Top 20 Male Strippers in Brisbane, Queensland [2022]

When it comes to planning a hens party, one of the most important decisions you have to make is who will be providing the entertainment.

If you're looking for something truly memorable, then you can't go past booking a group of male strippers! But with so many agencies offering this service, how do you know which one is right for you? Well, don't worry – we're here to help.

In this post, we'll introduce you to some of the best male strippers in Brisbane, Queensland. So whether you're looking for an energetic show or something a little more intimate, these guys have got you covered! Happy planning!

Ultimate List of the Male Strippers in Brisbane

Magic Men Male Strippers Brisbane


1300 624 426

Fastest growing male strip show Australian male stripper business award.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night, bachelorette party or just having a fun girls night in Melbourne, our hot and hunky male strippers and cheeky topless waiters are sure to make your ladies night one to remember. The Magic Men can visit suites, private function venues and residences around Melbourne for private shows just for you and your guests.

Each Magic Man has the body, the moves and the charisma to excite and delight – delivering more than just a set routine. Our male strippers are also talented dancers and will tailor a smart and sexy show to perfectly suit your tastes. Different shows are available to fit with the theme of any HENS PARTY.

So if you’re looking for the best MALE STRIPPERS MELBOURNE has to offer and the cutest topless waiters to add a bit of magic into your next event, contact us today! Make your party a night to remember.

Country girls! Our hunks love to travel and will happily head out across Victoria to make sure you and your friends can enjoy all the sizzle of a MALE STRIP SHOW, no matter where you are.

Aussie Hunks Male Strippers Brisbane

0404 106 657

Aussie Hunks has the raunchiest and sexiest Brisbane male strippers. These hunks will dance and strip for you. So check out Aussie Hunks Australia's gallery below. There's a hunk for every occasion, blonde to brunette. Hire Brisbane's hottest stripper for your next event. We'll help you plan a memorable event and recommend the best entertainers.

You want some fun for a special occasion? Choose one of our sexy hot hunks for your hens, birthday night. Our fullmonty shows are always a hit. These male strippers heat things up.

Even more, our shows add the sexy touch that your party needs and can turn even the most poorly planned occasion into an epic night of adult fun that will be remembered for a lifetime. All of our hunks are not only sexy, but they’re also certainly talented, dynamic and experienced in the industry – exactly the type of Brisbane strippers girls are looking for. Furthermore, they deliver a high standard of service and premium quality, mind-blowing entertainment. 

Bare Nights Male Strippers Brisbane

0409 777 015

Hello and welcome to Bare Nights. We specialise in making hen parties, birthday parties, private functions, and corporate events steamy, spectacular, and unforgettable. Male strippers and topless waiters can be found in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

Bare Nights offers limitless entertainment to liven up your next party. Our skilled wait staff has previously worked at Hens Parties, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, and Promotions.

Our topless waiters not only serve drinks, but also run games, mix cocktails, cook BBQs, and clean up as they go, allowing everyone at the party to relax and enjoy themselves.

Bare Nights' directors have years of topless waitering experience between them and know what it takes to make your event one to remember. We have only hired quality people who we know personally. We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by our service.

Male Strippers FAQs

For those male strippers who make private bookings (shows at people party’s in hotels, houses and venues), our nights are full of screaming women, rushing around the city like a mad man, getting changed in our car or women’s bedrooms at breakneck speed and making a shit load of cash.

For the most part, our work is pre-booked and is on the weekend at night. This is because we mainly service the bachelorette party industry, and we must perform at our client’s desired destination.

For that reason, we run on a super tight schedule, with back to back bookings on any given weekend, our time management must be immaculate.

A male stripper’s night is usually very busy. We can have anywhere from 6-8 bookings per night during peak months. Keep in mind come directly to our client’s location, so we need to make sure we are on time at each booking, regardless of its location.

Once we are there and doing our show, it’s a very fulfilling job knowing that you are potentially the highlight of someone’s bachelorette party.

Seeing the enjoyment in everyone’s faces gives you a powerful feeling. You can completely change someone’s mood and give them an experience they will never forget till they die. 

Excitement Boils Before the Dance Begins

There is always a sense of taboo when hiring a stripper, whether male or female. People feel elated when they are doing something bad. You and your partner will already begin feeling positive tension before the real fun even begins.

Lovers will begin fantasising about what they’d do the moment the show is over and they’re alone again. Some couples get excited about the act of hiring a stripper or the thought of visiting a strip club. This puts foreplay in the background since the experience does all the sexual teasing for you.

It’s a Good Bonding Experience

Having fun with a stripper may be unconventional, but it is still a bonding experience. You and your partner are sharing that moment and sharing the stripper. It’s an activity that you both participate in together, and a stripper is an object of desire.

