What Is The Purpose Of A Honeymoon?

The real significance behind honeymoons

Your honeymoon will be all bedroom romps and luxurious lounge chairs on the beach with expertly crafted cocktails. Not necessarily. So what do people do on honeymoons?

Many couples naturally assume that their honeymoon will be something akin to a chick flick with all its romance and passion," says Laura Brotherson, marriage and sex therapist. And while it will undoubtedly be excellent, it will also be filled with surprises—little things no one ever told you about. Here is the inside scoop on what happens on a honeymoon.

Why taking a honeymoon is essential:

Sometimes I get weird looks from couples when I tell them that taking a honeymoon will be one of the most important things that a newly wedded couple will experience. Besides the obvious benefits of a honeymoon, there are some other items to consider, such as:

Taking your honeymoon provides stress relief.

It is often said that the wedding is for the guests, and the honeymoon is for the couple. Do you know why that is? It is because all of those crazy months of planning, primping, and preparation should account for something. I can't tell you that it seems more often than not that the prep for the wedding is often so overwhelming that the actual event that may last 3 to 4 hours can be somewhat of a letdown. So after the wedding, is it any wonder that couples don't want to head back to work like it is just another day? Teams need time to recover, rejuvenate, and rewind. Plain and simple. We have an exclusive range of hens party services to spice up your girls’ night out at Magic Men.

Because a minimoon may leave you feeling cheated

What is a minimoon, anyway? A mini-moon is a way of saying that we either don't have time or do not have the funds to have a real honeymoon so that a short little relaxing teaser trip instead. Mini-moons are precisely that, teasers. Remember when your parents told you that they didn't have a real honeymoon? They skipped off somewhere to a local motel and spent a magical night or two. Or even better, they drove to a far-off beach somewhere and spent the night in their VW van. Then time passed by, and they realised 20 years later that they never got a chance to take a real honeymoon. It's kind of sad. 

Although it's technically okay to take a mini-moon if you have to due to timing or funds, make sure that you plan to have a real honeymoon afterwards, and start preparing them both simultaneously. This will accomplish two things: One - it will get you excited about both trips, and ensure you get that much needed time to focus on each other, and two - you will be able to make more extended payments towards the actual trip of your dreams.


A good rule of thumb is that a mini-moon should be about three nights. Your real honeymoon should be five nights or more depending on your destination and how long you can get away. Ideally, it should involve you going somewhere that you both have never been. The idea is to create new memories while trusting each other to experience and venture into unfamiliar territories together.

It would help if you got away from the family and work.

Do I need to explain this? Probably not. Your honeymoon sets the tone for your new life - A honeymoon provides your first memorable moments as a couple. It sets the stage on how a couple treats each other and prepares the path to marital bliss. Not to mention some great honeymoon memories that will help keep the spark alive while reminiscing.

A honeymoon is a beautiful way to create a yearly tradition.

This tradition would be in the form of at least a week-long vacation every year to rekindle your romance and relive that special feeling when your marriage was in its beginning stages. What better way to do this than by trying out a different resort each year? Some resort brands even have several properties in all other parts of the world. For instance, the Sandals brand has seven resorts alone in Jamaica, 3 in St. Lucia, 2 in the Bahamas, 1 in Antigua, and their newest Grenada. That's 14 years worth of romantic resorts to visit, and enjoy!

Because you are worth it, and you both deserve it!

The best reason of all is because you worked darn hard slaving over the wedding planning - and there is no way that someone is going to steal your joy! So splurge for that butler; but be sure you know why you are splurging on a butler - or make sure you get the best possible experience by using a Honeymoon Travel Specialist who will plan every detail with the least amount of effort on your part, while also ensuring you receive all of the honeymoon perks and amenities you are entitled to!

What Happens on a Honeymoon?

