Featured Supplier: Cinestyle Studio

Director of Cinestyle Enrico Arceci provides expert supplier advice on wedding videography for your wedding day. Enrico’s cinematic experience and flair for creativity has been highlighted within his work over the years. He provides some useful tips for all upcoming couples who are looking to select the right videographer for their special day.

Choosing the Right Videographer
A good videographer has the ability to capture what’s happening in a natural way, without getting in the way of everything else that’s happening.  They also have the experience & intuition to be in the right place at the right time to film all the important details from the best angle and with the best lighting – and most importantly, without any rehearsal.

You only have one shot at getting it right, otherwise the moment is lost.  It’s one thing to see and it’s another thing entirely to show others what you have seen.  If you ask […]

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Wedding Flowers: Expert Supplier Advice

Are you deciding on what type of wedding flowers to have for your wedding day? We spoke to Allie from Classic Bouquets who provided her expert advice on what flowers to choose, styling tips and the importance of selecting the right supplier for your special day.

Why should a bride have flowers on her wedding day?

Flowers compliment every brides’ theme and style for their wedding day. There are so many ways to personalise a special day with the various fresh flowers and foliages available. In the lead up to your wedding day, all of your plans and dreams are amalgamated to create a memorable and extra special day. The moment you see your bridal bouquets on the morning of your wedding day,  your dream becomes real. Along with putting on your wedding dress, your flowers complete the picture of your dreams.

What are the benefits of having flowers at the ceremony and […]

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5 Australian & NZ Winter Honeymoon Destinations

Winter is here and by the looks of it, it’s going to be a cold one! For all upcoming winter couples who are soon to be married and want to stay local and travel within Australia or New Zealand, we’ve put together some great honeymoon travel ideas to add onto your adventurous and romantic itinerary.

O’Reilly’s Rainforest Guesthouse,  Gold Coast

This hidden treasure is nestled in the heart of Gold Coast’s rainforest. There is truly a lot to do from bush walking on the hiking trails to viewing the picturesque waterfalls. After a long day, you can return to your guest house to wind down and enjoy a massage, followed by dinner with some sparkling.

Blanket Bay Lodge, New Zealand

Located in the heart of the Southern Alps on Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand, Blanket Bay is all about optimum relaxation. The resort has exceptional mountain views, award-winning food and plenty of adventure-packed activities. It’s […]

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Reel Love: Wedding Videography & Why It Matters

Over the years, couples have ditched filming their wedding using a home cam recorder and opted for hiring a professional. Nuptials are spending more money than ever before to ensure that they have the whole wedding, including highlights of the day professionally filmed. We spoke to Peter from PK Video Productions regarding the benefits of hiring a videographer, and he had a lot of valuable things to say:

Why should a couple use a videographer instead of filming themselves?

When it comes to capturing the day, some brides opt to have family members film the day as it’s less expense.

But what does a wedding video represent?

It captures one of the most important days in a bride and groom’s life. The memories are priceless and its something that family members can watch for generations to come.

Its not like a photo that captures that one moment in time. You capture the real moments that the […]

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What a Delight: The Joy of Exquisite Wedding Invites

There is actually nothing better than receiving a beautifully crafted wedding invitation amongst your mail. It’s always a nice surprise to receive the news of a wedding announcement.

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s a known fact that it’s a stressful time. The great news is though, that there are great wedding suppliers out there who can assist with creating your wedding invitations. While some people may think that DIY is the way to go, you only get married once – so why not make the invites a memorable token?

We spoke to Amy from YMA Dezigns and Anne-Marie from AMD Milestone Designs to discuss why it’s important to hire a professional to do your invites and stationery. We also touch on a few other finer details – which of course every bride will find useful.

Why should a bride use an invitations person instead of making them herself?

