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65+ Best Custom Suit Tailors in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Melbourne's remote location also means more independent shops, which makes it perfect for this series. Although most designer brands have branches, it's easier for home-grown brands to set up and find a local following.

Skip to the chase, scroll down and view the ultimate list of custom suit tailors in Melbourne, Victoria!

A new suit is an investment that can last a lifetime. If you're getting married, it's time to invest in suits for your groomsmen and best man. And when the wedding day arrives, you'll be thankful you did.

The worldwide resurgence of crafted menswear has also led to an increased interest in local tailors, shirtmakers and shoemakers.

Melbourne has always been viewed as Australia's fashion capital. New labels and emerging names in the industry start and build, where established brands construct behemoth flagship stores and where independent boutiques open to ensure their cool factor is front and centre.

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We've created an ultimate list of Best Suit Tailors in Melbourne to save you time and money.

Ultimate List of Suit Tailors in Melbourne, Victoria

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Suit Tailors

The price of a custom suit can range from $800 to about $1,800, while bespoke suits start at $2,800 and go up to $4,800.


It's typical for an entry-level bespoke garment to start at over $2000, whereas you can theoretically spend over $10,000 if you get a handmade three-piece suit made from a high-end, specialty fabric. On average, bespoke suits cost between $3000-$5000.


A well made hand-tailored suit takes an average of 40 hours to complete. The average master tailor working in America doesn't pick up his shears for less than $30-40 an hour…let's call it an average of $35/hour.


The simple answer is, you have to go for a tailor-made suit! Yes, you can argue that I do just fine with my altered off-the-rack suit. There is nothing like a well tailor-made Suit that is truly handcrafted to your unique body style and size.

Tailoring Costs

Those are the two hardest and most expensive things to tailor. Fixing the shoulders will cost you more than the suit and shortening the jacket too much will mess with the dimensions of the jacket and ruin the balance. Pretty much everything else can be tailored easily.


YSG Tailors Custom Suit Victoria Melbourne


Founded in 2019 by Ryan McIntyre and Dylan Marshall, YSG Tailors is taking suit shopping and fitting to the next level. After several years with major fashion brands, Ryan & Dylan have taken their skills, connections and drive and created a custom suit business that embodies their beliefs and what they stand for as professionals. YSG Tailors was born from the desire to make every man feel confident and comfortable in formal wear by allowing them to design a suit that showcases their own personal style.


Welcome to the new suit fitting experience for the modern man. While you’re choosing all the elements of your made to measure suit, why not have a little fun? The YSG showroom isn't just for taking measurements, it’s also for making memories. Preparing for your big day? Enjoy the full YSG experience with your groomsmen by your side and a beer or scotch in hand. We’ve created a comfortable and stylish space where the entire group will feel relaxed as soon as they walk in the door. Our process is always easy and enjoyable.


A made-to-measure, professionally tailored suit can last a lifetime. With YSG, you’ll be involved throughout the design phase, with the freedom to select everything from your preferred fit to the fabric choice. Unsure what style works for you? Let us guide you through the entire process from choosing fabrics, buttons and interior linings to the jacket, embroidery and trouser styles. Then, in just four short weeks you’ll be back to try on your custom-designed and expertly tailored suit. Explore our custom process that takes the stress out of suit fitting.

The Bespoke Corner - Suit Tailors Melbourne

The Bespoke Corner - Suit Tailor Melbourne

1800 592 293

Tailoring Without Compromise

Welcome to The Bespoke Corner, a personalised tailoring service dedicated to satisfying a new generation of clients' unique sartorial needs.

With a history dating back close to twenty years, The Bespoke Corner believes in quality over quantity and that there is still a place for romance and connection with garments. From the busy streets to the boardroom, we think first impressions count. We make clothes for those who cut through the noise before the first word is spoken. We are proud of our innovative and progressive nature; we guarantee our handcrafted garments and never take the easy way out.

A true and correct understanding of "bespoke" is where excellence of fit and choice is the objective. Your tailor will deliver a one-of-a-kind piece of artistry, executed with precision and defining your personal style.

Always listening and interpreting our client's needs to fit both mind and body.

Where Excellence Of Fit And Choice Are The Objective

The Bespoke Corner services offer exclusivity and discretion, delivering artisanal excellence, tailored to your exact requirements.

A Suit Is Not Just A Suit

From the busy streets to the boardroom, we believe first impressions count. We make clothes for those who cut through the noise before the first word is spoken. We are proud of our innovative and progressive nature. We guarantee our handcrafted garments. We never take the easy way out—a true and correct understanding of "bespoke" where excellence of fit and choice is the objective. Your tailor will deliver a one-of-a-kind piece of artistry, executed with precision and defining your personal style. Always listening and interpreting our client's needs fitting both mind and body.

