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Best 50+ Drone Video & Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

Drones are the newest technological innovation in photography and videography. They allow for a whole new perspective on what is otherwise unreachable. We have packages to suit all budgets and needs, so why not take advantage of this amazing technology before it's too late? You could be missing out on some incredible.

If you're looking for a drone video or photo service in Melbourne, Victoria, check out our list of the top 50 services! From budget-friendly options to professional services, we have something for everyone. 

Ultimate List of Best Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

Dronegenuity - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Rachael Bebe Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne


800 214 4845

Hassle-Free Drone Photography

Get premium quality aerial photos, video, maps & data captured by one of our vetted and experienced professional drone pilots & photographers. The certified pilots in our nationwide network have the skills & training required to get the job done right the first time and on time.

Please tell us what you want to accomplish. We want to know. We believe that success follows taking the time necessary to understand your business objectives before launching any project. We understand that not all projects and properties are alike and that a cookie-cutter template won't always work for you.

Aerial Photos

Get magazine-quality still photos of places, properties, or events. Our photographers fly premium quality drones and capture images of your subject from virtually any angle.

Drone Videos

Get stunning videos in 4K UHD to promote your properties, products, or services. Provide your customers with a truly engaging experience with a customised 3D marketing video.

Better Drone Photography

Get crisp and clear aerial photos of products, services, properties, and places. Our team of professional photographers and FAA certified drone pilots will provide you with stunning, high-resolution images suitable for both print and digital media. Tell us your business or another objective, and we will work with you to meet your goals.

By marketing your business with compelling and truly unique content, you can significantly improve your ability to attract and retain customer attention.

Victoria Lensaloft - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Lensaloft Aerial Photography Melbourne


61 407 805 245

About Us

With over 20 years of experience, Andrew Griffiths is recognised Internationally as one of the world's most respected aerial photographers. 

Andrew's unique approach to pushing the envelope of aerial photography has earned him special awards for innovation, commercial and artistic landscape aerial photography and cinematography.

His approach brings unprecedented detail to major campaigns, working with clients including the Australian Government, Tourism Australia, World Trade Centre NYC, Tourism USA, Tennis Australia, G20 summit, and many high profile creative brand agencies.

A confessed gadget and aviation nerd with a healthy appetite for coffee and flying.

What we offer

Helicopters, Drone, Jets, Blimps, Cranes, Abseiling And Jetpacks

Photos And Videos - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Photos And Videos Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 


1300 886 845

About Us

We are a photo and video production company with a fresh approach to creating digital content. A wide range of photography, video production and animation services tailored for commercial events, real estate, products, and corporate video production in Melbourne.


For all your Melbourne corporate event photography needs, you can count on ROEMIN's team of reliable and experienced professional event photographers to deliver the best photography services every single time. Our team offers a wide range of photography services, including corporate photography for events, conferences and functions to product photography for marketing, brand activations, launches, and so much more.

Drone Photography Pro - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Drone Photography Melbourne




As a growing drone pilot based in Melbourne, our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality work at an affordable rate. With a small dedicated team of aerial photographers, ground videographers and editors – you can assure premium products from us at Drone Photography & Video Melbourne.

Video Marketing with Drone

Is your product hard to capture up high, and using a helicopter is not within the budget? Our drone operator can assist you where hard to reach places was once an expensive exercise.

Do we love filming indoors? Yes, what better way to promote your premises or warehouse than using us to do your job. Indoor drone filming where a standard camera doesn't do it.

We are looking to team up with a new development company specialising in new land development, further estate expansion in the outer Melbourne region. We want to be your go-to pilot to help market your prospect to investors here and internationally.

Avian Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Avian Aerial Photography Melbourne


1300 081 144

For Architects

  • 3D Laser Scanning technology to efficiently measure with millimetre accuracy
  • Avoid lengthy time onsite and costly revisits due to transcription errors
  • immediate processing of 3D Scan data for Revit modelling and design applications

For Engineers

  • Visual condition inspections in difficult to access positions at heights, over water, underneath bridges, inside tunnels or buildings.
  • Accurate measurements using airborne or terrestrial 3D Laser & LiDAR scanning
  • Quickly obtain dimensions or 3D models and manipulate 3D textured models, plans and elevations.

For Construction

  • Construction updates. Keep stakeholders engaged and informed. Improve stakeholder support and confidence in project performance.
  • Contractor QA. Contractor payments can be verified against job specifications. Avoid disputes, and costly rectification works.
  • Elevation Maps and 3D site models for site access, project progress reporting and construction planning.
  • We deliver compliance objectives, asset tracking, and reporting by site inspection, safety and compliance using 2D and 3D digital maps.

Neptune Design - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria \

Neptune Design Drone Photography Melbourne


0411 516 745

Everyone has access to the Internet within arm's reach, your business needs to be online and be seen, and that means you will require;

  • professional website
  • social media presence to keep the audience up to date
  • send regular newsletters
  • utilise digital marketing such as SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay per click) advertisement
  • use video to build trust and increase conversions and sales; photography, video and drone

Small steps are the key to reaching any goals, and acquiring assistance with the above is essential in every business. So reach out to us and start ticking off the targets.

