7 Brilliant Custom Creations for Your Wedding Day

1. A Keepsake Welcome Board

What a perfect idea? Guests will go to find their name on the welcome board and replace it with a photo of them. A unique lasting memory for all brides and grooms.

 2. Sparkling Table Numbers

This is a great addition to any wedding table. It’s sheer glamour and sparkle will truly make a lasting impression.

3. Unique Table Decorations 

Lanterns, or any type of candle for that matter is cost-effective, yet still elegant. This is a fun and great idea which will add a burst of colour in the venue.

4. Customised Coat Hangers

A lovely idea, particularly for bridesmaids. This customised coat hanger is a great keepsake and gift for any bridal party.

5. DIY Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are always so exciting to get, but it’s even better when you received one that’s handmade. This invitation is inexpensive and it makes a true statement.

6. Grow with Love – Plant Favours

What a better […]

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The Wedding of Anne-Marie & Pierre – 05.03.2016

On the day of their 4 year anniversary. Pierre took Anne-Marie to Arthur’s Seat. There, they spent the weekend at the hot springs, they swam with seals and dolphins, and they shared intimate dinners together. To conclude this romantic weekend, Pierre had made her a little movie recapping their 12 significant places over the years. At the end of the video he presented Anne-Marie with a canvas print of each significant place in a google map reference – with the last place being where they were staying. Then, the most amazing thing happened, Pierre asked Anne-Marie to be his wife.

With such a beautiful proposal, only meant that their wedding would be a grand spectacular here at our venue – and we weren’t wrong. Pierre and Anne-Marie’s wedding day was filled with so much elegance, joy and most of all love. The love and appreciation that this couple have for each other […]

7 Ways of Hosting a Successful University Ball

It’s that time of year again when we have the pleasure of hosting upcoming university balls and functions. Students eagerly await to celebrate, particularly when they have finished their exams and last minute assignments. Here at Vogue Ballroom, we look forward to assisting in the planning of such a memorable occasion. Here are some useful tips for university event organisers to ensure that they can host an spectacular event this year. 

1. Styling The Venue 

Styling the venue should be something that is taken into important consideration. Depending on your university club’s colours or theme, there is so much you can do to make an impact on the night. There is the choice to use uplighting, candelabras, coloured sashes for chairs, and much more. It would also be a great idea to have a party favour for your guests, one that is symbolic of your theme. This would be a great keepsake for […]

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The Wedding of Sara and John – 16.05.2015

Sara and John met at high school. When they finished year 12, they officially started dating. 8 years later, John proposed to Sara, while they were sitting on a park bench, the same one where John first asked Sara to be his girlfriend. Sara said yes, of course, and the rest is history.

When Sara and John first came to Vogue Ballroom, we listened to what they wanted on their wedding day. As a couple they were looking for a modern day gala wedding, and it’s fair to say that they got this and much more on their special day. On their wedding day, Sara looked like a princess, and John was truly her prince. On the night of their wedding, our venue truly radiated with love and it was clear that all of their guests were filled with joy and happiness for them. We know that Sara and John share a […]

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Getting to Know Vogue Ballroom

Since opening our doors in 2014, Vogue Ballroom has become a renowned Melbourne wedding and function venue. Our venue has won many awards including the Easy Weddings 5-Star Rating award as voted by our brides, winning 3 years in a row now. Our focus though, isn’t just about winning a number of awards, and leaving it there. We go that one-step further to be an iconic Melbourne venue, and we do this by providing exceptional service at our weddings, functions, tours and food tastings. What does exceptional service mean to us? Well, we keep it real by  giving you our undivided attention on a one-to-one basis. 

