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Guest Involvement Ideas To Make Your Wedding Day Wonderful

Your wedding day is all about making special memories with your friends and family that you can cherish for years to come. You want your guests to mingle and have fun, and there are a few little activities and techniques you can try on the day to get the ball rolling on guest involvement. Try these suggestions we’ve seen for weddings at Vogue Ballroom to make your wedding day as entertaining as possible for you and your guests.


Place a few disposable cameras on each table for guests to take their own happy snaps. You’ll be sure to have a laugh at the funny photos, or marvel at the beautiful moments that your guest will capture when you’re sorting through them later. Otherwise, you can let your guests take the cameras home to develop themselves. 


Put a guest questionnaire at every table setting, including questions about the guest themselves, their […]

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Ahh, celebrity weddings. We love to scrutinise them, draw inspiration from them and just plain gossip about them – from the dress to the catering and everything in between. The biggest talking point would have to be the location and venue, and the more exotic or extravagant the better. When it comes to high-profile celebs, there are no holds usually barred. Here are just a few of the most famous and fabulous celebrity wedding locations from around the world.


Victoria and David Beckham had their fairy tale wedding at this Irish castle in 1999. With sprawling grounds, two ballrooms, 12 rooms for guests and the potential to rent out the entire venue, it makes for the ultimate wedding celebration. 


If you’ve seen pictures of this location, you may recognise the house as the one from The Notebook, so it’s already got that ultimate romance factor. […]

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De-coding dress codes

Navigating dress codes can sometimes be a wardrobe nightmare. When you have a special event that has a dress code, what do these codes really mean? Be ready to plan your outfit for your next wedding or special occasion with our guide that takes the guesswork out of getting dressed!

Black Tie

For men, this dress code is crystal clear- wear a tuxedo. It’s a little more complicated for women as things generally are! You can technically wear a long ball gown type of dress to a formal cocktail dress or even dressy separates. There are more options but this can also mean more confusion. If your hair, make up and jewellery is quite dressy you can’t really go wrong so work with this also to create your black tie look as it can make all the difference.

Black Tie Optional

This dress code is a bit more of a grey area. Basically, it […]

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Social media in your wedding: how much is too much?

Social media can be expected to play a large role in weddings these days. When we live in a world where every special moment is documented instantaneously, from your vegan poke bowl instagramed before the end of your lunch break to a live documentation of a music concert on a snap chat story, it’s hard to avoid the expectation.

But how much is too much on your wedding day? Should you have a hashtag to promote sharing your special day with the world? Or do you wish it to remain private and live in the moment? Is waiting for the professional photos to be printed a thing of the past when the first photo of you and your partner as a married couple is already on your friend’s Instagram account before the first dance has commenced? We take a look and the pro’s and cons of using social media at a […]

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Creative wedding favours

An old wedding tradition that has stood the tests of time is providing your guests with wedding favours- a commemorative gift for your guests to keep remembering your special day and the fun they had at your wedding! Also known as bonbonniere, traditionally these were generally sweets or almond lollies in a little bag that each guest took home. But stepping into the 21st century, couples are getting way more creative and breaching the norms with new fun ideas!

Let love grow

Succulents or cute littler terrariums with each of the guest’s names printed on an attached tag is a creative wedding favour idea. This will be a useful gift as they can incorporate it into their décor when they return home and will always think of you! 

Let there be light

A candle is a nice idea for a wedding favour that your guests are bound to use. Symbolising the light and warmth […]

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Popular bridal hairstyles

Your hairstyle on your wedding day will be indicative of the style of your wedding and should appropriately reflect its theme. This is a day where you be photographed probably more than any other day of your life! So, you want to pick a style that suits you, your dress and your wedding décor. Finding it hard to decide which bridal hairstyle is for you? Keep reading to find out some popular bridal hair trends that will make your day truly special.

Polished up do

This simple, classic hair style is perfect if your wedding is going to be a classy and elegant affair. A middle part, with a sleek, low bun in a simple, fresh style will leave you looking flawless. This hair trend works particularly well if you have a very busy and intricate dress, as it will balance out the look by keeping your hair style simple and elegant.

Old […]

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Wedding traditions: The origins

There are many old wedding traditions that some couples follow, but where did these originate from? What do they really mean, and are they relevant for today’s society? Read on to find out a few things you may not know about wedding traditions and customs!

Something old, something new

Originating from an old English rhyme, this famous saying describes four objects a bride should add to her wedding outfit as good luck charms for her special day.