Silly question here, do you want to generate more website traffic, leads and sales? Who doesn't want to grow their business revenue, right?

We provide comprehensive inbound marketing packages to suit all business sizes and at different stages of their growth. Everything you need to grow and generate interest for your business – increase traffic, phone calls, online enquiry and grow the database.


Our Comprehensive Inbound Marketing Melbourne

  • Full social media package including content creation, graphics and video.
  • Monthly video content.
  • Blogging content related to your business.
  • Increase traffic with SEO – increase your digital footprint with external links; images, videos, to PDF.
  • Newsletter campaign distribution and database management.
  • Ongoing marketing feedback, ideas and advice.
  • Monthly Reporting.
  • $100.00 Advertising spend per month.

UAVisuals Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

UAVISUALS - Drone Photography, Melbourne


61 411 554 945

About Us

UAVISUALS™ group is a leading Australian drone services provider committed to providing creative and industrial uses for remote systems.

UAVISUALS (Unmanned Aerial Visual Solutions) is a premier Australian drone-based service and data solutions company. We bring you the latest drone technology offers whilst keeping a customer-centric focus, approaching every job with a holistic understanding. 

From humble beginnings, UAVISUALS was founded in 2013 at the dawn of the drone revolution. Conceived by passionate individuals determined to solve creative, civil, and industrial problems through merging technology, UAVISUALS was born.

UAVISUALS is fully insured, licensed, and accredited to operate throughout Australia in all industries and sectors. Our pilots are highly trained and qualified to work in the Construction, Engineering, Rail, Mining, Electrical and Creative industries.

Drone Photography And Inspections Services

UAVISUALS (Unmanned Aerial Visual Solutions) is fast becoming Australia's preferred drone photography and industrial UAV inspections, provider. We specialise in creative and industrial services catering to all industries and disciplines across Australia and beyond.

Australian Certified

All pilots are insured for public liability and approved by CASA (ReOC) to operate Australia wide.

Exceptional quality

Our staff have the necessary qualifications and compliance to conduct work in all industries.


Nothing drives us more than seeing improvements in ROI, conversions, views, shares & likes.

Transferable skills

Our staff bring experiences from film, TV, Construction, Mining, and electrical industries.

Next Generation Drones Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Next Generation Drones Photography Melbourne


0434 222 945

About us

Drones are providing a whole new perspective and revolutionising photography along the way. Their versatility, small-shaped bodies and ability to tolerate harsh environments provide access to angles and compositions previously impossible or far too costly for the conventional photographer. Drone photography enables a first-person view that would normally be impossible to achieve.

Over the past few years, drones have led to innovation – completely shifting approaches to farming, building, surveying, even down to how a wedding is captured. They are making what previously took endless hours, people and labour to achieve the perfect shot seem completely effortless.

At Next Generation Drones, we've harnessed the incredible ability drone technology has to create and generate the best possible content for businesses, groups and individuals alike. We provide services for various industries utilising advanced drone technology, allowing our clients to achieve their ultimate outcomes. We work alongside you to develop a brief for your needs and then implement the most efficient drone.

Drone Videography

Our Drone Videography captures your project from a wide range of angles and different views to enable your clients to view the progress made. Our in-house production department combines the best footage with music, transitions and your company logo, enabling you to show your clients and promote your company and project!

Surefact Aerial Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

SureFact Aerial Photography Melbourne


1300 270 045

About Us

SureFact Aerial is a leading National Drone Service provider and has invested in the latest advanced drone and digital equipment to provide you with tailored, cost-effective solutions. 

SureFact Aerial are licensed with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and operate within the various legislation and regulations relating to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). 

Our senior management team hold:

  • Diploma in Security Risk Management
  • Diploma of Loss Adjusting
  • Diploma in Work Health and Safety
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Registered Plumber
  • ESI Worker Card
  • RIW Worker Card

Safety is our top priority. Our drones are now the future to help your business objectives.

Rapid Response

SureFact Aerial can provide a rapid response team deployed on your site. Our specialist operators are highly trained and licensed professionals. In addition, a team of drone operators and covert surveillance operative's work together to detect and identify potential theft.

Our drones are equipped with the latest zoom and thermal imaging cameras to operate during the day or night and in extreme weather conditions. 

The benefits of having a ground surveillance team are that once the drone operators detect any illegal activity, our surveillance team can track, intercept and even apprehend intruders when an indictable offence is committed.

Scheduled Patrols

Our scheduled patrols are ideal for areas that are difficult to reach. Drone Operators attend sites and survey the area using the drone for suspicious activity day or night. A routine patrol with a drone can identify vehicles or people quickly and discretely. Traditional methods of security guards attending sites can be very overt. 

A security guard can conduct a site patrol to identify no issues at the site or areas compromised. However, intruders can be hiding and waiting for the guard to depart. Drones, however, conduct a search of the area from a safe and discreet altitude picking up any heat signatures, not alerting the intruders on site. In these situations, police can be contacted, and our operators can provide police with live updates of the locations of the intruders.

Soaring Video - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

 Soaring Video Aerial Melbourne


0425 734 945

Who We Are?

