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Wedding Flowers by Season to Have at Your Reception

We all know that fruit and vegetables go in and out of season, making them cheaper or more expensive, but did you know that flowers also have seasons? It makes sense, but just because they’re available in florists it doesn’t mean they are easily or locally available. If they aren’t in season, that means that they are sourced from elsewhere, and that can mean that flowers are damaged from long-distance travel. Here we’ve created a guide to which flowers to choose for which season by month, so you can get the best quality in-season flowers for your budget.


December, January, February

Hydrangeas can add that something blue to a beautiful bouquet, while the pure white of water lilies will add a fresh and elegant look to any wedding dress. For something different go for the vibrant red poppy, which will add a stunning visual contrast to a white wedding dress. 


March, April, May

For a pop of purple, opt for an iris. If you’re looking for vibrant and bright colour options, tulips are a fantastic choice. Choose a dusky pink or yellow chrysanthemum for a more modern bouquet, or purple and white Lisianthus for a simple and classic look. 


June, July, August

Camellias have a dreamy, fluffy and distinctly vintage personality; a bouquet of white gardenias are beautiful not only for their classy aesthetic, but also for their intoxicating perfume. For a country wedding, a simple bunch of rustic lavender will provide a perfectly charming choice. Jonquils, a form of daffodil, is a perfect splash of yellow colour for a winter wedding. 


September, October, November

For a bouquet with a difference, go for a feminine array of pink cherry blossom matched with another flower with a more substantial bloom as the centrepiece, such as peonies. The small, white uniform bouvardia flowers make for a simple yet effective option, while orchids are diverse, colourful and always interesting.


Carnations can offer a wide variety of colours and look amazing in an arrangement of pastels; roses are the classic choice and will offer a traditional feel to your wedding ensemble. Both look amazing in a bouquet with baby’s breath, which is a beautiful and dainty filler for any bouquet, matching with most other flowers.

At Vogue Ballroom, we’re here to help you create the most stunning wedding imaginable, from the bouquet to the venue. Get in touch and let us help you plan and host your wedding today!

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