Top Wedding Celebrants Adelaide, South Australia

30+ Top Wedding Celebrants Adelaide, South Australia

Hiring a wedding celebrant is an easy way to add some personality and festivity to your ceremony. In the absence of clergy, many couples opt for a secular officiant who can help guide their marriage ceremony with love and care. It's important that each couple finds the right fit for them, but don't forget there are plenty of options out there! So whether you're looking for someone funny or serious, nontraditional or traditional, find your perfect match on this list curated by our team at Celebrate.

If you're planning a wedding in Adelaide, then it's time to start thinking about what kind of celebrant you want. There are many different options for this and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses depending on your needs. To help make the process a little easier, we've put together a list of some of the most popular celebrants in Adelaide so that you can find the perfect fit.

If you are looking for high-quality wedding celebrants in Adelaide, then look no further. Celebrate is the largest supplier of celebrants in Australia and can help with your individual needs. They have a wide range of experienced professionals that will make sure your day is perfect!


Ultimate List of Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Celebrancy By Shelley Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Celebrancy By Shelley Wedding Celebrant Adelaide


Congratulations, you're engaged.

Wedding ceremonies are written uniquely for you and your love. As an Adelaide Marriage Celebrant, I specialize in creating inclusive and accessible wedding ceremonies in a way that's captivating for you and your guests with a sprinkle of laughter, tears and a bundle of love and energy.

Your wedding ceremony is the perfect opportunity to kick start the party of life together, so connect with me now to see when we can meet and get your marriage celebration underway.

In the spirit of reconciliation, I acknowledge this land that I work on as the traditional land for the Kaurna people, and I respect their spiritual relationship with their country. I also acknowledge the cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to the living Kaurna people today. I acknowledge, accept and understand that no matter where I am across this nation, I live and work on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lands. I respect their elders past, present and emerging, and I extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

It's personal for me.

After experiencing life through many different lenses, I understand that it's important to have someone you trust to have your back, be on your side, and 'get you'. I have a passion, you could say, for access and inclusion and have experienced the real face of discrimination and disadvantage faced by close family members and friends. Navigating barriers is one of my skills. I now get to combine my other passion for creative writing with my passion for access and inclusion. It's the best of both worlds. 

Born in Zimbabwe, I was introduced to cultural differences early in life. I understand that it's important to get to know people to appreciate their life. I love meeting and talking with people about their journey through life. It's been said that I will talk to a wall if I stand beside it long enough. 

I've lived in three states of Australia and one territory, on two Australian islands and holidayed in every state and territory. You might guess that I love to travel, and I love engaging with people from all walks of life. I have travelled extensively, including the UK, Europe and Asia, not to mention my birth continent Africa which will always hold my heart. 

Due to various family circumstances, I understand what life can be like living with a disability. I have a close family member experiencing a traumatic brain injury and another living as an amputee, along with many friends within the Deaf and Deaf-Blind Community of South Australia who I met while studying Auslan for many years.

I'm passionate about gender equity, access and inclusion throughout our community and can't imagine saying 'no' to any couple regardless of their identity. After all, love is love, and who you love should be celebrated at every opportunity.

Naming Ceremonies

The community, a child, is raised in contributes to building character, values, social, education, and life skills. Naming ceremonies traditionally introduced the community to that child. 

Today's naming ceremonies can celebrate not only a child and their community, but I believe they are a fun and exciting way to celebrate a gender, identity or new name for an adult.

Wedding Ceremonies

Creating the perfect wedding ceremony where everyone feels like they belong is important to me regardless of their ability. Access and inclusion are a must in all of my ceremonies. 

Whether it's a quick legal only Registry-style ceremony or a bespoke ceremony written from the heart, your wedding ceremony should reflect your love and personality. So forget the cheap and book the affordable option which caters for you and your love.

Together we'll create your special day just as you imagined it. While I take care of all the Stress and legal and paperwork, you and your love can focus on spending time with those you love the most. 

Life Celebrations

Looking to renew your Marriage vows on a particular anniversary, say congratulations for a hard-earned achievement or celebrate the life of a loved one in meaningful funeral service? Life Celebrations are a special way to show your love. 

However you choose to celebrate, in the form of a large outdoor event or a small and intimate service, let me guide you through this process. 

Mary Fieldhouse Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Mary Fieldhouse Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


Creating Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

  • Ideas & Inspiration
  • Legals
  • Your Perfect Day

I am an experienced marriage celebrant who loves performing wedding ceremonies for couples in Adelaide and surrounding southern districts. I have been a wedding celebrant for over 13 years and believe that your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life.

Together we will create the perfect marriage ceremony for you with the right atmosphere. I have a calming manner and know that you want a meaningful yet fun ceremony and, most importantly, a reflection on who you both are.

It is a privilege to be part of your special day and assist you in preparing and performing the marriage ceremony of your dreams. You want a stress-free and memorable day, and I promise you that I can deliver that for you.

You will find me professional, honest, friendly and down to earth. I will provide personal attention to every detail to ensure you get the exact ceremony you want.

Mary Fieldhouse

I am an experienced registered marriage celebrant.

I am a country girl born and bred and have lived in Adelaide for the past 20 years. After working in the wedding industry through hairdressing and photography, I was urged by those who know me best to become a celebrant. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

I love this profession and am committed to providing a tailored service to suit your style and personality.

You will find me easygoing and able to make your wedding ceremony preparations enjoyable and Stress-free while allowing you to contribute as much as you wish to create your ideal ceremony.

I will provide personal attention to every detail to ensure you get the exact wording, atmosphere and vibe for the wedding ceremony that you dream of.

During our meetings and time together, we will create the perfect marriage ceremony for you and fulfil all the legal requirements, including follow-up information for after your special day.

Your wedding day will be one of the most important and memorable days of your life shared with family and friends, and I will work with you at each step along the way to ensure a personalized and beautifully created ceremony.

I look forward to meeting you.

Simple Weddings Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


These days, many couples just want to get married without bothering and without delay. Simple Weddings makes that whole process easier, faster and cheaper. Simple Weddings is exactly as you would expect. It's rather like getting married at the Registry Office but far less expensive! Choose a Simple Wedding if you'd like to get married at Australia's best price. Couples keen to marry as soon as possible, can usually get married either exactly in one month (legal minimum waiting time) or within just a few days more. Other services will keep you waiting for 6, 8, 10 or even 12 weeks or more! In the past, couples wishing to avoid wedding bother would elope. Now you can do the same, with even more convenience. Simple Weddings offers you the opportunity to marry at Australia's best price at our locations. So why not join the hundreds of couples each year choosing to avoid all the hassle and expense of a traditional wedding by having a Simple Wedding instead? Book your Simple Wedding today!

Get married in Adelaide. Promptly and at the lowest possible price.

Adelaide Celebrant service Simple Weddings provides Australia's best value Friday and Saturday weddings, combined with unmatched fast service.

As a Celebrant with over 11 years of experience, Simple Weddings understand that many couples simply want to get married as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Other Adelaide Celebrants simply can't compete!

Wedding Celebrants Australia wide know that Simple Weddings – nonreligious Celebrant provides unbeatable value.

If you're looking for an Authorized Celebrant, perhaps you've spent hours scrolling through a list of Celebrants in Adelaide. Perhaps you were looking for Celebrants Adelaide and hoping to find the Best Celebrant in Adelaide. But, let's face it, to find a wedding ceremony celebrant who is affordable and fast is not that easy. After all, there are hundreds of Adelaide Celebrant offerings and most charge an arm and a leg. Furthermore, some can be easy to get along with, others less so.

In addition, it's often the case that you will find a celebrant who is distant, unapproachable or even grating.

The Good News:

That's why it's a relief to find a celebrant who makes you feel totally at ease; and a celebrant service that offers you a relaxing, pain-free experience!

If you've started to ring around town in a desperate search for the ideal celebrant service for your Wedding, don't worry. Simple Weddings is here to make the whole process of getting married so much more pleasant…

Why Trawl Any Longer Through the Wedding Celebrant Register?

Instead, simply Hire Celebrant service Simple Weddings, and as a result, you'll have chosen a friendly, professional, and so quite possibly the best celebrant service in Adelaide.

Most of all, Wedding Celebrants South Australia wide agree that for a Wedding Celebrant service Adelaide loves, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better nonreligious Wedding Celebrant service than Simple Weddings.

