.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact one of these professionals today to boost your math skills!

Ultimate List Of Math Tutors in Melbourne

DW Tuition Math Tutors in Melbourne

 0401 940 335

About DW Tuition

To us, tuition is more than just coaching students with their school work. Instead, tutoring is a mode of supplementing school work and provides educational support for students, parents and teachers. At DW Tuition, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a professional and caring service.

Maths Tutoring in Melbourne

Get Ahead in Maths with our mathematics tutoring – Melbourne. Students struggling to keep up with their maths can benefit from the extra support and guidance provided by our face-to-face or online maths tutoring. At DW Tuition, we offer online tutoring in Melbourne and maths tutoring in Melbourne for students of all year levels and abilities. Our tutors can help students grasp challenging concepts and feel confident and prepared for upcoming tests and exams.

Maths tutoring enables students to learn under the supervision and guidance of our qualified and experienced maths tutors. All our tutors undergo a rigorous selection process. Not only on the academic achievements of the subjects they tutor but on their personality and communication skills. All our tutors hold valid Working with Children Check.

Our mission is to guide, teach and improve results to increase classroom confidence. Whether a student needs to brush up on the fundamentals or they are advanced and want to get ahead, we are confident that each student will walk away with improved skills and greater self-belief in their abilities.

Maths Tutors in Melbourne

DW Tuition is a unique provider of mathematics tutoring in Melbourne and English tutors in Melbourne. Lessons are held in one tutor-student ratio rather than in a group setting. This gives your child a 100% personalised teaching approach. We make sure that our tutors are putting their best foot forward to help our students become better learners. DW Tuition offers a trusted learning platform for students. We support our students every step through their learning process with us.

We have a team of talented maths tutors in Melbourne who are equipped with teaching a range of students using a range of resources. After an initial consultation, students are paired with a tutor we feel is the most compatible based on availability, the subject being tutored and personality. Students engage better if learning is fun and interactive, which we aim by pairing students with tutors.

Online Maths Tuition

DW Tuition offers both faces to face, in centre tuition and online maths tuition. We have adapted to online tutoring to provide access to students all over Melbourne and make their learning journey hassle-free. In addition, we employ visual communication and other interactive methods to enhance their learning experience.

James An College Math Tutors in Melbourne

(03) 9362 0167

Tutoring Services In Melbourne

Are you asking yourself, “where can I find a tuition centre near me that can help students of all year levels?” Fortunately, the staff at James An College are fully qualified, highly experienced and more than capable of helping students achieve their personal best. We’ve earned a reputation as one of the best tutoring schools in Melbourne thanks to our quality education, our focus on the individual, our extensive resources and our innovative approach.

High School English, Maths & Science Tutoring

At James An College, our regular courses are offered to all students from Year 7 to Year 10. Courses run for an hour for each subject and aim to develop knowledge and understanding across all subject areas. We can help students grasp the fundamentals and help them learn more advanced skills. Our courses continue throughout the year regardless of school holidays and public holidays. You can rely on our maths and English tutors to help secondary students to achieve their personal best.

Our Secondary Regular Courses

Our regular secondary courses consist of three subjects, including English, mathematics and science:

  • Mathematics includes weekly classwork and homework exercises to help students improve their self-learning skills effectively and develop their logical thinking abilities.
  • English helps students develop comprehension, vocabulary and grammar skills and prepare for VCE English.
  • Science is designed to help students gain a thorough understanding of all topics.

Whether you need general maths tutors to consolidate the basics or a specialist maths tutor who can teach more advanced skills, we can help. Our English and maths tutor Melbourne price is relatively competitive, allowing students from all backgrounds to benefit from our assistance.

JAC Revision Test

JAC revision tests are available for secondary students to reflect on the topics covered throughout the term (every ten weeks). The tests are designed to help students familiarise themselves with the style and scope of the question paper. This preparation increases their confidence and strengthens their time management skill in exam situations. The results are then inputted into our JAC special program that processes the data recorded and compares their results to other students.

