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60+ Best Wedding Photographers in Mornington Peninsula (2024)

Located in Mornington Peninsula and currently on the search for a wedding photographer to capture all the special moments of your wedding day? Look no further! Here is our list of the top most popular Mornington Peninsula wedding photographers ranked by their customer reviews to take the stress out of choosing.

People often make the mistake of thinking that hiring a wedding photographer is an easy task. But, they are wrong. Hiring a wedding photographer who can capture every moment in high-quality is not at all easy. It is the photographer's responsibility to capture your makeup, wedding dress, and all other details so that you don't have to rely on your memory to remember your big day.

In every wedding celebration, a wedding photographer plays a significant role. Couples want their photographer to capture the whole festival, which makes the day truly exceptional. To capture everything at your best and provide photographs that live up to your hope, you need to learn wedding photos 101. Here are some essential tips that will help you in choosing the perfect wedding photography.

Whеn choosing a wedding photographer, уоu ѕhоuld соnѕidеr еасh professional’s style. Wedding photographers specialise in different kinds оf styles, ѕо it’ѕ bеѕt tо аѕk plenty of questions rеgаrding thеir specialties.

List of Best Wedding Photographer in Mornington Peninsula

Wild Romantic Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

melbourne wedding photography

Call Elle today on 0434 484 811 or [email protected].

Of earth and salt, petal and pearl, of sweeping horizons that sing forever, we bring to life the passion and authenticity of true romance and capture moments that you will cherish always. 

We are passionate about telling the story of your wedding day with original and romantic photography that's made to last a lifetime.

Our creative collective specialises in documentary-style images that express love, joy, community and connection.

wild romantic photographer in melbourne

Our wedding photos look beautiful, but they're raw and genuine, too – with timeless landscapes, divine portraits, colourful fashion shots and dreamy reportage.

We're all artists, and our clients are our muses. Based in Melbourne, we can find beauty in locations across the world and those closer to home. We've shot on windswept beaches and city rooftops in secret gardens and historic homesteads.

Wild Romantic offers bespoke photography packages that perfectly match your needs.

From quaint weddings in Sydney to lavish weddings in Melbourne – our professional wedding photographers are trained to capture those priceless candid moments of love, laughter and joy. We even offer pre-wedding photography should you wish to display your love through photos on a particular day proudly.

Wild Romantic Photography is a collective of inspired artists, photographers, and dreamers passionate about capturing precious moments that will forever speak to your heart. Our creative documentary style photography packages are meticulously tailored to the unique elements of your special day and include beautiful retouching of the memories we photograph to instil blissful nostalgia.

melbourne wedding photo

At Wild Romantic Photography, we understand what is required to capture a wedding in complete detail. A Wedding can last all day, and for most of it, we will be there by your side. Building a relationship where we understand and feel comfortable is key for ensuring we deliver your heart's desire.

wedding videographers

We love getting to know our couples to tailor our creative documentary-style photography and film packages to the details of the day. We know that each event and romance is unique, and we strive to understand your story to deliver the masterpiece it deserves.

Call Elle today on 0434 484 811 or [email protected].


Jessica Rose Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

Jessica Rose Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0408 502 217


Beautiful relaxed weddings are my happy place, and the Mornington Peninsula is the perfect location! Beaches, Wineries, Homesteads, Forest, ViewsWe have it all! I have photographed weddings at many amazing locations. Some of my favourites are Portsea Hotel, Pier 10 Winery, Tanglewood Estate, Stillwater at Crittenden, Barn & Co, Trofeo Estate, Peppers Moonah Links, All Smiles Sorrento, Tussie Mussie Winery and Lindenderry, just to name a few! I am based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula but am happy to photograph weddings within one hour from there. Weddings start at $3850 for whole day wedding coverage. For smaller weddings and elopements, check out the Elopement Hub.

Albums, magazines, and many other beautiful products are available too. Contact me via the contact form and include your wedding date and location for detailed pricing and info. 


Natalie Davies Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

Natalie Davies Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0400 635 588

Natalie Davies Photography

Hello! My name is Nat, and I'm a wedding/portrait photographer based on the Mornington Peninsula. I've photographed almost 500 weddings and guarantee not only photographs of exceptional quality but the bonus of all my tips and tricks during the planning phase too. From my years of knowledge, I can suggest incredible locations and perfected timelines that will ultimately mean more time to enjoy all of the little things on your wedding day as newlyweds. 

I have experience across many wineries and beachside venues on the Mornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley, Melbourne CBD, The Dandenong Ranges and The Bellarine Peninsula. I've also photographed numerous weddings and events on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Airlie Beach, The Whitsundays, Sydney and Perth. 