Simply provide your contact details to your right, and Simple Weddings will especially get in touch to arrange everything. Promptly, easily and at Australia's best price.

Jacqui Leopardi Celebrant Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Jacqui Leopardi Celebrant


Hello! My name is Jacqui Leopardi, and I have been lucky enough to be a full-time marriage celebrant based in the Adelaide Hills since 2015. 

I love what I do, and I would be honoured to be a part of your wedding day. Being chosen as your Celebrant is an incredible honour and with that comes my commitment to share in your journey. From hearing your story, helping you write your vows, knowing how to calm your nerves on the day and delivering a ceremony that ignites the perfect emotions. I am with you every step of the way to ensure that you and your partner only need to worry about one thing, each other. 

I pride myself on creating extremely personal ceremonies delivered in a relaxed and warm manner. I write every ceremony from scratch and only commit to one wedding per day, so you can be assured your wedding day is my number one priority. My goal is to create ceremonies unique to every couple. So let me take care of the legal elements, and together we can create a perfect 'you' ceremony.

You must connect with your Celebrant as they share an extremely intimate part of your wedding day with you. The more comfortable you feel, the better the connection and easier it is to build a personal ceremony. This is why I place such importance on my pre-wedding meetings. By the time we get to the aisle, I will feel like an old friend.

My Full-Service Includes:

  • Face to Face planning meeting
  • Unlimited email/phone access and support
  • Preparation and lodgment to Births, Death and Marriages of all legal documentation, including the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM), Declaration of No Legal Impediment, Marriage Certificates, registration, and all associated costs
  • Access to my extensive wedding resources
  • A bespoke written ceremony delivered via portable PA
  • Access to my PA to play your ceremony music
  • Site visit or rehearsal at your ceremony location
  • All travel costs
  • Available onsite at least 30 minutes before your wedding ceremony to coordinate guests
  • Use of my super cool silver pen for signing
  • Coordination with your wedding day ceremony vendors - leave it to us while you enjoy the moment.

I conduct ceremonies all over Australia but specialize in the gorgeous Adelaide Hills.

Alix The Celebrant Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


Want an Adelaide Celebrant who is just as excited for your day as you are?

Oh, hey there!

So it looks like you need a celebrant? Well, you've come to the right place. I'm Alix - and Adelaide Marriage Celebrant and lover of love, people, storytelling and weddings.

I specialize in modern wedding ceremonies that are written to truly reflect the two of you and the relationship you share – full of love, your quirks, romance and a few serious bits.

I'll guide you through the whole process, help you write your vows and calm your nerves on the day, and I promise your guests will leave saying, "that was so them!"

So let's chat over a coffee or a wine (actually, I love a good cider) and get this wedding ceremony planned. 

About Alix

So a bit about me? I love long walks on the beach...with my dog; being by the ocean has such a calming effect on me.

I love being social, and any time spent with good people makes me so happy, but I am also a massive homebody who loves to nap. I love a good night out featuring an Espresso Martini or Gin, and if there is a dance floor, I'll be on it.

I am the proud dog mum of Murphy, who is my daily walk companion. I love little getaways around South Australia and Australia and am forever trying to tick things off my bucket list – next up Skydiving… well, maybe not next.

I became somewhat obsessed with weddings - I always wanted to look them up and know all the ins and outs! Then, a friend said to me, "why don't you be a celebrant" LIGHT BULB MOMENT!! How had I not thought of this sooner?

I LOVE speaking to crowds, adore people and hearing their stories, and of course, love weddings. So some study and six months later - BAM I was a marriage celebrant, and I bloody love it! I can honestly say I am finally doing the work I've always wanted – and trust me, I trialled a lot of other jobs, and nothing compares to what I do now.

So why pick me to be the one that makes you a legally married couple? Because I will love your Wedding as if it were my own; I will help you create the ceremony of your dreams and not one that puts Nanna to sleep - I will encourage you to write personalized vows and to make your ceremony the start of the party, not just that boring part that people have to go to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a Marriage Celebrant? Put simply, a celebrant is a person who performs and officiates formal ceremonies –such as weddings, vow renewals, baby naming, or even funerals and memorials. By booking a Celebrant for your service, you can have the vows you want, the music you want, the readings you want.


Yes. A Celebrant Wedding Ceremony is not a legally binding ceremony. It is about celebrating your love and relationship in a way that is special to you. If you wish to confirm your commitment to each other without legal ties, then that's not a problem.

Have you seen some celebrancy course advertisements implying YOU can make $75 per hour as a celebrant? The current annual average gross income for independent civil celebrants from wedding work is approx. $6,000 per annum. In 2018, the average number of weddings per annum is ten (10) weddings per year.

The difference between Registrars and Celebrants in a Nutshell. Registrars have the power to marry you in the eyes of the law. Celebrants will help you to create a personalised bespoke ceremony, taking place wherever you would like. You can include personalised vows, live music and family.

We find that when celebrants also act as Wedding Planners, it has an impact on your ceremony and on the celebrants themselves. If you too wish your destination wedding to be a magical moment of a lifetime, let professionals take care of each part of your wedding.

It Must Be Love Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

It Must Be Love Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

(04)18813309/(04)13584277 / [email protected]

When somebody else's happiness is your happiness, it must be love."

About "It Must Be Love"

We are Maria and Richard Rowland, and we are super excited to be the first husband and wife team in Adelaide, conducting wedding ceremonies together!

We create seamless ceremonies with all the boxes ticked, so whilst one of us is queueing your music and bantering with the groom, the other is greeting the bride, fluffing her dress and settling any last-minute nerves all at the same time! 

We each bring to your ceremony our flair and style, but more importantly, the ability to ensure that every step of the ceremony has our full attention because we really can be in two places at once! Oh, and in case you're wondering, we only charge a single celebrant fee.

We have chosen to work together because we like each other a lot, and we wanted to be unique and provide a service that hasn't been done before.

We are about as authentic as you can get, and we both share a whole lot of enthusiasm for life, love and laughter. So, with our combined wealth of life experience and passion for people, we will take you by the hand and guide you along your wedding journey to create your dream ceremony.

We are both creative writers and will listen to your story and, with just the right amount of feels, we will re-tell it so that you and your guests will laugh, cry and walk away saying, "that was so them"!

With Richard's DJ services, we can offer the complete package where your party starts at the ceremony and doesn't end until you can dance anymore!

We are proud supporters of marriage equality and believe that love is love.

Meet Us


I have been fortunate to have worked with Richard in the wedding industry for over a decade and am delighted to have stepped away from what has been a supporting role to become a Marriage Celebrant. I love the concept that everything is about love and kindness, and to have the opportunity to share in your ultimate celebration of love, is such a privilege.

I am warm and friendly, attentive and love to laugh, and I give my promise that I will deliver a fun and engaging, bespoke ceremony to reflect your vision and values.

I won't ever take for granted just how fortunate I am to be entrusted with such a significant and very rewarding role and for being invited to share in such a personal moment of our clients lives.


I have had the pleasure of working in the wedding industry for over twenty years as both a DJ and an MC. During this time, I have aspired to be the best at what I do. As a result, I have won the Australian Bridal Industry Awards for both "Best Wedding DJ" and "Best Wedding MC" of the year.

With this determination and same ethos as a professional Marriage Celebrant, I will listen to your dreams and work with you to create a fun ceremony that is not only personal but interactive with your guests on the day.

I will take enormous pride in knowing that I have helped you create your dream wedding ceremony, one that your guests will talk about for many years to come.

We strive to deliver warm, personalized, caring interactions with our clients from the first inquiry because we want you to be comfortable around us. We also understand that people are busy, so our focus is to make ourselves readily available for meetings and phone calls and reply promptly to enquiries, which is an important part of the service we provide. We are constantly working hard to expand the range of material and ceremonial content we offer. We can adapt to your requirements and communicate with you early and often because you are a priority!

Our Services

All initial meetings are an obligation free to allow you to get to know us so that we can share comfortably in the process of creating your personalized ceremony.

​Full-Service Marriage Ceremony

For that extra special, 'what you've always dreamed of', bespoke wedding ceremony, styled especially for you.

Micro Wedding Ceremony (not available on Saturdays) 

Maybe it's a brief, no-fuss wedding you've dreamed of, an intimate affair with family and close friends gathering to witness your promise to each other.