Organise a High School Tutor Today

At James An College, we do our best to support and prepare secondary school students, giving them the best opportunity to succeed. We also run free tutorials every week to support students with their development and provide access to our exclusive Connected Class app that has extra materials for revision and practice. So get in touch with our secondary English tutors, maths tutors and science tutors today to learn more about how we can help students achieve their personal best.

FAQs About Math Tutors

Our online tuition is more focused on your child's learning needs and is usually conducted one-on-one. Choose the tutor based on your child’s individual needs.

You get to choose the best tutors in Melbourne who are knowledgeable and experienced with the Victorian Curriculum and VCE. There’s often access to very diverse material such as videos, photos, and eBooks online, and tutors can also integrate other formats like forums or discussions to improve their lessons.

And this extra content is available at any moment from anywhere, which will offer you a more dynamic and tailor-made education.

Extra-curricular activities may suffer: If you cannot afford a tutor who comes to your home, your child will probably spend valuable time getting to and from the tutor’s home or office.

Outside interests such as sports and music are equally informative to a child’s growth and development. Time constraints can be a reason to forego private tutoring.

They act as your child’s private teacher. Tutoring will prepare your child for tests and exams while tutors work with your child on specific problem areas.

As a result, your child’s grades and understanding of the subject will significantly improve when working with a tutor. In addition, learning will become fun for your child.

The average results show ineffectiveness, this does not mean that all private tutoring is ineffective. Research shows that there are factors that, if taken into consideration, can indeed yield superior results.

A private tutor can become a very important person in a child’s life. They argue that private tutoring can enhance student learning while simultaneously providing more earning opportunities for regular teachers and (non-teacher track) college students to work as private tutors.

Opponents, however, argue that despite these benefits, private tutoring brings about negative side effects at various levels.

This means that whether your child gets along with their tutor matters. A study has shown that private tutoring can help students if the tutor understands their students' family situations and life circumstances.

Students have also shown improved results if they can relate to their teacher. But really, there's one super-important reason why you should get along with your teacher.

Kids who get along with their teachers learn more, but they're more comfortable asking questions and getting extra help. This makes it easier to understand new material and do your best on tests.

Lynn’s Learning Math Tutors in Melbourne

(03) 9796 8722

Over 20 years of Maths Tutoring and English Tutoring experience

Lynn’s learning is an Australian owned Maths Tuition & English Tuition company and has been operating for over 20 years. Teachers have developed our programs in Australia and are constantly being updated to ensure content remains interesting and relevant. We understand that every child is different, and the way they learn and the rate at which they learn differs. Therefore, our programs are tailored to suit each child’s learning abilities.

Lynn’s learning was founded by Lynn Tam, who came to understand the rigidity of the Australian education system, which didn’t cater well for faster or slower learners in the school classroom environment. So after years of teaching in schools around Victoria, including specialist and remedial schools, Lynn broke away from traditional classroom teaching to begin designing a program that allowed children to learn at their speed and capability and in a way that boosted their ability to learn, while still keeping to date with the school curriculum (and expanding beyond it). 

Lynn’s learning was born. While initially, Lynn’s Learning covered just a few Melbourne locations, it has expanded to multiple locations throughout Melbourne and Sydney, allowing more children to grow, learn, and build confidence in their academic abilities.

Victoria Maths and English Tuition Locations

Specialised Maths Tuition and English tuition near you. Lynn’s learning offers individualised Maths tuition and English tuition programs in Victoria. From remedial education to advancing towards scholarship/selective entry programs, our tutors can help your child achieve their academic best! Visit your local Melbourne tuition centre today and receive a free Maths and English assessment.

Maths Tuition

Maths Tutoring tailored to your child. Lynn’s Learning Maths tuition programs are fun, unique, and designed to ensure your child confidently understands all aspects of the Australian Mathematics Curriculum. Lynn’s Learning Maths tuition programs incorporate basic mathematical concepts and teach how to apply these concepts to problem-solving and worded questions – as these are typically the type of maths problems given during tests and exams as your child moves through the year levels.