This also plays into the dominating side of a couple. You and your partner get to explore some power play as you command the stripper how to dance and what to do to arouse you both. This lets you and your partner discover what you might want to do to each other.

Some people discover they want to try open relationships or group sex a little too late in life. They might realise this when they’re in a relationship with someone not open to these ideas. The bonding experience of hiring a stripper can open your eyes before it is too late.

Everyone Feels Sexy

While female strippers do it for money, men strip because it makes them feel good. When the stripper walks into the room, he already feels excited, sexy and happy. You and your partner will feel this way too.

Positive emotions are infectious, after all. If the stripper is having a good time, you and your partner will too. Your partner, in particular, will feel sexy and appreciated since there’s a hot hunk giving her all the attention in the world.

Your partner isn’t going to pour out their lust on the stripper. That’s your role in this whole event. While the stripper turns her on, she’ll express her love and lust towards you.

That will make you feel appreciated and sexy too. But, at the same time, you’ll both be in a state of high libido, which can open the doors to discovering other sexual desires.

Discover New Fantasies

Sharing each other’s sexual fantasies is a risky move, even for strong couples. Psychologists recommended sharing fantasies small and slowly. First, you have to gauge how comfortable your partner is with what secretly turns you on.

The good thing is that hiring male strippers is a small and slow beginning. As mentioned, there’s no sex involved, so it’s safe for both parties. You’ll see and gauge how the experience turns your partner on.

You can escalate your plans from there. After the performance, you can ask your partner what part of the night turned them on the most. If they enjoyed it, you might have the confidence to discover what other fantasies they may have in mind.

This is how hiring a male stripper can open the gates to exploring your sexual fantasies. For example, you might have a thing for light BDSM. Perhaps your partner wants to dress in a kinky outfit the next time you come home, or you both want to try a threesome.

Fun with a Stripper Can Ease Your Mind

There’s no sex involved, and most strippers focus on their performance than getting physically intimate with the customers. They aren’t there to have sex with you or your partner.

You might find this surprising, but many professional strippers don’t offer extra services. Male and female strippers dance, but they’re not prostitutes. So if you’re worried about your partner getting nasty, then don’t because, by default, strippers don’t offer sex on the table.

This lets you ease your mind. You and your partner can simply sit back, enjoy the moment, and let your libido take care of the rest.

It’s a Bold Invitation for Sex

Hiring a male stripper lets your partner know you’re in for a wild night. You can watch but not touch throughout the performance, holding in your libido. By the time the night is over, you and your partner will be ready to unleash the built-up heat.

If your sex life is getting dull, it is an electric shock to wake it back up. Your wife will have a lot of pent-up heat after the show, and the only person around to have fun with is you.

This is the same kind of psychological play couples do when experimenting with new positions or BDSM. They may have seen these things in a movie or read it in an erotic book, and now they want to enact it to spruce up the marriage.

Wild, Wet And Hot

Private bachelor party strippers can do more than simply participate in the event. You can ask to enjoy their group bubble bath during the event and even ask to join your unique Jacuzzi bathtub.

Budget Plan

Going to any strip club certainly implies that you may have to invest more money. However, you can approach the bachelor celebration strippers club and hire lots of as you desire for your occasion. The very best part is that your selection can be made after comparing the cost of various strippers offered for the night.

Working with strippers in the group also is thought about as being cost-efficient. Some strip clubs provide the finest discount on working with strippers in a group. When hiring personal strippers, you likewise save a lot of money that you would have to pay for food and drinks in a club.

Best Choices

When reserving services with strippers in Australia, you have the benefit to make a selection of as many strippers as you desire for your occasion. Some strip clubs use a collection of numerous strippers for any event. You can hire these stripers in groups or as solo entertainers for the entire program.

This party is held to celebrate the bride's last night of being single, and it can go one of two ways: civilised or debaucherous! The former is often dinner with a few friends, and then the well-behaved bride heads home. The latter involves incessant shots, plenty of phallic accessories (i.e. penis straws, jewellery and decorations), and a stripper.

The great thing about a hen's night- or bachelorette party- is that it's one of the simplest parties to plan. The maid of honour and the bridesmaids get to arrange it according to the bride's personality. As you can imagine, etiquette rules that apply to other parties (e.g. watching your drink intake closely, keeping a sense of decorum) are a little more relaxed. But, again, it's about having a good time and making the bride forget about the stress of organising her wedding.

The guest list can include anyone the bride wants, but it's predominantly for younger family members and, of course, her friends. We can safely say that most brides don't want their mother, and especially their mother-in-law, watching them lick salt off a bartender's six-pack when they do a tequila body shot!

Unquestionably, the most awkward and exhausting part of organising the hen party celebrations is limiting or working out the number of people you can invite! Factors such as the hen party activity or accommodation can all account for this matter!