The Trip Will Bring You Closer

Any vacation in which you share experiences and make memories will bond two people. Still, there's something to be said for the first time you check into a hotel as a married couple, just like there's a special thrill in telling the waiter you're celebrating your early days as a married couple. It hits you on your honeymoon that you're really in this together and it's official. Are you searching for the great service to spice up your hens? Then  Magic Men is the answer.

Sex Won't Necessarily Be an Everyday Occurrence.

We surveyed 138 newlyweds and asked how many times they, ahem, get busy? The answers ranged from multiple times a day to zero. The majority (32 per cent) said they brought down once a day. We surveyed one bride that she thought something was wrong when her husband wasn't interested in sex daily. "When my husband declined to dive into bed with me on the fourth day of our honeymoon, I called a friend and wondered aloud if something was already wrong with our marriage. After all, aren't you supposed to have sex every day of this particular vacation?"

There's no "supposed to"—every couple is different, and that bride is in good company: 28% of the newlyweds said they were intimate every couple of days. Another 28% answered more than once a day; 6% said the magic happened only once on the trip, and a final 6 per cent shared that sex never happened at all.

You'll Learn New Things About Your Spouse.

You might think you know everything about your partner, but 21 per cent of brides we surveyed said they learned new things about them on the honeymoon. "I found out my husband likes spa treatments as much as I do," one bride dished. "He is excellent at driving on winding country roads," another bride revealed. "We should not go sea kayaking together," a third bride admitted.

You'll Share Your Newlywed Status.

You might not wear "Mrs."-labelled everything (although if you do, do it with pride) but you'll find yourself sharing the news. One bride shared that while she and her husband were in Maui, an older couple told her they'd been married for 50 years, at which point the customarily reserved bride couldn't help but blurt out: "We've been married four days!"

You Might Find Yourself Avoiding Social Media

Sure, you'll want to check your phone and social media accounts occasionally. Still, many couples agree to restrain themselves from social media and use it less than you usually would. The reason? You'll want to save memorable moments for the two of you, and the two of you alone. By avoiding social media, you'll return to tons of tagged wedding photos and comments that will extend that particular newlywed time even more.

You'll Indulge

While much newlyweds-to-be sticks to strict nutritional, fitness, or lifestyle regimens in preparation for their big day, be sure to relax and live a little (or a lot) while honeymooning. Think about what indulgence means for you as individuals, and as a couple—and then do it. Whether it's a few cocktails and a delectable dessert, a luxurious spa treatment or two, or just ditching alarms and schedules, be sure to change things up and let it all go to enjoy yourselves as much as you can.

You Might Catch a Sunrise

In your daily routine, sunrises usually mean alarm clocks and sunsets mean the day went by, and another is on the way, but on vacation, they're magical. Witnessing both may be a bit exhausting, but be sure to set aside time to share at least one. Wake up early one morning and watch the sunrise from a unique spot to have the coffee ready.) Or, if waking up before dawn sounds just awful to you, opt for the latter and cozy up with some wine as you watch the sunset on an amazing a fantastic with your new spouse.

You'll Take Tons of Pictures.

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, but wedding and honeymoon photos are worth even more. Be sure to snap tons of pictures throughout your experience, while maintaining a balance between being present in the moment and enjoying it, and capturing it simultaneously. You'll want to have tangible mementos of this once-in-a-lifetime trip to share for years and generations to come, so shoot away and then create an album or memory book upon your return.

It May Not Live Up to Your Expectations

You've been dreaming about this particular trip long enough to have made every imaginary moment perfect. So that what you've dreamt up doesn't fall short, it's smart to discuss your expectations before you board your flight. Getting on the same page about everything from sex to how much R&R you'll crave can be the best preparation for a wonderfully positive and fulfilling honeymoon experience.

You'll Be Exhausted

Of course, your honeymoon will be filled with unforgettable and memorable moments, but just remember not to get upset if something unexpected happens—it's normal. 