Baby Naming Ceremony

What a wonderful gift to your child, to officiate their name with family and friends

​Special Occasion Ceremony

Perhaps you're looking to celebrate a milestone anniversary, or you're keen to have a "re-run" of your wedding ceremony in a different location or style, with new friends and family.

​Our Promise

We are committed to assisting you through all legalities and necessary processes and working with your requests to ensure that your wedding day is special. 

Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to ensure that your ceremony runs smoothly so that you can enjoy every moment without needing to think of anything apart from each other.

Our policy is to provide you with exceptional service. However, we understand that budget may be of concern in some cases, and we are happy to negotiate a service tailored to your budget.  

You can be confident that we will provide the best possible service to you by:

Creating a personalized wedding ceremony and telling your story, and providing access to our resources (poems, sample vows, music suggestions)

Respecting your privacy and confidentiality   

Offering private and comfortable facilities to meet to discuss your needs    

Ensuring the secure storage of personal/private records      

Maintaining open communication with you from the first meeting to the wedding day via email, telephone or in-person.

By conducting a ceremony rehearsal if required   

Ensuring that our presentation is of an exceptional standard for the marriage ceremony and that we complement the wedding party and reflect your dress code

Ceremonies By Aphrodite Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Ceremonies by Aphrodite


Hello, I'm Aphrodite Anderson, a full-time Adelaide Hills Marriage Celebrant happy to travel to any destination. For the past 13 years, I have shared in the joy and romance of hundreds of ceremonies and love sharing your special day. I'm often asked if "Aphrodite" is my birth name, and it certainly is.

I take the time to capture your love story and will happily create an engaging, personalized ceremony that reflects your unique relationship. But, most importantly, it will be relaxed, fun and heartfelt, leaving you with treasured memories. I have a wonderful gift for calming nerves, and adding a touch of humour in the right places puts a smile on everyone's face!

I speak Greek and French and can deliver phonetically in many other languages. Adding a few words of welcome always brings a smile to your non-English speaking guests. I truly enjoy multicultural ceremonies with varying traditions, which adds a lovely cultural touch to your ceremony.

Whether you plan an Adelaide elopement or extravagant wedding celebration, my service remains the same to ensure your wedding day is truly memorable. I also offer my beautiful, private Crafers garden for your Adelaide elopement or an intimate ceremony with no additional venue cost. A legal only ceremony is also available at my residence for $400.

Adelaide Hills Marriage Celebrant Cost:

My fee is variable depending on the date, time and location. I also offer the best Adelaide elopement package in my beautiful, private garden setting. Please call or send me an email with your requirements, and I will provide you with an exact quote within 24 hours. Please note I may be sent to your junk folder when I reply to your email.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your Adelaide marriage celebrant. I am privileged to have one of the best jobs in the world. My birth name is Aphrodite, "meaning Goddess of Love," making it more significant that I now participate in affirming the union of a loving and committed couple.

I lived in the USA for many years, where I worked mostly as an Executive Assistant to Senior Managers in high profile companies and medical colleges. The need to liaise with my colleagues, senior managers and international academics made me a very confident and professional speaker.

I have travelled through many countries over the years. The time I spent amongst varying cultures has given me a fondness and respect for the differences we all have in our beliefs and values, and naturally, the rituals that follow them.

Upon returning to Australia, I embarked on a career as a fashion retailer and assistant designer based in Adelaide, South Australia. Since 2008 I have been immersed in my profession as a full-time marriage celebrant, which continues to be the most uplifting and happiest work I could have possibly pursued.

Samuel James Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Mr. Samuel James Wedding Celebrants Adelaide



I'm delighted that you've landed here and that you may be considering me to officiate your special day.

I am fun, outgoing and provide a sense of warmth, but I won't outshine you.

I am natural, relaxed and sincere, but I won't bore you.

My ceremonies are authentic, genuine and real, focusing on sharing your love for each other with those nearest and dearest to you. I love working with couples to create heartfelt ceremonies, and I draw upon my unique mix of event management, communications and acting skills to produce memorable moments.

Please visit the links below for further information on pricing, civil marriage celebrant services, and how I can bring your wedding dreams to life.


He is an enthusiastic and passionate leader who goes above and beyond to achieve the perfect outcome for his clients. Samuel is skilled in event and wedding planning, including management and delivery, and strives to achieve only the very best.

The natural next step for Samuel was to become a Marriage Celebrant. He utilizes his wealth of knowledge in wedding planning and his unique acting and public speaking skills.

Samuel is light-hearted and fun while still effortlessly delivering meaningful, genuine and authentic ceremonies.

"What I love the most about writing, producing and delivering ceremonies is the sheer elation you can see in the couple's eyes. I am so grateful to be involved in a once in a lifetime experience for Brides and Grooms all over the country, and I genuinely couldn't imagine a more perfect career for myself."

In addition to his work as a Marriage Celebrant, Samuel has become one of the leading Proposal Planners in South Australia and produces a high number of magical, unforgettable events. Samuel is so easy to work with, and one of his greatest skills is his ability to put people at ease; truly an exceptional trait to possess when working in this industry.

Wedding Matters Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Wedding Matters Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


My Weddings

I specialize in wedding ceremonies and commitment ceremonies. I am also available to officiate at the renewal of vows and naming ceremonies. I conduct ceremonies all around Adelaide, South Australia.

My Philosophy

Finding the right person to officiate at your ceremony is vital when you're looking for a celebrant for an important occasion.

I work hard to create a truly memorable, meaningful and personalized ceremony that will exceed your expectations. It will be enjoyable and Stress-free.

What I Do

I specialize in wedding ceremonies and commitment ceremonies. I am also available to officiate at the renewal of vows and naming ceremonies.

I conduct ceremonies all around Adelaide, South Australia. Your ceremony can take place any time of the year, any day of the week and at any time of the day. I will help you to design a ceremony that suits you.

Whether it be a private home, private garden, park, beach, hall, reception centre, restaurant or any unique location, I can make it work for you so that you have the perfect Wedding to share with your family and friends.

Whether it is a small intimate gathering or a guest list of many, whether you want children and other guests to play a role in your ceremony, I can help you to achieve a unique and personal ceremony that includes all those closest to you.


Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding day is something you will remember for a lifetime. It is the day you get to stand up in front of all the people who matter the most to both of you and declare the love you have for each other and your commitment to spend the rest of your lives together as a married couple. As your marriage celebrant, it is my privilege to officiate at your Wedding and strive to ensure that your wedding ceremony sets the tone not only for your wedding day but also for your Marriage, whether you have a large or small wedding.

Commitment Ceremonies

Couples seeking a formalization of their partnership will find me supportive of commitment ceremonies. A Commitment ceremony is an opportunity to reveal your heartfelt commitment to being life partners and will certainly validate your relationship in the eyes of your family and friends. I can work with you to create a commitment ceremony that reflects your love story and your promise for the future. The commitment ceremony can include many familiar ceremonial elements, including a procession, vows, ring exchange, declarations and blessings.

Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a natural rite of passage in which we can give thanks for a child's life, formally name them and make promises to ensure their future happiness and wellbeing. Naming ceremonies are purely celebratory and offer a beautiful alternative to a religious ceremony, giving you the chance to welcome your child into the world and for an adopted child into the family and affirm your love and commitment to them surrounded by the most important people in their life. I can work with you to create a ceremony that is both special.

Renewal of Vows

A wedding is a celebration of falling in love and beginning a marriage. A ceremony to renew these vows is a celebration of staying in love and staying married. Couples who choose to renew their Wedding vows often choose to do so on a significant anniversary or an important event such as coming through a serious illness. A Renewal of vows ceremony can be formal or informal, simple or elaborate, serious or light-hearted. Vows can be personalized to reflect your journey, and other rituals may be included to recognize family and friends.

Ceremonies Just For You Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Ceremonies Just For You Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


I'm Gillian, an authorized Civil Celebrant.

When it comes to celebrating your special event, I will help you to create a ceremony that is unique and perfect – a ceremony just for you. It will reflect your wishes, your beliefs, your traditions and your story. I can help you to make it a beautiful traditional ceremony, a romantic, intimate, joyful or fun occasion – whatever you choose.