Amy from YMA says: […]

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A Very Vogue Bridal Expo

On Sunday 10 July, we will be holding our very first bridal expo. This event marks a true milestone for us as we are showcasing every fine detail of our luxurious venue. We are also exhibiting some of Melbourne’s A-List wedding suppliers, in which our attendees at the expo will have the opportunity to meet and greet them, as well as take advantage of some of the exclusive offers that these suppliers will be offering on the day.

What to Expect on the Day
Upon arrival and throughout the course of the day, we will be offering hot canapes and sparkling to our guests. Our guests will be greeted by Vogue Ballroom’s team and they will be taken through to view our spectacular wedding venue. Guests will be able to approach wedding suppliers and ask them questions relating to their services for their upcoming wedding day. Suppliers, also welcome questions from […]

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The Wedding of Joanna and Peter – 06.03.2016

Joanna and Peter’s story started off with the R word – Rejection! They were both on a dating site trying to find love. In 2013,  Peter first communicated with Joanna via the site.

Joanna said: Peter sent me a polite message in hope of starting something but I, being inundated with so many contacts (blowing my own trumpet here!), sent him a polite reply something to the effect that said “Thanks, but no thanks!” That was the
end of that. About a year later when a relationship I was in ended, I went back on the site and behold I thought I might send Peter a humble “Hi!”. He responded and thus began a relationship!

On the 14th June 2014, we went on our first date at Mezedakia Restaurant in Oakleigh. Which I thought was a little too “common” at the time but as I was walking to the place and saw him standing there with […]

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Pro-Glam’s Advice: Why You Need a Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Day

Owner of Pro-Glam Makeup and Hair Chrisi Tsakiris says it’s highly recommended for a bride to invest in a professional makeup
artist for her wedding day.

She says that having someone there who the bride trusts and is comfortable with will take the stress away and eliminate time
being wasted if they were to apply it on themselves.

“Professional makeup Artists use high quality products and techniques to make sure your makeup lasts all day and night with
minimal touch ups.”

“Bridal makeup is different to every day makeup. A professional makeup artist will create a look that is fresh and glowing during the day, lasting and full coverage for the night but also flawless with the right amount of depth and colour for professional photography!”

Here is some of Chrisi’s expert advice that every bride-to-be should take note of: 

Some Benefits of Using a Professional Makeup Artist

You’re individual and unique colour palette will be matched perfectly […]

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Spring Special 2016



PLUS: Our Wedding Gift to you is your Wedding Night Accommodation in a 5 star Hotel in the Melbourne CBD

Package Inclusions:

½ hour pre-dinner drinks, Beer (heavy and light), wine (red and white), soft drinks, sparkling, orange juice, including 3 basics, scotch, bourbon, vodka, with margarita and cosmopolitan cocktails and hot canapés.
Warm bread and butter
Antipasto and Dip Platter on each table
Entrée 50/50 (alternating)
1 bowl of salad per table
Mains 50/50 (alternating)
1 fruit platter per table
Dessert 50/50 (alternating)

Beer (heavy/light) – red/white wine – soft drink – sparkling
You are able to provide your own spirits without a corkage charge (limit to 1 per table)

All table linen and bridal draping white or black
All chair covers white or black
All chair sashes (various colours and styles)
Exquisite silver candelabra centrepieces with mirror bases and votives
Full Bridal table styling and decoration
Table menus
Complimentary food tasting for the bride and groom […]

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Don’t Forget The Groom: A Groom’s Guide to Planning a Wedding

It can’t be denied, there is a big emphasis placed on the bride to plan all the elements of her wedding day. But, don’t you often wonder – did the groom have a say in any of the planning? It is important for the groom to contribute, because after all – it is also his special day, which he will only experience once in a lifetime. While it may be overwhelming for the groom to have to plan such a big event, it’s important for every bride to ask for his opinions and input on certain things.

