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How to Pick the Right Wedding Photographer?

Being engaged and getting married is a fantastic experience. It is just a day stuffed with emotion, joy, happiness and quite often a bit of sadness every time a family member or friend that is no longer here is not there to talk about our wedding day.

As professional wedding photographers, we understand how stressful arranging your wedding reception may be. With the number of photographers around, where do you start? So what can you have to know while searching for a married relationship photographer? With prices ranging from a couple of hundred pounds to numerous thousands, should they be best for you?

It's a simple fact of life that with the arrival of digital camera models, many people now call themselves a "photographer". Over modern times there is an explosion of men and women offering their services as professional wedding photographers, lots of those who have never received any training, don't have any insurance, avoid the use of professional equipment and never have plenty of backups set up to appeal to any eventuality. Check out our extensive list of Wedding Photographers in Melbourne to help capture your special moments.

An expert photographer will have all of the above, and this post is a quick "Help Guide" on the factors to consider along with the questions we suggest you may ask when choosing to be a married photographer. Purchase a cuppa and have comfy. This isn't a definitive guide, just a general overview of excellent customer service.

Looking for a Photographer

There are a lot of photographers out there for you to choose from! The question is, how do you know who the right photographer for you is? How do you know that you will get the wedding photographs that you're hoping for, rather than feeling like you're taking a gamble on someone you don't know? We've put together some tips to try and make it easier for you. After all, your wedding photographs are one of the only things from your wedding that you will keep for the rest of your life, so you've got to get it right!

Personal Recommendations

Are you currently into a wedding recently? What did friends and family imagine about their photographer? Clients come from personal recommendations from Bride and Grooms or Venues that understand the expertise of the work we produce and the fantastic affordability we offer.

Google as Well as Other Engines Like Google

An instant exploration of any major search engines like google will develop a mind-numbing volume of choices. For example, in the event you type into Google the search terms "Wedding Photographer", it'll return millions of results. Simply going through each result would require years, as a way a general principle, stick to those on page 1 or page 2. The explanation for that is simple: Should they be on page A couple of chances are they'll take time to ensure the website is smartly designed, optimised and placed, to ensure that many or services are easy to find for prospective Bride and Grooms.

Picking a Photographer

Wedding Photography

Whenever you decide to date, have booked your wedding venue and received confirmation, then book all the services essential for your wedding day as soon as possible. Leaving it at the last second to reserve your digital camera is an excellent idea. Many Bride and Grooms check because of their photographer on your day they get engaged.


One thing to do is consider a photographers website but don't be fooled into thinking this can be the be-all and end-all. Always focus on the images rather than your website design. These days for some hundred pounds, you'll have an actual classy looking website designed. Never forget which website only shows this article that the photographer WANTS you to see. You'll generally understand the best images, the people they want to use to showcase their abilities so take a look across the website. Look over and discover what number of different weddings you can see. When there is only one or two, have they only photographed a couple of weddings? Also, how much information will the photographer give you? Is it in advance about their prices or the event you use and discover them to find out how much it costs? Will they give you specifically more information regarding their services?

Even be VERY wary should they appear at first sight part of a "Professional Trade Organisation". Some trade organisations only need photographers to spend a yearly subscription fee on becoming listed on then enable the photographer to use the Organisations logos online. Indeed some organisations have absolutely no joining requirements, and you don't need to possess a camera, plus your Granny, who has no clue about photography, could join if she wanted. Research your options to check out Trade Organisations carefully as they are not every the same.

Many are for full-time professionals only. Members must undergo evaluation, inspection and still have insurance documents checked; others enable you to pay a nominal amount and declare you to be a "Professional Photographer certainly". Remember that the photography industry is not regulated, and you can now tell you he is a "photographer".


If it seems too best to be accurate, chances are it is! Many photographers only starting often charge minimal prices and just cover their costs. Many visit your wedding as an easy way of building a portfolio of wedding images. The following will not apply to all budget priced photographers: speculate an overall general guideline, in the event the price seems minor, then there's an excuse for it, so attempt to discover what it is.

For several Bride and Grooms, the price eventually ends up being the determining factor. You would spend hundreds, or else thousands, around the dress. The venue charges thousands. Then there are the cars, the Grooms attire, Bridesmaids dresses, the wedding cake, the flowers – cutting costs on the wedding photography may result in poor wedding photographs resulting in huge disappointing photos during the day you try not to consider.

