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Which Colour suit is best for a wedding?

Sadly, that’s not the reality for the majority of us; however, opt for sensible choices when it comes to colours. It means that five different suits can be worn all year round without any sense of offending the season. And no, white linen is not included.


In an ideal world, all men have access to a large walk-in wardrobe that includes a massive range of impeccably tailored suits. Oh, and available in every single colour imaginable; an outfit for every occasion and every season. 


Running short on groom suit ideas? Before you show up entirely naked for your own wedding (excellent), let us share a few tips about the foundation of groom outfits: the suit.

If you’ve already decided a tuxedo is too bold for the wedding you and your partner are planning, that narrows the field to groom suits. But don’t settle for the first suit you see, willy-nilly. With some consideration—and a little advice—we’ll help you pick the perfect outfit for your big day. Get started by choosing a colour family, the season, or the vibe—formal or casual—of your wedding below.


Specifically, in which order to buy your suits based on colour when you’re building a wardrobe?

An important question to answer as we want to maximize your spending power – the worse thing when buying suits is to purchase one you love but can rarely wear as it’s not versatile or appropriate for situations.


When it comes to costumes and colours, some suit colours are simply more useful and versatile compared to others. I am going to rank suit colours starting with the most useful and versatile so that it is easier for the man on a budget to prioritize. The last colours mentioned would be beautiful to have for special occasions but are not necessary.


There are so many choices when it comes to picking suit colours, but when it comes down to it, there are three main categories: shades of blue, shades of grey (including black) and shades of brown. When building your suit wardrobe, you don’t want it to rely on the same routine colour. This will make your day-to-day look boring and overly routine. On the other hand, you don’t want to fill your wardrobe exclusively with vibrant, exuberant colours. While it is okay to wear these overtly stylish suits from time-to-time, in most cases the dress-code and context won’t allow it.


She just said yes to the magical proposal, and you are looking forward to a memorable wedding! The time has come to look for the attributes that are going to make this a dream wedding. As the bride usually takes charge of planning the wedding with some of your help, you have the excellent opportunity to have all the time to yourself and focus on your presence at the wedding. The most crucial decision for the groom is to choose the wedding suit along with the accessories.

People like to talk about weddings in superlative terms. Your wedding should be the “happiest” day of your life, the “most important” day of your life, the “biggest” day, and so on.

I’d like to think your wedding should also be one of your best-dressed days as well.

Whatever form your ceremony takes, it certainly merits your sharpest appearance.

In many cases, it’s also going to require some coordination with groomsmen or general wedding themes. And since you’ll be making up 50% of the pictures, thinking carefully about your clothing is almost as important as the bride’s (I have to be careful as a few brides may read this).

The options for dressing sharp on your wedding day are as varied as wedding ceremonies. However, these basic guidelines will steer any man straight.

What are the most suitable colours?


Don’t be put off by wearing a black suit in the summer – it’s a classic look and will never look out of place. Of course, it’s not the right colour for a social event on a hot summer evening, so be sensible with when and where you use it. Perfect for business wear all year round and for evening functions, in the warmer months, lighten the look with a pale shirt and tie combo – or no tie at all.


Black suits are the most formal groom suit option short of a tux there’s little that separates the two. They’re also a little harsh for a groom suit, which is why this is only recommended for evening or winter weddings. If you decide a black suit is a way you want to go, try to work in a little more colour than basic black and white—otherwise, you’d be better off wearing a tuxedo.


The black suit only gets 5th place because compared to the ones previously mentioned, it is not as versatile. Black does not work for every skin type. A black suit works well for a man with a darker complexion and dark hair. A black suit does not look flattering on a man with lighter complexion and light hair- such as a redhead as it can easily wash him out.

Black suits are limited in their versatility due to the stark contrast with anything else you are wearing.


A black suit is useful for the most formal of occasions such as a black-tie event.

If you’re going to an event which requires a tuxedo or a black-tie dress code, make sure that your suit is genuinely black. A black suit is also appropriate for funerals. And in regards to having a black suit in your arsenal, there will be solemn occasions in life when the dress code calls for a black suit, so make sure you are prepared. The black wedding suit: the alternative only for weddings with a black-tie dress code.

Black is a high-formality colour, but because of its associations with tuxedos and evening wear, it may not actually be appropriate for a wedding setting. Wedding is a celebration, and it is not some rigorous formal event.


In most countries the black suit is put aside for funerals and black is not considered for weddings. If you like the dark grace of the colour black, you can always go darkest on blue like midnight blue.