The original saying is as follows;

“Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”

Generally, these tokens of love are traditionally from your mother, sister or other close relatives and each symbolise something different. Something old represent continuity, and the hope for stability; something new is a nod to the future and the happiness it will bring. Something borrowed symbolises borrowed happiness and virtue, while something blue stands for love and fidelity. Finally, […]

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Wedding Gift ideas

When a friend or family member is getting married, it’s hard to pick the perfect gift. You know the couple is going to receive a varied array of things, so how do you choose something that will be functional for their future but also stand out from the crowd and provide that personal touch? A lot of the time it depends on the people, what they are after and their personal tastes.

Some couples have a goal in mind and will provide direction on gifts. Perhaps they are saving for a holiday or house and so will set up a wishing well for cash gifts. Perhaps they have picked out items for their new home and so set up a gift registry. See below some ideas and pros and cons to each of the options to help you decide.

The cash gift 

Sometimes this can be the easiest gift idea, and the most […]

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Top 13 Classic Wedding Films

Everyone loves a good wedding film, from comedies to those movies that just make your heart melt. So, get together some friends and watch a few of these favourites next time you want to stay in for a movie night.

My Best Friend’s Wedding – a classic romantic comedy where Julia Roberts tries to win over her best friend when she finds out he is suddenly getting married.
Wedding Crashers – a hilarious comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson where they crash weddings to meet women, until at the last wedding of the season they get more then they bargain for.
Bridesmaids – where Annie, a single woman whose life is a mess is confronted with her best friend’s wedding and is forced to serve as maid of honour with disastrous results.
Runaway Bride – an American romantic comedy where a jaded city journalist (Richard Gere) follows the story […]

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Finding your wedding theme

It’s important to understand your wedding theme when designing your dream wedding. Your chosen theme will determine everything- from the venue and decorations, to the food and your dress. Once you have chosen a theme you will find these other smaller decisions will come easily as you will have a genre to base everything around. But what kind of theme is for you? Have a read of a few different themes below to find out which will suit the kind of wedding you are after.

Rustic weddings

A rustic wedding has a beautiful and simplistic tone. A colour palate of browns, greens and whites as well as the addition of majestical lights will make your day truly special. Think strands of delicate fairy lights, wooden ornaments and furniture, white flowers, tea light candles in jars, and rose gold details. Leafy green plant based floral arrangements can line the tables, and wooden barrels […]

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Royal Weddings Throughout History

The team of wedding specialists at Vogue Ballroom love a royal wedding, partly because it inspires us with the service we provide here at our stunning reception centre! We would be lying if in our illustrious history of wedding aficionados we didn’t take a couple of ideas from the lavish surrounds of the wedding of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (formerly known as Kate Middleton) and Prince William, or a tip or two from that of our own Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, and her wedding to Prince Frederik.

We enjoy a good old fashioned royal wedding so much here at Vogue Ballroom that we thought we would share a couple from history that have played a big role in our love for this most special of days.

And hey, they only come around once every few years, so why not…

Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly, 1956 

What style, what elegance, what grandeur… The […]

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Wedding Culture from Around the World

At Vogue Ballroom, we love weddings. One of the main things that really enhances our enjoyment of this most special of traditions is the varying cultures we get to experience when providing our reception service. We host weddings for people of all walks of life, and in the process get to experience some of the traditions and values they bring to their loved ones’ special day. Because we have such a love for weddings and their unique customs, we thought we would share with you a couple of the ceremonial traditions we have had the pleasure of experiencing.

India – where weddings last for days 

Weddings in India comprise of a series of ceremonies and traditions that take place over the course of multiple days – they are a big deal. During the pre-wedding ceremonies, an engagement ceremony is held where the husband and wife to be exchange rings and the families […]

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Planning a Winter Wedding? Vogue Ballroom is Perfect for Receptions

People often rave about the joy a summer wedding brings, but the wedding planning aficionados at Vogue Ballroom believe that a winter wedding is just as good. The fresh, cool air on a sunny winter’s day is the perfect setting for saying your vows, as everyone is feeling nice and invigorated by the cooler temperatures. We don’t believe those negative Nancies who say getting married in the cold or rain is a bad omen; we think it brings family and friends closer together! We love winter weddings here at Vogue Ballroom, and we would like to provide you with a little list as to why they are a great option, perhaps even better than that of summer…

Despite the forecast, it’s actually less stressful 

People have the misconception that because the weather is more frightful during a Melbourne winter it is a bad idea to be wed in it. In fact, it’s […]

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Melbourne’s Best Wedding Reception Venue

Looking for the perfect wedding reception venue in the City of Melbourne? A location that exudes style, charm, and sophistication? Then you have come to the perfect place. Vogue Ballroom is Melbourne’s newest and most luxurious wedding reception venue, combining design grandeur with a modern European menu and exquisite service. We are quickly becoming an iconic reception centre, and our team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals work hard to ensure that everything on your special day is absolutely flawless.