Capturing newborn and family photographs is just as much a passion of mine as the weddings I capture. It is an absolute privilege to be your photographer during these moments in time. My role is to tell this story and capture moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.


Vanessa Norris Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

Vanessa Norris Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0408 028 032

After photographing over 150 weddings, I have learned that the photographs my clients love most are the images that capture authentic moments: the real 'throw-your-head-back' laughs, the crazy dance-offs, the sincere smiles and heartfelt hugs.

Those photographs are so rugged; they transport you back to that moment. You feel those feels again.


Wedding coverage begins at $2,800. All collections include your edited, high-resolution images on USB. 


James Harvie Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

James Harvie Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula


Wedding Photographer on the Mornington Peninsula crafting timeless fine art wedding Stories

My name is James Harvie. I'm a great Dad, a one-in-a-million husband, a confessed exercise fanatic and a lover of nature, beauty, and good coffee.

And I am an AIPP accredited, multi-award-winning wedding photographer.

I am based on the Mornington Peninsula, and I have a passion for creating unforgettable images for couples on their big day. I live amid an ever-changing landscape that allows me to incorporate the natural beauty of the Peninsula into my wedding photography. It is a photographer's dream.

I have come a long way from my modest beginnings in 2001 as a young professional photographer. I am now a Master of Photography with the AIPP and the proud recipient of multiple photography awards, both locally and internationally.

The inclusion in Top 10 Melbourne Wedding Photographers has seen my business expand to greater Melbourne, Yarra Valley and the Dandenong Ranges. Of course, I remain firmly loyal to Mornington Peninsula weddings.

I am devoted to my craft, which extends from wedding photography to landscape, with my work popping up in the Australian Professional Photography Awards Year Books. I run photography workshops on the Mornington Peninsula, and I regularly sit on the judging panel for AIPP photographic competitions in Victoria and Tasmania.

At the end of the day, I am a dedicated and professional wedding photographer. And I love it.


Creative Wedding Film - Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

Creative Wedding Film - Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0404 769 677

What We Offer

  • VIDEOGRAPHY - we use a candid, fly on the wall approach when we film our couples​. We film mainly in 4K, so you get a very high calibre of the image.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY - our approach to photography is a mixture of candid and staged, dependent on what you want. When grading your images, we have several styles - choose between vivid with lots of colour, light and airy with a slight fade, a darker feel, and black and white - or let us choose for you.
  • LIVE STREAMING SERVICES - since the arrival of the dreaded Covid pandemic (tired face!!), many of our couples have opted for smaller, more intimate weddings with limited guests. With international travel restrictions, many loved ones are not able to attend. This caused us to come up with a live streaming solution for our couples and introduce a heap of new equipment to allow those loved ones who cannot attend to participate online and stream via a private youtube link. This has been a proven success, and now we pride ourselves on offering live streaming as one of our core services.
  • AERIAL DRONE CINEMATOGRAPHY - we love to squeeze in some drone footage on your special day - location and weather permitting
  • GOOD SOUND QUALITY - we make sure that we capture the best possible sound on the day. We do this with a lapel mic we place on the groom, and recording devices run out of the celebrants mic. We also record direct out of any venue PA and sometimes the band or DJ system to get the highest possible audio which we later sync with the editing footage.
  • MUSIC - we have access to various licensed music websites, which we get our couples to pick from before we start editing the footage
  • HANDCRAFTED USB GIFT BOX - Once we have finished editing and received your approval on our work, we then upload all the files to a beautifully handcrafted wooden USB and gift box, which send to you in the mail


Be Here Be Now Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

Be Here Be Now Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0421 475 945

Most of our past couples will remember this business as Christian Marc Photography, which started up not long after our backpacking adventures through Europe. While in Germany, we popped in to visit my Opa, and before we knew it, we had spent the whole day and night reminiscing over old slides and the moments that he'd captured throughout my families' lives.

Were they all in focus? With perfect composition? No, but we were hypnotised and felt we were a part of the story he had told through his lens. This is what wedding photography has always been about for me - telling the story of humans being in love and celebrating this with their closest.

Over the past few years, Shani has been developing a little something special to add to our couples' wedding experience. So I'll get her to hijack this page from here.


Miss Pickle Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

Miss Pickle Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0431 055 943

Family and Wedding Photography

I feel very fortunate to be a Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographer and Family Photographer.

I take pride in delivering beautiful wedding photographs at an affordable price to my couples. I love watching people loving each other and feel privileged to document their special moments to cherish.

I also photograph weddings in the Yarra Valley, Country Victoria and Melbourne and worldwide. Get in touch to discuss your plans.


