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7 Bridal Table Styling Ideas

Each week at our Melbourne wedding venue we have the pleasure of styling our luxurious bridal table. The best thing about this is that no two bridal tables are ever styled the same, meaning that we have the opportunity to work with a range of flowers, centerpieces, colours, charger plates and much more. If you’re a newly engaged couple, or if you’re helping a couple style their bridal table, then take a look at our collection of some of the most stunning bridal tables we’ve had to date at our beautiful wedding venue.

1. Flowers For Days

What a truly stunning setting, this modern day classic bridal table setting encapsulates sheer elegance. The floral work on this table goes perfectly with the white bridal skirting.

2. Simple Yet Striking

A simple yet striking bridal table. When our mirrored bridal table is lit up with candles, it brings a certain ambience to our venue.

3. A Floral Haven

The floral […]

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