Black suits are sometimes seen as a more relaxed version of a tuxedo for wedding garb. That’s a somewhat imperfect understanding. Black is a high-formality color, but because of its associations with tuxedos and evening wear it may not actually be appropriate for a wedding setting.


Wearing black indoors has the unfortunate effect of washing out many men’s complexions and creating a stark contrast that overpowers in photographs. Also groomsmen and guests are less likely to own a pure black suit than they are a more conventional gray or blue suit, so it may not wind up being much more convenient than the fancier black tie or morning dress options anyway.


The groom does not typically match the bride and should avoid a white suit. White is traditionally bridal and an overwhelmingly white color palette tends to wash the couple out. If your bride is wearing a traditional white dress we strongly recommend a colored suit.

Unless you’re dead set to the idea of a black or white suit, consider a charcoal grey or navy blue instead. These colours are more comfortable to match, much more practical in terms of availability, and are classic staples that have been used for decades.


Grey wedding suit

The grey wedding suit: a good option for a formal touch.

A classic grey suit is a good option if you would be wearing a morning dress or just a morning coat for your wedding. A charcoal grey suit is a second-best option after blue for formal weddings.


Light grey and its nuances in a lightweight fabric are making a trend for the casual destination wedding past few years, as it gives a very relaxed feeling but the colour might overshadow the bride. So be very careful while choosing the right shade for you and her.

There are many shades of grey which means that there is a marked difference between charcoal grey and medium grey.


A medium grey suit will be a little lighter compared to charcoal.

A charcoal grey suit is just about as versatile as Navy.

The one advantage that it has over the former is that it is more ideal for the younger man as it can add a little more age to him.

Navy suits can make a young man look even younger while charcoal grey does not have that same effect.


Charcoal grey is extremely easy to match. As that charcoal is firmly on the grayscale (absent of colour – a neutral), it goes well with a wide range of colours allowing a man to be more adventurous with the shirts and ties that he pairs this suit with. The dark fabric of a charcoal suit means it’s well suited (my anaconda don’t want any unless you’ve got puns, hun) for fall and winter weddings, or any wedding that starts after 4 pm, roughly. If that sounds like your wedding, or if you’re leaning toward a formal wedding, this could be the suit for you—charcoal is on the official end of the suit colour spectrum.


In terms of versatility, it is still about equal to Cambridge grey.

However, it is not as formal as charcoal grey and navy blue, although very few people and places will be able to tell the difference.


Having the three suits mentioned above will already make for an extremely versatile wardrobe, especially if each suit had slight differences in the details that go into them.


A light grey suit is distinctively lighter compared to its other grey brethren.

This suit works well for spring, summer and fall dressing.

The light grey suit is more casual. It is ideal to invest in one once a man has all of the “must-haves” in his wardrobe.


This shade is a great way to break up the monotony of wearing the more usual shades.

The lighter the shade, the easier it is to introduce pattern-such as checks or herringbone-into the suit as the patterns are easily more visible.


Going grey can be a good thing. With endless ways to wear a grey groom suit, it’s a good look no matter the season or time of day of your wedding. The grey suit can also hold its own for any wedding dress code (except the really formal ones), but with a little extra attention to detail, you can dial up the perfect shade of grey for your wedding style.


Light grey suits are best for the spring and summer, and an excellent option for a daytime wedding. That’s because the light grey colour will absorb less heat and keep you more refreshing than a darker shade, like charcoal. If you’re planning a formal wedding, you might be better off in a darker shade of grey—light grey is one of the most casual groom suit colours.


If you’re outdoorsy, you’ve probably heard of a four-season tent; well, this is the four-season tent of groom suits. But just like camping, grey is at its best in the fall (with a tiny flask of hooch). Medium grey suits are all about versatility—they match with just about anything, which means you can accessorize a grey costume for a formal wedding or dress it down for a more casual ceremony.


If you’re following along at home, you might’ve picked up on the trend that the lighter the colour, the more casual the suit. The opposite can also be exact: darker suits tend to be more formal. Ultimately, you’ll dictate how buttoned-up your look is through the accessories you choose, so if your wedding plan is casual, a charcoal suit is still totally fair game.


Blue Groom Suits

The blue suit is modern and bold without crossing the line into trendy territory. (Note: “Trendy” isn’t always bad, but take a groom suit trend too far and you’ll find your wedding albums filled with regret.) The blue suit is a smart choice for an evening wedding in the spring or summer. In the fall, you can get away with blue during the day, but probably skip the vest—you never know how the temps will look like in late September. This is a casual groom suit, so read on if you’re looking for something formal in the blue family.