Every child learns maths in a specific way. This is also complicated by a growing child's social and physical needs. At Lynn’s Learning, we support your child in a judgement-free and caring environment as well as taking the time to explain concepts and ideas to them in full. All Lynn’s Learning Maths tuition programs are individually designed for each student, based on their ability. Our specialised programs are suitable for all students, with programs developed from remedial to extension and scholarship preparation. Our Maths Tutors are committed to the development of your child‘s mathematical ability.

Click below to read more about:

  • Remedial Maths Tuition here
  • Advanced Maths Tuition here
  • Primary School Maths Tuition here

Pure Local Math Tutors in Melbourne

(03) 9021 3799

About Us

The Only Math Tutors you need! Offers comprehensive in-home private tuition for students in year levels 5 - 12. Our qualified, accredited, and experienced private instructors are the best among their specialties. Our tutors will help your child increase their skills, knowledge and understanding of all math topics within the Victorian Curriculum and Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) in the comfort of your own home. We will connect you with a tutor suited to your child's individual needs and learning preferences.

The Only Math Tutors You Need!'

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It was so lovely to speak with Jenny and be connected so quickly with a fantastic tutor for my daughter. Her results and confidence have improved dramatically, and we look forward to continued support and improvement in the new year - Review Posted By Steph R On Saturday, Sep 26, 2020.

Ed Atlas Math Tutors in Melbourne

+ 0423 083 994

Who We Are

We are a team of former high-performing, top 1% VCE graduates and deeply experienced tutors spanning a comprehensive range of VCE subjects (e.g. Maths Methods, Specialist, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, etc.). 

We believe that every student, regardless of where you are now, is capable of transforming your trajectory and being the best in your class, your year, or the state. If you are committed to making the most of your year, you will experience a complete change in mentality, performance and results.

Experienced expertise

  • Be personally mentored by experts who excel in what they teach and who have also worked with countless past students to achieve top 1% scores in the state.
  • Don’t just learn how to rote-learn formulas but understand real-world applications and how Maths can fit into your life beyond high school.
  • Learn how to optimise every facet of your high school journey and how to maximise efficiency in VCE

Environment engineered for success.

  • Surround yourself with current and future state-defining top scorers
  • Build long-lasting friendships and networks that extend well beyond VCE
  • Gain access to a private community of high achievers who are serious about outperforming the rest of the state

Cutting-edge resources

  • Proprietary materials developed from extensive experience place you in the best possible to accelerate your growth.
  • Comprehensive compendiums and weekly assessments help you identify and develop a data-driven, customised work plan to help you improve in the shortest amount of time.
  • Resources are backed by our industry-leading 45+ raw study score guarantee.

Artin Education​ Math Tutors in Melbourne

61 400 096 988

Artin Education is a specialised tuition centre in Glen Waverley, Melbourne, focusing exclusively on English and Mathematics, catering to students of all ability levels. Our students achieve results by understanding the concepts and how to drive themselves to academic success.

What Can We Do For You?

VCE Classes

Weekly tutorials to help you understand, stay ahead and master your exams.

Group Tutoring

Small interactive group tutorials facilitate discussion without any compromise.

Private Tutoring

Boost your confidence and grades with our top tutors working at your pace.


Workshops for VCE English and Mathematics to sharpen your skills.

Holiday Programs

Stay ahead and gain a competitive advantage over your competition.


Comprehensive notes cover theory, technique, and strategy to success.

TuteSmart Learning Math Tutors in Melbourne

13 489 096 733

At TuteSmart, we take a holistic approach to improving student grades. Unlike many other tutoring services, we don’t focus on rote cramming. Instead, we try to instil in our students a sense of self-confidence, engagement with their subjects and independent learning skills.

We’re passionate about helping students develop these essential skills, and we know that once they do, their grades will improve – and in a massive way! These same skills will also help students thrive at university and in their careers. We develop these skills by providing students with a complete support system consisting of:

Two types of learning support are available:

Live Online Weekly Classes

Our weekly classes are the foundation for our students' success. So if you’re having trouble keeping on top of course content, or want a fresh perspective from recent elite grads, then our classes are for you!