To Vogue Ballroom, your wedding, engagement, christening, corporate function etc. isn’t just another function to us. Our previous brides, couples, companies and guests have all said that we have provided them with world-class service, so much so, that they have taken their excellent feedback to Facebook and given us a […]

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The Wedding of Slavica & George – 13.02.16

When we first met Slavica and George at our Melbourne wedding venue, we were overwhelmed with their love and appreciation for each other. As a couple, they knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding day, which was to make it as elegant and memorable as possible. On the night of their wedding, Slavica and George walked into to our venue, which was flourishing with pink and white – their colour choice. All of their guests were commenting on how beautiful Slavica looked as a bride, and how much of a beautiful couple they both made.

Their Love Story
Slavica and George met 6 years ago at a shopping centre. Slavica says that, “I will never forget the moment we saw each other. It was like no one else was in the shopping centre except for us, he had caught my attention.”

At the time, George worked in a gift shop. After pacing around […]

The Importance of having a Food Tasting before your Wedding Day

At Vogue Ballroom, we believe that food tastings are an essential part of the wedding planning process. The taste, presentation, and most of all – selecting foods that majority of  guests will eat are all vital. Our food tasting experience is like no other because we take a personal approach to coordinating the day.

We Make it Exclusive
If one thing is for sure, we know that we give first class service when it comes to our food tastings. How do we do this? We plan the day months in advance, to ensure everything runs smoothly for our couples. We don’t believe in inviting all of our couples who are due to wed on one night. Instead, we invite our couple’s individually, ensuring that we give them our undivided attention.

Our Food 
On the day of our food tasting, we serve the bride, groom and their guests the exact food, portions, and presentation that they […]

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7 Bridal Table Styling Ideas

Each week at our Melbourne wedding venue we have the pleasure of styling our luxurious bridal table. The best thing about this is that no two bridal tables are ever styled the same, meaning that we have the opportunity to work with a range of flowers, centerpieces, colours, charger plates and much more. If you’re a newly engaged couple, or if you’re helping a couple style their bridal table, then take a look at our collection of some of the most stunning bridal tables we’ve had to date at our beautiful wedding venue.

1. Flowers For Days

What a truly stunning setting, this modern day classic bridal table setting encapsulates sheer elegance. The floral work on this table goes perfectly with the white bridal skirting.

2. Simple Yet Striking

A simple yet striking bridal table. When our mirrored bridal table is lit up with candles, it brings a certain ambience to our venue.

3. A Floral Haven

The floral […]

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Wedding Dress Trends in 2016

When it comes to planning your wedding, it’s fair to say that the most important choices you’ll make are focused around two things – choosing the wedding venue and your bridal gown. Here at our Melbourne wedding venue, we have been so fortunate to see some beautiful and unique bridal gowns. When choosing the perfect dress, it comes down to your personal style and most importantly – how you’ve always envisioned your dress to be.

To give you some wedding inspiration, here is our selection of some unique, elegant and glamorous bridal gowns that are on trend for 2016.

Vera Wang 

Yolan Chris 

Da Vinci Bridal 

Impression Bridal


Cristiano Lucci

Fiore Couture 

Pepe Botella 


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The Wedding of Roxy & Enver – 06.02.16

When it comes to the most romantic of love stories, it’s fair to say that Roxy and Enver have an enchanting tale to tell. As a couple, they are truly best friends, and what makes their friendship even more special is the love they have for each other. When we first met Roxy and Enver at our Melbourne wedding venue, it was clear that their wedding was going to be truly magical and of course elegant – and we were right. On the night of their wedding, our venue was truly dazzling. The room was filled with joy and laughter and everyone was celebrating the night away. It was truly an honour to host the wedding of Roxy and Enver at our Melbourne wedding venue, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness together. 

Their Love Story
We have been together for almost 3 and a half years now, and we have been […]

Wishing Well Designs

So, you’ve just been invited to a wedding and on the invitation you’ve just received you’ll notice a poem or a play on words regarding the wishing well or gift registry details. At our Melbourne wedding venue we have seen a common trend of brides using a wishing well for their special day, and it’s so wonderful to see so many different designs at our wedding venue on a weekly basis.