Classic navy suits feature a dark fabric that works best for summer and fall evenings. You can also wear Navy for a daytime wedding in the winter—the darker colour will keep you a little warmer if it’s a chilly day. Compared to similarly dark groom suits, a navy suit’s fabric will soften your look the most by way of its deep blue tones. Dress it up with black and white accessories or a bow tie, or dress it down with a little more colour for a casual look.


Compared to Navy, a genuine blue suit can be harder to find.

The jacket to the left is an example – please note it is being worn as a sports jacket hence the non-matching trousers.Public personalities & politicians such as Prince William, Prince Harry and Vladimir Putin have popularized the hue, and it is actually an excellent colour to wear.

A genuine blue suit is more prevalent in Europe and parts of Asia. However, it doesn’t score very high for North American based gentlemen because it is merely difficult to find and less formal than the Navy.


A man may have to consider getting a custom suit made if he wants a true blue one. A great option if you own close to a dozen suits and want something for weekend or events a formal colour isn’t required.


The blue wedding suit: the perfect balance between traditional and versatile.

Blue is really the most common option when it comes to weddings. Blue especially in the shades of midnight blue, cobalt blue or solid blue, is said to be an attractive colour, which gives an enduring impression of impressive formality to the men who wear it.

The blue colour finds a balance between the formality of ceremonies at the wedding and the formality of rituals. This fact that colour is associated with highly respected services like the Navy, thereby, holds an equal craze amongst both young and old generations.

A three-piece is a great choice and always looks smart, a blue suit allows you to mix and match it with different styles of coloured waistcoats, perhaps a tone on tone waistcoat or maybe ivory jacket to match with the bride.


Timelessly smart, navy blue is an excellent option if you want to keep it reasonably formal but consider the occasion not quite suitable for black and the associations with that colour. You can dress it up or down, depending on the event, like teaming it with black shoes for the office or tan brogues for a more casual appearance. Alternatively, for a more ‘country casual’ grooms look in blue, consider a tweed suit. Tweed comes in different pattern strengths whether you want something subtle or statement and range in material weight for every season.


Yes, brown. Possibly the most underrated and understated of the mainstream suit colours; brown should be in your top five. It’s more versatile than you think – it looks great with white, and almost any shade of blue. The chances are, too, that whenever you wear a brown suit, you’ll be in the minority in the room: the very stylish opposition.


A dark brown suit can work if a man has dark hair and a darker complexion. It can work for some blonds, redheads and for men with ruddy complexions.A dark brown suit can be useful  in adding a little bit of colour.


However, those who choose to wear it should exert caution as it is clearly not a formal suit.

Never wear a dark brown suit to a formal event or to a place where the business dressing is taken very seriously (world cities such as New York and London).


Tan Suit 

 Think beaches, the countryside, the desert. This is casual. In fact, the tan suit was voted most likely to be worn without a tie or socks, according to a fake poll I just made up. But let me be apparent: Whether you wear stockings or not, always wear shoes. Fun fact: You can’t read a message in a bottle if the bottle is lodged in the arch of your left foot.


A tan suit falls under the category of a brown suit as they fall within the same colour family.

However – for this article, I separate them as for summer wear they are more at home in warmer weather and could quickly supplant the brown suit in this list due to their versatility assuming you have the weather and complexion to pull it off.


Like the light grey suit, a khaki one can spice up the wardrobe, especially for the man who continually wears suits to work. They are are a solid choice for low contrast men as the lack of colour won’t overpower neutral features and allow you to wear pastels to more effect.

Like the light grey suit, the tan suit is relatively casual, so best for the daytime. You wouldn’t choose a tan suit for your formal wedding—tan just won’t project that polished look you’d need. But if you’re getting married on a tropical beach, or in a rustic barn, or at the base of a mountain in the spring or summer, a tan groom suit might fit the vibe perfectly.


White Men’s Suits

 The final suit colour is white. Unless you’re a dominant personality such as Tom Wolfe– who made the white suit his signature look – the white suit will more often appear as an oddity.

Wearing a white suit draws attention to oneself. Therefore it can be ideal for events like white parties, or when you have to make a significant presence and really command everyone’s attention.


However, a white suit is not really a necessity and men should not prioritize having it as part of their collection.



Not a colour accurately, but a pinstripe suit is a welcome addition to the set of five. The pinstripe is no longer exclusive to the banker or stiff office worker – it’s becoming a smart, savvy look for all men that want to stand out from the crowd. Pinstripe suits come in a range of colours though work best in blues, medium to light greys and brown. We’d say avoid black as that really does scream stockbroker!

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