Bespoke And Made-to-measure Services

Welcome to The Bespoke Corner, a personalised service dedicated to satisfying the unique sartorial needs to a new generation of clients. The Bespoke Corner Tailors offer exclusivity, discretion and deliver excellence tailored to your exact requirements. Today's fashion climate is difficult to navigate without brands and stores alike using confusing terminology for their services.


MJ Bale Suit Tailors Melbourne 

MJ Bale Suit Tailors Melbourne

(02) 9137 4934

Style Consultations

Needing to look a million dollars for the single biggest day of your life? You've come to the right place. M.J. Bale takes the responsibility of making you and your groomsmen look like handsome devils earnestly and eagerly. Simply book an appointment here, and our style experts will combine, fits and fabric, our experts help to nail the details so you can stay in the moment.

We do!

We offer 25% off to all grooms parties of three or more, saving you more for the honeymoon and bucks party (but prioritise the honeymoon).

Custom Tailoring

Whether you require the supreme fit possible or are desiring a completely individual, hand-finished garment, M.J.Bale's premium offering for grooms & groomsmen is our Made in Japan Custom suits. Handcrafted by tailors in our workshop in the Japanese Prefecture of Iwate, M.J. Bale Custom suits are completely personalised. Choose from thousands of Italian and British cloths, with the ability to modify hundreds of features, including cut, lining, trims and buttons. Book an appointment with our tailoring experts to feel the difference.


Adriano Carbone Suit Tailor Melbourne 

Adriano Carbone Suit Tailor Melbourne

03 9600 2422


Adriano Carbone Master Tailor would like to welcome everyone in Melbourne, Australia, and the world to the fine art of tailoring at it's the highest level, in the Block Arcade.

With over 40 years of experience coupled with a passion for tailoring, Adriano warmly invites you to visit and discuss your new garment and tailoring needs.

Each garment is individually designed and created with the most intense and meticulous handcrafted process and manner. Our point of difference is that we make the garment from start to finish, right here in our Melbourne Sartoria, warmly located within the Block Arcade's glorious surrounds. The fabrics used are sourced from Italy and England's finest houses with a strict quality performance, intact.

Our business has the capacity, diversity and experience to accommodate any range of master tailoring as a testament to our work ranging from military uniforms to wardrobes for major musicals. You even have the choice to observe Adriano whilst he personally handcrafts your garment, with the assistance of his lovely wife and business partner, Maria.

We want to share our expertise and passion for tailored suits and garments with the world with all this in mind.

Custom Made Suits

A Made to Measure Suit, Tailor Made Suit or a Hand Made Bespoke Suit are all custom made suits. With a one on one consultation with Master Tailor, it won't take long for you to decide which one suits you best. This experience with Adriano will help you understand how each product will work for you. So if you're after a suit on a budget, our price is not an issue. We will accommodate you. Our Suits are 100% Made and Tailored, in the house, in our Sartoria (Work Rooms )in The Block Arcade Melbourne.

In the consultation, Adriano will ask you a series of questions that will help you decide the best garment in terms of the fabric and weight that suits you best.

  • Durability of Fabric
  • Performability of Fabric
  • Garment construction
  • Colour of Fabric
  • Style of Garment for any given occasion

Tailored / Tailor-Made Suits

  • Selection of Style
  • Selection of Cloth
  • Selection of Lining
  • Measuring by Master Tailor Adriano
  • This Tailored Garment is 50% Constructed on First Fitting and requires 2 Fittings.
  • Hand Made in The Block Arcade.
  • Delivery 4 to 8 weeks

Bespoke Hand Made Suits Made In Melbourne

  • Selection of Style
  • Selection of Cloth
  • Selection of Lining
  • Measuring by Master Tailor Adriano
  • This Tailored Garment is 30% constructed at First Fitting. This garment requires 3 to 4 fittings.
  • Delivery 6 to 10 weeks

Bespoke Hand Made Suits are the ultimate choice for handcrafted suits. Adriano Carbone is a Master Tailor with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Adriano is an expert in creating custom made suits garments that you'll be proud to wear.

Each garment is fully canvassed and hand-stitched from start to finish. If you're a suit connoisseur and pride yourself on looking your best, our bespoke suits are the best option for you.

Bespoke Suits take more than 100 hours to make, which shows you the level of dedication and care we take to create the best bespoke suits.

The Bespoke Handmade Garment Process

Firstly, Adriano takes measurements of your body and a few photos to help cut out the fabric.

You will get your handmade pattern which is kept on file for future purchases.

Next, the garment is 30% constructed, adjustments are made, and two weeks later, there's a second fitting.

Once the adjustments are made after the second fitting of your suit, we have a third fitting to make sure all is balanced in the garment.