Planning may be overwhelming to some brides who include their future hubby in every element of the planning. For example: the groom may ask a few questions such as: “Why do I have to spend so much on a suit that I most likely will only wear for one day?” Or a classic one […]

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Campbell’s Christening – 01.05.2016

Campbell’s christening was truly an extravagant event. Apart from the exquisite attention to detail put into the day, the highlight was seeing so many wonderful people gathering together to celebrate this momentous occasion. Parents, Jeruisha and Dean Kerr
were so thrilled with how the whole day turned out. Jeruisha, stylist and owner of Kerr Weddings and Events had truly put so much effort into making sure the day ran smoothly. Jeruisha and Dean truly added their personal touch into the event and it goes without saying that they completely impressed their guests. The team at Vogue Ballroom were so thrilled to be apart of
Campbell’s christening and we truly wish both Jeruisha, Dean and their family all the blessings in the world.

Here are the finer details of the day discussed by Jeruisha: 

The Church
Campbell was baptised at Resurrection Church in Keysborough.

Planning the Event 
It didn’t take me long to plan the event because I […]

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Hold Your Next Christening at Vogue Ballroom


PRICE: ONLY $75.00 Per Guest on a Sunday – (Upon Minimum of 100 Guests)


½ hour pre-dinner drinks, Beer (heavy and light), wine (red and white), soft drinks, sparkling, orange juice, including 3 basics, scotch, bourbon, vodka, with margarita and cosmopolitan cocktails and hot canapés.
Warm bread and butter
Entrée 50/50 (alternating)
1 bowl of salad per table
Mains 50/50 (alternating)
Dessert 50/50 (alternating)
Freshly Brewed Coffee-tea-mints

Beer (heavy/light) – red/white wine – soft drink – sparkling
You are able to provide your own spirits without a corkage charge (limit to 1 per table)

All table linen and draping white or black
All chair covers white or black
All chair sashes (various colours and styles)
Exquisite silver candelabra centrepieces with mirror bases and votives
Full table styling and decoration
Table menus

5  Hour Duration

Call us now on 9802 2477 to book your personal tour

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Choosing The Right Car For Your Wedding Day

Transportation on your wedding day: it’s one of those things that may not be as high on your planning agenda, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to find a credible, reliable and most of all fun car service for your special day.

Vintage Cars
Arriving to your wedding in a vintage car can add a unique touch to your big day. If you’ve always envisioned a timeless wedding, then classic cars are for you.

Always Classic Cars have a range of prestige vintage vehicles including Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Jaguar sedans, convertible and stretched limousines.

Whatever your choice of colour or style, the can certainly assist with choosing the right car for you on your wedding day.

Modern Cars
Luxury limousines are a great addition to your wedding day as the décor and comfortability of them will truly be appreciated by your bridal party and family.

Exoticar offers a Chrysler 300 complete with a jet […]

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The Wedding of Victoria & George – 27.02.16

George and Victoria were living in the same neighbourhood, just around the corner from each other. They met through a mutual friend. They started dating in 2011, and were engaged in 2014. To surprise Victoria, George said his boss could no longer use his room at the Grand Hyatt, and offered it to him at a cheaper price. Victoria, of course, excited for a night away – happily accepted his offer. After dinner,  they arrived back to their room and George told Victoria to wait outside the door as he had to go inside to do something. After a couple of minutes,  she heard Mariah Carey’s song –  “ill be there” playing.  George then yelled out for her to come in. When she walked inside, there was a trail of rose petals and candles on the floor that led out to the balcony where, George mirrored a scene from The Bachelor – standing in a […]

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7 Tips to Be Stress-Free Before Your Wedding Day

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the pre-wedding preparations? You’re not alone. It’s fair to say that almost every couple who are planning their wedding will become stressed out at some point in time. It’s common to feel this way because life doesn’t stop when you’re engaged – meaning that you still have to complete your every day commitments, as well as planning one of the most important events in your lifetime. To help reduce your stress-levels, we have put together some handy tips to assist you on taking some stress-free measures before your special day.

