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I collaborated with ten lovely and talented wedding photographers to give tips for brides from their point of view. They all came up with some great tips that I hope will help you! Enjoy 🙂

1. First Looks are life savers!

If your photographer asks you to do the first look, DO IT! It not only allows for you to have a particular moment with your special someone without everyone watching you but it lets you get a lot of your group pictures and family pictures have done beforehand as well…which means, more time to PARTAY!!!!

2. Tip on finding the right photographer:

Read through their blog and Facebook. Take the time to get to know them on a personal level. After all… this is the ONE vendor that you will be spending the most amount of time with throughout your wedding year and wedding day! Make sure you like their style of photography. Whatever you see on their website and blog will be a direct indication of what you should expect from your Melbourne wedding.

3. Don’t skip out on the engagement session!

Having an engagement session is so essential to getting great images. It gives you and your groom a chance to connect with your photographer, and an opportunity for your photographer to get to know you both so that they can provide images that are natural and complete your style. It is also a practice session for your wedding photos because let us face it, and it is not every day that you get in front of the camera. Lot’s of couples want to skip it to try to save money, but as a photographer, I can tell you that couples that get engagement photos done have better wedding photos because they feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Engagement photos are worth it, and a ton of fun.

4. Having a personalized wedding is SO IMPORTANT.

The days of cookie-cutter weddings are LONG GONE. My husband and I used decor that we like in everyday life, not just this uber romantic style that wouldn’t be practical for our home. How often do you see brides desperately trying to sell their used decor on eBay after the wedding? Not us! It also made for some unique photos! Thinking outside the box benefited us in 3 ways… we have fantastic and personal wedding photos, we have cool decor in our home, and we saved money! WIN WIN WIN! And coming from a wedding photographer, I know I’m more inspired on a wedding day when there are details/ideas I’ve never seen before. It makes me that much more excited to be experiencing the wedding day!

5. When planning your budget, don’t use a typical wedding resources budget calculator.

*GASP* What? I know! When I did this for my wedding I realized that a standard budget calculator doesn’t account for a higher value I place on something. For instance your Wedding Photography. We see brides inquiring that have $15,000 budgets for their wedding only to set aside less than $1,000 for their photographer usually resulting in booking a less experienced and many times unlicensed and uninsured photographer. But when asked how important on a scale from 1-10, they most definitely say 10! It might take a little more time, but sit down and first list the order of importance. Maybe your flowers and gown are more important than your photography? And if you are lost, consider hiring a wedding planner to help you figure it all out! Most of the time the cost of the planner’s expertise and experience in budgeting for weddings end up paying for itself, and you can spare a headache!

6. Hire a wedding coordinator.

They will help make your wedding day run smoothly and will execute what you want your day to be while working with all your vendors. They will take care of all unexpected hiccups that usually happens and will try to keep you on track. The less stress on your wedding day means you get to enough it even more. – Hanh of Hanh Nguyen Photography

7. The Finished Look…

With budgets in mind we always try to fix the things we think are least significant, sometimes that being hair and make-up. Opt for having someone else do your hair and make-up not only will it create a finished photo look, but it will also make you feel pampered on your wedding day, and adding false eyelashes is an absolute must. Being photo ready regarding make-up is so essential. Having your hair and make-up professionally done also makes for some great “getting ready” photos.

8. Put together a list of your “must have” family picture combinations for the photographer (think 3-5 groups, not 15-20).

This way the photographer can be organized instead of putting you on the spot on your wedding day and have to send people to fetch other cousins who haven’t stuck around. Also be sure to write down any sticky family situations the photographer should be mindful of when putting different groups together such as divorce, etc. If you can also ask a specific family member to help organize the various groups on the day of, it will help to have someone who knows each of the people attached to the names! – Emilia of Emilia Jane Photography

9. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t feel like you have to settle on a dress that wasn’t one of your dreams.

I tried on about ten dresses before I fell in love with one. I always make the mistake of trying on clothes before I check out the price. The suit was a originally $2700 (WAY out of my budget). Luckily the owner of the Wedding Dress Boutique offered me the sample dress off the rack. It was a size twelve, so I needed to have it altered, but she sold it to me for only $700. Never be scared to ask if they sell the sample dress, it could save you a TON of money.

10. Work with your photographer to make your pictures even more amazing!

Don’t be afraid to throw out suggestions and bring in ideas. We don’t bite 😉 The more you contribute, the more of a personal spin your photos you will have….whether it’s a sentimental prop, a killer location, or just a pose idea…we love to know what you have in mind. YOUR ideas + the photographer that matches your style and makes your heart sing = MAGIC.

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