Remember this is a one-shot event – to obtain everyone time to retake the pictures will likely be frustrating and intensely expensive.


Before you fulfil the photographer, you won't be fully informed should they be the right person for the task. At the meeting, ask to see photographs from No less than five recent weddings. Inquire if the photographer did at your venue before and if so, find out if you will see some images from that wedding. Ask to find out the demo albums – precisely what is the excellent range to choose from? Will the photographer have letters of recommendation from previous clients? In that case, ask to see them. Does the photographer work at home or coming from a Studio?

Tips to Help You Pick the Perfect Wedding Photographer

The photos that you love will show you what kind of photography you want from your day. To make sure you pick the right person for you, ask to see more than what a photographer puts on their website. Make sure you ask for a selection that shows an entire wedding day. At Vogue Ballroom we have compiled a list of the Best Photographers in Melbourne to help you choose who captures your magical day.

It's All About the Style

Are the photographs you're drawn to light and airy or intense and moody? You will naturally be drawn to an editing style. Have a look through a photographer's work and see if they match the type you like. This may not be a deal-breaker for you, but it could make the difference when you get the final images back from your photographer.

This might seem like common sense, but all too often, we hear of photographers who had a bride book them because someone recommended them. This isn't necessarily a bad thing if you do your research and like what you see! However, it happens all too often that a bride blindly books a photographer. 

Then once the pictures are delivered, the bride is unhappy and asks the photographer to completely re-edit their photos differently from what they usually do, differently from their style. Photographers work hard to establish a consistent editing style–a brand! If you see a consistent theme when you're scrolling through their Instagram, Facebook, or website and you can't see yourself in that photo style, DON'T BOOK WITH THEM. Make sure you're booking someone based on the style you want. When you do that, you are 100% more likely to fall in love with your photographs because you'll be getting a style you LOVE.

Can you afford to get this wrong?!

Wedding budgets are tight, we know. But your wedding photos are the only thing from the day that will go the distance. You're not going to be eating any of the food again; the flowers will die, and sadly, you probably won't fit in your dress or suit forever. But your wedding photos will come out again and again, and then some more. So don't base your decision solely on the price; stretch that budget to get the best you can afford! 

Keep Your Nearest and Dearest at Arm's Length

The temptation when looking at photographers is to opt for your Uncle Bob, who has a DSLR and will do it on the cheap. Stay away, people! Sure, he means well and just wants to save you the trouble and the money, but wedding photography is serious stuff. You need someone who can deal with the stress, the change in schedule and the straying attention of a crowd. In essence, you need a professional. Like any photographer worth his salt, they have a kit, back up gear, insurance, a plan A and a plan B. And most of all, they have experience in what makes good wedding photographs. Trust us on this, give your Uncle Bob the task of bringing a cake for after the ceremony, not the photography.

Don't Pick a Stranger!

Wedding Photography

When trying to choose between 5 different photographers, all of which you have found online, how are you supposed to know if they are friendly people? Your photographer will be with you for most of the day, so make sure you get to know them a bit before you book. They should be someone you get on with and who you can see fitting in well with your day. Sure, it's a busy time, and you suddenly have a very long to-do list but meeting your photographer or even talking to them on the phone or Skype will be worth your time. Not only will you be able to get more information from them but by getting to know them, you will naturally relax more in front of the camera and have more fun on your day.

Make Sure You Love Them

This might seem like a little more of an oddball requirement, but it's essential. You should want to meet your photographer for so many reasons; to make sure what's important to you is crucial to them, and see if your personalities jive. Right now, you're like, "seriously? We have to "jive" what does that matter? I'm going to see them like twice." A photographer you feel you connect with is someone you're going to want with you on your special day. 

When you meet your photographer, you should feel like you guys could be best friends right away! Or at least think they're someone you'd want to hang out with. You know why? When they're that personable at a first time meeting, think about how comfortable they're going to make you feel during your engagement session and, most importantly, during the biggest day of your life! Your photographer is going to be photographing you getting into your wedding dress on your wedding day! You better be comfortable with them! Take away: Do not underestimate the importance of liking and bonding with your photographer.