Sean And Danni Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

Sean And Danni Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0422 091 032

Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographers - Capturing The Moments Of Your Wedding Day

Hey there, bride or groom-to-be. Thanks so much for clicking on us; we are so glad you're here! If you would describe your dream wedding photography as the perfect mix of natural, candid and relaxed – well, then I think we are the perfect match. 

Natural, Candid And Relaxed Wedding Photography

We are a husband and wife team born, raised and based on the Mornington Peninsula and more than willing to travel anywhere in Melbourne or the world to photograph any couple that shares our vision for their big day.

There are two of us there to capture your wedding day, don't you think that sounds twice as wonderful? A photographer each for the morning's preparations: Sean with the guys, Danni with the girls. This day belongs to both of you; as important and wonderful as the bride is, equally is the groom. Having two photographers allows us to photograph the day evenly between you both and enables you to relive the day over and over from each other's perspective.

From the ceremony, until the party ends, we will both be there, not missing a beat capturing everything from two different angles.

Get in touch; we'd love so much to meet you and see if we are the perfect fit for your big day.


Love Is Sweet Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

Love Is Sweet Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0408 920 791

Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

So you're getting hitched? Congratulations! And now you're looking for a wedding photographer. Your idea of a wedding is spending as much time with family and friends, not having to pose for photos for hours on end and just having one big party. All with a big fat smile planted on your face. Are we right?

We know that a wedding is not a fashion shoot for a wedding magazine, so we don't treat it like that. 

We will just take a little bit of time to get some great photos with your family, wedding party and of course the two of you. But we guarantee it won't be for hours on end. 

Following a non-intrusive approach, we will photograph your wedding as it unfolds. We will capture it beautifully and naturally, always looking out for the simple and real things that happen. We won't ask you to stage anything because that's just weird and awkward. Sound like you?

Who Are We?

With loads of experience under our belt, the team here at Love is Sweet Weddings live, eat and breathe weddings. Our team of creative professionals don't do this as a hobby, and we do this for real. Many of our clients tell us how calm yet attentive we are, making a huge difference to their day. 

All of us here at Love is Sweet share the same vision when it comes to working with stunning light, photographing your wedding for real (i.e. no awkward stuff) and, of course, excellent service. So no matter who is behind the camera, your experience will be amazing. 

Wedding Photography Packages

We know that weddings come and in all shapes and sizes. So we have a variety of packages to suit everyone from the full shebang to elopements and everything in between. We also have a variety of beautiful printed albums and photobooks that you can show off to everyone, so they can see how amazing your wedding day was. 


Perla Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

Perla Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0432 591 408

Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographer

Perla Photography is a wedding photography service based on the Mornington Peninsula. We are wedding photographers that specialise in Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley Weddings. Our photography style is bright, romantic, but most of all, real, just like our couples!

Our photography approach on your wedding day is natural, candid and relaxed. And don't worry, we will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. We are a fan of relaxed weddings. Your wedding photos will portray your day as it is, a natural, candid reflection of who you are as a couple and the love between the two of you combined with lots of scenery shots, amazing sunsets, and the nature surrounding them you on your special day.

We will help you with the wedding planning for your dream wedding. From the bridal preparation to the timeline of your big day, everything will be taken care of during our consultation meeting. We will offer our professional advice every step of the way.


Fika Pictures Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

Fika Pictures Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

1300 590 837

Timeless, natural wedding photography across the Australia state of Victoria, Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula

Check Pricing & Availability

Look through my wedding photos by watching my showreel or going straight to my wedding photography portfolio.

For stories, check out my featured weddings & if you're interested in me capturing your wedding, 


Veri Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

Veri Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula


As a boutique wedding photography and videography studio specialising in destination weddings and Australia wide, Veri Photography is bound by a passion for telling couples' stories. With professional wedding photography and video teams in both Victoria and NSW, our knowledge stems from years of shooting pre-weddings, engagements, and weddings nationally.


How would you like to remember one of the most meaningful days of your life? Veri Photography exists to bring the wedding photos alive with the same joy, love, and passion you experienced first hand on your special day.

Relationships are the heart of our work. Our goal is to capture the chemistry that each couple shares and take the time to get to know your love story so that our lenses will reflect your unique personalities.


On Three Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

On Three Wedding Photography Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

03 9600 2880


Tapping into their wealth of experience, Melbourne's Best Wedding Photography services On Three Photography & Cinematic will perfectly capture the essence of your big day.

Providing the ultimate experience, our exemplary professionalism and a keen eye for detail will ensure you have high-quality wedding photos to look back on your special day fondly. We also offer wedding videography services so that you can relive the emotional experience of tying the knot well after the big day has passed.

Why Choose us for Melbourne Wedding Photography?