Here is a selection of some beautiful wishing wells to use on your wedding day:

Mirrored Wishing Well 

A mirrored wishing well can truly make a statement. It’s sheer elegance and beauty makes a perfect choice for any bride who is going for a modern, yet timeless wedding theme.

A Keepsake Wishing Well

This wishing well is a true keepsake, it has a beautiful poem – which you can customise to suit both you and your fiance. The silver love heart detailing is also […]

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The Wedding of Tina & George – 02.05.15

It’s not everyday that you meet a couple like Tina and George. Their connection, admiration, and most of all love for each other is undeniable. When Tina and George first came to our Melbourne wedding venue, we were beyond excited to say the least. Tina was a bride who wanted an elegant, glamorous and above-all a fairytale wedding, and it’s fair to say that she got everything she envisioned and more. It’s clear that Tina and George bring so much joy to each other’s lives, their journey so far has truly been a magical one and very soon they will be expecting a baby together – a third addition to their already beautiful family.

Their Love Story
Tina and George first got together in August 2009. They moved in together in 2012. George proposed on  New Years Eve in 2013. They were then engaged in July 2014. They got married in May 2015. They […]

Autumn Wedding Ideas

It’s the first day of Autumn, and it truly is one of the most beautiful times to get married in Melbourne. The weather sits at a perfect temperature, and the sun still glistens brightly which is perfect for your wedding photos. If you’re lucky enough to be an Autumn bride this year or next, then here are some unique wedding ideas that will definitely assist with your wedding planning:

Wedding Flowers 



Flowers by Classic Bouquets

What perfect floral arrangements! Allie from Classic Bouquets has put together follies with flowers which really make the perfect addition to any autumn wedding. Her flowers are fresh, locally grown and always styled elegantly.

Wedding Invitations 


Invitations and Save the Date Cards by Kerr Wedding and Events

Some great colour tones for autumn are used on these wedding invitations. The invitations are filled with florals but still use a touch of greenery that really gives that seasonal feel. […]

Why We Love Wedding Flowers at Our Venue

Why We Love Wedding Flowers at Our Venue

Wedding flowers are more than choosing the perfect bridal bouquet. Flowers in your home, church and of course venue create an opulent environment that injects a true essence of visual beauty, as well as an aromatic delight.

Here is a selection of some elegantly styled and visually stunning flowers at our Melbourne Venue:

The Wedding of Chrisi and Alistair


One of our most recent weddings which was styled beautifully by Levian Events. Flowers were placed in a long crystal vase on guest tables. The bridal table was blooming with metres of florals. The scent was truly beautiful, and on arrival all of their guests were amazed by the unique styling.

The Wedding of Slavica & George 


A touch of pink entwined with elegant posies – Slavica and George’s wedding was blooming with beauty.

The Wedding of Yu & Wei 

Dazzling with purple floral work, our venue was truly […]

The Wedding of Finah & Chris – 22.11.2015

It truly doesn’t get more romantic than Chris and Finah’s love story. After a short period of being together, they both knew that they were each other’s soulmates, and of course Chris proposed in such a memorable way. From the moment Chris and Finah walked into our Melbourne wedding venue, we loved their appreciation for each other, and most of all we could see a deep and profound love between them both. It’s not everyday that you find your soulmate, but when you do we hope that you have a story to tell like Chris and Finah.

The Proposal
We were together only  for a little over a year before Chris proposed. I had my suspicions as he was being quite sneaky and I was sure he was going to propose on Valentines day! But, two weeks before Valentine’s Day of 2015, we went to have dinner at his mum’s house – […]

The Benefits of Winter Weddings & Indoor Ceremonies

When it comes to setting a date for your special day, most brides envision to pick a date where they can be assured to have the perfect weather. The reality is though, that if you live in Melbourne or plan to have your wedding there, then chances are that there is no guarantee that you will be blessed with the best weather on the day. This is why it’s important to look past the weather when choosing your wedding date, as you can still have the most beautiful, stylish, and elegant wedding day right in the very heart of winter.