Melbourne & Sydney based Aerial Cinematography and Aerial Photography specialists. We specialise in Film, TV, Commercials, Real Estate, Sports, Events, Inspections, 3D Mapping, Data Acquisition, and much more. 

SOARING VIDEO's founding partner has over 15 years of experience in the Film, Television and Aviation industries.

What We Do?

SOARING VIDEO strives to safely capture aerial footage to highlight your unique vision and produce stunning visuals from a diverse perspective. We offer cost-efficient drone packages that enable our clients to obtain aerial footage where it once would have been too expensive. Safety is always our priority. Experienced professional pilots and camera operators operate our drones with years of experience. In addition, our drones include GPS flight systems with live video feedback and fail-safe safety features.

SOARING VIDEO is CASA certified and fully insured with public liability cover to $10 million

Our Equipment

SOARING VIDEO uses the latest in Drone technology. All our equipment is 4K UHD capable, and backup units are always taken to each job.

Pixelife Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Pixelife Aerial Photography Melbourne


61 402 851 945


Evan Sycamnias

Evan Sycamnias was first introduced to photography when he was only eight. By age 9, he had made his camera and processed black and white prints in a small makeshift studio. By age 13, much to his exhilaration, he was bestowed the family's Agfa Isola I, a medium format film camera (120mm) made in Germany (below) – which he still possesses to this day.

For Evan, photography (and later videography) was a way to capture breath-taking moments and present them in a form that remained timeless, allowing others to experience events as though they had been there for themselves.

For more than ten years, Evan was a part of the exciting world of high-speed off-road racing, where he spent a large portion of his time managing 'Team MudRhino' – a creative group with 15 members who produced more than 45 full-length DVDs. These productions were sold globally and earned the group several awards – including the prestigious CCDA 'Media of the Year Award' in 2008.

In 2016, his attention was turned to landscape photography. He spent a large proportion of his time travelling the globe to remote locations, including the Himalayas, India, China, Egypt, South and North America, and Singapore. Many of his images received awards and recognition, and some were featured in magazines.

Today Evan spends his time mentoring aspiring photographers; overseeing one of Australia's largest photography forums; consulting with small businesses on building social media content; undertaking photography of private functions such as engagements and weddings, and most importantly, he seeks to inspire his children to find their inner artistry with a lens.


Pixelife offers a variety of personal training and workshops that can cater to your every need.

Whether you are interested in recording your special day, selling items, capturing conferences and guest speakers, or just being creative – Pixelife can professionally and creatively set the tone, length and style of your production so that it is both engaging and entertaining – but most importantly, appropriate for your target audience.

Pixelife specialises in planning and capturing weddings, surprise engagements, conferences, training sessions, education campaigns and other business communications.

Through years of experience and a balanced mixture of expertise, creativity and playfulness, you can have peace of mind that your ideas and events will be turned into uniquely polished and captivating content.


Pixelife offers a full range of services, including Portrait, Wedding, Engagements, Product, Commercial and Real Estate Photography.

Personal & Family Portraits

For most people, standing in front of a camera is uncomfortable. Pixelife understands this and works with you to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable to get the most out of your session.

Both individual and family portrait photography is offered.

Corporate Portrait

Whether you require corporate headshots, staff group photos or executive portraits for advertising, website, or your annual report – Pixelife can provide you with professional, artistic and tasteful images. In most instances, a corporate shoot will include a free consultation to determine your needs and assist you in planning to establish a suitable location and appropriate clothing and colours.

Weddings & Engagements

Pixelife aims to capture your special day through an amazing array of unique photographs that tell your story and allow you to relive beautiful memories over and over again. Best of all, the images are a perfect balance of creative and candid, so you will hardly even notice a camera and will love every shot you receive.

Pixelife also specialises in surprise proposals, assisting in preparations for the day – including organising musicians, flowers, balloons etc., and will remain unseen until the end to ensure the surprise is not spoilt.

Final Stage Media - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

Final Stage Media Aerial Photography Melbourne 


0459 463 945


The team at Final Stage Media are experts in Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, SEO and Ads Management. With over ten years of experience in the industry, the team is updated with the latest trends, strategies, and software. Is there an area in your business that need some special attention? Don't worry. We have the answers you're looking for. Real results with real people, find out what services we can help with today.

Drone Videography & Photography Melbourne

We are a boutique aerial drone photography Melbourne business that specialises in drone photography and video production services to small and medium businesses. If you are looking for the best affordable solutions at the highest quality results, please inquire with us today.

Aerial Photography

Get magazine-quality still photos of places, properties, or events. Our photographers fly premium quality drones and capture images of your subject from virtually any angle.

Drone Videography

Get stunning videos in 4K UHD to promote your properties, products, or services. Provide your customers with a truly engaging experience with a customised 3D marketing video.

Quality Drone Photography Melbourne

Get crisp and clear aerial photos of products, services, properties or places. Our team of professional drone pilots will provide you with stunning, high-resolution images suitable for print and digital media. Tell us your project or objective, and we will work with you to meet your goals. By marketing your business with compelling and truly unique content, you can significantly improve your ability to attract and retain customer attention.

