20+ Best Wedding Singers & Bands in Sydney [2022]

If you're looking for live music at your Sydney wedding, you've got plenty of options. Sydney is home to a wide range of talented musicians, from soloists to full bands. In this post, we'll give you an overview of some of the best wedding singers and bands in Sydney. Whether you're after something classic or contemporary, there's sure to be a performer who suits your taste. Read on to find out more.

To help you get started on your wedding entertainment hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite wedding singers and bands from right across Sydney.

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    Ultimate List of Wedding Singers & Bands Sydney

    GROOVE FACTORY - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    02 4773 9075


    Groove Factory is an exclusive live five-piece band, which boasts an exciting mix of current pop and R&B, as well as classic funk and retro tunes.

    Groove Factory rarely allows breaks between songs to create a seamless groove throughout the entire set and keep the dance floor busy. The dynamics of the night only go in one direction, from chill to ultra-funky dance hits. Groove Factory! will keep the audience on the dance floor and create one continuous set from start to finish.

    What sets Groove Factory apart is the musicians’ quality and the fierce dedication they have to produce energetic and mesmerising performances. 

    Groove Factory is one of the most energetic and exciting cover bands on the Sydney scene, ideal for upmarket venues, corporate events, lunchtime riots at Long Bay and any other venue with a captive audience. Groove Factory! is also available as an explosive duo or trio.

    GROOVE JUNCTION - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    0424 257 288


    Groove Junction Entertainment offers live music entertainment services by the finest musicians performing in Australia wide. Specialising in Corporate Events, Wedding Entertainment and Private Parties, our live band will take your event to the next level. 

    ​Our wedding bands are available in a 3-10 piece band format providing a first-class entertainment experience. We also offer acoustic duos, solo performers and DJ services.


    Groove Junction is experienced in creating the perfect Wedding Entertainment for couples. Weddings are a special time in our lives full of excitement and celebration.

    Every couple has something unique and special in mind for their live wedding music, which is why Groove Junction works personally with you at every step of the way. Our live wedding musicians can help make your day extra special with experience in performing for intimate weddings of 20 people to large weddings of more than 400.


    Our Wedding Entertainment is offered in a range of packages designed to match the mood at each stage of the day.

    Create an intimate and romantic atmosphere with our Acoustic Duos and Solo Artists as your ceremony unfolds or as guests mingle over canapes. Music is the life and soul of any party, and there is nothing like a live wedding band at your reception to get everyone, young and old, on the dance floor. Then, keep the party going with our wedding DJ, who knows how to keep the night alive.



    Groove Junction Entertainment Wedding Band is the premier choice for Wedding Entertainment in Melbourne and Australia Wide.

    Our talented musicians understand that it is your special day. We will work with you to tailor your wedding music to your specific needs at each step of the way. Groove Junction is here to create your perfect live music experience from the ceremony and reception to the dance floor.  

    The emotions shape the best memories that great music can evoke. Our professional musicians are experts in creating special moments to ensure your wedding entertainment creates a unique and unforgettable experience.



    Our wedding band is available in various options to ensure your wedding music suits your event perfectly. Choose from a four-piece to 9 piece format with a horn section.

     We also have a selection of Australia’s finest singers, each with unique styles and sounds. Groove Junction Wedding Band perform a diverse array of dance floor packing classics. Our Wedding Song list includes Pop, Reggae, Funk, Soul, R&B and Jazz music. ​Add a DJ or Acoustic Duo to your band package to treat your wedding guests even more! 

    Lily Road - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    Lily Road Wedding Band Sydney


    0401 594 986

    What Is Lily Road?

    The Lily Road Band is one of Australia’s BEST wedding bands, comprising a group of select musicians and DJ’s. We pride ourselves on providing top quality wedding entertainment featuring beautiful acoustic music and energetic performances by seasoned professional musicians.

    The Lily Road Band’s broad musical repertoire allows it to tailor its song selection to its audience. We play the right songs at the appropriate time for weddings, festivals, private and corporate events. You’ll find us performing all around Australia and Internationally, but you’ll see us most often at our home bases in Sydney and Melbourne.

    Sydney Dj Hire – With a Twist!

    Lily Road Band not only offers exceptional live music for Sydney weddings, but we also offer a world-class Sydney wedding DJ and live music combo. Lead by our DJ. We create the perfect musical backdrop to your Sydney wedding, from the arrival of the first guests to the happy couple’s entrance, through to the first dance. And when the wedding party really gets going, the unique combination of personal, electric live music underpinned by an epic DJ set will bring the house down!