Our dedicated Australian Photography and videography team strive to offer a superior service that will put you at ease, so much so that you might just forget we are even there! Our team will capture your day in its truest form so that your photos and video are an accurate representation of just how beautiful and unique your day was.

We use advanced equipment and post-production facilities to ensure we continue to produce outstanding work because we know the importance of what we do and capturing memories that will last a lifetime. Our affordable video and Best Wedding Photography Melbourne packages are designed to suit every budget so that you can have the very best snaps for your special day no matter what your budget. Our HD cinematic videos are available to all at an affordable rate.

When it comes to documenting your big day, your wedding theme is important to us, and we will work to maintain your style in everything that we capture and produce.

Our highly experienced team will ensure that no special moments from your day are missed. While our relaxed nature will ensure you and your bridal party feel comfortable in front of the camera so that we achieve remarkable photos depicting every bridal party member's personalities, including that of the bride and groom! We know that every wedding is different, and so is every bridal couple, so we want to capture in our photographs who you are and what makes your union so special.

Our Melbourne Best wedding photographer and videography team capture timeless photos and clear footage so that you will continue to look back on your wedding photos and video without feeling that they have dramatically aged.


Olive Tree Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

Olive Tree Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0439 352 971

About Your Special Day

I believe wedding photography is an art. For me, being a part of one of your most precious days and being able to capture those memories for you to treasure for generations to come is something that makes my heart happy. Life is about memories & moments. My job is to capture these. I love, love! So what better way to be around it than capture people with the immense love that surrounds them on their wedding day!

Photography is my love and my passion. I am so grateful that I can be present for some of the most beautiful journeys.

Just think, when you open an amazing wedding magazine spread, what knocks you off your socks? The real images of that day: the details, family emotions, wonderful guests interactions and of-course the couple in their most beautiful moments. I'm here to document your wedding day, to help you and your family remember everything that happens on your special day that will help define the rest of your lives together. The day passes in such a whirlwind. Moments forgot little things missing. I often get brides and grooms message me saying, 'I didn't even know that happened! Thank you for capturing it!'... because that's what I do! I make sure all the moments are there, forever for you to see. 

You can either choose from one of our carefully put together packages or make your day even more magical by adding exactly what you want, and together we can design you a custom package. We have everything to include, from second photographers to capture every angle and moment to albums of your day, wall art, canvasses & custom wood prints! 

Enquire today to see how you can book your no-obligation coffee catch up to see if we'd be the perfect fit for your day.

We'd love to be a part of your beautiful day!


Victory Ang Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

Victor Yang Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0423 509 263

Capture the most memorable moments of your wedding in images that recount your story in the most evocative way. Let your special story unfold image by image with Victor Yang Photography.


GW Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

GW Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0403 450 590

Wedding Packages

Our wedding packages cater for all weddings - from small intimate gatherings to full-day coverage,

we tailor a package and coverage to suit your requirements. 

Our full-day packages include:

  • Full days Coverage
  • Unlimited Locations
  • All images Fully Edited
  • Online Gallery for Sharing and Downloading
  • Complimentary Pre Wedding Shoot *
  • Highlights film of app 5 minutes

* Pre-wedding shoot is for local clients only- unless we happen to be in your area leading up to your wedding.

Destination Weddings

Our wedding photography and video services are available Australia wide. We love to travel; our photography and video have enabled us to travel to some of Australia's best destinations including.  The Whitsundays, Darwin, The Gold Coast, Fraser Island and many more exotic locations. We do not charge additional costs for travel - our rates are the same, whether around the corner or across the country.

Wedding Videography

We offer cinematic style wedding videos that cover your full day. Our packages include a short highlights film as well as your full day, including the ceremony and reception. We can combine Photography and Video for a complete package.

Featured Weddings

Our photography includes a mix of traditional and candid images. We always include the traditional shots - Bride & Groom, Bridal party, family photos, cake cutting etc. Having an experienced photographer for your wedding is critical. Your wedding photographer acts as a photographer, coordinator and problem solver. We will ensure as well as capturing great images that your day runs smoothly.

Pre Wedding Shoots

All our wedding clients receive a complimentary pre-wedding shoot. These shoots are free and allow us to meet up and see our photography in action. Having a pre-wedding session is a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. Our pre Wedding shoots are only available for local clients - unless, of course, we are in your part of the country, then we would love to catch up.


ATEIA Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

ATEIA Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

1300 558 446

Mornington Peninsula's Most Trusted Wedding Photographers

Our talented team of professional Melbourne wedding photographers and videographers bring a level of artistic creativity to storytelling by catering to every couple's individual wants and needs. With 500+ incredible reviews online, you'll soon discover why we're at the forefront of the Melbourne wedding photography industry. Offering premium Photography at affordable prices, we're listed as the recommended supplier for most of Melbourne's finest wedding reception venues. We also offer a 'Book Now & Pay Later' service, listing all of our prices clearly on our website without any hidden costs.