You can have total confidence that your ceremony will be professionally prepared and conducted; a polished, well organized, creative ceremony that you and your guests will remember and talk about with delight. I have extensive public speaking experience and take pride in my personal presentation. I promise a truly memorable 'moment in time for you and your guests.

Wedding Ceremonies


  • Our initial interview
  • Two follow-up meetings
  • Unlimited telephone and email consultation
  • Suggestions and resources to help you plan your ceremony
  • Writing a personalized ceremony just for you
  • Rehearsal at your chosen venue
  • PA system with microphone and iPod connectivity
  • Signing table and two chairs
  • Lodgement of all legal documents with the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office
  • Your signed 'presentation' certificate to commemorate your special day.

Once you have decided on your ceremony day and date, it's a good idea to contact me as soon as you can to set up a planning meeting.

I will travel 100 km round trip for your ceremony as part of my standard fee and further by negotiation.

When you make your booking, a $350 non-refundable deposit is payable. The remainder of your payment can be done in set instalments – just ask me for more details.

Feel free to email me or call me for a chat. Hearing my voice on the phone may be a helpful start in determining if I'd be a good match for your dream day.

Legal Information For Weddings

When you decide you're going to get married, a Notice of Intended Marriage form needs to be completed and lodged with the Attorney General's Department.

This form must be completed at least one month before your marriage date and no more than 18 months beforehand. Then, when you appoint me as your Celebrant, I can fill out this form (with some help from you) and lodge it for you.

In Australian law, for two people to marry, they must both be over 18 years. So if one person is under 18 (but over 16), it can still be done, but there are some extra steps.

To complete the necessary paperwork, you will need to provide me with the following:

  • If you were born in Australia, please provide your original Birth Certificate. If you don't have an original Birth Certificate, you can get one from the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office.
  • If you were born overseas and didn't have your original Birth Certificate, I will need to see your passport.
  • If you have been previously married, please provide your Decree Absolute or Certificate of Divorce.
  • If you have been widowed, please provide the relevant Death Certificate.

On your wedding day, as part of your ceremony, you will sign three marriage certificates:

  • the first is the official certificate which is sent to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office
  • the second is kept in my Marriage Register as a record of your Marriage
  • the third is a 'presentation' certificate, which you will be given on the day to keep.

Two witnesses over the age of 18 who can read and understand English will also be required to sign the certificates.


I will check all legal documents and post them via Registered Mail to the Births Deaths and Marriages Registration Office in Adelaide within three days of your Marriage.

If either partner intends to change their name after marriage, they must obtain and complete an application form called 'Register a change of name'. This can be obtained from any Australia Post Office or downloaded from the Births, Deaths and Marriages website.

The Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office takes approximately 15 days to process your documents from when I lodge them. As such, applications for a change of name or your official Marriage Certificate should be submitted after this time.

Mary Odgers Marriage Celebrant Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Mary Odgers Marriage Celebrant Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


This is an incredibly exciting time in your life, and you want your ceremony to be unique and personal... one of a kind! I have been creating magic for over twelve years, performing fun and relaxed wedding ceremonies, and the best part of my job is making sure it is a memory that you will look back on and relive time and time again.

My passion is working with people, and my desire to become a celebrant was to offer my couples a unique, positive and genuine experience providing a professional yet relaxed celebration! I pride myself in giving a service of great value, and the work and energy that it takes are reflected in your happiness.

Premium Wedding Ceremony

I am well known for having fresh, modern and innovative ideas and will create a professional yet fun ceremony to suit your needs.

I offer a fully inclusive service, designed and personally written and will guide you through each process to ensure that it is smooth and easy, and when your big day arrives, all you have to do is relax and enjoy! Why not keep your vows secret to each other. I will assist you both to make anything possible!

My Services

  • Exactly as you request it
  • Provide a personally written designed ceremony
  • Provide sample Vows Poems & Readings to choose
  • Complete & Lodge NOIM & all legal documents
  • Conduct your ceremony in a professional, fun way
  • Arrange & conduct a rehearsal if required
  • Provide a personal assistant to play your selected music
  • High-quality portable PA to ensure you can be heard
  • Take great pride in my personal presentation.
  • Provide a Commemorative Marriage Certificate and a 'keepsake' gift to remember your special day

Sherri Dawson Celebrant Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Sherri Dawson Celebrant Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


Your Wedding can be on a beach, in a park, in your backyard, on a sporting oval, in a pub... your choice. Once you have decided on the date and location, it's time to book your Celebrant! This is where I come in.

What Sort Of Wedding Do You Want?


A classic wedding is a heartfelt, bespoke ceremony, just for you. So if you are thinking "classic= boring", don't worry - it's not, it will be awesome! 

Short & Sweet

Short and sweet is for couples who are happy to have a basic, less personalized ceremony.


An elopement is perfect for couples who want to avoid the hassle and stress of a large wedding.


A co-pilot wedding is where the ceremony is conducted by someone you know (for example, a close friend or family member), and I do all the legal stuff.


A Legals Only wedding means that you say the minimum legal wording, sign the papers, and we are done! It takes about 5 minutes and can be done wherever you like.

Celebrant Camille Abbott Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Celebrant Camille Abbott Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


Only Fun And Relaxed Wedding Ceremonies

You want your wedding ceremony to feel easy, natural and fun.

The tone is light-hearted but still sincere, and your guests feel connected and are involved in your ceremony.

A genuine expression (hold the cheese) where you both feel completely immersed at the moment together.

As a progressive marriage celebrant with over 800+ ceremonies experience, these are the kind of wedding celebrations that really excite me.

My Full-Service Includes

  • the first casual chat and all other faces to face meetings, video chats and calls
  • preparation and lodgement of all legal documentation, including the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM), Final Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage, the marriage certificates, register and associated costs
  • Creation of your personalized ceremony drawing from a wide selection of references and processes via my online ceremony planning dashboard. Your ceremony can be tailored to include the participation of friends or family members, your own written vows, rituals etc., the sky is the limit!
  • use of a professional portable PA, with a hand-held wireless microphone and input (smartphone/iPod/tablet etc.) for playing recorded music during your ceremony
  • unlimited consultation and support
  • onsite visit or ceremony rehearsal at your wedding venue
  • travel costs associated with attending the site visit/rehearsal & wedding ceremony (up to 100km)
  • on the day of the wedding ceremony, I'll be available onsite at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time and immaculately groomed in an outfit appropriate to your ceremony style
  • Table & chairs for signing of the marriage certificates and register (if required)

I completely understand how planning your wedding ceremony can feel a little daunting, and it can be hard to know where to start. So let's have a chat to help answer your questions and tick one more thing off your 'to make' list.

Amanda Schenk Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Wedding Celebrants Adelaide



You are engaged and about to discover that true love is spending one day getting married and the rest of your life feeling glad that you did!

Time to start planning your wedding and the moment where you will make promises to each other in front of your nearest and dearest. I'm here to make things stress free and enjoyable by designing something unique for you, with you, and about you.

Can't wait to get married?

Do you lead a busy life and have minimal time to plan a wedding or just like things to happen without any fuss?

Is finding the right Celebrant one of your top priorities but something you are seriously struggling with?

Has your Wedding come around really quickly, and now you are freaking out because you are unwilling to compromise on quality or your wedding date, and you think all the 'good' celebrants are booked out?

Does the thought of a long engagement where all you ever talk about is weddings for months on end make you feel ill?

Engaging and Personalized Ceremonies

Unfortunately, your wedding ceremony should be the most enjoyable, moving, and memorable part of your day, though many ceremonies are less than inspiring for the guests. If you appoint me as your Celebrant, I will take you and the audience on an engaging journey celebrating your past, present and future as you commit Marriage. I will ensure that your ceremony is fun, personal and meaningful and has the right balance of heartfelt sentiment, humour and special moments. The best part of Australian marriage law is that you have complete freedom to celebrate your Marriage in whatever form you like. Besides a few compulsory words, you are entitled to do everything exactly as you wish with no rules around rituals, traditions or roles. So, together with you, I will create a ceremony that includes the 'oooh aaah', the 'ha ha', and the 'what ' (happy tears, of course!) that will have you and your guests talking for years to come.

