What Are The Tips For Decorating A Large Wedding Venue?

When it comes to wedding decor, the ideas and the amount of money it takes to pull off an Instagram and Pinterest-worthy event can feel overwhelming and almost unattainable unless you are a celebrity or pro athlete. However, with creative solutions, out of the box ideas and focusing on the atmosphere and "feel" of the event rather than the layers and details, you'll be pleasantly surprised that an instagrammable wedding [in the budget] is easier than you may first think.

Thinking about decorating your wedding venue? Depending on how big the space is, that could be quite the task. Whether you are doing it to save money or just because you want some input on how the wedding reception will look, there are ways to make it look right. Of course, you will first want to speak to the venue to make sure you are allowed to decorate it – some venues include their decorations as part of the rental price. But, once you get the green light, you can start decorating your venue using these tips.

For an optimum effect, go with soft tones like off-white, blues, and greens, and always remember that brighter rooms feel bigger and more inviting. And here's another hack: Try painting your wall trim and mouldings in a lighter colour than your walls.

Cool Grey. A great alternative to white paint colour is a light cool grey, which can feel fresh and bright without the starkness of pure white. Cool colours feel fresher and brighter than warm ones, so it helps visually create the appearance of more space.

If you paint the ceiling a darker colour than the walls, it will make the ceiling feel closer and the room feels smaller. But if you paint the ceiling a lighter colour than the walls, it will make the room feel bigger, even if you are using dark shades on the walls.

An event decorator plans the aesthetic and atmosphere of an event. In this career, you work closely with your clients to create a theme, plan the decor, and ensure everything is in its place.

  • Balloon Decoration.
  • Car Decoration.
  • Room Decoration.
  • Flower Decoration.
  • Kids Party Decoration.
  • Office Decoration.

Use White Christmas Lights

Christmas lights, in white, are the perfect wedding decor item. You can use them with entrances, the cake and buffet tables, and more. Because they offer a soft, romantic glow, they can enhance a nighttime wedding or even give your daytime reception a little sparkle. However, please do not go overboard with lights; instead, use them as accent pieces.

Drape Out The Ceilings

Bare ceilings are, well, bare and boring. But, just a little fabric can transform the entire look of your wedding venue. Use ivory or white if you're having a traditional wedding, or go with a bright and bold colour for something more fun. By draping the ceilings, you will be able to do less everywhere else – because the ceilings will make a dramatic decor statement for you.

Use Centrepieces

Tables at the reception will need something in the centre, so when decorating your wedding venue, don't forget to put effort into the centrepieces. They can be as simple as a numbered bottle of wine, a platter of candles or even a bouquet, but whatever you do, don't leave a blank space right in the centre.

Go With Big Decorating Tasks First

Focus on the biggest decorating tasks and largest areas, then work on the small stuff. Sometimes just decorating the bigger areas (like the ceilings and walls) is all it takes – leaving less you have actually to decorate. And, it will help you save money.

Use Ribbons

Decorate the backs of chairs, sides of pews and other areas with tied ribbons or tulle. It is a very simple, cheap decoration that goes a long way.

Use Candles

Candles add ambience and a sense of romance to any wedding. Also, tea light candles are cheap – so you can add a bunch to your centrepieces and other areas without breaking the decor budget.

Use Engagement Photos

You spent all of that time and money getting your engagement photos, so why not use them to decorate your wedding venue? Please put them in frames or even blow them up into poster form and use them to decorate the reception area.

Pick A Theme And Stick To It

Please sit down and decide on a theme or colour palette, then stick to it. Do not stray from it because doing so could mean adding more decorations than necessary. Try to keep it simple, such as black and white with an accent colour.

Map Out The Space First

Before you even think about decorating, you need to map out the space and see what you have to work with. Decide where to place the tables, how chairs will be arranged, etc.

Items From Around Your Home Or The Home Of Your Family.

Accent chairs, bar carts, framed family photos, wall hangings, room dividers, pillows, ottomans, blankets, etc. Are all things we have used, seen and can be easily transported without a rental van. Take a look around your home for items to add texture, layers and interest.