Tried and Tested

If you know someone who has had the photographer you're thinking about, ask them every question you can think of about them. And check the reviews others have given them. Top tip: check the testimonials on their website and see if they have any thoughts on Facebook or Google.

Notice Their Responses

Not for nothing, but you need someone happy, but more importantly, someone who is organised and responsive. How a photographer responds to your initial inquiry and your other questions says A LOT about them. Their initial online responses are the "First Impression" they only get once. For example, if they take a while to respond to your emails, that might reflect in their work. They might operate at a slower, laid-back pace. For some people, that might be perfectly ok! We're not all as high stung as I can be! However, if you're someone who lives in the fast lane and appreciates timeliness, make sure you take note.

In addition to getting a sense of how they run a business from their responses, this tip can mesh into the "Making sure you love them" tip. In their responses, is the photographer expressing excitement over your ideas and vision for your wedding? Do they seem as enthused about the surprise dance you and your girlfriends are doing for your husband? Or as excited over the fireworks show as you are?!


An awful photographer can ruin your wedding. After spending thousands of dollars on your big day, you don't want a photographer to cost you the most cherished memories from one of the most important days of your life. It is essential to take the time to find the perfect photographer instead of settling on the first consultation.

Start planning for your wedding photos six months in advance. Ask your friends, family and co-workers for recommendations from their weddings. If they do not have ideas, go to online social networks, pose the question, or spend a few hours researching wedding photographers. Once you gather a list of potential photographers, visit at least three to four before making a final decision. Ask the same questions to each candidate so you can accurately compare the talent.

As you meet with photographers, they will present some of the best shots from various weddings as samples of their work. Ask for a complete book from a marriage with edited and unfinished photos. This will help determine if he provides the expertise you expect for your big day.

After viewing a sample book, explain the details of your wedding during the meeting. Once you fully explain the details, ask him to explain how he would shoot different parts of the day. You want to make sure you both have the same vision for your wedding photos.

In your head, you may vision-specific photos from your wedding. Inquire if it is possible to create a plan that includes these photos that are important to you. It is also essential to know how many images the photographer will take to ensure that you have enough images to choose from in the end.

While making the photos, ask if the photographer will visit Los Angeles banquet halls to find the best place for the wedding photos. If the ideas are too vague or do not meet your expectations, this may not be the photographer for your wedding.

Besides explaining the day's vision, it's essential to determine if the photographer will use film or digital cameras to take the photos. If photos are completed digitally, they are available online to prove sooner than if you have to wait for negatives. Inquire how long the images will be online or how long you have to wait for the negatives. The longer you have to wait, the more inconvenient or nerve-wracking it can be for you. Discuss at the same time how long it will take to receive your wedding album.

Once you discuss your expectations for the day and his vision, it's significant to outline the technical aspects of hiring a photographer. First, ask for references. The photographer will talk himself up, but past customers are the best way to learn exactly what it is like hiring him. 

They may have positive and negative things to say. Do a light search online for reviews on the photographer as well. If people had a disastrous experience, they would be vocal about it. 

You want to go out of your way to assure it is money well spent on your photographer.

Next, inquire who will be taking the photographs. Photo studios will have multiple photographers they send out to weddings. Make sure you can have one of your top three choices. If they are not available, move on to a new studio so you can have the best photos of your day.

Discuss the price upfront with the photographer and get it in writing. You do not want last-minute, unexpected charges in the end for services you do not need or were offered free during early meetings. Ask how much of a deposit is necessary and how billing works. Next, inquire what the cancellation policy is for both you and the photographer. If the photographer cancels last minute, that can create massive stress on your wedding day. However, if you also find a better photographer for your budget or needs, it is essential to know if you can cancel once you sign the contract or not.

After discussing all of these points with a potential photographer, compare the answers. Choose only photographers you trust and think will do the best job. Once you are confident in the photographer, get everything written in a contract and meet to sign the paperwork. Make sure you keep a copy for yourself as a reference. After shopping around for a good photographer, you can relax. One thing is to check off your wedding to-do list. Looking for a wedding photographer in Melbourne? Look no further. Vogue Ballroom has compiled an ultimate list of wedding photo companies to help you choose. 

In summary, the most important things you need to know when looking for your photographer are their style, their personality, and their enthusiasm and readiness to help you through the wedding process from start to finish!

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