Best wedding photographers in Mornington Peninsula.

Allow the team at ATEIA Photography & Video to tell your love story through stylistic and elegant photography at your Melbourne wedding celebration. Combining creative flair elements with a classic style, our team of wedding photographers will guide you through your special day. ATEIA Photography & Video is made up of a talented team of Melbourne's best wedding photographers, who know exactly where to be at just the right time.

With over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry, we focus on capturing the most memorable interactions between loved ones, ensuring that couples get what they've always dreamed of. For the best wedding photography in Melbourne, choose the team that sees the beauty in every wedding; from different cultures, backgrounds and sizes, we would love to capture your wedding.

Candid photography that tells a story

At ATEIA, our wedding photographers like to tell your unique story using a candid, natural approach. We believe this is the best way to capture all those intimate and emotional moments that can't be replicated. Most importantly, these naturally posed moments create poignant and visually appealing images that you can look back on for years to come.

Motivated by excellent lighting, beautiful scenery, and the perfect subjects, our candid wedding photographers in Mornington Peninsula will also gently direct you in a range of embraces and stances that will look and feel natural. Relive your wedding day again and again with our candid photography that captures moments rather than structures them.


SMC Studio - Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

SMC Studio - Mornington Peninsula

0403 275 414

Welcome to the digital home of SMC Studios. Industry leaders for wedding photography & videography packages in Australia. 

You have landed at the right spot if you are after a fully inclusive package that contains style, creativity, flair and, most importantly, is at the right price! Browse our extensive photo and video galleries to see our style & quality. Be amazed by the list of inclusions in our packages. We have a team of talented local photographers and videographers in your area who are ready and waiting to capture your day!

Our mission is to bring our valued clients a level of service & quality of the product that is unparalleled in the industry. Our brand's ethos is also about supporting local artists (the photographers & videographers) in a sustainable & holistic way with regular work and ongoing training and development. Our brand's buying power means that at the end of the day, the client wins – because we can bring you a quality, finish and long list of inclusions that are not available elsewhere.

Photo Packages Include

  • Fast Turnaround

With our super-efficient team, we will have those images edited soon after your wedding!

  • Fun & Friendly

We love what we do! This is the biggest day of your life – and we will treat it this way

  • All-Inclusive

Albums, prints & high-res images. There is nothing to add to our packages!

  • Unlimited Photos

Fully edited images, including black & whites and other effects, are standard inclusions.


Simon James Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

Simon James Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0417 000 456

Simon James is a sought-after photographer with 26+ yrs. Experience and clients all over the world. People seek him out because he takes exquisite photographs and he specialises in telling stories. Everyone has a story, and Simon is an expert at capturing them.

Simon is also a perfectionist who holds himself and everyone he works with to the highest standards. For Simon, the job doesn't end when he puts down the camera. Whether he is editing images, designing wedding albums, investing in the latest technology, or overseeing the final printing of photographs, he takes a personal interest in making sure that everything is 'just right' because he believes that everyone deserves excellence.

But above all, Simon James is a man who takes extraordinary photographs of ordinary life & people – and loves it. While he is immensely professionally skilled, it is the real enjoyment that both he and his clients get from working together that sets him apart from other photographers.

You can see it in his photographs. Simon takes the time to establish a relationship with you and put you at ease while taking your pictures. You won't find stiff, uncomfortable-looking photos in Simon's galleries because Simon is so good at helping people relax and have fun!

You can also see it in the ongoing relationship Simon has with many of his clients.

Some people who originally came to Simon for wedding photographs have also had him take pregnancy photos, baby photos and family portraits and intend to come back for more in the future. They see Simon as a 'photographer for life' – not just 'someone to take pictures at the wedding,' but a partner in helping to preserve their most significant moments and precious memories.

Who is Simon James?

Simon James is a highly skilled and sought-after photographer who is a joy to work with and who will create a magnificent visual record for you. Just ask any of his satisfied customers. Better still, come and meet him and see for yourself. He looks forward to meeting you.


Rachael Wilson Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula


Welcome to a land of colour and cuteness! I am a professional and award-winning Portrait Photographer located in Maudsland, Gold Coast, Queensland. With over 10 years of experience, safely handling precious newborns and making kids giggle, you can trust me to capture your most important moments. Prices can be found under each category you are interested in, and Gift vouchers are available. Look through my galleries to get inspired for your session! More regular photo sharing happens over on Facebook and Instagram. I love the colour (hehe); however, if you prefer a more neutral, simple session, I can accommodate that. Contact us to book a session today!