Use A Ton Of Candles. [Light Is The Key]

While candles can get expensive if not purchased in bulk, never underestimate the transformation of light. Lighting will always be the most cost-effective way to transform a space. Low lighting, specifically, has the power to create an atmosphere that feels warm and intimate. In addition, candles in various sizes and heights add visual interest to your event for a low cost.

Repurpose Your Ceremony Décor.

Reuse as much as possible when it comes to your décor. Repurpose décor elements throughout your day is a major money saver, from Bridesmaid's bouquets used on the cake table or lounge vignette end tables to ceremony décor or aisle décor used as bar and food table décor elements.

Think Beyond Floral For Centrepieces

Floral seems like the obvious choice. However, it's the most expensive in some cases. So trying to keep a tighter budget, opt for non-floral centrepieces, from books to photos and even greenery.

Rent! Rent! Rent!

We can't stress this idea enough! Renting everything is by no way "cheaper" in the long run to buy your wedding décor unless you plan to use it in your home as home décor after. RENT EVERYTHING! 

Use Seasonal Greenery To Cover Everything.

Our team has more outdoor, and warehouse (big open spaces) events than anything else, and one thing we have found that can soften any hard space or line is greenery! So we hang it and wrap it around every pole, wall, tent gutter, and rafter. Seasonal greenery can be cost-effective and have a big impact on your overall design.

Chairs Are Seen In Every Photo.

Chairs. Chairs. Chairs. Yes, while sometimes the ones you want are super costly -they have a MAJOR IMPACT, and if you are going to splurge on something, we say chairs should be one of them. Frankly, they are nearly seen in every single reception photo, from a distance, up close and in the mix!

Buy And Borrow Second-Hand.

If you're planning to DIY or just looking for extra layers of decor, buying second-hand items or borrowing from friends and family interiors can save and bring unique items to your design.

Be Strategic With Statement Pieces.

When you think of "statement pieces", think of places in your event that you will be taking photos in front of more than others. For example, consider focusing your decor money on the cake/dessert table, altar, head table/sweetheart table, escort card table/area or above the bar. They are the most seen, the most photographed, and the most memories are created.

Use Items From Your Home

From decorative pillows and blankets to chairs and rugs, many personalised decor elements—found in your home—represent your style as a couple and preserve your wedding budget. Look around your house and get creative with ways you could use décor you already own to decorate your wedding reception. In addition to saving money, you guarantee your wedding will feel like "you."

Diy Wedding Décor 

With weddings shifting focus from quantity to quality, "do it yourself" wedding decor has become increasingly popular. DIY wedding elements—from signage to photo booths—are an easy and affordable way to get loved ones involved in the wedding planning process and save money. 

Repurpose Ceremony Décor

Reusing décor elements—like seating and backdrops— throughout your day is a major time, money, and stress saver. For example, you can use your ceremony seating as part of your reception seating. You could even carry your eye-catching ceremony backdrop over to the reception as a sweetheart table backdrop. There's no reason you should have to spend money on duplicate items, especially if your budget is tight. Want more examples? Here are more clever ways to repurpose your wedding décor from ceremony to reception.

Think Outside The Box For Centrepieces

There are no rules when it comes to centrepieces. Floral arrangements, books, mismatched glassware, lamps, lanterns, and geometric gold table décor are great centrepiece options. We recommend carefully crafting a reception table decor palette and running with it. 

Drape Lights To Transform Your Reception Space

Wedding lighting is undoubtedly one of the most underrated elements. It's amazing how lighting can transform a space—a huge plus when decorating on a budget. Whether your wedding reception will be taking place outside or inside, you can instantly add elegant and warm touches by strategically hanging twinkle lights. 

Add Florals And Greenery

Whether it's garlands of eucalyptus, giant tropical leaves, potted ferns, or olive branch wreaths, greenery has the power to add life and a sense of natural elegance to wedding décor without the large price tag of traditional floral arrangements. The best part is that you can add greenery just about anywhere, and it will look great—on the backs of chairs, down the centre of tables, even onSo check ground. So check out the times when a greenery wedding décor proved less is more.