You Might Stay in the Hotel Room and Unwind

What do people do on honeymoons? Sometimes, not much at all. One bride, we surveyed shared that she anticipated an adventure-filled vacation in Cancun—but found she and her groom never left the honeymoon suite. "I watched movies and read, and he played video games," she said. "It sounds so boring, but we both just wanted to relax." It's not just about needing to relax—it's also about taking a day (or more) to let the significant life change sink in, together.

"The first day of our honeymoon, my husband and I stayed in the hotel room except to go get food. After all the planning and excitement, all we wanted to do was decompress and be with each other, completely away from the world. After that, we went out and did tons of outdoor activities, but at first, we secluded ourselves in the room!" another bride shared.

You Might Fight—and That's Normal

What in the world could there be to fight about on your honeymoon? A lot. Spending 24/7 together with anyone can be challenging, and that includes your new spouse. "It's not unusual to get in an argument on your honeymoon because emotions are running high from the wedding," says Dr. Jane Greer, New York-based relationship expert. So, no need to speculate about "what this means for your future"—it just means you are an average couple.

"Tell yourself to calm down and know that the more you yell, the worse things will get," says Dr. Greer. "Take a few minutes on your own to calm down, then regroup and agree to put the issue on hold." There's never a good time to fight, but it's particularly rough when it happens just before you were heading out the door, whether it's off to a romantic dinner or surf lessons on the beach.

As awkward as it may seem, Dr. Greer urges you to follow through with those plans. "To avoid ruining the rest of your trip, just remind yourself that moving on with the activities you had planned with your partner can help you with your anger," says Dr. Greer. "You can let them know that you're still upset and have feelings about your disagreement, but emphasise that you'd rather not let this issue spoil the fun time you have planned together."

Three helpful ways to think about the purpose of honeymoons

So how are honeymoons important? Firstly, let’s set the three parameters that might help you rethink the purpose of your honeymoon.

Generating fond memories to start your relationship on the right foot.

Now, imagine a childhood friend who you knew since you were six years old, and whom you have argued with, relied on, and shared your moments of happiness and despair with. Who knows your guts inside out, and have stuck by you despite your imperfections. Today, bring it forward and imagine that you are still in close contact and have not allowed your busy life to neglect this friendship of yours. Looking for Melbourne hens ideas to make sure you and your friends can enjoy hens party? Magic Men has you covered.

The chances of trivial conflicts escalating into full-blown tensions that threaten to tear the friendship apart would be incomprehensible. Enecessarily, you will likely try your best to work out the issues and attempt to salvage the relationship rather than quickly giving it up.

While probably not the only reason for your commitment to the relationship, the wealth of positive memories and experiences you shared with your childhood friend acts as an essential foundation for the connection. With the average dating duration at 2 to 3 years for most couples, you may not necessarily have the time or opportunities to create such wealth of experiences with your partner before your marriage.

Hence, starting your marriage journey on the right foot by creating fond, bonding memories with each other is significant. And honeymoons provide just that space and opportunity for you to do so!

Your first post-marriage goal together.

Okay, so your wedding or engagement ceremony is probably the first significant activity that you managed as a married couple. While the marriage should have been the first positive experience of your journey, it is not always easy given the tremendous stress from family, friends or even just between you and your spouse. As the saying goes, your marriage is not still just about you.

Honeymoon, however, is spared from all these constraints. Think of it as your first goal as a married couple that involves just you and your partner, and is an activity that both of you have full control over. How exciting can that get!

A space for privacy and to reminisce about the wedding ceremony.

As cliché as it sounds, the honeymoon is an excellent opportunity for you to spend some intimate time with your partner and to wind down from the hectic wedding ceremony.

Honeymoons provide a suitable space for both of you to reminisce about the wedding, recollecting, talking and laughing over the highlights and imprinting these moments into fond couple memories.


While you can do it without going away, away forcing you to defully vote your time entireto each other, without distractions from family, friends, and duties, that said, with the amount of connectivity available today, do remember to put away your phone and cherish the physical time with one another. This private moment is gold.

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