Roam and Wander Wedding Photographer Mornington Peninsula 

Roam and Wander Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

[email protected]


Roam & Wander photography loves to tell a story and is all about capturing your wedding day as it happens, particularly those precious, intimate moments! Romina will capture the laughs, smiles, tears and joy so that you can relive the day through photographs for years to come. Roam & Wander photography is fresh, creative and candid in its photographic style while unobtrusive and discrete in its approach. Romina wants her loved-up couples to feel comfortable in her hands. Therefore, getting to know each other over many cups of coffee or tea is an essential part of the journey when choosing Roam & Wander Photography.


Lion Heart Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

Lion Heart Roam and Wander Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

[email protected]

Heart-warming wedding photographs

We like to think of ourselves as the polar opposite to that cheesy traditional photographer that you've seen at your mate's wedding. The list of awkward poses to get through, the forced smiles, and the * staged* moments. Ughh!

We photograph people rather than poses. We immerse ourselves into your wedding, mingling with your guests, capturing the real atmosphere and emotion felt on the day.

The giggles, the belly-laughs, the chemistry between two unique humans, the pride in your dad's eyes, the random stuff-ups, the feelings of overwhelming joy, grandma's cute reaction, and all the happy tears.

From your sister, lace up your dress beforehand to slamming shots with your uni friends and tearing up the d-floor at night. We're ready to tell your story.

How it works – Your experience

Your wedding should be an all-day, crazy-awesome party, celebrating the love you have for each other.

It's such an important day in your lives, and we know you want to have a heap of fun yet still feel relaxed & comfortable, supported by a fantastic crew that you trust wholeheartedly.

And the last thing you want is to be led through a list of scripted poses and feeling awkward in front of the camera on the day, or worse, receive back photos that leave you feeling like they're "not you".

We're here to help couples have a fantastic, stress-free wedding day & photography experience by ditching the posing & cringey stuff and focusing instead on who you guys are as a couple and the chemistry between you, plus all those rad little moments you'll share with your family & friends throughout the best day of your lives so far.

From getting ready to get your dance on

It starts with full-day wedding photography coverage from both of us – Glen and Fiona.

We want to document your wedding day for you in a simple & honest way. By that, we mean we'll photograph the day just as it unfolds organically. Nothing rushed or staged (but we do give a little direction anytime it's needed, so no-one's feeling awkward or lost).

And no wedding day is actually done & dusted inside 3 or 4 hours – there's so much of the story of your wedding day that happens outside of that – so we're usually around for 8 or more hours, really getting our hands dirty.

There's always some fun stuff happening during the "getting ready" part of the day, so we love to be around for the last bits of that. Plus, it means you get to warm up by having us and our cameras everywhere, and it just helps to set a friendly, relaxed tone for the day.

Wedding ceremonies that matter

Getting married is pretty awesome – take it from us – and at the centre of all that is your wedding ceremony. We probably emphasise photographing the ceremony to the next level than other photographers because we believe it's such an incredible, important part of the day.

We don't interrupt or pause anything, we simply document it all as it happens, and it's happening for you and your guests first and foremost, so we don't get in the way of that. There won't be any staging of certificate signings or repeating the first kiss for the cameras; that's lame.

We'll photograph your wedding ceremony with a guests point of view in mind, giving your photos an immersive feel.

Our goal is to create beautiful photographs for you and capture all those emotions and feelings you get throughout the day.

We want your photographs to act as a time machine so that whenever you look back on them, you're instantly transported back to how you felt at that moment.

Moments over poses

We just love photographing people rather than poses.

We're pretty ace at getting our couples relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, evoking natural emotions, and within minutes you've forgotten the cameras are even there.

We love to create portraits that are genuine to who you guys are. We're far more interested in you both and your connection to each other, over the locations we're shooting at or all the fancy little details. Those things are fantastic too, but what you guys have together is a far more interesting story to tell.

Candid photos of your family & friends

Your wedding is essentially a massive party surrounded by your loved ones, and we want to capture them too. We love to blend in as guests while we're taking photos.

You'll find us taking candids of people laughing and catching up for the first time in ages or hustling together groups of friends for a portrait.

And we'll be on-hand to capture everyone cutting shapes tearing up the dance floor.

A team to capture the day

You'll get both of us – Glen & Fiona – on the day.

You don't exactly get two photographers taking photos non-stop all day (that would be too much) but rather a team that documents the day the best way possible.

There are parts of the day when we're both taking photos, like the ceremony, where we're getting different angles for you. Then there are the parts of the day when we get the best results from just one of us pointing a camera, and the other assisting with gear/flashes/reflectors/holding bouquets/making bad jokes – and all that fun stuff.