Adriano completes the final touches, including making buttonholes and pressing the garment, ready to be presented to you at your third and final fitting.


Briggins Suit Tailors Melbourne 

Briggins Suit Tailors Melbourne

03 8821 4168

Wedding Suits

Briggins offers Melbourne's finest custom-made suits for grooms, bridal parties and wedding guests. Having carefully designed and crafted over 10,000 wedding suits, our experience and professionalism ensure that our grooms and groomsmen look and feel their best for their special day.

Weddings are exciting, but also take a lot of planning. At Briggins, we take the stress and worry out of your styling with personalised and professional service, an efficient and precise process and head-to-toe styling and grooming for the big day.

We pride ourselves on having one of the most professional and efficient processes for custom made suits. On average, the process will take 4 weeks from your initial consultation and fitting to your completed suit.

With a wide range of styles and quality fabrics to choose from, our stylists will help you design a one-of-a-kind suit for your wedding, special occasion or work wardrobe. Having created over 50,000 custom suits in our time, we have the experience and knowledge to create perfectly fitting, unique suits for everybody, every time.


1 . Book Your Consultation

To get started, book an obligation-free initial consultation. Simply call the team at our Nunawading Showroom on +61 3 8821 4168 or head to our bookings page.

2 . Visit Our Showroom

During your initial consultation at our Nunawading Showroom, our stylists will help you design a unique suit. Choosing from our wide range of styles and quality fabrics, we can create a suit to match your personal style, right down to the button and stitching detail. We will then take your precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

3 .  Fitting And Styling

Approximately 4 weeks after your initial consultation, you will be invited back into our showroom for a fitting and styling consultation. Our experienced tailors and stylists will add the final touches to ensure that you are looking sharp and stylish by the time you leave. We can even offer you full barbering services to finish off your look!

The Suit Makes The Man. Briggins Makes The Suit.

You're invited to experience the difference of a precisely measured, expertly handmade custom suit, at Briggins Clothiers. We will help you craft a one-of-a-kind suit through our personalised service approach and professional styling. Our job is to make custom suits that give you the comfort and confidence to walk a little taller.

We offer a full range of personal styling services at our Showroom in Nunawading. We have you covered for your next big event, ranging from custom suit making to wardrobe styling and barber services. Our custom suits and shirts are not only handmade from high-quality materials; they are a superior fit, thanks to our 3D body scanning technology. We are the custom suit specialists for wedding parties, and business professionals have designed and crafted over 50,000 suits. Contact us for information about our wedding and corporate packages and to book in an obligation-free consultation.


Trunk Tailors Suit Melbourne 

Trunk Tailors Suit Melbourne

By Appointment

Weddings bring a new perspective of what we do at Trunk. We take on all wedding commissions with great pride and responsibility as the garments created are true of everlasting value.

All Trunk wedding garments are made by hand and fitted using traditional bespoke fitting methods. This allows our fitters to take much more accurate body measurements and account for all body shapes.

Throughout the years, we have worked with our workshop to design, cut and sew wedding garments by embracing our client's input and bringing ideas to life.

We see weddings as an opportunity for us to showcase all the creativity and craftsmanship that comes with bespoke garments and create something meaningful to each couple from scratch.


Our showroom is always flowing with coffees in the morning, and whiskies any time after midday. We have multiple options available for the groomsmen. From our hand made suiting, shirts or special order Drake's ties, we are confident that we can offer something unique for every wedding party. Accessories are available in-store and online.

Trunk Tailors offers handmade suits using the finest fabrics from around the world. We travel extensively to learn, embrace and promote the culture of fine tailoring. This enables us to provide sound advice to our clients to serve their needs in their environment best. All our suits are completely hand made from scratch in a small family-owned workshop.

Every suit starts as a blank canvas; the patterns are hand-drawn and is designed individually for every customer's unique body. Every single buttonhole is stitched by hand and complemented by fully pick stitched seams. There are no machines in our workshop apart from the straight sewing machine; everything else is done by hand, as it should be.

Since inception, we have worked closely with our small team of tailors and cutters to bring comfort and relevance back into suiting.


Whether for work or leisure, our master tailor oversees every single suit before it arrives in Melbourne/Sydney for future fittings. This ensures that your body shape is taken into account before any suit is drawn or cut. Every single suite has its pattern that we save and adjust, and no two suits are ever the same.

We consider your environment, climate, wardrobe rotation and daily habits before any recommendations are made.

Our hand made suits start from AUD 1,650.

Bespoke fitting is included for an additional AUD 350, and this covers shipping to and from our workshop and the additional hours required to prepare the baste fitting.