For example, if you are opting for a spa day or perhaps afternoon tea or a dance class, the maximum amount of hens can usually range between 20-25, which can indeed cause a lot of complications when sorting out who to invite! 

Not to mention, hen party accommodation can become a huge issue with many self-catering venues only catering for as little as 8-10 people! However, some can hold up to as many as 30-40 if you are lucky! It is no surprise that the number of people can impact the choices or level or fun, so be sure to choose wisely!


Exotic X Entertainment Male Strippers Brisbane

1800 972 838

Hello and welcome to Bare Nights. We specialise in making hen parties, birthday parties, private functions, and corporate events steamy, spectacular, and unforgettable. Male strippers and topless waiters can be found in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

Bare Nights offers limitless entertainment to liven up your next party. Our skilled wait staff has previously worked at Hens Parties, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, and Promotions.

Our topless waiters not only serve drinks, but also run games, mix cocktails, cook BBQs, and clean up as they go, allowing everyone at the party to relax and enjoy themselves.

Bare Nights' directors have years of topless waitering experience between them and know what it takes to make your event one to remember. We have only hired quality people who we know personally. We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by our service.

We only provide the highest level of service and can tailor to your specific needs. Because of our excellent wait staff, we consistently receive positive feedback. As a result, several waiters are booked up to three months ahead of time. Make sure to arrive early to secure your prefered waiter.

Magic Hens Male Strippers Brisbane

1300 411 877


Magic Hens offers Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane the best hens and parties and packages for all types of nights. Hens or girls party, or any other special occasion. We’ve been organising such parties and events for over seven years and have the right package for you. Sit back and allow us to ensure an epic hens party!

Are you looking for a crazy, fun, and wild party out with the girls? Then you’ve come to the right place. MagicHens by MagicMen Entertainment is your destination for the ultimate girls party, with a range of thrilling nude male revue, male stripper shows and packages that will blow your mind!

When it comes to Melbourne male strip clubs & parties, we lead the pack with the best hens party packages in Australia.

We offer sizzling private dancers daring all-male revue shows. These are some of the hottest party strippers in the business, and they’re waiting to show you and your girlfriends a good time.

One of the most important parts of planning your hens party in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane is choosing the perfect venue and the right package! Magic Hens has classy locales for you to choose from that make the ultimate setting for an incomparable party.

We pride ourselves on delivering perfection to every hens party, and that includes helping them obtain the very best venue. All our exclusive hens night venues and packages are brimming with glamour and glitz, so get dressed in your finest party wear and get ready for the red carpet.

At Magic Hens, we believe that VIP treatment isn’t only about delivering our party packages with excellence; it’s a lifestyle in which we want to indulge all our clients. From the transportation to the venue through to the drinks and party entertainment, we’ll ensure your night is the wildest party of fun for you and all your guests, so speak to us about choosing the right party package.

Man Crush Entertainment Male Strippers Brisbane

0416 036 373

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night/bachelorette party or just having a fun girls night out, our exquisite and charming Male Strippers, Topless Waiters, Portable Cocktail Bartenders and Life Drawing Models are sure to make your ladies night one to remember. 

With enticing muscles and heart-stopping smiles, your Man Crush Entertainer will captivate your attention and have every heart in the room racing. However, it’s not just about good looks, you want male strippers who have plenty of personalities with dance moves to impress!

Bux Party Male Strippers Brisbane

0416 477 925

Forget the strip club, a great stags party idea is to book a show. Hire a female stripper, also known as an exotic dancer, erotic dancer, exotic angel, female dancer, dancer, striper, stripers, stripper, strippa, exoticxx, exotixx, exotic, or erotic dancer. Phone 0416477924 to book your bucks and hens party show. waiter. topless waitress in Brisbane, Queensland.

Chocolate Fantasy Male Strippers Brisbane

0420 592 426


Whether celebrating a birthday, hosting a Hen’s Night, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette party or a naughty night with your girlfriends, our Brisbane & Gold Coast male strippers & topless waiters will definitely allow you to put your troubles aside and unwind. Chocolate Fantasy will satisfy and leave you wanting more.

Topless Waiters Male Strippers Brisbane

1300 624 427


Brisbane is known for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But you should also know that Brisbane has handsome, sexy and professional topless waiters that can keep you entertained. The Men in Action are now ready to serve you with their hot and sexy waiters.

Topless waiters are also good at birthday parties, divorce parties and other promo and corporate events. These shirtless men will never let you down, and they will make sure that all your guests are going to have fun and enjoy the night. They know very well how to deal with the ladies and how to make them all feel comfortable all night long.

The Men in action can also join the games with the ladies like pin-the-penis or ask some questions that would let them enjoy the night. Whatever games you have planned to incorporate in the party, they would love to join the fun and games to keep you satisfied and happy throughout the party.