Brett Ginsburg Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Breyy Ginsberge Aerial Photography Melbourne


0423 987 145

Benefits of Aerial + Drone Photography

We provide professional aerial drone photography and drone videography in Melbourne. High-impact aerial shots used to be reserved for those who could afford a helicopter — but not anymore. Drones are changing our everyday lives, creating opportunities previously unheard of. 

You can now get a whole new perspective on your wide-open spaces or close-ups of tricky areas with exciting drone technology. Aerial drone photography and drone videography can perfectly capture awe-inspiring shots of your large commercial development property, hospitality premises, industrial or construction site, or anywhere that could use a fresh view from above

Need a stunning, eye-catching drone photograph to showcase your business, product, or home? Our Melbourne drone photographer is ready to provide high-quality drone photography services.

From high-resolution aerial photographs to large-scale panoramic murals with impeccable attention to quality and detail. We supply high-resolution digital photographs and offer a large selection of stock images.

We strive to meet the demands of all film production briefs and enhance your project with voice over, text overlay, licensed music and 3D animation — producing a vibrant output.

Whether you are looking to capture beautiful images for marketing, branding, social media, etc. or want to document a work in progress or inspection/record keeping photographs — we have you covered for all your aerial drone photography.

Atlantis Digital Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Atlantis Aerial Photography Melbourne



Video Production

We at Atlantis Media Productions have over 25 years of experience in video and media production, having been awarded various industry accolades as a leading production facility in Melbourne. We primarily cater to large and small businesses' production needs and have ample experience in video entertainment, health and safety, education and training, and television documentary.

Live Streaming

We will utilise our extensive experience and modern and exciting programs to provide you with a cost-effective and dynamic service. In addition, we ensure that your company's message will be conveyed in a visually-stimulating and entertaining way.

Drone Services Melbourne

There was a time not that long ago when obtaining aerial footage required chartering an aeroplane or a helicopter and was out of reach for all but the largest budget projects. Happily, that is no longer the case. Drone technology now produces stunningly sharp footage and has become a mainstay of the Video Production industry.

With applications only limited by imagination, aerial video and stills photography by drone is regularly included in video production in the real estate industry, but also in farming and agriculture, environmental management, and to give an extra wow factor for inclusion in Video Production within the industrial, manufacturing and retail industries.

Atlantis Digital was a pioneer in using and including drone footage in video production for our clients, and our experience and expertise are second to none. We own and operate our large and small equipment, and the results are crisp, detailed and engaging footage shot in ultra-high definition 4K and 5K quality.

Atlantis Digital are experienced and professional supplier of Drone Services Melbourne footage in the Melbourne Video production industry. Please feel free to discuss your needs with no obligation to a member of our team. You can contact us by telephone, email, or using the contact form under the 'Contact' tab.

Howlmedia Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Howl Media Melbourne


(03) 5292 1045

A bird's eye view. 

We are experts in commercial drone video production and photography. With our experience, latest drone technology and post-processing skills, the sky is the limit for your content.

We have delivered drone video projects for a wide variety of client briefs across social media and the web. Your drone video and imagery will be delivered quickly and in whatever format you choose and optimised for social media/Youtube. 

Our drone videographer Geoff Hutchinson is registered with CASA and has full Public Liability Insurance ($20 million covers). Safety is paramount, so we always conduct a full Risk Assessment and Job Safety Analysis before liftoff. 

Contact us today with your brief and take your business to a whole new level.

Drone Services

Here are some of the services we provide; however, we are happy to discuss your individual needs and deliver something truly unique.

  • Attractions
  • Brand Showcase
  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Events
  • Golf Course
  • Industrial
  • Inspection
  • Landscape
  • Real Estate
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Travel & Tourism

Bendigo Aerial - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Bendigo Aerial Melbourne


61 403 205 045

Aerial Photography

Get a bird's eye view of your property, event or landscape—ideal for Real Estate, Commercial, Tourism and Social Media Content. Professional processed and delivered in multiple formats.

Aerial Video

Stunning aerial cinematography in 4K, colour corrected and ready for movies. Ideal for Commercials, Social Media Creation and Promotions. Full post-processing.

Commercial Services

We provide drone mapping, construction progress photos, aerial inspections and land survey services throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific. Check out our Commercial Services information page.

Drone Aerial Services

  •  Real Estate Photography, Planning and Development
  •  Corporate Videos for Product Launches and Advertising
  •  Social Media, Engagement and Website Promotion
  •  Indoor and Commercial Property Photography
  •  Events and Sports Aerial Filming
  •  Panoramas and 360 Aerial Photos
  •  Aerial Photography for Tourism, Travel and Hotels
  •  Scene Management, Public Safety and Digital Evidence
  •  Emergency Services Police, Fire, Search and Rescue
  •  2D Mapping, Asset Inspection and Construction Progress
  •  Safety, Training and Development Programs
  •  Professional Post Photo and Video Editing

Aerial Vision - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Aerial Vision Drone Photography Melbourne


61 417 561 554

Aerial Cinematography

We specialise in aerial drone cinematography and have extensive experience working on feature films, reality television shows, extreme water sports, documentaries, music videos and television ads. With hundreds of hours under our belts, our skilled operators can perform proximity tracking manoeuvres indoors and outside while maintaining strict safety standards. 