Pinstripe Suit Tailors Melbourne 

Pinstripe Suit Tailors Melbourne

0414 923 366

PINSTRIPE was established in 1950 by one of Australia's most respected tailors Denis Raftopoulos. Denis has made suits for Prime Ministers, High Court judges and the elite of Australia's business and legal community. At PINSTRIPE, this proud tradition of personal service and attention to detail has continued through the family's next generation. Nick Raftopoulos joined the family business in 1994, and under the guidance of his father, Nick's tailoring skills came to the fore. Both he and Denis quickly established themselves as the leading tailors of Melbourne.

In our experience, today's grooms take special pride in looking great on their wedding day, in a way that will reflect their style and character. And whilst they wouldn't want to outshine the bride; many grooms want to complement and add to the day's theme. At PINSTRIPE, we offer the expert experience of helping you find the right suit to match the occasion. We have had grooms come with their bride and enjoy the process together, and at other times we have had the entire party enjoy a good laugh over a few drinks while they are fitted.

At PINSTRIPE, we are here to help and offer any advice on fabric fit and style to suit any occasion.

A tailored suit is a commitment made by us that your suit will have the perfect fit. It starts with an initial visit and fabric selection, and then you are carefully measured to give you, not only a great fitting suit but one that flatters you and your style. There is nothing like the feeling of wearing a PINSTRIPE bespoke suit for the first time. Simply put, the pleasure and confidence that comes from a perfectly fitted suit specially made for you is an experience all men should have.


Germaine Joseph Suit Tailors Melbourne 

Germaine Joseph Suit Tailors Melbourne

0478 780 536

No better occasion to showcase your style… Your wedding day

Most men do not have a flair for fashion like most women do, but special occasions require special preparation. A Germaine Joseph tailored wedding suit or custom made tuxedo give the groom a better fit, hands down! A special event like your wedding requires that you look smart and groomed – no better day to showcase your style. No Matter the theme – traditional, chic, or a tropical beach wedding, our travelling tailors are ready to guide you in designing your wedding suit.

Irrespective of your body shape, we tailor wedding suits to fit and leave you looking your best. Your custom wedding suit designed with specific custom details will leave you with a memorable feeling that would add more elegance to your special day.

A Germaine Joseph wedding suit brings you a combination of comfort, style, and class. Our tailored suit for the groom made from premium Italian fabrics features elegant cuts and a guaranteed fit. There are various wedding suits in Melbourne, but if you are looking genuine Italian handcrafted made to measure suit for your wedding, a Germaine Joseph tailored wedding suit is your best choice.

If you are a groom who wants a tailored wedding special package, browse through our latest wedding suits for men. A navy single-breasted suit jacket detailed with black grosgrain lapels, paired with mid-rise trousers, white shirt, and a custom oxford shoe sounds like the very best in celebration-worthy attire. There are many styles and designs for you to select from when you browse through our gallery. Our travelling tailors has you covered for your big day.

Look smarter…

Feel smarter…

Work smarter…

The Business Essentials

You want that confident look? Then consult with us to create a distinct professional image that will set you apart from the rest. With your help, we'll learn your corporate environment, culture, your network to decode your style. Every detail identifies your style.

We have an array of the worlds' finest fabrics with a variety of colours, stripes, patterns, solids, anti-crease and water-resistant to design a suit that will complement not only your physique but maintain your corporate status. We can either soften or strengthen your image with a hand-measured suit and tailored to your specifications… your details.


Suit Me Up - Suit Tailors Melbourne 

Suit Me Up - Suit Tailors Melbourne

1300 034 798

Your Suit. Your way.

We make it easy to own your very own tailored garment. Simply choose one of our bases starting styles and customise it as much or as little as you want.

At SuitMeUp, our online tailors #makeityourway

About Us

Here at Suitmeup, we recognise you have your ideas, your pursuits and own goals. We are a brand for those just like you who don't just want to wear the best, but for those who want to be their best.

We may sell suits, but what we celebrate is the 'new suit feeling' we give our customers. We are anything, but one-size-fits-all. We are for those individuals who value distinct style and direction.

We are in your corner. Our customers inherit our passion for ethics and excellence, which ignites their ambition to succeed—a platform for helping people be their best and achieve their goals.

Suitmeup is all about breaking down the constraints to owning a tailor-made suit. Being an online tailor means flexibility, and finally bridging the gap between price and quality.

As a recognised and trusted brand, we are known for our customisation, and we pride ourselves in crafting high quality and completely personalised bespoke suits and shirts.

Our service is a revolutionary way to buy suits. The end product is only part of our offering, where our streamlined process is easy, helpful and engaging to use.

We are all about putting your best foot forward. Our brand is proud to be a platform for helping people be their best and achieve their goals.

