Wedding Decoration Tips

What are the wedding signs?

You want to make sure all of your wedding-day details are just right. And you should start with the first piece of décor your guests will see: your welcome sign. Your welcome sign should offer a taste of what your guests should expect from your big day. Couples looking for an easy and inexpensive DIY project will love the classic look of monogrammed chalkboard easels. If you’re throwing a seaside bash, go for calligraphed pieces of driftwood. You can also adorn a sign with colourful, blooming florals for a festive summer wedding or hang eucalyptus garlands for a bohemian affair. At the same time, urban couples can opt for sleek graphics and cool typography for a modern twist.


And these welcome signs aren’t just for show—they also provide an essential service for your guests. Many couples use them as a master itinerary—from displaying times for the evening’s cocktail hour to serving as a map to direct guests to the next stop of the night—to give friends and family an idea of what’s to come. Couples who want to see their Instagram feed flooded with their wedding photos should remember to write their wedding hashtag on the sign so guests can be sure to use it while sharing all of those candid moments.


The first thing that many people don’t think about when having their wedding is getting signs for directions. If you are having your wedding in some kind of remote location or anywhere that may be difficult to get to, you want to make sure that you have multiple signs set up to give your guests directions to your wedding. This may seem like something trivial, but you want to make sure that all of your guests make it to your wedding and make it to the reception on time.

Welcome Sign

Having a beautiful welcome sign is essential for setting the theme and the design of your wedding. Make sure that you have a lovely and large welcome sign that you can display outside of your venue so that all of your guests, friends and family members feel loved and welcomed when they are walking into your wedding.

Ceremony Seating

Speaking of reminders, when you are going into the ceremony, how are you going to notify your guests where they are sitting? It is always a prudent idea to make sure that you have a sign outside of your ceremony so that your guests know where they are sitting. Typically in weddings, guests from the bride’s side will sit to one side of the ceremony while friends and family of the groom will sit on the other. Make sure that your guests know where they are going to be sitting during the ceremony.

Guest Book

The moments that you have at your wedding with the people that are there are some of the most important memories of your entire wedding. All of the photos and the kind words that you have from your guests are going to be some of your most cherished memories when you look back on your wedding day. That is one of the biggest reasons that you need a sign that lets your guest know where your guest book is.

Your guest book is a wonderful place for your guests to sign in for your attendance at your wedding, and to also leave a nice sentiment for the happy couple. If you are interested in having a guest book at your wedding, make sure that you have a guest book sign of letting your guests know where to sign in.

Wedding Programs

For the most part, your guests are going to be coming to your wedding with no agenda. It is time to let loose and have fun with the happy couple and all of their guests, but some guests would like to have an agenda and outline for the wedding itinerary. At any rate, it is nice for your guests to have a memento from your wedding and to have an idea of what the schedule is going to be for the day. That being said, it is nice to have a sign to indicate where your programs are so that your guests can have an idea of what is going on at your wedding.

Silence Your Cell Phones

For the most part, your guests are going to be coming to your wedding with no agenda. It is time to let loose and have fun with the happy couple and all of their guests, but some guests would like to have an agenda and outline for the wedding itinerary. At any rate, it is nice for your guests to have a memento from your wedding and to have an idea of what the schedule is going to be for the day. That being said, it is nice to have a sign to indicate where your programs are so that your guests can have an idea of what is going on at your wedding.

Wedding Ceremony Signs

Warm Welcome – Kick off the festivities with a sign welcoming your guests to the wedding.

Order of Events – Let everyone know what they can look forward to with a timeline sign, including key events like your vows, cocktail hour, first dance, speeches, cake cutting and send off, so they don’t miss a thing!

Open Seating – Many couples have done away with the tradition of seating their family and friends on opposite sides of the aisle. Let your guests know they are free to sit where they desire as they arrive at your ceremony – here are 12 ceremony seating sign ideas.

VIP Guests – Reserve seats at the front of your ceremony for your parents, grandparents and any other special guests.

Unplugged Vows – Want an unplugged ceremony? Ask guests to turn off their cameras and phones during your vows so they can be fully present at the moment with you. If you need some inspiration, check out our unplugged wedding wording ideas.

Ceremony Program – Display your ceremony program in sign form! This usually features your names and wedding date and acknowledges your officiant, the parents of the bride and groom and members of the wedding party.

Wedding Hashtag – Share a personalised wedding hashtag so you can easily find all of the happy snaps posted on social media. This is a great way to relive the big day while you wait for the professional photos.

Where To – Don’t forget directional signs to help your guests get to where they need to go! Arrows pointing towards your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception areas, as well as other facilities such as bathrooms will make navigating your wedding simple.

Wedding Reception Signs

Seating Plan – Whether you’ve organised a seating plan, or are happy for guests to choose their own place, display the details at the reception entrance to get the party started ASAP!

Order Up – Will you be serving a selection of drinks or delicious dishes to choose from? Bar and food menus are the perfect way to share what’s on offer.

Sweet Treats – If you’re having a lolly buffet or dessert table, state the ‘opening hours’ to keep your display looking fabulous until after the main meal.