    Make Your Wedding a Memorable One! Book a Dj With a Live Band!

    Your favourite songs, performed live at your wedding, supported by a professional DJ backbeat, will bring a unique touch to your reception – the real personal feel of live music with the dynamic complement of a professional DJ tempo.

    Discover what a truly magical wedding can be with Lily Road’s unique Sydney Wedding DJ service. 

    Demand the Very Best Wedding Dj Experience

    Not all DJs are cut from the same cloth. As professional musicians, we’ve toured with the best audio professionals, so when we made the decision to enhance our wedding entertainment offering with a DJ, we sourced seasoned professionals.

    In this configuration of the Lily Road Band, our DJs don’t merely support our musicians. They lead the team by setting the tone. The result is wedding music magic, and your Sydney wedding is sure to stand out.

    Your guests and family will love hearing your favourite songs set to a modern twist. They’ll crowd the dance floor until the wee hours and make it a wedding day to remember!

    FAQs About Wedding Singers & Bands

    A live band is almost always more expensive than a wedding DJ (more people and more equipment involved), so take a good look at your budget and decide how much you can spend on your music. According to the WeddingWire Cost Guide, the average cost for a live wedding band in the U.S. is $4,500, and a DJ costs an average of $1,000. If you really want live music at your wedding but can’t afford a full band for the duration of your day, consider having a band play at your ceremony or a cocktail hour only, and then have a DJ spin at the wedding reception.

    It Sets the Tone and the Mood Like Nothing Else

    There is no denying that live music brings energy and emotion to a room that even DJs have admitted are beyond compare, whereas listening to canned DJ jams is a little different than listening to the radio. If you want your wedding to have a certain feel to it, finding the right musicians can create the perfect atmosphere and truly be the so-to-speak cherry on top of your ceremony or celebration.

    Live musicians can change to mood of a room as it is needed. They can bring a great level of elegance and sophistication to your wedding, especially to the ceremony, cocktail hour, or during dinner. Depending on what you want, they can bring a little energy or a ton of energy to the dance floor at your reception, making even the wallflowers-est of the bunch tap their toes and get moving.

    It’s an Encompassing Experience

    Why do people go to concerts instead of staying home and listening to the radio in their bathrobes? Performance. People love listening to live music and seeing and feeling it. A band makes music come to life and turns it into an experience for many senses, not just your ears.

    Even those that can’t dance (like your Aunt Martha, who just celebrated her 100th birthday—you go, Aunt Martha!) can enjoy the experience of listening to and watching live musicians. But unfortunately, a DJ just does not have the same showmanship or entertainment value as a live band.

    Live Music Is a Uniting Factor

    Live music can bridge gaps and unite generations of people. A DJ may play dance music that is currently popular, or a list of typical songs played at every reception across America. Of course, you’re always going to have one or more generations that aren’t into what’s being played (“not my jam”, “music in my day was actual music!”, etc.) But live music seems to get everyone past their biases, even if the song is particular to a certain generation. The fun of watching and listening to musicians surpasses all that.

    Live Music Is Always a Unique Experience

    You will get one first dance with your new spouse; do you want it to be the same as thousands of other couples who have listened to the same pre-recorded song played in the same way for everyone? Or would you rather be able to say that it was something unique played just for the two of you?

    Musicians are living, breathing people, so there will be subtle variations in how they play their instruments every time they play a song—even if they’ve played it a thousand times. Each band also has its unique style and flavour to their music. These elements combined make any song that is played unique to your wedding.

    Songs that a DJ would use have been recorded for posterity, and they will always sound the same no matter how many times it is played (it has no autonomy, so it has no choice). It will sound the same to your ears as to every other couple who has played it. With musicians, you have an option that you don’t with pre-recorded music—you can ask for variations of style or tempo in the song, and a great band will be better able to accommodate that request.

    It Creates a Memorable Experience for You and Your Guests

    Why are you going through all that trouble of planning your wedding down to the last gorgeous detail if not to make it an incredibly memorable event for you and everyone you love? If you’re fretting about how many leaves you want each baby’s breath stem to contain, you’d want to put even more care into something as big as the music and entertainment for your wedding, wouldn’t you? That’s why having a live band is such a great decision.

    Do you remember the name of the DJ who spun at the last wedding you attended? Neither do we. Even though there are some great DJs out there, they all start to blend for the most part. Live bands have a special uniqueness to each of them. They not only make a great topic for conversation among strangers who are eating dinner at the same table, but it’s also an element that creates special memories to talk about later on.