We connect our users with world-class tailors. Their attention to detail, experience and' body intelligence' is put into in every garment that Suitmeup delivers. The result is a suit that is more than just worn but is also experienced.

Each piece encompassed bespoke style, sharp detail and finished to the highest standard. We do this because we believe everyone deserves the chance to get that 'new suit feeling' and most importantly, put their best foot forward.

Whether it's to make an impression at work and get that promotion, or whether it's to make a statement at your next formal event, we provide bespoke garments so you can be the best version of yourself.

Our Expert Tailors can work from a reference photo.

Got a specific suit style in mind? Or found a photo of the one you would love to own?

Easy, attach your reference photo here, and our tailors will get back to you with a quote to replicate it to your measurements.

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Joe Black Suit Tailors Melbourne 

Joe Black Suit Tailor Melbourne

[email protected]

About Joe Black

The macky clan sailed from Scotland before new Zealand had electricity or proper sewers. in a frontier settlement both raw and refined, joe tailored a clientele ranging from brawlers to barristers in garments to service them through life's landmarks, from seduction to deposition, baptism to wake.

Made To Measure

If anyone can discern the true measure of a gentleman, it's joe black. Drawing on over 150 years of tradition and craftsmanship, our made to measure service offers the ultimate tailored experience. The pinnacle of personal style, joe imparts a little advice on why it's worth adding a one-of-a-kind suit to your wardrobe.

Tailored To Pack A Sartorial Punch

An impeccably cut suit tailored to your exacting requirements will always make a standout impression. From boardroom negotiations to the big event, we can personalise your suit for any occasion. Choose from a luxurious range of suiting fabrics, including classic plain textures, subtle patterns, and bold woven designs in superfine merino wool, pure linen and premium blends.

Crafted With An Artful Eye For Detail

Artisan expertise delivers a garment as individual as you, right down to the detail of a label embroidered with your initials. Start by selecting a notched, peak, or shawl lapel, then customise your suit with a range of options including tonal and patterned linings, thread colours, pocket styles and button finishes.

Making Any Lad Look Every Inch The Gentleman

Tailored to both your build and budget, a One of One suit is an investment in quality worth making. Starting at $1,095 for a two-piece suit, we can accommodate any height with sizes ranging from 84-140 jackets, 84-140 vests and 72-132 trousers.

Institchu Suit Tailors Melbourne 

Institchu Suit Tailor Melbourne

02 9222 2801

Our Co-Founders

Founded by Australians Robin McGowan and James Wakefield in 2012, InStitchu bridges the gap between old-world tailoring traditions and the modern digital retail landscape providing customers with the ability to design their own custom, made-to-measure suits and shirts in minutes online or at a Showroom.

Utilising world-leading technology and premium, innovative fabrics, InStitchu provides custom, made-to-measure garments of impeccable quality at an affordable price. The gamble paid off—what started from humble beginnings above a Sydney cafe in 2012 has grown to double-digit Showrooms across Australia and the USA, with a fully integrated website.

Completely Customisable And Made-To-Measure

Everything we make is crafted to your precise measurements and customised to your design by our expert Tailors

Focus On Fit

The fit of your garment is our top priority—every garment we create is made to measure to your exact measurements, resulting in the perfect fit. From the moment your measurements are taken to the instant, your fabric is cut, our team is working towards a vision that is defined by the shape of your figure. Whether you're ordering online or at one of our Showrooms, all shirts, suits and garments are covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee.

Perfectly Tailored Men's and Women's Wedding Suits

Designed By You & Made To Your Measurements

Customise Every Detail

Customise every detail of your dream wedding suit—from the fabric, lapels, buttons, lining, monogramming and more with your dedicated InStitchu Wedding Stylist.

All garments are tailor made to your exact measurements (meaning they will fit you perfectly) and are covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee, whereby if your garment is anything but perfectly fitted, we will alter or remake it for you.

Affordable Luxury

Our expert Tailors use only the highest quality, natural fabrics to craft your garments with, including Woolmark certified 100% Australian Merino wool, linen and cotton.

Enjoy our signature old-world tailoring Showroom experience, where you can be measured and peruse fabrics, whisky or champagne in hand, as you let your expert Wedding Stylist take the stress out of dressing for your wedding day.

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee

All orders are covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee, whereby in the unlikely event that your garment is anything but perfectly fitted we will alter or remake your garments, ensuring you walk away nothing but over-the-moon.


It's our priority to ensure that you are walking down the aisle in pride and comfort on your wedding day, please note that we do require a minimum of 12 weeks from order placement date to final fittings for weddings orders only.


American Tailor - Suit Tailors Melbourne 

American Tailors - Suit Tailors Melbourne

03 9662 1273

American Tailors is committed to the heritage of fine craftsmanship and exceptional quality.