Creature Comforts – Invite guests to use items you’ve provided for their comfort on the day, such as fans or parasols in warm weather, and cosy blankets in cool weather.

Entertainment – Whether it’s a fun photo booth or unique guest book idea, if there’s anything you’d like your loved ones to get involved in, a sign will help draw attention!

Favours – Finally, don’t let your family and friends leave without their favours. Placing a small sign next to your thank you gifts will ensure they won’t get left behind.

Ready to start shopping for a welcome wedding sign? We’ve scoured some of our favourite online destinations—from Amazon to Etsy—for beautiful, unique and customisable options. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our roundup, visit the sites below for even more welcome sign ideas (trust us, they have tons). Whatever you choose, read the product description carefully—some signs (like digital files and decals) require more DIY assembly than others. In many cases, frames, stands and other display materials are also sold separately.

Greenery Welcome Sign

Throwing a nature-themed celebration? Kick things off with this greenery-inspired poster.

Acrylic Welcome Sign

This bestselling sign is cut from trendy acrylic—a durable material that modern couples love.

Floral Welcome Sign

Consider writing your greeting on this hanging paper décor piece. The floral, chalkboard-inspired welcome sign is ideal for a garden wedding.

Wooden Welcome Sign

Wooden welcome signs are ever-popular. This timeless design would look just as appropriate at a rustic wedding as it would at a classic affair.

Tapestry Welcome Sign

Of course, as you’ve already seen, wedding welcome signs come in all sorts of materials. Cloth decorations like this one are extra-dreamy, especially when they’re calligraphed.

Light-Up Welcome Sign

Get lit with this welcome wedding sign, which is ideal for an indoor venue where the glow will be visible.

Modern Welcome Sign

This marble-inspired “welcome to our wedding” sign defines contemporary. Pick from different sizes depending on your needs. 

Striped Welcome Sign

Paper wedding welcome signs, like the striped décor piece, look awesome when framed.

Decal Welcome Sign

Hand-lettered welcome signs can get expensive—consider using a decal instead. Stick this one to a vintage mirror for something truly special.

Round Welcome Sign

Wedding welcome signs don’t have to be rectangular. This super-chic circle will make a statement.

Portrait Welcome Sign

Get a custom couples portrait and a welcome wedding sign all in one. This product is a work of art in any format, but we like the canvas option.

Chalkboard Welcome Sign

This rustic chalkboard welcome sign stands all on its own. All you have to do is write your message on it. (Cute drawings are also highly recommended.)

Painted Welcome Sign

Take your acrylic signage to the next level with bright paint. On this sign, the text is backed by gorgeous brushstrokes in your chosen colour.

Balloon Welcome Sign

Think beyond traditional sign mediums. This “welcome love” message is written in metallic balloons.

Here’s another fabric wedding welcome sign we adore (check out that hand-drawn wreath).

Moody Welcome Sign

Acrylic signs aren’t always clear. Decorate an edgy celebration with this mostly black decoration. 

Laser-Cut Welcome Sign

Upgrade a standard wooden welcome sign with laser-cut details. Here, the word “welcome” is uniquely raised off the base.

Tall Welcome Sign

Repurpose home décor—like this tall piece—as a casual, cozy wedding welcome sign.

Creative Welcome Sign

Get creative with your language. This product (which suits a backyard bash) says “happily ever after starts here” instead of the go-to “welcome to our wedding” sign message.

Foil Welcome Sign

Up the glam factor with gold foil text—this paper wedding welcome sign is all sorts of elegant. (Hint: A matching gold frame will complete the look.)

What should a wedding welcome sign include?

Wedding signs come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so it’s not hard to find one that matches your wedding decor.

And they can say anything you want them to say!

Some couples keep it simple and sweet with a message like Welcome to Our Wedding, Best Day Ever, or Happily Ever After. Some couples include their names, their wedding date, or a funny message.

Want your friends to post to social media throughout the day? All you Instagram addicts out there might want to include your hashtag!

Your signage should match the tone and vibe of your wedding. But other than that, what you put on it is entirely up to you.

How to display your wedding welcome sign?

The words on your sign are important. But where and how you display it might be even more so.

The point of your sign is to welcome your guests as they arrive at your wedding venue, so the key is to put it somewhere visible.

As for how to display it, there are lots of options! You can put it on an easel stand, lean it against a post, or stake it in the ground. We’ve even been to outdoor weddings where they’ve been suspended from trees.

Again, it’s totally up to you! Whether it’s store-bought or handmade, there are no rules about what a welcome sign should look like. The fact is, it doesn’t even need to say, “Welcome”.

You can display your names, a simple greeting, or customise it with poetry or song lyrics that the two of you love.

If you’re on a tight budget, the wedding welcome sign is not a must-have. But it is a nice little touch that shows your guests you’re thinking about their experience as much as yours.

To discuss your options and ideas with your wedding planner. Get on Etsy and start browsing the various customisable options. Head to the hardware store or craft store and buy some supplies to make your own.

Wedding signage is nothing to stress about or go into debt over. Keep it simple; make it fun, and make sure it reflects you. That’s what it’s all about! 

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