Our equipment for aerial cinematography consists of a fleet of a Freefly Atla and two DJI Inspire 2 Drones, ground cameras such as Red Weapon, Black Magic Production 4k and a Canon C200. 

When required, we work closely with CASA and are ready to go on location. Our in-house engineering team ensures that all gear is maintained to a high standard to ensure smooth sailing on the day of your shoot. We always arrive on set with contingency gear in the unlikely scenario that we experience gear failure.

When possible, we like to perform a location recce before the shoot date to scope out obstacles/ hazards, including radio communications towers, power lines, high populated areas and turbulent wind areas, just to list a few. We also look for a safe operations area for our team and discuss how to perform shots.

Action Sports

Our methods to shoot Action Sports is summarised in three letters: FPV. 

This stands for First Person View drone flying, also known as remote-person view, or simply video piloting. This method is used to control a radio-controlled drone from the driver or pilot's viewpoint.

This new way of flying allows our operators to be fast, precise and fly near the target of the footage.

Our equipment for FPV flying consists of a fleet of fast drones made of carbon fibre frames and top of the range electronics. Our operators use FPV goggles for full immersion and operate with a method that is CASA legally approved and ensures safety at all times. We are currently the only CASA approved and fully insured FPV company to operate in Australia.

The speed and agility provided by our FPV drones allow us to shoot any fast pace sport and activity such as motorsports, winter sports, water sports and track vehicles, as well as people in a way that no one has seen before.

Cut Above Productions - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Cut Above Productions Melbourne


0401 343 245

About Us

We love all things video & photography.

We've been doing it since 2003. We create videos & photos that produce results for your business or organisation. Images that engage your audience and deliver your message. Images that are viewed repeatedly generate leads and turn browsers into buyers.

We have had the privilege of working with numerous international, national and local clients. Our clients trust us so much that we have even been asked to travel overseas for work. Some of our international work has included a promotional video for HELP Cambodia, wedding photography for a couple in Hawaii, video and photography for a client in New Zealand and a 10-day video shoot in Canada for a promotional video. We love working abroad. Unfortunately, Covid-19 meant cancelling three other international jobs, including one in the USA and another in South Africa.

We've shot content for almost every major media outlet in the country, including all the national news stations and current affairs programs, as well as photography for all the major newspapers.

In 2012 we took on the video and photography contract for the RAAF base in Wagga Wagga, where we shot video and photography of the recruits during their training.

Our clients consist of well-known companies such as the Royal Australian Asir Force, TAFE NSW, Woolworths, Charles Sturt University, NSW SES, Taronga Western Plains Zoo, McDonald's, Syngenta, Monsanto, just to name a few.

We also shoot real estate photography and video content for many local agents. So, anyone in the market to buy or sell a house will probably have seen our work.

While Grant originally started the business as a Sole Trader, in 2014, it became a Pty Ltd Company and now employs four staff and a handful of contractors.

At Cut Above Productions, we're here to help you utilise video and photography to engage your audience, generate leads and increase sales… Or simply capture a moment in time and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Cut Above Productions is strategically based in Wagga Wagga, NSW, halfway between Melbourne and Sydney. We will travel far and wide for our clients, whether within NSW, Interstate or internationally.

Our Services

Whether they're moving pictures or still, chances are, we can capture it.

Drone Video & Photos

With over 1000 hours of flight time, we have the skills and equipment required to capture amazing aerial video and still photos.


We offer a range of professional photography services, including; Wedding photography, family photoshoots, corporate photography, real estate photography, architecture, event coverage.

Corporate Videos

Cut Above Productions works with local, national and international organisations to create effective promotional videos for a range of purposes.

Web Videos​​

We'll create an online video that will help you increase sales and generate leads. Testimonials, Corporate, Training, Branding and Social Media Videos

Kapcher Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Kapcher Drone Photogrpahy Melbourne


0404 078 745

About Us

Welcome to Kapcher, data acquisition specialists at the forefront of information collection and analysis. We provide tailored solutions for asset management in industries like infrastructure, building and facility management, road and rail. Our focus is to bring your physical assets into the digital world using cutting-edge technology. In addition, we aim to capture and provide accurate data to help you better understand the condition of your physical assets.

Kapcher is an established name in asset inspection, data collection, laser scanning and 3D modelling. Our expertise results in better performance from your assets, reduced maintenance costs, and an increased lifespan. So you can forget about paper reports and reactive maintenance. Whether it's from drones, helicopters, ground base imagery or laser scanning, we'll design methods to collect information and provide the most accurate representation of your asset, saving you time and helping you make informed decisions around their maintenance.

Whether by land, sea or air, we create a customised asset inspection service to give you a complete picture of your property's condition.

Organisations across different industries trust Kapcher to make informed choices about managing their assets.

Drone Inspection

Keeping assets in good working condition is key to the objectives of any organisation. Drone inspection presents a low-risk, cost-effective way for you to forestall any need for major repairs and resulting service outages. We specialise in visual drone inspection for all kinds of commercial and industrial assets.