Our Service:

Everybody is unique, and exacting clients understand the benefits of a beautifully balanced and perfectly fitting garment. Trousers should be the perfect length - and often, through posture or nature, legs are not exactly the same length. One arm might be a centimetre longer, or one shoulder sits higher than the other. Hours at the gym might mean a shoulder needs more room, or there may be the need to take in, or out a garment through the passage of time (and long lunches). 

We have master tailors on hand, to ensure your garments fit beautifully and present you at your best. And of course, we are able to provide a completely bespoke garment, in your choice of fabric, hand made to exceptional standard either upstairs by our own tailors, or made to measure by our suppliers in Italy, from the fabric of your choice by the most reputable artisans in Italy and hand-finished by our tailors in house.

There is nothing more comfortable, flattering or beautiful to wear than a custom made garment. 


Ferrari Formal Suit Tailors Melbourne 

Ferrari Formalwear Suit Tailors Melbourne


Suit Hire

Ferrari Formalwear have Australia's largest range of suits and accessories for hire, in a wide range of sizes to suit anyone.

The Ferrari Formalwear suit hire range boasts many styles ranging from traditional black dinner suits and tails to the latest fashion two-button lounge suits in charcoal, grey, beige and navy.

Menswear Retail

Ferrari Formalwear is home to contemporary, fashion right and affordable suiting for men. From school formals, weddings, business and evening wear for any occasion.

We offer Suits from leading designers such as Zenetti and Daniel Hechter. Our staff are helpful, knowledgeable and ready to offer the specialised service you deserve when shopping in-store. We offer personalised appointments by clicking through our book appointment tab above.


Trevor West Suit Tailor Melbourne

03 9866 5658

The Trevor West Experience.

Trevor West have long been regarded as Melbourne's pre-eminent formal wear and hire specialists, providing formal hire, wedding suit hire and lounge suit hire to Melbourne and South Yarra since 1956.

Trevor West is the preferred formal wear supplier to most of Melbourne's premium hotels for their guests and is referred by the VRC to its members and international guests for the supply of Morning Suits for the committee room over the spring racing carnival. Also an exclusive menswear retail specialist, Trevor West is a major distributor of iconic brands such as Hugo Boss, Bugatti, Abelard and Ben Sherman. Each range is hand-picked and bought specially to suit our customer base.

A simple philosophy of providing personal and friendly service to our customers, giving honest feedback instead of pushing sales, and ensuring our team have an excellent understanding & knowledge of our labels is what separates Trevor West from others as the premier menswear store South of the Yarra.

What to Wear?

Navigate the minefield of correct social attire for the right event. Choosing the right attire to match the dress code can make or break your success on the night or day. From 007 debonaire to entrepreneur or pillar of the industry, whatever the impression you're trying to create, every man should present at his best. Whether it's the Brownlow, a wedding, a day out at Flemington or a critical business function, the right-wear makes the right impression.

So whether you play a crucial role such as best man or MC, or simply want to be the best-dressed guest, the outfit you choose must suit the occasion. From classic formal wear to a modern more stylised look be sure you get the right advice to ensure you don't just fit in, but stand out…


Carl Nave Suit Tailors Melbourne 

Carl Nave Suit Tailors Melbourne

0403 163 523


01 For The Groom

At Carl Navè, we know it's all about the groom and his men. Weddings are such a special day in any man's life, and it is so essential to get the details right. Be it a black-tie, garden, beach, or a formal celebration, we have the right option for you. Put your trust in us, and we'll ensure you and your groomsmen look they're very best.

02 The Tuxedo

The ultimate in formal dressing, our tuxedos and dinner suits come in a variety of different styles. Choose from peak lapel, notch lapel, or shawl collars finished with satin, one-button, two-button, or double-breasted options. We also offer three-piece options and smoking jackets if you seek something with a little more flair. Tuxedos are a great way to call on tradition whilst still playing with contemporary silhouettes and details. Our designs will ensure you will look and feel on-trend yet timeless for your special day.

03 At Home Styling

At Carl Navè, we offer a unique, in-house grooming service for you and your groomsmen on your wedding day. We'll arrive with your freshly pressed shirts and suits, and we'll individually style each member of your party.

Our Suit Studio – Affordable Full Canvas Suits

Located in the heart of Melbourne's fashion precinct, Carl Navè's Bourke Street studio offers a unique made-to-measure experience. Combining the art of bespoke with fashion design and textile expertise, each piece is carefully crafted with an emphasis on style, fit and comfort.

Born in Williamstown, Melbourne to Italian parents, Carl Nave comes from a family of tailors and has been sewing since six. Honing his craft with over twenty years of experience, Carl takes tailoring to an exciting new level, offering a contemporary approach to bespoke work in his Bourke Street-based studio.