Support, Support and more Support

Weddings can be stressful, but they don't need to be. With the right professionals supporting you in both the planning and execution stages, you really will have nothing to worry about. People who know me describe me as the most organized and detail-oriented person they know. I love to plan, almost as much as I love to facilitate an event. I see my role in your Wedding being predominately about supporting you to craft and deliver a really special and memorable ceremony, and that means I need to be accessible, responsive, a great listener, across the legal stuff, well resourced, calm, dependable and super excited about being included in your special day. Getting to know you through phone, email and face-to-face contact is how I craft a really special and memorable ceremony that is personalized. So book me, and you are welcome to contact me as often as you need to ask whatever you like. It is my job to support and guide you throughout the planning process. I enjoy over-servicing people (is that even a thing in the service industry?). 

The Right Celebrant For You

I know how important your wedding day is to you. It is a unique and one-off celebration of your Marriage, and for that reason it is so important to engage the right person for the role. You would not pick your dress just because it was the cheapest on the rack, so I urge you to place the same emphasis on choosing a celebrant that you gel with, who matches your personality, and someone who truly understands your vision for your ceremony and has the skills to bring this vision to life.

Engage me as your Celebrant and relax in the knowledge you are hiring a seasoned professional who has over 20 years in speech writing and public speaking, as well as event planning, coordination and facilitation. So you can rest, safe in the knowledge that you won't have to worry about what you should be saying and doing on the day.

Christine Trenwith Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Christine Trenwith Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


Deluxe Elegant Relaxed Fun Weddings


  • ​A 'no obligation' get to know each other meeting to walk you through a Ceremony & explain the many options we can include, so you can decide if I'm the right Celebrant for you!
  • A Beautiful, Exclusive Bespoke Wedding Ceremony, including your 'Couple Story' Professionally written and conducted in a fabulous, fun 'Down to Earth' style!
  • A high-quality PA system is provided, so all guests hear every word with cordless mics for your vows, music for guests & Bride's entrance.
  • Preparation & Lodgement of NOIM Form & Legal Documents taken care of
  • Registration of your Marriage with BDM
  • Examples of Personal Vows, Ring Vows, music suggestions & rituals provided
  • Rehearsal arranged & conducted if required.
  • A Commemorative Marriage Certificate presented to you & beautiful 'Keepsake Gift.' 


Intimate Bespoke Weddings


  • A Beautiful, more Simple Style intimate Ceremony, focusing more on you and your wedding vows. Especially written for you and conducted in a fabulous, fun 'Down to Earth' style. 
  • ​A 'no obligation' get to know each other meeting to walk you through a Ceremony & explain the many options we can include, so you can decide if I'm right for you!
  • High-quality PA system provided (if required) with cordless mics for your vows, music for guests & Bride's entrance
  • Preparation & Lodgement of NOIM Form & Legal Documents taken care of
  • Registration of Marriage with BDM
  • Examples of Personal Vows, Ring Vows, music suggestions & rituals provided
  • Rehearsal arranged & conducted if required.
  • A Commemorative Marriage Certificate presented to you & beautiful 'Keepsake Gift.' 

Just the Legals' Marriage

With just the Bride, Groom & 2 Witnesses 10 am-4 pm Mid-Week. This is a Short & Sweet Ceremony, involving the exchange of wedding vows, the giving of wedding rings, some legal wording, signing of the Marriage Register and YOUR MARRIED! Quick but lovely!

Vow Renewal

Relive your Wedding Day and Celebrate a meaningful anniversary by Renewing your Wedding Vows and expressing your continued love and commitment to each other!  

Baby Naming

It is a wonderful way to welcome a child into the family, whether it be the birth of a child, an adopted child, or to welcome a partner's child. In addition, you will receive a 'keep-sake Commemorative Name Certificate.


A personalized 'Celebration of Life' to farewell your loved ones & share their wonderful life story, remember their achievements & celebrate their life with family friends.

Dorinda Hafner Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Dorinda Hafner

Dorinda Hafner is a celebrity celebrant who is trained and legally registered in Australia as a marriage celebrant. 

Dorinda originally trained in Britain as a nursing sister and optician. Since immigrating to Australia in the 1970s, she has worked in the media nationally and internationally for many years as a television personality, author, public speaker, motivator and chef. She has met and worked with many people and learnt from all walks of life; indeed, she remains a perennial student of life who has by good fortune amassed a sizeable global following and continues to enjoy a respected and respectable public image.

As a celebrant, she brings rich experiences, quality and passion for harmonizing with your special day for the Wedding with a difference.   

"You have not been married until you're married by Dorinda". Her ceremonies are truly memorable! She is blessed with amazing joie de vivre and loves sharing with people. Let Dorinda work her magic with you and your guests to make YOUR special day one in a million!


  • Renewal of Vows
  • Celebrity Weddings
  • Christening & Naming
  • Ceremonies African
  • Ceremonies & Libations
  • African American Ceremonies
  • Rites of Passage
  • Special Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Life Events, Cycles & Transitions
  • Change of Name/Business
  • Dedications of House/Business
  • Boat Launches

Marriage Celebrant Above And Beyond Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


Professional Marriage Celebrant

"I will venture into the wilds of this world with you … I will be your safe place of love."

Your marriage ceremony is exactly that, it is yours. It is the ultimate commitment and acknowledgment of your love. It will be a celebration in front of your favourite people, which is a wonderful moment. I am a professional celebrant who has integrity and a healthy sense of humour. I deliver a unique ceremony, which presents your personality and your love story. Please do not underestimate the importance of the ceremony for your wedding day. It is the part where you say the words, "I do"! the memories for you, your family and friends, will stay precious, always.


When I conduct a Wedding Ceremony, I do so respectfully and professionally, with warmth and fun thrown in.

From the moment of our first meeting, I take pride in supporting the Bride and Groom to create the Wedding Ceremony of their dreams.

I am an accomplished public speaker and articulate well. Therefore, the thrill I get from seeing a couple present to me initially and the eventual outcome of their ceremony on the day is very precious to me.

I have a wide range of options of vows, readings, poems and music. However, your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. Together, we will create a service to suit your personality and your love story.

Above And Beyond

​My full service includes:

All face to face meetings. Initial meeting is obligation-free.

24/7 phone access and support

Preparation and lodgement to Births, Death and Marriages of all legal documentation, including the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM), Final Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage, marriage certificates, registration and associated costs

Consistent support and advice with wedding providers as well a sympathetic ear with any issues you might be facing

My ceremony is written uniquely for you; drafts are sent for your approval. This is then delivered via portable PA.

I also include access to my PA for your music during the ceremony, which we downloaded (my hubby does this, and he is brilliant) and played with precision timing.

Site visit or rehearsal at your ceremony location, if required – this is a small extra cost.

On the wedding ceremony day, I will be available onsite at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. This is to calm any last-minute nerves and make sure everything is smooth and creamy.

Before the Bride walks down to her groom, I (very) politely request that your guests turn off all mobile phones, no photos during the ceremony and no social media posts until you have done so.

I present my 'Memories' folder to all couples. This has the complete ceremony, including vows, any readings, poems and the Legal Service. This is printed on parchment paper.

I also offer the ceremony to be written in the second language of your choice if required for any relatives or friends.

Lynne Ishak Celebrates Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Lynne Ishak Celebrates Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


Your creative, modern marriage celebrant. You are based in Adelaide and service the Adelaide, Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale Regions. My passion is celebrating life, love and happiness. Looking for a meaningful and memorable ceremony? I'm here to help make your wedding day a joyous, stress-free and fun celebration of your love.


Your celebration is all about you, and it is important to choose a celebrant who understands that. So I focus on listening to you and helping you create a ceremony that is perfect for you and your love story. After all, it is your ceremony, and it is my pleasure to help you remember it for all the right reasons.


I strive to provide personal service and the dedication you deserve on your wedding day, so whether you're planning a ceremony that is modern or traditional, ​formal or casual, intimate or elaborate, I am here to help!

Annette Perryman Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


Your Wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It reflects what you want as a couple. I am a new-style Marriage Celebrant who will create your dream Ceremony. With everything else you are planning, you need your Wedding to flow smoothly and exactly how you imagined it. As one of my couples said, "Our Wedding Celebrant, Annette, got us. She knew what we wanted!"

Engagements, Weddings & Ceremonies

Marriage Celebrant

With more than 10 years of experience as a professional marriage celebrant, I take great pride in presenting a ceremony that truly reflects you.