Our Stunning Ballroom 

When designing our ballroom, we had one word in mind: opulence. We wanted to create a venue that emanated luxury and vibrancy, so that when we held weddings at our venue guests would also feel this joy on the special day taking place. We think we met that with perfection. Our ballroom consists of intricately designed wall panelling, French provincial chandeliers lining the six-metre-high ceilings, exclusively designed […]

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Five Beautiful Wedding Songs for Your First Dance

The first dance of a newlywed couple is a moment they cherish forever. It is an unforgettable, passionate embrace that solidifies the love and longing that the husband and wife have for one another, and shows the guests just how much devotion they have for each other (as if the guests didn’t already know!). Whilst it is one of the most joyous moments of the wedding, occasionally it just so happens that although a couple share pretty much everything in common with one another, they don’t always agree on musical tastes.

Of course, this is fine, not every relationship has to born out of a mutual affection for the Red Hots. Therefore, we here at Vogue Ballroom have put together a collection of beautiful wedding songs that a couple can find a mutual love for, and one they would love to play for that special first dance.

Ed Sheeran, “Thinking Out […]

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The Best Wedding Shoot Locations in Melbourne

Ahh, weekend walks through the beautiful City of Melbourne. From South Yarra through to Carlton, there is a chance that at the end of the week, you will see a happy couple taking a lovely collection of shots in one of our numerous locations that are perfect doing just that: taking wedding shots. Melbourne is an aesthetically stunning city, with gorgeous gardens giving way to ornate colonial buildings, lovely beaches with rustic piers, and even innovative architecture that is sleek and contemporary.

Read on to find out Vogue Ballroom’s list of our favourite wedding shoot locations.

Parliament House – When all the squabbles and rigmarole of the politicians subside for the weekend, Parliament House becomes a place for newlyweds to express their devotion to one another through becoming a stunning place to take wedding photos. At any given time of day, you will be lucky to walk past and see a […]

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The Top Five Wedding Dress Styles for 2017

Here it is for the beautiful brides the world over, your definitive guide to the styles and cuts that will be taking weddings by storm in 2017. Whilst it goes without saying the bride will be turning heads on their special day, choosing a style of dress that suits your body shape and personal character will have your loved ones in awe at the beauty and glamour you exude on the day. Vogue Ballroom has devised a list of the dress that are going to be capturing the attention of wedding guests throughout the world in 2017.

Read on to find out which dress designs are going to be stealing the show this year.

Timeless elegance: the flared skirt 

Whilst in recent years’ women have opted for energy and flamboyance for their choice of dress, we believe that in 2017 classic grace and elegance is going to make a big resurgence. Therefore, the […]

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The Wedding of Pamela & John – 28.05.16

When John became a first home-buyer, he also became a fiancé to the beautiful Pamela. As soon as John opened the door to his new home, he proposed to Pamela and said – “This is our new home together.” They were engaged for six months and celebrated their extravagant and memorable wedding at Vogue Ballroom.

The Planning Process
We found the wedding planning process great, George from Vogue Ballroom assisted John and I with choosing the right suppliers.

Angela from Vogue Ballroom assisted with the styling of the venue. She gave us a few options with colours and we decided to go with the black and white theme as John loves these colours together.

The band we chose – Rythmos, played great music all night and most of our guests were dancing away for most of the evening.

I highly recommend our photographer Andrew Esposito from Astir Images him he did an amazing job […]

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Vogue Ballroom’s Bridal Expo – 10.07.2016

Vogue Ballroom’s bridal expo on Sunday showcased the venue’s remarkable atmosphere, exquisite food and world-class service. With over 500 attendees, our upcoming and future brides and grooms, their families and friends were among those who witnessed the true grandeur of the venue.

The day wouldn’t have been such a success if it wasn’t for some of Melbourne’s A-List wedding suppliers, who showcased their brilliant services and of course the staff at Vogue Ballroom who ensured that every minor detail was nothing short of being perfect.

Here are some of stunning photos captured on the day: 

(Cover Image by Icon Photography Melbourne)

(All images below by Will Chao Photography unless otherwise specified)

Table Centrepieces & Styling by Kerr Weddings & Events

Flowers by Classic Bouquets 

Bridal Table & Arch and White Dance Floor by Pro Light & Sound 

Flowers by Classic Bouquets 

Styling by Kerr Weddings & Events 

Cakes by Nikos Cakes 

Make up and Hair By Pro-Glam 


Dessert Buffet

Styled by Kerr Weddings and […]

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Bridal Expo Competition – Win a Makeover with Chrisi from Pro-Glam

We have some exciting news. Chrisi from Makeup by Pro-Glam is running an exclusive competition!

If you’re attending our Vogue Ballroom Bridal expo, you’ll be eligible to win an ultimate makeover with Chrisi from Pro-Glam.

 Register your interest at info@proglam.com.au for your chance to win!






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