As the name suggests, visual inspection involves mounting a camera on the drone so that it takes many photos of the asset under inspection from all angles. We then use the images produced to create a digital asset model and identify areas where preventative repair works may be required. In this way, you get a more accurate asset assessment without any exposure to the human risk attendant with activities like physical mobile tower inspections.

Pitch Visuals Aerial Photography 

Pitch Visual Aerial Photography Melbourne


0419 354 145

Experienced Professional Photographers

Backed by decades of experience as professional photographers specialising in commercial photography, we know precisely how to capture the images that make brands stand out, attract new customers, secure a competitive edge, and refine their reputation. We use our cameras to tell your story.

Our work encompasses a lifetime of powerful imagery that has helped organisations capture attention, hold interest, keep visitors on their website, and retain marketing collateral longer. We invite viewers into our client's story with photography that makes you want to read on and learn more. Based in Melbourne, we're pleased to partner with clients both in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

Work Guarantee

We have no doubt you'll be happy with our commercial photography service. If you're not happy for any reason, we'll keep working on the results until you're one hundred per cent satisfied.

Our commercial photography services cover a wide area of photography products & services for businesses…

  • Commercial Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Drone Photo & Video
  • Time-Lapse Video
  • Construction Time Lapse
  • Social Media Photos

PR & Marketing Photography To Entice Media Editors

Pitch Visuals PR & Marketing Photography is a highly skilled service.

Photography at major media outlets is specialised & very competitive. Each publication has its unique brand of photography.

Pitch Visuals photographers are specialists in creating high-quality marketing and PR photography for Australian mainstream media, with decades of experience working directly for the publications your campaign might be targeting. See the video below for samples of our work in the media.

Provide Your Images To The Media!

The benefit of providing your images to the media is to elevate your story to the highest traffic section of the media outlet. Good PR & Marketing photography is high on the list of why a publication editor might raise your story to the section lead. That would give it thousands more viewers. But guess what?

The dwindling number of staff photographers means it's unlikely that the publication will assign a photographer to your story. And if they do, you won't have control of the images or access to use them elsewhere.

Ashbury Studios - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

AshBury Studios Aerial Photography Melbourne



About Us

Ashbury Studios was founded in March of 1998 in San Francisco, California, with a vision to make effective websites that communicate the essence of a business, organisation or individual. In 2007, Michael Duffy relocated his dynamic web & multimedia development skills to Albury, New South Wales, Australia.

Based in North Albury, NSW, the company provides professional and innovative solutions to its clients. Working with a mission to make websites that effectively communicate the essence of a business, the company has established itself as the leading web designing service provider in Australia. Being well versed with the latest technologies, the team provides the most effective web design solutions to their clients.

The team utilises the latest technologies and professional expertise to deliver highly reliable website design solutions to clients. The company focuses on developing visually appealing and easy to navigate websites and delivers superior quality web design/SEO solutions that translate into more revenue and business. With its extensive range of services and technical prowess, the company ensures that the website design requirements of the customers are met convincingly. Having established itself as a leading website designer in Albury Wodonga, the company promises to create revenue-generating websites for its clients.

Bringing together years of experience and vast industry experience in web designing, Ashbury Studios has successfully met the requirements of numerous business organisations.

At Ashbury Studios, we don't just build websites - we design them from the ground up. So whether you are a large corporation, a small business just getting started, or even an entertainer looking for a way to promote yourself, we can help! Offering much more than an internet presence, our sites let viewers see the substance behind the information using the latest software technology. Thank you for your time, and we hope we can be of service to you.

Aerial Photography and Videography Services in Albury, Wodonga

Ashbury Studios covers the complete multimedia spectrum, including RPAS (drone) Aerial Photography and Video. Serving Albury Wodonga and the surrounding areas, Ashbury Studios offers a range of drone aerial real estate drone video and photography. Drone aerial photography and video of real estate is a perfect addition to any sales strategy, helping to target interstate clients.

Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are increasingly being used to provide a better overview of the property and the surrounding area. Quality services with a fast turnaround at a competitive cost let Ashbury Studios help you showcase and sell your property.

Aerial Drone Photography & Videography

Aerial drone photography has soared in recent years, with the quality and the number of drone images increasing by the day. And the images are so splendid and awe-inspiring that it gets you hooked on the picture itself.

At Ashbury Studios, we provide impeccable aerial photography services in Albury for business as well as retail clients. Our top quality and highly affordable services, such as drone videography in Albury Wodonga and drone photography in Albury Wodonga, will help you carve a niche for yourself in your industry. Our perfect images and videos will ensure that your product and services scale up in value resulting in unprecedented growth and suitability for your business. 

Aerial videography in Albury adds a whole new dimension to real estate videography by scaling the property's value with Ultra HD videos and high-resolution media. Get sharp and precise still photos of properties, places or events too. Our expert photographers fly the best quality, durable drones that can capture wonderful still images of your subject from virtually any angle.