Private tutoring

If you want some dedicated one-on-one time with one of our top tutors, then private tutoring sessions may be the way to go! Covering a broad range of Year 9-12 subjects, our private tutoring is designed to help students learn and revise study content in a personalised way.

How TuteSmart’s online tutoring helps students

TuteSmart is comprehensive, holistic, and available entirely online, meaning students can get the best VCE tutoring from the comfort of their lounge room! Working with top recent graduates, TuteSmart students can benefit from live weekly tutorial classes and online private tutoring sessions in order to get ahead.

My Melbourne Tutors Math

03 9570 70444

Our tutors will help your child feel successful. Learning should never feel frustrating. We start by meeting your child to find the gaps, understand their needs and create an individualised tutoring program. Call our local Bentleigh learning centre now! 

Real-World Applications

The Victorian Curriculum wants your child to learn with conceptual understanding. Our tutors will ensure that they don’t just memorise the process but understand what it means.

Free Assessment 

Our tutors provide a comprehensive complimentary no-obligation assessment. We want you to feel comfortable that you are making the best choice.

Fill In The Gaps

At My Melbourne Tutors, we understand that every child learns in different ways and at different speeds. So we aim to understand your child, fill in the basics and make them feel successful!

Fuse Tutor Math Tutors in Melbourne

(03) 9038 8966

About Fuse Tutor

Fuse Tutor is an Australian educational organisation providing professional, private in-home tuition and group tuition services. Fuse Tutor started from humble beginnings in Melbourne. Its founder, Rav Pham, has been an avid tutor since graduating from high school, and after developing a passion for teaching and empowering students with the knowledge, he discovered there was a lack of quality, accessible tutors. To help close this educational gap, Fuse Tutor was developed in 2012 and has since grown to a network of over 800 tutors, with over 8000 hours of tutoring completed.

Our mission is to enhance future opportunities for students by providing accessible learning that will stimulate minds and improve academic results. We believe everyone is capable and deserving of academic success, and we can achieve this by arming students with the vast knowledge base of our tutors.


Add Knowledge and Multiply Your Accuracy With Fuse Tutor. Fuse Tutor provides engaging maths tutoring to enhance your maths skills. Offering maths tutoring to primary and secondary students of all abilities, we take a systematic approach that is interesting and challenging by integrating questions with real-life examples.

Many maths students perceive maths as not being important or integral to our lives. We aim to change this thinking by having maths tutors develop your understanding with thought-provoking questions rather than just theory. We also take into account your aspirations, as learning maths can lead to a greater breadth of career opportunities.

Fuse Tutor’s maths tutors promote awareness of the importance of maths in everyday life and develop each student’s confidence to use their mathematical knowledge and skills effectively. Our maths tutors will consolidate and develop your maths skills so that you can confidently approach complex maths and problem-solving activities and apply them to the real world.


Maths Tutors Who Will Provide You With In-Depth Lessons to:

  • A tailored maths tutoring program is provided to students to complement their school curriculum.
  • Strengths and weaknesses are identified with extension, or remedial work was given to improve the student’s maths skills.
  • Maths tutors will assist with your assignment tasks and prepare you for future tests and exams.
  • Students will develop their basic numeracy skills and confidently tackle complex maths problems and activities.


Covering all equations

  • Arithmetic
  • Problem-solving
  • Equations
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Measurement
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Calculus

RL Education Math Tutors in Melbourne

0478 805 555

0426 108 800

We want the skills students to acquire in our learning centres to be transferable to all aspects of their lives. When they finish their journey with us, we want these skills to become integral to their daily lives. We want our students to be leaders one day; it’s not just something we do but what we actively try to provide. 


Our Mathematics classes are designed to provide practical and challenging learning that takes into account the needs and aspirations of a wide range of students. Classes are taught by the Chief Lecturer and Director of RL Education, Ricky Liu. He is a certified specialist in VCE/IB Mathematics, with more than a decade of teaching experience and over five years of expertise as a VCAA Examiner for both Mathematical Methods (CAS) and Specialist Mathematics. 