    Live Musicians Have Flexibility

    As far as being able to make adjustments on the fly, stop and restart without problems, or being able to react at the moment to anything the room throws at them—live musicians have the advantage. For instance, your young ring bearer starts walking down the aisle, freaks out when all eyes are on him and makes a run for it. The last thing you want to be worried about is AV problems with stopping and starting the music. A live band can pause and restart exactly where they left off without an issue, and they will be more inclined to spot problems and adjust as soon as they start.

    Talk to Your Wedding Venue

    Before you even think about booking a wedding band, you need to have a frank conversation with your wedding venue. For varying reasons, many wedding venues enforce restrictions on live music. Therefore, you must check whether your venue allows live music and, if they do, whether they impose any volume restrictions. If there are any restrictions in place, it’s your responsibility to inform your band before you book to ensure they are happy to work within limits. 

    Many venues use a sound limiter to ensure volume restrictions are adhered to. If your venue uses a sounds limiter, you must determine the decibel limit and inform your chosen band of the limit before you book. Most bands can modify their performance to fit within all but the strictest decibel limits, but they’ll need to know in advance so that they can bring along appropriate equipment.

    If all this talk of sound limiters leaves you puzzled, don’t worry, entertainment agencies are experienced in working with venues with sound limiters and can answer any questions you may have.

    Book Through a Trusted Agency

    Booking your wedding band through a reputable wedding entertainment agency brings with it a host of benefits. First, a good agency gathers a wide range of quality-controlled wedding bands in one place, making it easier for you to contrast and compare different acts all at once, whilst being safe in the knowledge that each band is a professional outfit you can rely upon to deliver high-quality performance on your big day.

    Entertainment agencies are also a godsend if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for in a band. Experienced advisers will speak to you to know all about your wedding and then make expert suggestions based on your specific requirements. These advisers will also talk to bands on your behalf, so you only have to communicate with a single named contact even if you inquire about multiple acts.

    Another area in which agencies excel is in the security of the booking process. Established entertainment agencies offer online payment through secure third-party payment systems. In addition, they will draw up legally binding contracts between you and your chosen act, giving you the peace of mind that your booking is set in stone.

    Always make sure you find reviews of both the agency and your chosen wedding band on independent review sites like Trustpilot, Facebook and Google.

    Set Your Budget

    The price you can expect to pay for a live wedding band varies dramatically, ranging from the hundreds of pounds up to the tens of thousands. In general, the more band members in a band, the more you should expect to pay. Other factors included the experience and popularity of your favoured band and how far they’ll need to travel to perform at your wedding - travel expenses and accommodation fees soon add up.

    The average cost of a 4-piece band is around �900 to �1300. If this doesn’t fall within your budget, you can still secure top-class live musicians for your big day. Many bands will be happy to offer a reduced lineup to bring their fee more in line with your budget, or you could opt for a solo or duo act. With clever loop pedals and professional backing tracks, solo and duo performers can skilfully replicate a full band sound for a much lower fee.

    Select Your Sound

    No matter how out there your musical tastes are, there’s a band out there who can deliver a performance to suit your style. If you’re browsing an entertainment agency website, you’ll find that bands are conveniently split into different genres and styles, doing your search for the perfect act all the simpler. So if you’re struggling to find a band that fits the bill, get in touch with the agency - after a quick chat about your preferences, they should be able to reel off a host of suitable acts. 

    When choosing your wedding band, do spare a thought for your family and friends. If a full dance floor is your priority, consider a band with the ability to perform songs from various genres. That way, everyone gets their turn to let loose to a favourite tune.

    We find 2 sets usually works the best, often 2 x 45 minutes or 2 x 60 minutes, depending on the band’s packages. You may even find you prefer to split your sets up into 3 x 40 minutes to spread it out over the evening. However, some bands will offer additional seats for an extra fee, and this can either be another live set (3 x 60 minutes or 3 x 45 minutes) or a warm acoustic upset. Depending on their acoustic repertoire, an acoustic set can consist of the whole band performing or a trio/duo.

    If your venue has the option of staying open until 1 am, then you may find that an additional set is worth investing in. However, staying later often incurs an additional cost and may even result in the band requiring accommodation depending on your wedding location.

    However, most bands offer a DJ service or an add on DJ, which would be a more cost-effective way of keeping the party soaring into the late hours. Every wedding is different, so, whatever your plans, the band will do their absolute best to work around you and your guests.