Let's get down to business: Pricing!

Our full-day wedding photography options start at $3800 for coverage of your wedding day by the two of us – Glen, your photographer, and Fiona, second shooter & assistant.

Our Monday to Thursday elopements and mini weddings start at $900.

From there, we can customise your Wedding Photography experience with additions such as a gorgeous Leather-bound Album or an Engagement Session. More about those further down this page.

Keen to check out if we're free for your wedding date and get our full pricelist breakdown? Fill in the form below now. We're booking 2022 wedding dates now.

We're all about offering fun, candid wedding photography for cute AF couples who just want to have a relaxed & stress-free wedding day and a kickass time surrounded by their favourite people in the world.

We'll deliver warm, fun, vibrant photos of your wedding day – full of atmosphere and emotion and meaning. Photographs that remind you exactly how happy and loved you felt in all those little moments.


Quint Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0432 095 796

Are you looking for timeless wedding photos with a fun twist? I am a Melbourne based wedding photographer who will never deliver an album full of posed, stiff grins.

I dig deep with 'my couples' to get to know you both and capture the honest essence of what your wedding day means to you and your tribe. Think of yourselves in a little wedding boat, and I am the slow-flowing river! I will capture your big day just how you envisioned it and bring all the best moments to life.

Remember, getting married is a big deal! I wholeheartedly believe investing in a professional photographer will be the best money you spend. I pride myself in giving lovers a safe, comfortable and light-hearted space where they can be their unapologetic selves. You won't have to pose awkwardly in front of a stranger because, by the time your wedding comes around, we're buddies. You both deserve to feel incredible and have some fun while you're at it! If you allow me, it would be my privilege.

Your Wedding Lasts A Day, Your Photos A Lifetime.

We all love pretty pictures, but your wedding photography is so much more than a nice sunset photo; it's about documenting the celebration of another milestone surrounded by all the people you love.

There is no greater feeling than seeing pictures of the moments you might have missed. This could be your dad's teary eyes as you were saying your vows or your grandma lighting up the dancefloor. Having the peace of mind that these moments are being recorded while you have one of the best days of your life is priceless.

Images are portals that take you back in time, and they will be the source of many happy memories to cherish and look around to for years to come. Your wedding photography will be one of your best investments.


Now And Forever Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley 

Now and Forever Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0408 356 040

I'd Love To Be There On Your Wedding Day.

Now and Forever Photography is me, Matt Parashis, and I would love to be a part of your big day.

I'm a Yarra Valley local, and for the better part of the last 10 years, I've captured the most important moments and memories for many, many couples. I specialise in taking the stress away from your wedding day, and I'll make sure you have fun and a laugh while we capture those special wedding moments.

I make being photographed a comfortable and fun experience so that you have images to cherish for a lifetime. If I'm lucky enough to be your wedding photographer, I promise to take the stress and awkwardness away from being in front of the camera. I make sure I'm more than just a guy who knows how to take photos; I'll be your mate, the guy who dances awkwardly, says silly things to make you laugh, and who'll make sure your day is extra perfect.

The best bits of your wedding will happen naturally as you'll be being photographed by a friend, who you know well and just so happens to be there with a few cameras. I'll capture all those unforgettable moments on your big day, and we'll have fun doing it!

Wedding Photography -simple & Relaxed Packages

Having recently been through the wedding planning process ourselves, we know how stressful and expensive it can be. We aim to provide high quality, professional images and service at an affordable price.

We are passionate about our work, and we love to talk about photos and show examples. Contact Us now!

Not Just A Wedding Photographer

It's not all about taking photos; wedding photography is also about telling a story. It's your day, and most importantly, it's your story. Whether you're getting married in your backyard or getting married at a luxury wedding venue – I'll make sure your story is told the way you want it to be.

I'm a wedding photographer from the Yarra Valley & Dandenongs region but will travel anywhere to help capture a story.

Let's Have Fun, Not Stress Out

Let's face it, weddings are fun, but wedding photography can seem a bit daunting. Instead of stressing about posing or the way you should hold your hands or stand, let's just have some fun. By the time we get to take the photos, you will be comfortable with the camera and with me (we would have done an engagement photoshoot), and having been through the process, it won't seem so daunting. We'll have a laugh, go for a walk, chat about your day, and while we do that, I'll take some photos.

What's Next? Let's Have A Chat

If there's one thing I love just as much as being at a wedding, it's talking about weddings. Let's meet up for a coffee and have a chat about your big day. I would love to get to know you, and I would love for you to get to know me. We can have a chat about how I can fit into your day and make sure we capture those special moments together.