With Ashbury Studios, you can get stunning and remarkable videos in 4K UHD to promote your products, properties or services. Now, you can provide a truly engaging experience to your customers with a customised 3D marketing video.

Ashbury Studios lets you use the vast and most powerful resource available to humanity: the sky. When you can reach for the sky, why take photos and videos from the ground? Our highly skilled professionals will capture the best of aerial photos and videos. This will help you scale up your business and add immense value to your products and services.

Images and visuals help paint a picture of the product and service in our minds. And, with high-resolution visuals and stunning images, you can attract people to your business like never before. After all, nothing commands more attention than attractive visuals. And, at Ashbury Studios, we help you create those head-turning visuals and images that will stay in your customer's mind for a long, long time.

Melbourne Films Weddings - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Melbourne Films Weddings Aerial Photography


61 404 336 745

About Us

Melbourne Films Weddings

At Melbourne Films, we work closely with our couples to ensure that your video captures the radiance and beauty of the bride, the passion of the couple and those magical moments you will share as you celebrate your wedding with family and friends in a style that reflects who you are as a couple. All our videographers at Melbourne films Wedding Videography are highly trained professional videographers under the art direction of Anthon. All our videographers work exclusively in event cinematography and are passionate about producing stunning contemporary wedding videos.

When you hire Melbourne Films Weddings, you will be getting a team working on your brief to deliver stunning results on razor-sharp deadlines. We love to add that human touch, and we'll always go that extra mile to provide excellent service.

Drone Videography and Photography Melbourne

Melbourne Films specialise in drone aerial photography and videography services for Weddings, real estate, corporate promotions across many industries, and capturing events.

DR1 Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Dr1 Aerial Photography Melbourne


0488 275 145

About Us

Welcome To DR1

DR1, synonymous with service and excellence, is a certified aerial cinematography and photography company.

We operate the world's best Drone/UAV system backed by our highly skilled and creative remote pilots.

  • Our team consists of professionals with backgrounds in film production, video/photo editing and remote aircraft developments.
  • Our goal is to build a long term customer relationship based on exceptional service and satisfaction.
  • We aim to get it right the first time every time.

All our operations are carried out by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and insured on an International level.

We welcome you to experience the difference at DR1.


Our drones are guaranteed to produce professional-grade and print-ready images to suit your individual need. With our advanced cameras and image processors, we can capture every memorable moment from every angle, providing everlasting drone and aerial photography experience in Melbourne.

Rising High Media Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria 

Rising High Media Melbourne


61 (0) 402 085 445

About Us

Rising High Media pushes the boundaries of traditional video and photography with innovative shooting styles, accessible pricing, unmatched quality and exceptional customer care.

We want professional aerial photography and video accessible to all gutsy Victorians. We capture people, places and everything in-between with an exceptional view unseen from the ground alone. We use only the best, industry-leading drone equipment. Our team are highly experienced, CASA certified drone operators and have a meticulous eye for detail. Our accessible pricing, innovative shooting styles and incredible customer support allow us to create and curate moments that will knock you off your feet.


"It all started when I was mountain biking. I wanted a unique perspective that would stand out against the shaky action camera footage that dominates the scene. So naturally, I was drawn to the smooth and stable video that drones provide. To my dismay, the mountain bike tracks of Victoria aren't suited for drones, so I decided to expand my horizons and explore the world by air. The power of aerial photography and videography is truly unparalleled. As a result, drone services are in high demand in industries from real estate to weddings, sports and events to tourism."


The Family Bundle

  • Up to 1-hour shooting
  • Supplied footage 4k and social ready formats
  • 3x Images
  • Rainy-day guarantee
  • Take your group photo to the next level. Social distancing, team photos, sports teams, weddings, family portraits.

The Real Estate Bundle

  • Up to 2 hours shooting.
  • 60 Seconds of footage supplied in 4k quality.
  • 3x Images
  • Rainy-day guarantee
  • Set your home apart from the rest with amazing aerial videos and photography. Breathtaking views, unique angles and impressive visuals, unseen from the ground alone. Perfect for self-sellers and small real estate businesses.

The Builder Bundle

  • Up to 2 hours shooting.
  • 60 Seconds of footage supplied in 4k quality.
  • 6x Images
  • Rainy-day guarantee
  • Showcase every angle of your construction project. Create a one-of-a-kind, visual progress report or immortalise your completed work to add to your portfolio. Perfect for builders, architects, construction companies, roofers and solar panel installers.

Victoria Air Photos - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

Victoria Air Photos Melbourne


250 883 4245


Victoria Air Photos and Survey is a 100% locally (Victoria, BC) owned and operated, private, and independent company employing RPAS commercially. In operation since 2012, we have offered a wide range of safe and professional RPAS services to the general public, corporations and government services in a wide spectrum of applications.

VAP is also active in the community supporting the University of Victoria's Engineering Department Aero Club uvicaero.com/ as a Silver Sponsor, and is active with training and equipping the RPAS pilots of tomorrow with necessary skills. We also volunteer with the SPCA Animal Rescue for drone operations and virtual tours for the 2021 Open House.

Safety and Privacy

With safety as our number one priority, we are Transport Canada Aviation certified for Special Flight Operations and fully insured.