    Assuming a four-hour reception party and 15 songs per hour, you could have a wedding reception playlist of up to 60 songs. How many songs should you pick in advance? We recommend preparing a list of up to 20 “Must Play” songs, plus another 20 “Play If Possible” tracks.

    Evoke Entertainment - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    02 9580 1461

    ‘make it Memorable’ Is What We Do at Evoke Entertainment.

    Premium wedding bands and corporate entertainment share many attributes of a successful sporting, sales or even marketing team. There’s no disputing that a team that trains together, performs week-in, week-out and reaches set targets together are a champion team. Evoke Entertainment embodies this philosophy throughout our customer service, production and, of course, our acts. Our passion for quality ensures we exceed client expectations every time.

    What Would You Prefer, a Champion Team or a Team of Champions?

    More than just a booking agency, Evoke Entertainment is a family business that exudes Chris Ninni’s passion for performance & Alison Ninni’s expertise in corporate management. For over a decade, Chris has successfully forged his own path in the entertainment industry, bringing all of his professional experience to every facet of Evoke Entertainment. Chris has performed and toured internationally with the acclaimed Broadway musical ‘Burn The Floor’ as the lead male vocalist, been a member of ‘Team Joel Madden’ as a contestant on ‘The Voice Australia’ in 2012, and has entertained thousands of satisfied wedding, and corporate giants such as Ferrari, IBM, BMW, Nestlé, Holden, Channel 9, Ernst & Young, Macquarie Bank and AstraZeneca both nationally and internationally.

    When it comes to beautiful Wedding Singers, Wedding Bands, Corporate Entertainment with flair, professional MCs, String Quartets to melt your heart or DJs that set the dance floor on fire, our Creative Events Specialists would love to hear from you. Talk to us about our optional extras to make your wedding or corporate event unforgettable, including fireworks, dry ice machines and uplighting. We’re available to meet on-site or at a location that suits you. If you’re looking for the perfect Sydney Wedding Band, get in touch with us today!

    They don’t call it your big day for anything. A lot goes into making it perfect, and having the right wedding entertainers goes a long way in making your day unforgettable. Whether your wedding is in the heart of Sydney, the Hunter Valley, the Blue Mountains, the Southern Highlands or the outskirts of NSW, we can cater for all locations.

    Evoke Entertainment aims not only to provide the best wedding music and wedding entertainers for the celebration but also to help make its organisation as stress-free as possible. Contact Us to chat about your wedding or alternatively phone one of our Creative Events Specialists on 02 9580 1462.

    Here’s What We Do:

    Wedding Ceremony Music

    That special moment where a couple proclaim their love for one another before family and friends deserve to be set to an equally as special soundtrack. Evoke Entertainment specialise in creating these one-off occasions that perfectly reflect our clients and the setting. From church to beach ceremonies, our boutique wedding string quartets, acoustic solos, wedding entertainers, duos and trios capture the essence of every occasion with musical splendour.

    Wedding Reception Music

    Our select range of Sydney bands cover all function types and are adaptable in any venue scenario. Depending on your budget, our main acts come in 4, 5 or 6 piece formats.

    The band’s lineups are unchanging, meaning that every show is a good one. And not only do they sound good, but they also look good, whether in formal wear, not so formal wear or whatever you decide the function’s theme is. (But if we may say, they look best in a suit!) Check out our list of bands for hire here.


    Evoke owns and operates a state of the art PA systems, lighting rigs and backlines. Every band or wedding entertainment package we offer includes a set-up appropriate to the gig – whether it be a solo act performing for a beach wedding or a 6-piece rocking an auditorium dance floor.

    Customer Liaison

    What’s your vision for the wedding? What do you want your guests’ experience to be like? Have a chat with us, and let’s work together to make it a memorable night.

    On-Site Coordinator

    For every band or show that performs at your wedding, one member will double as on-site coordinator. Their chief responsibility: your happiness. They will ensure the wedding band stick to a schedule and act as a proxy between the venue, yourself and the band.

    Sydney Wedding Guitarist - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    0404 368 856

    Finding Wedding Music to Suit Your Big Day

    So, you’re on the hunt for wedding singers and wedding music ideas. Choosing a wedding musician is no easy task, whether it’s for your wedding reception or wedding ceremony songs. There are many factors to take into account - musical tastes, style of your event, location - but ultimately, you want an artist with excellent performing skills who takes the time to understand your wedding music needs.