Renewal of Vows

Renewing your Marriage Vows is an opportunity to write your own Vows, to choose a special venue that wasn't originally available, invite family and friends who couldn't make it the first time, and involve your children who perhaps weren't around and who would love to celebrate with you now.

Naming Ceremony

Naming ceremonies, in lieu of christenings, are a lovely, modern formalization of your child's name.

Meet Annette

Coming from an event management background, it seemed natural that I would want to go from the back of the house to the front – performing a Ceremony for couples is one of the most satisfying careers you could imagine.

I love that my family encourage and motivate me, and my grandchildren keep me grounded!

My Experience

Couples' testimonies validate my calm and relaxed style and commitment to quality and professionalism. But, of course, confidentiality is top of my plan, and I factor in loads of fun too!

I attract couples from around the world; UK, America, China and more – they usually want to be married in Australia as that is where most of their families reside.

My Ceremony Style

Most couples want to be married outdoors in Australia – and that's where I specialize. I'm a local Celebrant in Glenelg, South Australia, and we are surrounded by the most pristine beaches on the coast.

Couples who want my KISS ceremonies (short and sweet) usually occur in their own home, apartment, or backyard.

Same Ceremonies are alive & kicking – very exciting!

Naming Ceremonies (in lieu of christenings) are a lovely formalization of your child's name without the pomp and ceremony (!) Ask me about my Petal and Balloon Ceremonies.

Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremonies is usually booked to occur on a Wedding Anniversary or special Birthday.

Lynn Lovell Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Lynn Lovell Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


Due to recent changes to the Marriage Act, I am now required to call myself a "religious marriage celebrant" to protect my freedom of choice. Therefore, I do not perform religious ceremonies.

Welcome to Lovely Weddings, and congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. Here at Lovelly Weddings, we aim to give you just that - a truly lovely wedding, whatever that means to you.

You may have just a few guests, or even just your witnesses, a more lavish affair or anything from barefoot to black tie, but whatever you choose to have, we will make it happen with professionalism, dignity, fun and flair.

My name is Lynn Lovell, and I am a quality, professional, authorized civil marriage celebrant currently available in the Adelaide region and nearby areas of SA within 100 KMS (negotiable).

Complimentary Meeting

Would you like to have a chat with me face to face before deciding on your Celebrant?

We can arrange to meet at a mutually convenient place and get to know each other a little before you decide. No cost and no olbigation.

Alternatively, you may like to phone me to discuss your plans and needs.

Don't worry if you don't know where to begin, I am here to help you.


  • I supply and complete all the legal paperwork and lodge them with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the appropriate state.
  • I compose your wedding ceremony, working with you both to develop a ceremony personally tailored to your wishes. You may like to use my resource material to choose your Vows, Readings & Poems, or you can supply your own words and write your own vows if you wish.
  • Meetings, phone calls, emails and stationery as required.
  • Conduct a rehearsal at the venue a few days before the ceremony if required.
  • Perform the ceremony and solemnize your marriage according to Australian law.
  • I supply a signing table & 2 chairs with covers and a PA system if required.
  • A beautiful & unique hand-made presentation copy of your ceremony for you to keep.
  • Fees for wedding services include 50kms of travel being a 25km radius of Magill. Excess travel may be charged at $1.00 per km to cover travel and time and negotiated as needed.

Married by Moira Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Married by Moira Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


It is my goal to make your wedding fun and as stress-free as possible. Therefore, I will guide you through the process to make it as easy as possible. Your Wedding can be anything you want it to be, from a low key no-fuss elopement style legal only wedding to a huge celebration and, of course, anything in between. I will take care of all the paperwork and formalities, leaving you plenty of time for the rest of your wedding plans.


Legal Only Wedding Ceremony

  • Couples who want a low key legal or elopement style ceremony
  • ​No initial obligation meetup 
  • Just the both of you, two witnesses and me
  • One pre-wedding meeting to fill out the paperwork
  • Completion and lodgement of all legal paperwork
  • Unlimited email and message communication
  • Delivery of a brief legal wording only ceremony
  • Sign some paperwork, and you're married.
  • Decorative marriage certificate to keep

Low Key Wedding Ceremony

  • Couples who want low key but a little more personalized
  • ​​No obligation initial meet up.
  • Intimate low key Wedding for up to 40 guests (negotiable)
  • Two pre-wedding meetings to fill out the paperwork
  • Your story is woven into a standard script that you can mix and match to suit your style.
  • Completion and lodgement of all legal paperwork
  • Unlimited email and message communication
  • Me! presenting your ceremony on your special day
  • Decorative marriage certificate to keep

Fully Customized Wedding

  • Couples who want a fully customized ceremony with all the extras
  • ​No obligation initial meet up.
  • Larger Wedding with unlimited guests
  • Up to three pre-wedding meetings
  • A custom ceremony is written especially for you both.
  • Unlimited changes to the ceremony script until we get it just right.
  • A wedding rehearsal
  • Use of my high-quality PA
  • Use of signing table and chairs
  • Me! Presenting your Ceremony on your special day
  • Decorative Marriage Certificate to keep

Vow Renewal Ceremony 

  • Couples who have had an overseas wedding or just want to affirm their love
  • ​No obligation initial meet up.
  • Unlimited guests
  • One pre-renewal meeting
  • A custom ceremony is written especially for you both.
  • Unlimited changes to the ceremony script until we get it just right.
  • Me! Presenting your Ceremony on your special day
  • Decorative Certificate to keep

​Sue Harris Civil Celebrant Wedding Celebrants Adelaide.

Sue Harris Civil Celebrant Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


A well organized, reliable, trustworthy and professional public speaker based in the Northern metro area of Adelaide. I am a friendly, approachable, caring and compassionate person who will value your ideas, your dreams, your culture & your beliefs. I take pride in my appearance and work and would feel honoured to help you create the perfect ceremony, whether its for a marriage, renewal of vows or naming day. I will help you create an unforgettable memory that accurately portrays your sense of celebration, joy, fun, romance and meaning.


Marriage Ceremony

  • Ceremonies with a personal touch
  • All of your legal requirements are met.
  • No question is too big or too small - communication is key.
  • An inviting and relaxed atmosphere
  • A full range of packages & options
  • Flexibility to cater to what suits you both best

Commitment Ceremony

  • Non-denominational celebration and commitment of two people
  • Choose from a range of options regarding the ceremony that suits you both best.

Renewal Of Vows

  • Reaffirm the words of love and commitment you shared on your wedding day with family and friends
  • Reenact your original vows, or you may wish for me to work together to create the perfect ceremony for you both.

Naming Day

  • Family and friends gather to express love and commitment in the Naming ceremony of your child.
  • Parent(s), siblings, grandparents and friends of the family can be involved in the ceremony. It's up to you.
  • Having an incredible amount of love for my two grandchildren, I just adore performing baby naming ceremonies and pride myself on giving you a ceremony you will cherish forever.

Diana Woods Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Diana Woods Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Congratulations on your engagement!

With over twelve years of experience, your marriage ceremony's composition, choreography, and smooth delivery are in professional hands.

I am welcoming, intuitive, a fluent public speaker, and I love what I do. Together, we will explore a ceremony that best reflects you as the author of your story, the landscape of your lives. In addition, you will be introduced to many inspiring ideas from my collection of resources, personal works and experience to create a joyful and elegant celebration.

I find it easy to think on my feet and delight in being part of bringing people together to celebrate the milestones of their lives. In booking my services, you will secure a fluent public speaker that guides the listener on a journey, inviting your guests to feel warmly welcomed and appreciated as the special people they are in your lives.

I do not officiate at multiple Wedding ceremonies on one day, so you can be assured that your Wedding has my undivided attention. You are most welcome to meet me for a no-obligation appointment at my home office, have a chat, get to know me and browse examples of Ceremonies.


  • Marriage ceremonies at the venue of your choice.
  • 'Registry Marriage' ceremonies at my home office in the beautiful Adelaide Hills
  • Naming celebration for your baby; appoint a wise and caring mentor in your child's life.
  • Special Birthday celebrations; I will interview, script and celebrate the highlights, funny stories, love story and adventures of Mum & Dad or Grandma/Grandpa's lives.
  • Anniversaries, Renewal of Vows.

Adelaide is blessed with an abundance of beautiful gardens, boutique hotels, wineries or the family home' to celebrate your Wedding.