Nicholas Joel Wedding Photography Yarra Valley 

Nicholas Joel Lion Heart Roam and Wander Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

03 9010 5683


For over twelve years, I've worked as a wedding photographer with a strong focus on real photojournalistic moments.

I love to build a relationship with my clients and tell their personal story. Let me experience your love story from the first email to the couple portrait session to the wedding day and beyond.

Your story began long before I met you and will last long after the click of the shutter. As the season's pass, time moves on from generation to generation; your story can be remembered through the imagery composed. I partner with you to create a representation of your love as you begin a life together.


Lavan Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula 

Lavan Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula

0426 051 600

Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photography And Videography

A wedding day shouldn't be stressful; instead, it should be a charming and delightful adventure, and we can help you with that.

Here at Lavan Photography, we love to capture those candid but fleeting moments that take place at weddings.

As nature lovers, we have a special knack for outdoor, rustic, and boho settings and strive to immortalise the gentle lighting and touching scenes that take place on wedding days with photography that is similarly relaxed and charming. Specialising in naturally-lit settings and aesthetic photos that, when combined as a series of striking images, tell a beautiful story of a day that you will then be able to relive later on and treasure.

Our unique eye to light ensures that our photos are draped in atmospheric subtleties of character. And beyond our technical skills, we have an appreciation for the poetic character of all the details, from the rings waiting on a wooden bench to the tender adjustments made by the bride's maid and the shadows cast at midday by tree foliage over the kissing couple.

What follows is an impressive selection of wedding photography packages for weddings; we were thrilled to work at different Victoria locations.

Wedding Photography& Videography Mornington Peninsula 

We are a Mornington Peninsula based team of professional specialising in Wedding Photography and Videography, creating modern and natural images and video, with a unique blend of art and photojournalism, fun and organic! 


Your Guide for How to Hire a Wedding Photographer


I don't mean that you need a perfectly curated Pinterest-friendly Instagram feed before you start looking for your wedding photographer, but I do mean that you should have some kind of visual idea of what you want your photos to look like. Are you into darker, moodier photography? Cool, then don't go with someone who skews toward overexposure. Do you want someone who shoots with film? Great, make sure you include that in your search terms. Are you ultra into an abundance of natural light? Sub-question: Will your venue be filled with natural light? Awesome, find those people. If you're feeling totally lost, ask people you know who have amazing wedding photos they hired, and go from there.


True professional will have digital and physical portfolios of prior weddings that they worked at. See if the quality meets your standards and if their style is compatible with what you want on your big day.


Remember what I just said about natural light? Okay, good. I am personally a huge fan of natural light and venues that have tons of it, and a lot of my work reflects that. That's because I intentionally share photos that I think the best showcase what I do—and that's what a lot of photographers do. So if you're getting married in a dimly lit room and you hired someone who usually shoots outside in fields, just know that your photographer can't transport all that light into a space that doesn't have it. Sure, your photographer can and should be able to work with any venue, but if you're choosing a photographer because of what that person excels at, it's helpful if your wedding fits the bill.


I think few things are as valuable as an in-person meeting for both the couple and the photographer. Because trust: the best wedding photos happen when the couple and photographer could be friends in real life, outside of the wedding, this doesn't mean you will be friends, or that you even want to (it is absolutely fine to want a client-professional relationship with your vendors), but it always helps to know the potential is there. You want someone talented, who matches your vibe, and who the two of you (both! Not just one of you) hit it off with. Sitting down with a cup of coffee or over a glass of wine is a great way to find out if someone is that person. And I'll let you in on a secret: this goes both ways. Your photographer also needs to know if you guys all fit together because few things are harder than meeting expectations that were never realistic.


Maybe you don't know exactly how much money you have to spend on a photographer, but few things are as hard on everyone as when a couple inquires with a photographer who is out of budget in the hopes that they will magically not be. Everyone gets invested. You get invested in work you love, and your photographer gets invested in starting the booking process and breathing a sigh of relief because, hey! They still have a job. You don't need to know your entire budget, but you need to know if you have $1,000 for a photographer, or $2,500, or more than $4,000, and inquire accordingly.


Generally speaking, people tend to give glowing reviews of the vendors who worked on their weddings, and those people tend to deserve it. However, just because someone is amazing doesn't mean he or she doesn't have weaknesses. If you want to know how previous couples would describe the photographer, ask if you can be connected with one or two and then ask the couple specific questions (assuming they're okay with it). Past couples may feel more comfortable laying out the positive and less-than-positive aspects of working with a specific person.


Keep in contact with the photographer to relay any news or updates and ensure that he or she will be punctual.


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