    Our couples spend many months wedding planning, and we know they’ve chosen their suppliers very carefully. We consider it a great honour to be asked to perform at such an important life event, we understand the attention to detail that goes into every aspect of wedding planning, and we pride ourselves on giving each wedding ceremony the care and respect it deserves.

    About Sydney Wedding Guitarist

    Sydney Wedding Guitarist caters to functions within the Sydney Metropolitan region, The Hunter, Illawarra, Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands. All bookings include free consultations, song recommendations, all equipment, and venue walk-overs (if required). Part of our premium package also includes learning special requests for a fully customised event.

    Sydney Wedding Guitarist’s main artist has been performing professionally for over 20 years. During that time, he has played thousands of shows, including hundreds of weddings in such diverse locations as barefoot beachside ceremonies, city cathedrals, country estates, wineries, gardens, private residences, and all the major wedding venues in Sydney. He is on the preferred-suppliers list for a number of harbourside venues and works throughout the year as a full-time musician. See what our couples say about Sydney Wedding Guitarist.

    Red Soda Band - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    (02) 8006 2235

    Looking for a Sydney wedding band who’ll make you hot under the collar from the moment you walk down the aisle to the last dance anthem of the night?

    You’re in the right place.

    You want ceremony music that’ll make you fall in love all over again. And you want reception music that’ll make your guests throw their arms around each other – and in the air as they party the night away on the dance floor.

    That’s what we do.

    We help you choose the right songs to create the perfect live music for your wedding day – from start to finish.

    Not Your Average Sydney Wedding Band

    Any wedding band can play good music. But not every band has what it takes to perform heart-thumping songs that sweep you off your feet, make you weak at the knees, and have you dancing all night long. Every. Single. Time.

    Our couples will tell you – we know what it takes.

    Starting out as students at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, we started playing locally. And we just clicked. It was like we were made to perform together.

    Our audiences adored our chemistry on stage. Word spread, and we began to get requests to play at events, weddings and festivals in the Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains – across Australia and then across the globe.

    Book Us for Your Sydney Wedding

    We go together like champagne and bubbles.

    You can’t fake that kind of chemistry. Unlike other bands who hire casual musicians to fill the gaps, you get the infectious energy you need because we’re close friends, and we know each other like family.

    We’re not strangers meeting for the first time at your wedding – we’ve been performing together for years, and you can tell by the connections we form and the fun we have with you when we play.

    We go together like champagne and bubbles with music that moves you – first to tears at the ceremony, then as you tear it up on the dancefloor. Being a part of your wedding day is what we love most.

    Experience the Sound of Love – Watch Us Play

    From the honeymoon to feeling at home together

    Since the beginning, our brand has grown and evolved, but our closeness and chemistry have always been the same – and we’ve never lost our spark.

    From our successful start in Sydney, Red Soda has continued to grow and study music, having been accepted into some of the most prestigious music schools across the globe. Schools such as the:

    • Sydney Conservatorium of Music
    • Juilliard School in NYC
    • Berklee College of Music, Boston
    • New England Conservatory in Boston
    • Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto
    • Humber College in Toronto, and
    • Royal College of Music in London.

    This gave us the opportunity to connect with more incredible local musicians across Australia and New Zealand, as well as in the US, the UK and Canada.

    We now play at destination weddings and events across the globe in places like Byron Bay, Hamilton and Hayman Islands, Queenstown, Bali, Thailand, Fiji, Bora Bora and Tahiti, bringing our trademark chemistry with us to every performance.

    XO Duo - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    XO Duo Wedding Singers & Bands Sydney


    +61 417 458 347

    Boasting an extensive repertoire of modern and retro classics, it’s our

    passion for creating captivating renditions of songs with a contemporary

    flair and unique arrangements.

    With over 8 years of experience as the soundtrack to romantic weddings

    and smooth corporate functions, let our signature acoustic sound give your

    event soul to make it memorable.

    We would love to hear from you!

    About Us

    XO Duo is a versatile, vivacious and elegant acoustic duo featuring Natasha on Vocals accompanied by Michael on Guitar.

    Performing vibrant acoustic Pop through to intimate, soulful, laid-back lounge music, their diverse repertoire delivers modern cover versions of the current Top 40 as well as your favourite classic hits across a variety of genres.

    XO create captivating and ear-pleasing renditions of their covers, incorporating their own unique contemporary flair and arrangements.