Or choose a simple, elegant, registry marriage ceremony at my home office, possibly topped off with a hideaway weekend together to celebrate in our beautiful Adelaide Hills. 

Celebrations by Penelope Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Celebrations by Penelope Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Winner Of The South Australian Civil Marriage Celebrant Of 2018 & Runner-Up 2019

Adelaide marriage celebrant for over nine years, and I've been involved with over 470 ceremonies. I know I don't look old enough, right! I'm outgoing, experienced, fun and importantly, a very modern celebrant who focuses on making your ceremony memorable for all the right reasons, and importantly stress-free. If you want fun, joyful and engagement, that's pretty much all I know. If you want romance and warm gooey feelings, consider it done. If you want a laugh, let's do that - let's just do you. 

It is my honour to create for you a ceremony that is personal and engaging with your personalities. I am committed to delivering a ceremony that reflects your relationship and its uniqueness. As the great man once said, "We are all a little weird, and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

 As your Celebrant, I aim to provide incredible memories alongside outstanding service. Whether your ceremony is traditional, unique or somewhere in between, I can help you make your wedding day what you've always wished for. It's your special day and should be exactly what you both want and more. But as I like to say, no matter who you pick to marry, make sure they embrace joyfulness. You want your wedding day to be joyful, don't you? Happiness is often a feeling over a long time, but achieving real joy is key to making your marriage ceremony and wedding day everything you want. You need a job creator and an embracer of joy in every way. That's what you will find in me. So if you want me to be your Celebrant, you should know more! 

Want to see me in action? You can watch my video below from two wonderful weddings and learn just a little bit about me.

Love Me Do Weddings Celebrants Adelaide

Love Me Do Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


Welcome To Love Me Do Weddings, And Congratulations On Your Upcoming Wedding!

Your Wedding day is one of the most special and memorable moments in your life and a reflection of who you both are. With options for your special day only limited to your imagination and budget, our award-winning, accredited events planning team has over 40 years experience in planning weddings. We've been invited to over 11,000 weddings, so we know how to WOW your guests. Take the hassle, worry and stress out of planning your Wedding and allow our award-winning team to plan your Wedding beyond your wildest expectations.

Love Me Do Weddings can guarantee you choice and peace of mind, and the confidence of knowing you've partnered with the very best wedding planning service provider with credibility, integrity, and experience. We work with tried and trusted vendors and event specialists that will provide their very best for you. We've already negotiated special pricing/offers and selected the very best suppliers in each category for you to choose from.

Love Me Do Weddings will do all the hard work, providing you with the choice of Adelaide's best suppliers and the convenience of one bill. All the due diligence and hard work have been done for you while you still get the choice of your favourite suppliers, and your payments are safe and placed in a secured account! Our packages, for example, will save you up to *$7,000 on your Wedding, and you'll also receive over *$2,000 of vouchers to go shopping to put the finishing touches on your Wedding!

If you answer Yes! to any of the questions below, then we are here to help.

  • Do you know exactly what you want for your event but don't have the time to source quotes, manage vendors, tie up all the loose ends and make it perfect?
  • Are you recently engaged and unsure where to start engaging suppliers, and confused by all the Wedding speak?
  • Have you looked at a zillion magazines and blogs and would like assistance to find your unique style and then entwine this through all your wedding details?
  • Would you like an experienced professional to double-check your hard work, make sure nothing is missed and ensure your event is coordinated perfectly on the day?
  • Are you time poor or planning from interstate, with many plans and tasks and feel like it's daunting, not knowing who's the best for your day?
  • Do you want the best Wedding at the best price and want to save money?
  • Do you want a Stress free wedding and a wedding planner to do all the work and show you how your Wedding can be amazing?

Just as every bride is different, so is every Wedding – we can do as much or as little as you need. We're here to make your Wedding an incredible celebration and stress-free, and let's face it, we're all time-poor and want the best for less.

Whether you want to book just a Celebrant & Music Package or allow our accredited award-winning team to plan your entire Wedding with our Complete Wedding Packages. 

We will deliver:

  • A Stress-free wedding
  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • The Wedding of your dreams with Adelaide's leading suppliers
  • Your Wedding Planner with One Bill.

Love Me Do Weddings is at the forefront of the wedding industry. Our management team and sister company, Middleton Events, is one of Adelaide's leading and most successful events companies with over 11,000 weddings experience. One of Australia's most respected and trusted events companies, becoming a civil celebrant was a natural progression for John Middleton, who is considered one of Adelaide's most experienced wedding DJ/MCs who has personally hosted over 3,000 weddings and is in very high demand. John is supported by an amazing team of professionals who are equally committed to exceeding our clients expectations. 

We can deliver intimate, personalized weddings to an epic extravaganza that people will talk about for years to come. Our weddings will excite, entertain and engage. Your Wedding is a special life memory, and we intend to provide the Wedding of your dreams.

How Much Should I Pay For A Wedding Celebrant In Adelaide?

Playing such an important role in a couples wedding day is a privilege. The best Celebrants are all about Marriage and are big fans of two people committing themselves to each other in a fun, interactive and engaging way. However, not all Celebrants are equal. Over many years, there have been many questions asked as to why prices vary so much between Wedding Celebrants, and we'll attempt to try and clarify how much they charge and what you should expect from your Celebrant.

There are so many factors to take into account and let me say that after 15,000 weddings in our group over many years, we've seen it all and know what it takes to have the best wedding ever! Choosing the right Celebrant is one of the most important decisions you will make, and without them, you're not legally married. So do your due diligence and make it special and uniquely different. You don't want a boring Celebrant who conducts your Wedding like a funeral!

It's the happiest, and one of the biggest memories of your life and the ceremony will set the 'tone, energy and atmosphere' for the reception to come!

Anna Wu Celebrant Weddings Celebrants Adelaide

Anna Wu Celebrant Weddings Celebrants Adelaide 



Hi there! My name is Anna, and I'm a young, enthusiastic and reliable Marriage Celebrant available for weddings throughout Adelaide. Suppose you want to find an Adelaide Celebrant or South Australia Celebrant. I am here to help you create a stress-free, personal, fun, warm and romantic occasion with your own special touch. I listen to your wishes and then help you create the wedding day you've always wanted. You will find me easygoing and able to make your wedding ceremony preparations enjoyable and Stress-free.

Wedding Ceremony Service

  • First free casual chat and up to 3 face to face meetings ( including the rehearsal )
  • Preparation and lodgement of all legal documents (I will write up all paperwork and all you need to do is read and sign )
  • Creation of your personalized Ceremony
  • Use of a professional PA system
  • Unlimited email/phone consultation and support
  • Rehearsal
  • On the day of the ceremony, I will be available onsite at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time
  • The use of my pretty signing pen
  • Solemnization of your Marriage

Chinese-English Ceremony Service

Suppose your parents or other members of your family and guests are of Chinese-speaking background and do not understand English. In that case, they will feel more included if the ceremony is presented in both Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) and English. So let everyone enjoy a truly multicultural wedding experience in Australia! Please contact me for more information.

Vintage Love Ceremonies Weddings Celebrants Adelaide 

Vintage Love Ceremonies Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


Adelaides Young And Fun Marriage Celebrant 

Hayley Rucinski 

I'm a young passionate Adelaide Marriage Celebrant who has a healthy addiction to happiness and lives and breathes everything love and romance.

I'm also a Mumma of two little cuties and love children, so if you think about including your little one on your big day, that is fine by me. 

Your wedding day is one magical moment in your story together, but it is important to make it memorable to reflect who you are as a couple. 

So here is the big question... would you like a ceremony that is as unique as your relationship, written directly from your very own story of how it all started?

Every ceremony is different, and every couple has their own story of how it led to getting engaged. The ceremony sets the tone for you and your guests for the entire day, therefore getting your ceremony right is very important to me.

I believe in heartfelt, touching ceremonies filled with laughter, love, happy tears, sad tears and most of all personality, I want it to be your ceremony your way.

My goal is to inject your style and uniqueness, captivate you and your guests, and celebrate who you are as individuals and a couple.

I write everything from scratch as I get to know both of you. I will revisit drafts numerous times throughout the process of fine-tuning your ceremony and will involve you the whole way.

Let's get to know each other over a cup of coffee and see if I'm the right fit for your wedding plans.