Ricky has created a comprehensive set of notes based on his years of expertise, which covers an entire year of content. It targets the key concepts and expands to include useful formulas, challenging questions and answers, and much more to ensure that students will become familiar with the entirety of the subject. In addition, Ricky teaches a variety of different methods to solve questions, catering for all students and capturing the very nature of the Maths Methods course itself.

Cluey Learning Math Tutors in Melbourne

1300 182 999

About Cluey

Cluey Learning delivers a personalised, face-to-face online tutoring experience for students in Years 2-12 across Maths, English and Chemistry.

We make learning support accessible and convenient so that tutoring can be booked at a time that suits each child’s schedule. In addition, learning sessions take place live and online via our learning platform, which means students can log in from the comfort of home and work with their expert tutor without interrupting the family schedule.

All of our content is mapped to the Australian National Curriculum and is based on the unique learning needs of each individual. In this way, Cluey programs cover each student's learning topics in class and specifically address each child’s challenges. In addition, all sessions are recorded and can be re-watched for future reference, and parents can see what their child has learned.

Thanks to the online nature of our approach, we’re able to source, train, and quality check the best tutors from around Australia and make them available to any student, regardless of whether they live on a farm, in a big city, or a small town between Milly Milly and Murgoo.

  • Over 458,000 learning sessions
  • More than 17,832 students
  • More than 1,450 expert tutors

Private tutoring for year seven school students in Melbourne

Expert tutoring

Highly skilled tutors that are friendly, patient and relatable.

Quality content

Quality content designed by education professionals in English, Maths and Chemistry.


Delivered face-to-face online - so you can relax at home while they learn.

Some Of The Subjects We Cover

Each subject is covered using a learning program that contains all the content you need and is led by your personally matched tutor.

Mathematics Year 7

This program covers all the components of the national curriculum (and all relevant state variations). In Year 7, students start to explore the use of numerals and the language of algebra. In addition, students develop a range of mental and technological strategies to enhance their computational skills.

Mathematics Year 7

This program covers all the components of the national curriculum (and all relevant state variations). In Year 7, students start to explore the use of numerals and the language of algebra. In addition, students develop a range of mental and technological strategies to enhance their computational skills.

English Year 7

Your child might be engaging with novels and newspapers, poems and plays, digital media and Dreamtime stories. It's important to the Cluey Education Team that every learner feels confident in their understanding and ready to tackle any assignment. We have an ever-expanding bank of resources as well as units ready to support creative and persuasive writing - plus grammar and spelling to give that final polish.

TutorPath - Math Tutors in Melbourne

 +61 3 9077 8544 

TutorPath is an innovative Australia-based start-up creating a comprehensive one-stop online destination for those seeking traditional tutoring services, ranging from driving schools and personal trainers to piano teachers, life coaches, and surfing instructors!

Our double-edged mission is to

(a. Help education, recreation, and training service providers connect with new clients across the nation, and (b. Provide a simple 21st century way for users to find the perfect trainers, tutors, instructors, and coaches for their needs.

In doing so, we are not only helping thousands of businesses, big or small, to grow and achieve but also encouraging people of all ages and skill levels to succeed and try new things. Maybe it’s CrossFit, perhaps creative writing, ballet, or learning a new language. Whatever your education, passion, hobby, or vocation, TutorPath is Your Path to Success!

Tips for Tutor/Service ProvidersStudents didn’t magically appear out of nowhere. First, identify the subjects you want to teach clear and specific:

  • A short description of your service, e.g. Physics Tutoring
  • Some information about who you are, what technology you use (Skype, virtual classrooms, etc.)
  • What are the prerequisites for students to participate (working microphone, Flash-based browser, etc.)
  • Put down your daytime phone number, but don’t forget to check website messages. 

​Tutoring For Excellence Math Tutors in Melbourne

 03 9017 4874


The History Of Tutoring For Excellence

Tutoring For Excellence was founded in 1996. We have always believed that focused attention in a one-on-one environment empowers both student and tutor in a way that is not possible in the classroom.