We are proactive and publicly advocate for safer RPAS/RC aircraft flight practices. We also seek a way to respect any public privacy concerns.

We work with Transport Canada governing bodies to improve oversight and ensure that our company operational procedures adhere to the professional flight's strict government regulations. The SFOC and Transport Canada Certification is becoming increasingly necessary for any drone operation flight near an urban or built-up area in Canadian Domestic Airspace.


  • Getting photographic imagery is not possible through conventional means.
  • Order a precision 2D and 3D map survey of a property. Visit our Survey Page
  • Obtain photographic survey data in difficult to reach areas with the UAV more efficiently and safely.
  • UAV airborne service for a low, reasonable cost.
  • Fast, friendly and reliable customer service!
  • UAV/drone training and business consulting

GHPX - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

GHPX Aerial Photography Melbourne



Our Journey So Far

GHPX combines years of experience with the right team. Each of our team is knowledgeable and passionate about what we do. Find out more below.


After completing a Diploma of Applied Photography at RMIT TAFE – Glenn graduated from RMIT BA Photography with an architecture focused folio. We have assisted some of Melbourne's leading commercial photographers.


Met Ian Mc Kenzie (OAM), an established and renowned architectural/industrial photographer and took up a full-time position as the second photographer. Through this time, Glenn honed his craft and had invaluable experience working with clients in the construction / architectural industry.


After shooting with and for Ian for five years, it was time to move on – Ian retired, so GHP was founded with good relationships with existing clients and a determination to continue to grow… Nothing like starting a business during a Global Financial Crisis! Around this time, a significant project of note was Melbourne Convention Centre built by Multiplex.


During the Summer breaks, Glenn gathered some clients with overseas projects to capture them. In 2009 Glenn travelled to Dubai to capture the Dubai Aquarium for Peddlethorp Architects. Whilst there, NASA MULTIPLEX commissioned Glenn to update their project portfolio - which extended the trip another month.


Council Street Studio was created with Glenn and some friends. Half Photographic studio, half co-working space – Council Street became the home away from home for local photographers, architects, designers and freelancers. Meanwhile, Glenn was delving into long term time-lapse photography and video.


Glenn snaps his Achilles whilst celebrating a World Cup goal (true) and is out of action for eight weeks. During this time, he puts the time to good use and creates GHPx – a collection of services especially for the construction industry – that revolves around a client portal.


Glenn continues to grow GHPx - onboarding new construction clients and expanding into civil and road construction. Now using Sony Alpha series cameras means switching from stills to video whilst on site is easy, giving clients the full package from one site visit.

Drone Photography & Videography

Unique low-level aerial view from above the site, ideal for marketing materials and compelling videography.

Capture The Drama.

Drone photography and videography offer an exciting and compelling way to reveal unique aspects of the construction process with a dramatic touch.

Drones can provide a lower-level aerial view of a project, hovering close by and then zipping off to another aspect of the project, enabling a dramatic, moving image captured in 4K video or a striking set of high resolution still images.

Drone Photography Regulations

It's important to be aware that many regulations must be adhered to before performing drone photography, and it may not be suitable for all sites.

GHPx takes the safe operation of drones seriously and has undergone all relevant training and certification needed to operate an RPA commercially in-line with CASA regulations. We hold:

Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)

RPA Operator’s Certificate (ReOC) (sub 25kg category)

Public Liability Insurance

Cougar Digital Marketing - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

 Cougar Digital Marketing Aerial Photography Melbourne


509 289 2854

About Us

Josh Kandle

Josh double majored in Communications and Psychology at Washington State University. Since then, he has continually sought to build out his skill set with experience in marketing, search engine optimization, graphic design, coding, web design, photography and videography. All while logging an eight-year Alaskan adventure, a lettuce/flower farm, countless IPAs, one wedding and three small humans that look a little like him.

Josh loves design, cameras and computers — slapping them together between a couple slices of perfectly baked client relations for a great big marketing hero sandwich. He’s also known in some circles for killing Comic Sans with a single blow to the typeface.

Josh enjoys connecting with the community outside of work and has volunteered time with The Children’s Reading Foundation of the Mid-Columbia, Girl Scouts, Junior Achievement, Vibe Music Center and Family Friendly Soccer.

Aerial Photography That Wows

The advent of drone technology has made aerial photography more affordable and more accessible than ever before. From unique views to virtual tours, the possibilities are endless—and the results are stunning.

Help Your Business Soar to New Heights (Literally)

If you want to set yourself above your competition, sometimes you actually have to go higher. We're no stranger to photography and videography, and are so excited to offer aerial photography to our clients who are ready to take their digital marketing to the next level.

Marketing Videos

Drone footage is a jaw-dropping asset that enhances any promotional video or commercial. Give your clients and prospects a view of your business they have never seen before, and they're sure to be impressed.

Real Estate Tours

For residential and commercial real estate, the ability to photograph from above provides a huge opportunity to give prospective buyers a unique perspective on a property or building.

Project Progress

Building a new facility or have a great new product in the works? Drone photos and videos are a great way to capture progress pictures for large-scale projects.

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