    The XO Duo experience is ideal for chilled and relaxed settings such as wedding ceremonies or cocktail events through to sleek corporate functions, private parties or public venues.

    ​From the ceremony to the dance floor, XO is extremely adaptable and are happy to cater to your musical and stylistic visions for your event.

    Sydney based acoustic duo XO are happy to travel interstate and internationally.

    Get in touch today to learn more about our acoustic duo packages.

    ACOUSTIC DELIGHT - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    02 4773 9007


    Acoustic Delight is Sydney’s freshest and most dynamic acoustic Duo. Acoustic Delight creates their acoustic spin on all songs new and old and performs quiet background ambient music to dance party songs. Available to perform live for cocktail functions, private parties, weddings and corporate events.


    Performance duration

    1 - 5 hours

    Stage & Power requirements

    Normal Power Required

    Travel Information

    Happy To Travel.

    Ceremony & Canapes

    iPod music as guests are being seated- begins 10minutes before the start

    Aisle song – live

    The signing of marriage certificate song – live

    10minutes duo as guests congratulate the couple

    Exit song – live

    1hr set played during canapés – 40mins live + 20mins IPod

    Reception A - 3 Hour Package

    3 x 40minute sets played across 3hrsiPod Music played in between sets

    1st Dance song played live (couple select song & learnt at no extra cost)

    Sound system available for speeches etc.

    Reception B - 4 Hour Package

    4 x 40minute sets played across 4hrs iPod Music played in between sets

    1st Dance song played live (couple select song & learnt at no extra cost)

    Sound system available for speeches etc.

    • Full Package A: Ceremony, Canapés & Reception – 3hrs
    • Full Package B: Ceremony, Canapés & Reception – 4hrs

    BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    Breakfast At Tiffanys Wedding Singers & Bands Sydney


    0401 673 509


    Breakfast at Tiffany’s débuted in 2008 at the Monet exhibition’s opening for the Art Gallery of NSW, Australia. Since then, we’ve headlined successive opening nights of the annual Sydney Italian Film Festival and the Australian Golf Open, performed at the Australian Museum, the NSW Museum of Contemporary Art, the Mint, the Opera House Marquee, held residencies in several classy bars and cafes around Sydney and were regular on the Saturday night bill at the Park Hyatt Hotel (Rocks, Sydney).

    We’ve toured internationally and performed concerts to thousands at the Berlin Olympic stadium, Germany for the 2011 International Peace Festival; Munich’s Kino, Mond und Sterne Open Air Cinema festival; Namibia’s Stagedoor Theatre (Windhoek); and aboard the Orion for the Faces of Borneo Expedition Cruise with National Geographic and the YPO.

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s offers that subtle combination of class, elegance and luxury only a polished live act can bring to a top event. Just like the legendary 1961 film, be captivated and thrilled by the lushness of Breakfast at Tiffany’s performance.

    Who We Are

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s offers lives music for weddings, functions and events. Music to inspire Hollywood romance, Parisian jazz age cool, feel-good classics and modern pop songs in an elegant, acoustic style.

    We’ve been a pro live band in Sydney, regional NSW and interstate for 12 years. Our huge repertoire of over 500 songs covers Jazz, French, Latin, lounge, soul, blues, classic and contemporary pop and dance tunes in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Hindi.

    The heart of our music lies in the perfect marriage of guitar and vocals. Singer/songwriter Niyati Libotte honed her skills in France’s jazz haunts, and award-winning guitarist Gavin Libotte hails from fiery Latin jazz fusion band Urban Gypsies. For a bigger sound or to dance, add Bass, Saxophone, Percussion/Drums, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Piano Accordion, Violin, Trumpet, Keys…even our pro DJ, who we can jam with for something extra special.

    What You Get

    One affordable entertainment package, dealing directly with the Artist. A reliable, proactive professional on hand 24/7. No silly questions- we’re friendly, well-mannered, prepared, on time, and always contactable on the phone or email – when we’re not performing, of course!

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s arranges your entertainment from start to finish. Wedding music, birthday entertainment, christening songs, cocktail music, gallery openings, corporate band for extravaganzas, a band for a ball, farewells and Life celebrations, we’ve got a repertoire of tunes that span the world and a century to add the perfect sound for your occasion.

    Chris Gable - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    +61408 0808 54


    Chriso has been performing at weddings, corporate gigs and private parties for well over a decade as a soloist and part of small to large bands; thus, he has sufficient experience to know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to clients’ entertainment needs. However, the three musicians featured in his Trio have most bases covered between them. 