Ceremony Packages 

Just The Legals Ceremony

The two of you, me, your two selected witnesses, some legal words and signing of the paperwork its as easy as that!

Micro - Wedding Ceremony

This package is an intimate affair that's something in between an elopement and a traditional wedding ceremony.

It's slightly scaling things back but not completely forgoing the opportunity to share those all-important vows in front of your loved ones.

Think of it as a jump between an elopement, a typically sized celebration, and a wedding with less than 40 people present.

Simple Elopement Ceremony

Skip the stress that comes with a traditional wedding and elope!. Elopements are intimate, romantic and best of all, affordable!. This ceremony style is for couples who don't want all the fuss and want to keep things super simple. It includes all the legal aspects of getting married.

Heartfelt Wedding Ceremony

There are not many occasions in your life more significant and extra special than the one in which you commit to your partner for life. This is a bespoke service, no templates are used.

Your ceremony will be written from scratch as I get to know you, together we will create one awesome ceremony written specifically for you with all the stuff you want and none of the bits you don't.

The Co-Pilot Ceremony

Have you ever had a thought about having a close friend or family member perform your ceremony on your wedding day? I am here to tell you we together can make this happen, they can perform the ceremony, and I will complete the legal bits.

Baby Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony can take any format that you choose. It can be a simple welcome to the world, a formal naming of your child, or a blessing for your baby and family. It is also a time for you to make certain promises and commitments to your child and for other important people in your child's life to give well wishes and pledge their support.

I Do Drive Thru Weddings Celebrants Adelaide 

I Do Drive Thru Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


Say 'i Do' To Eloping!

Celebrants & Photographers

We get you married anywhere with 0-30 guests.

In cars, out of cars, indoors, outdoors, at home, on holidays, in a way that screams YOU, in under 7 minutes!

And if COVID gets in the way, we're AUSTRALIA WIDE and will transfer your booking to another state.

It All Started When

It was March 2020, and covid had thrown the wedding industry into disarray.

One night, sometime around 4 am, Mel had a brainwave.

She woke up and quickly contacted her Cele-buddies Klara, Zena and Kate, inviting them to join her in the new business idea, of which they agreed without a moment's hesitation.

People needed a way to get married safely, but why not offer an option that showed innovation, class and a large dose of pizazz.

Enter cool cars and even cooler locations, and the birth of I Do Drive Thru.

Eight days later, the website was up, a press release launched, and an enormous response.

By the end of day one, they'd been on three radio stations in two major newspapers and enjoyed their first (of many) TV appearances on Channel nine at 6 pm news.

Melbourne welcomed the Drive-Thru concept with open arms, but Adelaide caught wind with Sydney and Brisbane close on the coattails.

Within a month or so, the media frenzy had ensured rapid growth in every capital city and many regions all over the country.  

But the story doesn't stop in Australia, with several cities in America joining the party… the sky, it seems, is the limit.

Married By Ali Weddings Celebrants Adelaide 

Married By Ali Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


Welcome, lovers and congratulations on your engagement!

This is a super exciting time, and I'm thrilled you've landed here to understand if I might be the perfect Celebrant for you.

My name is Ali, and I am the party starter behind Married By Ali! I live in Adelaide with my hubby, two kidlets, and our crazy dog, Taffy, and fishy friend, Rosie. 

Those close to me describe me as confident, charming, proactive, warm and funny. Oh, and outside of marrying (simply the best) couples, I also work as an executive for the government, so my organization skills and attention to detail is on point to make sure all of our paperwork ducks are in a row.

I offer my services primarily to Canberra and surrounding regions, including South Coast; however also willing to travel further if the stars align. 


  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Commitment Ceremony
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Naming Ceremony

Creative Celebrant Weddings Celebrants Adelaide 

Creative Celebrant Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


Your Perfect Day Starts Here.

Everyone wants their day to be just right.

"In creating your ceremony together, we'll make something wonderful that celebrates something beautiful – your marriage." – Peter.

Hello, I'm Peter. I'm an authorized Civil Marriage Celebrant who the Australian Attorney-General's Department has appointed to conduct marriages. Operating in Adelaide, South Australia, I chose the name Creative Celebrant because we begin a creative process together when you contact me. What we end up with is a completely personalized ceremony. My promise to all couples is that the ceremony, designed and created together, is conducted according to your wishes. I encourage and support couples from all cultures to include and celebrate ceremony aspects from their country at their discretion. If you are looking for a Civil Marriage Celebrant dedicated to his role, with warmth and a great sense of humour, then you have found him.

Sharen Malone Weddings Celebrants Adelaide 

Sharen Malone Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


Why Choose Me as Your Celebrant?

This is not just a job for me. It is my passion. I feel honoured to help make your most important event perfect. This is a responsibility I will never take for granted.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing more about your story and how we can commemorate it in a way that is uniquely you.


You've fallen in love, found the one 

You've picked a date,

Invite your loved ones,

Let's plan a day that is uniquely YOU.

A ceremony that is creative, full of love, happiness and memories that will last a lifetime.

It's your day, so let your personality shine through.

Wedding Fee Includes:

  • Unlimited phone and email contact
  • Initial meeting to fill in NOIM and other legal documents
  • Client Kit (checklists for before and after ceremony and vow samples)
  • Preparation of your unique Ceremony
  • Preparation of all legal documents
  • Presenting your marriage ceremony
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Lodgement of documents to Birth Deaths and Marriages
  • Use of PA/Signing table & chairs if required

Her Bride His Groom Weddings Celebrants Adelaide 

Her Bride His Groom Weddings Celebrants Adelaide

Welcome To Her Bride His Groom

Our mission is to help same-sex couples share their love and commitment with those nearest and dearest to them. We do this by providing an online directory of discerning and equal opportunity wedding suppliers and vendors.

Our website was founded by Samuel Meathrel, who discovered limited resources for same-sex couples looking to get married. Together with his team, Samuel aims to build Australia's premier wedding directory for same-sex couples.

Samuel has over ten years of experience in the wedding industry, having managed venues across Australia. It is with this experience that he can assist couples in producing only the very best weddings.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your time with us here at Her Bride His Groom and that our service helps you in the seamless preparation of your special day.

Love From Laura Weddings Celebrants Adelaide 

Love From Laura


Hey! I'm Laura, and I'm a civil marriage celebrant 

based in Adelaide, South Australia

I got married in 2016 and instantly fell in love with the wedding industry! After struggling to find the right marriage celebrant for our wedding day, and with my background in performing, I knew it was the avenue for me.

Now three years, a baby, a dog and a win for marriage equality. Later I've just finished my first year as a civil marriage celebrant, and I couldn't be happier!

I love bringing something fresh, fashionable and fun to each Wedding I perform and truly feel honoured to be a part of the magic of a marriage ceremony!

my vows to you as your marriage celebrant;

I can't promise that I won't cry when you walk down the aisle to the love of your life, and I can't promise that I won't become best friends with your nan by the time the ceremony is over.

But I can promise you to be a calming presence throughout and always have your back (especially mid-ceremony). 

I promise to make it not only the happiest day of your lives but the happiest experience!

I promise to try my best to make sure you get the perfect "confetti throwing aisle walking" photo possible, and I vow to make it the ceremony of you and your partner's dreams! 

Whether that's an epic winery celebration or an elopement by the ocean, a wedding festival in a field of daisies or your friends and family in your backyard. 

Natalie Johansen Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


About Me

If you know, me-you know that I LOVE love! I see it everywhere I go in all of its manifestations, from friends laughing, to lovers kissing, to kids reaching out for mum or dad's hand to hold.

It didn't come as much of a surprise when I told family and friends I would become a marriage celebrant- a job centred around celebrating love!

So for those of you who don't know me, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm the first on the dance floor and the last to leave the cinema.

My superpower is remembering song lyrics that span musical genres from Doris Day to 90s grunge and beyond!

Wedding Ceremonies

I am genuine, honest and adore love and relationships. I have a way of making people feel at ease, even in the most nerve-wracking of situations.

If standing in the spotlight makes you feel anxious, you can rest assured that my relaxed, fun, and bubbly presence will create a vibrant environment where everyone feels included.

I will calm your nerves and promise you that your ceremony will be full of love, laughs and confidence.

For me, love has no boundaries – love is love! I specialize in all wedding ceremonies and have been LGBTQIA+ friendly since before that was even an acronym!

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