The Experience


At Carl Navè, all our suites are individually tailored, offering uncompromising quality and affordability.


Join us at our Melbourne studio for your personal consultation to discuss your needs and explore styles.


We conduct a fitting to ensure perfect construction, taking measurements and figurations.


Choose from a hand-picked, seasonal collection of fabrics, including options for the finer details, such as linings and buttons.


You can expect your hand-finished suit to be ready within 4-6 weeks.


As part of our service at Carl Navè, your pattern and design will be kept on file and referred to upon your next order. 

The Craft

Behind the Seams

Unique Patterns

At Carl Navè, we recognise that every client is unique, and we strive to celebrate that. After obtaining measurements, we ensure we modify our existing blocks and cut a specialised unique paper pattern, individual to every client. This provides a perfect fit.

Hand Work

Our adequate tailoring expertise is evident in every suit we make. Initially, machine stitched, every Carl Navè suit also has meticulously hand-sewn elements. Our lapels are hand pick-stitched to create an elegant soft roll, whilst our pockets feature silk pick-stitching, enhancing our pieces' finish.

It's All About The Canvas

Made with a woven horsehair canvas, our jacket interlinings are superior in made-to-measure suit construction. The floating canvas sits in-between the cloth and jacket lining and is based around the seams' edges, allowing the jacket to sit closer to the body and enhance durability. The use of canvases nullifies the need for adhesive fusing, which is commonly seen in cheaper alternatives. With a full canvas construction, you will never have to worry about detached fusing ever again.

Then We Talk Cloth

Sourced from the finest Italian and English mills, our cloth is made from the world's best-worsted wool and superfine weaves, ranging from the robust Super 110s to the luxurious Super 150s. We hand-select our fabric seasonally, providing you with a range of options befitting current trends that suit the Australian climate. Our close relationship with these trusted mills ensures that the suits at Carl Navè remain affordable and attainable.

The Surgeon's Cuffs

Working or functional buttonholes have always been the epitome of style and a true testament to bespoke tailoring. Extremely difficult to find in off-the-rack suits, at Carl Navè, you have the option of working buttonholes to elevate the style of your case for a small fee.

Style Tip

Leave the last button undone so that your cufflink is slightly exposed. This functionality embodies class and elegance and is one of the most notable elements of fine tailoring.

The Shirt

Individualise your shirt at Carl Navè. Just like our individually tailored suits, we offer made-to-measure shirts starting from only $130. Please select from our range of superfine cotton sourced from Italy, Switzerland, and the UK and twist it with your style.

The Cotton

Our cotton is sourced from Europe's top mills, which in turn is sourced from the finest Egyptian cotton available; it is our job here at Carl Navè to scour through the swatches and present you with a selection of exceptional choices, reflecting current trends whilst still having long-term functionality. Our range consists of an elegant assortment of poplins, oxfords, herringbones, twills, and more. Amongst these, we always aim to offer a range of seasonal and corporate colours.

The Collar

This two-piece construction with soft woven interlinings provides the integral trim to your shirt, ensuring it will last longer and look fresh every time you iron it. We add removable collar stays, to ensure crispness, however, provide you remove them when laundering to avoid cracking. Choose from one of our six beautifully-crafted collar styles.

The Cuff

French, single-button, double-button, convertible, the list goes on. All of our cuffs are made with soft woven interlinings, much like our collars, ensuring they remain crisp and fresh every time you put your hand out to shake.

The Buttons

Like all good shirt-makers, we offer a selection of shell buttons to compliment your shirt's style. For instance, pearl buttons' mother provides strength, durability and elegance, available at no extra cost.


Oscar Hunt Suit Tailor Melbourne

03 9670 6303

Wedding suits

Your big day ought to be treated with a sense of reverence, and at Oscar Hunt, we understand this. That's why a fitting for your wedding suit is an experience not only for you and your partner but also for your full bridal party. Relax in our lounge and take the time to choose from our extensive range of fabrics and styles alongside our team of experts.

Working closely with our fitters, we'll craft a wedding suit that will get you down the aisle and beyond, all the while taking into consideration the broader event and location. After all, a wedding suit shouldn't be a one wear wonder. Focusing on quality craftsmanship and the most delicate fabrics, this is a suit that will last you well beyond the big day.

Why made-to-measure?

A made-to-measure garment from Oscar Hunt is crafted exclusively for you to meet your needs. It is a modern-day, affordable version of bespoke: giving you control of stylistic choices to create a truly unique garment. An off the rack suit is generic, and the alterations you can make are limited. A made-to-measure suit, however, has endless possibilities. We take upwards of 30 measurements during the fitting process, noting proportion, posture, and shoulder balance to create your unique pattern. In essence, this pattern is a template of your body, which we send to our tailors, who cut your selected fabrics to construct your garment.