Starting from a small personal client base, the business grew quickly, and within six months, Tutoring For Excellence worked with several tutors. Today we have grown into an organisation with hundreds of active tutors and thousands of happy clients. We service most major Australian cities and Auckland in New Zealand.

Our founding director is a qualified teacher and former principal with over 20 years of industry experience in both nationally and internationally public and private education sectors. Tutoring for Excellence was a founding member of the Australian Tutoring Association, and our director was later Chairman of that association.

Tutors are available for individual students, State and Federal Government programs and private bodies such as sporting organisations, insurance companies, employment centres, hospitals and the film industry. We currently offer private tutoring in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Wollongong, Adelaide in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand.

​Tutoring For Excellence

In-Home or Online Tutoring in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Wollongong, Gold Coast and Adelaide The focused attention in a one-on-one environment empowers both student and tutor in a way that is not possible in the classroom.

Tutors support goal setting, address individual student strengths and weaknesses, build academic self-confidence and encourage motivation. As a result, we assist students in reaching their full potential. Since 1996, tutors have worked with clients such as individual students, State and Federal Government programs and private bodies such as sporting organisations, insurance companies, employment centres, hospitals and the film industry.

Why Book Through Tutoring for Excellence?

Sick and tired of chasing tutors on tutor listing websites and never hearing back? Book through Tutoring for Excellence, with over 20 years of experience selecting tutors for clients. We match and select tutors based on YOUR preferences, whether it be based on the personality and gender of the tutor, your budget or where you want the lessons to take place. All our tutors are screened through a dynamic registration process, and we recommend tutors based on their level of expertise, reliability, personality, academic background and most importantly, their ability to communicate with students.

Kumon Footscray Math Tutors in Melbourne

0401 922 933 

At Kumon Footscray, we offer individualised Maths and English study programmes, allowing each student to study at a level best suited to their academic ability, regardless of age or school grade, and advance beyond their current school grade level. Contact us today to learn more on how we can help your child develop their: Calculation and Reading ability, Concentration, Discipline to maintain daily study and; Confidence to learn independently.

In-Class Sessions

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  •  Friday 

Premier Education Math Tutoring in Melbourne

0421 806 222


Our curriculum is designed to challenge students of the highest calibre and help students who are struggling to find their feet.


After 15+ years of tutoring experience with students of all ability levels, we have pooled our knowledge and incorporated it into a unified curriculum taught by former students who topped the state.

VCE Mathematics Program

Many people WRONGLY assume that success in VCE is simply the product of hard work or intelligence. It is BOTH of those COMBINED with the right guidance from an experienced teacher. We offer a team of exceptional tutors with a history of topping the state to teach students the ins and outs of the curriculum, specialised exam knowledge, and the mindset of the top 0.05%. With our rigorous course and expertise, we will help you rise above the competition and conquer VCE.

Mathematics Program

The BEST students are NOT the ones who sprint to finish, but who build a solid foundation early and continue to succeed throughout their education. That’s why at Premier Education, we ensure our students begin building their knowledge base from DAY 1 so they are equipped to face any challenges ahead.

Tutorscope - Math Tutors in Melbourne

+61 450 342200

Get matched with a top-scoring tutor in Melbourne. Tutor score Australia is a premier provider of individual and group tutoring across IB, VCE and Year 7 to 10 subjects, online or at your home.

VCE tutoring

Consolidate foundations or accelerate your study of the curriculum with the help of one-to-one support from a top-scoring tutor. Opt for online or in-person lessons at a frequency that suits you. Tutor score prides itself on offering families the flexibility to have lessons at a frequency that best meets their child’s individual needs – no lock-in contracts or fixed agreements.

Hourly rates are $50 for one-to-one lessons; $40 per student in groups of two; $35 per student in groups of three, and; $30 per student in groups of four.