    Chriso performs as a solo guitar/vocalist, with the wonderful point of difference that he is a truly amazing saxophonist. As a soloist, he switches between guitar & vocals and playing sax/singing over pre-recorded backings. He has an impressively wide-ranging repertoire from Jazz & swing to Top 40 and classic hits. Of course, backings aren’t anything like as good as actual musicians… but they get the job done when space or budget is limited. 

    His Duo lineup adds a bassist/guitarist and backing vocalist. The duo essentially has two unique lineups available: Saxophone & Guitar, where they specialise in classy renditions of popular tunes (with the option of sticking to jazz standards if that’s your thing); or guitar/vocals and bass/vocals, opening up all the usual guitar/vocal repertoire with the added benefit of bass & harmonies. 

    The Trio adds a drummer & percussion – and, like the duo, is essentially two bands in one. The drummer plays Cajon (hand percussion) for the quieter sets where Chris and bassist stick to guitar and sax; for a bigger, more typical covers band sound, they go to vocals, guitar, bass and drums; this is the lineup for performing dance sets to crowds large or small. 

    Chriso, a brilliant performer in his own right, deliberately handpicked his musicians for the trio years ago in the knowledge that they’re the best in the biz at what they do and, like Chriso, they’re also a delight to work with! Chriso & the lads can help provide various superb entertainment options to any crowd, whatever their tastes.

    FECTION - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    02 4773 9062


    Fection is one of Sydney’s most exciting and in-demand jazz bands. With a fresh and universal charm Fection perform interpretations of Classic Jazz standards – embracing elements of swing, the blues and even pop at times.

    Fection is available in solo, duo, trio, quartet and quintet formats and performs quiet background dinner music, medium-tempo background ambience through to upbeat toe-tapping tunes.

    Fection is happy to learn special song requests and are available for cocktail parties, corporate events, weddings or any event requiring classy live entertainment.

    Indigo Blue - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    02 4773 9013


    Indigo Blue is a Sydney based acoustic duo comprising of guitar and voice. The duo play songs from various genres, including Jazz, Blues, Pop, Contemporary, RnB and Funk, making them a fun and flexible option for your entertainment.

    Indigo Blue can play anything from lounge and background music to party sets, adapting their style and repertoire to suit any event.

    The duo is also always expanding their repertoire and is happy to take song requests before your event. Indigo Blue is available as an acoustic duo but can also provide a piano, drums, and bass for bigger events that require larger sounds.

    Indigo Blue is available for weddings, private events, corporate functions and special occasions.

    Infectious Groove - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    02 4773 9064


    Members of Infectious Groove are cousins that recently formed a Duo. While they are only an acoustic act, their use of ‘looping’ allows them to create a big sound in live performance.

    Infectious Groove is suitable for weddings, private parties, cocktail functions and corporate events. Members of Infectious Groove are cousins that recently formed a Duo. While they are only an acoustic act, their use of ‘looping’ allows them to create a big sound in live performance.

    Infectious Groove is suitable for weddings, private parties, cocktail functions and corporate events.

    Inside Out - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    02 4773 9015


    Featuring the best of Sydney’s musical finest, “Inside Out” is Australia’s premier event band. Inside Out comprises lead female & male vocalists, lead guitar, drums, bass, and backup vocals.

    Inside Outperform the best classic rock, 80’s 90’s through to current chartbuster hits.

    Inside Out is available to perform as a duo, trio, four-piece or five-piece band formats and are available for weddings, private functions, venues and corporate events.

    JAZZ ACADEMY - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    02 4773 9071


    Jazz Academy is a fresh and exciting jazz/soul Sydney based group whose passion for classics is noticeable as they perform them with honest, rich tones.

    Jazz Academy is also influenced by soul, hip-hop and contemporary jazz musicians. Erykah Badu, Gretchen Parlato, Little Dragon, Marvin Gaye, Kurt Elling, Donny Hathaway and Prince, to name a handful of jazz artists yet, have profoundly impacted the band.

    Jazz Academy is available to perform in many ensembles, ranging from a 2 - 6 piece band and are perfect for weddings, exclusive events, corporate functions, gala dinners, private and cocktail parties.

    LARGER THAN LIONS - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    0427 526 962

    WHO WE ARE​...