Rent Items To Save Your Wedding Budget 

Wedding rentals are a budget-friendly couple's best friends. There are endless rental opportunities—from seating to decor—that are offered at a fraction of the cost. As a result, you'll save time and money not finding everything yourself as a bonus. In addition, you don't have to worry about transportation on the day of the wedding—what a win. 

Shop Secondhand

While renting large wedding items is always a great idea, there may be unique items that you can't rent. So rather than buying those items new, save some money by shopping at second-hand stores. It's amazing what can be found at local thrift stores or even flea markets. While shopping, keep an eye out for everything from small centrepiece items to larger seating options. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless. 


Event planners usually resort to draping to transform a lacklustre venue into a cosy and inviting space. Draping cost depends on what material you use and how much space you want to cover. Some planners go as far as draping the ceiling for a soft, tent-like effect. Draping also gives you the freedom to dress up the room according to your motif or theme. 

Choose flame-resistant draping, especially if you want to put up a draped backdrop in the buffet or food preparation area. The regal gossamer fabric is a popular choice among stylists because it is usually fireproof.

If it is too costly to drape the whole area, you can strategically choose parts of the room to drape and use other ideas to conceal or dress up awkward areas of the room. Tobacco canvases can also save you money. Use it against ambient lighting to create a whole new atmosphere.


Cafes and restaurants rely on lighting to achieve a certain romance. But when they turn on the "normal lights" when they close for cleaning, you'll see that it resembles any other restaurant. That's the power of strategic lighting. Wedding venue styling involves a lot of lighting work, especially if the celebration is in the evening.

Lighting can be costly so if you're setting aside a budget for it, make sure you hire lighting technicians who know what they're doing. Brush up on some lighting techniques, too, so you know what kind of lighting goes with your theme or mood.

Pin-spot lighting, an advanced light design that focuses tiny light beams on a surface to perfectly illuminate the centre of an arrangement, draws the eyes to a focal point such as a table centrepiece. You can downsize your budget for table décor and allocate the budget instead of pin-spot lighting. This kind of lighting adds glamour to the simplest of centrepieces.

String lights are your friend if you intend to do the lighting yourself. Hang them across the room or against the wall. A wall adorned with string lights makes for a perfect photo background.


Tall centrepieces will make high-ceiling spaces seem more intimate because they break the empty vertical space. This idea will work if you hold the wedding ceremony in a school gym or high-ceiling community hall.

If you can spare a little more of your budget for the centrepieces, combine it with lighting effects to draw attention. Your guests won't even notice they're in the gym.

Use Plants

If you want to block off unnecessary space, look beyond your usual dividers and opt for trees or potted plants instead. Use them around the area or entrance/exit points of the venue to eliminate the coldness of a dull venue.

You don't even have to buy these plants. Borrow from relatives, friends, or your stylist. They don't have to be all the same too. Variety will mimic a more natural setting.

Maximise Space

Find ways of utilising empty spaces instead of covering them up. For example, you can create a spacious lounge where guests can chitchat and drink their cocktails if they don't want to sit at the dinner table anymore. Instead, rent a bench or couch and a coffee table, and bring the patio or living room to your wedding reception.

Will your guests bring their little ones to your big day? Please arrange for a kid's section with candies, chocolates, board games, and other little knick-knacks to keep them entertained while the adult's party is away.

Don't Be Intimidated.

You may use one, two or all of these ideas simultaneously. The ideas are endless, just as endless as the space seems. But don't be intimidated.

The success of wedding venue styling lies in your creative prowess and the ability to pinpoint what you want. Sticking to a theme or mood helps. Make sure this is identified at the beginning of your wedding planning process. For example, if you don't want any hint of foliage in your venue, don't use trees or potted plants and stick to strategic draping instead. You should also remember to set aside a little more of your styling budget for lighting if you host your wedding party at night.


When it comes to decorating a large wedding venue, there are a few things to consider:

  1. You want to make sure the space is visually appealing and inviting for guests.
  2. You need to consider the venue's layout and how best to use the space available.
  3. Don't forget about practical considerations like lighting and power availability.

You can create a beautiful and functional wedding venue that will wow your guests by following these tips!

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