For the recently betrothed who are still deciding on what date to choose, they will certainly find the advice from one of Melbourne’s most iconic and awesome celebrants, Russ Macumber most useful as he discusses the benefits of winter weddings and indoor ceremonies. He also goes into great detail to explain […]

What’s Trending in 2016: Bombonieres We Adore

Bombonieres are certainly not a thing of the past. We see new bombonieres every week at our Melbourne venue, and some are just so creative and too cute to handle! A lovely keepsake is the perfect gift for your guests, as it is a token to remember your special day forever.

Here are some super awesome and elegant bomboniere ideas:

Bottled Alcohol Bombonieres

This bomboniere was from our recently wedded couple George and Slavica. Their guests fell in love with this favour because of its sheer elegance and personalised touch.

Spread the Love – Homemade Spreads 

Another great idea is eloquently jarred spreads such as jam. apricot and honey. When your guests eventually taste the spread, it will evoke their senses and remind them once again of your special day.

Bottle Stoppers

Nothing like a beautiful Chrome Heart Bottle Stopper in a Gift Box. This is one favour that your guests will truly find some use for, especially […]

A Desire For Wedding Hire

Let’s face it, times have certainly changed when it comes to the styling and decor for your wedding day. Way back in the 90’s it was a simple task to book your wedding venue and have the reception style it up for you with some flowers and coloured chair sashes. At present, our Melbourne wedding venue hosts a completely different styled wedding every week, which is why we are fortunate enough to see the best wedding hire decor in Melbourne.

Here is a selection of some of the best Hire decor and styling at our exclusive venue: 

The Light Up LOVE Letters – Kon & Georgia’s Wedding 

Sequined Cake Table Skirt – Roxy & Enver’s Wedding

Sequined Cake Table Skirt by Kerr Wedding & Events 

Long Elegant Flower Vases – Suzie & Tim’s Wedding

Flowers – Classic Bouquets

Vase – Kerr Wedding & Events 

Flower Styling & Candle Arrangements – Sofia & Edress 

Styling by Kerr Wedding & Events 

Gold Candelabras 

Kerr Wedding […]

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The Wedding of Meelee & Hiep – 27.12.15

It was 15 years ago when Meelee and Hiep first met each other in art class. Over the years, they have created special memories with one another. Perhaps, one of the most memorable one being their amazing wedding day. When Meelee and Hiep first walked into Vogue Ballroom, it was clear that they truly had a special connection with each other. The team at Vogue Ballroom had the pleasure of getting to know such a kind-hearted and beautiful couple, and we wish them a lifetime of joy and happiness together.

The Proposal 
My husband proposed in January 2015 on our trip to the States. In the final weeks of our trip in Hawaii, we booked a trip to Paradise Cove Luau where he took me for a walk along the beach and popped the question. He was so nervous that all he could say was “Honey…. you know I love you…. Will […]

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The Wedding of Adela & Gabriel – 07.11.2015

On her birthday, Gabriel surprised Adela with the best birthday wish that she could’ve asked for. Gabriel got down on one knee and asked Adela to marry him. On the 7th of November 2015, the team at Vogue Ballroom witnessed the wedding of a beautiful couple, whose love for each other is undeniable, and if one thing is for certain it is that Adela and Gabriel will have a lifetime of love, joy and happiness together.

The Proposal
Gabriel took me for a walk at Sky High in the Mount Dandenongs. We had done a lot of walking that night, and when we reached one point I stopped to sit and enjoy the amazing view. To my surprise, when I turned around he was on one knee and asked me to marry him!

The Engagement
We were engaged for almost two years before we got married.

The Ceremony 
St Nicholas’ Catholic Church in Clifton Hill

Styling Vogue Ballroom
I […]