1. Don’t Stress About Table Arrangements 

Breathe, just breathe! Table arrangements seem to be one of the most stressful processes for both brides and grooms. In an ideal world, it would be great if people could sit next to every one they wanted to. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Couples will do their best […]

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7 Brilliant Custom Creations for Your Wedding Day

1. A Keepsake Welcome Board

What a perfect idea? Guests will go to find their name on the welcome board and replace it with a photo of them. A unique lasting memory for all brides and grooms.

 2. Sparkling Table Numbers

This is a great addition to any wedding table. It’s sheer glamour and sparkle will truly make a lasting impression.

3. Unique Table Decorations 

Lanterns, or any type of candle for that matter is cost-effective, yet still elegant. This is a fun and great idea which will add a burst of colour in the venue.

4. Customised Coat Hangers

A lovely idea, particularly for bridesmaids. This customised coat hanger is a great keepsake and gift for any bridal party.

5. DIY Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are always so exciting to get, but it’s even better when you received one that’s handmade. This invitation is inexpensive and it makes a true statement.

6. Grow with Love – Plant Favours

What a better […]

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The Wedding of Anne-Marie & Pierre – 05.03.2016

On the day of their 4 year anniversary. Pierre took Anne-Marie to Arthur’s Seat. There, they spent the weekend at the hot springs, they swam with seals and dolphins, and they shared intimate dinners together. To conclude this romantic weekend, Pierre had made her a little movie recapping their 12 significant places over the years. At the end of the video he presented Anne-Marie with a canvas print of each significant place in a google map reference – with the last place being where they were staying. Then, the most amazing thing happened, Pierre asked Anne-Marie to be his wife.

With such a beautiful proposal, only meant that their wedding would be a grand spectacular here at our venue – and we weren’t wrong. Pierre and Anne-Marie’s wedding day was filled with so much elegance, joy and most of all love. The love and appreciation that this couple have for each other […]

7 Ways of Hosting a Successful University Ball

It’s that time of year again when we have the pleasure of hosting upcoming university balls and functions. Students eagerly await to celebrate, particularly when they have finished their exams and last minute assignments. Here at Vogue Ballroom, we look forward to assisting in the planning of such a memorable occasion. Here are some useful tips for university event organisers to ensure that they can host an spectacular event this year. 

1. Styling The Venue 

Styling the venue should be something that is taken into important consideration. Depending on your university club’s colours or theme, there is so much you can do to make an impact on the night. There is the choice to use uplighting, candelabras, coloured sashes for chairs, and much more. It would also be a great idea to have a party favour for your guests, one that is symbolic of your theme. This would be a great keepsake for […]

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The Wedding of Sara and John – 16.05.2015

Sara and John met at high school. When they finished year 12, they officially started dating. 8 years later, John proposed to Sara, while they were sitting on a park bench, the same one where John first asked Sara to be his girlfriend. Sara said yes, of course, and the rest is history.

When Sara and John first came to Vogue Ballroom, we listened to what they wanted on their wedding day. As a couple they were looking for a modern day gala wedding, and it’s fair to say that they got this and much more on their special day. On their wedding day, Sara looked like a princess, and John was truly her prince. On the night of their wedding, our venue truly radiated with love and it was clear that all of their guests were filled with joy and happiness for them. We know that Sara and John share a […]

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Getting to Know Vogue Ballroom

Since opening our doors in 2014, Vogue Ballroom has become a renowned Melbourne wedding and function venue. Our venue has won many awards including the Easy Weddings 5-Star Rating award as voted by our brides, winning 3 years in a row now. Our focus though, isn’t just about winning a number of awards, and leaving it there. We go that one-step further to be an iconic Melbourne venue, and we do this by providing exceptional service at our weddings, functions, tours and food tastings. What does exceptional service mean to us? Well, we keep it real by  giving you our undivided attention on a one-to-one basis. 

To Vogue Ballroom, your wedding, engagement, christening, corporate function etc. isn’t just another function to us. Our previous brides, couples, companies and guests have all said that we have provided them with world-class service, so much so, that they have taken their excellent feedback to Facebook and given us a […]

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