    ​Larger Than Lions are a cutting edge covers band based in Sydney renowned for their powerful mashups and innovative remixes. Bringing you upbeat, emotionally charged songs with a unique larger than lions twist that is guaranteed to have you moving and shaking! Seamlessly blending a multitude of genres, including mainstream Pop, Funk, Blues, RnB and Jazz. Available as a Duo, Trio or Full 4 Piece Band, Larger Than Lions pride themselves on their flexibility to adapt to any size event, audience and venue. 

    What Sets Us Apart?

    Larger Than Lions are noted amongst industry professionals and satisfied clients for their professionalism and love of sharing music with people. We provide ideas, suggestions and 100% commitment to ensuring your next event is memorable and exceeds your expectations! We offer you our wealth of experience and professionalism in the live music and entertainment industry and guarantee your satisfaction!


    Larger Than Lions remix well-known Sydney acoustic music group and underground classics into catchy mashups that defy any singular genre.

    One of Sydney’s most prestigious acoustic bands, Larger Than Lions, are available in either duo or trio format and can be booked to perform for special occasions, weddings, private functions, venues and corporate events?.

    Larger Than Lions are available in the following lineups:

    Option 1: Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

    Option 2: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals and Percussion

    Option 3: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals and Piano/Keyboard

    Option 4: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Double Bass, Drums

    Option 5: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Synthesiser/Keyboard and Drums

    3 x sets of Live Music (Duo, Trio or Full 4 Piece Band as requested)

    Customisable Setlist’s + Guest Requests

    Full Production Requirements (PA Sound)

    Optional Light Dinner Music If requested

    2 x Microphones Available for Speeches & Announcements If Required

    MOONLIGHT JAZZ - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    02 4773 9088


    Moonlight Jazz is a professional Sydney-based band performing classic Cool Jazz, Latin and Lounge music, setting the perfect mood with a comprehensive repertoire from jazz greats such as Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and Duke Ellington, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Julie London, Michael Buble, Astrid Gilberto, Hoagy Carmichael, Cole Porter and George Gershwin.

    The Moonlight Jazz Jazz members have also performed with a great variety of ensembles and groups encompassing many genres of music, enhancing their performance and passion for Jazz.

    Our performances have been at venues including Kirribilli House, the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney Museum, Sydney Opera House, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Sheraton On The Park, Sydney Hilton Hotel, corporate functions, events, weddings, birthday celebrations and cocktail parties.

    All band members are accomplished musicians, and our lineup is adaptable and available in duo through to our quintet format to suit any venue or occasion.

    Room 4 Two - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    02 4773 9092


    Room 4 Two music duo performs various styles, including Jazz, pop, funk and R&B, and have a diverse song list featuring classics to the latest charting hits. Room 4 Two Duo are available for various events, including weddings, private parties, corporate events, and entertainment for bars and restaurants.

    Sonic Groove - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney 


    02 4773 9072


    Sonic Groove is a Sydney based acoustic duo playing a classic mix of R&B, pop Latin and Jazz-influenced tunes designed to appeal to a wide audience while delivering musical performances of the highest calibre.

    The duo has been unleashing their voracious appetite for earthy and organic songs on the local, interstate and international stages since electricity was invented.

    The Key to Sonic Groove is the desire to change the songs’ harmonic and chordal foundations to create a great sounding tune that makes you forget only two people are performing. The audience will hear all their favourites, with a modern R&B or Latin flavour added and some new classics perfectly adapted to the acoustic duo format.

    Sonic Groove covers various classic artists such as Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Amy Winehouse, Rahsaan Patterson, Cat Stephens and George Benson. Hits from current artists include Pharell, Neyo, Usher, Jessie J, Adelle, Jordan Sparks, Pink and Ella Goulding.

    The perfect choice is to create a classy, laid back atmosphere in bars, clubs, and cocktail and corporate functions. The addition of this act will bring an air of class to any venue in which it performs.

    EASY STREET - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    02 4773 9088


    Easy Street is a partnership of two young and budding Sydney musicians who originally starting as a duo in 2009.

    Easy Street is available in almost any format required, whether it be a duo for your wedding ceremony, an eight-piece brass band for your Christmas function or an instrumental jazz combo for your cocktail party, through professional etiquette and just sheer musicianship.

    Easy Street ensure that your event will go smoothly through a reliable and excellent performance.

    A few past clients Easy Street have performed for:

    • Football Federation Australia
    • DHL
    • Fuji Xerox
    • Alsco
    • Citigroup
    • Jones Lang LaSalle
    • Westfield Sydney Tower
    • Doltone Houses
    • Sydney Tallships
    • Many More…
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