Lower secondary (Year 7-10) tutoring 

Consolidate understanding and build strong foundations in a supportive environment. Lessons may be conducted online or in-person, individually or in small groups. Hourly rates are $50 for one-to-one lessons; $40 per student in groups of two; $35 per student in groups of three, and; $30 per student in groups of four.

Wise Old Owl Tutoring - Math Tutors in Melbourne

(03) 9723 6855

Forget the rest; learn Maths from the best! I am a fully qualified Maths Teacher / Tutor in Melbourne with 15 years of experience helping students of all abilities achieve their very best.

Introducing Your Maths Tutor

I not only teach Maths but understand why the student is underachieving. I have vast experience identifying each student’s preferred learning style and needs. I create an individualised learning plan for each student based on this assessment. My students have access to a wide variety of tried and tested resources to suit each learning need.

Why Work With Me?

I am a caring, patient and professional Math educator who:

  • Graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Postgraduate Certificate in Mathematics and Mathematics Education
  • Has 15+ years of teaching and tutoring experience
  • Maintains a current VIT Registration
  • It is registered with the Australian Tutoring Association.
  • Continually participates in Professional Development to keep up with current developments in Math learning.
  • Provides tutoring in line with the current Victorian Curriculum
  • Provides a program individually tailored to high achieving students requiring further extension as well as students who experience Math learning difficulties
  • Works with the Ronald McDonald Learning Program in delivering tuition to students who have missed school due to illness

Maths Methods Tutors in Melbourne 

61 480 666 933

What Is The Workshop About?

This 6-hour workshop will give you everything you need to know before Term 2 starts, and with over 50% of the Exam involving the topics I will cover, this is the Workshop to go to. You will understand the fundamentals of each of these topics so that you can rapidly absorb what you’re learning in class. I’ll cover complicated-looking Exam questions and reveal the hidden barriers that make them much easier to solve. By the end of the Workshop, you’ll feel much less stressed out and leave the workshop with a newfound confidence in your abilities in Methods.

Who Is The Presenter?

Hey guys! It's Alex, and I'm the creator of with degrees in Mathematics/Astrophysics. I've educated students for my entire career and spent several years rewriting the Maths Methods textbook to create my popular video tutorials that focus on a solid understanding of the fundamentals, as this is the key to making Maths Methods easier for all students. I've done seminars nationally and internationally and currently have thousands of students, parents and teachers who have benefitted from my resources. So I'm super excited to be presenting this workshop and can't wait to see you there.

What Will Be Covered?

  • Everything you need to know to be prepared for Term 2.
  • Simple and visual ways to truly understand the concepts.
  • The hidden fundamentals your teacher doesn't have time to cover.
  • All in an engaging 6-hour live Workshop!

Golden Key Math Tutors in Melbourne


About Golden Key Education

Golden Key Education is a professional tuition organisation that specialises in tutoring in SACE, VCE, IB, UCAT, Primary and Middle School grade curricula, as well as for a variety of scholarships. With locations in both Adelaide and Melbourne, we aim to meet every student's unique educational needs. Our Team is composed of highly experienced Australian registered teachers, SACE moderators, university graduates with doctorates in mathematics and science, and high SACE ATAR achievers. Within our classes, we help students engage with their curricula through a variety of techniques, such as detailed explanations of content, summarising key learning points, assisting with and assigning homework, holding after-class Q&As, and giving students personalised progress feedback, chapter testing and much more.

Tuition Service Adelaide & Melbourne

We’re here to support your learning in whatever way works for you. We specialise in small group online tutoring, meaning you get the focussed attention of your tutor at an affordable price, with the support that peers to peer learning in a small group provides. We can also provide 1-on-1 tutorial classes if you ever need more personalised tuition service or online tutorial classes so you can enjoy learning in an environment you are most comfortable and familiar with.

Golden Key Melbourne Campus

  • Year 1-6 Acceleration and Scholarship Programs (Melbourne)
  • Year 7-12 Curriculum Acceleration & VCE Programs (Melbourne)
  • Our Featured EAL Accelerated Programs (Melbourne)
  • Golden Key International Baccalaureate IB (HL/SL) Courses
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