Topless Male Waiters Strippers Brisbane

0431 328 118


You are the city that sure knows how to throw a party! And we know that you get why it’s important to hire the best for any event. So, if you’re in need of the best topless waiters in Brisbane, then look no further. Our topless waiters are friendly, hot, fun, reliable and above all, know how to make your next event perfect. As well as supplying entertainment, they can also run parts of the night by co-ordinating games, mixing drinks and taking photos. They also excel in getting shyer guests to come out of their shells. Because it’s important that everyone and we mean everyone, has fun, no matter if you’re throwing a Hens party, Girls night or birthday celebration.

Playtime Entertainment Male Strippers Brisbane

0450 588 793

Need something special for your Hens Night or Bucks Night?

Playtime Entertainment is an exclusive, adult and promotional entertainment agency, offering outstanding entertainers and promotional staff that will guarantee to turn any event into a memorable experience. We’ll entertain you, make you laugh and give you a titillating time. Our talented team of experienced hot guys and hot girls are a must for your next special event.

Hens Night Party Brisbane

Planning a hens night? Want some hot party action? Want loads of fun?

You’ll love the Playtime boys! Fun, sexy and entertaining, from male waiters exotic dancers to the full monty shows and everything in between, we guarantee the best hen’s night waiters and hen’s night strippers Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coast, we even travel to hen’s nights in Byron Bay!

For the best hens party, you need one special ingredient, Playtime Entertainment!

HUNKS4HIRE Male Strippers Brisbane

0435 071 339

Sexy Topless Waiters, Male Strippers, Life Drawing Parties, Dance Parties, Art Parties, & Much More 

Looking to spice up your party? Established in 2016, Hunks4hire Australia can provide topless waiters, male strippers, sexy art classes, dance classes, luxury yacht hire, & much much more.

What exactly are you going to get from our HUNKS? Our ripped up, handsome men will get the girls chatting and enjoying themselves from the moment they enter. Our Lads are PREDOMINANTLY at hens nights. But it is not uncommon to find some hot guys with their tops off at birthdays, corporate events, or even divorce parties! 

All the Hunks4Hire guys have experience with serving drinks and general bar skills. Some of our guys also have RSA’s for bar work if you are hiring out a separate function room with its own Bar. Our HUNKS also enjoy getting involved in any games you girls might have preplanned and can even suggest games on the spot.

SOME GAMES YOU MIGHT HAVE IN MIND MIGHT BE: Pin the penis on the man or 30 questions about the husband-to-be. Have any other questions? Feel free to call us or drop us an enquiry. 

Topless Waiters & Male Strippers are servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, & the Tweed Coast.

Bad Boys Australia

0451 033 728


Look no further than Badboys Australia for your next event. Their new show takes the audience on a journey where every emotion explodes into a night of excitement, titillation, and exploration of the male form. Badboys Australia specialises in fulfilling every girl’s fantasy and desire with style, ensuring every moment is everlasting. A night with Badboys Australia is one that won’t soon be forgotten. 

Male strip shows are becoming the latest craze, and Badboys Australia is undeniably one of Australia’s most successful and famous male revues. Having travelled extensively through the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Bali, Manila, Shenzhen, New Zealand and of course, our home, Australia. Badboys Australia has become more than just a household name in the ladies entertainment industry. 

Take a moment and picture your venue bringing to the main stage Badboys Australia a special night out for the ladies. The room is packed with a beautiful women waiting for the magic that’s about to unfold right before their eyes. As the music builds... so does their excitement. The lights set the scene, and the smoke drifts across the stage - get ready for an epic night as Badboys Australia enter the room. #GDFR It’s. About. To. Go. Down.

For all the girl’s looking to celebrate a bachelorette party, hens party, birthday party or just a girl’s night out, then Badboys promises to be an incredible night of sexiness, giggles, and crowd interaction, with a focus on high-energy, sophisticated entertainment.

Some of Australia’s best male performers and strip tease professionals are coming together in an amazing live performance both on tour and regular Saturday events in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Badboys Australia is an interactive show that is specifically designed to make every woman feel special and indulge their senses. It’s the ultimate ladies night out.

​Wildboys Afloat Male Strippers Brisbane

1300 55 9458

The team at Wildboys Afloat have created the most affordable package to ensure the best girls night out! Our package includes a beautiful cruise along the Brisbane River, fabulous entertainment, discounted drinks and the best place for your next event. The finest entertainment from the always professional Wildboys waiters and Performers creates an amazing atmosphere. So for the best Hen’s Night, Girls Night, Birthday or Just Because, jump on board.

Enjoy the best Brisbane has to offer on a fun and entertaining party boat full of great guys. For the ultimate hens party idea, you can’t go past WildBoys Afloat. Even if you just want to celebrate your birthday with some friends, WildBoys Afloat is the easiest way to make sure everyone has a great girls night out.

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