We’re all familiar with the stock-standard lad’s night out bucks party that involves drinking plenty of beer and spending the night in a dark (and sometimes questionable) bar. If that vibe doesn’t appeal to you and you’d prefer something not as tacky, there are so many more ideas out there. Melbourne has plenty of things to do when it comes to your bucks party, so here are a few classier ideas.

Brewery Tour of Melbourne

Mountain Goat, Moon Dog, 3 Ravens, Thunder Road, Temple Brewing Company…there are an abundance of excellent boutique and craft breweries to explore in Melbourne, so why not get a crew together, book a tour and get tasting? Otherwise, you can always appoint a designated driver and do one yourselves!

Whiskey Tasting

Head to a class by the Humble Tumbler at the Black Pearl in Fitzroy and partake in a fancy whisky tasting hosted by a top hospitality and whisky connoisseur, Fred Siggins. You’ll be entertained while you improve your knowledge of this sophisticated beverage…what more could you want from a bucks party?

Archery Class

Make like Robin Hood and his Merry Men and head to an archery range in Melbourne. Take a class with an expert bowman, hone your skills at the craft, and get a bullseye before your big day.

Boat Cruise

Head to the coast and hire a boat, or organise one with a skipper, then head out for a day on the waves. You can choose to combine this with fishing, or just enjoy a few drinks while you enjoy the experience.

A Golf Day

For something a bit more classic, head out to your local golf course and have an outdoorsy bucks party. Have a leisurely game with your pals, before heading out to a nice dinner at one of Melbourne’s many wonderful restaurants.

Try Your Hand at a Class at Workshop

Whether you’re keen on leatherworking, learning to play ukulele, or building a bike, Workshop have a huge range of classes to choose from for your bucks day.

Attempt Taxidermy

This one might not be for the faint-hearted. Rest in Pieces run taxidermy classes based in Northcote, where you get your own mouse to taxidermy and keep as a souvenir from the day. Unusual, but interesting!

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