The difference between made-to-measure and bespoke

Though the greatest differences may be subtle, they are very different processes, and if you're hoping to dive into the world of custom suiting, you must understand the comparison.


V&J Menswear - Suit Tailors Melbourne 

V&J Menswear- Suit Tailors Melbourne

(03) 9078 5054

Tailor-Made Suits

Spend The Time Creating The Perfect Look.

Spend time creating the perfect look. With 100's of Italian milled fabrics to choose from, the colour of your suit is just the start.

When getting measured for a tailor-made suit, it is important to consider the detailing of the suit you require. Under professional guidance, once you have established the style and desired fit, your measurements are recorded.

A wide variety of personal detailing may be added to your tailor-made option.

Some examples are:

  • Choice of fabrics
  • Choice of buttons
  • Choice of internal colour linings
  • Choice of internal colour detailing
  • Choice of Hand stitching
  • Choice of lapels

Many styles are kept on hand to help you with your choice of suit.

All custom made garments take time to make so please allow for 4 – 5 weeks from measurement to final fitting, especially those made for a special event.

Our Story

The label V&J are the initials of two loved family pets that have passed. Jackson being the son of Vogue, both loyal Rottweilers, had vibrant personalities and charismatic qualities. The label V&J pays homage to the nature of these two loved animals.

Rick and Carl are the founders of this New York-style vertical retail store V&J Menswear in Flinders Lane Melbourne. They are passionate about bringing back the old-style customer service and understanding gentleman's requirement for a holistic experience when buying menswear.

They endeavour to educate the gentleman to be empowered with style and elegance when it comes to dressing for any occasion. Enjoy the ambience that is V&J and be assured that and effective, engaging look for every occasion will be attained with every visit.

After years of serving gentlemen on the retail floor from all walks of life, Rick and Carl have discovered the need for men to feel more significant at home and work in the way they present themselves.

As for styling experts, closed events and classes are available at corporate offices and or the V&J showroom on all topics covering menswear fashion, etiquette and how to put a versatile wardrobe together. These classes are must attend and offer valued advice and real-life examples of how to improve one's appearance and demeanour effectively.


Tips for Getting the Best Suit Alterations

Know your basic measurement

Non-custom suits are measured by the wearer's chest and come in three separate dimensions: short, regular and long. Knowing where you sit in this basic form of measurement will allow you to start with a jacket that requires the least amount of tailoring. The closer fit you start with, the easier the finished product will be.

Pay attention

Having a tailor tinker around you might seem like a good opportunity to catch up on your emails, but pay attention to what is happening. It's easier to move a pin than it is to open a seam, so speaking up as your tailor works their magic is important. If you'd like something tighter or looser, longer or shorter, let them know.

Listen to your tailor

If you're insecure about certain parts of your body, you're not alone. Most men and women dislike something about themselves, be it their height, their broad shoulders, or any bulges. You might think you know the secrets to hide these less-than-desired areas of your body, but chances are you are doing yourself a disservice by choosing something that doesn't fit you right.

Some common mistakes include shorter people wearing longer jackets, thinking it will make them look taller when, in actual fact, it does the opposite. A similar thing happens with heavier people who often want baggier suits, assuming it will make them look slimmer, but this is not the case again.

Your tailor fits different body shapes every single day, so listen to their advice. They know what secrets really work, so trust them.

Keep an allowance

A big fear when getting a suit altered is that too snug a fit means you can't fluctuate in weight at all. This is not true. When you keep an allowance of one inch on all seams, you're actually allowing your suit to be let out one full size.

No one wants to spend hundreds or thousands on a suit only to grow out of it following a Christmas eating binge, so give yourself some room to grow.

Try it on, again

Always double check your alterations and repairs before leaving the store. Ask to try your suit on again and if it's not what you envisioned, say so. Most tailors will be able to tweak your garment then and there if need be and at no additional cost. This will save you time and the hassle of bringing your suit back.

Bonus tip… look for a guarantee.

Putting on a great suit is transformative – your shoulders are broadened, your lines longer and leaner, your waist trimmer you look great and feel great. It pays to get your suit altered to the perfect fit, as nothing feels worse than a bad one.

Choosing a tailor that offers a satisfaction guarantee gives you peace of mind that your altered or repaired suit will be exactly as you envisioned. If you're not happy with the results, a guarantee will ensure your garment is altered again for free. At Looksmart Alterations, our guarantee means that if you're still not satisfied, we will return 110% of your money back. We will even pay for your garment/s to be altered at a tailor of your choice! Contact us to learn more about tailoring or visit our website to look at the other services we provide at Looksmart Alterations.

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